Amazon Street Food in Belém - UNBELIEVABLE TACACÁ + 13 Lady’s Cooked Lunch at Market in Brazil!

Amazon Street Food in Belém - UNBELIEVABLE TACACÁ + 13 Lady’s Cooked Lunch at Market in Brazil!

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Hey everyone hope you're having an amazing day, it's mark Wiens I'm in the city of Belen in the state of Para northern, Brazil, in the Amazon there's. Such a streak of culture there's an incredible. Vibrancy. Of. Local. Products, and ingredients today. We're gonna go on a street food tour of Belen we're gonna eat some incredible, Belem, Amazon, Street food we're beginning this street food tour at the market vero pezzo this is one of the the, main landmarks. Of the city it's, one of the it's a historical. Market it's full of food unique. Food from this region of the Amazon I'm gonna share all the street food with you on this bellum Amazon, Street food tour today. Just. Quickly about bellum. This. Is a city. In the state of Para, and para is it's, still in the Amazon rainforest but it's more close towards the towards the coast towards the Atlantic clothes, took card towards the Caribbean, but. This is still part of the Amazon this. Is one of the richest, states of Brazil, with the fruit, with, the natural, resources they're very very well known for the acai the best acai maybe, in the world just, tons, and tons of, freshwater river, fish. We're, just quickly stopping, by the main fish market area this is where they sell fish all from the Amazon all from this region but actually yesterday the day before and I'll link, the video below we came to this market we bought some fish to cook today, we're not going to buy any fish we're going on a street food tour but we're just passing through the fish market it's always good to pass through the fish market. Mostly, fish but they do also have some shrimp they do also have crabs. But. Yeah really, the main, thing, to buy here is fish all sorts of different types of fish. Big. A. Basic. When I'm sorry mini kilos the Steelers. Clunker, skills. 25. Kilo character gemstone. The, way he's like filleted, he's, like staked, out that entire fish yet it's still connected. Moving. Out of the picture section in there's food stalls outside there's fruits and vegetables, there's, herbs there's, spices. Blooming. Spices, this is the tip of me right. One. Of the main ingredients, one, of the main seasonings. And sauces in, this region of the Amazon in Brazil is to, copy and to copy is the manioc. Like a fermented, Nanyang sauce, we will for sure be eating some of that today. The. Spice, is here the chilies I love how they just bottle, the chilies some of them are marinated, again in that who could be there's pepper there's human, there's, coriander. Seeds there's all sorts of different peppers and chilies, and, chili. Powders this is just a vibrancy, a harmony, of spices. An. Incredible. Stall all like natural. Medicinal. Store there's there's perfumes, but then also yeah all the natural medicines there must be like a dozen, different types of herbs and leaves, all for different purposes, that she's sewing as well. We. Made it to the section in the market where they're selling drugs, Valley. Oak. Especially. Used. In a dish called piccata, which is a soup that we're gonna eat later on today one, of the best dishes of this region so the Jumbo Donna has, had a jumbo. Jumbo. He's, just giving us some Jambu, cachaça this, is Casa. Is the sugarcane liquor and jeonbu is a it's, a flour, plus leaves, that, give a numbing sensation. Wow. Oh that's. That's, good that's like herbaceous, that's floral, immediately.

You Can feel your tongue pass, sizzling, tingling. I never, been ditch here. It's. Big so let's. Try and eat soon yeah, I check, it up in beyond local, co-op. Right. Across from the Jambu stop. He is chopping up Brazil nuts we're gonna try those later, but. Right, then the, the man chopping, up the Brazil nuts a, very. Friendly lady she came by with a whole tray of home-cooked. Food she had two different dishes one is the cow hoof stew one is the chicken soup she added in some chili and I think we add in some of the cassava powder, flakes actually it's not a chicken soup it's a beef soup there looks like there's some pasta in there. She. Is so awesome we're eating off of his Brazil, nuts stall booth. Is. So cool the first taste of the soup. Oh. Man, that is amazing, Cheers. That. Is so good Rosa. Rosa you, feel a bit of basil ha, ha ha I got a minute para, he's. Right across from that you know it's. Like talking about this young boy. Shambu. The, the burial at the. Plaza. By the way that soup is just that's, incredibly, tasty it's mediate, Hardy. Buddy. Of a milk cream special, honk obrigada he's, so friendly he just ordered a, half, a shot of Jambu which is the gum bucha shots I did dumb rules just, a sugarcane. Liquor. To. Go with the soup. Immediately. That just numbs your. Immediately. That just numbs your dog oh it's, good, you're gonna chase that with some more of the beef, soup. Soup. Is incredible, Elif ossifer not giving done it could be a possibility that customer, the actual this is the Jumbo flower, but, I'm gonna eat it sparingly because this thing could be really strong. Keep. It on my tongue. Good. Oh. Yeah. Oh, that's, amazing okay take a little more oh. Wow. Through, the flower all. That is amazing, dude I think it might be stronger than sin to UM pepper, Wow. My. Mouth is just like fizzing, and saliva and, like, I can't. Feel it up on my tongue now oh man. And. Like, citrus, juices just flowing from, my taste buds oh yeah. Immediate, like a rush. That, really plays with your mouth back like it's so dandelion. Or someone it's like so similar to sit on Deborah. Mmmm. The. Tender. Deliverable. And, I can't feel my mouth or my tongue right now. That. Is incredible. So. Milky when it's drawl I got the nutrition, the fat the oils, just juicing, out I know when you're in bed em dope how to come. Check him out he's selling awesome Brazil nuts he's, such a friendly guy open, igano then open, god. It's almost like a coconut looking. There's, just Brazil nuts everywhere, in this market and now we just came across it almost looks like a coconut that's where the Brazil nuts come from in the tree they hang in this little pot that looks like a coconut locally, they call the Brazil nuts cast an adult piranha the like, cashews, of Paulo. The. Sun is just all of a sudden blazing, hot so we stopped for a juice she's serving all their sons are different fruit, juices local, fruit juices I ordered that Koopa sewage is the fruit that comes in that giant pod, and. Then they take out the flesh pulp, it's like pudding, inside of that pod and, she's gonna blend that up into a juice this is just the pure fruit blended, no sugar no anything. Oh man, that's so, refreshing it's, cool it's. Sour, and, milky. Sour and milky like soursop, I think I said that already before when you tried to fruit the actual fruit. It's like naturally, milky, sourness. That, is just absolutely necessary. When we were walking around the market in Belen not once two of the, cacao fruit juice from, the chocolate, pod tree, oh. That's. Nice too sour, and sweet okay and then this one is the Baku tea. It. Tastes similar to like. Chi lychee, for me. Sarala. Acerola, no, idea what it even is it, looks kind of like a tomato. It's similar to a very ripe baba. To. Kumasi purpose. For. Giovanni yeah. So. We're just stopping, by on the outskirts, of the market there's an entire food court system. Like a massive. Food court all sorts of local bellum. Amazon, foods from, this state from Papa we're, gonna start. Eating now. Vodka. Come at home before they come around yeah. Yoga, cream in a yuca creamy yogurt so it's amazing is that she, has, arranged. For a. Number, of the amazing, ladies in this market to all cook and all serve us at, her restaurant so she's this. Is amazing, we're gonna try. It. Smells so. Good. Moving. On to the next. And. Then the fourth stall again she's frying up some fish but also frying, up some shrimp, putting, them into a batter it looks like there's some herbs and some things in the batter then she dumps them into the oil oh man, those smells, so.

Good. That's. A threeway. Be. Able to have the language. Director. Amano classic, RPG, attack. I. Should. Put that on. Ice. That's. An amazing dish. All. Abilities, are so, incredibly. Nice and friendly and their cooking, is shining. Okay. Thank. You. It's. Just like never-ending, sea, of cooked, food here the next lady is making jumbo. Rice you know that jumbo flour that we tasted that numbs your hear, about those are the leaves cooked with rice with, us do like a stroganoff, style stew okay. Elliana. Elliana Eliana she, is an amazing, an, amazing. Americans. Open. Igano obrigada, is, amazing, she, is taking care of us. Eliana, is the most amazing, lady ever. She, knows. All of her friends at the market and instead, of having to go to every single stall, to eat a different, dish she's arranged with all her friends to prepare. A dish and then bring them back to her restaurant so we can try all the diversity all the different dishes she. Is. Ilyana this is the best acai in the market appear outside we, were trying to look for the white acai, but it's not season I've never even seen it before but he's had the purple I thought you were gonna have a cup here just, got to when you see us I appear, thing you have to. It's, so good this, one is so thick, Wow. It does remind me of avocado, blend it up I got it so cream it's so rich it's Oh mmm. It's amazing. That's, so thick Wow. That is pure açaí that is amazing, I. Said. Oh well. That's. The spot. Flower. Right we've, stopped over Eliana's a man is. The oldest, the longest. Lady, serving food there for 47, years ladies. Here are legends. Of belem, foods she wants me to quickly try the soup which is jumbo, and, cuckoo P which is the manioc. That's. Sour at first then, kind of sweet. Eliana, is now preparing, her main dish which is like a pie L like a rice mixed. Dish. Well. We'll get you off then man. Shrimp. Mussels and crab which. Is already. Remember. The cuckoo P that we saw throughout the market that's the fermented, manioc. Cassava. Like, by-product, juice, it has a sour taste and, it's used in so many different dishes that, smells so good. Not. A PD mother Felix is Marathi good man, I didn't find a fetus like one. Ah cool. Jumbled. Jumbled. She. Added some of the jumbo Eve's this, is one of the greatest rice dishes.

And, Then she topped it with crab, legs crab, claws and shrimp over. To God, that. Is an incredible, dish they have literally set out an entire like Street. Like. Right, next to the river, buffet, all of the different dishes that we saw being cooked all of the different dishes from her friends she even just told us like it's an honor for them and it's even it's a massive, honor for us to be here the. Different, dish is the cooking they cook with so much passion so. Much love the hospitality, is it. Will it. Touches your heart. This. Is some of the most amazing hospitality some. Of the most amazing ladies. In, the world there's, so much food there's such a variety we're gonna just kind of do a buffet style get plates and just go down the line and get a little bit of everything. Else. Forgot I had stuck, that fork and spoon in my pocket no it's fine even say how is the food delicious. So. Good then this has been like a three-hour. Session, of running around the market from box stall to stall feeling. The love from every, single lady. Wow. The. Batter the herbs the sesame. And. That sauce I just, don't know if I can even come close to remembering all the names all the different ingredients with all the diversity. Of food. Obrigado. Adding. On spring. Going on something unto my boy Oh sesame, seed that, is service that, is, hospitality. I think this is another toque will be paste or something. Nanny acctaste with shrimp in it. I. Think. That's the shrimp with the manioc paste it has it like gummy sticky texture to it that tastes incredible the, fresh vegetables the chilies in there the the fried fish and the to cook beef and the jumbo weeds. The fried grease reversed the shower net of. That book of issue get out of all this is the work from, that that huge fish right. The, Nugget of the pirarucu. It's. So Christian, that fish and soap here it's. Almost like a chicken, like fried chicken. You. Can. Do this, is telling something. No. Idea how spicy this chili is. Oh wow. That's. Great buddy, oh wow. That's wonderful. Hey. Next up I'm gonna try this fish shrimp. Sauce or, maybe I think they're served together I think I'm gonna grab up a. Shrimp. In I'm gonna scoop up if these are shrimp with up he's a fish oh. The, Frog picked that. Like shrimps off you can taste that herb or the vegetable in there go tumble next. Dish is a toast Oh jumbo which is the Jumbo already, tried this is the Jumbo flower but, then the Jumbo weaves also give off a numbing sensation and, that's just like, hold it with John blue leaves and then serve with some kind of like creamy, stew.

Oh. I, haven't, felt the numbing yet vegan tastes like the slight bitterness of the gumbo leaves. Any doubt from us are you next having a ball okay sure. Oh. That's. Some beautiful color you cannot get enough outside you and your here. And. Add a little bit of the tapioca which is I think it is a product of the cassava as well but that's very very light like popcorn. Even, after like three plates of food they're still dishes I haven't tried yet I'm moving on, try. Some of the more of the fried fish there's, some cassava and shrimp there's, some more vegetables as well let's try some of this one is shrimp you can see if you look really closely you can see these little baby tiny shrimp dried with, some of the cassava powder. The. Vibrancy, of that shrimp shine. Salted. Drag shrimp like like. Taste like shrimp paste I found a little bit more of that to compete chili sauce which, I wanted to add to the dish. Oh, there's. Two goofy shots you can taste like that vermin again there, will be the fermented, manioc, but the chilies in there. Every, dish different, every. Dish from pot outstate, the. Flavors the vibrancy, the. Amazing. Ladies who prepared the food for us. But. That makes your mouth like that. Just. Gives your meld a whole nother dimension not. Only mouth, numbing but like mind numbing flour this, one is the fried Philly OJ I'm, gonna add some of this relish, to it there's like tomatoes and onions in it and then chase it with a chili. Those. Shows will wake you up. It's lunchtime now about noon or about 1:00 and just now the installs, are just packed this entire area the ambience the atmosphere, the vibrance, the friendliness, next. To the river it's stunning, I'm just blown away I don't even I can't. Even say anything anymore. Thank. You from, our heart she, is awesome. When. You are in Belem like. It's not even a choice you. Have to come see a Liana. Eliana. Kelly and she is. Box. So they call the boxes the Stahl's box, 49. Possibly. The most friendly lady in all of Brazil. Little. Fails was gonna become a patient so boxer, numero C. Numero. 37. Food. Is just never-ending. Auntie, has bu. Djibouti cheer you, know the boutique you dare get on the wall yeah it's kind of like booty t wine it's cold, it's.

A Fruit. Wow. That's, so thick, that's. This fruit. Sour. It's, thick, it's, like parties, Oh men. That is beautiful, try this. They. Brushed it it's this random through another, fruit another, Amazon fruit it just it just does not stop it looks like carrot. Like. Pumpkin, juice. She. Is box number 46, weight. Over to God, cow. Cow cow. Okay. Oh buddy god oh. Man. This, is. No. More, jungle pumpkin, moustache oh, yes. I do. I. Don't. Even know what I'm doing anymore I'm. Just like. This. Has been one of the greatest days of my life with me it's, well beyond words just, yeah. It's not explainable, from the heart thank you thank, you guys so much for arranging, then. Please. Come back right away absolutely. Welcome, back already, I wanna I wanna just stay here. There's. Still head med doing a little dance. From. Here we're walking back to the car and there's, a couple of afternoon, and evening, street foods from, the limb that we've got to try. It's. About 4:00 p.m. just after 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon this, is the, time when, people in Belem eat a dish called pakka and this is one of the dishes I was most looking forward to eating coming. Here. My name is diva, diva. Dumbu. That's, dad. She. Not only has the takaka but she has like some, full. Dishes, as well but mainly we came here to eat the knockout which she's gonna prepare right now I'm ordering a takaka and Amitabha, I love the name sir but you can get so confused. Hahahaha. I. Oh man. This is a. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Dish. One, of the most beautiful, dishes I've seen in a very very long time but this is one of the main dishes of Parra the, main. Soup, broth, is made from, cuckoo pea which we've had already today many times it is made. From fermented manioc. So it has a kind of vinegary sour taste to it but they take some of that soup they put it into the gourds always served in a gourd then she takes some of the manioc, gum like very sticky very pasty that's the thickener, she, adds that to, your soup, so that's gonna make it harder, thicker, richer. Then, she adds in a bunch of the Jumbo leaves you know that jumbo flour that we were eating and we already had jumbo today it's a, numbing leaf, flower. Plant, amazing. And. Adds that in and then, adds in some chili usually just on the chili juice. But we got some of the floating. Chilies, to make it extra spicy then some of the salted shrimp and then fills, your bowl with the. Soups. When people just kind of drink it and you get this little stick fork to eat the Jumbo, leaves mix. That around oh man, you can smell the chilies you can smell the sourness I think I'm just gonna I see lots of people just drinking, the soup first I'll try the soup first just drink it. Oh. Unbelievable. It has this sour vinegary, taste immediately. On my first parsnip. I can, feel though just a slight numbing it's not like a huge numbing sensation but you can feel it your tongue tingle and then the chilies because she added and all of that chili juice and the chilies floating oh wow, that's just soothing.

And Stunning and you can feel like the thickness how are the the. Gum of the tapioca is sort of thickened already. Hmm. Absolutely. Stunning they. Have a texture, similar to spinach a little. Tougher, a little, more not quite as slimy oh yeah oh yeah some of the gumminess is still in there can you see that. That's. Some of the gumminess I'm, gonna add some of these chilies try some that gumminess with a maybe, with a shrimp now dude that. That's. A very salty shrimp because it is a salted preserved shrimp that contrasts, the sour soup fish giggling soup the the, salty shrimp the chilies. I think I'm just a little hook with this dish okay let's try the ah no let's try that too ha. Ha. Ha kind of like a thick, starchy, looking, paste I've never had it before but she topped it with shrimp more of the Jumbo leaves rice, and then we got the deluxe version I think with crab claws I'll. Just try some of the the. Vltava first. While. That. Is like a very sticky. Extremely. Smooth texture, but the flavor is amazing like it's, like gummy, it's. Really sticky not. Quite as thick and sticky as peanut butter but. Like a very smooth peanut butter, almost. Okay, crab. Claw oh. The. Most has a bacon taste -. Mm-hmm. If. You were to eat this whole plate it, would definitely fill, you up. Hello. Don't, touch that with some other. This. Is a stunning, stunning. Dish. Cheers. Oh man, my mouth is on fire she added in so, many chilies to the. Special, bowl of taka my mouth is numb. For, sure one of my favorite dishes in Brazil so far I'm. Just sweating, with happiness right now a guava mia this top of our team are something. Like that agua comida esta money. The. Best crazy, delicious. It's a temper dish if I lived here there's no doubt I would be in the habit of eating at every single afternoon, there's, no way I could not again. An amazing. Amazing, lady, diva. Come, to see her when you come to, bail em over. To God, that. Was spectacular. Wow, what's the next place we're going Rosario, Rosario, we are going to eat Laketown which is like pork and a, type of hot dog there, has ground, beef. You can choose the French bread or the hotdog breath it's one of the most well known street food stalls in the city of Rosario they, serve a number two main things one is like a hotdog with ground beef coffee, one, is slices. Of the pork leg that's a massive, pork, leg they, fry it up they put it in a bun they seasoned it this, is beautiful there's tables along the sidewalk, and chairs plastic, chairs, it.

Smells So good and this is gonna be the final thing that we eat on this tour today they've been serving this for 47. Years. What's. Amazing about food like this about a street food like this is acting every, single culture around the world has some formation, of this meat, stuffed, into a bun with, some kind of mayonnaise e sauces. To go with it. Maybe. Method economists anything, thank you I hope. Efficient, as you avoid. This. Type, of food this type of combination this. Type of construction, is, just it's universal. It crosses, all cultural, boundaries, it can be enjoyed by everyone if, they're beautiful just tucked into a handheld bun just take a look on the inside here that's like a coleslaw all, all of that pork. Anything. A wall. That. Is quality. You can taste the lemon juice on there the lime juice the cole slaw almost like just kind of melts into it now we just need to try some of that sauce. It's. Seriously incredible, it's. So like. Like. Not, complex tasting but just perfect like just as perfect as needs to be this. Sauce is delicious as, well a little bit spicy you taste the sourness of the chilies like though. I'm. Just guessing tofu beef, since. This is a too foofy city filled, with hot dog and full I loved the movie actually sliced the hotdog maybe. Into threes and then, he wiped he swiped in some butter did. You think. There'd. Be swiped, in a bunch of butter and, then fried it on a hot foot and and ground beef right and then the ground beef came on like as a toffee the ground beef yeah what a move what a genius hot dog move unless she's get a look at that ground beef in there just yeah. That is absolutely. Awesome I'm, just gonna go ahead and apply. That, is amazing. Oh the, hotdogs the ground beef has, kind of a spicy. Human, taste the, tomatoes, the onions the. Tukufu chili sauce you're, just gonna want the sauce they just fall out. Myself. I poke you moving, back over to that to the pork sandwich, and this tooth will be hot sauce like it doesn't seem pot at first but then your lips start burning it's actually decently spicy it. Is amazing. I. Want. To fully hydrate. It. It's really good like the hotdoggers awesome - but. The pork the roasted pork which is really the standout. One for me. Here. In a little on the liquor finger. You're. Probably gonna know, it's probably not appropriate but, I would just squeeze this into my mouth that's so good.

An. Amazing. Way to end, this, entire, bellum, Amazon. Brazilian. Food tour cannot, even begin to explain, this. Unbelievable. Day the hospitality. The. Amount, of people that we've met all the way from the beginning of the day in the market to the lunch in the food court to the. Shoe. Cement by the wind, this by the way an ally the final animal all the, pure steak. Then. You shouldn't have a bite yes thank, you we. Got to cheers it. All. Night, with santoku piya. Gonna, shower in that yeah. I just, want to say a massive, thank, you to all of our friends in bedlam and also yesterday, if you haven't seen that video I'll have a link below the acai fish, day harvesting. Acai it wouldn't have been possible with all of them so might I'm extremely. Grateful bedlam. Is amazing, para the food and para is outstanding. Finally one more thing if you haven't already watched this entire Brazil. Food series we're traveling, around Brazil. Just, learning, about the incredible. Diversity the food the people have been so amazing to us I'll have the link in the description box but you can watch the entire playlist all the videos I want to say a huge thank you again for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you and if you're not already subscribed, click, Subscribe now and also click the little bell icon so that you get notified of the next video that I publish thanks again for watching good, night from, belem an amazing. City in the world and see, you on the next video.

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I have never been in there Pará. It seems so fun.

I’m Brazilian and I didn’t know there was a white açaí

Did you visit Lake Titicaca yet Mark Wiens?

Too many FAGE commercials. Not watching anymore!

A melhor parte foi tomando a cachaça... muito bom!!! Very good!!

Miss You Mark

28.00 in indonesia we call it "kapurung"/"papeda"/"sinonggi"

Wonder if the dude ever charfs? Would love to know!

Muito legal ... Love Belém do Pará...tenho orgulho de ser paraense

the food looks amazing and the ppl show and put so much love in the food they create.. a must visit

Esa cagada estubo violenta

obrigada pelas senhoras da honra!!!

Muito bom

wow amazing food and amazing people.. the food is so healthy


Hey Mark, how is it going? Are you going to South Brazil? Rio Grande do Sul and so? I'm living in New Zealand, enjoying your videos and I am from South Brazil! :)

Enough with the squeeky toy!!! arrrggghhh!!!!

Vem pra São Paulo Mark Wiens!!!!!

people there speaks Portuguese

Mark, I wonder where you put all that food hehehe, and you don't even look like you gain any weight.

What beautiful people

I always have wanted to visit Brazil and see the beautiful country and now to add I want to meet Eliana and give a kiss on her forehead, she is full of love and comfort like a mother ❤ God bless Brazil and all it's lovely people

Dude I love your videos this is my 3rd or 4th vid, really awesome. No disrespect me and my friends started a drinking game that requires us to drink everytime we hear you say "WOW" . Thanks for the tours and vids keep us entertained \m/

This place is going on my bucket list,wow,bro nice commentry

Full address of the market please

This video should have been broken up in 2 parts for a much better viewing experience. 38 minutes of Mark is just sensory overkill. Love your work, keep at it!

Belé born city! You should try "Maniçoba"...and a fish called "Tamatá"...its like a pre-historical fish...!

They hooked y'all up. I love Brasil.

Everything is yummy for Mark, nothing is not nice

Cade os carros com funk no ultimo volume? kkkkkkkkkskKKK

Belem, Pará, do not stay in Amazon.

Contrastes sociais à parte, este gigante sul-americano é a nação mais abençoada do mundo!!! O Brasil é incrivelmente encantador!!!

You should go to Jamaica! You will love it!

Eliana is a beautiful woman inside and out. Great episode Mark!


Wow An incredible and remarkable food tour with rich culture of Amazon region of Brazil. Yummy food

woww... so many amazing foods and amazing fish in amazing's Amazon of amazing's Brazil... love from Indonesia.

LOve your Vlogs. Learning from you. Lots of love.

I really enjoyed this episode, such wonderful warm people and fantastic food!

I have only one question to Mark Wiens ... How many kilometers / miles you run everyday !?

My God your lucky! I want to go to Brazil Now.....

Love to see mark go deep in Amazons & try their foods. The land of abundant fish & fruits.


In Indonesia "jambu" Is "guava"

I dig the music you use.

love!! ❤❤

Hey everyone Shoe Nice again!!

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