Brazilian Steakhouse - HUGE BEEF RIBS + 14 MEATS CHURRASCARIA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Brazilian Steakhouse - HUGE BEEF RIBS + 14 MEATS CHURRASCARIA in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

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Hey everyone I hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens I'm in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and tonight for dinner we are going to a Brazilian, steakhouse, barbecue. And this is gonna be my very first time to ever go to a Brazilian steakhouse so, I'm glad that my, first experience, will be in Brazil, there's a lot of culture that surrounds Brazilian barbecue and I know it's gonna be all you can eat meat and the juices, are gonna flow, and I know there's a whole salad bar as well we're gonna find out I'm gonna share all the meat with you in this video. How, are you man good welcome. To Rio thank, you thank you, what's the name of the record that were Suhas, Correa palace, coup task area pallets yeah Soha spare me the steakhouse awesome, in Portuguese, in the name of the show has career its palace awesome. And then we decided to take the metro, because traffic is bad and, it was just one stopped get. Ready for some serious meat. Yes. We walked over to Copacabana. The area of Copacabana, and this is where the steak is the truth asked area oh man I can already to meat. And, already it's pretty full this evening, but, then yeah. The Roebuck, and then guild, headman has arranged, a room, in. The back here I think so it's quieter, back here we're gonna be able to know they're gonna come around with the meat oh man. Yeah immediately. As you step in here you can smell like there one roast in a room of the meat. We. Just met with head chef, Silvia. Pepsin, vibrate yes, hi cheffy of Lucky's bringing us into the kitchen to see whether Gerling, roasting, the meat. Okay. Great great. All. Of these are on spits, they're. All on steaks they're all rooting and, what's really interesting are the different cuts of meat which are different, specific, to Brazil, the different cuts in. Different parts, of the meat that they use and how they cut it and one of the I, don't remember the name was what is that what's the. Is. From the hump of. This. Is one of the special. Means when you come to Brazil is cooking, cooking, cooking. What. Is you. Yes. I seem about nah that's, a buck oh yeah, you know the enemy was telling me that meat lovers they love it because of the mix of fat and the flavors, of tenderness and so what they do all of the meat apart, from the ribs which are marinated, I think most of the meat is not really marinated, but, it's just salted, it's roasted. And then when they take it off the grill they, just, like kind, of they used a knife and just kind of like add a little bit of that rock salt on to the meat and, then it goes back on the grill. Beef. Beef ribs. The. Beef ribs, cabinet. Very. Huge, and they're cooked for 12 hours. To. Days marination, and then 112. Hours cooking and you can see you could probably just like pull. Out that bone and it was just like slide, out it's. Your. Channel. It's. A nice to meet you. I. Cannot take the meat sweats or my mouth watering any longer we're going back to the table to start eating oh my. God. You. Have the, reference. Nation in English. So. Then this is coming for TRADOC idiot you always have a buffet that looks, salad, and salad and it's, good also like part of bombs are chokes oysters. Salman. Their condiment, section is out of control, the dressings, the mustards, the barbecue sauce the ketchup though look at this selection of olive oils, the si Racha the, chili sauces. Tabasco. But, then along, with two s cady along with your meat there's, always a salad, bar so there's vegetables, there's different salads there's tomatoes there's part. Of palm there's, some asparagus, and there's even some seafood there's some oysters there's some. Squid. And some students. So. You kind, of value its it's good to balance meat with vegetables. So. The first meet has arrived this is the hump and normally you can start with the salad bar but, we hadn't like that, meat was too tempting we have to start immediately chef, Sylva has brought it to our table, and so, the custom, practice is. It. Comes right off yeah he slices, object. Just. Flaking. Apart and. Then you grab it oh. Okay. You just see like the strings, of them meet the flakes of it oh. Wow, that is amazing. Is. One of my favorite cut. You. Know. All. The roots the beef ribs from your head. Oh. Hopefully. Got. It's. Just like well thank you get you to call you. We're. Set up and finally, prime, rib. Thank. You welcome. Banana. They. Just started coming around the meet like coming, around with a meet like a storm, like I, don't. Even know how to react, it's just unbelievable.

You Brought up the beef ribs. The reef ribs are massive. And you could just see like the meat wobbling, around and you like lifted, the, layer, like the cap of fat took, out a slice of that meat and then like he, lay, out his technique, of slicing, it of cutting, it the. Tenderness just, shines you can tell it's just gonna melt in your mouth like I haven't even tasted the meat oh we already got three, types, of there Primus. Best. Most well-known meats, this. Is plate number one and it just looks. It's. Just like dripping, with juices, and glistening. Wouldn't that we should go back to that first meat that he served which is the cup come copi. And copii and pop in and you can see how this is the this is the layer that is roasted, and then underneath that's the under. Underside, but, ya, Yin already said it is just unbelievably. Good. Wow. The, mix, of that like, it's almost like a car it's so tender it's almost like stringy, it just strings, apart okay mm-hmm. And I love how the outer edge is kind of crispy from being roasted, but. It's like smooth soft and yeah, that, is pure while. We wha meet you, have to pace yourself otherwise you can go crazy here. We. Call like an adult playground. Like on the pallets it is okay. Next up I gotta try the beef ribs oh man, that just you, you definitely do not need a knife for that Cheers. The, ribs are so. So. Tender and so string in so flavorful, this one is this sirloin, or. The prime rib, yeah. But. Prime. Rib is, unbelievable. The juiciness, I like, I like my meat rare so that is like. Like. The pure saltiness, of it Wow. Om. Yes. Okay. Yeah. Seriously just after being, here for only 10 minutes like. The mint comes around so, fast you can already tell you just need to pace yourself or you, could just go meat. Crazy, and be, stuffed, in like 30 minutes but you want to you want to pace yourself you want to relax you want to keep on eating for as long as possible. Okay. Got some chilies some of the preserves like kind of like pickled, oiled chilies to go with the meat next let's.

Try Another bite of let's, go back to the hump and, yeah you don't even need a knife you. Can just you can just fork fork cut it and then I'll try it with a scotch, bonnet chili. On top. You. Know as I was taking that virus right Nicole -. A little kike mmm. You brought some of the Carolina Reaper, chili sauce we immediately have to change our course of eating and try some of the Carolina Reaper sauce. Is. That too much for throw one bite. That's. A that's a good amount let's try it. Carolina. Reaper sauce fun yes. Amazing. It's. Not too spicy. It's. Like a very like overly. Pronounced habanero, like, yes, kind, of like going up your nose a little bit oh my little boy that's a flavor to those whole chili, oh. You. Can feel the burn like, very good. This. Is one of the national, drinks of Brazil caipirinha I say. Hmm. It's. Sweet and sour and like. Refreshing that. Does taste, very good after a bunch of. Carolina. Reaper, chili sauce oh man. That, is like, it's addictive. Spicy. It's so good okay said parcel mistake. We. Haven't even had a chance to get salads, because the meat just comes around and so good this, one is the top sirloin and, that. Fat cap is just unbelievable. Look. At that cut I. Just. Have to add a little a little. Scoop of the Reaper. That. Carolina, Reaper sauces it's like addictive, spicy once. You start eating it you can't stop. And. That fat cap it's melting, it's melting on my tongue right now colder. Stadium. 1985. Chef Sylva he is a meat master, he has been working. With make carving, meat cooking, meat for over 35, years the. Beef shoulder. All. The juiciness. Oh. We. Get that Oh, wonderful. Yeah. Although. Like the strings, of that the the Greens of that the, juiciness, event. I just bit down at it like squirted, the, shoulder. Is amazing, soon as the lamb-lamb, like walking or wine or something with that fat that, fat cap one another beauty it's. Kind of like curled up a little bit. That. Ratio of 50%, fat. Is. So fatty. So. Tender. Okay. Chef Sylva just brought around the lamb chops with. Mint sauce. Wow. Oh the me just it never stops, but, I am gonna take a break because I, need, to try the heart of palm to break up the break, up the fatty meats the heart of palm oh that's. Just like slices, it's so it's so soft like cheese. So. Much wonderful it's kind of like bamboo shoots but. It's. Really juicy okay, this one is the next a, sweet. Palm. Wow. That almost has a honey taste to it but again has that like bamboo shoot' kinda consistency. I'm. Not for you thank you welcome, drooping. Back. To Amina and it we just served me an ostrich, steak. It's. Really weaned and like. It's. Similar to beef but even with like a more. Pronounced, flavor cut and, really, lean in flavor. Chef. Sylva just does not he. Just does not let, up on us he just keeps coming around with the steaks of, me this. One is the like. A veal steak. I have not even seen the bottom of my plate yet this meal and again that fat cap oh. It's. So juicy. It's. Like a fat helmet, on this on this piece, was. It rough the other stream the, web. Check it oh no. Ok. That. Might be the juiciest, PCF every frame is there's no way. I'm. Starting, to get a serious, case of the meat sweats and chef. Sylva he just does not let, up he's just he's, no breaks for chef Sylva meat. Is flowing. And we have not repeated anything. This. Is chef Silva's, creation. It's, the chorizo meat, and then also another. Type that is juicy. And he cooked it on that hot fight. That's. Hot fresh. Extraordinary. Juicy. Wow. They're just like more firm but it's so juicy. My. Boys got a you almost. Forgot about the lamb ribs, lamb. Chops. Oh. I. Think. I just got an entire cap of fat in that bite Oh Shelly. I'm. For some vegetables, this is the owners salad, that go ahead may ordered. Their sled as there's tomatoes there's onions. All. Those tomatoes and. That salad tastes extra good right now I fed that much meat. Would. You would, you oh. That's. Refreshing, you know. John. Who's been up on a Jewish Bob hey. Jonah Mazzone alive Geneva five. We. Were definitely slowing. Down the. Meat the, meat is hitting us hard, but. He came around with the skewer this is a freshwater. Amazon. Fish, which. We yeah we got to try it yeah. That'll. Get. Out of her it's so firm it's almost like chicken. Mmm. Really. Good I. Got. The ribs in that maybe she had a little, stamping on all my dishes from, fish but also Amazon. Thick yeah just an almost audition it should be we've got one more this is the last of the meats and this is another Amazon fish, the, ribs of the fish chef, Sylva.

Demand, The hero the, hero of, the night. It's. A serious, protein, ever dose. Could, be the jet lit could be the jet lag could, be the caffeine you could be the just the straight-up, meat sweats but, like I don't, know if I can get off this sofa. Seat right now, physically. Physically. I don't think I can. That's. Great. I'm. Like almost. To the perimeter meat right now chef, Sylva insisted, that we have the ribs these, are straight fish ribs I've never seen up it looks like a pork rib but it's fish. And. That like literally. Is like the texture, of like. Pork and chicken, Wow. That, is that's. Crazy. And amazing you would not believe that's fish yes that's like straight chicken, like, chicken ribs chef, Sylva, what. A man, what. A man, what. A chef the, hero the hero of the night chef Sylva, thank you he like took care of us his service, and the. Way he served us in carpets the meat that was phenomenal. Thank. You thank, you boba Nagato. We've. Moved on to dessert this is one other house dessert, it's called, Kats. Egg it's ice cream with a variety of different I'll thank you with, a variety of different chocolates, and then a drizzle, done altogether, that's, their creation. All, that chocolate sauce I'm not that huge onion service but after eating that much like salsa me pause a few bites of sweet, dessert, tastes really good actually and. That. Completes, this. True das CATIA Brazilian. Steakhouse, barbecue, experience man. At this stage. What's. Up. At. This stage in the in, the Brazilian steakhouse experience, it's just hard to walk it's hard to think it's. Wow. That. Was a, meat, experience. Of your dreams. You. Know that feeling of coming out of a movie theater like after you've been sitting in a theater for three hours that's. Like the exact same feeling I'm getting right now it's like it's. Like a different world out here. But. That really was. The Brazilian. Meat. Of your dreams, that was like every, every dream. Every. Every. Thought I had about Brazilian meat, is now, in my stomach. My, first time to have a Brazilian steakhouse experience. And yeah that, exceeded my expectations, the different, cuts of meat everything was different everything tasted different the textures, the varieties, the different wellness. 'as of the meet huge, thank you to Gil headman and to Rafaella and by the way Gil, head man he was also making a video real for fun Rio for food I'll have his links in the description box below and. That. Was so much fun to hang out it's such a social, one. Tip is that you want to pace. Yourself don't. Like take, too much meat at too, fast at once or you will just be stuffed in like ten minutes because, the meat just it just doesn't stop okay. That, was an amazing an amazing meal I want to say a big thank you for watching this video and if, you're not already subscribed be sure to subscribe I'm gonna be publishing, an entire huge. Series, of Brazil. Food from around the country we're gonna be traveling around the entire country she'll be sure to check out all of the other videos in this Brazilian, food to her series thanks, again for watching goodbye. From, Rio de Janeiro see, you on the next video.

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