GCN Goes Bikepacking In The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

GCN Goes Bikepacking In The Atlas Mountains, Morocco

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Well. Good. Morning it's currently. About. Our. Past 6:00 in the morning and. I. Am back, to 9000 meters and, the High Atlas Mountains. Of. Morocco yesterday. Josh. And I that's Josh. Over there more, on him in just a moment we. Rode, 130. K through some of the most remote, and, breathtaking scenery, I have ever been, in and then. We, decide to call a date at this very spot and then slept out under the stars, this. Is quite an introduction, to by packing. This. Is gonna be something pretty new, to me in fact I've not done anything quite like this for 17, years and that wasn't, with a bike so, as you can see I'm pretty, nervous but. Because I'm like a fish out of water I have drafted in a total, expert, to, show me the ropes this, is Josh. Bike. Packer ultra. Endurance cyclist. Formal, winner of the legendary, transcontinental. Race and a man eminently. Comfortable, with, sleeping, in hedges. We. Fly out to Morocco in three days so josh is stopped by to make sure that I've got everything that I need and nothing. That I don't we. Are traveling. A lot. Hey. Sorry I forgot three pairs of pants with you cuz. We're, going away five. Days no no you just need one pair that'd be fine, Wow. What does he know anyway I'll pack them when he's not looking next, up Morocco. This. Is, Marrakesh. This is one of the gateways to the center of the city it's, currently lunchtime, on Monday we've. Got a flight out of here on Friday, morning. In that time we've, got a route plotted out there's four hundred pays long we've got to go over the Atlas Mountains, turn, right when we get to the desert and then, all the way back over the Atlas it is, only. Eight thousand litres of climbing but. There's also a catch we checked out the route on commute while we were planning and it's telling us that there's potentially, a large amount of off-road riding on. Debris, in. Its own words it was extreme, mountain biking extreme, mountain biking cheer, by packing Josh.

Well. We. Survived, which, i think is the main thing and they're actually. Really durable like super, hectic. But. You know like you. Get into it. Control. Chaos yeah you play by the rules you're, okay you, start trying to stop at traffic lights the thing is it's gonna go wrong for you all. Horses as you found out she fell, when you're looking at that black drop with those mountains, you. Kind of always know where you're going you're. Just going to hear them calling. Come. On let's go. So. Josh, maybe you, should fill is in a little bit more. On your back story I've said that you've won, the Transcontinental. Which you have I said, you like sleeping in hedges, which, you do but. How exactly we got to, this place and so. Early as well cuz you're only 29, actually, 30 today sorry, they do that I. Fish. Their masters Rachel. Actually. Started in a very similar fashion to you so. I started racing across country in the UK yeah by. Founders, as I, got older I was just better I don't especially the longer races kind. Of Americans and. Then through, University I started in 12-hour man two boat races and. I want a few did well for, the next step was kind of 24-hour. Racing and, then, I really enjoyed stage races and. It kind of escalated from there and then I, saw. People like Michael who I raced against a new do. The round-the-world trip and then he started the transcontinental, race yeah and, one tour divided and I was really inspired and, I. Was actually really scared to do the Transcontinental, race to start with. It's. Intimidating. Exactly. And I've never done anything like it before so, I, didn't enter the first one, but. I've watched avidly I was a dog watcher and the day. Finished I booked a one-way flight to Slovenia brought. The kit and rode home and that was that and. Then actually oriented and it kind of escalated. So, actually by packing, came out of a competitive. Thing and then. And now do you, bike pack for by packing itself. I mean you went around the world yeah, bloody summer I've done extensive traveling. And I, actually, found that the, TCR, open my eyes yeah, because I've never been really outside of like. Sort of sense of the Western. Europe area yeah and, it's all very fun of, similar. And TCR. Took me to recent Europe and really, opened my eyes you're, right from your house basically a year, the first year I did it was in London, and. Then you ride all its Turkey and you see the gradual change I just love to change the cultures yeah and I wanted to see more. So. Now I have a seat mr. places in the world I want to see Rocco. Being one of them nice I love. It it's a whether, it's racing or. Just cruising around seeing the place. Some. Kind. Of sonic clip I am used to but there. Is a pair of boxer shorts in there. Well. It's time for, second, breakfast, we're, at 1400 meters in the, foothills of the Atlas and you know what. Now. See. One. Of the things I'm learning to love about by packing is the fact that you stop whenever. You want and have. A something to eat and drink the, great thing is you can pretty much eat whatever you want as well ah the. Coffee yes so this is a, Moroccan specialty. Called an lessness which means a half and half so I, think, that's this press a and milk. Sucking. Kind of a cortar day and, we're rocking flat white amazing. Listener that's what it's all about hipsters. Every hour being obscene. Oh. My. God look. At that. Oh wow. That's. The one what. A spot to ride in push bike. Last. Sighs talk this is the spot mate. Wow. Look at that. How. Nice. Poor. Cats, go peps song okay. I'm cute I'm cute ah okay. Okay. So this is apparently. A barbecue, joint so we are choosing, on, meat they're, gonna grill it for us and then there's a super cool place at the back over a suspension. Bridge or, amazing spot. You. Know didn't, believe, you, this is missed me, oh it's going to cuff top. Yeah. Engineering. Right. Here we go this is the literal high point of day, two as, you can see it is the summit of the cold Attica at, two thousand, two hundred and sixty meters it's been a pretty, long slog to get up here but it's not the most brutal climb I think we've ever done no no it's not the steepest think there's a few sections but.

It's Kind of pretty gradual the thing that got the most with it was the thin air yeah, and last half hour we've been out breath quite a lot yeah and three Pharisees stopping for lunch halfway, up probably. Helped as did stopping for second breakfast, before. That so it's. Not like we've raced up is it no it's definitely not no but what we do have now is pretty, much thirty, kilometers of uninterrupted descent. To. Where were sleeping tonight and, I would like to add I, got, here first. Well. There we go that. Is day. Two done. Little bit harder than day one it's got we said we have now on the south side of the Atlas Mountains having just ridden over them what, Dex Blin incredible. Views gone from like the lush northern. Slopes on the way yet up from Marrakech to here where it's super, arid isn't it right just incredible, wood now about at the town of eggwin and this is where we're going to stand for the night to, refuel have a good sleep and tomorrow, we, head off into. The unknown but. We know a little bit actually we. Know it's gonna be some gravel we, know there's very few supply of resupply points and. We. Know it might get a bit bit. Scary yeah this, is the pointer which, kamut. Said that it's going to be an extreme mountain by ride and. Actually. We, have got no hotel tomorrow night we are bidding out in, the High Atlas so. That's. A first for me let's hope is not too cold there. Anyway. That's tomorrow first, things first a beer. And a, refuel and possibly a shower. Moroccans. Really. Know how to do breakfast that's for sure so just, finishing off, fresh-squeezed. Orange juice that was a useless coffee. Bollocks. Bread, bad. Boy is it omelet with cumin this, is miss ermine which is developer. Pancake it's. Kind of like, a Chia battery or something. Funny. So. Everyone eats for breakfast. It's. Gonna be a big day mate, and. Ironic. So. 3,000, meters of ascent today, and. What, that translates as, in. Reality. Is, 3000. Meters of ascent. Which. I kind, of really glossed over until. We start struggling up the first 11%, gradient. He. Is gonna be a big day this. Civilization. I. Was. Not expecting that maybe. Not. Entirely sure where we are this little. Village has just come out of nowhere on this epic. Descent, and pranks. Market day Wednesdays market day we're just going to see whether we can grab some some. Lunch second. Lunch before. We disappear, off kind. Of up that way into the mountains where there it's cool hanging. Out some kids they. Speak French don't. Speak my eleven French narrator. Joe. Now. By now you've probably worked out that Josh and I are not completely alone on this trip and that is very good thing because otherwise all you would be watching is a load of shaky GoPro footage and listening to a load of wind noise and you would also be missing out on all the how-to videos, are going to be coming out on the channel over the next few weeks is Josh he's taking us through the, finer points of bike packing but anyway rather than hide that, fact we thought we would introduce our little crew so this is Tom who is our filmmaker this is Pete's riding, the motorbike that Tom can sit on and then, this is Aziz who's our local legend and he is driving that 4x4. To stash camera kit and Pete and Tom's luggage in, at. This point it's worth pointing out that we. Are carrying everything, we would use on this trip if we were doing it by ourselves I'm. Pretty adamant that Saye does it properly I wanted to have a proper backpacking, experience and, therefore. We're not taking any advantage, of the full buy for the motorbike to carry stuff for us we're doing this properly we are indeed now we're going to be together for, pretty much the whole trip except this much-talked-about Wednesday, afternoon, Wednesday evening Thursday, morning, we're effectively, Josh and I are going to be using tracks that only bikes, can go on apparently. Yeah, hopefully they can go on them hopefully, the tracks exist we don't know. The. Last 20k has been amazing, gradually. Undulating, those. Are nice curves, great news yeah. A real contrast, this morning where we were climbing, up through this really, arid, landscape, and then, suddenly descending, down this valley this. Beautiful. Oasis. Next to the river the bomb that's. Just been magic and there, and. We weren't even expecting tarmac. We thought their roads all day said, maybe. Wouldn't see that after a time.

Well. This is the point at which the, guys are gonna have to leave us so. We're gonna do a ceremony you'll hand over of, camera. And. Well. This is it now Josh I guess. The. I. Guess the point, is gonna go down yeah. A little bit maybe. Fine I've. Seen them I've seen them do this all the time. So. That. Is it the guys are leaving us it's. Currently just after 6:00 in the evening and. We've got another couple of hours of riding before josh reckons, it's gonna be time to bivy out so, it's converse you gonna depend a little bit on location, it's going to depend a little bit on altitude, we don't want to be up too high. We've got to go over about 8,000, feet so. We. Better do some peddling hey mate. So. Now at 2,000 meters and, we find our way up this valley, and. It's not quite what we're expecting it's actually we've. Been passing loads of tiny villages, all this green land. And. The little villages here were fully self-sufficient yeah. It's incredible it's like a secret Kingdom, totally. Wasn't expecting, to find like. Well, so many people up there like there's just enough water in that stream down below to irrigate, enough. Land that, you can grow wheat. Old barley there's, a load of fruit trees down there there's. Nut trees yeah walnuts, almonds, it's, just this incredible isn't it's like a little mini paradise, hanging, mm, it's not the Atlas Mountains and really isolate any way yeah I mean this this, road probably and. It's super-new so, I guess, they. Really. Let's. See if that continues oh, yeah. Right. We've got our gravel, at last even if we can't fully appreciate the. Majesty, of it given, there is pitch black but basically, the. One who is telling us that we are on the summit platter and we're just about to drop off down into what. Looks like a sheltered, Valley, so given, this a little bit of spindle split up here we are gonna head, down before we actually get into, our sleeping bags and camp for the night and also we've, got a bear mind there's a rather impressive lightning, storm going on just over there and, so this doesn't feel like a particularly, sensible, face to stop and back.

To Fair it's. Pretty cool up here the stars are absolutely, incredible the. Riding is great we've got enough enough. Lumens, between us to enjoy it properly, fantastic. What do you think Josh I'm, loving it right oh, there you are my a minor you regret right now is that we can't see the view I know I'm a meeting. Oh. Just. To appease Josh, I am. Gonna. Be in Miami tonight. This. Is it baby, time. Wait. Here Josh I got. Some, boat riding today when. They had me coffee here mate. Maybe. We'll get a few Cairo belts and get warm and then stop. For coffee speak, for yourself my time very warm, very comfortable. I'm, quiet for a lion I'm quite honest anyway. You. Think quicker, the more you practice. It. So. This is attractive, found ourselves on last night we. Slept down here just off the side of the road and. Then. You basically, descended. From. These mountains up here. You. Can see the Sun rising now. Says. Great, you awesome really okay. I. Think you get the big camera out for this shot. Right. Now. This is one of its the trip that I've actually been most looking forward to thing and I know it sounds silly but, stopping. Somewhere absolutely, incredible early, in the morning for, breakfast, and a, coffee now that, is our master barista just there yeah that's Josh. We. Got water. On the go. We've. Got our. Drip. Coffee, that's right and then, we've. Got a, selection. Of the coffee beans this one is. Sent. In by mate this is ember, ground coffee for, the travelling cyclist oh yeah. Well. Yeah yeah, this is me now -, oh. Yeah. Look at that that's. Just it. That. Is actually a bag of quick. So. How was that descent. Awesome. How's, the food awesome. Pretty good right now about second. Breakfast go this is amazing. Yeah, pretty, much pretty, much one of the best days riding ever and it's still not even lunchtime like, that was just incredible. Yeah. True. True highlight. So. Sorry last night was the first night out under, the stars in. The middle of a mountains we're back on the tarmac now how, you feeling. Mate. I'm buzzing to be honestly like, it's really funny when we were talking about it Josh and I beforehand. Joslyn. Said ah I don't really see it is day three and day four it's one big day with, a bivy in the middle I didn't. Really understand, but now I do like it's. Hard to separate, but. You know sleeping under the stars. From. The amazing trails of the road, in order to get down to a second breakfast. We're, up in traffic jam. Okay, so according, to the old wahoo we've got just thirteen and a half cage, to go until, Marrakesh. It kind of feels a little bit mission that comes it's on it despite the fact that for, the first time in our four hundred K trip we, found ourselves on, slightly, uninspiring, roads, really and with a massive, block, headwind, but, it's been a pretty good day up to now yeah. I mean this morning is incredible, waking up in the mountains, and so. Brightening our way through the deep gorges, has been amazing, and. That's. Nice just have a platter. On into the finish yeah we're behind me we've, descended to gnaw thousand meters today and climbed, only a thousand, so that. Gives you a pretty good idea of what kind of a day it's been now. Josh I've got a question for you mate so now I've got a little, bit of experience, of bite backing a little bit I'm, really intrigued so you've. Done like big fight packing tours but. You've also got your ultra endurance racing, which is I guess like. Competitive, fight, packing, for want of a better phrase to. Help you have. You combined, the two like what what. Took you from by packing to racing. Or vice versa which. I actually win the background so I went from racing, and kind, of the old to endurance bike back in races towards. Touring I found. Like. Especially the transcontinental race I really. Enjoyed seeing new countries, new cultures, and, I've always had that competitive, aspect to me as well yeah I'm sure you know that from your history. So I, found that I love the. Kind. Of a trillion of in ultra. Durance are really stripped you back to the bare basics I mean this new Bunch there's no set. Course there's no tape, on the side of the track it's. Just you and your bike and. You're essentially surviving. And it almost to me feels like, it's. Kind of natural instinct. Essentially. We are kind of we've evolved, from, plants. To gatherers and I feel like when we're when. You're racing you. Kind of revert back to those instincts you're thinking about food you're. Thinking about shelter, and, you're. Thinking about being chased and chasing. People yeah Korey Kuhl it's really nice to strip I like insect. Does it differ very much for what we were doing it.

Does In the sense that we're, not racing, non-stop yeah so we have quite a luxurious villa I'm not gonna lie luxurious, Vivek it was it was a gentle instruction. But. Yeah. So there's the main difference is in a race you probably do that one here the. Less than 300 miles out that would be a non-stop. Er yeah, well. I tell you what I'm glad we stopped yes sir. There, we go mate the, koutoubia mosque. Built. In the 11th century namely, in Marrakech and it's, gotta be said has a fitting, spot to, finish our Morocco epic, Marrakech over the Atlas over, some more Atlas Mountains and then back over the Atlas to, finish here 400 caged 8,000. Meters of climbing we, did it may be dipped yeah, I tell you what I've got to say a huge, thank you to Josh, for coming, along and show me the ropes it's, been a fantastic experience for me there's gonna be loads more videos coming up on the channel showing exactly how we've done that what we've done I would've. Been lost without you mate and speaking, of which I see thank you for the route to be using your experience, it. Looked, a little dicey at one point but actually it worked out brilliantly so, mate thank you again no problem at all thanks for inviting me it was a really really tough ride actually although. A look pretty short on paper, compared, to some of the rides I've done it, was certainly one of the toughest so. I just want to say on behalf of the flight pack as well world wise. You've. Earned, the. Right to finally, clip, your mark once your saddle packs. On. Buddy. Ok, Josh now I'm gonna suggest that we break from, GCM tradition, and rather than going and heading, straight for the bar maybe. We're gonna have showers first what do you think really after, all effort, ok. So we are going straight to the bar do. Make sure you give this video a big thumbs up if you've enjoyed it and, if you can't wait until, our bike packing content begins in earnest then why not head over to the tech channel right. Now where, there is an in-depth video about, this very bike the one that has just survived a bike, back in epic.

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Great video apart from the dead animals in the barbecue joint. Please consider your vegan and vegetarian viewers next time. Cheers

incredible ride! and this is your job? lol, no of course i'm not jealous, superb video, thank you guys, great job si.

Super! Thank you

Great film. On my opinion, best on GCN. Hopefully more will come :))

great video!

Do more bike packing

Oh dear, is that cup sufficiently "aero" for this channel?

Thank you Josh for showing Si how to do bikepacking the right way. That little bunny would have been Si roadkill otherwise.

john smythe Glad you enjoyed it!

Absolutely great video, it brought me back, somehow, to "Hans Rey's Egypt Adventure" that I've been watching hundred times as a kid! I was waiting for the replicas of it and now I could just hit the "play" button again. Anyway, wow, those gravel bikes are definitely capable of off road. It seems like the gap between mountain biking and road cycling got bigger in the last years, but I reckon many people were actually using mountain bikes in the way people now could you use a perfectly suited gravel bike. One of the reasons I switched to road biking is that I gradually started to enjoy more cycling faster and further and the smooth action of pedalling itself, mountain bikes can be a bit clumsy in this respect. But the possibility to have a PERFECT bridge between the disciplines is really really exciting!

The great thing about bike packing is the speed. You travel slowly enough to take in your surrounding and to stop and meet people. More of these videos please.

E x c e l e n t e....!!!

You guys have an exceptionally good job.

Fantastic. Can not fault it. One of GCN's best.

Some of your best work there. Great viewing. Spot on.

Fantastic vid, very jealous!

Have we any strava files for the 4 days that would be great to see I think!

I think this is the best film you guys have ever done. Excellent stuff!

Amazing lads, nice one

This is everything I love about cycling. Amazing video. I realize these take a lot more money and time to produce but this video really is on another level, so a couple of these a year along with the odd presenter challenge really would make this the Top Gear of cycling. Just never get as scripted as Top Gear please. I am going to go buy something from your store shortly just to show my support of this brilliant content.

Oh just to add the odd UK overnighter would be a good vid too, you don't always have to travel to Bikepack.

Josh is bobbing all over the place on the bike

Ahh Damm guys... this video ... soo Ace! You really brought a smile to my face... and a longing to escape on my bike. Well done indeed!

wow nice ride nice video its a grand tour or top gear with bikes


Is Simon wearing GCN baggies?!?

Great video. Really interesting and so much better than anything GMBN is doing these days. Keep up the good work.

Excellent video, quality production. I really enjoyed every minute. Thanks Si, Josh and the team


the most awesome thing GCN has ever done!!!

We need more Vidio Like this !!

Brilliant video I love Morocco my wife and I honeymooned there we intend going back on our tenth anniversary (2019) ... This video is giving me ideas we bring the bikes

I thoroughly enjoyed this video well done GCN !

Please do The tour divide GCN/GMBN mash up race

very nice video. i want to ask that which modifications did you do with yours' bike? like tires were thicker than road bikes.

So when can we expect to see 'Meet the newest GCN Presenter, Josh Ibbett' to be released?

Brilliant video. Anywhere touring v special. NE lincs or SE Yorkshire beautiful and quiet. Congrats more pl

Great effort and video!

this just might push me over the edge to quit my job and travel the world again by bike

I could stand a few more of these grand tours :)

Alaska. Please..

Great Video! I would love to see many more videos with bike packing content. I'm sure many others would also.

Definitely the best video I've seen so far! Awesome!


Great video, truly amazing!

Global Cycling Network southwest Australia from Perth to Albany , epic 14 days

North West Coast Scotland!

Bolivia to Peru in June! Super hyped but a bit scared aswell...


All of them.

Taiwan ! ! ! Small Island Big Adventure ! ! !


Sweden and China


New Zealand

i have tried Taiwan and S.Korea. Next will be CapetoCape Japan!

I want to go bike packing in UK/ Ireland

The U.S. actually has states that don't border the Pacific (it's true). How about the Blueridge Parkway for example?

The Western Way, Ireland

Quite happy to explore the bikepacking options here in Canada!

Pamir/Karakoram Highway and Yungas Road!!!

Somewhere warm. Avoid the areas of Taliban.

Yeah! We have great bucolic landscapes in Brazil.

Brazil! We have some breathtaking roads to show on a bike.

Overly Under Rated - Central Ontario - the Canadian Shield - Unique, Majestic, "Your's to Discover"!

Whichever country is the least windy and cold.

North Korea would be great, but S.K. has better coffee shops and already has great bike paths that span the country corner to corner, as well as good roads. The pack maybe isn't needed though. SK this year. The Koreas in a few more maybe.

come to turkey please!


The cinematography on this has really stepped up, it's like a top gear special. Great work team.

I AM SOOO GLAD YOU DID THIS GUYS! Two of my favorites watching GCN and Bike-packing touring!

What an amazing trip! I can't think of many things i'd rather do than what Simon got to do in this video..Please do more of these trips Simon!

Anyone from morocco ?

I really like how you prononce "nes nes coffee" is amazing coffee it is my favorite coffee. I watched your videos from USA but I am pure moroccan . thanks guys

Great video, inspiring. Josh makes a fine presenter too. Nice new topic to explore.

Where's the 'love it' button!!??

Fantastic video, seems like an epic experience.

If there was ever a video GCN have made that has inspired me then this is it. One with nature. One with your bike. One with your riding buddies. One with your pants! Really thinking about organising a bikepacking trip into the wilderness with my grown up sons. What a way to reconnect with your grown up family. I would urge GCN to do more, more and MORE of these videos. The ambience is less about competing with the clock, getting the best gear or kit, analysing your data and being a competitive wheenie! This bikepacking comes across as raw and pure biking. EPIC. WONDERFUL. INSPIRING. BEAUTIFUL. The chemistry between Josh and Si really works well too. MORE, MORE, MORE, MORE of this!

...and that scenery???????? WOOOOOOOHHHHHHPPPP

I really enjoyed this video. Thank you. What was the music that backed the descent from Tichka? Not on Shazam...

I loved the epic rides series, but this takes it to the next level. What an awesome video. One question though, was there any chamois cream involved, or is it true that endurance bike packers have balls of steel????

Joyous video! Small tech question....what dynamo is Josh using? Cheers.

Anyone have experience cycling around the Gulf of Finland? I'm thinking of bikepacking Helsinki - Viborg - Novgorod - Narva - Tallinn

You guys seem to have a different video shooting/cutting style. It's awesome

Oh this is so enjoyable!!

Glad you enjoyed it Tomi!

This is so cool!

Cheers Willem


Are we going to get an depth look at the gear and equipment used? How gear was packed? Brand of bike packing bags, sleeping bag used(weight of gear) etc. ✌

Hey Antonio, check out this video on the 3T bikes http://gcntech.co/3texploro

*sigh*.....just wonderful

Thanks Helen!

Great vid and a terrific topic. Hope to see many more like this, especially with lists of gear carried.

Can you make a video on how to take a first aid kit with you while biking?


Huge thumbs up! Planning my first bikepacking trip now. Unbelievable scenery. Amazing how much Si put in to this video.

This is an epic video! Well done mates!

Cheers Gabe

Thanks for the route too mate. Enter awkward silence

What cycling bib/shorts are you wearing? Semi baggy bibs?

Which Wahoo model are you using?

What a captivating film and incredibly beautiful production! I am truly inspired. This is the best thing I've ever seen from GCN...Ever!

Thanks Dan

What a fantastic video! Thanks for making in. Where can I buy the baggy GCN shorts like those that Si wears?

Hi Richard, we used our GCN bib shorts with ASSOS MTB style shorts over the top. They had the GCN logo as a one-off, but you can still buy the shorts on ASSOS website

Beautifully done GCN. Truly a well made video and entertaining trip through Morocco and its culture

Cheers Dan

Great video! Thanks for sharing this most excellent adventure.

Thanks Scott

this is so cool ! thanks GCN

Thanks Shari

What a great adventuristic video!!!

20:10 Josh's wave game Is strong.

Man that is epic. Love it

I absolutely fucking love this! Look, I know you guys got to pay the bills, but this was really really nice to just enjoy a half hour of Epic cycling without a bunch of plugged product and paid advertisement filler.

And no flats, lucky devils.

The dirt fireroad looks just like Romero canyon trail in Santa Barbara! Except no ocean vista on the way down. Same chaparral tho

Broke back mountain

I'm a big fan of this content. Thanks man. Keep it coming!


Epic guys, we want more

Thanks, stay tuned for more bikepacking content!

This was a superb video. I want to see more bike packing tours from around the world like this. Mixing travel and culture into the video makes it more accessible to a wider audience and more entertaining. It's also inspiring for roadies who are interested in trying touring and bike packing. Hope to see more how-to videos around this trip. Specifically with the gear and how you planned the logistics of what you needed, how much of it you needed, route planning, etc. Keep it up!!

Stay tuned Brian

Nice to see the bus pull over as it passed you. Good sign. Way to step up the content GCN!

very well done everyone. Thank you


This might be my favorite GCN video ever. So dreamy, what a lush production!

Thanks Camille!

Awesome, thank you for the great video. Any chance you could post the detail of the route (GPX file?)

fg velo It’s up on my Strava at the moment but we’ll see if we can put it somewhere better.

I've been dreaming about you guys starting a touring/bikepacking channel for a while now. I've even made listings of regular shows you could do. Pretty please??

Stay tuned for plenty more bikepacking content

The two best things GCN has brought to my attention: Videos of Lasty climbing steep hill and videos of Simon touring. Thanks GCN!

You're welcome Steven!

Indypac next year Si?

9:22 now that's a knife. Another great video from GCN, love the travel log videos keep them coming. First came GCN, then came GCN Tech. Next? GCN Travel....

Great video! where next?

Any suggestions?

Brilliant video. Do more stuff with Josh!

Thanks Keir! We have a special #askgcn coming us with Josh so stay tuned!

My home country - fantastic video

Thanks Brahim!

too much bobbing

Is there a Strava for this? If live to see the speeds, route etc. I just did a month bike touring and found my speed on hills could be really slow at times. (9km at ~7km/h was the worst section.)

Global Cycling Network thanks!

It's currently on Si's Strava Byron

Best video in GCN history! Not bikepacking per say (using panniers and a tent), but we are touring Iceland for 3 weeks in July.

Thanks Tobias! Let us know how you get on!

A channel that actually listens to its viewers - we've been asking for this for some time! I'm so very glad you've started this series; it should be a great guide for those of us who are bikepacking noobs! Cheers GCN!

That's always our aim EastStandManc, so glad you enjoyed it!

Brilliant video, thanks, can you share the Komoot route ?

Excellent video and expedition, GCN! Who can I get in touch with to get Si to come ride with Bike Tour Japan (biketourjapan.com) this fall? Beautiful countryside roads, delicious local eats, tranquil shrines, natural hot-springs, and volcano climbs to epic views of rural Japan. Like if you want to see a video of Si exploring the amazing North Alps of Japan! Please get in touch :)

Thanks for the invite Robert!

Just simply Brilliant. Plus It’d be great to see Josh regularly on the show.


Stay tuned Allan!

Love this sort of content. Can't wait to see more of this. Congrats!

Gustavo Santos cheers!

Favorite video so far. Watching the descent on that dirt road made me nervous. Maybe because I just went down on one? Either way, great work. Edit: a behind the scenes video for this trip would be excellent.

Thanks David, glad you enjoyed it

I went to the exact same restaront in october

Glad to see this type of content, really enjoyed it! Hope to see more in the future, long live GCN

Cheers Juan!

Awesome and inspiring well done on this film.

Thanks Robert

Fantastic video guys. Its got me hooked. My two favourite pass times, travel and biking. Can't wait for another adventure.

Thanks Nigel!

Stunning. Please please do more of these types of videos. This massively ups the standard of YouTube videos and is something in would expect from National Geographic.

Thanks Ben!

Really enjoyed watching this. Feeling inspired. Thanks

Thanks George

No punctures so far

One of the best viedo on GCN channel!

Wow! Genuinely new and interesting content, and briliantly edited at that!

Thanks Kosio!

Where did you get (or what are) those rear triangles? They were really eyecatching. Dull question, lovely video.

Looks like a bike version of a Car Warning Triangle. A quick Google search yielded this: https://www.adventurecycling.org/cyclosource-store/equipment/sp/jogalite-cyclists-safety-triangle/

Unironic fist pump

7:18 I was there :)))

More of this. Wasn't going to watch it and did. It was amazing

Thanks Noel


The editing on this video was sweet!

Cheers Ben!

I’ve watched only the first 10 minutes of this amazing video. GCN should really take the time to make more of these ‘epic’ or ‘adventure’ videos going forward. Brilliant watching and really inspiring.

Glad you enjoyed it Tom

What time of the year did you do it ?

Last month Enrico

What a great video ...........

Great video, inspiring content. Keep it up.

Best video till now. Keep up the good work. Debating if I should even go to work tomorrow and not just leave on my bike.

Cheers Tom!

That trip looks awesome. So does the food.

Thanks Bryan, it really was awesome!

Bike-pack New Zealand. There is a north to south cycle route. New Zealand is arguably the most scenic county in the world. I spent 4 weeks there in the 90s. It rocks! As far as culture is concerned, the place to go is India. Surely by far and away the biggest culture-shock country in the world!? As far as cycling in the most politically and religiously interesting melting pot is concerned, there can surely be no other place by Israel. I spend a year there in the early 90s. There was the intention to create a north to south hiking route in the 90s. I don't know if it was completed. Maybe Israel has cycle routes. But even if it does not, I'm sure it would be quite possible to cycle from the far north to Elat without too much risk. Ideally of course cycling the Golan Heights, down to do a circuit of the Sea of Galilee and then along the Jezreel valley and up through the West Bank highlands via Jerusalem, but if that's not possible cycling down, down, down the Jordan valley road to the Dead Sea would be possible, then through the Negev via Mizpe Rammon to Elat! I guess you have done some backpacking Simon!?

Great video. Hoped to see Josh Ibbett on his Mason, but the 3T is a decent alternative :)

Thanks to Pete and Tom for putting together such a fantastic video! Superb!

Cheers Mark

Si you are one lucky man doing stuff like that while on the job!

Definitely on my bucket list. Im in doubt whether to visit Morocco first or cycle through the Balkan.

Amazing, Epic whatever...thanks!

For some reason, I prefer the shaky hand footage much more than professional bike shoots

Thanks for letting us tag along on your incredible journey!

You're welcome Jeremy!

How was the traffic on those mountain roads? I passed through there last year on my way to the Saharah and many people were driving like maniacs on those roads. Didn't seem to safe too ride there at that point.

8 dopes that need to get lives...how could you not enjoy this video..epic


How much weight did Si lose?

Please make some more bikepacking videos. look amazing indeed.

We have plenty more bikepacking content coming up on GCN!

Great little film good production great scenery!

Thanks Guy

How about making this a regular feature. Best video you guys ever made.

Thanks Buzz Man!

US, It would be fun to see my own home country by bike before hitting Europe

Anyone up for Ireland with me?

Simon for the Tour Divide in 2019

@Ben Johnson Nice. Tokyo is a pretty solid base of operations for great destinations, I've heard. I'll be avoiding trains as best I can, because dismantling my steed and carrying it with all my panniers sounds like a pain. :)

I'm with you! This was a great video, but felt too much like where I'm from (Southern California) ;)


North America

Do fat road bikes exsisit???

how liberating to only have to worry about being cold and not both cold and wet. down bag in a dry sack, done.

Great video. I’m now headed to goggle earth to search out some new roads and trails to plan some epic adventures and go ride them with my club mates.. STEVE Wadebridge Coasters CC.

I've watched many many GCN videos over the years and have never commented before. That was just amazing!

Great video and awesome reporting! All we need: a good buddy, two bikes and that view !

I really enjoyed this video, ive been contemplating doing something like this, on a smaller scale:). It was nice to hear a classic swedish song aswell!

Great video GCN

Do you guys have a video about all your gear you brought and why? Including those shorts you wore? How does one get started in this? Thanks

loveeeee this

This channel has progressed so much since I found it two years ago and I'm really excited to see what's to come. Informative bike bros are a dime a dozen on youtube but this had elements of HBO content/quality.

I could see this as being a regular thing. Like, Top Gear, but with bikes.

Best vid yet. Thank you lads

Guessing all that food he ate was gluten free else how did Si avoid being so ill?!

Amazing. More of this please GCN!

That was epic. One of my favorite episodes

Very fun adventure. How big are those tyres? 50 mm? Josh's look more like 40 mm.

what the bivy brand and model

Wow, just wow Truly epic

This is a FANTASTIC video... for so many reasons... I have been there (driving/backpacking exploring), the content is superb, the inspiration is thru the roof... I'm off to get what I need to do this... Congratulation to the team...

Are the drugs in Morocco as good as rumored?

yes I am from morocco if want weed you can visit me inbox

Wow, you guys weren't kidding when you said epic. Stunning ride, I loved itl Cheers guys

Mark the 13th of May 2018 as the day GCN reached a whole new level of awesome. I hope you keep making great videos like this!

Great video! But, where is the bike bag? Where does the bike bag go to storage after getting to Morocco?

Wow, one of the best ride vids you chaps have done. The roads looked better than the UK

Best one yet... Feeling inspired... Cheers guys :)

Wow those tyres on Simons bike are HUGE!!!!What are they? On another note, I've wanted to do something like this ever since I started cycling, about years ago.Not internationally, but localy at first( Greece, the weather permits it).The one thing I've never managed to figure out was, how to sleep out in the middle of nowhere, with a 2k bike+equipment, and not getting it stolen... :/

More bikepacking adventures please, this was excellent

One of the best videos from you guys!!

Well done lads. Think this and all the additional content is very well done. Great storytelling. I would cut lots of the music. Disracting from my pov. Cheers.

This is next level stuff, absolutely awesome. Anyone else without summer plans keen on a bikepacking trip?


Great to see that the film quality has improved so much for GCN. This was a great video!

GCN's made lots of great video's and I know cause I started watching on day one - but - that blows anythingelse you've done completely out of the water, in fact I can't think of anything bike related on Youtube that even gets within a 100k sportif of the quality and content and just pure unadulterated fun on a bike'ness.... more.... Please.

Compares to the around-the-world cycling tour, this is kindergarten stuff. Also, this is an holiday trip. Do you really have to wear like doing Tour de France?

Best GCN ever!

this is absolutely brilliant love it

couldn't tell if you were wearing padded shorts or proper cycling bibs??

Where can you get one of these small safety triangles you attached to your bag? Can't find them anywhere online. They come in handy for my next solo tour!

I vote for Josh to be a new GCN presenter.

I'm not a jealous person but this is now one of my dream destinations to ride.

Argentina to Chile through Los Andes Mountains.

That's exactly the kind of freedom you enjoy on a bike.

Have seen most GCN videos (if not all), but this is probably my favourite one! Kudos, guys!

Awesome to see so much love for bikepacking in the comments! Top job on the video gents and kudos to GCN for being bold enough to produce content like this. Will you be covering the Trans Am Bike Race kicking off on June 2nd?

A stunning adventure! Would this trip be possible for the average person? Is it necessary to ride so many km's per day? And only 1 pair of boxers!? We have hybrid bikes...would that make the adventure miserable?? I need all the info you can give me so I can talk my husband in to something like this

Really loved this.......Inspiring

This video made me want to walk out of work and get on my bike.

I really enjoyed this show. More like this please.

The restaurant at 6:02 min: Le Coq Hardi :D

Fatbike tyres on your carbon aero bike. haha.

it's probably worth mentioning that it's rather foolish heading into the wilds of north africa relying on just a gps. You should always take a detailed map and a compass. GPS's fail and it's easy to get lost in new terrain (and most people don't ride with a support crew)

I’m not an envious person but I truly envy your ability to do this. The scenery, the people, their culture, their food, taking it all in while on the saddle...glorious. Cheers from South Texas!

GCN should do more bikepacking videos. This is incredible.

never knew Si could speak French

Those GCN Mountain Biking shorts? ... shop?

Excellent video Si

Awesome episode. Totally enjoyed the journey and I now want to try my hand at bike packing. Morocco is a beautiful country and the people appeared to be very friendly. Well done to the GCN staff for putting together an awesome video. If It has been 60 or 90 min long I would have watched it as well. 100% enjoyable and educational - Thx

The best video of GCN so far! Stunning.

North America, top to bottom. Would be amazing!

New Zealand

PHILIPPINES!! People are hospitable here .

I would love to bikepack both Ireland & Scotland!

Argentina,Bolivia, Chile, Peru, España, Portugal

Come on to Colombia Best Landscapes awesome mountains.!

If I was healthier, I'd love to do the 1998 Tour de France route.

@00:01 when I see Benedict Cumberbach, I press like XD

21m45s Simon does The Bond (007) look ! - where is that Martini - shaken not stirred :)

Some of those trails look better than the roads I ride on in Kent!

How many tubes did you go through??

A very interesting and inspiring video. It shows you how versatile the humble bicycle is. Thanks GCN I’ve already got my map out.

What a wonderful video, thanks for sharing and doing this.

What an awesome video, love the production (so kudos to Tom!) - I'd watch Si and Josh do this anywhere! Keep em coming!

Best GCN video ever! looks like a rad trip.

@GCN, any chance of getting that GPX or KMZ?

Been there. Nice country, but people are shit.

very amazing experience and very amazing climing elevations per day!

Which Zipp eheel did you ride? is that the new exploro..... do you like it? thanks

Ack Värmeland du sköna! Was a bit of a surprise.

i ride my horse on those mountain roads too

hey guys. can you do a test of 2 bikes of similar geometry, and frame material but the only difference is group sets. 1x vs 2x and how they do on different terrain. Thanks

Well done Si and fellow... good to see not eating wind.

i personally wouldnt dare to go bikepacking unless i had a sizeable crew going along with me. If i'm not mistaken two around the world cyclists were killed recently in mexico by robbers. RIP

One of the best videos GCN has ever made. Reminds of the specials that Top 'Gear would Make. Loved it

Fantastic video

where can we get those shorts!!!???? #supernice!!!!

Peru, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia would be great. Could you publish at least some details of the route via Strava, RideWithGPS or other sites so that if we are interested in planning something similar, we can get enough detail to use as a starting point for our own research?

GCN just gets better and better. This was an awesome video, great filming of an epic ride and a fantastic motivation to just get out there and ride!

Awesome...great episode !!!

Guys try the route nuremberg to ljubljana/slovenia and perhaps further to croatia - i will go with you!

What a great video. More like this please.

Please tell me the bikes they have. I'm on the verge of buying Bianchi All Road for similar rides in Europe with crap fitness. Please help

Such a great video GCN...All I want to do is go bike packing!

Great watch looks immense!

The smile on those kids.

And ofcours 3t strada ( am I wrong?)

We know from the GCN tech video that Simon is running 55mm tyres. I'd also like to know what Josh was running, his tyres looked a fair bit narrower than 55?

The fuck am I doing with my life...

Wow. Just wow!

You are absolutely living my dream and I'm very inspired to do this thing myself. Just one thing actually 2 how can I get my hands on that playlist and what kind of wheels and tires and tubes are you using

Holy hell, this is a terrific video. Thank you.

At the end where they talk about saying they're glad they stopped and didn't go non stop summarises why I went to cycling in the first place. I didn't know anyone who did it so there was no competitive element at all. Just go out and enjoy. And now I've gone deeper it's going back to going faster for longer for me. Constant struggle.

Awesome, epic, breathtaking! Makes us want to drop everything out, jump up the bike and travel the world!

To quote Oliver Twist " can I have some more please " of the many GCN videos I have watched this is clearly the best I have viewed. Interesting and inspirational. Thanks

Nice trip. Does anyone know what kind of shorts they wear? Couldn't find them in GCN shop.

What a ride, it surely was an epic one. At the same time I am wondering if bike packing rides are safe in Morocco since there are Moroccan refugees in Europe. Very confusing to me.

That looked truly epic! Quality riding lads.

Great job guys! Very entertaining and informative video. Keep up the good work!

Awesome adventure!! what's with the yellow triangles on the backs of your bikes? Safety or requirement? AND what kind of shorts is Si wearing?? Thumbs up to your field crew and stellar editing!

welcom to morocco


Is that a boiled for safety mug?

Why run such huge MTB style tires? Surely some gravel or cyclocross tires would be more efficient and handle the offroad stuff just fine.. Its not like there was a bunch of gnarly singletrack....

You rode a bike at top spec. Do you think an average sportive rider can do the same course and same temp on, say...1k euro bike with beefy tires? What was the largest rear, did you find useful....50t?

Amazing film guys, you should do more multi-day rides

Wow GCN visited my country that's amazing

Awesome video! Makes me wanna go bike packing right away!

One of your best! “Second breakfast”. Epic!

Superb video

Great vid guys

Si & Josh making bike backpacking look appealing, mucking loon's.

Nice Trip ! How do you manage the water to drink in such an dry country ? I hope to see more video of bikepacking on your channel. That make us want to take our bike and go everywhere ;)

Bike packing survival game: Eat every time Simon says, "Second Breakfast".

try Japan Hokaido, you'll love it

This summer across Sweden and Norway! Thanx for this video. My favourite one :) One question: What shorts do you wear? How to manage the chamoix if you can't clean it for 5 days? Also nite to hear you speak french :)


Global Cycling Network Romania

I plan to go to morocco... Any change to get the gpx files? Thank you!

People you may scoff...but i love bike touring & wild camping (it's all the more fun when you're camping somewhere you shouldn't be) in dear old England - i've had some super times touring the Chilterns, the Cotswolds etc, i'm off to Devon in August with the bike. Actually i say that but some of my favourite trips have been in Scotland. The thing i love most about touring at home is the village pub at the end of the day...hearty grub and a couple of local real-ales - you wouldn't find that in Morocco!

Dude that is Bad ass!!

The mention of nass nass (coffee) was just so cool ! So authentically moroccan (and not folkloric).

bike packing on carbon bikes with carbon rims... what a couple of fred dentists lol

best video yet


By far the GREATEST GCN video. this one will be nearly impossible to top.

so jealous of these GCN guys. they always have different bikes with the bling parts

Any flats?

what's with that drop bar

Without doubt, a great episode. Beautiful scenery/footage. Personally, the inclusion of this type of content, makes GCN's appeal broader than the often 'race centric, road bike' history of the channel. Well done and chapeau

This is so good! Loved it and the filming was so professional and sick

What's the difference between Bike packing and Bike touring?

Brilliant more please

That was soooo cool to watch. Awsome trip..... I mean video, guys!!

This made me wanna get on my bike

What is amazing "malawahh" on second breakfast. )


Even Morocco have better roads than Serbia :(

That looked fun

I am in tears mate. Thank you for this.

Production values are on the rise! Nice music and B roll editing

Love the bikepacking content. Solid film/music work as well. Already building my shopping list to give it a go myself.

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