Gravel Bike Vs MTB | Iceland Bikepacking Epic - Which Is The Ultimate All-Rounder?

Gravel Bike Vs MTB | Iceland Bikepacking Epic - Which Is The Ultimate All-Rounder?

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Gravel. Bikes are becoming, more and more popular as riders are increasingly, looking beyond, the road to, routes less traveled, and to meet this need rope bikes are effectively, evolving, to give more comfort, more control, and the, ability to ride over anything. What, like a mountain bike some, mountain bikes are invented for mountain. Bikers do well. That that, is a fair point Neil but is a man bike actually the best tool for the job what can a gravel bike do, better Can I grab a bike do anything better off-road, in fact I've, a feeling it probably can but, with, the help of these two hand-built. Titanium, bikes from, moot and 200. Kilometres of epic, Iceland, gravel we're, going to find out we. Will find out but it, could be quite a challenge Iceland. Is a remote, and inhospitable island. In the North Atlantic there. Is road riding here you could do a lap of the island in a week or so or perhaps explore, the northwest, fjords, but to really make the most of the very short summer season, we're heading for the highlands a land of glass, ears and volcanoes. Our. Route is split, over two days but with the weather hovering, at around about freezing, and the, fact that there is no guarantee that it will even stay as warm as that overnight we're, gonna aim for a remote Hut for, our nighttime stop, rather. Than sleeping, in a hedge. Sorry, but. Actually also don't really feel very qualified to, head off into the wilderness given, my still, very limited, experience. Hence the, support from Neil Donohue who you will no doubt recognize from, our system, and by channel at GMB n as well, as being an ace mountain, biker, Neil is also an experienced, Piper yes I triumph for you as Pat my bike is loads of bag oh I, thought you mean now, I get it not very done it once I went to Wales with Blake was great we stopped in pubs every half an hour Bell Road, 50 miles in two days right well. We've got a pretty good idea of what's in stores well I don't we we've consulted with the local experts we then plotted, and planned our, route on kamut where it's giving us the, breakdown, apparently. 40, percent of this route is on gravel. 60%. Is unsurfaced, and interestingly. 284. Meters, are, on, tarmac boom, now they've classed it as a mountain bike ride but, when you try and investigate a little bit more closely using. Google satellite imagery, well, frankly it just looks terrifying, but cold would be a problem for both bikes Jonny's both cyclists, what, I'm worried about is if it gets too rough and too, rocky then. I could well come unstuck on this gravel bike where's Neil he's gonna absolutely, fly on his fat bike fat, bike it's, our fat bike size a plus bi out sorry it's, gonna be great when they go and get some roughage all bomb, dynam, when, it comes to the gravel roads or should we say even volcanic, ash it's been compacted roads, I think, when I struggle a little bit be, a lot slower rolling, in than your tires and actually 200 K could feel like 400 K Oh 400. K that's. Quite that's a long way Neil good. Look at that and so. The, adventure starts. Conveniently. At, the highest point of our whole ride at nine hundred and twenty metres above sea level, if nothing, else you got to say mountain, bikers know the, value of gravity it. Does however mean that it's really, really, cold we're on the snow line and we can see our nice warm support, vehicle, disappearing. Off into the distance, shall we let's. Do it me you. Lead on fatty where, we go though it's possible. Well. That's. Cool Arty's and water back home. We. Can't go too far, into this video without, addressing the, burning, question just what a gravel, bike actually, is now, unfortunately there is no easy answer, but I think they, have to have drop handlebars they, have to have tires that are thinner than a mountain bike tires and the, geometry of the bike so, the combination, of angles, and dimensions, of the tubes has, to bear a resemblance to.

A, Road, bike, this. Moots looks, kind of like a robot doesn't it although when you look closer the. Change days are quite a bit longer and the front end is a little bit more relaxed and both of those combine, to, give a bike that, has a lot more control a lot more fun in fact when, you're riding fast, in loose, conditions. But yet it is a long way from, a mountain bike although. You've, got to say I see that there is a lot of tech here that comes straight for a mountain biking so the, wheels they, are tubeless, compatible, which means that we can run less pressure in our tires and we, still reduce the risk of punctures, and then, although those Reynolds carbon ATR rims have a similar, silhouette for, us roadies, I mean they're 40 millimeters deep the, fact that the internal, width of them is so broad to support that wider tire that's, tech that comes straight from the mountain bike world just, like the disc brakes straight, from mountain bikes even the rear derailleur borrows, technology, from, Shimano's, mountain, bike group says this, is the Ortega rx, and it has a clutch mechanism on, there which is designed to keep the chain on the control when, you're bouncing, around over. Bumpy, ground but. Yet despite all of that mountain, bike influence, like. I sell it beginning it is still very much like, a Roebuck it feels fast it feels agile it, feels, responsive, like, a road bike. It's. Just more capable, more. Like, this mountain bike this, is a moots Mountaineer. Yvb it's. Hard to help but not hard tell such a soft tale so no pivots on the back of this bike you've. Just got flex and this titanium frame that damper on the back just to smooth those things I a proper, adventure bike these. Reynolds, Black Label total, Plus, wheels on here actually, the. Inner width of these are 40, but the actual external. Width of this is 45. Millimeters. Famous sized hires so, I've got some 2.6, inch tires on air but. Actually renamed ball and surprisingly. Good really. Good taken, out the bumps on these gravel trails I was, it. Let's. Get one that's, pedal. I realize, he was sitting, on the front. Oh. Oh my, god. And so yeah go. Make yeah. We've. Been descending, for what feels like ages, on. A fairly. Rough, mix till either super, smooth tracks or, some pretty gnarly rocky stuff I think our. Turnings, just here they'll on the right this is our hiking trail link oh yeah it's on a stop and double check I've got yeah boot up on the phone yeah good plan, how. You finding it Neil and that we're pretty much halfway through, now yeah I think three honest I've sort of forgotten about my cuz really the breathtaking scenery, but I love. Bobby knows descents, those like double tracks and there guys. It's mazing and the grip and the comfort, struggling, slightly, compared to a bike on the clients but not massively no no, it's funny I see they don't really, feel like they're not evenly, matched inevitably, probably, cuz you're a bet down in any way but, you're bombing in a sense whereas, I'm running out gears but on the climb so I'm gapping you a bit there but actually given. How different, the bikes are yeah, it's quite easy to have quite a social riding it I can say hi everybody I reckon there's the Starbucks, alright, yeah. Heard that although, Neil we do know that there is not a single McDonald's, in the whole of Iceland I did, know right yeah missing sight. Would. You recommend so I've seen a variety of scenery, it's changes, thought the, trails I was on they really they have a new one it's been perfect, because I think we've, seen the, strengths of the gravel bike and strengths, of your mountain bike already like. This. One does get. Over, face when it's really rocky but I've. Been giving it a lot of thought because there's a seed disappearing, off into the distance I kind. Of think well like you're. Going faster, but I reckon you're probably having the same amount of fun true yeah just because this is slower it. Doesn't mean you. Know like I have to go slower, to pick my way through rocks and stuff but. Actually I'm on the limit still so it's kind of I'm still getting the same kind of the.

Same Vibes that you're getting maybe some, of these gravel, trails are in like the double tracks and ride have been surprisingly. Really, good fun ever though yeah. And. Some of that single track is why. It's not Sam does it it must be volcanic, dust but soft and I feel like I'm floating. Nicely. Over the top really, enjoying it away you must be digging in a little bit yeah it's. I'm. Getting there bitch cyclocross, yeah. Reminiscing. I've got some good shots for the rest of you go sideways, I was going over the past. The. Scenery, I can't. Be real sometimes, no, mistake, and had it. Cuts. It through finally, after winter. I, tell. You one night out it's like pretty, banging, puffs. Kids. Do that still want it. Oh, look. At this place. Right, day two coming. Up once again Iceland, has come up trumps on the weather, although looks, might be exciting to see think it's bitterly. Cold this morning well, having said that we, had an amazing night's, sleep in that, Hut's just, next to us there now, according to commute, today is, a little bit shorter, than yesterday, which given, all, the filming we did we finished properly late yesterday so that's a bit of a bonus just 63, kilometers. And also, this, is a little bit less technical, so probably gonna go, in the favorite the gravel bike as opposed to yesterday's, three star technical, difficulty, this is just one, star and, then otherwise we, are entirely. Offroad on gravel. Or, unpaved. Roads so potentially a little bit more of that lava field dust action, which we had yesterday so, I can't. Wait to get started. Right, now shall we push off. This. Is the last river we'll see today so I say two. Of these should do us right it yeah, it's weird isn't it like it's. So dry, like. The trails. Is dry like, the air is dry but yet like. It rains a lot here it's weird isn't it it's like so, anyway, we're, going through quite a bit of water even, though it's cold we're fortunate I think it's the two dry stays about in ages and we're here too right yeah.

Man. You know when you just feel like you destruct it's so lucky there's. Basically no point going back to Iceland it's never going to be this good again. It's. We. Can't come all the way to Iceland, ride, for a couple hundred kilometers and not talk about geology, so bear, with me for one minute behind. Me those rocks there they're probably younger, than, many of you watching at home that is magma, that cooled, in. 1970. And it erupted from. That. Mountain behind this which is actually Iceland's, most active, volcano, Heckler, and it erupts, like clockwork apparently. Every 10 years except. It last erupted 12. Years ago so. We won't hang around too, long. The. Road today has been pretty different - yes around there Neal we've had a lot more yeah. Big wide open gravel. Tracks and an awful, lot more wind and Scots. Thinking about two more really important points differences. Between the gravel in a mountain bike and the first one is, position. So this. Bike is allowed me to pretty much get my Road position, on it so. I've got quite a big drop between the saddle and the bars and. It's impossible, to replicate that position on a man bike isn't it yeah I definitely feel like I'm much more sat up and when you, have told me in that window, Scott see over your shoulder most the time that's. Good when, it comes to riding fast or, riding long distances, the, fact that you are so much less aerodynamic. Makes. Quite a significant, difference you are having to work an awful lot harder not just because you're fatter tyres but. Also because. Of that wind resistance, and people, think about aerodynamics and spin about you know pro racing and stuff but it's not just, riding a 10k an hour into a headwind yeah, makes, a difference and then the other thing is the weight of the bike a man, bike is always going to have a weight penalty, over gravel bike so, again you've. Got that penalty when climbing, as well and it's also just going to change the way the bike feels again. That. Missus. I. Saw. We're in an abandoned, pool that Magne all of you guys find us and it's 42, degrees I'm boiling, yeah. It's bit like swimming in a bath isn't it but before we get to with that I think we should address our, initial, question which is he's a man Pike the best point for riding off-road what. Kind of ground white do better can a gravel bike do, anything, better well, we wrote some really varied terrain first time I've ever ridden gravel roads all that was fair but I just loved that bike for me at home especially the. My invited more versatile to bike that I would choose it's, in seeing that you're, right technically the. More a bike can do the more versatile is because there's nothing stopping it riding on the road but. What. Can i gravel bite do better, gravel bikes can, do Road better which I know Tech is not off-road but they can also do simple, gravel trails better and actually I think they can make simple. Matter bike trails more fun too as well because there you have make things a little bit difficult and they reduce that, kind of the, speed that you can sustain but. Without doubt you know anytime they've got technical, or downhill. You were absolutely flying past what I love by that mountain as well as I could swap out the 29th wheel so I can imagine that bike at home my travels at NIH will actually, fly as well so it's great versatile bike yeah what, I think was super interesting name it was the fact that we did ride these vastly, different bikes yeah on this incredible. Ride that touched and loads of and terrain and actually, both of us were.

Super Happy with the bikes that we were on yeah there were times when you could drop me there are times when I could drop you but actually the inter day we both had a massive grin in our faces I loved it great experience, I've fallen in love with that biking out there I love it. Yeah. So no surprises then perhaps that the mountain bike is better, at riding off-road but where the gravel bike comes into its own I think is the variation so, the longer the rides are doing and the. More of an influence of tarmac, and faster. Smoother, gravel roads and the less you want to actually do, proper, mountain biking, the better that bike is your, mountain bike could, not feel like a road bike my gravel bike would, be super, fun with 28 mill tires and I'm sure yeah right, just, get a bit of a sweat on which is never out and haroon pool before. Do. Make sure that you head over to GMP, n because Neil's got another perspective on our ice and epic class and over to the tech channels, yeah there's more info on your mooks Mountaineer, there's more info on my boots, route 45. So. Basically you've, got an, evening, to fill with amazing, bike, ride and videos yeah farmers, often kill I watched us having a great time. It's. Gonna be the least dumb down video ever new.

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Agree that's some amazing cinematography and editing. Reminds be of the great work done by Top Gear during their heyday. That team really deserves their own video - or at least a mention.

Lava fields...cycling on an active volcano


I am going to assume that riding the mountain bike with dual suspension that there will be more susustained energy and comfort while the Gravel bike lacking suspension, will lead a rider to a bit more riding discomfort and more energy consumed.

You all should do some rides like these with fans!! Either fans local to where you travel or take a fan on an adventure

You lucky such and such!!! Thanks for sharing the incredible scenery. Good on ya!

Been binge watching old Top Gear all watching this. Awesome. Hi from the US.

Bucket list!

This video showed a bunch of cinematography and very little about the comparison between the two. The bike industry likes to saturate the market with fat bikes, e bikes, gravel bikes ect. Road/fixed gear, MTB or BMX are the only options and consumer should consider. GCN failed in this wack video. You can clearly see the guy on the ugly MOOTS fly downhill faster. Unless you want to risk injury or you are pro, steer away from gravel bikes. Go MTB with lock on forks. You would imagine GCN would steer the consumer towards a nice bike, not gimmicks. Try going downhill on steep turns on a gravel bike vs a MTB. This is ridiculous, no comparison. Ugly MOOTS wins. GCN, the colors on the jersey are soo far off... who did you hire!? Johnny I can't make videos! Not to mention they literally don't speak of BMX with their cumpets and tea corny arses.

Gravel bike is for COMPETITION. MTB you are overall safer, more comfortable. I ride to work daily, 29er MTB for life. 27.5 you get faster take offs, 29er you ride faster more constantly when you catch speed and rolls over obstacles smoother. Saved you time.


the guy in the orange is so smart!

Damn that view

That. Was. Awesome. So well done and inspiring.

Epic, lord of the rings.

is the support car travelling the same path?

Try this build on for size. Trek carbon procaliber frame. Trek 1120 fork. Salsa wood chipper bars. Dropper post actuated by left hand shifter (1x drivetrain) schwalbe g one allround 29x2.25. I’ve had it for a couple weeks now and it’s super comfortable on gravel and on road I lose maybe 1-2 mph vs my old cross bike with 38s.

You guys should try something like this again but swap bikes half way to see what you both prefer and why - absolute banger of a video tho

I just wonder, how about a cyclocross bike with a suspension fork? Some weight penalty of course. Anyone had already experience that kind of set up? Thanks

Si, the model of bike you rode is actually pronounced "Rowt" or "Ra'out", named after Routt county where the Moots factory is located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Not pronounced like a "route" on a map.

Wow iceland is so beautiful thanks for the amazing experience! Love my mtb btw.

Wow Just wow

Awesome cinematography. I'm adding Iceland on my to-do list.

Reminds me a bit of the old Top Gear challenges. Absolutely loved, it hope you do more like these

Si the Kamoot can be linked with Wahoo Element and Bolt... set your route on Kamoot save ride make it public, head into Wahoo Element app link with Kamoot, then head into Wahoo Element and Bolt, go to routes Sync and your routes will pop up , click on route where you can change direction to go clockwise or anti clockwise.. job done

The production value of this video is insane even by GCN standards.

Awesome, guys. Great location, great camera, good and suitable music.

Awesome video lads. JAF!

WoW, what a view !!

Please can your film crew follow me on my next touring holiday? kthx =P

Great adventure and some excellent filming. Brilliant, keep up the good work.

Most awkward gcn moment ever, Si and Neil in the bath together!

Should have swapped bikes for a while..?

I loved every second of this.

Wonderful promotion for Iceland and bike tourism. I too liked the overhead shots and long shots of the ride to put the ride in perspective. I was wondering what you chose to carry in the bike packs, given the conditions, remoteness, and the fact you slept in huts.

You guys get paid to do this - I am so jealous - I would give anything to do that ride. It is so beautiful it takes my breath away. Thank you

And the winner is............well, neither bike actualy, but that! Great production qualities too, more like this please

Ollis Everesting, Hanks Red Hook Crit, now this, GCN is on a different level now, keep it coming! oh and this is Buck List.

do you think they locked thoes bikes up?

some stunning camera work on this

I've been waiting impatiently for this video to drop! Totally awesome! Now for the long-term campaign to convince my wife that I need a Moots.

By far the most stunning video you've made, GCN. Your camera, production, soundtrack etc. skills have leaped forward immensely. Well, honestly Iceland played a major role in this video but if you could convince everybody with such a video to go cycling I wouldn't know what to do more to do so. Great job, thanks for bringing cycling into my living room, when there is no possibility to go cycling outside my living room.


You got it all wrong. You are not riding these terrains and want to be fast, you want to enjoy the ride with whatever bike you are riding.

Brilliant video! One of your best yet - epic scenery and a well reasoned “decision” on which is best, neither, cycling is the winner, however big your tyres and whatever shape your handlebars!

Superb filming and scenery and commentary

amazing place and video, good job guys

This video should have a NSFW tag. First the bike porn, then the scenery porn, and finally an awkward hot tub scene. I'm lucky my boss didn't walk by.

I do not own one myself but have always heard them called Cyclocross bikes in the US...

What an epic ride! Have been waiting for something like this from you guys

Does anyone know the brand of overshorts si has on, gcn branded of course but do we know manufacturer?

Hi Stewart, they're Assos.

#Torqueback #AskGcAnything 1.)if a gravel bike is slacker and with more clearance. Couldn't we just, repurpose all the old bikes from years ago? Ebay special from 70/80s? Angles are less aggressive, can fit wide tyres 27" to 700c especially. 2.) you said tyres smaller than MTB. So are monstercross bikes, too extreme to be gravel bikes? Personally I'd just put them further on the spectrum

Not a single tree to be seen.

That was rather epic. You went to Iceland and rode gravel bikes and tested gravel bike technology. But you somehow managed to miss talking to or testing Icelandic designed and made Lauf gravel bike and fork? Your editorial content here appears totally crowded out by the sponsorship of the video. Rather like if someone did a video on American cuisine and overlooked hamburgers because they're sponsored by a pizza company. Worse actually, because the Lauf actually would have shown that neither of your bikes was the right one for the terrain you found in Iceland. Good thing is that Lauf is sponsoring a race in that same area next summer, so you can do a reexamination.

+Global Cycling Network ty for the response. Great to hear that you're looking at Lauf. As for niche, well $7000+ bikes are not exactly in the choice domain for the typical cyclist either... And who better to inform the cycling masses about niche products than you!

As the comment underneath notes, we've got a video with Lauf coming up. And yes, a suspension fork would change the gravel bike, but it's still relatively niche and so it doesn't really represent the kind of choice that most of us face when buying this kind of bike.

In the GMBN version of this video, they mention that Si was going to talk to Lauf.

GCN takes it up a notch, superb....with exception to the end. Maybe stick to a beer in the cafe as apposed to a skinny flat white in the pool!

Music at 15:09?

handmade of titanium... on island.... you have toooo much money! ;)

Amazing Video. Places where a proper bike can take you.

A beautiful place...with a great bike.

What app are they using?

Any chance of making the GPX files available, please? Ideally the Morocco ones, too?

not jealous

Lush video! I'd be interested in seeing a making of video or the crew behind you guys how an epsisode/show goes from storyboard to live along with what equipment you use etc?

Awesome video! did you lock the bikes at the hut? :)

Day 1 is 70 km, Day 2 is 63 km... Maybe I need to brush up on my math but how is that a 200 km ride?

Epic scenery, loving this video format once in a while ! huge fan of yours !

I think they should have swapped bikes at some point, otherwise you are only getting 1 set of opinions on each bike. Of course they will pick the bike for their preferred discipline.

Switching bike would've been a good idea then you could seen the difference between them

Great filming and cinematography, actually camped near Hekla many years ago, bought back good memories, now tempted to head back out there with a bike after watching your film!

11:50 sounding like an apple fanboy.. "its worse but I convince myself its better because hype".

Love the video, you guys got some amazing shots! Saw the one on GMBN first (sorry guys mountain biker at heart) and had to watch yours to see if I missed anything cool! Glad I watched both! Keep up the beautiful work!

Wow, that's a fantastic video! Thanks.

What an awesome ride! And such amazing cinematography. Thank you guys for bringing us along for the ride.

so beautiful

wow, what a great filming location! Do it again anytime!

Yes more of this! Great video. Would like to have seen the mtb set up more like a gravel bike: smaller tires, longer stem and maybe even some bar ends???

amazing landscape!!! wow wow want to go here. great shots

Since watching this video I have planned a bike touring trip around Iceland for summer 2019 on my gravel bike!

A lot of that looks like you could be riding on the moon. That said, you guys get to ride the coolest places!

I want to know where that cabin is. Just spending a couple of nights there with some riding out and back in the day would be amazing.

First rate production GCN. Absolutely amazing. Despite my being a road bike fan, I think I'd choose that Mountain bike for the trip.. :)

Wow. Excellent production values. What a great ride clip.

Absolutely amazing footage guys. Woot woot!

Some very excellent cinematography! GCN post production really is peaking. I can say without reservation that you two gentlemen are certainly lucky for the experience.

Truly an outstanding production; well done guys. As to the merits of a gravel bike .... ok, sure. If you want to add another to your collection. On the other hand, if the Boss, space, budget limit you .... or practicality ... nope. As it says on the box; works for traveling on gravel, but very restricted elsewhere. And if the point is to get off the paved, well-beaten path, nothing touches the versatility of a half-decent mtb. And at higher presures, an mtb can roll pretty darn fast. Who could miss seeing the much bouncier ride on everything but smooth gravel? I have both a road and an mtb; just no way i see a case for adding a gravel. There! Another useless opinion lol

Iceland has been on my bucket list for years anyway, just added a bit of gravel riding to the itinerary

WOW!! Thank you for doing this..

Lovely bikes aside, this video has reminded me just how much I need to revisit Iceland. Such a stunning place ❤️

One of the best videos you guys have ever produced, nice work.

More of this please, GCN!


What prodigious scenery! New entry to my bucket list. Thanks gents for the wonderful video.

Did you guys have Hanz Zimmer write the music score for this video?

best GCN vid so far

Definitely shot on DJI Mavic2 zoom for aerial shots.


Stunning landscapes, top notch cinematography, clean audio makes it the best bike travel documentary ever.

Beautiful work, enjoyed very much.

complete track listing would be fine

This is truly gorgeous and awe inspiring. Nice one GNC.

So the gravel bike is the ultimate all-road bike if you do more road orientated off road, and the mountain bike is the ultimate all-road bike if you do more off road orientated off road? Yep, it is indeed very 'Top Gear quality content'. Not sure thats a good thing though.

That is the best video you have ever made!!

amazing shots and edit, anybody know the name of the song starting at 10:10?

I don't buy the whole flared drop bar ends giving more control thing. Cannot see many people hold bars there when they need control. Surely being more upright with access to brakes wins the 'control' debate? Its a style thing. At best an angled hoods thing. Ti is mainly a snob/nerd/style thing too. Carbon (like the fork and wheels) would be more than adequate.

Glad you had a great time.

Upload these better ones in 4K just for the bitrate bump.

Interesting stuff.. is your GMBN pal related to the Yates’s? What a place to visit.. Beeyoutiful! It just needed a bit of Sigur Ros in the soundtrack..

what song starts a 3:40?!!

Wonderful video, beautifully made. Good choice of GMBN presenter as well

Can we get the .gpx files tho

Damn, those "gravel roads" are smoother than the asphalt we got here :o

Gravel Bikes are a JOKE ! Its a Marketing GIMMICK.

8:40 music straight out of the lion king?

Who is filming this. Pease say it’s not pore jack

GCN's Top Gear moment... nice!

I would really like to try a bike with plus size wheel setup (could be 27,5x3.00, that's what I have on my new MTB and I really like it) AND the aero riding position (including the drop bars) of a gravel or CX bike. :)

Great video, not sure if Moots could have provided a second set of bikes to accommodate different frame size requirements? but it would have been interesting if you switched bikes on day two and gave your impressions. Again, great video

It's like Top Gear for cyclists. Great!

Iceland is just unique and epic. Thought I would get bored to this scenery by end of this video, I didn't.

Those drone shots are nicely done!

You may have Pleurisy.

I honestly don't even care about the outcome, that scenery is amazing

Who watched this and didn't want to ride their bike in Iceland? Thought so, no one!!! awesome adventure!

Would of been good for a tour of The hut you guys stayed in.

What is it with GCN/GMBN presenters and their complete lack of fear regarding giardia infection risk? Use a waterfilter, you absolute madmen!

Amazing "short film". Good guys (Si & Neil great together). Fun adventure, gorgeous rugged lanscape, informative, and inspiring. More like this


My God! This video quality is amazing! Great job GCN GMBN!

One does not simply walk into Mordor... one cycles.

sorry but gravel bike vs MTB.... starting at highest elevation.... that would be like lightweight vs aero bike.... all climbing.

So the Cannondale Slate is the one for this adventure then

glad Neil isn't wearing any lycra bollox

That gravel bike looks flimsy as fuck, another unnecessary product market, you need wide handlebars...

As an Icelander it gives me great pride to see foreigners make such fantastically scenic videos about and from Iceland, thanks guys

Great film and scenery... wonder why they didnt swap rides for day 2 and then compare...

Really enjoyed this video, absolutely amazing views, loved both bikes, well done guys

Thanks GCN and GMBN for this epic content ! Any chance you can share your routes with us ?

Simon gets to do all the fun stuff

What's the name of the track at 8:21?

So obviously that ride can be done on a gravel bike, but, do you want to do it on a gravel bike? I bet the mtb is way more comfortable. MTB wins.

What time of the year was it?

The sheep at 20:48 - challenging Dan for best hair?

This was absolutely breathtaking cinematography. Great video.

Just stunning...brought a tear to my eye.

Stupid comparison. Fatter tyres every time on surfaces such as this which means MTB or fat bike. Surly ECR 29+.

Were gravel bikes previously known as cyclo cross bikes?

Made me cry with envy. A reason to get fit.

that landscape is beautiful i am so jealous

Great video, scenery and music - especially Day 1. I did loads of what's now called bike-packing in the 80s and 90s in the Scottish highlands. On an old Ridgeback mtb - hardtail, rigid fork, with 1.9 tyres, 600mm flat handlebar and bar ends. 120mm low rise stem, so the geometry probably very similar to a modern gravel bike - could pull on the climbs, and avoid the worst of the headwinds. But it had the versatility of a mtb on the rough stuff. Basically a halfway house between Neil's soft-tail and the gravel bike. The bars on modern mtbs are too wide and the stems too short.

De loin le meilleur épisode jusqu'à maintenant. De très beaux paysages et j'ai aimé le format petit débat entre les deux vélos qui a fait ressortir les arguments.

GMBN vs GNC I prefer the first, mountain bike is like a religion. This is not a comparison of different bikes, a comparison of different religios.Sincerely.

That bit of film at 23:34, superb. This is one of the best cycle tour videos I have ever seen.

Amazing Video Guys! If i could only have one, i would go for the gravel Bike. I need to be effective on my comute, and everything else is just fun, and as you mentioned, you might be slower on the gravel bike but the fun stays the same.

You guys seem to have it made. You get paid on top of all expenses and probably going to Tazmania or Patagonia to ride to test if the new SramRed derailleur is better than the DuraAce. How about the rounding of Madagascar to compare steel and carbon disks?

On my bucket list!

12:27 nice ratcheting

Stunning footage! Anyways, you can still mount an aero bar on your mtb to get a more aero position.

0:25 so they're becoming mountain bikes?

This could have been a documentry. Mind blowing cinematography!

Brokeback mountain 2.0?

Some sections of this video remind me of the TV show with the greatest videography ever... Top Gear!

Just put it on the list of my all time favorite GCN videos. Thumbs up.

Went bikepacking for 25 days around the country on a road bike last summer and it was by far the most incredible but trying experience I’ve ever had, and seeing this brought back a lot of memories and feelings. Great job guys

Give me that Fox in the front every day of the week.

The scenery is awesome. I was carried away by the landscape. I could not focus on your conversations. Iceland. Lovely place.

Epic content, few minutes into the ride video and I completely forgot it was about MTB vs Gravel comparison. Would you guys hire me?

Also, 10:20 - jawdropping

Good thing you're not eligible for GCNinspiration because we could have done a pause on almost any shot and you would have win!

What app did you use at 14:57?

Watching that video I assume Neil is still a growing lad. Seeing him next to that bike reminded me of me and my first MTB when I was 13. I bought the next size up to grow into it which I wouldn't recommend. Personally I wouldn't ride anything technical such little room between my groin and the crossbar. I guess Neil has the skills to avoid anything too unfortunate. Great video once again though folks ! An Iceland off-road tour has been on my bucket list for years and sadly still is :/

Can anyone tell me what gloves they wear in the video?

I put the video on my very top3 GCN video, absolutely brilliant, cinematography is awesome

Mike Faxholm Thank you!

Komoot - navigation app

Definition of desolation.

When did you throw the ring of power into the volcano?

Guys well done, this video inspired me, not to mention the world class edit. I would pay to see this. It reminds me of a high quality movie . Speechless, regards Steve

Wow! Amazing video.. good to see you Neil on GCN! As for the gravel bike... still not convinced, I love my Hardtail and also my TCR, they are both great in what they do.

Well produced! Really nice, guys!

Surely this is ideal fatbike territory Neil......

Si and Neil should try do the Cape Epic one day

Actually, more like great advert for Iceland. If I lived there I'd have the mtb all day, if I were globetrotting on a bike with light luggage across vast continents, the gravel bike would be very interesting ..

Stunning! What month were you there? I wonder if replacing the MTB handlebar with something like a Jones Loop, would improve the aerodynamic positioning? Beautiful videography!

Thanks for the kind words Sandra; we visited during early September.

Great vid Si! Loved it!

You should have the "Bicycle Touring Pro" join you on one of your future bike touring or bikepacking trips.

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