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All right the thing about it New York is this really cool city that, everybody, romanticizes. And it. Seems as though and I think one of the reasons why your, blog. Is so popular, is because you, show a lot, of images, of New York of the real New York as well people would imagine New York to be you show the food you show the travel, you show the events, and they and the people and all. The things that we wouldn't normally see, from the movies but that. All creates, this mystique, about New York, and. Columbia. Helps. Add to that mystique and that's why you see it frequently. Even. A cinnamon is amazing video service songs Akina. Kumba, universe in a chrome each is a prophecies. Stimulus. Even consume. Everything, I connect from the Koala were in, Baku. Now is you know. Significant. Rothstein is putting dollar said the same ok no estas el número trinomial. Sings. With the sea / want but all the way they, are kicking try fuzzy this, is destiny. Habakkuk, in a French simple. Woman in the. Sister song Keo subsidiary, a. Laverna. Thomas Paranal D is. Doing trade are sodom. Telugu. Nessip, Adama, Masha. Cardamom, bhp Emma's. Engine. On PSS saw you limping assess. University. Indianapolis caliber, in otaku now George Ella. By cooperating. Interrupting Prince Yuma, this squishy. Not gonna go falafel is sickening, to 80 cartons. Eugene, Panisse the fine panel bug huh. Pegye noise sir, depositor, mochi we're here we love learn what's. Up I have. Hey, everybody, from Brazil, Walton. People. I'm loving, Brazilians, I'm telling you I am like Brazil, I'm finding everyone Brazilians everywhere, now I like, the old. Fire I'm. Like you got everywhere, in this country and it's Brazilian see why I never, it was like he reveals, the invisible population, and now they're like everywhere. Today we are at Columbia, University. There's a visible, moniker right there and, this. Is the. School that I graduated from. In 2013. Okay, so. Having. Said that when, I first started I was just like yeah it's all right but now that I'm graduating I'm, kind of proud of the whole idea now so you know it's cool once you graduate, but when you when you're going it's really really hard to hard school don't, get you know you have the real smart heart it's. Really, they, put they give you a lot of work they can do a lot of work and it's, more about balancing, the. Your. Life with, the schoolwork and that's. What makes it what they call rigorous. They're. Known for rigor, that they pride themselves on, rigor but the thing that comes out of this is. Most. Of the people that come out of Columbia can handle anything that's why I'm like really proud of my, president, former. President, he's. Still my president. That. He could come, into a situation in, 2009. When. All when this financial. Crisis was going on and because, he had been here, he could handle it because it, literally, was the exact same thing it's all these things one. Assignment, after another really, really hard but you have to be able to think critically and, be, able to come up with solutions. Really fast and that's one of the things. That. I realized, later on, that. I gained from being at Columbia basically, talking about. Barack. Obama stood or Keith. What. What. Are the other important people that study here everything, was it I had that i, have. A lipst in fact oh you came prepared, I came, prepared. Good now I have, a few funny, stories, don't look don't look at my junky purse oh my god okay. I gotta keep this I gotta keep the permit, out yeah, that's my permit yes we have a permit which I was surprised, that because, it's a good that I asked. You, know you ask and you receive, isn't, that cool, like, I would film a. Cold. Here's how about Warren Buffett, have we ever heard of Warren Buffett he, studied, at Columbia Business School right, here yes.

Have. You ever heard of the actor, Jake. Gyllenhaal. Yes studied. Here okay. Allen. Ginsberg, yes. Okay. Alicia. Keys is a funny story about Alicia Keys he study huh yes she said here was the funny story that shouldn't make fun of her but I understand. Alicia. Keys is she's very young she got signed, to, Columbia Records. So. Columbia, Columbia okay. To. Get signed to Columbia Records of, course, like I said Columbia. Is very tough. While. She's, building her career, she's, writing songs and all this other stuff she's. Doing her studies. Allegedly. It says she say for just a month or so and then she had to she didn't she laughed but. You, know I don't think she's hurt really bad for the fact that she's, got. A print as the career I know so. You know, so. If, you could explain, so. Columbia, University. Of what, kind of what, what they tried it's an Ivy it's Ivy League school what does that mean, I believe, school means. Initially. You know how ivy grows on the side of the building you those, schools were known for that and so it represented. Old-established. Mm-hmm. Kind. Of conservative. Set, in their ways you. Know and. Not not as innovative, but that's not true anymore about Columbia, Columbia is becoming, innovative and this is a private school this is a private, school it's a private institution yes, it is yeah, there's. Other schools like it Harvard. Yale Princeton. So. These are the best schools in the country that's. What they say yeah it's funny cuz in Brazil we have something, like the, best schools in the country is public, schools yes that's right it is not good I. Mean yeah because. The private schools are. Considered. Exclusive, mmm. Names. If you exclusive. To people who are wealthy and, it. Kind of puts. On this privileged. And I gotta be very careful when I say this because, it. It's, supposed, to be associated with people who are, lots. Of money. Privilege, in the sense that they had they come from families of means lots, lots, of, money. However. Because. Of, that it. Could, create, a, sense, of. A. Lack. Of diversity, and one, of the things that universities. Are finding, is that people. People. Who don't necessarily, have the, means. Are. Providing. A point of view that, allows. People, to see things differently, because you come from a certain, status. You. May not be able to see a particular. Problem. In, a, way that a person who comes from lessoning, it's mine and so you need the, calm combined. Collaboration. Of different types of, status. Social economic, status you. Know different. Racial thing. Gonna close like. Family. Is. They a new way to go absolutely, there, there's lots of programs for, that and that's, one of the things that's how I got any, money I had, had. Zero. Zero. Dollars, zero. Dollars, okay but, I got in because I was top of my class when, I was in Los Angeles because. That's what they want they want super, smart kids well I was a kid you know that means I enjoy wog wanna enjoy let's click on poke soberly Kaimuki, fast. Association, based was reporting interacting a Columbia, civil Barack, Obama's to the Khilafah walk one space was made far more this is to the rocky I garage. Into my father Pope work pinky, asses called Kiki Aleph a low-key the, Ivy League I believe ditch Puma my.

Strategies Call as Nike. Keys. Most mice and she goes to PI easy mother's millionaires. Call up a viola Club, young. Research. Research. Am is ecology only village peace kissing don't you, want space kisses most important to put off a to the key what, are the most important. Research, that. I'm. Not gonna talk about them I really. Know. This. Is Teachers, College which, is a very, very famous. College. Obviously for teachers and. Most. Of some, of the most notable. Professors. Teaching. Anywhere. In the world have, come through the school is it. Doesn't look very innovative, but. A lot of the ideas, that come out of it are very innovative. It's. Very famous church. All, right listen yeah there's a scene in the Ghostbusters. 1984. Version, where. You see dr.. Bakeman. And. Damn. Neck wood which. Is Bill, Murray and Dan Aykroyd they're walking. Right. In here, in. A spiritual sense of course fangs serious, about this especially at home I'm. Always serious, but. Just a lot higher it was a lot lower. Yeah. We either good because you know a lion a baby lion, is a cub, but. The full-grown is a lion all right a male, lion female. Okay. The college. Kid. Business School in here yeah. Chubby's. Ecology. Business darky he some amazing come some moose daughter let's get going now this, is my, school right here this is a school of general studies. This. Is for what they call non-traditional students. Anybody, that has, not. Gone, straight, from high school, to. College, is. Considered. A non-traditional, student in. Terms of Columbia somebody. Else may define it differently but, for Columbia, that's what they call it. This. A. Lot, of people who, are older, I started school, here, I was, in, my 40s, and. You. Feel like most, people think that if you're in your 40s that you're over the hill you shouldn't even go to why, bother well. I went anyway because going. To a private institution as, a, college, was always a dream of mine and. So I finally got to do that and so that's why I what now. You're graduated, I graduated in, 2013, was still hard, how does that feel it, feels good now by, the time I was you. Know still trying to find a job and this was right after the financial crisis, but a lot of us couldn't find jobs but, we later we survived you know that's one thing that about Columbia, people we are really, tough and resilient and. Persistent. And you know we may cry a little bit in our quiet time we. Will come fighting. So that's, pretty much what all of us did cuz a lot of us we came out we didn't have jobs and we didn't know what we were gonna do and, we had tons of death but.

You Know it's all been taken care of now you know it's like years later and just like the country survives so do we so. Change. About the tamaki not French the video, tech vehicle. Affecting. My. School to the farm all sake fellas, me something I'll comes to songs in a kingdom Tom Tom Tom one, leg out. So. What is this what it's just a library like ordinary, ordinary. Lie but it has study spaces in it as well but. It is the largest lot I think is the largest library for. The entire campus. So. Each. One of one of these buildings here they have like a specific. And. More they may have more than one depending, on. Relationship. To the main the top to, the main one like philosophy, you may have more than one type of philosophy you, also have the French language, is. Also in philosophy ha and, another. Above of languages, there too so it's just it's. A umbrella. So students, when. They're studying here they have multiple classes in multiple, buildings they. Don't stick to just one building no, oh you literally, when I started. Here I had, classes, here, then I would dart over to a building, there and then. I did see how this guy's running he's, running the class, and. Because. You're you're literally you're running from here and there get, to get a little bit lunch over, here at the Student Center and you. Literally are, cross. It you do it a lot of walking you don't you you will lose weight you. Will lose weight okay. All. Of this back down there's Harlan and when, you go down you literally, feel like you're, not, in either space you. Don't feel like you're in Harlem you don't feel like you're at Columbia it's, just there's one thing that's cool about this, this the park system here in New York is it, makes you feel like you're. Isolated. From all, of, the craziness that's, going on in the city it's just literally like you're going down into a little Bowl and, you're. Isolated. And that's something you need with all this concrete, makes. You feel like Oh some, greenery because if you notice it likes just cover it up you can't see anything it's like Central Park is the same way a lot. Of the spaces, like, a lot of spaces here on campus, we're designed by the same people who design, Central. Park. My. Little toast, sandwiches, toasted, sandwiches, on the bench here and then I realized wait. A minute that's the same. God, yeah look at the retainer, wall here look, at that look, how powerful that is. And, on both sides, yeah check, out the steps, sorry, I wasn't stuck you know. What's. This place called this, place right here. Morningside. Morning. Cyphers. He. Stops the, view is amazing memory, Vista. MonaVie da dadada he cannot waste here. Fukasaku, Darlene, attack universidade, so synchros tampoco, the. Sobriety an average sitting. Here. I. Have. No idea who he is I'm, sure he's important, or they would not have made a statue of him but. Do, I know who he is. It. Was somewhere in the back where. They live yeah. That's where I live from the time I was a. Very, newbie, student. They'd. Be terrified, of being in New York and taking the subways, how, we took the one train, everywhere, I went, if it didn't connect to the one I didn't, go. This. Was this. Was like my dorm but it was for one person. Okay. I don't know how College give that to you for free no no. I had to pay oh god we won't even talk about I almost became homeless, I always, became homeless because it was so expensive because it was like $1,000. Or more than, $1,000 a month and I never paid that much money. 2008. That's. That's. It. Was like it was like a thousand, and something but it was just it, was unthinkable in, any other city okay. So because, now, in 2019. Ten years later. $2,000. Is the median number that. Tells him $1,300. For this and I'm now a gal go get it I know I know but gave.

It To me back, of the day was, and. I remember because I was I was living low-income housing, yeah I could tell you more of my store when I was in LA it was really bad. When. I lived in LA I, was homeless there too and then, I became, I got. Housing. But it was in the project mm-hmm. Okay but, then I worked really hard in school and I. Worked so hard that, I transferred, to Columbia, Columbia, University. Yeah and. Do you have anything to say about like why do the prices, get got so high let, me tell you why the students don't on one, the. If, you look at the. Violin. Is very narrow and, the spaces, are. Very. Small and. There's. So many creative. People that would always desire, to come to New York because again. It has that romanticize. Aspect. Of it it's it's expensive. Because the, supply, is, doesn't. Meet up to the demand, so they. Can charge whatever they want because. There's so many people willing to pay. Just. Us just asleep on somebody's couch for $600. You know that's how deep this is just, to sleep on somebody's couch is $600. And then. If you add a kitchen. A bathroom and. Any. Bedroom. To it you're they. Can charge whatever they want because there's, such a high demand for. Housing. Any. Other place 30%, your income, is associated. With. Getting, rent here any in, New York is 50%. Or more is, devoted. To housing, and. That's. Why a lot of people working, two. And three jobs and/or. People. Become very creative they, have their quote unquote side, hustles, that, they have a really good job they make it 80,000 a year but, they have the little side hustle that they do in addition to, the. $80,000. A year job because. They want that disposable, income so they don't have to live so tight because. Food is high here that was another thing that shocked me I'm coming from Los Angeles where, all the fruits and vegetables are grown for. Nearly the world and. Come. Here, I remember. Avocados. Would cost like $3. For a bag of avocados. I came here for three avocados. Three. It. Was $9. I said what did you just what did I just buy it it cost $9, because I choose this says, the unusual. Number cuz you know how when you buy something you figure, out in your head how much it's gonna cost and I was what did I what did I just buy that cost $9, because I'm looking at the thing the, sign is was. I've one, avocado was $3, when I'm used to paying. $3. For an entire bag, of avocados. Because. It's Central Valley in California that's. Where all the fruits and vegetables go so. That's yeah. That was cheap because it was no, transportation, here, you got a you. Got a. Transfer, pulling it over the plains and stuff like that so you add into the cost of it that's, expensive, everything's. Expensive the food's expensive, housing, expensive I had. A lot, of money when I came here I burned. Through it so fast I, did. It that was that was the hardest of all those girls I got everybody, I was starving, I had to get on welfare I, remember. Waiting. They have like over by st. John this. Church cost a does a very famous church and they, have for the homeless they have a soup what they call a soup truck comes, by to give you soup and other things and I. Remember I'm a, Columbia University student. And I like a dummy, I had a Columbia University shirt, on and, I'm. Waiting for the soup truck and I guess the people that the tourists, thought I was, homeless. I still. Had this apartment over here and. They're taking pictures like you know click click click click. It's. Not my life I. Was. So I remember being so hungry than trying to just, keep my head above water, it was hard it was really really, hard yeah it was hard I mean I'm. At left button now but at the time it was it. Would make a good movie though. Comecomecome. Zakia. Interim. Podesta, University. Moon to the hierarchy. The. Moving to a new mothers does, this call as a keener he. Grass. Allah Allah verdict the shortened chain track he. Permits. You media. Paranoids nahi back on the stones at key on my song grab the. Origin, my certainty, pass all made our purposes are you. Teenage. Pimiento, pasa as I see the opposition visually go ok first album eyes buzzer, co-promoter. Produces Kaimuki economy inverse comical campos kicker Brandon Jones college gay keys to the key come to a king, has dokie Agnes who, does a dad and as you can helmets do a kid you American, yes. Warm I got a salary even. If you gonna put like individual, named Veronica. Quebrada. Mystic on Instagram on you may open a mean one who like about home, as. Were something to budget to OS kinky levels is per coulomb, universe and oh my god this a rocky hey. Thanks. So much for bringing me here. The. First time for, the.

First Time, no, I don't think it was the first time but this I think is this is the first time I ever did once so extensive, where we going down and to the river and all that stuff so that was a little different yeah. Ok. So thank. You so much like comic the guys are gonna comment what, they think about the video it's. Pretty good you. Think it's pretty good. By. The time you get finished doing, your creative. Thing. That you know we all that's why we watch is because of your creative, ability to make a story and make it pretty make, pretty pictures out, of what something makes, you know make something out of nothing, yeah, but. Today's. Not gonna be enough, and there's a lot of good content. Yeah. Alright, so thank, you I'll see you next time.

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