HUUUGE Indian Street Food ADVENTURE in Jaipur, India | BEST VEGETARIAN Street Food in India -SPICY!

HUUUGE Indian Street Food ADVENTURE in Jaipur, India | BEST VEGETARIAN Street Food in India -SPICY!

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All right check it out guys is Trevor James hanging, out with my good buddy a new buffer from Delhi food box today and today we are in Jaipur. Rajasthan. And I'm so pumped for today we're gonna go for a ton of Rajasthani, Street, food you know we're going to play so many different kinds of street food and, awesome. This. Is Jaipur. The capital, of Rajasthan. India just. A four-hour drive south from Delhi, and today, with our good buddy a new bub we're trying out 10 different, Street foods all pure. Vegetarian, and all right on the street and, first up we found a friendly local selling, some super fresh and sour, buttermilk, right, in an alleyway, let's, try so. We're gonna get a buttermilk lassi. Hear. About our milk. Guys. So nice. Yeah. Very. Funny man, nice. Drink. Drink. Okay. Buttermilk, oh. Good. It's sour, pure. No, sweeten in there in there. Good. Really. Very good, for holding somebody. Wow. And he just tells it like that and does he offer mint or anything with it yeah who Dina Dina. So. He's selling buttermilk. And put in a separate yes. Shook. At shukriya. Wow. So nice, really. Feel. Like you can. Meet anyone anywhere, yes so happy to serve your food yeah no. Kidding yeah. Keep. Exploring, next. Up a new Bob is bringing us to try another famous, street food in Jaipur, the street, pizza. Omelet one, of the most satisfying street. Foods you can find in all of India we. Are in buffoon others opposed and this. They're going to Sanjay omelette this. Is. One. Of the participants of MasterChef, India really it's almost hundred different varieties, of form this is MasterChef omelet. Okay. So we're making omelets here, yeah we're going to try Johnny, to tell me and then. Try the masala, Wow, local. Tradition or making. They've got one just like an omelette sandwich, there is over 70 butter. Notes. Of butter, or. Eggs. To this egg's green pepper, onion. Or. And then it goes so. Which one is this this is my fellow cassava omelet. So. We got the classic peppers, and onions oh yeah. And it's just in a sandwich a sandwich and. Then facility. Is it the technique they, make a chutney of garlic, and red chilies. Times. Of butter. Oh. And. Tomatoes. Oh. That. Mean of red, chilies and garlic red, chilli garlic chutney that's, the secret oh that, just smells amazing. Accessing. Forever. Hundred. Different varieties, of omelette yeah. Masala. Oh it looks heavy, another's. I think that looks like okay, so. It's like an omelette sandwich, of assembly, table. Tennis masala, omelette, sandwich. That, looks so heavy, Wow. And now we're getting the Afghan on their money whether there's, an episome Oh beautiful. Now. Second butter, lots. Of butter to. Do eggs chili. Onion, for, well, this. Is just amazing, watching the omelet action. It. Goes. It. Looks quite similar it's really but to do I didn't order base of pizza Oh pizza. Pizza base and then they will add lots of cheese in anything oh you. Can see there's a pizza base okay. Tom, did you, see the. Pizza base again. With lots of butter yeah, tons of our it gets. A pizza omelet oh. It's. Like a greasy. Omelet, patty on. A pizza face. And. Coriander. Then, this, cabbage cabbage. And, then I like diesel work and. Some more butter. That, looks, incredibly. Heavy. Whoa. Pizza. Omelet. That's. A piece, oh that's, mail people, are, cheese. Incredible. The. Pizza, omelet. Wow. You can just have a slice of, that pizza, omelet and. Then this is the classic, lets alone masala omelette sandwich, cheers, buddy. Whoa. It's. Like ultra-premium. It's like a cheese email we. Slightly. Crispy and saturated. Fluffy. Omelette, it's. Very heavy. The. Pizza base it's, like a deep-fried. Pizza. Crust and, then we've got this beautiful fluffy. Masala. Omelette sandwich let's. Try this out. Anybody. Could fill up this please because the company mmm. The, masala chutney. It's. All about that chutney, chilli. Garlic it's spicy, garlicky. The. Bread is, so saturated with, butter, so, it lends a lot of flavor and, wow. This is like heavy, omelette delight, and, after, enjoying that beautiful masala.

Omelette, Sandwich, made, our way to our next street, food masala. Chai, and, within just a few minutes we're in the old city, of Jaipur, known as pink city hunting, for chai we, are in pink city in Jaipur and right, now we are in voltage the old city, and it's all pink as all things beautiful, we. Are going to southeast, all and it's, almost 70 years old tea stall in jaipur seventy-year-old, t joint right here so, busy classic, chai gossiping, street shy i cooked over charcoal, wow it's, busy, here. Oh. The. Movie he's got in there whoa right. Over the coals, no. Boy slow cook oh and, then in goes the tea that's. Just pure black tea right. Beautiful. Motor. This blue boys slow. Boil one slow cook with that steak that's not masala oh my. Cardamom. And. Masala. Beautiful. Oh, this. Pin displaces, oh yeah. Cardamom. In there hmm, that, is just. The. Heart and soul, of India there's, no water there's no water the other other or the find out there's a bunny only. Middle pure buffalo. Milk that's why it's picked so, thick to, me tea is just one of the the. Most beautiful, things in India because everyone, loves it it's, on the street you. Can hang out and chat with people and. The. Shop owners take pride in their work when. It's good tea everyone. Comes these, is like something with you later yeah that's. The one thing that unites India misty is a shy guy anywhere, from north to south east to west you, can have two anywhere, it's, all about the shy in the butter now, the moon, Oh sugar. One. Two. Hey. That's. Too much. Scoops. All right oh yeah. That's not too bad let's do this, one dirty oh it's almost done, oh right. In the cloth. Right. In the cloth there. Strain. It out. Beautiful. This is very first I love standing it out for, me every time I leave India this is actually one of the things I missed the most and I'm sure that the locals when they leave and come back it's probably the same that's true they miss a chai oh. Wow. Look, at that beautiful try the, soul of India right, here. Naturally. Really, it's our Nationals and corporation isn't it amazing. Cheers, very Hughes. Oh. What. A strong. Cardamom, flavor milky. Creamy. Sweet. Ultra, sweet, that's. Like picking, without. The buffalo milk for you buffalo, milk yeah Wow. And, next up a new bub is bringing us for some ultra, flavorful, marinated. And grilled paneer. The paneer, tikka right, in the back lanes, of Jaipur, and right, when you walk up and you see all that bright red paneer. Grilling, right over the flame and, you smell the tandoori, spices, in the air you, know it's gonna be good it, is so good to be exploring, Jaipur, for street food and right. Up here we're gonna have real. Funny right yeah yeah paneer tikka and swear top Oh paneer. Tikka. Grilled. Paneer which is grilled cottage, cheese right yep awesome. Look at this oh. Look. At the color look at the color right, whoa. Paneer. Tikka. Magical. Bright, orange. Paneer, on here it's, better than tandoori, spices, that. Garlic, ginger. And then. They are grilled and then let's well chop the boom eliminated. In coriander, and okay. And just look at the color on there bright orange, with.

Andouille. Spices, and Orey spices and you can smell the smokiness from those coals. This. Is what India's about you've got amazing, meat, but you've also got delicious. Veg. You. Can have the, best of both worlds. You never feel like missing me - yeah, it's so much of a ting an option here E so. There's the green one which is with mince with, mental, fogginess mint and coriander and, then the Afghani. Creamy. Oh and, you can see they're marinating, some over there as well. Like. So yeah. Maintain. Coriander, so. They've got the soya chopped which is basically. Kind of like tofu right, and. They're marrying it in the same masala. Spices oh. And. They. Also have the paneer it, is just so colorful and, beautiful. Of. India, oh the flag of India has a green then. You're white all different colors oh yeah. Here they are so. What are they putting on there that's some different, kinds of spices butter and, lemon or butter. Lemon and masala a la sala Oh, amazing. Oh. Look. At that, beautiful. Wow. We. Got beautiful paneer, and soya oh. It's. Very citrusy, yeah well the lemon the editor whatever that's. What my, fellows yeah citrusy. And spicy and tangy. Mmm. Here, cottage, cheese. That. Is amazing, then we can go in for this beautiful. Mint. Been coriander. Soya, top. So yeah chopped oh. It's. Like a firm tofu. And also. Has that citrus kick, smokey. I feel. Like coming, here you your mouth just. Comes alive with all these new flavors, everywhere. On every street corner there's so much to try just like this you got the paneer. You got the soya, different. Spices different, flavors. Just. Perfect next, step and before going for the ultimate, street bread and curry and then a huge Rajasthani, tally feast, the new bob is bringing us for some amazing pickles, right, on the street so, we're going for pickles neck so I just like 150, years of old pickle shop one hundred and eighty year old pickle. Joint, awesome. Right up here. So. Many pickles mango. Oh mango, pickle they add like they use mustard oil oil for, making the pickles oh so. It's spicy, and mastery, yeah. And tons, of pickles up here too so. What sort of pickles do we have we are going to try it three of them we'll try the garlic one okay, and then apply the raw mango one so garlic and mango, will fight America's Oh turmeric Nicholas perfect is very good well lemon. Ginger. Garlic. It's. All here, so they do it in a mustard oil mustard. Mustard. Oil. Indian. Food is incomplete, without pickle it's. An essential part this isn't part of our food so. Then. Everything, that we make different varieties, of pickles we at home and, that's how the traditionally is to make in, these big clay pots.

That's. The garlic garlic. Nice. He's, making us a pickle, tally. Nice. So. What do we have this. Turmeric turmeric garlic, and, raw. Mango Oh awesome. Turmeric, oh yeah. So, what's in there this tenon seats black. Mustard seeds. And. Cumin is very good for health eat anything just like the freshmen, break another writer make. Is. So strong spicy, and mustardy, you, got a real mustard, kick in there if, you like strong pungent, flavors. You're gonna love these pickles, especially. The tangy and sweet mango, pickle at the end and next, up we're going for some street bread and curry that, you just can't stop eating so they're going to try here beta roti with aloo sabzi Oh taking, a very traditional meal of Rajasthan right on the street another street and you. Can see how they're cooked oh. So. It's like a it's. Like a whole, wheat bread is a whole wheat bread that is like their dad sitting as a flower they had black Bengal gram bengal, gram, then they have a jaw and. Then. They also had game with a wheat pitlor oh nice and they roll them out right here and these are the curries it's all the cookery oh so, funny. Does the onion basically. An onion they add the whole onion the small, shallot. Yeah Wow. Look, at that potato, onion veneer. And, it smells sweet, and. What else do they have this. Is called gutta Oh chickpea, flour or. Chickpea, flour curry, so, we've got one with tomato onion and paneer we've, got one with chickpea flour and, then this is green. Chilli with. Italy. Nice. Let's, break this. One. Some poom, it looks awesome yeah you can pull, you can feel the grains in, your hand, Oh. Chickpea. Curry look at that chickpea. Flour Cory the chickpea, flour. That. Is like the. Most wholesome, bread. You. Will ever eat. It's. So healthy and then with the key it. Gives a little bit of flavor to this, is like oh my finger in bread and. That's, great it's, just light a little, tangy and maybe. A little sweet go. To my tomatoes. We. Can go for that a little, piaj so. This is what the locals in Rajasthan eat disrespect. Of a trillion. Mmm. That. Is so nice I love, how it's just smooth and light but, the tomato and the onion when they're combining they're they're sweet hmm. Thank. You finish, off the day the new bob is bringing us to try the iconic. Rajasthani, meal, vitaliy, a huge, feast, full of tons of vegetarian. Curries, and sauces, on a, massive plate, with unlimited, refills so. Next we are going to have the traditional raddest, honey meal oh hey, chewy and proper variance honey, food right it's a neat alley that's aunt Holly. And. See how do we greet this ha ha the. Asian style nice. Ok. Put. The mark on your. Wow. Okay. So. What's this called this is like when, you have a new guest at your place you, greet him like this traditional. Way of welcoming, the. Guests or your family okay, and we're, going in that's how he heavens, you. See how beautiful this place is oh. They're. Understanding, hats oh. Yes. It, looks good, we're. Handsome. And. Before we knew it we, were being served an unlimited, amount of, delicious, curries, all eaten, by hand there's, nothing, better, wow, what. An amazing, selection. We've, got here pure, Rajasthani. All veg all of it's always been a veg so. Much here, I'm. Hoping family what. Do we have here today let's start from here this is koo kumba and cabbage salad okay.

Here. We have rice pasta, rice then. Here we have spinach, pasta oh so, it's like a tomato onion spinach curry yeah then here we have dr., curry, it's. A very traditional dish of Rajasthan, this one gotta take. You something your guitar you can call it okay made up of chickpea flour gram, flour that's. What they make it and it's creamy and extremely yes excuse me a wealth of tomatoes there I'm the spices, and here, we have a loop chaos curry a loopy, ass that's potato and onion okay, then again this is a very traditional dish. Of Rajasthan, is called curry curry. It's not curry study, kdi. Cutting Oh Carrie ready this, is all lentils, so. Darlin. Toes oh and, then there's a huge leaf. Plate here yeah, then here we have papadum poppadom, we have three different kinds of bread. One, is the, normal wheat, flour. Then. We have corn, flour. Then we have chickpea, flour okay, then we have chutney, for Enda and coriander chutney okay. Two small balls of. Butter. Which you put over the bread okay then here we have Kings are Kherson is again a speciality of Rajasthan. Like a radish tiny plant last if darkness and herb then we have again a traditional, chutney of Rajasthan, is garlic. And chili then we have Kotori, made up of Basra chili. Yeah Kotori and like a porridge oh, so. It's like a millet porridge a photo with sugar yeah. Okay. You must made up again made up of wheat flour, sugar. Sweet, wheat flour yeah. And. Then we have our Indian classic desert pan-indian. Jala. Be rich in ivy so deep fried dough, circle. Covered, in syrup this. Is again operation, this. Rajasthan, is called party party, so, it's like a dumpling, stuffed with lentil I really, I think this one looks so nice the cutter sabzi, so. There's like chickpea. Flour, balls, in there yeah they're. In creamy and full of seeds like fennel. Well. To me this is what life is about. It's. Like an Indian. A. Little. Mustardy. You. Can taste the mustard in there a little. Spicy. Mmm. And. Healthier. This. Is all pure veg the variety. Of flavors, here and the wholesomeness, of this meal is worth, coming to Rajasthan, alone, for, you, can taste bite after bite of new flavors it's all here waiting for you in Rajasthan, thank you so much a new Rob that was an amazing day I'm gonna leave a link to Delhi food watch in the description, below so. Much of this is food here in Rajasthan, and we couldn't have done it without you thank you so much for coming, hope to see you back on the streets of India and have fun thanks buddy.

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WOW! Anubhav is bringing us for TONS of delicious food today in Jaipur! Make sure to watch until the end where we enjoy a HUGE Rajasthani Thali! And check out Anubhav's page here: and I hope you enjoy this full on, VEGETARIAN street food tour! This is the first time I've done this!!! Let me know in the comments what you thought of the video after watching it, and follow me on Instagram for behind the scenes thanks so much for watching and being a part of the community!!!

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Great video!!!!  As usual!!!!  Thanks

Why dont you shoot a video in GUJARAT INDIA

You have only enjoyed only 25percent of Rajasthani food. There is much more food you need to explore in Rajasthan. You should taste the the original , geographicqly indicated samosa and kanchodi The world of bhujia _Bikaner. The pakodas of medtha road.

I am jealous of your life ...hehe

Edh karikan ano evidem vare vane

amazing how you have grown over the years! cheers!

i wanna see the reverse of this, where an indian dude comes to america and eats a thanksgiving feast

I love to hear that sound.... Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Wow... All melody of your food dissolved....

i enjoy ur show and if u visit bangalore i would like to explore with u

India also know as the wolrd’s trash can

Why do you say "all pure vegetarian", when egg consumption is only semi-vegetarian?

I'm such a big fan of the Food ranger. I also love to make vlog.

Arun -I have tried Indian food.I love it but I will not eat street food.It’s a shame cause they look yummy.

Arun -In a way it becomes unhealthy because you could get sick from it due to unhygienic preparation.You don’t get sick because you’re immune to it.I personally,won’t risk being sick.

SobrangArte MoTe if it's unhygenic then it's unhealthy I have had these dishes and they are perfectly fine And you are commenting even if u haven't had them ,how can u say bad about something if you have not personally seen or have it

Arun -Nobody is arguing if it’s unhealthy.It looks unhygienic.Why are you so butt hurt about it.I would love to try those cause they look yummy but no thanks.I just couldn’t .

Umm... that does not happen in India. Get yourself educated.

Big fan of yours Trevor

#FoodRanger...Hey Buddy Hope you are fine today.. I recommend you to visit Lahore Pakistan for some delicious tasty food that you never had before..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Do Visit LAHORE !!!!!!!!

he won't he knows he would get blown up for no reason

Is that your Indian boyfriend homosexual?

I like Indian food . I from Thailand

Love indian cuisines .. but, Seriously man we need a way larger scale streetfood destination...

Plz also visit pakistan

Best food explorer in you tube

1:37 shukra means Thanks or what ???

moslem people are freindly

The way he pronounce "awesome "

Plzz come to assam

if i bring my own fork or spoon would they get mad? cause i dont like eating like they do

please start putting addresses or at least the names of the places you go so we can find them thanks Check it

Hope You Have You Have You're Vaccinations Up To Date...No Soap Or Running Water Or Proper Toilets

Very hygienic.... lol

hez alwaz pumped

Hi, Trevor Any possible way to travel to India with you?

Waaah Masala Chai is heaven!

@ Trevor James.. why you are not trying Tamil Nadu(South Indian) Dishes? mouth watering dishes are waiting for you Cities like Chennai,Madurai, Thirunelveli,etc are famous for street foods...and madurai city is Sleepless city street foods will available 24 hours.. please try out our foods..Also please try Chennai sea food and lot of street food is there...

First guy was daddy

East Aur West

Food ranger Trevor James please daily vlog

Come to the Philippines

delhi's foods are so costly.

Man I'm so much addicted to your videos! Your series of Chinese Muslims food was awesome. Really loving your trip to India and your scoring shows you have a real taste bud for subcontinental cuisine. Please plan a trip to Pakistan as well and be my guest. You'd love our food delicacies too.

The food looks amazing but I’m concerned about the amount of butter they use in every dish

thank you Trevor for this super amazing video. its an absolute delight for vegetarians like me. i almost feel like taking my next flight to jaipur and trying out all that amazing food. tai hao le!!

Go to Puerto Rico bro


Tasty looking food Trevor I liked this video yes!!!!

plz ome to the koolhapur in maharashtra here you will gate the most amazing food i will dont tell you write now here come and test that fast here is most famous is meet plzzzzzz come here

Omggg I'm drooling over here! That chai tea & grilled tandoori paneer looks amazing!!!

Hi Trevor.Mouth watering food and explanation.Come to Bangalore and check out our south indian street food.Really loved your videos.

Bro Hindi language use

who is paying money

Our Jaipur

Khalid Carrillo no, its pizza base.

Really nice to watch your videos ...the way of your exploring food in depth is nice one..!! I hope you will be bringing some more interesting videos on traditional Punjabi foods. All the best.

I love India

Love your 'Ohhhhhhs'

why cant we be clean .entire world have changed .food looks great though

“India has the dubious distinction of being known as the coronary and diabetes capital of the world.” Cause: high fat diets. [Meat, Diary, Oil] low intake of fruit and vegetable Overweight and Obese High Blood pressure High Cholesterol Diabetes (and or metabolic syndrome)

7:11 the man 1 chai plz the old man completely ignoring him go away later hahahaah

Too much oil for the omelette

at 18:02 it was like seeing promo of a desi porn :)

All exclusive vegetarian street food tour!! and it includes egg also.. Hmm


Everything he ate in India can be found in Pakistan. India isn’t that special!

Amazing indian food. I repeating a few time to watch for this video. Good job trevor

Since wen eggs become vegeterains lmao...

Culinary culture of India .... very tasty

Did you ever get sick in India? Doesn't look so clean there

Pls. Do came pakistan

Trevor your words are so true --- masala chai really is the heart and soul of India!

delicious but india has poor hygiene preparing food

0:14 look at that guy in Motorcycle

i need to go there

Indian food is amazing...the most beautiful thing is it's diversity... Jaipur is my place and I love to see Rajasthani food...great to see my place

Hey Trevor, why don't you do a programme on street food from Mauritius. Just a suggestion, but there are loads of street foods there. Looking forward to see that.

visit punjab again

How much does it cost for travelling to India? I mean just 2 or 3 major cities spend about 2 weeks.

how much roughly the last meal cost? Actually, I am really like the India food even I only have had India food from several other countries... The only thing I am worried about is I don't know how to order these food in a correct way... That's too many names.

Nice bro you are so cool , Please come to the Mumbai.

Amazing :D I need to book a trip to India! Thanks for making different cultures and food so much more accessible Trevor. To me the biggest joys in life are food and different cultures but it can be very intimidating when going to a new place to ask for new things and explore. So thanks, your videos really give me the knowledge and confidence to try more!

Did he tell you how to eat the daal bati churma it's quite an experience!!

His expression at 21:17 was adorable.Hmmmmmmmmmm......

Zeeshan Ali .............relax, he is an innocent u want to kill him in a BOMB BLAST or TERRORIST ATTACK by labelling him as a KAFIR( non-muslim) ???............


Do visit turkey please.

Why you Dont go to Dubai for the Food Bro

The food looked amazing. Thank you for sharing your eating adventure in India. Your videos are wonderful and gives an excellent showcase of the food you are eating.

Did you know your videos are playing at Beijing metros every single cabin? Did the Beijing metro ask you a permission for doing so?

Oh wow, y'all are almost at 2M! :)

09:12 thug life

honking what a peaceful country


i wonder how many time he get diarrhea

Rajasthani Thali looks amazing, thank you both Trevor and Anubhav

Sir; I am your subscriber.May ask for a help? My state in India; which you have visited before is going through a humanitarian crisis.We are drowning due to heavy rains; land slides.33 dams are opened.Please mention this in your community post..please use your international visibility to influence people to help us..please..Thank you.

Hi James ..! Plz visit Bangalore .. am your fan.. plz call +919008591090 And contact me : Bangalore south India .. There are so many good destinations here .!. I wil be the host ..!

Ur accent of ur English is so strange for me.Can I know where u r from

He is from Canada.

brother I just love u

Nothing can beat indian food!!!

Wow really amazing challenge bro very nice video

I can use a fat steak rn lol they need to try beef idgaf

They eat buffalo.


I so wish I knew what spices he puts in that chai. I'd try to make it myself.

love your videos, but eggs aren't considered PURE veg (as mentioned in your vid description). It may be considered just vegetarian to some...

jjaa iii puuurrrrrrrr :P

Awesome foods looks tasty make me hungry man

fact there are just only vege dot mean it is healthy, there is tone of oil in it .... is not so healthy as you could like it to be ....

Egg-omelette is a pure vegetarian dish

There was an Obama omelette on that omelette place menu, why is that a thing?

Come to Karnataka

Hello brother. Visit Nepal too. You can find many food items in streets.

Panner tika is succulent and jucy every time... But with compared to chicken is dried up sometimes

Yummy food

when r u coming to kolkata again?

But indian food is dirty you ll go to the hospital

lmao at that opening. that biker was pised at you.

Awesome vlog. How do people dislikes this epic street food vlogs

glad u went to chokhi dhani

Being a Jaipurite, I feel very proud.

Trevor, your guide doesn't know anything about Rajasthan. When you're in Jaipur next time, email me. I'll be your guide.

Yeah Trevor remember all those saturated fat, cholesterol, & salt health indications on that 23andMe analysis you did recently, well eating more of that turmeric raw straight up with fruits, seeds, nuts, legumes, & veggies will balance out all the non-veg, paneer, heavy bread, sweets, & butter/oil you put into your system day in & day out.

ahh yes the best vegetarian dish is with eggs OOHHHHHHHHHHHH

pls visit Indore,mp, India

OMG... i really like your videos...watched so many....i was in Jaipur during this August...

I'm in Jaipur

Hello Food Rager! I really liked this episode! Would you be doing more vegeratian videos in the future?

Andy Wala burger ki copy Mari ha

It is not bheja or brain roti

Hey Food Ranger (Trevor) :) come to house in Karnal city near Delhi. My mum prepares delicious authentic rustic punjabi food. You will surely drool over it. Big fan of yours.

Orang india gendut2 ya?

We indians shud consider using kitchen gloves wen we r making food for others.

I am waiting u since many time,,,

Hi when come u old Delhi I want meet u friend

Hey food ranger again you did Rajshani thali to Khichdi thali...make sure in india please do not take a whole piace of bread/roti.brek it and then take it please...

they someone would rape you

Lot of these food vlogers cant afford restaurant food in india hence they only try street food

Good to see you Trevor again in India

Thank you for the vegetarian video that was awesome

Wow! Your videos are making me a most unproductive person. I cannot stop watching! Bravo for the leaf plates

A life is not enough to taste all the foods in India .. Btw Im your neigbour.. Sri Lankan


sapra bhai you are best...

In jamshedpur the masala chai is rs.5

Eric Coffman wow special accent

patliya giri mat jhad yaha patel. aur kha tu non veg and eggs , waisi teri buddhi barst ho gayi. Tabhi tum logo swine flu aur bird flu hota. Inncoent animals ki vaduya leta ho

omelet is a non veg. please stop making fool by adding the description vegetarian food

You are just great ranger.... Love from INDIA.

oh buddy my mouth is watering

I'm from Rajasthan too

Kis chutiye ke sath chala gaya , ye kya kachra khilla diya

Fini and ghewar in Jaipur, m too From Jaipur

You really stop rating foods it really shows your attitude

another dirty kitchen and dirty Indian food

No magical we come about magical messi

So funny when trevor takes on the indian accent

One of the best food video I have ever seen .. Such yummy delicacies

No one can't beat dal bati churma

Bejad roti ❤️❤️

Ajmeri gate scene tea❤️❤️

I m living in Jaipur since Dec 2012 Only lassi I loved

so unhygienic ...!!!


Hi, can you come and try some newari thali in nepal!!!

trevor come to pakistan karachi and lahore it is a meat paradise. and youll be safe i promise

Anubhav is an awesome person

in order to chase TrevorJames delicacy travel, i make tons of efforts to move from bilibili to YouTube.How excited i am that i will gonna cry

Have a tour of dhaka....and compare beetween dhaka amd delhi

Your videos are mouth watering

When he s tasting something he seems like a pornstar faking orgasms

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then don't eat. they are not cooking for foreigners. they are cooking for us. and we eat it even though we Know that its unhygienic. and this is our choice

he's really respectful of all cultures!


you seriously need to improve your tortilla picking skill

Any one of them there could be the next president who knows.

Will they treat like this in USA or Canada if we go there to taste Street foods

Bro you are promoting our food tourism thanks for that

You should visit Berhampur ODISHA food capital of Eastern India

"All pure veg" doesn't mean healthy. Deep fried, sauteed with butter/ghee, or tons of added salt ... and I question 'healthy'. Just commenting, as I would so eat that platter, "healthy" or not. Looks delish.


How long to we need to plan to cover the north and south of India ?

Masya Allah

egg in veg episode lol

is this vegetarian ?? juth bolta he sala


dude that's insane


Veggies eating eggs. Hmmmmm

U shall try saoji chicken in nagpur

Dude I saw your Chinese episode and puke

I really want you to visit Sikkim and Darjeeling as well...we have lots to serve you

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