Dangerous Food in Brazil - BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU EAT THIS! | Traditional Brazilian Food in Goiás!

Dangerous Food in Brazil - BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU EAT THIS! | Traditional Brazilian Food in Goiás!

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Hey everyone I hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens I am in goiânia, in the state of goiás in, central western Brazil we're gonna especially, focus today on a local fruit called pecky which is a semi, dangerous. Fruit, but it's loved, in the street it's one of those fruits that you either love or you hate and it's gonna be my first time to try it I can't wait to try out we're starting at the market we're gonna walk around we're gonna eat some snacks we're gonna get a feel for the city then, we're gonna go to lunch it's a little drive away to the, it's a place called go ice the, via valet and then we're gonna come back and eat some Street food so that's the plan for the day it's going to be an incredible. Day of unique, food exploring, the fruit. Bomani. Good. Morning. You're good in itself awesome, you're, here mercado, central, in, goiânia men a lot of hand. Crafts local, food and we're. Gonna see like which, fruits, are available, and, we're gonna try the impede, on step into the market immediately greeted, by an abundance, of produce, there's cheeses, there's grains, there's, both, fresh. Things but, then they also have precooked, food here as well this is a biggie, chili. Sauce it's such a like spacious. Wide, alley market, oh here's some of the clay. Pots and clay pots are very important, for cooking in Brazil cooking, in this region, the local traditional, food the. Guy here said it's it's. Strong but, it for, today what, do you got the other be chilled, meteor. Mangia. That's, the infidel, that's awesome that's huge oh this here giggling chicken. Sausage onions. Tomatoes, that's known with all the different yeah yeah yeah yeah. You. Take a yellow bar. Stool, and it's all just counter tops even you're sitting right in front of the case of a banal Aziz this one is like a super-sized one which is the state, of glass style which is there's meat in here a variety. Of different sausages, get, ahead of me just opened it up and then added some of that chili sauce the chili sauce that's unbelievably, good. Oh yeah. Got, a good bit of that chili sauce which, has a wonderful like sour, spiciness. To it almost like a meat stew in the center as delicious and hearty the next one that we're going to try is the from go picky, which is the it's chicken with, the fruit that pecky fruit. I. Could like taste it spin, like the fumes before, I took up fire that does have an amazing. Like pungent, flavor, cheesy, very. Tropical very, very, tropical like immediately you taste like like. Jungle. I cannot. Overemphasize. How, good the. Chili, sauces are in Brazil. This. One is without whadya robot which is a type, of heart of palm right yes, is another, thing I've never tried part of palm, this type of part of palm oh. Yeah. Oh yeah, I'm, gonna taste a little bit of bitterness and. Then sort of pass the texture of bamboo. Shoots. This. Jacoba, we're stopping by another fruit shop this, has. A fruit. Some of them are kind of like dry in like pods the fruit that we're gonna try is called kotoba which is it looks yet it's kind of like a hard shell he has to crack it open.

I. Assume that's the boy okay. This is good mark my. Mobile, develop in the end it feels like fossilized. Powder, like. In a pod. Wow. It, smells like almost like powdered milk. Tastes. Like powdered milk but with like a turns to like cream when. It mixes with your saliva maybe, the type of fruit that you would really make something with rather than like just snack on it like. That is. Mmm. I love. Catching new fruits well difference to me that I've never tried before oh yeah, don't, take too big of a bite or, I'll have a dry mouth that's almost like bread that was enough water a political, battle what. Did, you. Well. This is that's a seed inside of it oh wow. Yeah. You can hear it rattling around but, that tastes that, taste. Yeah it's very sweet kind of like leathery, and has. A reason, taste to it we got to move though because we got to go we're, gonna from here we're gonna take a two-hour drive to. An amazing, family. Local. Restaurant, all right. That degrees, yeah but how, do I not. That. Was a beautiful Drive that took about two hours we arrived, to, the old city we're right in the historic, center of goiás and this, is a beautiful, city that it's, not even cobblestone, but these are like straight, stone. Slab, roads, there's a church the buildings. It's gorgeous, that I love how there's. Just massive, trees, even in the middle, of the. Road this. Is like the center town square, we're, gonna go straight to go eat because it's lunchtime. It's. So incredibly, beautiful the, streets, the construction. The Heritage I'm just, loving the walk even to get to the restaurant. This. Is the spot restaurant, a bracero, and they're, known for their traditional it's. Just a home traditional. This is the type of restaurant I get psyched about. The. Owner is so friendly thank, you so nobody got. An. Amazing, restaurant you can immediately smell the smoke because they cook over fire all of the dishes. Coming. Back into the kitchen where they have the entire stove burning all everything. Is cooked over wood some. Things are cooked in big giant, like iron kettles, two others are cooked in clay the, these. Are just local. Local. Dishes. Cooked with love it's beautiful. Poverty. God oh I'm. Loving, this place the food you get all the aromas and, actually, one of the main dishes we wanted to eat here is that pecky which is step fruit but, they didn't make it today but she. Is so nice she said she's gonna make us an email. Is. It okay to taste they, speed them. That, is the picky picky, fruit that she just took, out and, she's gonna boil she just put it into a pot right now that's gonna boil I'm not sure what she's gonna make exactly, but that is the fruit that is the unique fruit oh it's, just beautiful like the orange and yellow colors of it. Well. Just don't think each mm. It's. Like when you really like a rabbit, you know look. We. All lose the, teeth like. Like a rodent animal. Right. But. It's a dangerous fruit you can't bite into the whole fruit or the spikes little spikes from what I understand, I like stick to your tongue okay, here it goes my first time just kind of like. I'm. Being a little cautious just kind of taking the, outside. Flesh, I, think. It's like straight cheese cheese. On seed you, want to like bite the entire thing but that. Would be bad news that's. Great though it's so like oily too even on my fingers you can feel like almost like avocado, oil and then, if you get into it you get them in here head um is opening one you can see like the little like spikes. In it oh yeah look you do not want to mess with that and, that will like actually stick to your number oh yeah well sharp. As. We're waiting for the pet key the owner has blended us a this is a cashew, fruit, smoothie. I've eaten the cashew fruit before but I've never had a smoothie, of it you can see she also garnished, it with a little cashew, fruit on the side like a miniature, a mini one this, is it's, gorgeous, it's bubbling, it's frothy. Oh. Wow. That. Has like a cellar, strawberry. Taste to it slightly, like. Alcoholic. Taste to it and it, does have that but it's almost like strawberry, like that's, that's incredible that is not water this, is homemade sugar cane alcohol the owner of the restaurant really wants us to taste his sugarcane, liquor oh.

Yeah. That's strong and then you chase it with the cashew the, cashew fruit. Yeah. That's like really, strong followed by like really sour it, is almost like strawberry, like it's. Strong but it also it smells nice. She. Boiled the the picki for at least like 30 minutes then. She added it to the chicken she added it to the chicken immediately, you could smell that aroma cheesy. Fruitiness. They look like little egg yolks. Mainly. Her name is Cassie Mira hey how see me that she is an amazing, cook she's the main cook she's so friendly she is she, is taking care of us and the dish is almost ready it's, unbelievably. Fragrant, I am. Ecstatic. To try out. Another. Dish that I just smelled over here bubbling. Away this is a preserved, like like, smoked, meat, it smells, so good and I can almost you, get I think there must be like some sugar in there the sauce looks almost like caramel Eve. Where. We dig into the main dish you wanted us to try this beef which has been simmering in that pot. Such. Pure beef it's. So lean so, but also bone, bone. Okay. Let's. Get started with the full meal it's. All buffet self-service. So even you, even they have some salads at the front but you even come to the kitchen where. The dishes are still cooking and heating to serve, yourself I'm going rice first because this is what you want to lay. Your face down for. Before. You dig into the picky, stew and I mean if I really want to eat right now is to pick these two so I'm gonna get some of the chicken first. Chicken. On there Vicky, you. Accidentally, forget that it's a picky and just like chomp down on the whole thing you would actually like supper and then just, drizzle, it in. Sauce. Sauce, it and then go over here to some of the beans like you really sticky, really hearty beans all the stickiness, of that beans. Do with this, looks like parts. One. Meatball you ball on the side here roll. Boys. On you but is more like a colada died on, this side there nobody. Got oh. Okay. There's. Also salads, but I think I'll have to wait for round two for salads. So. Excited, I. Got. A variety of the different dishes but that yeah, that main dish is the pecky with the chicken stew you can like as you're carrying, your plate around like the entire restaurant can just smell of the fruit it kind of I was just trying to think what it smells like it does kind of smell like jackfruit, it kind of has almost a bunt like a overly. Pungent, banana, aroma. I'm gonna first just taste the rice with the. Picky sauce that she boiled out. Oh yes. So. Unique, like it's a salty, chicken stew that has it really like like. Kind of like chicken peppery, broth taste to it but, then with that like fruity. Jack, fruity taste they do kind of look like egg yolks but they are far from egg yolks people, do say it as a dangerous fruit because you got to know if you don't know and if you just take a bite of it you're like in real, serious, trouble like you could your, tongue might be in danger of never tasting, again like.

You, Do really oh. Wow. When, it's cooked it's almost like it. Almost takes on more of a starchy. Like. Hardened, cheese but, like with a banana like, a pungent banana taste I kind of creamy. Almost. Like the texture of a bean now, that has been cooked you. Don't want to get too overly excited about eating this because. It's so delicious and then end up with, a with. A cone. That's. Just like your tongue torn apart. That's. The ocean oh that's unbelievably, unique when. You touch it with your fingers it feels like avocado, oil has to be healthy to. The beans and, feijoada. And I, think that's pork skin chunks, of pork skin in there too. Do, that. Porks can just melt in your mouth and with those starchy booze here home cooking and you taste the fire, in it as well and, they've got a piece of sausage in here too beans. And rice what. A what. A combination, of all of that. Roll, of dough with meat inside and tomato sauce. Feels. Like a noodle wrapper much, more of like a pancake minced. Me in the middle with a very vibrant tomato, sauce chef, with a piquillo yeah. True. But, the flavor is just it's unbelievably. Good yes like it's so unique. Hearty. Food okay, I'm gonna try some of the juices that the, owner just brought us a. Local. Couple yeah all right. Didn't. Not. Sure what this one is but it's a green juice a local fruit. All. That tastes like soursop, good. Name got. That yeah. I have no clue how to say in English. Because. There's some fruits, Brazilian fruits for example jabuticaba, there is no meanie and, it just says yeah but you know. It originates, here it's from here yes and it's like this. Is where you have to try it's kind of like minty kind of like sour soppy. Delicious. Okay. Next juice this is the kasha. Oh. Ho. Ho that's. Like it. Tastes like Mary Ann plum like. Like a stronger, mango. Mm-hmm. Wow. And like, almost like apricot. At the same time the last juice is the tamarind the juice oh. That's. Amazing and, I've had tamarind like countless.

Countless, Times, in so, many things but, this is really, good the way she's made it it's extra sour and just. Balance to a sweetness. Okay. Add a little chillies you know going for that meatball next. The. Meatball. That's. Just like solid, condensed, meat. They're. Very fine grind, wetback for some vegetables. Got. Some, I think it's green zucchini we, think it's green zucchini but not wholly. Caracal. Yeah okay, final picky. You. Gotta yeah you have to nibble. On it like a rabbit, yeah actually tastes like cheddar cheese. Oh. Buddy. Gotta open okay. Thank you talk to God open together ciao, thank you so much over, the genovian, I'm gonna gallo amazing. Amazing, thank, you thank, you. That. Was a spectacular, meal. Oh my, god oh my god she, is so nice, Anna, she, took care of us she, calls us all by name here, yeah, it's. Amazing and, all. Oh. My, god oh man. That, was special. They got so special, and honor to be here Leo. Valeo. Starring. Oh yes saddened oh yes, a bomb, demise a bandha my fears have own demise ah well, you know obrigada. We've. Even said goodbye probably. Like 10 times before, leaving that. Just. The food the hospitality, the culture, that it. Will leave you just smiling. Walking. Away we're just gonna walk around for a little bit this town get, a few more shots just walk, around just enjoy the peacefulness, of this town and, then drive back to the city bowl up the bowl. At posh yeah. For. Good after that means good afternoon afternoon. You're going across the bridge this is such, a picture-perfect. Little. Town and we're almost to the church the natural beauty then just how warm and friendly and welcoming everybody. Is here. How, much are the coconuts. 5v5. Each. One. Ties. Over. Telephone. Telephone. Sorry. Yes it's almost like a wine. Corkscrew. Remover, that he opens the coconut that's so fast and efficient oh. Yeah. Oh that's, refreshing, that's so good perfectly, sweet a little bit sour under. The tree this. Is, fabulous. It's. Called igreja de NOSSA senhora, door. Oh sorry oh it's, so quiet so peaceful the. Murals around. Yes. It. Was an absolute, pleasure and joy to walk around town this.

Is The old city of guys and, yeah. What a beautiful, spectacular. Place highly recommended, to visit well, worth the drive from Guyana in the the main city we're, now driving back to the main city and we're gonna have a few Street foods when we get back. Oh. My. God we, arrived back into town and we came straight to a place to eat like a tamale it's made from corn and this, place is amazing it's in a parking lot a sea of corn husks they've, gone through just a mound, of corn unfortunately, we got here kind of late they're almost sold out but they literally they just had one left for, us to taste so, I'm grateful they, had one more for us but, yeah this is a type of place you gotta get here really early because it's so popular it sells out. She. As I was logging she, brought out another one so we got one chicken one beef. In. Brazil, they call Pomona. Oman. Memorial, yeah it's kinda, like the Brazilian tamales, we have different flavors you know this one is kind of like cutting this all beef. In it with the beef and then the. Chicken brown going Jenni we also have the sweet ones, we bother with South plain. And it is a typical dish from Boise. State so. Do this will be the dessert, kind. Of these. Are monster, - they're huge, so. This is a full meal it's not meal like it's not absolutely. Told me originally, we weren't gonna be able to have the full spectrum of of them, but now we got a sweet one so there they're warming, up they have a few leftovers, still. Left so we got now three varieties all. Right we're gonna try the beef one first Cheers. Salty. Huh yeah, it's like salty, but. It's like sweet, corn right yeah sweet corn it's sweet home because it's are very, sweet rather than the, the. Non sweet field corn it has that immediate sweetness, oh that's. Incredibly, delicious and yes. That's, a wise move right there. Add. Some hot sauce all, over it. And. Then, you teach their shreds of beef in a new it's such a balancing yeah. There's cheese I think this is Kurt Kurt cheese in here cheese, low wow that's a whole like yeah that's, a whole string of cheese that. With the cheese. I'm. Almost positive guards. That's. Goat cheese with, the sausage awesome, it's a shower it's, almost fruity, and spicy. It is it looks like something so simple so flavorful, let's, try the chicken. One it's tried the chicken one waterfall. It like I'm actually impressed how good it is cheers Cheers chicken one oh you did away with your Park. It's. Good. Okay. Let's try the sweet roll that's we won wait it comes with cheese comes the cheese.

Oh Yeah, there's a whole stick of cheese in. But. We're gonna go do. It's almost like pudding yeah like. My favorite before I join you right now yeah, really is almost like putting like corn pudding I say my favorite, is the beef one but they're all good like, impressively, good we have one more thing to eat on this food tour today it's. Gonna be some grilled some. Drug things. Bumping. It's so, packed it's so energetic, it's so lively the meat is just roasting. Away they. Have this unique grilling system where they have two layers of the grill but one of the kebabs that we're here to eat especially is, the chili kebab the Pieta kebab, it's, like a chili which is stuffed with ground meat wrapped in bacon and grilled over the charcoal and it smells incredible. Part, Brazilian. Steakhouse, part, like beer garden, just an amazing. Vibrant. Energetic. Lively. Place really, friendly, as well and you can just smell the meat like in this entire neighborhood. Alcohol. I've just been told to just take a bite from, the kebab that's the best way to do it just take a bite out and this is a beautiful skewer Chili's there's, amazing kind of like popping out this OP it's stuffed with minced meat and then wrapped with bacon. Oh it's. Amazing, not, spicy at all but. The pepper is so fragrant it's. Sweet and hard, then. Filled with meat and then you've got that bacon, umami. You gotta try that. You, come you'll meet other people. In there cover. Not spicy at all. Delicious, all right I. Know what we need to do we need that scorpion, you see gotta get on my hohohoho. Kind. Of like that bacon. Crackling. The owner it's so nice he just brought over the signature dish which is like a mountain, of pork cracklings, okay, and we're about to taste the, Trinidad, scorpion chilli, sauce on that chilli chilli on Chile. Definitely. Not that fighting nice. Got. That buddy out. Wow. That is just like, unbelievably. Crispy, and. Crunchy, next the rice. Plate, with, those beans on the side and I think that's cassava flour. Wonderful. Simple. Rice. Beans and the. Refreshing tomato. I'm, not driving to be a little bit chewy but really flavorful, in the video oh nice. To meet you have to meet you oh my god okay. Next. Up for the tongue I'm. Gonna sauce it. The Duncans Osaka, it's almost creamy. Kenichi. Meza finish on your. Ideas. Onions. Stuffed with minced meat like half doc I think they told us and, then I think there's cheese in the middle as well and then wrapped in bacon and they're, like cool ball sized.

There's. Cheese squeezing, out the that, squeezed out the bottom. I. Think a little bit of the Trinidad scorpion would, be in order for this one. It's, not really that spicy the. Reaper was a lot spicier. That's to look good. Oh. Wow. We. Have come to the end of this just. Incredible. Day in Brazil, this has been such, a fun day such. An educational. Sets are such a learning day the highlight for me was definitely the the, drive out to see, daddy day guys want to say a huge thank you to get ahead of me and Rafaela, and i'll leave their links in the description box below and also if you haven't already checked out this entire playlist of brazilian food and travel videos i'll leave the link in the description, box below but we've traveled all around brazil eating, some of the best food it's been an incredible. Learning, trip, of Brazil so go, check out all the rest of the videos and I. Want to say a big thank you for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you and if you're not already subscribed, click. Subscribe and also click the little bell icon so that you get notified of the next video that I'm I publish, thanks again for watching good night from Brazil see you on the next video.

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