2019 Honda CR-V FULL REVIEW - Autogefühl

2019 Honda CR-V FULL REVIEW - Autogefühl

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The Honda CRV is, the world's most sold, SUV, why, is that the, case here. Also in the new generation, that is now available everywhere. Yeah, Nautica fuel your number one resource for in that car use and the number one community to discuss cars we're. Going to examine exterior. Interior and. The, driving experience in, full, HD full, screen and full. Acts let's. Go. The, new font here has been updated. So it's Robin evolution, a completely. Different but it looks a little bit sportier, however Hana is not in the game for the sport, is designed, whatsoever. With their SUVs they rather still make those friendly. Faces and also, with a lot of round. Shapes, they also have some comp, style details, right there in the front grille and, as. A contrast, this gray front, bumper, also fits the color very well and. You can see the daytime. Running light and LED right here but also the main, headlamp, unit is standard. Equipment, with LED, others. Make it optional they, put directly in like that the lengths of 4 meters 58, 15. Foot or 180. Inches, brings. Us to the side profile, of this vehicle where this interesting. Metallic color shines once, again the rims by the way start with 17-inch, those ones here 18, inch option. There's also 19, available, however I think 18 inch is a good choice they also look. Visually, attractive already, in that size but, still the. Riding comfort is quite. Good more. To that when, we drive the car and I. Would, really not go for the 19-inch rims I'll, tell you in the driving part why. Then. The. Mirror caps are also here in the vehicle, color chrome, frames, that also makes it elegant and, you can see here this rear end part, this has a copy. Like. Frame. So. Overall a little bit more elegant than the predecessor, generation. And has. Also become just. A little, bit longer, than before we, will see how that one plays out then for the interior, so. It's 6, centimeters, longer, than the predecessor, in length but. Also gained 4 centimeters, in ground, clearance, it's, pretty seldom, that the V could increase, their offer capabilities.

Over The generations now. At 20, centimeters ground. Clearance, in. The rear you can see that those tail abs are quite sculptural. So they're 3d, alike they, really. Stand, out even from the side profile, already and this, form, here what. Have we seen that - yeah at Volvo, with. The SUVs but we can surely argue, who came first year and, real. Exhaust, pipes in the lower, part, again. With, a great, contrast. Right here I think that really works, very well especially, with, that color again, also, the rear especially. This one year more, modern than the previous, generation, I think overall, it's. You. Know a very. Good design, step forward, what, do you think. So. The main engine for the Honda CRV in, this new generation is a 1.5. Liter turbo, petrol, with. 170. Horsepower in the manual. Hand drive version with. Front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive or. When a 90, horsepower as, we see it here with all-wheel. Drive and CVT, automatic combination. So it's a front wheel drive platform and, then plus, we, will drive on demand that's how they all will drive here works and they. Had some engine problems here. With oil. Mixing. With the petrol. Especially. For the 217. 218 models. In US, and China predominantly. They, say, Europe. Would not be affected, and also newer models would not be affected and they are also promised, to repair, to, upgrade all of the existing engines, you shouldn't contact your Honda dealer for, that if you have already, one, of those, and. Then. There is, also the 2-liter hybrid. Looking forward to drive that and there's also a 2.4. Liter naturally aspirated, engine, with, 190, horsepower or, supposed, before US and Russia but. I haven't seen it on the US configurator. Not. Exactly, sure if they want to concentrate on the 1.5, there too. Let's, take a look at the interior together this, boot style inserts, here I really like them and they're good contrast, with this. Bright. Style, to, the rest of the dark styles, so I think, there's a good job in. Doing. It not so, expensive, but already, creating, a nice look, and feel then. Those. Fabrics. See it's here they are the base seats and I mean. Really marvelous, Bay seats look, at the support, also at the sides and the. Wide seating. Areas the, fabric, is not too sticky it's the right mixture. The half-day. It. Keeps cool and summer and, also warm in winter and also, an interesting detail look, at how, the fabric, goes. All the way in the round style in the front all the way to the lowest. Part and that's really, cozy, also when getting in and out and also while driving so I think they've done a great job here. In. The steering wheel also, been updated and you might think hey wait a minute it looks a little bit like the Honda Civic and indeed, those. Cars here the Civic and the CRV, they, share the same platform, the, door closing, sound is actually quite decent. The. Last part but what they don't manage is here. When you pull the handle and it. Snatches back that. Really sounds like everything. You know it's just a hole on the inside and. Now it's maybe nitpicking, but, that's. Where, they could also deliver you a more premium, experience if they like. To develop such a part interesting. Also how the door, sill, and, the lower part is really you. Know drawn all the way to the lower part then there's a rubber, lip to. Prevent something. From coming, from the outside to, the inside then. Hopefully. Also in the car wash the, inside, of the. Chassis here was the key. Let's get inside this, is a maximum from door opens but it's the easy entry, you, have somewhat, not the highest SUV, seating, position, in here somewhat, cross over alike. But, it's not bad at all you sit still quite, upright, on the seat and the, comfort, is really, superb, not, only due to this good, fabric surface but also the seat form itself so I think they have done a great job in, there also, completely redesigned the seats and they, put the manual seats here for, you, know that I can do the palm it up y'all and. Kudos. To Honda by the way you. Just finish. This one up this is here the lever. Then to change, the angle of the back part. Kudos. To Honda because they put us here a middle, trim vehicle and most. Of the other manufacturers, they always, present top high trim, spec, test vehicles, for the journalists, Honda. Also dares to go for the mid trim spec and I think it's a good choice first, of all not.

Everyone Would spend, so much money this. Is a very realistic car people would buy that way and I can, also tell you already right now I would recommend, you to buy this weaker exactly, the way it is here right now to. Get a very good price performance steel and well, one thing they will be I would still pick as an optional soon tell you what it is but. Other than that I would go for that in that way it's not the cheapest one but it's also not the most expensive one and I. Think that's also very important. That you get the best price performance ratio, therefore. Here another cool we always tell, you what, is standard for. This option it might the right of course always from market to market but, we also try to cover that as good as possible my. Height is 1 meters 86 or 6 foot one that. Leaves still a lot of headroom I even have to see a little bit up so I mean oh the pelvis is a little bit more upright but, still plenty, of headroom available. This one here without the primary premiere OPEC without the panoramic, roof even. Leaves more Headroom so, that's really, good then, the steering wheel can be controlled, in height and also in reach smooth. Function, so. Overall really, satisfied, with the seating, position and the setup they have here and it doesn't always have to be the electric seats well, this just good when you have those memory functions when you're using it with a couple of drivers other than that the menu will also do just fine, interesting, detail by the way here with that middle console. See they have a soft pet here to protect your knees that's, a great idea however, it only works with let's. Say not. That taut long or tall legs because. Then when, your legs are taller it will just hit the edge there and not the soft pad so very. Well thought, out and works. For smaller. Drivers. But. Not the best for tall drivers but I would like to see some more ideas. Like that soon because that's extra, the part you, hurt your knees most, when, driving, well. Especially on the racetrack but. That won't happen here I guess instead, of the door here soft, touch on the top part it's a leather red basically. So also, well done here, we go with the interior. Overview. You. Can still have this mute, button right here this. Is the only real, button on the screen left, this. Optional. Set up top. Set up here for the infotainment, but probably. Most will go for that and then they have 2 7, inch screens left side for the digital instruments rather, than for. This infotainment, system, sumadi. Is to both screens the. Top part here by the way it's little, soft touch you, can see the whole interior comes a little bit towards, yo. You. Know that is, reducing. The space a little bit but to, the sides you have really abundance, of space you can with this nice wood start in that and then, some leather red style, for, the rest of the dashboard the. Automatic, shifting Eva can be accessed quite easily, this. One here is CVT automatic transmission. I'll tell you more about when we drive the vehicle and you still have physical, temperature. Knobs I really like that that's makes it so easy to control while. Driving for. Example, left side coolant, temperature right side fuel meter and the middle. Part is the digital. Instruments. We. Can see the RPMs of it also digital speed it's kept quite simple, but I think it's, also good you have a good overview now, to the main infotainment, screen, that. GPS, could, be a little bit more responsive. See, it's not reacting, too, fast but you can zoom in and out like, on a smart phone that, comes handy, and, you, can connect the firmware Reuters but also with end of it out or apple, carplay and then you have it here right here, it's. By the way also good for the voice activation, if you use that and hold, the voice button at the steering wheel it activates, Siri, the, normal, voice, activation, from, the car is not really that helpful because doesn't have a free structure, for free speech you have to then use this, once a climate control then you get to the next menu and just forget, it hold.

The Button and use it for zero or um just use normal commands, but since you can control, this car very easily in the other ways it. Makes, more sense and for, this play here you can easily access the brightness, by the way so, when it's too bright maybe at night or so it's also an easy way to change, that quite quickly and that's the rear view camera, it, has actually, now a little, bit better resolution, so, that's quite ok it's not the most fancy one but. It surely does the job and by, the way you can see here the. Lines also, just a little bit when you turn. The C memory so you know where. You, actually, going, to well, they are the masses of space but the, door pockets are quite, slim, I have to say there's, a lot of room the middle lower, console, to offer power supply then. Adaptive, cupholders. Then a lot. Of space here under the armrest, you can move it up and, it's. Right. Required, well attached could be little, bit more fixed, but I think, it's still ok and, then this middle, part there you, can either move, it, like. This forward, or backward or completely, remove it at all that's also, possible then even. More space be below, that and. Then there are use be supplies, one, to connect, the smartphone for the mirroring and one just to recharge, the phone let's, get to the rear bench which is so important, for this vehicle and. What. Look. At that. 90-degree. Opening, we hardly, see that with any other vehicle, that's. Awesome, really. Cool. And by the way the instead of the door here this is hard pack material, whereas, in the front there soft pack material, I think, we can live with that here but. Then of course the rest here is inside, soft fabric so that's also cool. That's. What the vehicle is for five, centimeter, increase, in LAC room in this new generation if you compare it to the predecessor, and overall. This is really awesome, I, will. Soon show of the trunk this. Strategy, of this vehicle is to offer the maximum. Of lakh room available, not. The maximum of trunk length, you. Can flip the seats and I will soon show you that but we can clearly see the emphasis is here on the maximum, amount of legroom that, you can easily go, with 4 even, 5 adults. That's. Really awesome. And of course the kids always have a lot of space and and it's, so great for everyone with children, to get in here, install the child seats on the ISOFIX on the out of the seeds each and then, you can have this wide opening, of the rear door can easily, you know access. The child seat he, have a lot of room, still left and then, still someone can sit in the front that's totally easy so that's. Again the reason why so many people's, children go for the CRV. Then. In the middle part here got. Some cup, holders and, you. Can also flip. The seats from here and then you can see that.

The Rear bench here good moves down a little bit alongside, with that and, that will play a role of, getting. It full of fat from the trunk and, you. Can also adjust the angle a little bit at the moment it's put all the way back, like. This and even more sleeping. Position but. You can also make it a little bit more upright then, you could sit more in a now more, be more present sit more upright I think that's also good to have this flexibility, for sure and the, Headroom is also, you know is there, an abundance. Even, in the rear. And, two more USB supplies, that, you can also charge your smart phones here and last. But not least there's, hardly any middle tunnel so. This. Is primarily, a fun with our routing system but even if you have it here in the overdrive, version you, can still sit. Here if you feet are not too long but, there's no big middle tunnel that's good of course the middle seat is little bit stiffer but you can still steer for as an adult for no, shorter, trips or something we. Have the manual hatch, here today. However. There's also an electric one available and then you can also get. This foot kick opening, mechanism if, you like I sometimes. Even, prefer the manual I just well if you like carrying, a lot of stuff and you, have some mechanisms, to open it that's of course handy but I think if you stuff, some, things. In here or if you stuff stuff or, maybe you, know I've transport, my mountain bike in here and then I gently want, to close, it again. You, know see Oh does it really fit and I don't want to damage anything then. The manual, one can. Be better over, to you think and, if we then look inside Wow. First of all a very low, loading sill so. Easy to put stuff in and out and it's even then, a full, replacement tire, underneath. They. Have used this room so, well look, at how wide it is here, Wow, this cover here by the way it can be stuffed. Like this that if up right then it's let's. A little bit stick here and wobbly. Here doesn't have raids on the side, like. This or. Just let it hang down it's. Also possible or, folded. Up like this, well. Then. Let's, take some measurements with. Professor, Thomas. Here. It's. A little bit less, than 1 meters in length so, the triangle length is not the biggest strength, yet. Then. Here this is about 1 meters in width and if, you you, know. Go. In front of those we arches, that's. Then over, 1 meters 20 in width. Very interesting, and what's, even cooler you, can flip the seats from here with those. Very, political. Handles. Like. This and well, it would also be possible from, the side from the, you, know from them. Via. Seats but you, can see and they, really, come down all the way and I don't have to go here you know I could push this one flat and this. One goes really, very, very flat the whole area unfortunately we cannot, hold, the, co-driver. See it all the way down but, already here. We. Now get you know this. Is about 180. 118. Meters and, if, I put it up the. Armrest. Then of course we get even more. Than two meters in length and, look. At that that's, also one of the main reasons, my neighbor has this vehicle, he has two kids. Welcome. To Thomas is driving lounge with the Honda CRV. In this, current generation now. Run. In the 1.5, liter turbo. Engine. 190. Horsepower and, the. CVT automatic transmission. For. A short trip mid. Speed and motorway then we also have some city driving and. Then we'll be more, motorway, and some countryside, so all conditions. You might face well. Except. For off-road but. I said earlier even this one here got a little bit better in the offered situations, due to increased, ground clearance. So. The sound insulation, was. Something. Where. Honda wasn't best, at. And. It's. Not the best now I think, it's little bit better than before but. You feel it it's not super, Sayan T I'm driving, just, about one on kilometres or 60 miles an hour and. It's, somewhat ok but, it's not that I would say it's. Super. Silent in here, the, first driving, characteristic, you feel, or experience, is. The. Thing that I mentioned in the interior, part, that. The whole. Console. The cockpit area here, really.

Comes Far. Towards. You. That's. In contrast to the, otherwise. Very open, spacious feeling, you have here and, also influences, your driving to, the. Overview is superb, so, a great. View through, the Narrows. Balls, to the rear I can see so much and in times where a lot, of cars are designed in a way that you cannot look from the inside to the outside anymore. This. Is really a refreshing. Experience. When. You can even very. Well see the real window there so you don't have too much block from the b-pillar, so. Great, overview, have you here although, it's not the smallest car, oh it's. Also not the biggest one but. This good overview really, helps, you to, get along with it very well. The. Engine is actually quite, silent, and it's perfect in combination, with, the CVT it tends, to give. You a very, calm feel and, the, CVT also, somehow educates. You to drive, in a calm way because. Those continuously. Variable. Transmissions. They. Are not. Really. That. Sporty, I will, soon show you another acceleration. With that what I mean and. So. We are not really fun when you really hammer the throttle, so. You. Rather keep it a little bit steady and then, they actually quite, smooth, and there, is no real transition. Because. There are no, classic. Gears like with the sequential. Automatic. Gearbox or some things so. Especially. For cruising, and for being, in the city, it's. Actually quite nice to, have that one, and. We talked about the problems. For the two 17, and 218 models, for this engine earlier. Now. Today, year our impressions, were the 290, models but honda has promised, to have, fixed, all the problems that occurred, before, and. It's only quite uncommon, because the honda because as you, know known, as very reliable, so. Everyone. Was quite surprised, when they had the problems here with the new travel engine but, you. Know I really, hope they fixed, it now we'll see on long-term, run, I. Mean. Sound, and performance wise so far it's actually quite good the. Acceleration, figure to 100, kilometers or 62, miles an hour is about 10 seconds, and, also experience that soon again first of all some city traffic here. Suspension. Lies it is, also, rather, soft, and set for a comfortable, ride but, however when I feel those small, bumps, in the road those. Are not even out too well. That's also something which the, Prius, has ahead and. Have. You. Know I, thought. I would have improved that a little, bit, but. That's also something where they're not, that strong in with, the suspension. Setup. As. For the steering. It. Feels very light that. Has. The primary purpose, to make. It easy to pack in and out. It. Doesn't give you the most natural, feeling. But. It doesn't, have as you, know a total, dead zone or something. At. Least something, is happening also in those, minor areas, overall. I think something. You can you, can really live with you. Can also find. Quite cool that we have so. Upright. Structures. Also the insert of the interior, here at the sides that again, accounts, for the spacious, feeling so you overall, get a calm, and. Spacious. Travel, feeling when being in this SUV and again. This proves one of our points that this, is not one of the biggest ones it's not full-size. But. It delivers you a lot of room as we shown you in the interior, part so you don't have to go, all the way big on the exterior and, still.

Can Derive something where. You can maneuver, it through narrower situations, or also inside the city that. Still works. You, don't get the highest SUV. Feeling, in the CRV, however, if you, know some SUVs they. Really have put an emphasis on. Feel. Of a high, SUV. Seating, position, and, some. Rather, go in a crossover, direction. This. Is still has to be for me here but it, doesn't have the highest set, up here so it's, something. You know has. Attached off across over for. Sure. Now, this speed about 70, kilometers by the way it is actually, quite calm, 70. Government is now by the way at one, and a half thousand, rpm, soon. Go to one hunters, or about. Sixty miles again soon, and, then give you the RPM, figure, once. More, you, guys crested that and. I've. Soon I'll talk about the fuel. Consumption, right here. Well, car feels quite cozy, and stable, actually, so. It. Is a really, good, cruiser and especially, because. A, family Cruiser since you can put, so much in this vehicle and. Again. It's so, unpretentious, that, that's what I really like about this, vehicle doesn't. You, know try to be something else what it was it you know what other, way it really isn't and. It's, actually, quite easy and quick to learn so. As for the driving roles you do have this econ, mode. That. One is reducing, a floral input a little bit. Helps. You that the car roll and stuff also with the gear changes, and stuff so. You can see if a little bit more fuel and. On. The other side you have the S mode maybe, harder that goes a year low, up maybe for the acceleration let's go 70, to 100. That, was already it that. Was all almost, yeah almost 110. So. That still was, quite okay and you. Know it wasn't too bad for for, the CVT automatic so we had some older. CVT, automatic switch, really, went like. And. It, was you know quite painful, to hear. But. This one was actually quite okay or what do you think. So. Now. In the S mode again higher. Rpms, Stacy, lower, as, soon as I put in the D mode again the. Car shifting gear up and now, for example we are hit 1 on kilometres, no or 60 months and we. Just right. Below, 2000. Rpm. There, is by the way also the, adaptive cruise control, the. Autonomous. Emergency brake, is, standard. Equipment, the. ACC. It. Always depends, on the countries but there are some countries where at even, certain, equipment you always have to check out the trim level as well. Blindspot, mantra is not, standard, we, also do not have that here on that vehicle here. You. Know with the adaptive cruise control I have said at the moment you, can also change the distance here at the steering wheel to the car in front of you and. So. Far it seems quite. Reliable. To lane, change now here, at higher speed, car. Remains quite stable so. I found, that they I think. They stiffened, up the suspension, even a little, bit in comparison, to the predecessor, it's not less. Comfortable than, the previous system but. Everything it gives you more stability also, at higher, speeds, it is. Somewhat, windy outside today, so. It. Might be a little bit calmer when it's less windy, I. Would. Say the sound insulation is really okay but, not superb, let's take it that way, I'm. Getting off the motorway too so for, you some more. Agile. Riding, that's. Actually quite it, is fun to drive the car still so although, it for, sure doesn't have to spoil your setup it's still so much fun and also, good in comparison since we recently had the Citroen, c5, err cross which was not. Sporty at all but, also very good right. So, you know in the roundabout. Gives. Me actually quite good feeling for the car. Yeah. So this was a little bit more fun to drive than the Citroen. C5 actress for sure. When. You're driving it a little bit faster, you. Feel, that they. Share parts, with the Civic for sure, because.

The The Civic has a compact vehicle. Which is almost. Mid-sized. As for the size then, Civic. Is so. Much fun to drive already, in. Not. Super, sports versions, and that. Could transport, a little, bit of that also here to the new CRV. So. Yes, fun to drive the. CVT is. Surprisingly. Good so. I had some experience where, the CVT was like. Mediocre, but. Really. The engine keeps very silent, due to the turbo, you also don't have to rush it so much into the high rpm, areas, so, you can also keep it that's, a steady, and calm that also helps you again, of. All. I think, you know it's, a good verdict, so um the, driving overall, is good. Again. Special positives, to transmission. And the, engine, you. Still have enough power always and you, can really drive it very calmly as for the engine sound. Installation, could be a little bit better I think and, you. Know when the bumps are in the road so as soon it you, know when the one when the road is clear so, hidden it's just fine but soon, else you have some bumps then. The suspension, does not do the best job so. Those. Things should. Be improved. But. Although I think a very decent ride. For. Lane change again it. Really gives me a good, and controlled, feeling, of the car and. You, know this, somewhat. Crossover, aspect of the vehicle it's not too high of course accounts, maybe for, a little bit more of driving, fun in comparison. To other as we stood still. It's, not a super. Sporty, setup that's, for sure and again. This, is. Not, you. Know it's, not disadvantaged, or something because so. Many SUVs, have been going, in a very very, sporty direction when you ask yourself okay, why do they put it on as Avedon anymore. But. I think they overall. Found. A nice the, setup here as. Well, as. What direction they're, going in there so now some can decide as well where. Can enjoy, some views I love this panoramic. Windscreen. In the front this. Is also a good aspect, for traveling with the family for, example so, then you know even with with. Kids in the back they can still look. Out of the big front, screen for, example and of course also all of those very upright, rear windows, that's. Again pretty helpful. So. That is the last remark if you compare, to the pre Assessor definitely. Feels a little bit more refined especially. Engine wise a little. Bit more relaxed. The car has become a little. Bit better in the sound insulation, and, of. Course, the biggest change is the interior, redesign. Where. It. Also affects the driving feeling that this car feels a little bit more alert right now than. Before, at. The same time as, I said earlier, the. Main characteristic. Is just a. Unpretentious. Vehicle. That is easy to understand, easy to drive and easy. To use nuts I think also one of the. Excelling. Points which makes. It still. What's. Most. Sin against me. Some. I don't know but that's. Actually the case. And. Now to our confusion, for today with the Honda CRV well. As a evolution. On the exterior it's not too different at first sight a little, bit more modern for sure on the, interior, of the upgrade infotainment, system, better, material, quality overall feels, more refined, definitely.

And A, lot, of room. Even, more than before yes it's always a little bit bigger but. Not that it would change the whole vehicle concept, or something and especially, the rear bench is so well. To use an abundance, of luggage. Space - this, is also what makes this car so strong in a set, a couple of times and driving part I think this guy's, unpretentious. What I mean by that well in a way that it, is easy to use it's no. Not, suggesting, Oh super, premium or stuff you just use this car and that's. Also what so many people, appreciate, about this very vehicle, by. The way I also wanted, to talk about the fuel consumption, I want to wait a little bit more to that drove, the week a little bit longer and we, end up with about seven liters on one kilometers that's, about 34. Mpg, for, us or 41, gallons. In the UK and I think that's really, a very decent, figure. For. This petrol engine well. We, hope that the petrol, engine problems. Will not continue, so, far looks good panned for the 290, models in the - 17, - 18 models, are being repaired, on that says. Overall. I think it's a very decent, package, it's not too low in the price looking. At Europe in the u.s. it's actually, more, affordable, that's for sure but, overall I think they still have a great package for this vehicle and I can really understand well this is one, of the most popular. Ones what, do you think.

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A few more notes: - The shown color is called "Cosmic Blue Metallic" - The CR-V is also available as a 7-seater - In this generation the first time available with 7 seats also in Europe - In the 7-seat version, you'll have a rear bench which can be slit 15 cm forward/backward As for the oil/fuel mixing of the 1.5 turbo, this is the official statement by Honda: - Germany/EU: The cars in Europe/Germany are not affected by this issue. - US: “The 1.5 liter turbo oil dilution product update that applies to certain 2017-2018 CR-V models in 21 states in the US. The 2019 CR-V benefits from updates at the factory and is not part of the product update that applies to older models. To be clear, this is not an “oil leak” issue. The issue involves consumers who drive very short trips during extreme cold weather. Essentially, unburned fuel can become diluted in the oil over multiple short trips, increasing the engine oil level, which is recognizable on the engine dip stick. There is no oil or fuel leakage, and if a consumer drives for a longer distance, the unburned fuel in the oil will eventually burn off through the normal combustion process. Again, this is only during times of extreme cold with drivers who regularly drive only very short trips, not allowing the engine to get fully warmed up.”

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appreciated !

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeez goooo!!

Hi Thomas @Autogefühl, I don't see that many German locals driving Japanese vehicles - mostly European ones - but Honda undoubtedly places emphasis on its engine build quality for the life of the car. It's the predominant factor in the decision-making process for the Asian demographic. Besides that though, Honda have the tendency to not focus or attuned more minute details, which could be small areas of how the rubber sealing sits, how they place certain controls or knobs, not concentrating on screen typography (they could hire Erik Spiekermann), and not creating more visual sensation for the main console and dashboards. Whilst I certainly see a more luxurious experience in the CRV, the other models made by Honda don't receive the same level of detail. Another disadvantage compared to its contemporaries is that they don't offer powerful engines and you will continually hear its i-VTEC wailing when it starts accelerating. This is where the German cars excel in, especially when you're jumping in a yellow taxi and you find that a Mercedes-Benz C-class taxi is the norm in Germany.

Yeah good point. The german brands have more market power and offer better rates for leasing quite often etc

CVT is CVT, and nothing more. It is like rubber. No way.

I was waiting for this, too bad Honda did not send you the Touring Trim

CVT sound, not for me.

My favorite part about this trim is the standard Apple carplay, heated cloth seats, and adaptive cruise control. Does the center armrest move forward? Looks like your arm doesnt fall onto it while driving

Yes it can!

es ist ranga yogeshwar für autos! ;)

After two months. Finally at 7:57 Thomas said it. As for the car, not into it. Convinced my girlfriend into buying a 2018 Tiguan instead. The CRV looks like a mini mothership from a sci-fi movie.


When I check C-RV at dealer interior space capacity and spacious impressed me. Thanks friends thanks Thomas go go go....

Excellent review Thomas! The CRV is the best selling SUV in ''Murica for several years. It's a neck-to-neck fight with the Toyota RAV4. My only concern with this and many other Hondas, is their embrace of CVTs. I dislike them and avoid any vehicle with them due to dubious long-term reliability issues.

Great Video Thomas/Autogefühl team. I like the Honda CR-V SUV, it's a nice vehicle. I would have it in silver. Keep up the awesome work Thomas, Love Autogefühl=)

Hope to see comparison between CR-V Hybrid and RAV-4 Hybrid. They are straight competitors, but have very different drivetrains. I Have driven already the RAV-4 hybrid in FWD version and liked it a lot. CR-V looks promising already in pure petrol version, thank you for the review!

Rav4 review shooting tomorrow!!

What a ugly car....i will go by bus rather than driving this piece of shit!

Thomas any news on when the AMG GLE63 is coming out?

Not yet, keeping u updated


Thomas, which do you like to drive more - The 1.5 turbo vs 1.6 160HP diesel? I ordered the 1.6 160HP diesel, but in my market we don't have the 1.5 turbo yet.

+Autogefühl Yes I saw it, so wondered how it compares to the 1.5. Bu it seems you forgot about that one already:)

Ah yes indeed, new new diesels available! Cant remember that well, best is to watch my older review :)

+Autogefühl I mean the previous version from your 2015 video. I am getting the Gen 5 crv 7 seat + 1.6 160HP diesel, 9 speed auto. I don't know if Europe dropped the diesel now in favour of the 1.5. I really enjoy your videos and find them very informative.

Didnt drive the diesel yet!

Great review, Thomas. This is one of my choices for a new SUV (which I am about to purchase). The other is the new Ford Escape ST-Line (178kw AWD) - at least, that is what the car is called in Australia. Have you done a review of that vehicle? It would be great to see. Thank you for your excellent and informative reviews.

+Autogefühl Thanks, Thomas

Thanks! Yes its called Kuga here, youtube search Autogefuehl ford kuga and u ll find reviews!

Leave it to a German to analyze build quality

Thomas and team, I was wrong on my previous comment where I said that your commentary can be 15% shorter for leisure viewers. No, details reviews are actually your unique strength which attracted me in the first place. Please stay with this good, extra efforts over others. Thank you and your team!


Why does he sound like Borat?? Let’s Go!

Personally I'd rather see the top of the line model reviewed. I live in Canada and I own a 2018 CR-V with the oil dilution issue. My vehicle is used in the conditions they describe as problematic but so far I have not experienced any of the problems other people are having. This is the exact title of the letter dated December 2018: "Product Update and Warranty Extension campaigns: Engine Oil Dilution" Looks if I am reading the letter right its software updates on the fuel injection, CVT, and on some complete replacement of the climate control unit. It says after the service is completed I may notice the heat is hotter at the vents during warm up and the oil level may show up above the "upper" mark on the dip stick (periodically). Honda should be replacing the dip sticks as well in my opinion. Honda is increasing the warranty to 6 years with unlimited mileage on components which may be effected. I love mine still but they better fix this and not effect the performance or economy! If anyone has had the work done please advise on the power a nd gas thanks.

Thanks for the report!

Excellent Review. Great detail and driving part and commentary. UK configurator says you have to get a higher spec to get BLIS; you cant add it as an option to your lower spec test car - shame. HUD only on top model; also can't add it as an extra? It seems a good family cruiser, and glad this CVT seems ok. Drove the previous version and didn't like the uneven ride on small bumps - shame no improvement there.  Many thanks Thomas.

Thx john!

I'd be interested in your thoughts between the Honda and Tiguan.

Your English is getting worse. Guess you cared more a year or two ago.

+Arjen Kroos His accent was better before. I often communicate with Germans in English and I am quite adapted to the pronunciation, but his is getting worse. This is often case when you get more accustomed and comfortable with a language, you stop caring about accent and pronunciation, as it becomes more natural to you. I don't write this as an insult or trying to win any argument, but in hope that he'll read this and consider the issue.

He really speaks well. He is speaking so clearly provided the weather is cold outside. His mother tongue is German and they tend to have little bit of accent. He speaks clearly and much more understandable than British accent.

Lol wtf

What?  A joke? Thomas's english is better than mine, and I'm meant to be a native english speaker! Wish I could speak German half a well as his english.

As per normal a brilliant detailed revue. I just wish the people who design these cars and fancy wheels they would force the designers to wash the bloody things, honeycombe grilles you need a paint brush and as for the wheels, more or less impossible, to may detailed intricate details, to many complications.

Thomas please review the kia ceed sw

So and here the official CR-V song from Cuco.

Honda CV-T

Why is it that it's the best selling SUV in the world? I often ask that case, as in this current iteration, and previous versions, it was still much worse than the competition in the likes of Kuga, Tiguan and CX5.

I had the same engine+gearbox combo in the Civic and sold it after 6 months. DO NOT BUY! don’t do like me! There are much better engine/gearbox combo even from japanese cars such as Mazda that this CVT boxes need to die. In the Civic they limit the torque to 220Nm instead of 240Nm like on the manual and really, do you want all the torque to be transmitted to the wheels using a belt?! Get the Rav4 with torque converter 8 speed or the CRV hybrid which uses direct drive and electric motors to transmit the torque to wheels.

Oil dilution issues???

Hi Thomas,. Does the forward slant of the infotainment screen cause a glare issue? Might be hard to tell on a cloudy day.

That’s a good Question, so far it has been cloudy and rainy the last few weeks here sadly

Hit the like button if it is a cool and simple car

Very nice interior, good ergonomics, I like this car.

I keep painful memories of my CVT on my former B-Klass Mercedes 180 CDI 109 hp!! Impossible to overtake, and the gearbox had a flaw production and needed to be changed less then 2 years after being bought. I sold it and bought a 118 d BMW 143 hp! But Honda seems to have improved the CVT technology! Very good report as always!


Thomas, which one do you like the best? Honda CRV or VW Tiguan All-Space? Or maybe the Mazda CX-5? Thanks.

+ilovepizza Enjoy the ride! Cheers.

+Yippie I've bought the 184 hp diesel engine which has 445 lb-ft. Since i drive mainly on highways i wanted a really silent car and Mazda did the trick!Also diesel price in Italy is cheaper so it was a no brainer for me! cheers!

+ilovepizza Thanks for your comment. The VW Tiguan uses an 8 speed automatic in North America. The Mazda is nice too. They offer a new turbo 2.5 petrol engine for 2019. 250 hp and 310 lb-ft.

I've test driven all of them and the best package for me was the Mazda! Excellent interior ,very silent at speed and most of all has a 6gear automatic Gearbox!

+Autogefühl Thanks for the very diplomatic answer :). I am leaning towards the VW.

All for sure recommendable cars! I like the interior of the tiguan best, all have their strengths though

Thanks for doing the UK mpg conversions

Always trying to offer the most for all :)

Honda produces it own automatic gearboxes and that's the reason these are really troublesome. Never buy a Honda with an automatic gearbox.

Good SUV by Honda . Not too pretentious . I love that CVT emulation by Thomas at 27:19, ha ha , lol lol !! Hiliarious , that's exactly how most CVT transmissions sound , I hate them , but this one sounds ok . You crack me up Thomas , great view , super funny !!!!

In other cars peoples complain that they can not connect Android car and stick with music because there is only one USB port. What can you say about it.

Wish I spoke German as well as Thomas speaks English!

Well said, bruh

Thorough and precise as ever Thomas. Most motoring journalists hate CVT boxes but at least you are objective not subjective and a great impressionist. A tad too American in its styling for my tastes. I prefer the HRV but Honda in their wisdom don’t put a sufficiently powerful engine in it. Perhaps they don’t want to eclipse the CRV. Let’s hope they’ve got the early problems sorted out. Inexcusable really and maybe shows why they’ve only just gone grudgingly down the turbo route. Can’t wait to see the RAV4 review as I’m currently in the market.

Thanks mark!

How is the sound system. If you should choose between this and Citroen C5 Aircross what you choose. Thank You.

Sound is ok nothing special but also not bad. Hmm the cars indeed have same segment and comparable price. Crv more space, c5 aircross more unique in styling

Are the cars in this category (CR-V, X-Trail, RAV4, what others?) capable off-roaders? Are there similarly priced family cars that you can be confident that will carry you off the beaten track? Or are cars like the Wrangler the only way to go?

YouTube search autogefuehl tiguan offroad and u ll find episode with this. New rav4 has also some more ground clearance. They are all semi offroad lets take it that way

I think the rear lights are also reminiscent of the BMW i8. Did you say the 1.5 Turbo was a Petrol?? It sounded grumbly like a Diesel.

Yeah turbo petrol

Cloth is so much more comfortable and better towards heat than leather


CVT = No Buy

CVT + Performance car = No CVT + Family car = Yes

+zarbon700 Yep, I heard this as well. But if you drive it on a lease contract, repairs are free.

Except from some Toyota-models. CVT is not popular anyway.

+L.GH. Djoetma No consumer should like CVT because they are very unreliable compared to real automatic transmissions and expensive to repair.

Lots of journalists don't like it, but I've talked to quite some people who liked their CVT. Personally I don't like automatic transmissions at all.

Aah finally something which is not from vw arrived on channel

Honda are a very well regarded car company, I’ll have to look at the baby FRV at some point.

Thanks for the review; I was surprise how Honda configures their CR-V in Europe compared to the ones here in the States. Your review was helpful as I am planning to buy a CR-V in Colorado next week.

Cool good luck!

You should make more video about car that avaible in Asian market and you will see your views pop up

Hey Thomas, here is something you should add to your reviews - a 0-100 test, and a 80-120km test. These will be super cool to see, and increase your viewers counts!!

And make sure to use some tool (gps) or similar, to show the results, since from the camera it is very hard to say exactly how many seconds.

excellent review -- any chance of a re-look at the Mazda CX-5 with its new options/engines??

Did I miss the fuel consumption part?

Seems so :)

Thank you for this great review - it would be nice if you can do also a review of the hybrid model

Was not available yet but i d also be interested

I agree about how it’s unpretentious and it’s so practical. Honda always squeeze out the practicality from everything. What’s with the infotainment in all Japanese cars though? At least it has CarPlay I guess.

L.GH. Djoetma I haven’t used a knob based one but I do like the touch screen I have in mine even if it isn’t the most up to date system. For entering postcodes for navigation it really works nicely I think. Mine also has buttons and knobs for climate control. So that for me is an ideal setup. Really good voice control like you get in new Mercedes cars would be great, but even that wouldn’t be perfect for adjusting more complicated manual climate stuff like vents.

Personally I dislike all infotainment systems apart from BMW (Mazda is ok too in use, but looks outdated and is kinda slow, but they copied the knob which works well while driving).

Yeah m8

thank you for the nice review. Would you choose this over the kodiaq?

Thanks! Tbh no although its for sure a very good car, kodiaq might be more expensive though

Is it that difficult to design a nice looking car? Come on Japanese!!! I have great respect for Japanese engineers (in general not only in the car industry), but exterior and interior design is something they consistently struggle with, except for Mazda. This cr-v doesn’t look that bad, but doesn’t really look exciting either

For me it looks bad and I can't see well outside well, both front and rear. I war rather disappointed as was excited CR-V has a hybrid in Japan, where I live.

Agreed, especially the crap that comes from Toyota.

I think most of the Japanese design nowdays is made in European/US design centers. Look at the domestic Japanese cars design, they are very different.

Aziz, dude - yes, agree, and also look to the 1967-1970 Toyota 2000GT...

Lexus lc coupe is the only Japanese car that look exotic and a masterpiece in design

Thks for the input Thom,appreciate it.

The CVT sound emulation at 27:19 was superb!:)

Many cars have those soft pads for knees nowadays Thomas, including the Mazda CX-5 that you reviewed extensively in 2017. I'm surprised that you missed it, given how careful you are with details usually.

I'm only watching cause I enjoy your english progress :)

Would the Toyota Highlander or this CRV have high release value/reliability

The Highlander would have better reliability and very very slightly resale value. But the very good fuel economy of the CR-V makes up for both of them.

Supreme Etnel Honda wins on reliability consumer scores, Australians love Toyotas in the middle of no where as they last! I’d say both are as reliable as each other.

The 90 degree opening shocked you

Autogefühl oh

I saw it on the motor show before ;)

The infotainment system looks like BMWs except it's not sticking out

This car seems kinda short, how tall is Thomas, 7 feet?

Stated in every interior part of a review

Another great review! 4:00 oil dilution comment, Honda haven't admitted they are having oil issue other than China and some parts in America. Keep it in mind Honda only done their recall in China, so I wonder whether they have really fixed the issue

+Paul FUN Actually I'm from Australia, and I was about to get this last Sunday and then I just went and checked online for any recalls or troubles on this model, as it was bit hard for me to make up my mind on 1.5 turbo engine, BAAM, then it flooded with all oil dilution problem news, and I was worried, especially when I read about how Honda initially ignored the fact and then they gave few other reasons such as climate cold weather, then again I saw few YT videos where dealers clearly gave the written notice saying no issue while that person having the oil smell in his cabin and not heating up, (ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D1u_ag5uSM and https://youtu.be/SrtULlpJHWE?t=1051) and how ignorant they were on this issue. That's the main issue I have going forward with this as they simply can say no issue and its all on your own then :( Moreover the responses from Honda like "don't go short trips" makes me even worried as we buy a car for our use and now Honda saying for which trips we use their vehicles? for short trips use a bicycle and for long trips use their CR-v :)

+Vin Sher this is a issue that upsets me a lot because I spent a lot of time researching the car. I did know about the issue occurring in China. This is why I waited for the second year of the new model. And still I got screwed! However I am not going to worry about resale down the road I just want my vehicle not to melt down due to diluted oil. They better fix it right!

+Paul FUN Problem is even if they fix (but many says fix didnt work for them) what would happen to re-sale value in few years, now everyone knows there is a problem in 2017-2018 CRV engine.

+LEEDAQ ya but the "Product Update " is hahaha its like I won a prize or something....just have to schedule a time to bring the thing in and as a bonus I win a extra 3 years warranty (or 1? not sure). Yes Mate this is a recall.

​+Paul FUN Mate, WTH are you talking about? warranty extension isn't recall

You are wrong this car was recalled across North America - I have the "Product Update and Warranty Extension" letter in front of me. I am in Canada myself.

I like the CVT impression at 27:17 ;)

I can't stop watching/listening that..

Thank you! Was waiting for this!

I noticed when reviewers do get a chance to drive midrange and base models from most brands, the midrange is often the one they recommend because it's typically the best balance of equipment and price.

Excellent. I really wanted to see the CR-V review (looking forward to the Hybrid when it arrives too) and also the 2019 Subaru Forester. Thank you for this!

What about the problem with engine oil dilution?

The replace the engine if you have problems free charge

See full length

It’s very average. Be honest!

L.GH. Djoetma okay okay! At the end of the day one needs to drive the car you are thinking of buying. It’s opinions after all.

Autogefühl Okay!

+jspope2008 How am I upset? I'm just responding to your comment and am pointing out something that doesn't make sense in your reasoning. Apart from Autogefühl already giving you a couple of arguments, I don't agree with the fact that they are not critical. They've been critical on several cars (just like they pointed out some weaknesses in this car, which they just happen to like as a total package), You also need to understand that really bad cars aren't a thing anymore. Not when it comes to cars that come out in the west. So 'slagging' a car off isn't necessary and also wouldn't be a fair judgment. Someone who does that is probably the one not being objective. And as someone who reviews products in a different industry, I can tell you that manufacturers don't care if you're critical, as long as you're fair. It's free publicity for them and if a product is good, it's great pr.

We dont have to prove anything anymore, everyone who watches us for a long time knows that we are unbiased and always tell the truth. You ll rarely find reviewers mentioning e.g. the oil dilution issue like we did here, criticize unsustainable choices, prices, strategies what so ever. Our own opinion is not that important here, we do state it sure, but the most important factor remains the detailed explanation and comparison here.

L.GH. Djoetma I think you will find they never slag a car off as they don’t want to upset the manufacturers otherwise they would soon run out of cars to test. I take what these guys say with a pinch of salt. You will find that when one tester says a car is wonderful another 3 will says it’s not. Like most things it’s a matter of opinion. Anyway don’t get upset!

I assume you are here to hear the opinion of the reviewer, right? Why would he not be honest? And do you just want to hear people who confirm your predetermined conceptions?

Awww yisss my week-end dose of Autogefühl is here !

9:08 Always cover your ass, as good as possible :D

I got a 2017 CR-V. No complaints, spacious, works well and looks modern.

The thing that makes this channel successful is the amount of details, they take in consider while reviewing the car. Keep up the good work

Ahh... Time to make some popcorn and pop open a cold beer and chill with Thomas. Of course, with full screen, full length and full Hd. Let's go

New Honda Turbo engines are unreliable, direct injection only, better get a new 2019 Toyota RAV4, much more durable, reliable, better quality.

+Nikolaos Charisoglou But get this, for some reason this problem seems to affect the CR-V far worse than other Hondas with this engine (Civic, Civic Si, Accord). Which I totally don't understand.

+Nikolaos Charisoglou I mean there still is a problem that Honda needs to fix, I'm not saying there isn't. Supposedly here in the U.S. the 2019 models have been fixed, so time will tell if it really does. I personally would hold off for a little bit.

+Ryan Littleton yes is reliable because they developed this turbo engines about 5-7 years

Luckily the vast majority of 1.5T engines ARE reliable and even more so the 2.0T.

+Nikolaos Charisoglou Not sure if you understood what I said.... I was agreeing with you that Honda fixes the problem. Also, the fact that YOU don't have any problems doesn't mean there's no problem. Thomas addressed it in the video.

+L.GH. Djoetma my brother works in honda dealer man don't speak if you don't know about that. They honda said if there is engine failure replace with no cost

Didn't he address this in the video? That Honda acknowledged this and is fixing the problem for people who have these problems and has changed the new series of these engines?

Why did you say that? Did you have a honda turbo engine? I have the new honda civic hatchback 1.5 turbo no problem after 2 years with almost 33000 miles (50000 kms) don't talk fanboy german trol

And more expensive. And Fugly.

Asian family cars? Finally, something I could actually see on the road normally haha.

Don't get me wrong though, I love European cars and NA cars just as much

Those alloy wheels are disgusting. what the hell is "Earth Dreams", their engine's emissions are not even close to the best.

Indeed. The backside of this CR-V for example. Horrible.

For me it looks bad and I can't see well outside, both front and rear. I was rather disappointed as was excited CR-V has a hybrid in Japan, where I live.

+山内淳カイル CVT + reliability in a heavy car = questionable

zarbon700 it’s actually the other way around.

Nice that you got Croatian subs, kudos to whomever contributed! I would also like to see "real" English subs also in the future videos. And all best in future videos! :)

Danke Jungs, für diesen objektiven Bericht. Macht weiter so.

Vielen Dank!

Was in this latest model today and you're right. Tend to slip around over the seat's upper back and bottom. Regrettably, our local distributor does not give one the option to choose cloth over leather and keep everything else that goes with the leather model.

The most sold suv in the world is the Toyota rav4

Nope Japanese is the best quality and reliability of course

this car look beautiful to me

Love those wood panels!

Good video! It's actually very noisy. Does this differ for the premium version?

Correction. The rav4 is the world's most sold suv

noise insulation is no different in the trims

+Nikolaos Charisoglou well at least it's reliable then if its 5-7 years old oh well this car as nothing to do with you

oh wow :/ Thanks for the report! Guess at the moment it is safer then to go for the Hybrid

Do NOT believe Honda!!!!!! I had a 2018 that tested 5% dilution 1000 miles after the "fix" (TSB) was applied. The instructions for it indicated that the fix was to BE APPLIED TO 2019 MODELS THAT WERE ON DEALER LOTS BEFORE THEY WERE SOLD. Regardless of where the fix is applied, if it doesn't work (and it didn't for me and a BUNCH of others), you will rue the day you put your hard earned money down for this car, just like I have. Google the CRV owners club forum (the forum search tool is sheet, just like Honda's 1.5L turbo) and you'll find plenty of people with this problem, including some with 2019 models. Google the 2016+ Civic which has the same basic engine, and you'll see the same thing. You'll ALSO see that it is NOT just a cold weather problem (reports from TX AZ and CA). STAY AWAY FROM HONDA!!!!!

Carpe diem Do You have a Honda?)

Some reviews I am watching more often again. But this one is one of the best reviews of all time. Very good job. I guess that ive whatched this 12times.

Awesome really cool that u honor our extensive work!!

Great review. Thx for this English version !

I get around 7.2/100 using 94 ron

Honda is moving to 8 speed or 10 speed auto as seen on the new accord and other cars

Love Thomas’s reviews!!

I liked the seats.

Thank you for a informative video. I really want to pull the trigger on the 2019 model. I'm hesitant because of this oil dilution thing, and I can't find any concrete answers if they fix the problem with the 2019 models. I was looking to buy my fiance one of these for her birthday.

Nice one! Hopefully you will review the hybrid as well.

Start with driving experience and passenger comfort, not the design!

All our reviews have the same order so people know what to expect.

Because Iam native german I have problems to understand british people especially from Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham, Irish, Scotish, Welsh and perhabs every dialect. But Thomas speaks english like we learned in school and for me its easy because he speaks german with english words

Swiss Sky, understood - I was born in England and I still have trouble understanding some of those accents!

DO NOT believe in Nunof Urbiznes. It's a rare problem that has a handful of vehicles. In Germany, not a single case is known to me and I work in many many Honda forums. www.maxrev.de www.hondapower.de www.motor-talk.de etc. Please see transparent information from Honda http://www.hondaproblems.com/oil-dilution/

Este cea mai proasta masina raport calitatea pret.

We only lease those for 3 years in the U.S. as the 1.5t has fuel diluting the oil problems

i really like the internal design, thank you Thomas.

I'm very happy this review was in English, my German is not so good. +1

Hello everyone, in the review, Thomas advises against 19-inch rims on this car and says that he will revert to the reason why in the driving part. Somehow, I did not catch the reason why are 19 inch rims not advisable on this vehicle? Please help. My dilemma is that top spec model - at least in my market - is offered only with those, so if I need to avoid those 19 inches, I cannot have - among other things - an electric tailgate which I would like to have.

More rolling comfort with smaller wheels

Excellent review as always! This car is going onto my shortlist. Thanks!


@Autogefühl Yes I saw it, so wondered how it compares to the 1.5. Bu it seems you forgot about that one already:)

@Autogefühl I mean the previous version from your 2015 video. I am getting the Gen 5 crv 7 seat + 1.6 160HP diesel, 9 speed auto. I don't know if Europe dropped the diesel now in favour of the 1.5. I really enjoy your videos and find them very informative.

@Autogefühl Thanks, Thomas

@Arjen Kroos His accent was better before. I often communicate with Germans in English and I am quite adapted to the pronunciation, but his is getting worse. This is often case when you get more accustomed and comfortable with a language, you stop caring about accent and pronunciation, as it becomes more natural to you. I don't write this as an insult or trying to win any argument, but in hope that he'll read this and consider the issue.

@ilovepizza Enjoy the ride! Cheers.

@Yippie I've bought the 184 hp diesel engine which has 445 lb-ft. Since i drive mainly on highways i wanted a really silent car and Mazda did the trick!Also diesel price in Italy is cheaper so it was a no brainer for me! cheers!

@ilovepizza Thanks for your comment. The VW Tiguan uses an 8 speed automatic in North America. The Mazda is nice too. They offer a new turbo 2.5 petrol engine for 2019. 250 hp and 310 lb-ft.

@Autogefühl Thanks for the very diplomatic answer :). I am leaning towards the VW.

@山内淳カイル CVT + reliability in a heavy car = questionable

@zarbon700 Yep, I heard this as well. But if you drive it on a lease contract, repairs are free.

@L.GH. Djoetma No consumer should like CVT because they are very unreliable compared to real automatic transmissions and expensive to repair.

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