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It's. 8 o'clock in the morning and she already has her Elsa. Dress long, yeah. I trust my night light a. Night, light turn green maybe. You got some breakfast. For. You. Did. You yeah, like a deer. She's. Silly sometimes huh. You. Want a feeder. Careful. What. The facts where does it fall oh. Go. Ahead showing, it off before. Okay. Okay. Put. That back. He's. Staring right at you Bailey. Do. You think he looks bigger today. You're. Going up and I think you're finally starting to outgrow your. 0 to 3 month clothes his hair is looking really, blonde today. But. Um you blondie, or brunette like your sister's. Hard. To tell still, got raisins left. Careful. Honey I feel it's your heart. That. Raisins. I'm. Gonna eat him. I'm. Gonna eat him yeah. So. Yummy, thank you. You. Pooping on me. You. Pooping on me Oh. What. Do you guys think, color. Hair you gonna have. It's. Really hard to tell, the. Back is definitely in brunette, we're. Like dark brown but up, here it looks like I'm starting to grow I'm blonde, what. Are you doing. Hi. Chloe, she. Loves these things. Chloe. Leave it good girl. Take. A nice little hole there. It. Was not. Too. Big. Is. That our first one, well that's breaking through I don't know. Hard. Rock, deep kqt. But. She's got all our front teeth in him so for their canines. All. These. Ash. I hope they all gave him yeah except for the canines hey. Hey. These, teeth. Much. They're so white I know they're like. So. Nice out right now. It. Feels like what like, 73. Go. Up there. Get. On up there huh. Oh no. They've done this before oh, yeah. Yeah. I was watching Chloe. Ready. Go. Whoa. Chloe, watch out Oh chuckling. Well. Why. Are, you obsessed with grass. Huh. Why, do you like grass. Like. Ours my treat individual, tree he'll. Good. Girl, yeah. That's a good girl yeah, girl yeah, it's good yo you. Are so smart. Yeah. It's, not very light though I think. Give, it back. Chloe. Where is he okay, where's, a grasshopper, okay. My. Banana not. Gonna hand it off before. It's. Already time to change out another candle. This. One was gather it smelled really good this is probably one of my new favorites, aside, from leaves. I think I only have one more left though. Yep. Which, one is this. Bourbon. Maple. You. Are just the sweetest thing, you know that. This. Is his fourth outfit, change. He. Up. On four, different outfits today, no. More spin up okay. All. Right let's go Dada, da and. Then. Put it on right yeah ready. Got. Me up all, night, putting.

Things On the side what, do you have, in mind. So. As you guys know the girls are recovering, from the. Norovirus a, lot of you guys are like I don't know why you called it the flu because the flu and the norovirus are, completely, different I'm, aware that they're different I just always say the flu I don't know why a, lot, of you guys were asking how Adam and I stayed healthy while. The girls were sick, and. We were drinking. This. Every, day I'm about to make it right now so I figured I would show you guys so. We had one, of these every day and then we've been taking these airborne, elderberry, gummies. They, have zinc, in them and some other vitamins, as well and then I've been eating a couple, of these to these probiotics, but a lot of you guys said that the elderberry. Gummies aren't, asked efficient, as the, syrup and to, find it locally and, so, I'm gonna try and find someone locally that we can get it from so that we can try and stay healthy arrest, this season and not get sick again I've also been taking news when I remember, to throw. Apple cider vinegar gummies. These are actually really good they're taste like candy I got. These in a PR package, um I. Don't, know I've never heard of this brand but these, are really good too. Did. You find it. You. Find it. You. Lost some footage. I. Did I deleted, it on accident I filmed, a big P o box Hall on all the things that you guys sent, to our P o box and, I. Accidentally. Deleted that footage so if you guys sent something to our P o box recently. Just. Know that, I got it and thank, you guys I, I filmed. A whole like little hole and I was gonna include it in today's vlog but we lost the footage okay, Bailey and I are gonna tackle the. Playroom, right yeah, yeah ain't going to play me cuz it's a huge, mess. We. Still got the balloons and stuff from when I took my 400, K photo. But. This needs a serious clean, right. You're, gonna help me okay. Let's do it. We. Have a lot of white books huh yeah, I don't know why this is so satisfying but, color-coordinating. The kids books just.

Makes Me so happy look. So much better huh. Thanks. For helping, okay, now we need a vacuum, the carpet, and get rid of all of this confetti. That's on the floor. The. Balloons came with a weight. That. Looks like that and I. Think. Bailey took, them all off did. You do that yeah. Hey. Guys I think Grayson, might. Have gotten sick, he. Like, projectile, vomited, all over himself, when he was sleeping during, his nap, it. Was all over his swaddle. It like seeped underneath to, his pajamas, it, got. All over the bassinet and. I'm. Just I'm like really worried that he now has the, flu. Or the norovirus, or, whatever um. I think. That's why he. Was spitting. Up spitting, up a lot, this morning he. Went through like four outfit changes it wasn't a ton of spit up it was just like a normal amount that's why I thought it was just spit. Up but I feel like he might be actually, getting sick that was definitely, throw up what just happened, um. So. I just nursed him and I'm. Hoping that. He's. Not sick I don't know it's hard to tell he doesn't seem like he has a fever I need. To check that right now but I'm just giving him some snuggles, right now he's just kind of like I, don't. Know. He. Doesn't really seem like himself. He's. Kind of just like whimpering, so, I'm just trying, to cuddle them and I. Feel. So bad you guys I don't even know what to do when like a small little baby this size. Gets. Sick I feel so bad I'm just trying to. Feel. So bad. We're. Washing all of his, clothes. I'm. Washing everything that, he, came in contact with, in hot. Water right now in the wash, I'm. Gonna have to wash our bedding too I'm really nervous, you guys not he's sick oh. Poor. Thing. He. Was like unconsolable, in, the car which, is why I put, music over that part he was just. Screaming crying. And I thought it was just like, a trapped burp or gas but. That entire car, ride to Starbucks. And back he. Was just, like inconsolable, and. Now I feel so bad because I think he's sick oh. Poor. Little bub. You. Okay, oh. I. Feel, like don't want to put him down I don't want to put him down for a nap I just want to like be. Right next to him I'm like terrified, that he's gonna throw up and like choke on his vomit or something.

I. Don't. Think the girl has ever got this. Sick, when they were this little he's, only three months old. I. Just. Realized that we have. Elderberry. In a, liquid, form. Earthly. Sent a PR. Package, and this was in it I just found it in our medicine cabinet so. It. Says it's for kids so I just gave some to Bailey Shay's napping right now but as soon as she wakes up we'll give her some but. Adam. And I could both take this too so until. This runs out I'll. Find one locally. Tommy. Have yeah I feel happier now. I mean. Oh. Boy. All we have okay. My. Shoes. So. Colors what. Are you trying to find I'm. Running with emotions. This. Is all the laundry that Grayson went, through this morning there's like four sleepers, here can. You tell that we've, been sick in this house I. Placed. An Amazon order I think it was yesterday and, we. Just got our package in the mail and I just opened everything so I got. These smarty pants vitamins. So Bailey. Is obviously. Foreign up so, she's gonna take the kids and then, I got Shea the toddler, so these. Are gonna be their multivitamins. And then I did. Get an organic liquid elderberry. So this is the one that we're. Gonna be taking in addition, to, the. Earthly one when, we run out of that so we have some on hand now and then I got the Clorox hand, sanitizer, this, is basically just a hand sanitizer version. Of the wipes and the spray that I showed in my last video and it came in a pack of six so I'm probably gonna put one in Adams school bag one, in his gym bag I'm gonna put one of my purse one of my diaper bag and then one of my subscribers actually, recommended, these cool packs so. Next, time the girls or, Grayson. Or I don't know if Adam and I can use these two but when, we get a fever I'm gonna try these out and see how, well they work and then Shay, was sitting on my lap when I was placing this order on Amazon and she saw these and, wanted. Them so I was looking up, popsicle. Sleeves I ordered some Pedialyte pops from Amazon - they, did not come yet but they should be here any day, but. I ordered these little sleeves to, go over top of them so that they're not so cold when they hold them but Shay wanted. These ones their little mermaid tails and I thought they were really cute so I will. Link these down below I think they're adorable that I came in this big pack, of I think there's like ten of them here. Yesterday. There. Was Sun there. Was rain, you. And as the. The. Skirt. And. There's, something, in the. Which. One did you pick. Mama. Becca canceled read it. Big. Bunches, of bananas are. The only thing, she eats. If. You want to charm a llama diamond, rings are not the way the way no mames heart you, need to make it laugh with you. Chloe. That. Is not your toy that, is Grayson's. Toy. Don't. Get it confused okay. Adams. Packing, the girls lunch right now, because. It's a school night I got. The girls outfits. Laid out for the morning so. We're. Good to go except. Adams been working on their lunch for the last hour. You're. The worst but the kids are all in bed I'm about to hop in the shower right now and finally wash, my, hair it, is so greasy, I can't even remember the last time I washed it I feel like this whole second half of the week has just been such a blur because, I feel, like I've just been trying to get everyone healthy again and, it's. Been a long week I'm. Ready for a fresh start on Monday I'm gonna get my butt back in the gym I didn't go to the gym once, this past week I'm. Definitely missing it so hopefully. I can get to the gym tomorrow I'm really praying my Grayson, wakes up feeling better I'm just ready to have this. Virus out of our house um so. Yeah I'm sorry this vlog wasn't super interesting, we've just been trying to stay home. So. That we don't pass whatever, we have around, anyone else a lot, of you guys commented, I have a number what vlog it was but we. Went to the splash pad I think it was after. I was sick, it, was like maybe a month ago I wasn't. Aware that you. Can still pass whatever virus, you have like three or four days later after you feel better so thank you to whoever said that because I did, not know that so even though the girls are finally feeling better I didn't, feel like dragging, everyone to church to possibly. Spread, it there, because they're in the Kids program at church and I just didn't want to risk that so we decided to stay home when you go to church today we just kind of like laid low like we have been the past few days so yeah not a whole lot going on this Sunday hopefully, this next week we will all be feeling 100, and we will be back to our normal routine, but thank you guys so much for watching today's, video be sure to give it a thumbs up if you did subscribe, if you haven't already and, I will see you guys very soon bye.

There's. Only 2 minutes later. My. Shoes. -. Yes.

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