5 KG. MONSTER SANDWICH - Brazilian Food Tour in Curitiba, Brazil!

5 KG. MONSTER SANDWICH - Brazilian Food Tour in Curitiba, Brazil!

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Hey everyone I hope you're having an amazing day at smart Queens we just arrived to Curitiba which is in the south of Brazil. In the state of paraná and in, this video we are gonna explore purity but we are going to especially eat. Some, of the southern Brazilian. Dishes, I'm gonna share all the, southern Brazilian. Food with you in this video. Give. Hey man how are you man I'm doing fine man I'm very excited, for hoodie teba what's the name of the dish that we're starting with first cotton, today on saturday, de anza yeah translates, exactly, to the meat of the Jaguar, exactly. Loving. The atmosphere, of this restaurant it's classic, the wooden tables, the bar the antiques. The, Brazilian. Flag hanging, from the rafter. From the roof yeah this is a cool spot this it just has like a classic. Just like heritage, feel tonight owner was just explaining, to us that this used to be a corner, like convenience, shop so. They would sell come, in here you could get your small groceries, and. Then eventually, it became a restaurant. But, the house the property itself dates back to 1953. Oh. That's. The meat. The. Meat is such, a fine, mince, that, it almost looks like a ball of like red pink dough but, that's actually the minced, beef. So. Then first he took that ball of meat he, flattened, it out he mixed, in all he sprinkled on some cognac then some olive oil salt. Some. Pepper some chilli powder, there. Were some other spices some green onions went on there and the, onions, and garlic, he just mixed, it perfectly, and evenly with the two spoons and served with bread and some mustards, to go along with it Oh God on the old Sun this is the Jaguar meat. Of. Course it's not really Jaguar it's minced beef you, know the history of how I got that new rough. Meat, right yeah so, when you, know the bad smell that comes out of the, Jaguar. Mouth after, you eat like, raw meat meat, breath so there's nothing relating to the Jaguar but because, of because. Actually, yes. Kind, of like. We'll. Have Jaguar breath. Yeah. Say. We go bred yes, all right butter. Use. The knife ok butter goes down first, you want a good fork full onto the bread. You. Can see all the spices you can see the oil picanha oh and, then the mustard oh. Thank. You you're welcome and that's black mustard yes, Cheers. Wow. Like. But. You immediately. Notices, how find them needed yes. That's not like a grind that's like a and. Just a grind but it's so fine it's like smooth it's, absolutely awesome mutates, the a, little. It's, not like very very spiced. But. It really focuses on the meat do. You taste that like hint of cognac I think yes, the green onions. This sweet paprika yes, the sweep-up really for onions like make it juicy I think exactly. And. Then I will add some of the hot, sauce. And another thing I love is just how you one. Bite that entire thing. It's. So like neutral, tasting actually like, the beat just has, like zero. Like. Overly. Meaty, irony. Taste to it at all. Oh man, as we're leaving the restaurant has filled, up its packs no that was, incredibly. Delicious, and, we only had one dish because we're gonna eat a lot more food today in this, southern Brazilian, food tour but. Success. From. Here we're going to the next restaurant which is walking distance and they are known for their beef ribs, and this entire region, the state of Brazil. Is known for their meat beef. Ribs coming up which is one of the greatest meat. Okay, I can't wait they serve pasta allow the Gaucho, castelao is like a big, rack, a huge, rack. Of beef, ribs, I'm already just loving, the atmosphere. Of this place its laid-back, there's, kind of like almost picnic, table style dining it's, busy, it's a family restaurant we're going back to the kitchen and the owner has said. We can go back and see them making the rib. Petty, or 30 years yes always, him at the barbecue and here comes another slab. I. Feel. And. You can even hear the crispness of the skin the skin is silly like crackling. Crunchy. Skin the, owner he's been making it for 30 years he has this really unique, slicing. System, it literally, is like a, woodworking.

Table Saw and he, just takes that entire rack and slices, it into pieces removes. The bone you can hear again the crispy, skin just just, like crackling. Under that saw and then just like slices. It up expertly, with, that table saw this is some more Brazilian, meat of your dreams we're, gonna order the whole thing which called the happiness, combo. We. Are in Brazil baby, let's eat some ribs. In. Tosa gonna party just brought over some of the side dishes the polenta there's some yuca which is tapioca. There's some salad. Potato. Salad, we made us like some pickled onions and lettuce. And some tomatoes and bread that's all gonna accompany the. Main meat this is the orange and I'm sorry I keep this too weak to drink with the orange. This is a local Brazilian, to that guarana is a fruit from the Amazon but this is the soda version of it. Yeah, it's almost like a cream soda but, like with that sour, yeah. Rudiness. It's. Good it's sweet it's sweet it is a soda and like I mean I would definitely prefer the real fruit but that's, interesting. And refreshing. I. Love. How they serve it on a chopping board it's, like chop it right on the, ribs are glistening, with fat and juices and you can see how crispy, that skin, is, unbelievable. All the side dishes yeah. Like this. Let's go through the whole thing again. Hope. Together the onions the onions look amazing, pickled, red, onions. Look. At that skin, and, if. You press it you can just you if you press it like that you can just see the juices actually like squirting. God. See man. Okay. I have to begin with that bite right. There with the skin with. The with. The fat, a wall. That. Is the first bite. Wow. That, is so, flavorful. It's, so smoky it's so tender, it's. So salty, oh. It. Is so good. Rulz juices. Juices. In your mouth a full Donna why, I can't wait to try this onion either it's. Like a pickled red. Onion. Just. Slightly been agreed very. Crisp, that's. Really wonderful because it breaks up like the fattiness of that meat serve it with some polenta, which. Is like a cornmeal. Cornmeal. Fritter. Oh excellent. It's like light it's, really crispy, and guidance. You get that like semolina. Like, graininess, on the inside with some yuca which is the these, are cassava. Very. Starchy plane. But, like it's a plainness that goes so well with everything I love it I love you guys just watch this the meat is so tender you don't even need a knife you're gonna just literally. Put your fork in and just twirl it's amazing. Do, I like your style, till, I get ahead of my stuff I watched. Him over there as she was blogging he just picked up the entire piece ha ha ha. That. Is the, way to do it and deliver like the laser mouth way that's. My nickname heal yourself. Very. Juicy you can just pour a bullet, apart just. Like some chili oil.

Let, Me add that half an onion, okay. A meat. Foundation bite there we go cheers, Cheers. Break, into the bread. Another. Thing absolutely. Awesome amazing. Food amazing beef ribs and I just love this restaurant the owner they. Like character, of this restaurant. Food. Is just insane, insanely. Good yeah. Kid a shoe stool if they smoke what you got at home. This, here's a legend. Oh. My. God. Opening, up owner. Did not charge us for that meal he's, he. Does, that with passion, with love water, restaurant, what a spot what, beef ribs that was that was incredible. Photo. Teba is located. On a high elevation plateau not too high elevation baha'i enough elevation, so the weather is cool the air is so fresh it's like 24. 23, degrees today yeah, it's beautiful weather. We. Drove over to for beans this is a coffee shop there a roast, coffee as well through one of the top Roasters, in Brazil, and we arrived here and they decided they're gonna they're gonna light up the roaster they're gonna fire up the roaster they're gonna roast some coffee fresh, for us and then we're gonna have some copies. Completely. Unplanned, copy, experience. The, owners are so nice we. Have the, Chemex going, with coffee brewing. Right. Here and then in the meantime who's preparing the green bean so she's gonna roast which keeps repeating the roaster. Over this. Acid. But not the sour and. Like sweet, honey that's, like drinking fruit juice it's, incredible. You. Gotta keep tabs on everything, to, roast perfect, copying now we're just learning, out on coffee right now yeah. Yeah. Pretty cool moment okay no. Distraction. So, he just opened up this fresh tub of coffee it, just smells so fruity, so it's like a it's, like a patch of flowers. Well, that. Is amazing. Slightly, bitter chocolatey, crunchy. And. Next up on this cuto teba food tour we've just arrived to a local, little. Hole-in-the-wall restaurant, that's. Famous for serving a sandwich, called that Lombardo they have a 5 kilo, Lambada. But after we had that lunch that those, beef ribs I don't know if we're up for a challenge for a 5 kilo sandwich, so we might just go with the regular size but this is the spot looks. Very cool. 5. Kilos. That's. 75, kilos. That's. A to 5 kilos. Thank. You Lester but the, other one is only 1.5, kilo, oh. Can. We see them make it okay, on second thought we Gil here mayor has made the executive decision that, we need to have the 5 kilo. I'm. Gonna do the 5, q50, man going. In we're going in we're not Anna Maria Braga. Moreno, an angelic Isaiah me, a lovely guy. What. Is it. We. Good. Ezreal, told my boyfriend. Gentlemen. Are the worst acetic you. Pile. Everything. Into the button starting with the hot dog then the burgers then, the chicken mixture than, that cheese mixture there's a white cheese there's a cheddar cheese, it, almost looks like a squeezable. Hot dog that just like goes on top of it then he puts, on some tomatoes to balance, out that protein, and. Then he adds on some fried eggs then, some lettuce I forgot a key ingredient half, a bucket of mayonnaise that goes under your fun. And. Then. He puts it like literally, into a pizza box this is not just like a food challenge this is just like a family. Saturday. Night dinner the whole family, can enjoy and he, just slices, it into like pie, slices, I. Enjoy. To be licking it. Look, at the cross-section. There's so much chicken and meat in there and cheese. Yes, like there has to be like a kilo cheese yeah it's, got to be like and, show kilos of chicken. There's. A hot dog protruding. Out of this piece. You. Have to actually like put, your palm underneath. You. Have to support it oh. It's. So hot oh I, lost him at the front oh wow, that's right. Why are you grab the top grab, the top it's flaming, hot I'm gonna have that piece of lettuce he's, that piece of lettuce to scrape out dump. It back in, the. Cheese the, chicken, the, the. Hot dog I have a protruding, hot dog the burgers the egg oh wow. Okay, cheers. Cheers. It's. Actually awesomely, good like just. Like so much cheese. He, really hates the hotdog you really taste the burger. Well. Mega-mega. Won by the ball I don't very. Good I think it's just stuck to my weak what. I do push. Don't, like plastic, bags, of cheese they're. Just like completely, melted, into everything. The. Shredded chicken has like a crusty, crunchy. Edge you. Get the saltiness, of the hotdog your, tape I know, there's burger in there but I haven't even tasted the burger yet the, egg is just like oozing around, and.

Then All of a sudden you hit like the refreshing, taste of the lettuce and the tomato to. Balance everything of course. You. Could imagine yourself just lounging, on the couch just finishing. An entire 5kg. Lombardo. Mumbai the home it's. Actually really good though very good let's explore the sauces I think I'm going with the mustard oh that. It's, like transparent, yellow up to you I don't know if that's mustard or not. Anything. Like a sweet mucker. There. Nevada. Well, thank you Oh awesome. That that. Is gonna be key that, is going to be a key bite right there and you can see in this bite there's, going to be all that chilli plus burger plus hot dogs plus, egg. So. Far in Brazil I've just been loving, the different chili sauces like, the actual, food, is not that spicy but they always have chili sauce which is just unbelievable. And this, is an amazing one the mix of chilies this, chili sauce oh no I lost it okay let me put, it back on there this chili sauce really makes it all. I'm. Moving in for my my, second piece here, Bato. For. This show this. Thing. Is Meg. Enormous, it's. Beyond huge. And. This is like it's, actually very very tasty the mix of meats the, saltiness, all, combined, with. Their chili sauce, this. Is like. This. Will make you just, stop for the rest of the evening what, a place this is like a community, hangout not only is this a restaurant yeah this is a community, hangout and. Man. I love. The people I love how. He was, I started. As a street food cart outside, of a speed bump and now, this is what he has turned. It into a restaurant we're, literally like the the. Five kilo. Family. Platter, Lambada, it's it's like it's just like flying out of the kitchen it's, making one after another after, another after another and, just like boxing, them and they're like going, out the door. Oh yeah. There's, one right there. One, more stop today to finish this food tour it's called uncle dog it's like a jump, it's a bit of a giant hot dog. Being. Able to stand here on the corner watching, them make it it is really cool they like packing, the ingredients and there's like a like a tomato. Tomatoes. And. Corn. And, the little crispy shoestring. Fries and he literally like folds, it in and packs it in with the spatula before flattening. It down it's, a lot of things going on in that hot dog that's for sure. He's. Using a trowel to make that to fit, everything in that bun and we're, gonna order one of the the Philadelphia, I think, it's one of their top sellers oh, my, make, up on what that's it oh yeah. Look at that cross section. The. Squeezable, cheese's are all in there the mayonnaise the, hotdog on both sides. Of the bread the. Little. Shushing cries and the tomato mixture. Pretty. Good, sweet. Morn the. Creamy, like. Liquid. Cheese. The. Crunch of those rising just the heat of it this is definitely a 2:00 a.m.. They're. So friendly they're, they're, having a good time out here making the tea Oh dogs making, the Philadelphia, yeah, what like I love the most about this is the atmosphere, and just hanging out with this crew of guys that they, are absolutely, awesome, and, just like having, so much fun it has been a very, interesting, a very unique, food day a delicious. Meaty. Food. Day I wanna say a huge thank you for watching this video and if you haven't seen all the videos in this entire, Brazil series I'm gonna be publishing a bunch of Brazil videos so I'll have the link all in the description box that you can check out this entire Brazil food and travel series and. I want to say again a big thank you for watching this video and also, Gil head of a I want to say a huge thank, you to get ahead of me. Rafaela. For, arranging. Everything there's. So much fun to hang out with and I'll have their links in the description box below he also made a video today and, yeah. Thanks again for watching good. Night from Curitiba. In paraná Brazil, see, you on the next video.

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