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I'm. Going out way tonight are. You close to. Here. I'm. Feeling down. So, surreal. I don't, ask for much no, I don't need them much. Baby. You, were like me wanna, be free like. A son. I'm. Feeling, down. Way wedding, bad. But. I'm glad you here. So. It. Slow. It, down. Baby. Can. You guys say good morning. You. Say good morning Jay. Can. You say good morning Grayson. The. Girls are obsessed with these body. Armor drinks I just went to the store last night after they went to bed and I, stocked up on these strawberry, bananas my favorite flavor is that what that is yeah. But, I cannot drink these drinks in front of them or they will want it right. There's. Apple in it too oh. Yeah. Maybe a little bit it just says strawberry, banana though. But. If I drink these drinks in front of them they. Just beg me for it so I had to give them each one because they were fighting over it. You. Ready for your breakfast, soon, yeah. Yeah. He's. So, handsome in your little onesie I love those onesie on him and he's about to grow out of it so. Sad. To. See Heidi. A. Once. Felt, I'm done with the defense. Draw, back and, come over your friends, hired to show show, you that. So. You were. Your, shoulders. And, closed-off, that's what I told her, soon enough. Everything, started, to change. Back no. Going back there's no going back to your. Good. Morning you guys I just got the girls off to school, we, are home now I just put Grayson down for a nap and Chloe. Is outside. Right now just basking, in the Sun. But. I stopped, my target, on my way home from dropping the girls off at school and they, have so many cute things in, the dollar section right now for like crafts for kids like, fall crafts, they have a ton of stuff for Halloween, to. Run. On the dizzying. Felt like, nothing. Could stop bus sunsets. Remember. The colors. They were, wrong it was way more than a dream. So, right down. You, throw. It on having, my mind. Back no. Going back there's no coming back to your. I'm feeling it tonight riding. On the dizzying. So. I picked up a couple things for them to do after, school today I still need to clean up everything from breakfast so I did not have time to do that this morning when we were running out the door but, this is everything that I got from Target today. From the dollar section and I. Stopped, by the crafts section as well and they had some cute pumpkins and stuff for the kids to paint, but. I went to Target yesterday, after the kids went, to bed to go grocery shopping and, I was just so tired to put all this stuff away that goes in the pantry I put, everything away in.

The Fridge that needed to be in, the fridge obviously, but I just didn't I didn't have time to do this I didn't get home until like 10 o'clock I closed, out the store so I'm probably gonna do this right now even though I really don't want to I decided to make myself some breakfast really quick before I put the groceries away because, I'm starting to get pretty hungry so I just, have some vanilla Greek yogurt in here and I topped it with this just. Because gluten, free chocolate chip granola this stuff is so good and there, wasn't very much left in the back so I just put what was left on top of my yogurt and I topped it with some raspberries, and then, I'm gonna drink this energy. What. Flavor is this cosmic. Cranberry. It's kombucha. I have, that with it and then my, girlfriend Vanessa the one that I work out with us so sweet and brought. This to me on Monday morning before our workout because she knows that my throat has been killing me so, sweet of her but. This stuff really works I tried it, yesterday, I think or the day before I, think, was Monday night actually um and, it really does help so I'm, gonna drink that as well cuz my throat is still killing, me you guys I just had a coughing, spree, like five, minutes ago and I started like basically, crying my eyes got so watery so I'm. Gonna drink that along. With this, for, my breakfast today okay I just finished my breakfast and I'm clearly procrastinating. At this point because I wanted to share this package that I just got in the mail if you guys follow Erin then you guys have. Probably heard of this brand it's called so. It's. Called so luxury. Yeah. So, luxury. A. Lot, of you guys asked, if I would try this stuff and I if I would review it because, of. Grace and skin you guys know he's been having a lot of skin issues. Like every single day at something new with his skin and I showed you guys in like, I think it was two vlogs ago how he had, really dry skin on his arms his elbows and then like his legs, he. Just doesn't, poor guy does not have the best skin so I figured. I would try this stuff out and I, will, test it on Grayson, and it'll be like the true test to see if the stuff really does work, Aaron, swears by it and she says it really helped Adaline skin so I have. High, hopes for this stuff so I think I'm gonna use it today we're. Not today about tonight when I give grace in a bath I don't give grace in a bath every, single night I give them a bath probably, once every 3. Or 4 days because. The skin is so dry and so sensitive I try and space it out as far as I can because. I don't want to irritate your skin anymore so I think, I gave him a bath like three nights ago I think I've logged in but I'm, gonna try this stuff out tonight. In his bath and I'm, really hoping this stuff works I've heard great things about it so I will keep you guys updated I was just taking out some of the products to see what, was in the package and how to use them and I think this, is the stuff that Aaron, swears by the coconut. And oat milk bath so, I'm really excited to try this in Grayson's bath tonight but. I was looking at the cards, too that were included in the package and I am like blown away by this photo you guys this poor, little. Girls eczema, on the back of her knee look how bad that is it, looks looks. Painful, and then, I think this is two weeks after. Using. So luxury products, that's amazing, so. We'll. See if it works for Grayson okay so these are all the things that I picked up from Target, for the girls to work on so, I picked this up from the target, dollar, section I don't really even know what this is but, I'm sure the, girls will enjoy oh it says right here color. Your own cling. Poster, set there's two posters. 41, window clings four adhesive strips to hang posters dry. Erase surface, color. On the clings with, crayons. Or markers. Interesting. Okay I'm sure the girls will love this though and then, I got this activity, pack from, the, dollar section too and I'm. Basically just gonna ask the girls these questions. And then have them color it and then I'll look back on them through the years I'll save this to. Look back on I think that'll be fun there's, a ton, of them in here too there's like at least I, don't. Probably ten of them in there this one I thought was really cute it's a little turkey so I'm gonna cut these out for them and then, they'll, place the correct color on the. Feathers for, the turkey I think. That's all it is I'm not really sure I need to open them up and figure it out but I'm sure the girls will enjoy. Them regardless and then I got this cute gratitude. Turkey, so I'll ask the girls what they're grateful for and, then we, can make a turkey using the little feathers and then I picked up two wooden. Pumpkins, for the girls to paint whatever they want to on, these and, these are the pink colors that I picked up from the crafts section these.

Are Also from the crafts section these weren't in the dollar spot and. Then I also picked up this paint, palette, set so I can pour the paint in here so, it's easier for them to, paint them but I think I'm gonna have them work on the wooden pumpkins, and paint those after, school today and then, I'll just leave these in our art supply closet, down here, and have, these on hand for them to do throughout the month but I'm. Glad up, on these because the, dollar section at Target the stuff there goes so quickly so if you guys liked. Any of the things that I got and check. Out your dollar spot because I did not see these last, time I was in Target not last night I didn't even look last night I didn't have time I was just in and out getting groceries but. The. Time before the Hat I did not see any of this stuff in the. Dollar section at Target so I think they like just stocked. Up on crafts for fall so check out your dollar spot before they're gone and this is what our art supply closet, is looking, like right. Now I just organized this well. Not just organized it it was like a few weeks before Grayson was born it's not too bad I guess there's just like papers that are out of order. But, I'm, just gonna set these right. There for now. And. Close the door. All. That, I do, is. Way, for you. I'm standing and I'm not being. Why. Can't you forget. The. Brazen, laugh. You. Tend to hide over you. Yeah. You keep thinking, is right to, the people. But. Back. To. I. Got. Chloe this cute little toy at Target, yesterday, when I went grocery shopping it's. A little llama let me see it messy. Not. So cute she. Loves it. Okay. I'm pretty much done organizing. All of our groceries, except I want to take the string cheese and the, baby Bell that I put in here last night out, of the packaging and just organized it in the little bins. And then I want to put these chea squeeze, pouches, in here. As well okay everything is organized, now easy. Access, for the kids if they need a snack so. Now I feel a lot better okay, it's like 12:30, Grayson is still sleeping he's taking a really long nap but I'm starting to crash myself, so. I think I'm gonna make myself a cup of coffee now and. I. Wanted. To share the creamer that I've been using because, it's really good if you guys don't like pumpkin, spice um. Pumpkin. Spice flavor which I don't really like it but I know. A lot of people that do but if you don't. That's. What I'm gonna I'm about to show you guys :. So. This. Is the one that I've been drinking. It's. The cinnamon, Dolce. Latte, by. The Starbucks, line, and. It's really good, and. A little bit goes a long way you guys know that I like my coffee really sweet and.

I Don't have to put as much creamer, in my coffee with this, creamer. I just. Realized I have not come on here on my channel and thank you guys for 400,000, subscribers we, hit that milestone I think, it was on Sunday and seriously. Just like going away by you guys and how, amazing you all are and I just want to thank you guys for, hitting. That subscribe button and tuning in to my channel and watching my videos and, watching. My family and I grow. Up it's, it's. Just, unreal, to me though we're, already at, 400,000. Subscribers it, just blows my mind you guys are incredible and I'm so grateful for each one of you and you mean the absolute world to me and my family. And. I just feel like so undeserving, like like. Why me I feel like I'm just so boring and I'm just a mom raising my kids and. I. Would, love to know in the comments like why you guys watch my channel and why you guys tune in to watch my videos and what. Videos you guys like, the. Most I'm. Just. So. Grateful. And, I want you guys to know how much I appreciate, you guys and your support it means the world to me okay Grayson is awake, finally, chewing. On his hands per, usual I, just nursed him but. This, is one of my favorite this little romper is one of my favorite pieces that, he, owns right now it's so cute I love Navy, on him because it like totally brings out his. Blue eyes they. Look black right now because of the lighting but. This. Is from box kids I'll link their shop down below but all their pieces are organic. He has a few of them he has a couple nodded gowns and then he has a. Bunny, bonnet, which is so cute but it doesn't fit him right now it's a little too big. For him he's got a small little head how. Are those hands. So, good huh. So. Good. Your. Sisters are on their way home from school I think I'm already mentioned this to you guys but Adam has a little, break in between his classes, for school so he's able to pick the girl's up on Tuesdays. After, school and drop them off at home before heading back to school himself, but I have the girls little pumpkins. Set up for them for when they get home so they can paint I should, probably get, this all set up though like put the paint in this little thing and then get the paintbrushes out. So. That when they get home everything. Runs smoothly because from, this point on until, bedtime it's, like pure chaos in, our house so. It's. The calm before the storm ha, but is. It the calm before the storm. Yeah. You know it gets crazy in here huh, that. Gets crazy in here. You're. So sweet. Are. You gonna be a thumbsucker. Like. Your mama. Yeah. Like, he's got that dumb in there. Yeah. You're. Gonna be a thumbsucker, hot bag. Okay. I just took a big piece of white banner paper that we had in our supply closet, and taped, it down with some scotch tape on the edges so that they don't get. A bunch of paint everywhere but. I filled up their paint in their little dishes and, they each have a water cup and a paintbrush we have a few other paintbrushes I might bring out that are a little skinnier, so that they can like draw. Designs on it but um I'm, excited they should have a lot of fun with this Adam just texted me saying he's on his way home and if I could make him a sandwich and I started, it but I can't stop. Staring. At, you uh, he's. Just the sweetest thing you. Did this. Yeah. He's got my happy boy. He's. Got a happy. Boy, I. Love. You I. Love. You. You're. My happy boy huh. Yeah. Yeah. What.

Are Those. Pumpkins. You, want to paint some pumpkin Shay. Come. See this come to this church I. Got. Them from Target. You're. Painting at all orange. I'm. Excited, to see what it looks like chopped, honey I. Love. It. That's. Pink, I'm. Into pink too. Wow. Beautiful. Good. Job baby oh that's really good. Here. I. Want. To change out the color and then put. The paintbrush, after it's done in the water on here, so that you can get some of the water off. It's. Not so wet yeah. I got some I. Love. It hon. Look. At chase. Doesn't. It like describe, their personalities, perfectly. Good. Job honey. I am. Doing a poke enough I love. It. What. Are you gonna do on the pink side. Yeah. Yours looks so good I love. How you mix all the colors together. Good. Job babe, what. Are you gonna do on that side. It. Looks so cute I love, it, what. Color are you gonna do the oh you already painted it blue. Okay. The girls have dipped into another, one of the crafts that I got from Target today but. While they're occupied I'm, gonna put Grayson down for a nap because he's starting to get fussy. But. They're. Having fun with this I think these are make. Her own stickers. Are. You copying them. What. Are you doing Shay, lighting. Is so bad. Right now Wow good, job baby. Allred. Okay. Good, job. Okay. I got Grayson down for, a nap and the, girls are having some dinner what are you guys having. Okay. I'm getting ready to I take, the girls upstairs to get them a bath for, bedtime and I'm. Making Shay her. Nightly. Bottle, and I've switched over to almond milk because. Her. Stool, has been like very, loose. And, it's, been a while since she's had like a normal, poop so. Sorry if that's TMI but I just wanted to share I don't know this is the yeah, this is gonna be the first night that she's having almond, milk bottle. Before bed, she, eats, a lot of dairy so I'm gonna try and cut back on that and see if that helps but. Let. Me know if you guys have had any experience. With that because we don't really know what's causing it but we're gonna start with switching over to, almond, milk and see if that helps. Can. You open it Hey careful oh you, want to do it okay. You. Turned it on okay. Put. Your clothes in the dirty hamper please. Okay. Just finished putting the girls to bed and I, am so exhausted you guys and I'm not feeling well at all I feel like I'm getting even. More sick so, I just feel like it gets worse at night and. I still have so much to do I still need to make dinner Adams, not home yet so I'm. Gonna cook us some dinner I still, need to prep the girls backpacks, for school tomorrow prep, their lunches, dyeing their paperwork's, lay out their outfits.

It's. Like never-ending, but. Today's video is gonna be sponsored, by home chef and I'm so excited to share that home chef's now has a new service called fresh and easy so if you guys were interested in home chef before but, you guys weren't like into the whole cooking process like, myself. You, guys know I do not enjoy cooking home. Chef is now offering, a service called fresh and easy so basically it's kind of like the same thing but everything is like already prepared, for you so all of the ingredients, that were needed for this recipe I'm making tonight I'm making chipotle. Chicken alfredo baked, penne came. Pre-measured, like it usually does in these little reusable, bags, the. Chicken was already cut up for me I didn't have to do any work there it basically just added, all the ingredients, to this pan, that was also provided. In this, bag they provide the pan that goes in the oven too which is really cool. Everything. Is pre measured like I just said but it was so excited to make dinner tonight because this. Recipe sounds, absolutely delicious, and I didn't have to do any work it literally took me like less than 10 minutes to do so. I just added all of the ingredients, which is what the recipe told me to do. And. I'm gonna put this in the oven and, that's, that's pretty much all I do so you just combine all of the ingredients and then I'm just gonna place this in the oven and let it cook and then dinner is done, but. They also have grill, options, as well and entree, salads, too so there's three different options to choose from oven, grill and, salads. But. I'm like in love, with this idea you guys it's just it's. Just made my life so much easier so, I'm so excited for dinner tonight this looks amazing and I didn't have to do any work you're, the last step that I have to do is just add the cheese on top but. Mixing all the ingredients together you guys literally, took me like two seconds. So. I'm just adding the cheese just. Make sure it's even and. Then. I, have, the oven preheated already, so I'm just gonna put this in the oven and. I'm gonna let it cook for 25. To 30 minutes and that is, gonna be dinner tonight, okay. I just tried it you guys so. Good and I'm like shook how fast and easy this was so if you guys want to check out fresh and easy too you can use the link in the description, box and enter, my code tara 80 free at checkout, for $20. Off your first four, orders so that's at $80 total savings, which is an incredible, deal and i cannot recommend these meals enough you guys i'm, obsessed so, definitely. Check it out if you guys are interested it, thanks to home chef for sponsoring today's video, i think, i'm going to end the vlog here you guys I still have so much work I need to do I still need to prep, for. Tomorrow, and, I, still need to edit this vlog I have not even started editing and usually, lately, I've been editing a little, bit of the video like.

Halfway, Into, the day so that I don't have as much work to do tonight but I did not have enough time to even think about opening my computer, to edit at all today so I have, a lot of work to do tonight and I'm. So. Tired I just want to go to bed but I can't but thank, you guys for. Watching today's, vlog I hope you all enjoyed it be sure to give it a thumbs up if you did subscribe, if, you haven't already I'd love to have you a part of our family here and I will see you guys very soon bye.

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انتى انسانه مرتبه وطيبه للغايه وجهك بيقول كده وعائلتك لطيفه جدا بحب روتينك اليوم. جدا

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