2019 Honda CR-V: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | The Ultimate Family Vehicle?

2019 Honda CR-V: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | The Ultimate Family Vehicle?

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Good. Chilly morning, people of YouTube, the, compact, crossover, class has pretty much replaced, mid-sized sedans as the go-to vehicle. Of a married family if you, don't believe me look, no further than the sales figures, where. Rogue rav4. And CRV. Have already, sold well over a million units, combined, so far this year of those. Crossovers, Honda, CRV, was just redesigned, a couple years ago so. It moves into 2019. With minimal changes of course. We want to give a special thanks, to our friends. At gates Honda, and Richmond Kentucky for. Providing us with this fully loaded Obsidian. Blue touring, CRV. So. With an all new rav4 coming. Out later this month let's. See if the CRV, will remain as one of the class leaders. So. Like always we'll start off with the exterior. Nothing. Has changed for 2019. So you continue to find this pretty aggressive, chrome and black mesh grille across all trends. Now. The Turing does give you some upgrades, over the other trips so, on this model you'll find full LED headlights as, opposed, to halogens, on the rest all. But the LX have these fog lights but, only the Touring gets the chrome accent, around them. The. Side is the same way where, only the Touring has the chrome accent, that. Accent, serves to make the CRV, look larger, than it is since. It 180, point 6 inches long it's, actually shorter, than the rope and the new rav4 and. Then. Around back again, the look is unaltered. CRV. Already had one of the more unique looks, in the class with, large LED, taillights, that Bend and then extend, all the way to the roof at. The bottom you will also find, dual exhaust pipes but. They're only exposed. On the Touring. Overall. The CRV, is aging gracefully and, the, small details, you add by selecting, the Touring really help to set it off. But. One thing that doesn't change much between the trims are these, wheels, they. Are 18-inch, alloys, and you'll find them on pretty much every, CRV, except, the base LX. Which. Itself, has smaller, but, similar, looking 17-inch, wheels. And. Coming. Up to the mirrors, they are body colored and heated. On all but the LX where they are matte black. All. But the LX also, applies as far as safety is concerned, every. Single. Active safety technology. Is standard. So long as you choose at least the e X and, that. Includes the likes of Ford emergency, braking Lane. Keeping Assist adaptive, cruise. Control automatic. High-beam headlights blind. Spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert, a lot. Of the rivals still reserved those systems, for only the upper trims. These. Silver roof rails are touring, exclusive. But. All models, come with the smallish, 14, gallon fuel tank, that's. Good for ranges of up to 420. Miles. Or 406. Miles as equipped, with all-wheel drive as, you. Would expect regular. Unleaded fuel is recommended. Well. That pretty much wraps up everything on, the outside but. Now let's go ahead and check out the more important, part the cabin. As. You'll see is the case for a lot of different features in the CRV, smart. Entry is standard, on all but the very base LX, trim and. To go along with that you also have a remote start. Now. To get inside the vehicle there, is a sensor behind the door handle so all you have to do is just grab it. So. Looking inside the cabin, of the 2019. CRV. As, you can tell right off the bat there aren't any meaningful, changes, for 2019. So. What you're still looking at is would. Be cloth seating on the LX, and E X leather, on exo and touring and. You've got the same different, color options as well which would be black grey or this ivory. Turning. To your door trim it is well finished, you've got leather covering, pretty much all, the surfaces, that you would touch you've, got some faux wood accenting, as well as padding across the top. The. Front two windows are one touch automatic and. EXL. And touring come with your two person memory seating. Down. Here to the seat you've, got a really nice 12 way power adjusting, seat with four-way lumbar support. And that, comes on all, but the very base LX trim. The. Leather itself is really soft, feels. High-quality, and I like the stitching, as well as the perforation.

It's, Like I already mentioned nothing has really changed on, the inside here so it means you continue to have really nice quality, materials. All. Of your upper - continues, to be made of a soft touch plastic, and then as you go lower you even have a stitching, accent, through it you've. Got more of that faux wood trim here in the middle and, then. Your lower areas are hard touch where everything in here just fits together really well and it has that typical, Honda. Bill quality which is excellent. Now. An all about the LX push the button to start. When. You press that button you will see a 7, inch display fire, up across all models except, that LX which comes with a 5 inch display. And, in a similar way you'll, also see these gauges of. The digital setup of these gauges on all but the LX as well. Now. This is a very nice gauge setup as you can see it is mostly digital here in the center the fine you have two analog gauges on the side kind of like the Civic you. Got a lot of different functionalities, in this setup here so you can just quickly, switch through things like your navigation. You. Can check on your status of your all-wheel-drive system right, here settings. Audio phone. Just. A variety of other things so it's a very nice setup and looks really good. Now. Coming back to the steering wheel it is electric, power assisted, and. You do have a leather wrap steering wheel, when you have leather seating. Like. I already mentioned you've got these buttons here for the display, as well as your phone and voice controls, and then on this side you got your adaptive, cruise control or, regular cruise control, on LX, and the. Wipers are also rain sensing, which is Touring exclusive. The. Wheel itself is manual, tilt and telescoping. Though, it's not heated here on the US touring we've been told that it is heated, on the Canadian, Touring. Now. One of the biggest strong. Suits of the CRV is by far the storage, so let's go ahead and talk about that. What. You're looking at is basically a multi-tiered. Storage system, so. Start out with you've, got this. Really large center console. It. Goes down on very deep and just cup a lining in the bottom but. What's so versatile, about this is. That it actually continues. On through here so you just slide this back you've. Got this one ongoing, piece here, this. Is at least two or three times bigger than what most rivals have. Now. Also within here you've got your two USB ports they're both charging. And, you've, got a 12-volt outlet. This. Armrest. Doesn't sell a chest so if you're shorter like I am you can extend, that out.

Then. Affirm that you got your two cupholders as, well as another nice storage area and, a, 12-volt, outlet. Now. Honda was able, to give you that much storage since. They've gone with a little bit of an unconventional placement. For the shifter since it's up here. But. This is not really a problem is pretty easy to get used to of course you just pull back for Drive you. Also have a sport mode as well as a low mode but there are no paddle shifters on any trim. When. You go into reverse you. Will find a multi view backup camera, with. Active, trajectory, on all but the LX. As. You can see you've got three different views and. I. Believe you do have parking sensors here on the touring as well. Off, to the side of that you will find an electronic, parking brake a brake hold feature as well, as an econ mode, now. Another nice feature that Honda includes, on all but the base LX is, this dual zone automatic climate control setup. So. Of course all you have to do is just twist these knobs to adjust the temperature and. It does appear up here on the screen you have some of your basic controls like your fan speed right, here now. One thing worth noting is that you, don't have all your buttons here so you do have to click, this climate, button to, access some of your other things like your zones for instance. But. When you have the dual zone automatic climate, control setup, you also have three-stage heated, seats though, three-stage ventilation, is not available, on any trim even the story. All. Right now that brings us to the audio system, now, every, single trim of the CRV gets a different speaker count which is kind of odd this, model has the highest count here at 9 so let's go ahead and take a listen. Sound. Quality is pretty decent. And. Now that brings us here to the infotainment system, so let's go ahead and take a quick look now this is your, older style hondalink, system, it, has not been changed for 2019, so you still have the older graphics, however all the functionality, is pretty much still the same they've. Got your shortcut buttons along the size wise your physical, volume knob which is nice, here. On touring you do have standard, navigation this is a Garmin. Based so. It looks like a Garmin, nice. Quality graphics a very responsive, system. Of. Course you do also have your smartphone connection, which is Android, auto and apple carplay so you can use either of those on lower, trim levels without the standard navigation. Now. As far as other functions, you've got your standard regular. Phone functions, as, well as your phone book with all your contacts, which automatically, sync over. Hanging. Back to your home screen we, have our standard Bluetooth audio paired, and you can play in pause it straight from here as, well as change your sources, right here. But. Other than that that's pretty much the main features, of the Honda link system however. We do have a dedicated, tactile, video for those of you who want to learn more a links, of that video is provided, in the description. Now. Up above the screen you will find an auto dimming mirror with, homelink universal. Remotes on the EXL, and touring. You. Will also find, a standard. Moonroof, that, comes on all of the LX that's a really nice feature to include on most models, this. Is just your standard sizing unit there is not a panoramic. One available right now. But. Overall it's hard to find anything to complain about in the cabin, of the CRV this. Continues, to be an excellent, place to spend time it's, so spacious so, accommodating you have plenty of Technology and it is extremely. Comfortable so. A great overall, cabin, from Honda. Anyways. Now I'll go ahead and hand it off to Mason, who will check out all the rear areas. Now, in the back of the CRV you are going to find class-leading numbers, as far as where space is concerned you're. Gonna find forty point four inches of rear legroom and thirty-nine point two inches of rear headroom which, does place it at over three inches larger than the new rav4 and, Nissan rope. Now. Coming over to the door trim it is made of really nice materials, so, you've got a leather armrest, on here as well as leather padding, above that some. More faux wood trim and a, padded material, up here now. Your window is power and down, below that you do have some door storage with a bottle holder and storage, and.

As. Far as the seat itself that is extremely, comfortable and it, is a really, nice looking design. Now, in the center of the touring you will find these nice rear air vents which is really good for a cold day like today and down, below that you do find two charging, USB ports, which is a really nice touch. Now. In the center you do have an armrest. It's. Pretty good sizes leather wrap and has cup holders in the middle. Of. That you have some lighting clothes, a nice headliner, and an, assist ribbon coat hook. Now. As far as legroom is concerned the sea is scooted all the way back and I still have about five inches of legroom and my, feet can easily, slide up under the seat so. Overall. I'm still a huge, fan of the 2019, CRVs, or seat it. Really balances comfort, with a bunch of features technology. And space. Everyone. On your family is going to be happy. Now. To fold the rear seatbacks, I have to do is locate this lever and they do fold 60/40, split. Now, coming around to the tailgate, it is power on the EXL, trim or, if you opt through the fully loaded touring, like this one it is hands-free so, just wave your foot under the bumper to open. And. It opens right up. Now, inside the trunk of the CRV this is another area where it's bigger than its competitors, you're, going to find 39 cubic feet behind the second row seats expanding. 276 cubic feet with them folded now. Like I mentioned it is bigger than the rivals which, is about 10 cubic feet larger than the new rav4. Honda. Also nicely includes a cargo cover and, you, do have some compartments over here for storage. And. Underneath, the cargo floor. You. Do have a spare tire. Passenger. Seat is a nice design and on, the top two trims it will also be four-way power adjusting. In. Front of the passenger of course you do have nice materials, with the padded dashboard, some, more than the faux wood trim and, down. Below that you do have a nicely dampened, glovebox it is actually really big. What. About that we do have a Sun Visor with, some lights and a mirror it. Is also extend. And. Adjust. But. Anyway guys that sums up all I have to talk about in the rear so now let's go ahead and get the powertrain and do a quick test drive. All. Right so let's go ahead and talk a little bit about the power trains, now. There are two it's the same two that have been on this, generation since it came out a couple years ago. The. Vast majority of models still come with the 1.5, liter turbocharged. Four-cylinder. And that, produces 190. Horsepower and, 179. Pound-feet, of torque. Now. If you go for the LX, the very base model, you do get a non turbo engine that's a 2.4. Liter naturally, aspirated, for us of their engine and that makes, less power 184. Horsepower and. 180, pound feet of torque. Both. Those engines are paired to a CVT. And you, can choose either front, or all-wheel drive.

With. A base engine you're looking at 26, city 32, highway, 28, combined, while, the turbo, adds 2 mpg, to each of those numbers bringing. It up to 28, city 34. Highway, 30, combined. And. If you choose all-wheel drive you're gonna go down one from each of those combined numbers. But. Anyways let's that covers the basic so let's go ahead and take a quick drive. So get it up to 30 miles an hour. Power. Is decent. It, definitely. Doesn't feel too powerful. This, is a crossover. A little bit heavier. So that's something I'm gonna overwhelm you but it's, decent and it's, very quiet too so it's not one of those interests that sounds too strained. It, is worth noting though that this is the turbo engine and the. LX might have a little bit more noise since it is a naturally, aspirated version. And. This turbo is about as quiet as it gets. Right, away I do want to commend Honda, for the steering, tuning, here. This, is an excellent feeling for, a crossover, it. Provides, me a lot of the Accord. They've. Got it weighted very naturally. You. Really know where the wheels are. It. Feels, a lot more natural, than most of the rivals. I do, briefly, want to discuss. The right quality, and how, comfortable, this car is. Now. While, it is important. You know the power figures and all that it, is also actually. Probably more important, how comfortable, this Cartwright's, since it is a family crossover. And. Just, riding along here, when you hit up up you don't notice anything it's a very quiet card as he has mentioned earlier, and. It's just very comfortable overall the seats are very comfortable it's, quiet and it's, really anything that you would want in a, family crossover. Yeah, like he said this really covers, all, the. The. Highlights, the things that you look for in this class. You. Know you're not looking for overwhelming, power figures or anything like that I mean this has power and a field, that's very similar to, rivals. In that respect. And. Then you but you do also have a really. Good steering for the class as. Well as very comfortable, ride and. Really. Class leading space as well so, this. Definitely checks, off most. Of the boxes, that anybody, in this class would be looking for. Well. Guys if you enjoyed watching the first in-depth, look at the 2019. Honda. CRV, touring, stay. Watching for a quick look at the pricing, and don't, forget to those like and subscribe buttons below. We'll. Catch you next time as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies.

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The 1.5 turbo has issues and Honda not doing much about it, bought one and was a mistake

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Oil dilution problem was never more than .01% of vehicles sold Over 500,000 sold in the USA and only about 100 complaints (check the sites like NHTSA or CR) also Honda has said they have fixed the problem for 2019 model. Older models are being fixed state by state based on VIN. So far mixed reviews on the fix. If you drive like Miss Daisy during sub zero temperatures your going to have more oil dilution with any GDI engine, it's normal and they are designed to handle it. Just go into sports mode to keep the Revs up and the Gas will evaporate off just as it does in above zero temps. Overall the vehicle is excellent, beats the crap out of everything else I have driven in this price range. Really felt it was money well spent and I was of course in that 99.99% of people who have never had a problem with oil dilution. Most are but some souls got unlucky.

So Honda is offering, on my market, their kind of space shuttle technology vehicle with only one major flaw - their troubled 1.5 turbo engine. I cannot select any other - 1.5 is only what they offer. I am in process of buying new car. My Accord 2.0 was impeccable, perfect, nothing alike that 1.5 shit. I will not buy your piece of shit 1.5 engine, Honda. Honda has underestimated intelligence of its fan crowd. Too bad. For them.

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Honestly, this CR-V was the best redesign Honda has done recently. It even has LED turn signals in the rear (def. not common in this segment). It's just a shame that Honda/Acura did not include LED turn signals in their other redesigned cars as well.

My parents own this car and they have had no engine trouble at all and they have around 28,000 miles on it

There is another Canadian exclusive feature on the CR-V besides the heated steering wheel, and that is the panoramic sunroof


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The 2019 is not fixed . They have same band aide fix as 2017-18 . Honda has huge engine replacement court order coming. Honda has not been fair nor reasonable to its clients. Brand loyalty will suffer

Honda has always built flawless vehicles. As with all brands, there are going to be some minor issues that requires tuning. With the stellar CR-V, a computer update is needed to the engine to prevent the oil and gas issues for the very few models that are experiencing the issue for 2017-18. The CR-V will always be stellar in its class

Huge oil contamination issue that Honda is NOT coming clean on . Shameful!!! Stay away!! Right off the top , you should have mentioned this dread bandaid recall. Wow negligent

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+Ramon Suarez The problem is the direct injection system. http://www.hondaproblems.com/oil-dilution/

Honda claims it only happens in cold climates if you take lots of short trips. I live in FL so I'm not worried about it. This is something that can happen on any small turbo engine, and Honda happens to sell a lot of them, so you have to keep that in mind. The 2019 fix is one that involves warming up the engine quicker. My interpretation of that is it will probably consume more fuel in the first few minutes and is most likely unnecessary for me.

+Jack Again Same here.

Honda claims that the 2019 won't have that issue. We'll see.....but is it worth the risk? I would wait until 2020 to find out.

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+Ryan Littleton my Grandmother was recently in the market for SUVs. Unfortunately, her previous Camry was one of the infamous oil burners, which is why she got rid of it. We looked at the Kia Sportage which was very nice, and the Rav4 which was at the same level. She liked the Rav4 better, and that's what she got. We would not look at the CRV just because of its 1.5 turbo, and we did not want the base trim. But she did say she liked the overall look and interior. Honda definitely needs to get that engine on the redesign table, I hope what you say is true.

Yeah I agree. It's a shame because the 1.5T is such a gem of an engine. Hopefully Honda has it under control, they say they have and the '19s have the fix. So time will tell I guess.

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+Dreadlk The same statistical ratios can be said of almost any issue. Not everyone lodges formal complaints. Major design issues are not quantified that way, but rather by the severity of the problem itself, how dispersed the complaints, official agency attention etc. In this case almost worldwide. I hope their fix works. We'll see.

Oil dilution in about .01% of vehicles sold. Look at any of the numbers of complaints and it's less than 100. I will take my chances based on those odds, since most vehicles have even bigger issues in much greater numbers.

Honda has not properly addressed the issue. First denial then non committal hyperbole then a supposed 'fix' yet to be verified. Great car, but an engine with so fundamental a problem as potentially destroying itself with diluted oil is hardly some 'new feature bug'. I'd never buy one till theres definitive proof the problem is identified and resolved.

Besides the oil issue the engine and cvt combo is really good is plenty powerful reliable and fuel efficient. Its fine for any normal person

They delayed the 2019 so they could fix the issue (that they say doesn't exist). It is to be expected with a new engine that not all are perfect. It seems that they have fixed it. We are buying a 2019. The dilution issue only affected a small percentage of them anyway. We aren't worried about the 2019.

+mdm786 mdm786 No https://www.carcomplaints.com/news/2018/honda-fuel-dilution-problems-class-action-lawsuit.shtml Want more? http://www.hondaproblems.com/oil-dilution/

Yeah, only the base model has the 2.4 engine. Too bad. Although Honda claims the 2019 models will have the gas in oil issue fixed. They think it may just be a fuel injection software fix. What if it's a piston issue? No thanks....and I loved the 1.5 turbo engine too.

Urban legend.

It is a very nice car however. Grandmother was recently in the market for SUVs. Unfortunately, her previous Camry was one of the infamous oil burners, which is why she got rid of it. We looked at the Kia Sportage which was very nice, and the Rav4 which was at the same level. She liked the Rav4 better, and that's what she got. We would not look at the CRV just because of its 1.5 turbo, and we did not want the base trim. But she did say she liked the overall look and interior. Honda definitely needs to get that engine on the redesign table!


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As an owner of a 17 CR-V EXL, the oil dilution is real and common. Honda’s band aid fix is not working. The engines need to be recalled but will be expensive for Honda. Looking into trading mine in and not another Honda. They are not handling this situation correctly.

The three elements to this in consideration of the engine design is high compression, turbo boost and direct fuel injection, the fuel is being pushed past the oil rings, so cause could very well be weak oil rings on the pistons, this would be the reason Honda doesn't want to admit to the problem, the cost to remove the pistons and replace them with stronger oil rings would be a major cost and PR damage for the company. These engines will wear out mechanically sooner overtime due to the diluted oil.

The Honda CRV is low on gasoline/fuel.

Poor review because the oil dilution issue was not addressed. Did the 2019 CRVs receive the recall on the engines? Honda said they did, but we are still unsure that the "fix" will actually solve the problem. The turbo has a lot of pressure and its a very small engine that uses a thin 0-20 grade oil. Honda needs to fix ALL the CRVs with this problem, not just the new ones. A lot of owners of the 2017-2018 CRVs are being neglected and that makes people lose faith in Honda vehicles in general

+Car Confections Yes I know, but the issue is happening in ALL states, not just a few northern states and we still do not know if this "fix" will actually correct this problem. It will probably be some time before we get first hand reports of this recall actually solving this fuel/oil dilution issue. Honda is really dragging their feet on this. This is a disaster for Honda.

Honda claims the issue has been addressed for 2019 model year vehicles. In certain states a recall is underway on the 2017/18 models.

Wrong, the oil/fuel dilution problem is very widespread and is being reported in all 50 states in the summer and winter. Plus even more worrying is, most people that have it don't even know it because they rarely check their oil. Most people, that even know they have the problem, are just working with Honda (which they are denying) or just ignoring the problem, not many know about the NHTSA complaint service.

+Jamesonthemoon I couldn't agree with you more!

Robert Bryant band aide solution. Honda has had terrible advise on this one . Fix will not work. I have been doing engineering work for years . High pressure, so much heat, loose ring designed in , spells trouble. Heating up engine is counterproductive to long term engine life. Honda has toppled a reliable name in their line up. I predict engine failure around 6-7 years based on 20-30k per year

Until we know for sure that the recall actually fixes these engines we should not recommend anyone spend their money on one. Its so soon. we won't know for a while weather the "fix" is really effective. There are multiple things going on. The climate control system is keeping the engines from warming up properly. The direct injection, high pressure turbo, tiny engine and very thin 0-20 grade oil are also contributing. A LOT of people have the oil/fuel dilution problem and don't even know it because they rarely check their oil.

+Mark Reynolds You are 100% correct Mark. Honda has really failed on this. The dishonest and half-assed way they are dealing with this is criminal.

Simple question, if it's an isolated issue why did Honda tell people who first reported it its normal?? Why not acknowledge it as unusual and fix it right then for those 'few' customers? If their evasive handling of this is good enough for you I've got a few bridges for sale...

Wrong, the oil/fuel dilution problem is very widespread and is being reported in all 50 states in the summer and winter. Plus even more worrying is, most people that have it don't even know it because they rarely check their oil.

That is not correct. There are numerous complaints of fuel dilution in all 50 states. Plus a lot of people have the 1.5 liter turbo and have the fuel dilution problem and don't even know it because they rarely check their oil.

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No Panoramic Sunroof in the 2019 model ?


Hell! China already band the sell of the 1.5L motor so why are they still selling this POS to the other customers around the world. Go figure.

I was impress about the 1.5L when it first comes out but am glad I didn't buy one and now all the issue. The 2.4L CVT on the LX is plenty of power for the get up and go for normal drivers.

So, then why are so many complaints on YouTube, if there's only.01% complaints? LOL

Are you sure? Didn't you see all the complaint about the oil and gas mixed issue on the vehicle? LOL The Rogue are find but hated the engine and Nissan CVT is not up to par with Honda CVT. I own a 2016 Rogue AWD and we didn't like it...then went and got a 2016 CRV AWD and it suck on snows so got rid of it and now going back to Rav4 AWD. ..it is blunt but trusty and great in snows.

if they flip over in a crash they always catch on fire good luck climbing out.

Heres my unpaid review of a 2018 crv after 6 months of my wife owning the coke can! There cheap and nasty! The water based crap paint scratches very easily, bat crap eats the paint even with ceramic paint pro, drivers window screams at you when you power it down, the tailgate doesnt line up with the striker plate, the tailgate hinges are sloppy, doors never shut properly, loose gear selector, centre console armrest rattles along with all the other rattles, last week my wife rear ended another car travelling at 20km and the crv needed to be towed away, very unstable on the highway in windy conditions, can never get a comfortable position for the passenger seat, the engine oil always looks like its done a million miles and the dreadful cvt trannie and led headlights! Big mistake buying a crv!


*_•reshirm•_* I should have been more detailed CRV touring vs Base RDX

same brand, different class, what’s the point?

Okay- why take a 0.01% risk with Honda when you could take a ZERO percent risk with Toyota? Plus it is a widespread problem. The fix won’t work.

The 2.0T Accord is a great car. The AT and manual seem great. The 2.0L Civic LX sedan is also a great car (in a manual).

*_•reshirm•_* okay lemme rephrase : the CR-V was the best redesign in terms of looks* lol I heard about the current CR-V problems.

Except it was the worst redesign. WAY too many engine 1.5T problems, and even the base models have problems outside the engine

Was a Honda fan... not anymore. Their ONLY bulletproof cars are the Civic LX with manual and Accord 2.0T with manual. That’s... about it.

Rouge - CVT problems CR-V - Engine problems Get RAV4 or CX-5

Road sound is depending on your road and tire. The road to the highway where I live is smooth and I don’t get any noise. But on the high way we have concrete road with grooves that add a lot of noise, plus we’re going at 80-90MPH

*_•reshirm•_* yeah true. I’m not a Honda fan anyways so I wouldn’t buy one lol

Yes the NA engine is fine, but again the CVT, and there are A/C problems and stuff.

not with oil dilutions

I’m hoping you look at the new RAV4 and CX-5!

Hamid Ghazi RAV4 is just as big as the CRV, and hybrids are forced to have CVTs.

Mazda CX-5 is better. It doesn’t have a CVT either

RAV4 or CX-5

Russell Condie - It becomes a major issue when it affects all models. In this case very few are having issues and they mostly are the AWD 1.5 turbos. Honda knows the issue and has fixed it for the 2019 year. I personally feel that the ones that are having issues now will not fully get repaired until the engines have been disassembled and fix and reassembled. That’s gonna take a lot of money and labor and yes Honda should make corrections without hassle.

I would consider fuel mixing into the oil a little more than “minor” problem and Honda blowing off their customers is not good business.

Russell Condie oh I don’t believe the honda turbo CRV is the best, it’s not the worst but it is preeeeety bad, and the CVT droning is SO NOTICEABLE. i think RAV4 and CX-5 are the best in the class.

*_•reshirm•_* please explain why you believe Honda turbo CRV is best in class? I own the Rav 4 and it has some good points and some not so good points. My biggest complaint is the lack of acceleration, but I am not sure a turbo charged motor is worth quicker acceleration after reading several posts of the Honda CRV mixing fuel in the oil especially in cold climates and at 12 degrees this morning driving to work the Honda Turbo CRV may not be “top in class” for where I live.

Russell Condie *some* people that work at Honda are brutally honest and say Toyota is much more reliable and cheaper to maintain. soooo... yeah, just might be a Honda fanboy

You must work for Honda.

+Russell Condie lol

+Captain Jack Hey Captain ! how come over 50 units at my dealer alone in Ottawa Canada had the oil and no heat problem ?

Picking one up tomorrow


The trend toward undersized turbocharged engines is a mistake. No problems with the naturally aspirated engines.

+narend grg lol... great story, pal.

Kanti123 I drive three cars. Toyota, nissan, and this. This one is the worst.

Trade are 2018 with only 8,500 miles off to day. Gas in oil I'm done with Honda

but i did have my fuel injectors changed a while back when they failed. So who knows maybe the problem will popup since that seems to be the cause. but if it's a faulty injector design then that shouldn't be the most costly recal on their part.

i have the same model but haven't had any issues with oil dilution.

iloveHonda...crv.but in dis sort model i dislike is the front facelift...its not look...masculine not agressive Looks!!!hope nexGen they change.Ty.nice vlogs.i subcribe.

Thanks Leonardo! Welcome to the Car Confections family!

The front end is too low to the floor The back is to big looking like its 1 step from turning into a minivan.

I finally had my Honda CR-V EX L red and grey leather interior sets. It’s model 2018. I didn’t think get google map, but one my family downloaded goggle map from android to my vehicle

I'mJustFarhan Woahh you’re here too?

Lola Lopez - All 2019 models CR-V’s engines have been Corrected. The 2017/18 repairs will begin in fall of 2019.

+MoNo K , my mom just purchased the 2019 E XL model. Should we be worried about this gas mixing with the oil situation everyone is commenting on. I checked on reviews and its rated one of the best smaller SUVs. The only thing I would say is that its not very fast. I had a cx-9 and I think it was a better suv, but it was also a bigger suv so Im not sure its far to compare. Overall I really like the CRV and my mom is very happy with her purchase. I am just concerned about the issue of the gas mixing with the oil. Can you elaborate more on this?

I don’t like the rare lights, ugly

I don’t understand. My 1.5 L didn’t ever have this issue (and it’s a ‘17 Touring); there was an overtopping issue that was causing my mileage to drop. This was easily resolved with a quick trip to the dealer (or a do-it-yourself). Did you make sure to check with your dealer to whether they could smell anything other than oil, or if it was overtopped?

I lost faith in Honda and never again will I purchase a Honda.

+Luis Castillo I have 42,000 Miles on mine But I did have the Fuel injectors replaced due ot things lighting up on the dash.

+EpiDemic117 it takes a while because I did not have any dilution until recently almost two years later & 15,000 miles.

Have you tested the adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist? How do they compare?

It's a CVT, there's no gears silly

+Robert Bryant my neighbor has not had the problem at all on hers. It's a 2018 and we live in New England.

+Luis Castillo I have a feeling to that those DI injectors where made by Bosch. Because the brake system sure is. Which is unusual for honda. Bosch seems to always have problem with their electronic fuel injection systems.

+Luis Castillo haven't had any issues yet. And i've never had oil dilution issues that i know of in the original injectors either. The only problem I've had with the originals is the entire dash lighting up like a Christmas tree with the ACC not working, the LKS system not working. Auto high beam not working. Essentially every thing not working. My guess is that there was probably a short in the injectors tripping the ECU causing everything else to not run at it's proper voltage. .

+EpiDemic117 After you got your fuel injectors replace do you still have the fuel dilution ?

+*_•reshirm•_* a friend of mine has a 2014 Nissan Rouge, that he's had since new. He has 120,000 miles on the original CVT with no problems. So eat those apples. And I have a neighbor with a 2018 CR-V 1.5T EX that has no dilution issues at all.

Just traded our 18 CRV in because of oil dilution and lousy Honda dealer service! Absolute junk.

This thing got so huge, the first gen was so small compared to this elephant

do you know which models come to europe? israel ?...

Sensor blind spot don't have on CRV .

+kbw rvwhntr ok thanks!!! That's awesome!!!

Whatever, fix the oil/gas dilution

Still ugly as always

Honda offers the HRV then, something smaller for you then.

We get it up here in Canada.

+*_•reshirm•_* I don't think anyone could claim ZERO percent risk with any brand! lol

Wtf are most Honda's have grey interior smh!!

I liked the blue, but sold out, I had Honda CR-V red with grey leather interior sets, and loving it.

Amazingly vehicle. Have a 17 Touring. No oil dilution issues at all.

Me too!!!

My Kia Soul has heated steering wheel, heated and ventilated front seats and heated rear seats. Panoramic moonroof, 8 inches infotainment system. The previous generation of CR-V had vibration issues and Honda never fixed it. Now, oil dilution?

William Guenthner the problem with naturally aspirated is they do not make enough horsepower and are not fuel efficient

Do you guys ever just put your foot in it and go?? You drive like my grandmother coming home from the beauty parlor!! Come on, drive it like you stole it, show your viewers what the cars will do!! Maybe ask for some pointers from redline review!! Sorry to be such a downer but your videos are boring!

Can't say we've ever had anyone ask for that on a CR-V, lol

Great car. Thumbs up.

Had a 2018 Touring that had 6% oil dilution 1000 miles after the "fix" (5000 miles on the vehicle). Honda is doing NOTHING for the owners of this vehicle with this problem. Check Consumer Reports online comments about this problem https://www.consumerreports.org/stories?questionnaireId=69&fbclid=IwAR3KY-CNj7bhRLh_X8BjknQV5O8oyCeMCjCD24aigG_r1q3VU5f-vYrHURo. Check Edmunds (but look at 2017 and 2018 owners comments- same engine). Look also at the Civic starting in 2016 with the 1.5 L Turbo. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CAR!!!!!

+MoNo K I hope you're right. Time will tell.

+Lola Lopez: I'd be concerned. After only 1000 miles post "fix", my 2018 had >5% oil dilution (most people consider that severe). Here's a link discussing oil dilution that you might find helpful: https://www.crvownersclub.com/forums/137-2017-present-official-specs-features-etc-gen-5/195127-oil-dilution-associated-matters.html. Use google to search the whole forum, the forum's search tool does not work. I believe that you'll find reports from some owners of 2019 models that still have the problem. Here's a link to one of the "grand daddy" threads on oil dilution: https://www.crvownersclub.com/forums/137-2017-present-official-specs-features-etc-gen-5/175858-updated-10-27-2018-p-s-oil-dilution-updates-read-post-1-first.html. They've closed all but one of the threads on oil dilution (I think that they want mostly "good" news, and oil dilution doesn't qualify. Here's what a lot of CRV owners are telling CR: https://www.consumerreports.org/stories?questionnaireId=69&fbclid. Lastly, this engine is also in the Civic, and Civic owners are also reporting this problem. In short, gas in the oil is a long term reliability risk. Among other things, without proper lubrication, the engine might seize up. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm pretty fed up with Honda. There are a LOT of people with this problem that Honda is doing NOTHING for.

Another plain Jain just like Toyota...nextttttt crappy Japanese car inline.

+*_•sister.hauxx•_* I don't think anyone could claim ZERO percent risk with any brand! lol

+*_•sister.hauxx•_* a friend of mine has a 2014 Nissan Rouge, that he's had since new. He has 120,000 miles on the original CVT with no problems. So eat those apples. And I have a neighbor with a 2018 CR-V 1.5T EX that has no dilution issues at all.

Is the cabin quiet in regard to road & wind noise?


"Fix" didn't work for me. After only 1000 miles on the oil (post "fix"), have >5% dilution of oil by fuel. I am not alone: https://www.crvownersclub.com/forums/137-2017-present-official-specs-features-etc-gen-5/195127-oil-dilution-associated-matters-_-volume-1-a.html STAY AWAY FROM HONDA

+Ketogenicinfo my neighbor has not had the problem at all on hers. It's a 2018 and we live in New England.

So its basically the same as the 17/18 model?


i believe the sport sensing trim has a panoramic moonroof. And auto cornering lights. Is that trim available in america. I believe it is a step wbove the touring. Can you confirm?

We don't have that in the U.S

+Car Confections is the honda crv better than the toyota rava 4


my uncle has it, almost had it for 2 years ( 2016-2018 ) never had an issue with it.

What no parking sensors?! Honda why?!

Seriously. It makes NO sense whatsoever...

Because you don't have the twin turbo engine.

+f181234 but adding more complications for a smaller engine gives more fail points and possible repairs.

Problem is the crv is so much more roomy. I will just get the 2.4 engine.

The oil dilution is if you get the twin turbo model, so just tell people to get the normal engine.

Can the 2.4 engine be bought with full options?

Fix the oil dilution please my 34k is on it.

Buy a 2019 Mazda CX-5 turbo. Proven engine and much better all around vehicle for your money. I just traded my 2017 CRV in on one. Tired of no cabin heat this winter and the gas in oil issue. So much happier. And I’ve had 3 CRVs before. No longer....

Hate the way the gear shifter is mounted. Makes it feel old

March.12.2019 NBC news. Honda to recall around 1 million vehicles with dangerous air bags. At least 23 people dead and hundreds more injured. Man oh man. Honda's going down.

Thanks for another great video. I was seriously considering the RAV4, but there are many complaints on engine and cabin noise, probably because a turbo is not offered. You may have convinced me to purchase the CR-V EXL turbo. This would be my first Honda.

Oil and Gas don’t mix well

+Tata_Batata great advice, get one with no engine all together. In Canada its 1.5 turbo or nothing.

+*_•hxxcker.reshirm•_* I don't think anyone could claim ZERO percent risk with any brand! lol

+*_•hxxcker.reshirm•_* a friend of mine has a 2014 Nissan Rouge, that he's had since new. He has 120,000 miles on the original CVT with no problems. So eat those apples. And I have a neighbor with a 2018 CR-V 1.5T EX that has no dilution issues at all.

I like the Honda CR-V but back design light is not good and suv need 250 hrs power .bake design need like BMW X5 .then everything will be perfect.inside dash need just like 2010 Hyundai palisade.if you make like what I discribe .honda can sale lot more.

Aint driving no CRV my coupe is a GTS

+Heidern Heinreich NEVER!!!!!!

+Robert A. Lofgren Jr. please take your Honda back. It's for your own good.

Heidern Heinreich, Oh! please. Sounds like your penis is down forever.

looks really are subjective. i like how the CX-5 doesn’t have the stupid tablet on dash look. and mazda’s are usually very sporty to drive

The CX-5 is homely inside and out. So is the CX-9. Mazda does not make good looking SUV'S. How they drive, I don't know.

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