Afro-Brazilian Street Food - GIANT FOOD TOUR + Boiling Moqueca + Acarajé in Salvador Bahia, Brazil!

Afro-Brazilian Street Food - GIANT FOOD TOUR + Boiling Moqueca + Acarajé in Salvador Bahia, Brazil!

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Hey everyone hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens i'm in salvador, in the state of bahia brazil this, is a city that I wanted to visit for so long it's such a colorful. Incredibly. History it's the center, of. Afro-brazilian. Food after, Brazilian culture in Brazil and, so, today we're gonna go on a street food tour of Salvador de baño we're gonna eat some of the local food explore, some of the Afro, Brazilian, food and culture I'm gonna share everything with you in this video and we just arrived to sow jokey market which is one of the main distribution. Markets. In the city for food and then also for, cooked. Food as well so we're gonna walk around the market we're gonna see some of the ingredients I need some breakfast, first to start this tour. Jenny. Blob boy it's a fruit, that kind of tastes like a cross between tamarind. And apple and it's like fermented. In its own skin. Just love visiting, local markets in every city and every region attend Brazil because of the diversity, the massive, country the diversity, from. State, to state from city to city but, this is our first glimpse, at Salvador, da Bahia and just, the ingredients the chilies, are vibrant, the purple chilies different, shapes and sizes another, ingredient that's extremely, important, in Bahian cuisine is. Dendy, oil which is palm, oil which is originally, from West Africa, brought, to, Brazil and now it's just a significant. Part of so many dishes of the, culture, of the people in, Bahia. The. Dried fish the palm oil the coconut oil, the chilies the ingredients. The nuts I mean. The afro-brazilian. West-african specifically. Culture is undoubtedly. Represented. We've come to the section in the market where they have all these ceremonial. Religious. Herbs and, meridians. And also very medicinal I immediately can smell the aroma the basil. And. He just recommended, as a restaurant, right across the lane for, some breakfast over to God oh boy. Over together. People. Are friendly we're gonna order pretty, much all the dishes of the day that she has prepared he's showing us that this is that they are, a which is the beans with the pork and that she also specializes, in Makoto which is the cow puffs -. Ooh. Okay. So he's just making, something called a vowel now which is she took some of the juice, from the mocha thought though. Which is the cow hook stood and, then Shalhoub you know okay. And then she mixed in some of the cassava powder and it's like almost, like porridge consistency. Stirring that around. Small. Fish owner. Nice. Be. Careful not to bump the table and the food but this is an amazing environment, an amazing, atmosphere in the alley she has three main dishes I think that she. Has for the day we, guarded everything, and this is what everybody if you look around this is what everybody is eating as well this one is that dish that she made this new sauce and, made. Into a porridge with cassava flour you can just feel how heavy that's gonna be. That. Looks like a chunk of brisket. Reduce, it this. One is the main fish wada beans, which is one of Brazil's national dishes but this one is white beans in salvador with, pork parts julia you can see some gelatinous bits. She's. Awesome she's taking, care of us she takes care of everybody, that comes to eat here I'm gonna try some of that face water first. Well that's amazing, the. Beans are not even like mushy they're they. Have a bit of a crunch to them, please. Select smoky. Bacon. E-40, gelatinous, flavor of it and I just love beans or, that would be even better with some of this chilli sauce it's known as chunky - there's cucumber, there's, salt. Tomato maybe tomato and green mountain green tomatoes. Is. It okay to just pick up the meat. Fat. Cap on that side and, then just meat on the inside I think this is kind of like brisket II it looks like it's just gonna fall apart in your mouth. Stunningly. Tender, and fatty. Got. You sir. Obrigado. And that sauce is incredible it doesn't look that spicy, but it does have some spice to it and then just those onions, so. It's like Solange wall and he doesn't kind of hold. It on the leg there we go. Really. Good are you getting angry skins yeah so. Good rid. Of us. The. Jelly the jelly bits I don't know if it's a tendon or this anyways it goes down, wonderfully. Has a massive chunk of sausage I got, some of that pita on the side which is that cassava for it. Wow. Yep, you know. In. Case the meatiness of it but then at the same time it's almost like it. Is a porridge that is a meat for it. Next. Up try that the, jerk beef. We. Taste the saltiness of that beef because it's just. Slightly like sun drying, it's. Tender its flavorful and. Then sauteed with those onions this. Is like tendon do this is the cow poop and you just, have to reach it with your fingers I think there's tendon and gelatinous, bits and fat and you can feel bone in there too whoa I'm losing it, we.

Got To bite it back oh the horse man years oh. Yeah. I thought that tendon, right. Here. Joey, Joe shocked. Lucy is amazing. She. Is meeting my dad's now. Boy. Bozo. Oh. Yeah. The, Reaper the, Reaper we gave her a little bit of our Reaper Carolina, Reaper chili sauce she is loving it hanging out eating with us what. An atmosphere what, a spot, and as we're leaving it just rained, for a little bit but it's still sunny so it's not gonna last yeah it's already like starting to stop. We're. Gonna walk just back through the fruit market see if it's a little more open and then. We'll be on our way to the next place where we're gonna search out some more food. We. This is like more of the fruit, distribution. Wholesale market lots up for its extremely, ripe chocolate. Tropical, fruit. Market, was cool not too busy today but, the the. Atmosphere the, people that lunch was incredible check out these fruit. Drawings, it's almost like fruit graffiti on the wall here and. Then the distribution, market the fruit just piles of fruit again it's not that busy but like the, fruit. Cells that are open are just blooming, from here we're gonna drive to more of the old city and there's another restaurant not totally sure if it will be open or not but we're gonna go there and try, to check it out and see if it's open. Just. Passing by one of the most iconic areas. Of Salvador. That famous elevator, that goes from the lower city to the upper city looks exactly like the elevator in Lisbon, but. We're gonna go for first, years driving past we're gonna go check out a restaurant to see if it's opened first hopefully, it's open it looks amazing and we'll be back here I. Mean. This. Is amazing, to get to this your restaurant, you, go down off the highway down this small little road that's like right along the edge of the cliff of the ocean, what is your Avenue here shot. Yeah. I, don't know much Portuguese, but I do know abre. Yes. Yes. It's open and that means good news quite, a cool parking spot to. Such. An amazing place under, the highway view. Of the sea she's. Leading us to the red granite. Bungy. Amazing. Just walking, all a different art underneath, the arches of the highway, this, is a car wash here and the paintings, and the murals, oh. Look. At that. Love. The culture love, the people love the art here and this, is the view of the neighborhood where the restaurant, is Wow. So. Beautiful. From here we actually go down a staircase right, here. A little. Private, beach it's not even sand it's like Rock Beach but the water is crystal, clear you could just see it from here. Hard. To even soak, everything in right now this is, Salvador, da Bahia this is Brazil, now we're at the base of the community, gonna. Wind, our way through here to get to the restaurant. And. In the community like literally, just built upon the sea rocks going, up the side of the hill underneath, the highway. Spectacular. Absolutely spectacular. And. Connecting. With another ally Lane. Yeah. Community. And lady, and owner of this restaurant she's offering she actually said, we can take off our shirts if we're hot and just like eat without our shirts on and then she even offered to take us there's a shower in here a full shower we, can take a shower movie. After the meal I. Might. Have to take her up on that so don't succumb in the kitchen too soon but she wants us to have a drink first. Dona. Susanna starting because she's cooking some fish fried. Fish she put a little bit of I believe it's cassava flour on them just on the outside and then frying that then. She's gonna we ordered some moqueca, which is the stew, from Bahia, Salvador Bahia. Yeah. I. Know. Fred you. Thank, you but the main one of the main dishes that she cooks that she prepares every day is moqueca which is it's, a very, common salvador. Bahia, dish it's, a stew, made with coconut, milk and, especially. Dende oil which is palm. Oil which, originally, comes from West Africa and was brought to the coast, of, South America to Brazil and. It's a very important. Ingredient for, a fact. And cuisine. We're. Sitting over here in the alley but over here this is like a table, just, with a it's, actually a million, dollar view overlooking the, ocean. I. Think. We got almost, all the dishes that she's serving today but you could have different combinations of the different dishes. Okay. They are higher yeah, yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, which is the the main stew, with. Manta. Ray, fish. The. Texture, of her pita is just incredible you have to like actually shake the spoon I'm gonna start with the okay, got put. This onto the rice color. The palm oil and, then, that coconut milk in there.

Wow. And, so finally they come out at all. This. Looks incredible. Yeah like a chunky, it looks like there's onions there's Tomatoes that's, beautiful, and then just wrapped up in coconut milk. Yeah. Now the Black Eyed Peas. I'm. Doing my best to make like a beautiful, beautiful, plate, here with everything. And. That completes, oh just, chili sauce on top we, got to begin first with them okay God a kiyah. Hi-yah. Hi-yah. Looking at that ah hi-yah which is the the manta ray in. The the. Stew wow, that's so meaty that's so like that's a pick me Wow. Like, tuna. Just. Asked for a spoon gonna transfer, to, a spoon because I want to soak, up as much of that sauce as possible, the, sauce is a combination of coconut milk and palm. Oil. Oh, wow. That. Is so rich it, almost tastes like melted butter, the fragrance of the palm oil yet so distinct, richness, on top of richness and then the manta ray it's, so solid it's so firm. I'm gonna move over to the shrimp now and, you can see that's a totally different color I think there's no there's, no palm oil in that because it's it's a different, color it's almost pink in color because of the because. Of the, coconut, milk and then the tomatoes in there but, there's lots of onions it's chunky. Oh. Wow. Awesome. Richest. Stickiest, coconut, cream broken. Down with tomatoes for sourness, given that tartness plus, the crunch of the onions the. Firmness of, the, shrimp own unique flavor. Beans. In that shrimp the creaminess is a gift, you could not ask for a better meal, in Salvador, a more home-cooked, meal black-eyed peas. Those. Are amazing to do, just like the. Star tunas just kind of melts in your mouth you. Get there light at the same time. It. Is oil-based chilli sauce but look how delicious, that looks. Let's. Just take that bite right there. That. Is awesome as well a, little bit of a kick to it you. Have a little sourness to it kind of like the oil holding, it together wrapping, it up still got the peat out to go, and. It's so like. Yellow in color from them from the den AOL from the palm oil, it, almost looks like pumpkin. Mmm. That. Is amazingly. Sticky. And texture and you, do taste an aroma, of the, palm oil in there finally, for some of the fish I'm not totally sure what have a fish's is maybe. You'd have a mackerel, but then yeah she breaded, it was, just some flour and then Friday. I'm. Gonna take this opportunity to add a little bit of a chili. On there. Solutions. To this the way she's breaded, it I think. With cassava flour, it. Gives it such an extra crunch on the outside and, a little bit of that chili oil on top of there. Perfect. Yeah. And uh. The. Food is hearty it's, filling, it's flavorful and, you know, everything is just cooked with so much love and. By. The way I'm just loving this t-shirt the airflow, is actually. Perfect with this like this. Like aerodynamic.

V-neck. That just lets the air through it, flows, and, it. Also has room for stomach. Expansion, which, is one. Of the most necessary things, when you're in salvador okay. Over. Together. There's. No way you. Know. Hug the chef. Thank. You thank you yeah nice to meet you man somebody, garnish see, ya. Wait. At the. Salon yeah. Man. I'm feeling a little off balance, after that meal dude. Did you see that burger painted on the yeah. That is that. Is we're coming up on it again one more time this. Could be the world's largest burger. All. They're not open this is actually a restaurant, we. Would definitely, eat it. Good to get a little exercise climbing. Back up but. This it's, been an unbelievable. Experience in, Brazil a community. Literally, underneath. The, highway they don't have a lot but, they have a million-dollar. View, they're so, hospitable. And they, have hearts, just of pure, love and Donna. Susana she took care of us like like her own kids she literally like asked. Us to take showers if we wanted to. Huge. Hearts amazing. People that. Was, just. A life-changing. Experience from here we're moving on back to the kind. Of a center area with that elevator that we passed earlier. We. Made it to an area called Pelle arena which is the historic, center, it's. Also known in short as pelo but this is the historic, area built. By the Portuguese, and, this. Is actually. The upper City what's known as upper City because there's an elevator that we saw from the car or you can go down to the coastline to the lower city so we're gonna take the elevator, but. I think right as we guy, here we're seeing a couple guys who are doing the capoeira which is the form. Of heart dance, martial, arts from, Salvador. I'm. Back. Now. I don't begin to know all the history and, the culture around, completa, but, I know that it did start with slaves. From Africa who came to Brazil, and. They were practicing. Martial. Arts and defense. But. They disguised, it as a dance, as a performance. I'm now it's more of a part of a culture, it's a beautiful, part of that for Brazilian culture. Such. A still such, an alert they're so strong when I was standing there you could act I can actually feel the wind of their legs I'm, making, we're. Actually at the top of the elevator last said that Allah said that elevator, construction. Was started in 1869. And it is 72, metres high and it connects the lower city which is below ocean, level to the upper city which is on the cliff on the rock wall now it's a historic landmark it's, really one of the icons, of the city of Salvador. $0.15, entrance, to the elevator. Definitely. Has been renovated. It's. Actually used more like almost like a public, pool patients birthday yeah it is actually less wide they charge only a few and that's also why it's it's, modernize. And we are now on the lower city should have a full, view of the elevator above us. Just. Down from the elevator and across the street it's mercado modelo which, is one of the old, markets. Historical. Markets in the Lower City of. Salvador. The market for the most part is a little bit touristy, with souvenirs, with paintings, with, clothes, that you can buy here but they also do have food and I'm actually just really loving the construction. You look at the rocks on the bottom giant, slabs of stone and, then the walls which are this pure, giant. Rocks just carved. Into into. The walls and then even, the arches, inside, is mostly like souvenirs, and, things to remember Salvador, by but, on the outside, of the market there are a few food stalls we've been we ordered a dish called chin, chin de Gallina which is a it's, a chicken, - I'm not wholly sure we're gonna find out. I. Am officier, de leche. De cocoa. That. Also just comes to your table just piping, hot boiling, away that smells, unbelievably. Delicious cooked, in a clay pan. And then, served in the clay pan that's cooked it and then finally we also got a dish called coddled Roux which is a dish I've wanted to try it's, a stew made with nuts, made with okra so, it has a sticky, consistency, that.

Looks And smells delicious. Gotta. Start with that fish engine and, you grab that they had there's chunks of chicken there's. Chunks of chicken just in this amazingly. Rich, beautiful. Sauce with. The shrimp for, flavoring as well, that. Is awesome, looking. Like some of the goggle. That come out on our which is this - it's so fragrant with the shrimp with with. The sauce the coconut milk, smells. Amazing, and finally the chilli sauce which. This one looks amazing - it's like a chunky. Coriander. Cilantro. Onions. Tomatoes, choice. This, chili sauce deserves a plate as a main dish on the plate a spot. On the on the plate as a main dish her, name is Jessie Atta and she is just impressing. Us with her cooking skills her knowledge of food and just the way she cooks, she's. Just talking, more and more about the food and it's yeah, her, cooking skills are amazing, the chicken stew first, okay. Perfect. Let, me get a pipe with some of the shrimp some of the some. Of the chickens some of the rice and a little ya little dry, shrimp in there and you, can really smell that cilantro in there too. That. Is amazing. It's. A rich chicken, stew. Like. Part from the tomatoes, those. Shrimp are really really salty though like maybe you should only take half a shrimp because it's purely salted, crunchy. The chicken is soft it just kind of soaks up that rich creamy coconut milk, really. Good okay this one is that Kaoru oh wow that is it's so amazingly, sticky. -. I hit them. That. Is all, ogre. Sticking it oh I, love it it is so gooey, awesome, and so, amazing, I love okra, and. I love it has this like kind of herbaceous, kind. Of nutty I think there might be cashews, and peanuts in there. Along. With that unique. Slimy. Amazing. Texture the. Flavor is outstanding, that, nuttiness that like, herbal. Taste to it okay moving on to the bow bow they come around and I'm gonna add some of the chili sauce onions, into, that. With. Some of the shrimp in there. The. Cod roe is amazing. Engage. The richness of the coconut room but it's almost like sticky. Because, she blends in the yuca the cassava which has a sticky, gummy texture to the sauce is almost a, starch. Because of that goes out in there almost like a last sticky texture now for some of the PAI. Luch. Great. The type of food you can just kind of mix all together and it just tastes amazing when, you mix the different dishes together you, get a little bit of all different, types of starches the rice the cassava flour the. The. Cassava. Porridge. Paste, the, more mix of dishes on your plate on your screen at one time the better. The, other gooeyness of that, it's. Just fun to eat. It just kind of just slides around your mouth. It's. Not too sweet, I can't, introduce you know parallelism are for my Romeo. And Juliet Romeo a walk of cheese, then. With a block of guava, like he's, usually, miniaturized, state in Rio de Janeiro we, eat with the white cheese the communist queso, Mina's. We're. Having with the yellow cheese which is pretty good. Yup, that. Exact, like contrast. Of flavors they're salty. Sharp. Cheese, the. Guava, them. Look like like. Sticky, Jam such, an incredible, meal I do not want to get off this chair but we, got to move we got to go take the elevator back up to the upper part of the city. Now, it's cool just to mostly, say, we did it went up and down now we're going back up. That's. Just like a vertical. Up and down subway. And. Just turning down one of the side streets now. We are in Pitino, which is the historic, center the breeze, coming up and down these side. Lanes it feels, just like Lisbon, the cobblestone, actually there's stone roads the churches, the historic, colorful buildings Michael.

Jackson. Filmed. His video out, of that balcony and then. They're not there's not a lot going on this afternoon it's just kind of a sleepy afternoon but this is where they officially, play although doing it it's actually an official Association. And students. Train playing the drum with the beat with a famous oval room beat here but this scenery man this entire Plaza. I love. The view down, in this direction. Historic, center was very cool walking around and especially learning capoeira, and, then seeing a little bit of the drumming, but, we're back in the car we're driving through, the narrow lanes of the old city on the cobblestone. Roads and on our way to one, boutique. Which is a restaurant. Bar. Check. This out this is, if you're not at the game at, the stadium this. Is, how they watch matches in, Brazil, and there's happens to be a game this afternoon happening. The. Place we're going to is called blue take out DJ nella which is just up ahead here, this. Machine oh. Yeah. Hand saw. Just. Feels great to sit down the Sun has been brutal. Today. Just. Waiting for our dishes to Bri people be prepared, but, you walking around selling. A common, street snack which is grilled occasional, which is cheese he, walks around the tub. Of cheeses here and then he just literally like holds it over the hot fire coals and roasts. Occasional koala which is the curd cheese I just, want. Hello. Come. On, perfectly. Grilled perfectly blistered. That, is freshly, grilled cheese. Wow. That. Is amazing. Is. Awesome, it, tastes like a grilled mozzarella, stick but like even more flavorful cuz the smoky. Fire. Roasted, niche that's so good and then a lot of people also. Eat it with a little bit of palm syrup. Okay. Obrigado. Okay. Just one bite with the palm whoa. That's ribbon. It's. Pretty good I just contrast the saltiness not, even that sweet but almost like fruity. That, is a tasty appetizer. Yeah. They're about to dish them out one. Is like a blood, and, organs. Stew. And then another one is called tsuiteru which is a local, shellfish, from this kind of like a clam. The. Boys'll Kochi sauropod. Telekom. Rice. This one is messin up a town which is the organ organ, stew that looks amazing so rich. With blood and organs looks like there could be some fat, cubes in there too.

You. Taste all of the organs but it's so soft it's so tender, slightly. Organy, rich. Slightly, irony, I mean really. Rich from the blood and then, engaged, onions and tomatoes in there this is the soup with those. Shells. Kind. Of like sea snails and they're all d it almost looks like intestines because of the way they've already been taken out of the shell. Hmm, yeah. It's, almost like. Nutty. Tasty. Those. Shells are amazing though like, like. Snails but kind. Of chewy kind, of squid like. Just. Like a thick, rich. Not. Too heavy oh it's like a seafood chowder I'm a water-based, chowder. Tsuru. Tsuru Tsuru, stew. Which. Is kind of eaten like a soup as squeeze, in that lime oh. Yeah. You can see they're taking their little little tiny shells, you can see them when, you when you dig it out. All. That squeeze of fresh lime, mmm. That's. Also like it's light and flavor but really focused on the seafood on those shells he, has kind of a clam taste, to a party. Not, oily not too rich just like focused, on those clams and top it with a bit of that chili sauce. Like the sixer scene is of that would be pitch bowl and again like all over Brazil they have different chili sauces amazing, deals on that. One is a little bit spicy and, also kind of citrusy and oily later. She. Cooked it so clean and so pure tasting. Like it and doesn't have any kind of off flavors or even though it includes all the organs in the blood. Beautiful. Atmosphere beautiful. People amazing, food. From, here we still have one, more, Bahian. Salvador. Street food to eat and it's probably the most famous. Street, snack street food in all of salvador bahia if you come here you cannot, miss it. We're, a little bit early they're just setting up. I. Cannot. Wait, to. Try my first Akagi a. Cottage, a is a, like, direct, West, African. Snack, food it is both a religious, food of West African. Afro-brazilian. Used. As an offering, as a religious. Ceremonial, food but it's also the, most common the most beloved. Bahian. Salvadorian. Street, food snack. It was run a complete. It's, called a car a Giovanni. And Ivana, is the, mother she's not here today it's her day off but the daughters are taking, very, very good care of us kids, again with with a mixture of black eyed pea flower it's, more like a batter, but they whip it up so it's almost like like. Pastry. Ish almost, like like. A biscuit, and it looks like fluffy. And airy but then she makes, a perfect spoonful, he drops it into the palm oil that's why the oil is so dark so orange that then the oil the palm oil it has to be. Since. Donna Donna. Barney. Don't know even if she could not be here today whoa but let me just call her on the phone but she. Happy her daughter call WA oh. Yeah. Her, daughter call. Her okay to, see High Point. They're so friendly I changed up America home today a cottage at the ball. Okay. Onions. It's. Just sprouting, like a like, a blooming flower look, at that it's like a smiley it's like a happy face I thought if I was just oozing out I'm, gonna try to maximize, my first bite get all that crispy, fritter, eNOS all that, gooey vatapá, and cuddle, room and then the shrimp and sell it all together in one oh. Wow. Oh. That. Is stunning that is, unbelievably. Delicious, when. I took a bite like. That. Suzy. Gooey. Vatapá. And kuru just like squeezed, out onto my cheeks. No. I do not want to use it happen. I'm. Gonna hold the. Actual bun, the black-eyed pea bun is so like light and fluffy and biscuity but so crispy, on the outside from that palm oil then, you've got the try, to do which has that slimy okra nutty.

Taste Of better. Salty, shrimp you've got the refreshing, green tomato, unbelievably. Delicious. Chill, dude that, is amazing. My. Mind is blown trying to comprehend, all of that flavor Wow. Like. Literally the stickiness, of that hooker it almost acts like cheese like, it's like a healthy, cheese because there's just natural, stickiness, from that okra I am, just like I'm, blown away by that. Well. When. You hear the word, Salvador. Da Bahia like. This is the food that. People talk about and, now, I know why. It. Is that good just, an amazingly. Delicious food, and the culture that surrounds it the people, that surround it I will make it spectacular this, place, Yvonne. That I thought I did the people name this. Is unbelievable. Reese stuff it with everybody kind of just slides oh man I'm just going all over the place I lost. It I just. Lost a shrimp a shrimp, tail pretty. Guy though. We. Have that in Rio but we, can compare this is the real deal let's. Bite seriously. Goodman. Look. He added on more extra to look at how like just, perfect, that, is okay. I. Just. Thought put my face in it hmm. Oh. It's. Spectacular yes. Look, that is as, good. As the snack couldn't get look I can't think of a better afternoon snap in it okay. Final bite I'm. Trying to scoop up all that, drama. Giada. Is the, same fritter, but instead, of being fried and palm oil it, is steamed. So it's kind of a I guess it's so I mean it's not a crispy version, it is, more. Of like a steamed, bread. Version. There's definitely a strategy to eating these I know like that was my only first time so I had a terrible strategy that just like I lost. Ingredients. Left and right but, I know if you're an expert eating this you probably can eat the whole thing clean, and not. Waste, anything. REE stuffing is not not really working I think I just got to put my face in it. Oh Walter. Hmm. That. Is stunning, like the gooey, fish. Of the okra, the. Nuttiness, vatapá. Which like, glues. It together the. Freshness, of those green tomatoes in the fall see shrimp. You. Have a, strategy. For eating so. You don't get messy. I. Think. I got a little backup on my eyelash on that, last bite. One. Of the greatest. Afternoon. Snacks maybe. Ever it's. So, good, -. Back to back how about I was like literally, like double the density. That's. Filling very, very filling they're so, cool they're, so friendly when you are in Salvador, da Bahia is. The must must. Come too. Estaba. Sbarro's, Giselle. Muito. Muito muito obrigado. Thank. You, so much Moira god oh. God. Oh man we. Totally go over. Together ultimate. Experience. And as we were leaving there's another guy who came and he told Joel he's like I gotta. Shave lipstick, I just. Noticed I've got it - ah conoce, lipstick, I'm gonna I'm gonna keep that that's like a that's, like a cookie, mustache but just better. Disoriented. An. Absolute. Must, eat snack, when you're in Salvador da Bahia and an absolute, must eat stall go, say hello to them when. You're in Salvador you, hit the spot again. It's. Only right that I end this street food tour of Salvador, da Bahia on, the, beach on the Atlantic, Ocean the natural, beauty here the people.

That, I'm just I'm, absolutely, blown, away by the people of Salvador, da Bahia the, people, the warmth, the hospitality. The, afro-brazilian. Culture it, was an honor to have a chance to be here to learn about the culture to, learn about the music, the, history. The, most. Importantly, the food from, the home cooked, like full rice meals, to. The ecology this, is actually the final video of this entire, Brazil. Food and travel series if you haven't seen the entire series, we traveled, all around Brazil eating. Some, amazing. Food but especially learning, about the culture learning, about the different. Diversities. Of. Destinations. And the foods all the way from Rio, de Janeiro all the way to, the southern, areas. To the northern to the to, the Amazon, to Salvador. To, the coastline, and I'll. Have a link in the description box you can click that link you can watch the entire Brazil. Food series, all, of the videos are in that series if you haven't already seen them go back watch, all the videos in order right, now I just, owe it to the people of Brazil for, being so, warm. So welcoming. I wanna say a huge thank you to everyone who made this happen to everyone we met along the way and everyone. Who shared, the. Food with us a big, thank you to give head man Rafaela for taking. Us around for being, with us and I'll have their just link in the description box as well and then finally a huge, thank you to you for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you if you're not already subscribed click, subscribe and also click the little bell icon you'll, get notified of the next video that I publish. Big. Goodbye, from. Brazil, from salvador de bahia where our trip to brazil ends, thank. You so much for watching and, i will see you on the next video.

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Thank you for watching this entire Brazil food and travel series! If you haven’t watched all the videos yet, here’s the full playlist: -- Before visiting Brazil, what I knew was Football, Amazon Rainforest, and Brazilian BBQ. This trip was a massive eye-opener and learning experience. From feijoada in the favelas of Rio, to pequi in Goiás, to feijão tropeiro in Belo Horizonte, to açaí, tacacá, and jambu in Belém, to moqueca and acarajé in Salvador. Honestly, not everything was easy and smooth in Brazil: traveling, filming while walking around with camera gear, and keeping safe. But for all the risk, the people we met along the way were some of the most warm, hospitable, and diverse, of anywhere. A massive thank you to Guilherme and Rafa from Rio4Fun - this trip wouldn’t have been possible without them: And thank you again for watching and for your incredible support!

In Bible..God mentioned pork is why you can start eating like science say pork is most shameless animal in the earth if you eat pork you may cause dangerous diseases.. please don't mind.

Yo dude u just made me crash my truck in euro truck man

Mark Wiens this was amazing


@Sophie Solis wow you people have the most beautiful places and the food is just extremely awesome looks like

Love capoeira. One of the most beautiful martial arts there is

Mark Wiens THANK YOU for sharing your adventures with us. I hope your guides get A LOT of business thanks to this series, and I hope you give more South American and Central American countries a chance in the future! ❤️

O oooooh my god the food looks sooo delicious can these women cook or what

Another fabulous food tour series Mark. I enjoyed watching and some of the food I would love to try!! Looking forward to your next destination maybe the Carolinas or the Caribbean Islands

Mark is brazilian lol

I love all kind of food that you eat, it's awesome to know all the cultures around the world.Thank you so much for share it with us. You should come to Colombia , you will love the food!

Thanks for visiting this amazing, diverse and huge country, that I'm very honored to live in.

I have so enjoyed this Brazil Tour so much. Look forward to the next trip Mark, Thanku so much, for all that you and your family and the team do for us :) The food the trips the people the hidden gems are amazing. Most of all the love in it all. B.L.E.S.S

Brother I am hooked on your food video's..thank you mark so much for making such a great food video's around the world..thanks brother

cjbette7 same to you

Happy Father's Day. Your Texas fan.

Mark Wiens- where is Ying and Micha? love them

Keep it Real I've heard about that from a battle buddy in my company in basic training. But it's racism and prejudice no matter where you are. I'll take the prejudice before racist. Happy Father's Day to u Sir✌

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This was BOMB!!Mark,what kicks are you wearing,they look really comfortable.

Mark Wiens I know you enjoy every meal but for me I'll take a home cooked meal. Plus I work in a kitchen

@Phillip Polk ky

Come visit West Africa Senegal

There was a lot to show. Brazil is a continent.

مارك أنا اتابعك من البحرين و جدا معجب بفيديواتك

Thank you

Mark, stay on Brazil !! Hahahaha

Mark Wiens kindly subscribe my channel

@Joe Samson i loved the fact that it was 46 minutes long. His "long repetitive" explanations are what make mark wiens mark wiens lol. It sounds like you dont really care for him or his videos. You can stop watching anytime.. I dont know why you even watched the video then.

The video was good but just way too long. Kindly work on summarizing your content, especially your long and repetitive explanations, unnecessary comments and praises for people for just doing their jobs. Even more irritating is when you try to explain obvious things, just stop that please. This criticism is given constructively.

Thank you for sharing, where you off to next Mark?

Mark. I love how you included more of the people, culture and sights of brazil into this video. It sort of reminded me of a mark abroad video mixed with a food video. Please give us more videos like this in the future!

Aww that’s it for Brazil!! Wonderful videos

amazing video Mark

Go to Paraíba, são João party

@Mark Wies, you lost the amazing crabs in Aracaju, Sergipe, city really close to Salvador, Bahia. I hope you come here with Guilherme Camucardi.

This is the best episode Thanks mark

If you come to Houston I recommend you try Spring Creek Barbeque,Whataburger, as well as some foods in the Indian and Chinese areas of Houston.

Please come to Houston, they have a nice barbeque style, there is also tasty Asian food if you are a fan of multiculturalism. I tried it for myself but I want to see you say woah and make that face to Texan cuisine

Mark Wiens love your travel and eat

I like your reaction when you eat is the best

Mark Wiens great series!!! A man of the people... keep doing what your doing love all of your videos and Happy Fathers Day to you!!

That's my state Mark ❤❤❤❤❤ Love you Mark. Thanks for sharing!

Beijaxol, I knew something was different about him

Thanks to you

Mark estamos em época de FESTA JUNINA, vc tem q ir em uma. Tem comida tipica da roça produzidas com milho, pinhão, mandioca, amendoim e arroz, muitas iguarias brasileiríssimas

HI mark,Please visit Surinam

Hi mark ...where's ying n micah in these video

hey mark nice video .. when you guys come to colombia ??

mark enjoy the food and copa america

Hi Mark! Amazing Brazil series! I'm loving it!!

hello Mark, i have seen your videos... and next time you come to Brasil you should visit the south, i would appreciate to host you and take you to some nice places. The south is very different tough. Hope to see you soon.

Awesome Mark

Loved it Is there links to people that can help if someone wants to experience it too I would like to plan a trip been to Ecuador But would like to visit Brazil

So sad it ends...

Mark, please tell us more about the Brazilian Experience. Record a video with all good and “not so easy” things about this beautiful county. Amazing series... the best ever

@ranaveer rk Why?, it adds to the ambiance of the food!!

Mark, are you planning come here to Espírito Santo? The moqueca is made here too, but in a totally diferent way from the Bahia.

Dear Mark , God bless

Mark Wiens it was great watching you enjoy yourself especially the açaí!!!!!

ilove watching your vlog ❤ sending love from Philippines.

i love watching all youre videos

Mark you need to go to Trinidad & Tobago...Home of the Moruga Scorpion Pepper

Did you get robbed, i mean, its not a real brazillian experience if you didn't

You the man bro, love all the vids

Thanks for sharing Mark!

Mark Wiens Hi Mark! Enjoy your stay in my country! Im sure you will love the meals :)

you´re the best!!!

Ahhh thanks for another video mark ☺️!

I love the OLODUM shirt, finally you changed your T-shirt~

What is the best food you eat in Brasil? Amazing videos Mark! hugs from São Paulo

When you finish you could do a ranking for all the braziliam food you tryed.

Good morning Mark, Ying, Micah, Joel and Guilherme! I've watched and loved the entire Brazilian series so far and learned so much about the culture and foods but I can honestly tell you that this is the part I've been eagerly awaiting as I want to visit this area some day. Thank you for not forgetting Afro Brazilian culture and cooking. You just made my morning! Peace and love from Atlanta, Ga.

Remove background drum music

Mark Wiens happy Father’s Day

Mark one day you cook for me

We know the food is good when you make the "wow face" in the begining of meal!

Mark Wiens Morning good eats man be blessed from Louisville Kentucky

Bhai Sukhmeet Singh kavisheri jatha Amritsar please WEAGURU shere karo Waheguru j


Yas it's finally uploaded again

where 2 next? ❤

Sup Mark! Do you like to go fishing?

Hi Mark!!!

Damn, Mark Wiens really sounds like hes from Brazil in this video haha

cant follow, i'll unsubscribe, sorry Mark you are way fast for me !!!

Can you keep your god damn eyes close?

4:53 mini earthquake

God bless West Africa....but the painful thing is west Africa are now going for western food and forgetting there own traditional food which is more healthier and rich in culture

Where are Ying and Micah?

Blackeyed peas

Multiple orgasm every single bite keep us watching and watching, enjoying more and more. Bem-vindo ao Brasil Mark, come to São Paulo! Amazing trip to Brasil.

Wow nice to see Brazilian street food love from Pakistan love you bro

nice food

Not healthy food.

I love how Mark Weins makes me want to travel

All you eat are pure African meals mark ...akara...moinmoin (steamed akara)...the garri porrage and I gbegiri...all from us NIGERIA

Oil is so dirty

Where is your wife and child aren't they joining you every show we watch they not joining you

I hope Mark Wiens stays safe out there in his travels. Could be kind of scary eating random food everywhere. Happy belated Father’s Day!

Mark i think its time to visit Argetina

"Afro-Brazilian food" you're just making terms up now. Never ever heard of afro-Brazilian food lmfao. There are no states in Brazil man lmfao you dont know what you're talking about.

is Salvador where Michael Jackson shot his MV ?

35:06 - One Piece fans, like if you get the Ceasar Clown reference

Cara! Que legal, e eu morando aqui em Salvador e ñ tive o prazer de tirar uma foto com essa lenda Mark,congrats bro.

30:05 o pessoal ouvindo pablo kkkk

Brazil looks amazing. Beautiful country, beautiful people, and beautiful food.

its about time you come n try "Balkans feijoada" .

Mark needs to get on Hot Ones

와 ~ 우 시장은 어디 나라나 똑같은 네요 영상 잘보고 갑니다

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but does dende oil come out of the palm tree all orange and spicy or do they add a bunch of chilies while refining it?


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