Central Asian Food - TEARDROP SOMSA (SAMOSA) and HUGE UZBEK DINNER in Tashkent, Uzbekistan!

Central Asian Food - TEARDROP SOMSA (SAMOSA) and HUGE UZBEK DINNER in Tashkent, Uzbekistan!

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Hey everyone I hope you're having an amazing day at smart Queens I'm in the beautiful Tashkent. Uzbekistan this. Is day two of our trip and today. Is going to be another food tour we're gonna eat at some of the best places but then tonight for dinner is gonna, be a highlight, where we have a Chow Hana which is a social, gathering, guaranteed. It includes some incredible. Food but. It's then just the time of fellowship and food and and learning about culture and so it's gonna be an amazing day and I'm, gonna share everything with, you in this video and we have actually just arrived, for. Breakfast this is the spot, I. Can. Smell breakfast. Droplets. Of happiness. The. Tears of happiness. Joy. Kind. Of come back in this area. Feel. The heat just radiating. Off of them and you can smell, the aroma of just the freckle there is a fresh. Fresh. Batch right, there. Slapping. It on to the side of the oven does this starts to cook because of the lamb fat and the ingredients it, starts to droop down in the oven and that's where it gets the teardrop. Shape. They. Actually have their own butchery. Here the, freshness, of the meat okay. They, sprinkle, it with water like shoving. A bunch of water I think that will sort of help to steam it first before they crank up the heat and create the golden edge and, that will like melt all that Lam together. Just. Cool it um so okay. Big. National Samsung, Samsung okay, okay sure sure. Sure. I'm, saying it's enough, not, much and then. They have kind of a patio garden section proceeding bit crews had to just run an errand, real fast but, we're gonna yeah. We got a plate, of them they're almost like blooming, like a flower, well you have to do is shake it you. Can feel the meat rattling, around in there that the fat mixes, with the meat and kind of coats the the bready wrapper, oh that. You can feel how crispy, that is too. Mmm it's, even better than yesterday's right it's. So good the. Bridge is perfectly, like crispy, like. Crispy all over actually, I didn't even reach the meat on, that first lap but the bread is incredible, a little bit of this chili powder on top or, in the center fill it into the pocket kind. Of let it shake her up and then also some of this like tomato it's.

Like A tomato yeah, is. That gonna be nice and spicy it's. Like a tomato eat chilli maybe -, is that good or you've got a lot in that's good okay just, to try it first. Mm-hmm. It's. So unbelievable god I really. Experienced, the mix of the fat and the meat the, ratio in that bite the onions but then for spice it's mostly he. Said it's just human and black. Pepper enough. It's. Like the greatest meat pie, maybe. I've ever had the. Bread. The the, dough the wrapper is just perfectly, crispy. All. That Bill's still right I. Ate. Three. Back-to-back-to-back, without, even like without, even thinking about it without even like knowing, that I actually ate three of them and I wanted to eat like, three more back-to-back but I I resisted. Because there's gonna be a lot more food today but those are, unbelievably. Good. Right, across the street from the film sob place is a mosque made of white marble it just shines in the sunshine, and then, just, the the. Articulate. Design, okay. It's really beautiful but just the contrast. Of the white and the, blue tile work. You. Don't say I need one portion, you saved my kilograms. They, say 1 2 kgs, of that and 2 pieces of this so hopefully gonna enjoy now we are on our way to lunch we're gonna have some meat. And there's, a car, wash at the bottom I think, around the world if you if there's a restaurant, where there's a car wash in the same parking lot you, know it's gonna be a local. Properly, good spot in the restaurant I think it's in this complex. Right here on the top floor. You. Can see from the whole thing. We're. Heading upstairs to have a meat feast. Okay. So we're sitting down they have multiple dining. Rooms the first section and then we came to another section they have an outside section but, we chose this section because they have these cool bucket. Seats sofas, that we're gonna sit on and this, is definitely a meal where I think, I I'm, almost positive that after we eat we're gonna need to lean, back so I'm planning. Ahead here one day I was passing by enough so a lot of people in the hood a lot of people did standing, and eating we assume that if they're standing and eating if it's worth yeah I mean it something. You must be good yes, and, that's how I discovered, I came here and I saw on ladder, they able to meet what. Is that. Okay. So, that's just like customer for every single time you began a little, tea ceremony. This. Is just an appetizer this is just to get the stomach juices flowing, before the main meat dish comes smell so good you can smell that sizzling fat the onions. Smell. Even better than taste. You. Need it right off the middle skewer just look at these beauties. So. Soft and tender and. So. Juicy ugh you. Actually barely need to chew. Em. Did you get one kilo yeah, yeah we all get one key monkey, loaf lamp, and one kilo of fries. Next, to it yeah meat fried on its own fat and they use this oil, fat. For for a long time so okay they keep it they, don't waver, flavor, deep, Sun brewing. Away. And. Then they fry the fries exact. In that same fact. Mm-hmm. It's. So. It's. So mediate so perfectly. Solve you really, tender but after same time it's almost like dick and like almost, like bouncy, in Dexter. Just. Like. Your, such succulent, no get some meats from going some vinegar to the salad to the onion salad oh, that's. Like a dill and chili. Infused vinegar, yeah, it, looks like it's. Not 50 though. Today. Go. Each. Other the onions they provide that refreshing touch it kind of cut the oil and then also give you that that, crunch rice. And, again cooked in the lamb fat. You. Know they're so powerful they're as flavorful as that lamb because they taste like lamb you can immediately taste the difference yeah like, vegetable. Oil would. Not do would, not do for these fries. Combination. Of the lamb, and. The fries that's just it's. Actually dangerously, tasty like.

For. Me it. Looks big and it, is big but, we like the like one person could eat this all and legia. Likes it. And. Feel really good at least while you're eating it. Even. Just a little bit of salt or none it, refreshes, with. The heavy meat. Now. Would be the time in the meal the point in the meal where I utilize. This sofa to the maximum, and just sit, back sipping. On tea to wash it all down. Car. Wash pit stop. So. Yeah definitely, get, your car washed or if you don't have a card just skip, the car wash and go straight to the restaurant but, man that's crazy. Good food and those little mini saute, kebabs were we're, insane but that meat old, man if you love me we're on our way now to a place that thought. Of as we were as we were eating. Okay. Was. Like this, is a place we have to go you almost forgot about it we have to go right now to are on our way it's a little on the outskirts of town but it's another another. Meat stop. Five. Fingers. On. A spur-of-the-moment change, of plans while we were gonna head out downtown to eat at a neat spot that Matt Cruz knows about but then we decided to actually stop by a place to eat the, five finger kabobs first him. And. Its fat, meat fat meat we're coming back to the kitchen he's about to throw that on the grill. I've. Had quite a few different kebabs in my life but I have never had the 5x5. Fear kabob so I'm very excited for this one. It, is an entire hand of a kebab I can do a little bones like. That right. Yeah, sure. So. This is the Tashkent specialty, yep yeah Tashkent, special, please, welcome. Conceded. You. Never go hungry. It's. Almost like a steak, but then at the bottom of all the skewers, is a bone, that you like skewered, through so, they're all still attached I got one chunk of fat one one, chunk of meat. Will. Have fat. That. Just, melts. There's. Some locals. We. Pre approve it it, is what it is yes the, fish injure its best. What. Is it called in fish, Punjab that's, fats make it with onions yeah. It's. So good that is. That's. Why I'm candy. Down. The road like right next to her we just had the Fivefinger kebabs there's a place that serves these donuts well kind of like fried, fried. Like dumplings, donuts, but filled with a mix of organs, organ. Meat innards. They. Also served with the tomato sauce. All. Right. Oh yeah. They are hot, they're like oversized. Egg shapes. Is, it good I never. Tried them, really. Haha. It is like a donut but like a savory. Donut and then you do have like the different texture of all the organ, meat in there. Well, yeah. I was, dozing off on the way here that was like a 15 or 20 minute ride but we've. Had so much food today I was dozing off in the car but we made it as soon as you step out of the van you can smell the meat oh yeah. This looks like a spot. Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho. I. Feel. Good so, it basically, tatin. Newly meet with. A juniper. Tree, spice. That herb on there that's a janitor's, uniform, yeah. Yeah, we call it our chair so, it gives that little. Door. And the. Taste. But. Actually, this is an entire little market, here oh there's, like a bunch, of different food that you can choose from. Palette. A, bubbling. Vat of cow, feet, just, bubbling. Away you can see that collagen, just juicing. And just like it's, it's thick and so he just sliced, a piece of it's, very, wobbly this is the cow like gelatin. Tastes. Like like, tendon that's cow foot jelly. What's. The name of the sausage soup. That's a hussar pasta, it's like a blood sausage but there's organs in it there's rice and there's chunks of fat it's jiggly its jiggly it's very jiggly let's go for it let's go for it. Well. Well. That's pretty hardcore, that's, like mmm. Yeah really good flavors. Cannot. Concentrate on water oh my gosh, we'll see you and then a fried potato. Or, is really good, you. Practice snacking, paradise, there's just like hands. Full of chicken, and lamb legs and potatoes, and sausage, then. This is beautiful, oh and the cow foot which we already sample. Looks. Like an oily sauce it's a dry like. Like dry spice rub, to it but then at the same time it's kind of like mmm. Oh another. Potato not fun well, this one is more like a it. Feels a little more like like, juicy. Never. Get it uncle just. Handed me a pickle. And by, the way this is a 24-hour, market you can come here 24 hours a day it's on the side of the highway really. Good meat they're so friendly. That's. A very cool spot and it's just places, like that in Uzbekistan. Where the the culture, where the the. Generosity, and, kindness of people just shines. Can, you quickly tell us what is a Tirana yeah, yeah Shahana, is a quite, a culture, we, can call it like a gentlemen's, club occasionally. We gaze it with a friends, and we can discuss some issues and, they can bring their own ingredients, and there, are really excellent chefs and they cook the meal but the same time typically there's not it's, not a restaurant it's not a restaurant no they do prepare, food yeah it's like a restaurant as a service, we are here for a very special dish, this restaurant.

Is Very well known for oxtail. Yeah. So it's very exotic this you posed big people so let's, give it a try if this is like a power slipping place. Marley. Come hello hello, good, how are you. Well. There goes its plate of food but this is beautiful, you've got this inner courtyard. Rival. Like, Cabana rooms. Already. The table is filled with food there's fruit, there's. Some. Meat dishes and cheeses, and drinks, and then just you know already tell it's just gonna be a feast, piles, of fruit there's a platter of more sausage, there's, some cheese there's like sculptures. Of vegetables, and herbs a. Tree. Of herbs and then just the display like, the community, the the, social, aspect, of it it's it's beautiful, and something like I've never seen before. My first time breaking that was Vic bread, is. There a method you should do it don't know it was kind of break it up and then. You have Tabler chunks, that is comfortably, the pound for one person, yeah something, like perfect, handheld. Chunky, and you know, pasta. You can do it yeah I didn't. Cross the table yeah. Thank, you. Hello. Hello nice to meet you nice to meet you too. Traditional. Rice soup, masala. Mm-hmm. Well you can really taste the carrots, in there and then also the dill and then either there's a bits of meat mixed, within the rice and you can add a little bit of that cream to the soup as well oh. Yeah. That, pickins it up that makes it a little come home got that like kind of sour yogurt he tastes okay next step for the the some stock course. Giant. Platter and check out these they. Are, they. Are both there's, two sides they're like little twins one, is vegetarian, side one is meat and then I'm not totally sure which one is the the meat which one is the vegetable but we will just take a bite and find out. I. Got. The meat first. Okay. Next up for the delicacy which is a horse sausage is called puzzie and you have to take off this this skin. And there's always hope. That's, the fat right there that, little chunk of white horse, fat but, then it's like a it's. A salty, preserved. Or sausage. It's so good. So. So. Rich and succulent, anyhow that fact it, is like meat butter and it has like been in salt here to it Wow. We're. Gonna share a pair together he, has organized, this entire Cana. The food all. Of us gathering, us together and so I want to say a huge thank you it's it's, a huge honor to have, this opportunity and, to experience. This part of húsavík. Culture. And hospitality. And it's it's, an honor thank. You thank you. We're. Gonna go back to the kitchen now where they're gonna prepare the main dish the oxtail. An. Entire. Ox tail which has been cooked and braised in its own juices for over four hours that smells, unbelievable it's. Like soupy. From. Fat, and that Merrill that's cooked out and, that. Was the kitchen now we're going back to the table to eat the main course. Is. Why our. Sport. At, Brookes fight off like a baby. Skin you know we call it baby skin. We. Call it baby skin. It's. Just falling, apart and there's so much that it's. Yeah and they say you've got to eat it really fast because, it will freeze in the, in the cold air look. At the tenderness that's almost insane you almost cannot even use a fork because, it just barely, even pokes. Whoa. Unbelievable. Ooh this is like one of the most tender softest. Like. Gummy things I have ever tasted.

I. Think. I have a cure I have a cure it's so soft it's so tender. Literally. It's unbelievable, that, might be the one of the richest things I've. Ever eaten. Literally. Melted. Fat all right. An. Entire mouthful of melted fat I need to wash that down with some hot green tea. To. Balance, of course. Okay. So the next course is the PLAAF course, which is the rice course, we put it onto a plate and. Then he topped it with some of the horse sausage, some quail eggs some, dolma, some. Crispy. Lamb chunks. And that's. The next course good guest it's really an honor to to, take the first bite but yeah you can just see the every, grain is just oiled. Good. Guest. Has been served the wall has gone. That. Is like just meat covering, rice and, it's so good it's salty, you. Can taste the onion the carrots it's the caramelized carrot in there. Thank. You so much. Let. Me tell, you how it unfolded. But we met baha yesterday, hello. Hello. Hello how are very, good he watches our videos, he. Through. Some social media he found out that we were in town and he. Took it upon himself he took it it was his initiative to put the entire event. Together he, he. Supplied the food he got everyone, together he. Organized, the entire thing, and so I want to say a huge, thank you it was incredibly. Special, it was such an honor to have a chance to experience that to, to. Experience, the, ultimate. Generosity. And kindness of, Uzbekistan. Dov, Baha, and the, whole the whole crew, and thank you to Beck crews for, all, of his organizing. For for, doing. So much for us as well again, it's been a very long day I'm very sleepy, so I'm gonna head that but 10:00 tomorrow we, are on our way to Samarkand, which, is a historical. Centre along. The Silk Road of with Becca Stein but I'll explain much more about that tomorrow in the next video thank, you so much for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you and if, you're not already subscribed click. Subscribe now and also click that little bell icon so that you get notified of the next video that I publish that's it I'm going to bed goodnight see you on the next video tomorrow.

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eating out of another grown man's hand? imma pass on that one

00:18 Feed me papa.. Yes, baby boy..

Whenever i want to tourcher myself I watch your viedeos

S-A-M-S-A okey


Isn't Borat from Uzbekistan?

Awesome journey bro

Can woman go to the dinner place in the video? Somehow I get a feeling that only man is allowed.

Hi there visit to my country and you can get culinary orgasm:)))

So much meat lol. I see no veggies at all. How can they eat so much meat only?

Droplets of deliciousness

Whoa! The guy who organized that feast is definitely organized, eating them organs...

Best vid for ages Mark!

Wow! Yummy

Welcome to Uzbekistan . I been in Uzbekistan till 1. December

And now go to Hungary.

I think that was one of the foods.

Beautiful video

That oxtail looks so delicious. The entire meal...awesome

As always fantastic video Mark. I have reached a stage that I need to see your video every day. You are a global phenomena

Mmm mmm, cow foot.

Turks and Uzbeks brotherhood !

Wonderful guide, fab company ❤ Uzbekistan seems like a fun place! Thanks Mark

Love it.

Thank you for uploading such a great video! I’m from Uzbekistan but live in the US. Very glad to see my country and its’ food!

Loved this video!!! thank you for sharing!!!

That was borat with you there ? xd

From the bottom of my heart I want to express my gratitude and respect to all the generous people who put together such a nice representation of our Uzbek culture! :) I have traveled all over the world, and objectively the best climate, food are in Uzbekistan. Have I already mentioned fruit and vegetables? :) It is God's blessed place for my beloved countrymen I have missed for so long...

Are you getting a belly ? Hee Hee ! just kidding buddy and thank you...

Hi dear come to quetta Pakistan

Me: Saves money for Europe......... Mark: uploads the video........................ Me: 'sorry Europe'...( heads eastward instead) Salom, do'stim!

Course after course after course after course and look at how thin they are... wow. I love seeing the food Mark, but I kinda balked at hor** meat. I am not sure about that. LOL. I am Caribbean national so you can understand.

Do visit Islamabad I'm a big big fan of you

U are in gilgit??

What's with the hounds yapping?

So few women!

Mark will be horsing around.


Is it just me who loves this channel

The food looks like delicious and the guys so handsome

https://youtu.be/NV2vkF5SIeo .....sir watch this kalibali thali

Assalam alaykum Raxmat

the same old picture in Kashgar, Uygurs capital in China, seems like Uzbek accustomed to capitalizm despite Communist roots..those Donuts is called Baursak, fried dough ..Mark, would you show uzbek beautiful girls, they clamed them to be the top beauty in the World...

myra carra yes and talented like Lola Astanova pianist

they pay too much time and money to their so called religion, which makes them backwards so fast

i sear this guy with the suit has the accent from the Dictator movie

mark, we're waiting for your new zealand and abu dhabi travel vlogs

Beautiful. ..beautiful country and wonderful food

Woow!!! Everything looks soooooo delicious. not only looks but also tastes even better!!!!Wooohooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark nice OX tail dinner , you missed me there

Hello Mark! How are you? I was surprised to know that you are in pakistan. I am from islamabad and I am a huge fan of your vlogs. Wish i could meet you . Thanks for coming to pakistan. Hope to see the videos soon. Are you still here?

Another reason to come to Uzbekistan is hiking and skiing https://youtu.be/P9Svae2U8pY


The guy eating with mark @ 2:50 is so cute

I see ur videos regularly and enjoy the way u eat . I wish u could taste Pakistani food

Hi mark u r amazing ur facial expressions omg

Eagerly waiting for your Pakistan tour videos. Super excited

Your so lucky to travel to these amazing places that have what it looks like delicious food. How did you get into this?

Its just like .... Kachori

I m amazing the way uzbakestani people are very humble people i love you guys good peole nd food is very cheap then ather countrys country's

I don't know why the man got so mad at Mark at 2:12 maybe he wasn't pronouncing it right

Bekruz assistant boy is really cute. J's.

Mark, I'm hungry

Thanks for the good video. It made me learn the national food culture. And practice English. I like your pronunciation very much. It's charm. And make me want to speak English as well as you. Finally, I hope you make this great video. I will follow you.

that samosa look like it fried crisp in that baking oven. I probably die from overeating if i get to that place. Damn that a good looking baked good there.

Love uzbekistan from Pakistan.....

I would have a tummy ache after all this

I definitely want to visit Uzbekistan, surely many other will be lured by these amazing dishes and lovely people. " Rahmat" for this video.

I would like 5 dozen Somsa shipped to California, please. Those look amazing. Love the last meal together, so kind of Baha and Rashad to put it all together for our enjoyment. I wish I could visit, the foods look amazing and the people are so kind. Foods and cultures from other lands is what makes love and peace in the world. ♥

Oxirgacha kôrolmadim, bu ovqatlarni kôrib ishtaham ochilib, blet olib uzbekistonga ketgim keldi

I love samosa..That crisp..! Yumm

Welcome 2 Pakistan..

i must say this people love baking

What meat

да узбеки удивили

waauw !! respect for the people they are so friendly! yummy food! enjoy!

not good for vegetarian but whatever

I think the Chevy Spark must be the official car of Uzbekistan, they're everywhere!

Mark, when will you visit Jamaica?


will be there as soon as they start a direct flight LAX-Tashkent

Such a great culture wish mark bumps into one of thier street music band best vibes

I think I should visit Uzbekistan love the people food and kind hospitality and off course Love to see Mark to sharing such a great information

I'm gonna tell you something - It's not SOMSA do you understand it's SAMOSA( its S A M O S A )!!!!

How he is acting like mark xD 20:00 funny guy hahaha

Good looking food for sure, but I would miss the alcoholic drinks to help wash it down.

Thank you for letting us discover Ouzbékistan cuisine!


i love how the people touch their chests/hearts when you thank them. beautiful

The people in Uzbekistan are so friendly ❤️

you are great mark showing us whats hidden :)

That gentleman club is another name for a uzbek state run mafia club thats all

Nicd bifro

My day is incomplete without your video Mark Love u and ur videos,,, Chao love from India!!! :D

Hai sir I like your videos. God bless you sir. Warm welcome to kerala.


your food partners are attractive

Even though I didn’t like their food at all, Uzbekistan is in my list now to visit definitely for their amazing friendly people

Uzbek people can keep the animal fat and export the meat to other countries.

Such a lovely and beautiful country with some great architecture. But looks like they prefer chunks of fat then the meat.

This is definitely the most animal fat loving nation in the world

hey mark! come to Mexicali for a delicious food tour!

All that food looks awesome and people are very nice. Looks like a great place to visit

Loved their way of greeting guests

This man is sitting down with some important people. Keep doing it man!

Try south Indian foods

Don’t go here if you’re on a diet seriously

Very good hospitality from the people in uzbekistan..

mark is so humble

Before Watching this Video, i was thinking that Uzbekistan is only famous for Fruits, like Water melons, but they have some extra ordinary meaty foods.

This would be such a great way to make Indian vegetarian Samosa (instead of usual way of frying them) - this Uzbek style of cooking/baking looks so amazing, maybe Indians can use Tandoor (clay oven) to make samosa with regular potato filling but then cook it this way! That would be such a great alternative to those (like me) who don't like deep-fried foods but love Samosa. And only $5.89 for that ENTIRE lunch meal platter?????????? Hot damn! I wouldn't have imagined it to be that cheap!

Oooohhh! Love the drone shots, the people looks so nice and kind ❤️ and the food!

That was like food porn :) lol very delish

oh wow

Respects to Gentleman who gave the last treat.. Superb

If I can hit more like buttons, I'll definitely do 10000000000000000. You are taking me to world tour !!!!! More I watch your videos, more I want !!!!!!!!!

Mark wiens u find out about nnn versions of food with ur wife nd son. Hats of to u. I love to watching ur videos

Hi Mark you have made hundreds of videos all of them good but these videos from Uzbekistan are just ultimate peak. I worked in this amazing country 6 years it turned me as 30 kgs but worth to each kilo :)

Ying is glowing! Your a lucky man mark


I have been gaining weight since i discovered your vlogs

thanx for coming to pakistan eagerly waitingfor your video?

A plate of kebab, a kilo of lamb and fries and salad cost only 6 bucks? really ? I feel like there's a 0 missing.

Inter sucks

Loved it

It's beautiful when people share food like brothers.

I have never heard of this place...but I want to go so bad!

looks like a beautiful, peaceful country

affordable looking good foods, clean city, good looking people, nice architecture

i feel so hungry every time i watch you lol

Please sir come Pakistan .....

Are u still in Peshawar ? We want to invite you home

Was hoping to see a video from Mark on this beautiful Sunday morning in New York.

Remarkable thing about Mark is, he insanely positive about food, people, places he visits and most importantly his simplistic approach like eating food by hand and lot more.....Lots of love Mark

Yo you sure do make food extraordinary lol

your best upload to date

That oxtail, bucket list!

Waiting for your pakistan tour vlog.when are you going to upload ?

seems that Uzbekistan locals are hospitable and nice :-)

Mark mark mark! I wanna Meet you

Mark i heard you are in Pakistan. Well! I am in peshawar, i will love to meet you and take you to my favourite food spots. Contact me if possible +923059266689

I thought Muslims can't eat horse meat?

you're killing it with this one. fantastic. must get there!

Hey hi Mark, i’m from Kazakhstan, you can come here as well) we’ll wait you)

How about handshaking to greet? Haha

Mark, I think you love uzbek ingredients like fruits, meat tastes, and many others. You prefer restaurant than Chaykhana.

roasted mutton,It's only 5-6 dollars a meal~~~~

I think you should visit ALBANIA!

Afghanistan and Uzbekistan have same culture

Link up in Jamaica


It's totally awesome to see you immersed in the culture good job and a job well done

All that meat. Some folks are gonna need a good cleansing.

Uzbekistan is amazing! wow!

I can even imagine feeding myself without using spoon or fork .It is so good to see this culture .They are very kind .

Love you and your family

Bro you to mech eating

Funny, all the uzbek people in the video speak Russian...

I have to commend you for RESPECT for culture!!!

Watching this series of video makes me want pack my bag and fly to uzbek.

Wow, that last feast looked amazing. From the food to the presentation everything looked wonderful. Such nice people and great looking food.

Bekhruz got to take it easy with s-a-m-s-a

all the people - the folks that ate with mark as well as the vendors - seemed super nice!

OMG. Uzbekistan is totally beyond my imagination. The food is amazing and people seem so nice. I have to go there.

What a mouth-watering and appetite boostins vlog again here. If I were that man, I will do the same, I will organize a fiest too and let you in. I just want you to visit our place here in Maguindanao, (Southern) Philippines, nothing much here, I just want you to taste our Tilapya fish (St. Peter) and our very own Dodol, our version of chocoloate. It's basically made of rice and coconut milk mix with sugar. I've been quite watching your vlogs Mark, and I just thankful for every vlog you've uploaded because you're taking us veiwers with you to all the places you've been, you introduce us to many delicacies and so, so many delicious food and boosts our appetite, and it's quite a remedy for every person like me with disability but with passion of making vlog but I have no equipment to do so. Anyway, you know what there's this one thing that amazes me after watching your vlog, I always get hungry, so ridiculuos.

mark you have to come to argentina

This was like kabob school. Great vlog as usual! Don't ever stop!

SAMSA. Not SOMSA as written on the title of thie video.

Such a pleasure to see this awesome video... great culture and men at dinner.

Why Uzbek people speak Russian language?

Его эмоции - самый лучший переводчик!

Mark is the new Anthony bourdain you should work for cnn

Hey sir Please visit Bangladesh.

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