i only ate DISNEYLAND foods for 24 hours

i only ate DISNEYLAND foods for 24 hours

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This is overwhelming okay. Good. Morning, guys we, are going, to Disneyland I am so, excited you, might be wondering Disneyland. Is the happiest. Place on earth, how, have you've never been there and the answer is it's, also the, most expensive place, on earth so, you can probably guess by the title, but it's 6:00 in the morning right now and until tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. as well I am only gonna be eating foods, from Disneyland so I'm basically gonna be spending the, whole up to die at Disneyland. I'm gonna be a Disneyland, from, 7:00, in the morning all the way up to midnight basically. It's like almost a full day it's almost sad how seriously. Excited I am about this because, it's always been a dream of mine as a kid to go to Disneyland. And it just you know it really is really, expense I never had the chance to do it before so I am so. Happy right now that I'm finally gonna be doing this my sister is also here Dona come say hi you've also never been to Disneyland before. By, excited, yeah I did. Hear that the food is a very very, expensive so, what I think we should do is put the price tag of everything. We're gonna eat the, Sun is rising right now so we're just gonna go and get in our uber and go. To Disneyland. Yay. This. Is the one that, I wanted to get if I wasn't. Self-conscious. Of everyone looking at me if, I was a hat this place is called Market House and I think this is where we're gonna get breakfast, I'm pretty sure this is a Starbucks because it smells like a Starbucks, it looks like it oh my god guys this is beautiful, look at that I think I might get this one for breakfast, but there's so many, options that's the only Starbucks logo that you can find that's really weird isn't it, I will crucially, got my Disneyland, breakfast, and this is basically like Starbucks, except they've got exclusive items, for Disneyland, so I tried to pick things that they don't have at the normal, Starbucks, so we're gonna start the cookies, this is go like the Starbucks logo in the front but then in the back it says well. I really, try not to break it, holy. Schnitzel. That, is beautiful. These fought the difference games are becoming very difficult that looks truly incredible. I think this is called a shortbread, strawberry. Cookie and it's like a double, layer with jam in the middle strawberry. Jam time, to reveal the second, item that I chose before this is freaking, adorable. It. Smells, so. Good and it's more chocolate, than cookie, if you look at the thickness of it it's literally, more chocolate, than cookie, which I am here for some might say that this is too much sugar for breakfast, but I guess you're only at Disneyland, once so. I'm gonna enjoy it I say there's about literally, everything it's, got the Disney logo like everywhere. Which is very extra, but exactly, what you'd expect from, Disney, do, you remember the name of. Is. This strawberry something. Yeah I think this is like an exclusive strawberry. Drink from the Disney menu I'm gonna break this because I think this is gonna be so, satisfying, I feel. Like a child is gonna come in here and start screaming in me I'm like I've got plenty of that in the comment section of my videos oh. We're. Home. It. Tastes like bubble gum. I've. Eaten the whole Center with the strawberry jam did you want some of it I guess, you don't have an option anymore, I'm gonna try the Mickey Mouse strawberry, frappuccino now. That's. So, sweet and, when I say that something is sweet like I really mean that, nobody. Wants to be healthy in Disneyland, and this is a lot of sugar but I loved it I would have probably not order. This on my camp daily faces and saving the very best, one for last here, we've got the Mickey Mouse Kirk did I break it again. Now. I shouldn't do it's gonna ruin my, sister's getting a photo of the cookie first because, Instagram. Before my videos of course but then I'm gonna just, eat it. Why, is everything, literally. Incredible. Oh my god I can't, I'm. So worried when someone snatches your wake me trying to improve my face finally let's, give this a try I think this is white chocolate. Oh move, on the, drink is really really good but I would say that my favorite one was the strawberry, jam this is really good I don't think they have this at Starbucks, like in a different shape. My. Sister's gonna try the cocaine, what. Do you think you. Have to be loud. Which, was your favorite, now. Is better I alright. So my Pirates of the Caribbean now I. Excited. Yeah, very I'm, sitting right thinking about food when we just. Give. The video a like guys if you want to watch that we. Actually booked lunch but it's a lot later on and, we wanted, to get some snacks because it's still like six hours till lunch not six but like a long time so, we actually imported some more items are like breakfast, tea items, so I'm going to show you everything that we got that.

Is, One. Of the most beautiful. Things I've ever seen, I think the lady called is the Minnie Mouse Apfel. And. It's freaking, beautiful it's so heavy this should be actually illegal, here it's got caramel, in the bottom it's covered in chocolate and I think this might be marshmallow, but I got something else as well let me show you before we try it mean, wishes are gonna be sharing all the foods that I buy in this video oh and, if I have to tell you the prices as well so this is the other item, that I bought and this, is the, most beautiful, piece, of edible anything. I have ever seen it's a rice krispies treat as you can see on the outside but then the front is covered, in chocolate. Wow, that. Really is sour it's not very sweet which I wasn't expecting but, it's like it's refreshing, cuz you're at Disneyland is so hard there's so many people, we're all sweating, and this is like very refreshing, it's not sweet at all, we're like. Human. Golf. Over. I, am. In disbelief, Wow. If, you figured a photo of your Rice Krispie part which is like 80%, of it it's really not that sweet it's like very buttery, and like delicious, but it doesn't have that much sugar it's hard to believe but then the, front is go like so, much sugar it's like a really good quality milk chocolate, so before I get back to that which I will I'm gonna try, this one on camera I just realized, that I don't think I've ever tried, a candied apple and I think it's got like caramel and the insides like a traditional, candy, apple, is how you pronounce it even this is overwhelming okay. Only. On. This, is healthy right I mean. It's literally an apple. You're. So, messy to eat though it's so, worth it I know it's an apple on the inside but you can't even taste Apple you just taste, so. Much sugar I'm ready, to go on every, ride. Yep. It's. Marshmallow and it's, literally the best marshmallow. I've ever had like it's got this like vanilla, flavor it's really, good it's seriously. Better than most marshmallows. I'm gonna try to remember to say the price of everything throughout the video so the price of this, breakfast.

Was. $29. Which is very expensive for three items, but you know it's Disneyland. I'm. Trying to protect my. So. There's this going on right now but, this is a place that we're at and I think this is where I'm gonna get lunch because I actually like a lot of the items they sell and it's very quick loose at the other places so. Many, people, so this is kind of what the menu looks like. We. Sat down to eat our food and look at this little duck here. It. Is finally lunch, salmon for lunch what we actually decided to do was just to go and grab like small bites so I've gone something that I got from the place I just showed you but I also want to get a corn dog after, just if I'm hungry we didn't want to go to like a restaurant, because one the waiting times were. Insane -, we had to make reservation this looks. Incredible. This is a bowl of chili, inside. A freaking, piece of bread like how crazy is, the hand they also give you like the top and the inside so you can just dip in the Chilean, eat it which is kind of what sold me on it and here we've got the kids menu kind of just wanted to show you what it looks like they give it to me like a little paper. Bag like you're going to school so. Tracy. Just come back so we can. I thought. Maybe was gonna come with some toppings, or cheese let's try the turkey hotdog. Wow. I. Think. They've put toppings and everything that you can put on top but obviously it's very Drive but I'm just gonna eat the sausage for now, the. Bread is a little bit drier, for. This is so working I. Will. So incredibly, frustrated, earlier because, we went to Indiana Jones which turned out to be my favorite ride, and as soon as we're getting on it my, camera, stops, recording because. The battery died imagine. If I just fired into this like like, casually, just walk around until and like, it's. So hot outside that the cheese on top actually melted. Wow. Let's. Begin. I. Can. Film this without buying this. My. Sister was saying they have a pizza planet from Toy Story here, do you want my orange juice. Can. You try it on camera because I had orange juice. It's. Actually very good yeah I had, hot. Dogs a regular, one we have divided, post the camera. Close. To the. I. Actually. Really enjoyed lunch was just a little bit small cause like the hotdog was so tiny was your hotdog tiny as well what, was the price of all of this. $33, I think was 33, we're gonna go in some more rides now I mean ordering we're gonna bring the camera if the rights are too crazy I don't wanna like drop you guys but. It's not even 3 p.m. yet and we're practically, gonna be here until midnight so we've got a long way to go a lot of foods to try we're going to Space Mountain and now I'm, really looking forward to this one because a lot of you guys really. Good. It. Was very very dark in there so you guys who'd be able to see anything but, I would say that was probably, my, family so far we spent the last two hours on rides but now we, are freaking. Out because, this. Is Pizza Planet from, Toy Story which, is probably, my favorite like Disney movie ever, this. Is so incredibly, extra, space, X is shook Ellen musk is retiring, delivering.

Refreshment. To a thirsty, galaxy, so this is the menu for those of you interested this. Is the sailing and pizza planet. A whole. Pizza cost. $39.99. The, only thing out of this world here is literally, the prices, this, is the pizza area there's so many people ordering a. Moose's. New salad, area like, literally. You know one single person here so I think we got a try, it's called the super nova pizza, and it's literally, a cheeseburger, on a slice of pizza I've, never seen anything like that how, could I ever say, no to this. Beautiful. Creation this, is the best afternoon snack of my journal ever hopefully. My sister's gonna let me try this because this is her afternoon snack Fairless blackberry parfait we, were trying to find a table with good light so you could see the pizza in all of its glory, I wasn't even too hungry but then I saw all these slices of beads are that he actually looks amazing, and now I'm very hungry so I'm really looking forward to this. Wow. It's. Pretty good. I've, never had two cheeseburger, pizza before so I wasn't really sure what, to expect from this. I like, it the light is terrible. But. I'm too hungry to move again guys I'm sorry. I think, the pizza planning Pizza is definitely the best thing I've tried so power this, is officially, my favorite food at Disneyland, it's been the pizza planet pizza, and I really want to try the dessert if my sister lets, me have. Some we're, probably gonna have a very, small tender because this, is a lot, of food in one girl how amazingly, satisfying does, that look let me just get. A spoon. That, is at. Least to me this is insanely, satisfying. I want. To eat one of the eyeballs, before, I make my final decision there's, so many layers to this. It's. So freakin weird but to me like, this tastes like bubblegum as well like so many things that tasted, like bubblegum so far this looks really cool the, flavor is very subtle so I was, a little bit disappointed, with this for, the pizza the pizza is everything. The, pizza alone is worth coming here over, the food that I've tried so far in the video obviously I'm spending a lot of money because this is for the video and I wanted to be great so you guys can have a good idea of the food's here but if you just come and you just get one food I would 100% recommend. The, pizza I'm gonna be in a food coma after this and I'm not gonna eat anything, until, like tonight, I'm pretty sure that for the next like eight hours I'm not gonna eat anything and, next time I see you guys will probably be a lot later for dinner and, hopefully, it's gonna be dark it's past 7 p.m. I, think and we, are very, tired right now it's been such a long day I'm drinking coffee right, now because I, need caffeine I need the extra energy because, we still wanna film dinner so we're gonna stay here actually.

Until Like midnight because, I really, want to do like the whole as. Long as I can here so next time you see you guys it will be dinner time it. Will probably be a little bit darker, but I'm, gonna make good choices because I've already seen some things that I want to try it looks so pretty and nice. I think. This is probably like the nicest, view, of the whole like Disneyland. Car I wouldn't. Go into the pics up here and, try to find something for dinner I'm just gonna get something small I just looked at myself in the camera, I didn't look so, freaking. Tired because we are, exhausted. It's been such. A long time I thought I was gonna like it I didn't realize I was gonna love it as much it truly is like a magical, place maybe, she could like spend some place I ate a lot of bread and a lot of sugar today so I didn't want to get anything too big for dinner but, this actually my last meal until tomorrow, morning's breakfast, so I also want to eat something because otherwise I'd, get home and be super hungry so this is what I call a poor, dog this is like a proper. American-style, corndog thick that is wow, that is really thick it sounds like it's gonna be so crispy, as well so I'm very excited with that and then and then he came with impressed with great. I appreciate, it wasn't counting on that and my sister had some pizza earlier but, she's, done with it and then if we're gonna see the fireworks and then that's it for us or to die if it has, water. Die. On one. Wow. It's, more important, than sausage, about it's very salty about, any good wife I couldn't even reach the sausage, because it's caused so much better. Wow. That's. So crazy buff a very flavorful, obviously, he seems too big and heavy and two, bites and it's practically, gone why is this a story of my life some of these bits are a little bit doughy but the sausage is the best part I do like the corn, to. Call it like a cornbread. I'm. Probably the first person ever doing this but, I removed the rest of the cornbread and I'm gonna eat it separately. Because. This. Is so good. Oh. Now. Grease. All over my phone I think this is officially, my last meal until tomorrow morning and that concludes.

Well, When I wake up 24 hours of only, Disneyland, foods as long as I wake up at like 6:00 in the morning I'll be fine no exaggerating. This is probably one of my favorite, days of the whole summer like it was honestly, so much fun and did you like it yeah did you expect to like it. Yeah. I also didn't think it was gonna like, it as much as I did I know maybe, it's because like we're older like it's gonna be like. A little bit for children, but it was so fun, don't leave the video just yet because I'm gonna show you guys the fireworks, because it's supposed to be like one of the best parts and I really want to show it to you guys or really quickly I just wanted to say that if you guys like this video please don't forget to give me a like also. Don't forget to subscribe and switch that notifications, on because, if, they don't switch the notifications, on YouTube. His look at mr. than my videos and this is like the most important, part about my channel did I forget something I always. Wear something. The. Price yeah. Nine dollars 50, and I didn't get a drink so that's the price for just the hot dog and there's you know an. Expensive, day an expensive. Video, what. I'm gonna say it's more than you know what's and this in positivity, because, I did have a good time I was actually thinking that'd be so much fun if you guys did one thing for me which is leave a comment down below in the comment section and let me know what, is your favorite, Disney movie, because when I do my fictional, food videos I could come to this video for ideas, so leave loads of comments with your favorite Disney movies or TV shows we also took so many Instagram, for us today so if you guys wanna go and watch them out I'm gonna leave my Instagram down below and. My sister's Instagram as well because she only agrees to being in these videos, if. I credit her Instagram, otherwise she wouldn't be here so go, and leave some love on the photos that we took at Disney let's go see the fireworks because. We've got like 10 minutes.

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Cringe video title

Plz make a video on india

Lilo and Stitch is my favorite Disney movie but I’d love to see a Pirates of the Caribbean food challenge as well

He looks so cute and humble.

Your sister has the most perfect skin. Wow!

This a Mukbang?

I feel like that’s Disney world I went there 5 days so fun and I went on the pirates of the Caribbean ride same one seems the same


Can I just say sometimes the most trashy people are the best people (love your channel Raphael

Beauty and the Beast

the hunchback of notre dame is my fav disney movie

I think the cheese on the chili was supposed to melt lol

Ava Dr i wasn’t gonna say anything but i literally thought that as soon as he said it

Bro where's the dole whip and foot long mack and cheese hotdog lol

Eduardo Sanchez lol he said this is just the first video of while their in Disney so maybe we'll see them soon lol

drei ki and the turkey leg

Your just a hater army is good did you go to war thats you opinion if you dont have anythingto say thats not nice dont say it at all

Ghazan Rafique what it is this comment talking about


R u talking about BTS?

Frozen or like rapunzel but some of the songs in frozen are really annoying


This is what I don’t understand do you live in the uk

same i thought he live in united kingdom

Am i being dumb or is it Florida Or Paris someone tell me tyyy

If you have nothing to say thats not nice dont say it at all hater thats your opinion just dont watch his videos then

Its healthy right? "I mean its literally an apple" btw u forgot its coverred in chocalate and caramel oh and fodan and marshmello

Cars! All three movies.

please make a food video on tom and jery

Can i join da trash squad?

Only eat Roblox foods next!!!

the little mermaid !!!

I Was In DisneyLand To

He didn’t try a Churro or a Turkey Leg

Do Australian food ❤❤ u need to try Vegemite with toast & butter

The little mermaid and my fav show is American horror story

I have a love hate relationship with your videos don’t get me wrong your videos are awesome but when I watch them they make me so hungry. (like if you agree)

Pfffft,i am sure you can't eat only bread one day

U talk to much u know that

Did you wants some? Well i guess you dont have a choice


I left today and sorry for the caps lol..


Traceyyyyyyyyy! Oh my goiiiiii come back!!

You should make a video where you only eat foods from children’s books for 24 hours

he already made a video on this

Fav Disney movie: Beauty and the beast

When I went to Disney I got a turkey leg it’s so good if you go there you should get it

My favorite Disney movie is *beauty and the beast* they have a lot of food in the cartoon one, *be our guest scene*

*You should own Disneyland but the name gets replaced by Raphaland*

I’ve never been to any Disney place...

do indonesian food pls!!

I know this is totally not related but are you from Ireland Because u sound Irish

I think he's Portuguese

This video brings back many Disney memories, both of parents worked and met each other at Disney so I used to go to Disneyland everyday. Untill we moved of course ❤

Did you just eat a hot dog with no condiments.... wtf

U should've gotten a turkey leg

So what?

That frappe is called a serious strawberry frappe, & it not only at Disney but everywhere & it’s soooo good ❤️

I love toy story

Did you happen to go on july 10th? 'cause I went that day and did not see you

Last time i went was when i was a baby

High school musical

ehem ehem ang cute niya ehem ehem

Man I haven’t been to Disney land in like 3 or 2 years I remember we got lemon flavored ice cream and it was sweet and only a bit sour

more videos with your sister


Are you family of selena gomes

DINAND 59 Selena gomez

Love your vids.❤❤❤❤❤

Raphael I've had a way bigger caramel apple in Las Vegas

Oh God I haven’t had a corn dog in years

I've been there when i was 3 and it was on my birthday and I live 20 hours away

DisneyLand is not the happiest or most magical place in the world Disney World is

Love this! You aren't the only one to take the breading off the corn dog! No worries :)

I love your videos so much!!!

I’m going to Disney in a few months!! :)

mishlopez lucky

Did you go to the Disney park in California or the one in Orlando Florida

Kevin Hernandez California

Kevin Hernandez I’m pretty sure he is in California cuz the one in Florida is Disney World

When I went to Disney in December my corn dog was pretty much the sausage covered in batter


Joseph_ Nguyen LMAO

This video was cool and all but you probably ruins the whole trip for you sister. Every time you put her on camera she looks like your trying to make her be on the camera

Hot dogs are NOT called SAUSAGES

Kellie Powers ... He is British they have different words


Please try Filipino foods for 24 hours WITH your sister PLEASEEE??

No shaqs house on the florida shore is the most expensive

Whe shoughldhuv thook hgai phgotho ghof thgis

Finding Nemo


That’s what I hate about some YouTube channels.I only say oh my gosh or oh my goodness

The Rice Krispies at Disney land are amazing!

you should try eating Dominican food for a day

My brother works at Disney and he hates it cause (in his words) “kids are so fu****g annoying” he says that because they little kids scream on the finding Nemo ride(he’s the submarine driver) but my brother just gets annoyed really easily

Lion King and princess and the frog.

I went to Disney too.

*this is healthy right?*

can you try Arabian food please Like if you want only

Favorite movie: beauty and the beast. Favorite ride at Disney is Indiana Jones!

No its a new strawberry frappucino witch is fkg yummy

I have too many favorite disney movies. Beauty and the beast, frozen, radio rebell...

Holly shnitzel... I'm just... I can't even... How is it flipping possible to be that amazing?

The Starbucks drink is a strawberry crepe frappe and it is in every Starbucks

Come here in hershey park pennsylvenia please


I love your videos

I went to Disney world in Florida and I enjoyed it so much

Go visit to the burger in real life

My fav food from Disneyland California adventure is flos fried chicken :3

I went to Disneyland the day after this ;-;

You ate Mini’s butt !!!!! Mickey is so going to get you!!!

Space mountain is the best ride

Chocolate is the best.....

That candy apple is literally my life

What Disney land is that??

Little mermaid


My favourite Disney movies are The Little Mermaid and live action Cinderella. Also do Marvel movies count as Disney? If so then The Avengers

You said you were too hungry to move places then you ate one slice of pizza and you are gonna go into a food coma

Omg he should totally do a video where he only eat foods from honey boo boo!!!

Only cause I have to tell you something

Never missed an upload. DM me in IG plz and thank you

Wo kommst du?

alice in wonderland....on shrooms


Ghazan Rafique best army


lol thought you were talking about BTS cos people say army to talk about BTS army, people don’t say BTS army.

And don't try an lie and say you wasn't talking about me because my notifis went off more because of your reply.

i wasn't hating so hush.ItzJustNick calls himself Trash 2 There is no hate in these comments/replies so stop trying to start shit and carry on with your life.

Toy story 3

One of the most common questions of channels of these kinds the ones that where people eat a lot but they are not fat *How Are You Not Fat*

EveryDayIsGay HAYNT the new "comment in every mukbang"


Hey!! I love your videos

how didn't you eat a churro?!?!??! like if you agree

all disney movie is memorable!

Diabetes you can go in his body it’s free

That's my favourite SB drink.

U are looking like mickey..damn cute


Please keep your blonde hair forever


I’m Hungry

I go to japan's disneyland and i eat turkey leg and drink buterbeer

Where is frappy

In this video,it seems that Raphael is always having trouble eating

All of the Toy Story 123

I’m so jealous of that apple I wish I could bite into that ....... brace problems

jessica morgan I feel you girll, I got braces too



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