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Good morning you guys I just finished getting ready for the day, race it is actually still asleep which is like unheard of lately, normally, you sitting right here next to me and a little bouncer well, I like slop my makeup on really quick so that I can get myself ready before the kids the, rest of the kids are awake, and the. Chaos in doors of the day but. He's still asleep I have like five minutes until, I need to go wake up Bailey and Shay to get them ready for school I think what I'm gonna do right now is go. Make myself a, cup of coffee and try and change that while it's still hot, a lot. Of you guys asked, if I could film an updated, makeup, routine and it's. Literally still, the exact, same maybe. A few different products of the, video that, I filmed like. I think it was like two years ago maybe, even longer I. Have not changed my makeup routine since, pretty, much high school like Hillary can vouch for me on this my makeup has been the, exact same and I do, not wear eye shadow ever. Even. Like for events I like never put eyeshadow on I feel like it makes me look weird because I have really small eyelids, or. I have big eyelids but I've really squinty, eyes so. Just like closes my eyes and makes them look than smaller than they already are so, if you guys are interested in, my makeup routine I will link that video down in the description box but I will link all of the products, that I'm using right now as. Well in the description box if you guys are interested in that like my lip combo that I've been wearing lately. My. Eyeliner. My liquid eyeliner I changed, that up but, pretty much everything else like my face products, are all pretty. Much the same so I will link all my products down below for you guys as well as the, video if you guys are interested in that and then once I find the time I will, try, and update that video for you guys but. I'm gonna stop rambling so that I can go drink my coffee and peace. We. Lost her side. We're. Only. Solely. But. As we delve into the. Water time. Your. Will different. Dreams awaken, never grow. Yeah. As we drove in deep to the water time. Cuz. We are different, troops, away can never grow. Okay. The girls are awake and Bailey is coloring, her all about me poster. This. Is due today so she's, coloring, it to make it look colorful, and. We, asked her all the questions, I'm, not gonna read them off to you guys cuz we're in a hurry but, if. You want to pause it and read you, can I'm, color in a heart. Yeah. Look, at their cute little shirts, these, are from. Shoot. I need to look. At the tag can't remember off the top of my head okay these shirts aren't from wild. Honey, apparel, so I will link them down below for you guys but they're really cute Bailey says. Moonchild. On it and. I. Put her hair in pigtails today because we had a little bit of time. But. Shay's wearing cute, little bloomer. Shorts with it and their, Adidas and then, these, bows. Are from, white, looms she, always wears the big ones dinner her little ponytail and then, Bailey has the. Polka dot ones on today they're both from white loom so. Your. Choice you're wearing jean shorts today, huh. What. Color are your shorts pink. Pink. Good. Job look who decided to wake up. Good. Morning, sleepyhead. He's, also three. Months. All today, ah. Can. You believe it. You're. Three months, old. What. Do you guys think. Gray, since three months old today is that pretty big yeah, he's. Getting bigger huh. Your. Circles, day. Draw a circle. Good. Job honey. You. Drew a circle okay, we just got home from dropping the girls off at, school we're letting Chloe out to go potty but. I wanted to talk to you guys about something, that both. Adam and I have been struggling with with, Shay. She. Is, at the age right now where, she. Actually has, better. Vocabulary, than Bayley did at this age she. Doesn't have any delays whatsoever, we actually got her evaluated, for speech because I thought she might have a delay but she doesn't, the only delay, she has which is really minor is cognitive.

Is What the therapist said when we got her evaluated, I think. It was like a few months ago maybe three or four months ago is when we got her evaluated, for speech and they checked everything and she's right on track for everything, except, cognitively. So. The. Thing. That we're struggling with right now with her is she. Knows how to talk and use her words but in certain situations. Where, she's, throwing a fit or, crying. Or screaming or whatever she, like, closes. Up and there's, like a wall there with her where there's no, reasoning, with her whatsoever. Mmm. And it's. Really hard to explain but she. Will go through these phases constantly. Throughout the day she has them all the time where she will throw, a fit like normal. Like a normal two year old and. She'll. Cry and, then. I'll, ask her what's wrong and I'll try and reason with her I'll, try and get her to calm down in certain ways and she, just will scream, and, say. No, and when. I ask her know. What like, what is she saying, no - she. Doesn't give me an answer she just continues, to say no. Over and over and over again and she, knows how to talk so that's the frustrating thing is we. Don't know why she's crying she won't tell us why she's crying and. She'll. Just repeat over over, and over no, no, no and so. The. Thing that were struggling. With with her is getting. Her to speak in situations. Where it's more, important, that she uses her words because, when. She gets in those situations, where she's just screaming, uncontrollably. It's hard to, get her to calm down because we. Don't know why, she's crying. And, so. For. Instance I'm, gonna try and give you guys an example even though it's really hard to explain. So. This morning I was getting her in her car and, every single time we get her in her car seat it's a struggle, more, diss her back she kicks her leg she screams, she hits me. And. So. We were we, were gonna be late to school so I had to buckle her in her car seat most. Of the time we'll try and let her do it herself because she's in that phase where she wants to do everything herself but. She. Like plays these mind games with us like she's super smart and she will. Say she wants to do it herself like buckle the top, part the chest clip and so, I will be, as patient as I can and let her do it and after, like five minutes, I'm like hey we got to go to school we're gonna be late so I'll try and do it for her and then, she says no she does it she does it so I'm like okay Shea does it but she like does it super, slowly, like she knows what she's doing and she'll. Like take. It back out and put it back in and take it back out and put it back in and not close it fully and I'm like Saint, you got it you got to close it we got to go we're. Gonna be late to school, try. And tell her like why we need to get in the car seat and what, we're doing so, that she doesn't like I, don't know I'm just I try to like vocalize everything that I'm doing with her so that she understands, what we're doing. So. She just plays these like little games with me and Adam and it just it it's. Hard you guys it's really hard so, after, like five, minutes of doing that going back and forth I.

Eventually, Just have to clip it myself because we gotta go to school and then she freaks. Out and loses, it and. Cried. The whole way to school and. When. I asked her what's wrong she, just screams no, and. Then. I just trying to ignore it and when I ignore, it she, screams, even louder and says mama mama, over, and over again and I'm like okay what Shae what's wrong and then she just says no, I'm. Like okay so. I just ignore the situation and. Then. She screams my name again. Screaming. Crying I'm like what Shay what's wrong no. No. What Shay, no. No. What Shay what's wrong use your words, tell me what's wrong trying. To help you know, I'm, like okay so continue intro drive to school just, trying to ignore the situation and. Then it's just on repeat over and over again, until. Eventually, she. Calms, down on her own but they, can last like upwards, of like 30 minutes of her just screaming, crying, my name screaming no over and over again and I know the whole situation. There. Was she, wanted to do it herself which I gave her plenty of, opportunities. To do it herself. But. She. She. Doesn't do it herself like she knows how to do it she knows how to clip it in but she was, taking, her time and just like didn't, want to do it and, didn't, want to close it all the way like she knew, what she was doing if that makes sense. So. That. Was just one instance, that happened this morning I just want to ask you guys if you have any experience. With. Situations. Like that and how you guys deal. With it because I don't know what to do I have no idea what. To do in situations like, that Bailey, was never really. A tantrum, thrower like that. She. Was more easy, to reason, with so, I. Don't. Know if I I was, mentioning this to Erin and Hillary and Hillary was like maybe you should get her into cognitive, therapy, and see if that'll help and see if they can teach her, how, to. Express. Herself. Because. What we're doing right now isn't working I'm, hoping, she she, just grows out of it soon but I really think I. Should look, into cognitive, therapy, and see if that'll, help her, but. Let me know if you guys have, any experience with. Toddler. Tantrums like that and how you guys handle it and if you guys have taken, your kids to cognitive, therapy and if it helps. Because. We're kind of just like at our wits end and it's like really straining, on like our mine, and Adams relationship, it's really stressful, so, that's. Just something that I'm struggling with right now as a parent. And. It makes it hard to like. Do any like simple, tasks throughout the day because, she's. At this phase right now where she just wants to. Do. Things herself do it her way which, I totally respect, and I, give her plenty of opportunities, to do so. But. It's that like back and forth like, thing. That she does that's. Kinda hard to explain hopefully you guys understand I'm trying to say but. Yeah. So that's, what we're struggling with right now both, Adam and I we, just don't really know what. To do so I think, after. I get this little guy down, for a nap. Talking. I'm. Gonna look into different. Cognitive therapists. Around our area and call them and see if we can have, her, evaluated. And. See if they will, take. Her for cognitive. Therapy, and see if that helps I'm going through some of Bailey's artwork that she brought home recently and I wanted to ask you guys what. You guys do for your, kids artwork. And stuff that they bring home because, I don't want to throw it away I want to keep I'm not gonna keep everything obviously but I want to keep the things that I think will, be fun to look back on but. I want to know how you guys store them because I'm at a loss for what to do I don't want to just throw them in a box I want to organize them better so if you guys have any ideas let me know this. Is so cute her little creation, book oh.

I. Think Grayson's, starting to wake up a hold on okay, I just fed him and we did a little bit of tummy time now. We're just hanging out oh. There. It goes to his hand again. There. Go those hands again. I. Love. You so much, but. I have, to show you guys this little project that Bailey did because it. Is so cute it's her creation, book that they did this week at school and, so. On the first day God, separated light, from the dark. On. The second day God created sky, and water on. The third day God created, land trees, plants. And flowers. They're, a little drawing. On the, fourth day God, created, Sun Moon and stars. On. The fifth day God created. Birds and fish, on. The sixth day God created. All animals, and male. And female. You. Talking over there. Are. You saying in oh, you. Got to go out on the seventh day God rested. That. Is adorable. So. Cute but yeah if you guys have any ideas let me know on how, you guys store art. Projects and stuff you gotta go potty. Pretty. Soon you're gonna be bringing home art projects. At. The rate you're growing. Yeah. Yeah. I. Love. You sweet boy little, three-month-old. You. Can kind of see his rash today. Now. That he's in like a little. Onesie, his. Skin is just really dry it's not red anymore really, but, it. Goes all the way up to his shoulders hey, I'm a big, boy now. I'm. A big. Boy now. This. Is like all I do when. The girls are at school I just talk to him all, day long and stare at you and, talk, to you and, kiss you, I. Need. To bring out some of the teethers in your room, because. You're growing up so fast. UT. Then soon you're, gonna be Tia and probably within the next month I think maybe. No I don't know I don't remember when the girls started teething these. Are some of shades art projects, that she's brought home this year and I just have them hanging on our refrigerator but. I know I'm gonna get a ton more because the year just started so I want a good organizing. Solution, so, that they're. Not just like thrown in different places and I lose them okay it's a little bit later now I just put Grayson down for another nap and I'm about to make myself something, to eat for lunch but, I was starving so I just quickly, grabbed one of these premier protein saw that I mentioned. Them I think they saw my organizing, video where, I was organizing these. In our fridge and so, they. Reached out and wanted to and some, of their new. Flavors, I don't know if this is new caramel, I don't. Think it is but they have a pumpkin spice one which they also sent, and I'm not a huge pumpkin spice fan. But. If you guys are, try. It out and let me know if you guys like it but the caramel ones really good to know how do you guys said that you pour one, of these over a couple shots of espresso and. I used to do that to Alexandre, Garza is the, one I think that recommended, it to like the entire world now that doesn't it, but. Yeah. I used to do that like last year and I haven't done it since but I already have my coffee for the day so I'm not gonna do that but I just. Wanted to share that this flavor, is really good too and that they also have a pumpkin spice one for fall if you guys like that flavor can we just take a second to. Look. At the current situation of. My laundry room. Because. This is pretty, much what if like barely open the door this is pretty much what it looks like. Every. Day I'm. Like always drowning. In laundry I can never keep up with it especially now having two kids it's. Just so out of hand, so, I think what I'm gonna do now this, is all folded this is like shays clothes I need. To bring this upstairs and, put that away. Hold, this, load this, is all Bailey's clothes and, these are all, mine. And Adams clothes so I think, I'm gonna spend the next hour to, doing, laundry this may or may not be the fifth time that I've, started, the dryer to, dry these. Clothes you can help me unload the dishwasher I. Just. Did a couple loads of laundry and. Of. Course I'm watching, Alexandra, beuter, she. Always motivates me to get stuff done so now, I love this the girl should be home from school soon Aaron, showed these on oh my gosh all the dishes are still like soaking, wet oh I. Hate when that happens, but. Aaron showed these on her story she showed him on her stories a couple times and I was like okay that's it I'm gonna go buy him because they're so cute and I think the girls will love them they stick to and the.

Counters To their silicone, so. I got one for each of the girls and, I'm, gonna make their snack in this today I need to obviously dry, it is it soaking wet. And but. She sent me the link to her Amazon store for, these and, I literally bought so many different things I bought I'm. Her Amazon store I bought this as well. Lice. Prevention, spray for. The girl's hair now that they're in school I just I, don't know thinking about having them get lice is terrifying. So whatever I can do to prevent that I'm, gonna, do so I got this from her Amazon store as well and a few other things that haven't, arrived yet I'll link this stuff down below if you guys are interested in this, definite. Must-have if your kids are in school I think okay I just finished clearing out the dishes that were in the sink and put them in the dishwasher now, that the dishwasher is unloaded, but, I just shared this on Instagram stories, I think yesterday I don't, know why it's taking me so long you guys to get a sponge, holder for my kitchen sink but it's pretty, much life changing, so, if you guys don't. Have one of these seriously. Get, it it's amazing, I don't know why it's taking me this long to get a friggin sponge holder but I love it so I will link it down below for you guys I got it from Amazon I created an Amazon storefront, a few weeks ago and so many of you guys said it's been super helpful so, a lot of the things that you guys see in my house I linked in my Amazon store which is linked, down in the description box so if you guys are curious on where, something is from in my house that I talked about chances. Are it's linked in my Amazon store so I just wanted to verbalize. That because I don't think I ever have on my channel but I have, an Amazon store now so you guys can check that out if you haven't already you need to go out again. You. Just want to go out there and play on dig holes, that's. Her favorite thing to do in the backyard is dig. Holes yeah. You do you love digging holes in the backyard and dad gets so mad. Where. Are you. I have. To watch her so closely, because. This. Is what happens. She. Digs holes in, our, new grill this, is like pretty much still sod I mean. The grass hasn't really grown too. Much and then it's about to die here and the next like month or so because fall and winter is right around the corner but. Yeah she took, a massive hole there and. Another. One over here. Right. There and. I. Hid. One. That she's been working with, the kids bounce house, so. That she can't get into it but if. I'm not out here watching her like a hawk she, just digs holes.

You. All died. Good. Girl. Okay. The girl should be home any second now so I just made, them their little snack from when they get home I gave them each a couple carrots with some ranch some. Veggie straws and I cut up a Kiwi for them I like, to do this before they get home so that way they can just come right up to the bar and eat their little snack because they're always starving, as soon as they get home from school and then I just took out some ground beef to put on the counter to let it thaw out a little bit because I want to make some taco salad for dinner tonight I haven't made that in a long time and it sounds really good so that's, what we're gonna be having for, dinner tonight this is how you know Adams home, she, is, just stopping the door waiting. For him to come inside. Stat. Home. Dad. Home oh, ah. Ah. Where's. Dad where's. Dad. Okay. No. It's. Minnie Mouse. Red-and-black. Minnie. Mouse is also read in black though what, do you think Shay you. Like it she's, like why isn't it moving, it's stuck, it. Sticks the counter so you guys can't spill. What. Do you think Bailey okay, you, like it. Miss. Erin gave me that idea Scylla, has these plates, Scylla. And Adeline have them at. Their house you. Like. It che. Maybe. It'll help him eat more we're, picking out some, Scholastic. Book orders for. School. Which. One's did you pick really. The. One with the what I think. There's a package where you get how many of us has changed it's 10 big ten, books for 30 bucks 10 20 bucks for, 20 bucks yeah there's two of them one. For. 30 that's a really good deal two dollars about, what's. Good and happy. My. Gosh. It's. Such a nice day out today is not do you want to also we are on. Our way to the park, got. The whole crew with us Chloe, included. Really. Is on our balance pike. We're. Using our Bugaboo, Donkey. Right. Now and. We've. Only used it maybe like once, or twice since. We've gotten it but I love it for like stroll I'm sure we're gonna use it a ton, when. We go to the park like. In the fall once the weather starts to cool down for real but, my. First impressions, of it like it's perfect, when you have an infant like this size. What. Honey. Okay. She's, making that day me lying over there. Got. My first impressions, of the stroller I think, it's perfect and super ideal for when you have an infant because you can just lay them down in this little and. What's. It called bassinet, part. Of the stroller and it's. So, smoothy, wise and so easy to navigate and, turn and. I love this little carrier. Right there so you don't have to bring your diaper bag you can just bring whatever essentials. You're gonna need for your outing so I got the girls water cups a binky. My. Phone and, that's pretty much it that's. And if BMI. We. We. See. We are free. That sound. Okay. We're back home now from the park the girls are watching a show. Grayson's. Down for a nap and I'm, gonna get started on making taco, salad, for dinner tonight. Like. Everything's. Our. Problems. Away. Would. You put in there. Hey. Tomato. Can. I cut that up hey thank, you. If, it's only for now. I don't. Mind cuz, I know that you love is. Endless. If it's only for now. Is. Okay. We just finished up with dinner the girls are upstairs playing in the playroom Adam. Just putting Grayson to bed I'm cleaning up, the aftermath of dinner right now I'm. Trying to, I'm. Trying to cook more and. Sit down on our actual, table and eat dinner, I'm. Trying to I'm trying to make it a thing now you guys I. Know home so and like family dinners are and we. Used to do all the time and I don't know what happened we like fell off the bandwagon and we eat out all the time and I think that's the issue is we eat out way too much so I'm. Gonna try and. Cook. More, and do. Family dinners at our dining room table because like, I said I know how important it is and, I grew up doing that and so I want. To start doing that more so we. Did it tonight but. The girls are upstairs right now playing in the playroom like I said I'm, just trying to clean up a little bit before we do bath time and get the girls to bed. Okay. I just finished editing today's, vlog and I realized I forgot to edit and I'm sitting in my office right now or I was sitting in my office chair. But. I had a stand up against, a blank wall right now because I don't want you guys to see too much of my office and give, it away but that's gonna be Monday's video so be on the lookout for my office reveal I am, so, excited to share with you guys it turned out so cute and I spent so much time in here now I love, it and I can't wait to share with you guys so my. Office reveal video will be live on Monday, morning but I wanted to end this video here thank. You guys so much for watching be.

Sure To give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and subscribe if you haven't already I'd love to have you a part of our family here and I will see you guys very soon bye. If. I'm gone daddy no my. Witness.

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Tara. You’re the mom. The boss. She just needs to know that!!!! It’s simple.

صراحة لفتني شي وهو كتاب المسيحية في اليوم السابع وهو الله استوى على العرش وخالين حرف zzz وهو الشخير اي النوم وفي القرآن الكريم لا تأخذه سنة ولا نوم فعلا الاسلام الدين القويم الحمد لله أني على الطريق الصحيح

Maybe a sensory processing disorder? She might not be able to express her feeling or move past it. But she's soooo young to be spending so much time at school. Especially when you're home. Like. What?

Love you and all but YOU need to allow Chloe to be a dog, she might dig holes but it can be fixed, they need to be dogs

Soo cute all your babies.. And Baylee is so smart

Honestly she sounds like a normal 2 year old! If it’s a time thing when she wants to be independent.. great but you have 1 chance. Then I have to step in. She might know that you will keep going back and forth with her. Maybe a few rules for yourself might help her realize boundaries. If I gave her 1 chance or 2 chances then I have to do it. And then do that every time.

ليش من افتح المقطع بدون ترجمه وثاني يوم احب اشوفه بترجمه هم ما يطلع عندي

I couldn't get over the tip of Grayson's peach-fuzzy little head in the clip of you talking

Hey Tara! I’m not a mom but I’m a 2.5/3 toddler teacher and honestly shay seems like she is perfectly fine to me! She sounds like all my students. No is all their favorite word along with doing it by themselves. My advice would be to give her options. When she’s yelling her no answers try to think of i could thrown her off because she honestly might not even know why, yet.... but she knows she doesn’t like the feeling lol I don’t know if that makes sense. Or like someone said in another comment- make things a race. Like you need to be done cleaning up (or bucking in after this song). If not mama will help. We can do it together (and sing). Singing always helps lol. The new baby and puppy is also a huge adjustment that will just take time. But again she seems totally normal to me- colors, shapes, 1-10, songs and basic school things like walking in line, sitting in circle time is the main focus for a 2 year old class

Tara your children are very cute and sweet

I have 3 boys... and let me tell u the middle child syndrome is always a struggle for me.. he is 4yrs old and it is always a challenge to deal with.. middle child is always the special one is character..

My daughter will do stuff like that too!! I find it helps to distract her and talk about something else.

You have three beautiful and healthy children, beautiful family !!!!Congratulations you and a great woman.

It's the age of defiance, so dont panic! I have 7 children, when u have another baby, behaviour of ur other children will always change. Just dont think things are wrong when kids play up, it is so normal but because these days it's like there has to be something wrong when ur kids play up! Please just take the time like what u are doing, but when she does something and starts misbehaving like in the car, just tell her I will give u 5 seconds to do put the belt on if not u will do it. Just keep it plain and simple. It will take a bit but u must keep quiet when she is chucking a fit after but she will.soon learn that u are the one in control not her. She is just testing you but it will soon stop and will be something else, there is always one difficult child!!!! Sometimes when u are so kind like urself, u just have to stick to been a little tough, tough love always works!!!!!! Goodluck!

بعض الاطفال يتغيرسلوكهم بمجرد قدوم طفل جديد للأسرة ،ربما تشعر بقلت الاهتمام اوانك بعيده عنها فتفعل ذلك لتلفت انتباهك

Take photos of the kids' papers and make a photo book of all the projects. I did this with my kids and they love looking at the books. I used snapfish. I then got rid of the originals. I also film a quick flip through of the artwork and add a QR code that they can scan and see as a video. They love the books and I throw away the artwork after it's been on display. I did a book for each year for each child. I also create birthday books on snapfish. My girls are in their 20s and love the photo books! Last thing, ask them to tell you about the art and add their description under each photo in the book.

Love you. Video. Haha

Toddlers act out and throw tantrums. It's completely normal. I don't think she's playing "mind games", I think she's doing the best she can in the only way she knows how. It also sounds like she may be starting to feel overlooked as the middle child. Maybe spend some one-on-one time with her - take her on a "date" like you do with Baylee sometimes. She needs to know that she's special, too. Cognitive therapy is a pretty extreme option for normal toddler behavior, but do whatever you think is best.

My 20 month old does the same thing. She throws a fit & just says no to everything. Only difference is that she’s not as vocal yet. I don’t really pay her any mind though because I know she’s just being a toddler & just gets in a mood all the time lol.

This sounds familiar. I don’t give my son any attention when he is having a tantrum, I ask what’s wrong a couple times and after that I just get quiet and ignore him until he calms down. Sometimes I turn up the radio and start singing if we’re in the car or I start talking to my daughter and I just ignore him. He eventually stops. It doesn’t sound like anything is wrong cognitively...she’s just a toddler, they are little humans with big emotions...lol

Tara Henderson.. mine had the same phase, it ended up being I was saying "stop it" so when he got upset that all he said so try to find a different word or phrase to use instead of NO. I hope this helps my son hasn't said stop it since I stopped saying it.

I’m really confused. Is the system different in America ? In Australia kids don’t go to school till they are 5 years old . Before that is kindergarten and they start that about 4 , and before that is daycare. So why is a 2 yo in school already ? I’m so confused

Seems like a two year old to me. I don't think it's mind games she is two.

Shay just like my three years old son he does the same things that Shay does because he has a new sister she is just one month

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