I Went To A Japanese Spa Theme Park

I Went To A Japanese Spa Theme Park

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If this video stops, randomly, in the middle it's because we dropped our camera in the water. Hello. Friends. And welcome to another video this, week we're, going to a spa, theme park in Japan yes we're going to Japan, and we're, also going to a spa theme park so what exactly is a, spa theme park it's not a super, clearly, defined idea, but it's basically a mash-up, of a traditional, Japanese, hot spring spa resort, a good old water park and a dash of PR baby features, you may have read about in like a refinery29. Article. Spa, resorts, are actually, pretty common in Japan for thousands, of years onsen, or traditional. Hot spring spas have been a staple of the Japanese skincare. Health and relaxation, routine, being a very volcanic. Country, Japan, has a lot of naturally. Occurring hot, springs and where there are hot springs there springs, forth a desire, to soak in them but this particular spa. Resort, unasyn, has taken, it to another level, not only with the waterpark, aspect, but with baths full of wine. Green tea coffee, and fish, that nibble on your feet amongst other things so we decided, that while we were in Japan we had to stop by and try it out not only to get our first full-on. Onsen. Experience, but also to see if there might be some hidden benefits, in bathing in all of these different liquids, all right let's. Go so our first step in getting to the spa theme park was to of course fly, to Japan, now, we had scheduled, our spa day for the second day of our trip so we were very much still, in the throes of our, jetlag fever. Like, 36 hours the Unison, spa resort is actually, located in Hakone a which is an hour and change outside. Of tokyo where we were staying so we thought it would be fun to take a bullet train to get there this is the footage I got from trying to give you guys a tour of the bullet train station, which almost caused us to miss our train. Clearly. It was worth it. So. Japanese, bullet trains are pretty well known for being one of the fastest, train systems in the world traveling, up to 200, miles an hour you can feel how fast you're going. And. With our booties thoroughly, rattled, we arrived at Odawara station, a quick 40 minutes later where we caught a bus that would take us all the way to the spa look at Tyler showing, us what bus were getting on very, demonstrative, walking. On Tyler I like it unison itself is pretty high up in the hills so the bus ride got pretty raucous, the road was winding and narrow and our driver was quite fearless. But, it was a good way to get, pumped, for the spa so from the outside unison. Kind of looks like a big beige hotel, but it's surrounded by, some of the most beautiful mountains. That we could finally appreciate. Because we weren't flying, around at the sides of them it's so pretty out here I know the flora, is on now. When you first walk into the ground floor of unasyn, you get a little taste of their theme park branding, they've created these, mascots, which kind of look like felines. SpongeBob's, that are speckled, throughout the park it's like someone, relaxing, theme and then it's like a grumpy cat with a beard as you can see the entrance, is just like, the hull of sponge cats so to get into the park we had to go up a few floors passed, a series of lobbies, a giant, gift shop and a number of crane toy machines, until, we finally, reached the actual, entrance, where they immediately, have you remove your shoes what they're like you can't take those hammer toes in here so. The park itself is broken into two sections. One is called the more--not you or the naked zone where, men and women are separated, and one is the swimsuit, adair eeeh which is where the more water park and more key attractions, are we're going to the naked part right now we need to monetize that. We. Had gotten to the park a little early, before the naked zone opened, so we could film in there by ourselves without. The aforementioned nudity. And also so Tyler could come as well this, is nice, I want. A churro but don't worry we, got permission to do this over, all the naked section, is more about rejuvenation, and. Relaxation, which I think captures more, of that traditional. Onsen, vibe obviously.

I'm Wearing a bathing suit for YouTube. Reasons, but you're supposed to get your onsen, on in, the nude all right chuckling wash off you get. No. Tongues so. Am. I doing well give me. S. We're, sitting is we're naked people said sometimes in, the naked zone there are about six, different kinds, of baths that I could try out four, of which are filled with warm, or hot plain. Spring, water including. The first bath right, at the entrance next to the showers if you like a talent or a do. This, fully, wood lined indoor, pool which is almost like a sauna, because of how hot it is and it smells, really good it smells. Woody. I don't know how else to say that you're like piney I don't know other wouldn't. Mahogany, no I don't think that this large outdoor communal. Lagoon and these personal. Porcelain, bowls look just like their own like personal images it's, like the teacup, ride at Disneyland, the like actually, teacup. You. Don't get dizzy you. Don't throw up you grow up on that right they do have a couple of specialized, waters, back here in The Naked zone as well though including, this green, tea, bath which i think is just spring. Water but they steep a rather large tea bag. I'm. Talking about Mountain Dews baby in general, bathing, in green tea is supposed to help your pimples, and pores and has some anti-aging benefits. As well I'm not sipping, tea I am becoming tea, it. They. Also had a summer special collagen. Bath which was filled with roses. Ecology. Besides. Smelling, like a face mask collagen. Is supposed to improve, skin, elasticity, and fight aging by promoting cell turnover, I did the collagen, is like counteracting, the Sun it's like aging. Anti, aging you're really drink the kool-aid huh well I'm trying not to drink the cool overall. I found, the pools very relaxing. But the big winner of the naked zone was the view of the, mountains and though we had ventured to unison, mostly, for the more unique, experiences. I'm glad we got to get a peek into the naked zone to capture some of that thousands. Of years old traditional. Onsen, experience, and now that they're about to open this naked zone to the public and people will actually be making here we're, gonna head back out. And. See, what's out there, now when you first walk into the main part of the spa, they have like a foot and knee rinser which kind of took me by surprise. Like. A bidet for your knees. One. Yet I do. I. Have. Not used one yet it was Tyler's loss there are a lot of very nice bidets in Japan now the central, chamber of, the indoor, section, has one giant, pool in the middle of it which I'd call like the neutral, watered communal. I'll look in there some bells look, at that but building on the onsen, vibe it has like a warm bath temperature there, my thighs hello, thighs thighs, out. Sky's out, besides, that I'd say it's pretty standard so we wanted to move on to the more exciting. Waters I want to show up my wedded chess hair to, all of you nasaan. Could. You leave so first up on our list of specialty, pools was the doctor fish foot baths we're a school of garra rufa fish, a variety of Turkish, toothless, carp nibble, or I guess vacuum, the dead skin off of your feet oh these guys are ready for action now I've seen this before online, and it seems to be pretty popular in many East and Southeast, Asian, countries. Like, get your hijab. Funyuns. So, basically, what you do is you sit at the edge of this tub and dangle your feet in. Like, I can smell it okay take a girl and you haven't a lot of time of 10 minutes ready, I'm ready oh. Yeah. Some, action shots yeah this would be like shark, we would, fish it Vikings up your feet. The. Doctor, fish are incredibly. Tickle, inducing, I'm feeling like really disheveled. Some. Of them sort of traverse, your whole leg and others, just pick a spot and go at it they. Really like my feet I think that's not a compliment in a particular, Tyler's, right, foot had a disturbing. Number of fish on it might, be versus, on speed but, before his foot could be consumed, entirely, or ten minutes were up Friday, yes I actually do, think that the fish got some of the dead skin off of my toes but I probably would have had a more, thorough pedicure.

Had Tyler not been hogging all of the carp there's like not dead skin on my feet right now they're chunks too not when we're in a little like creeper. So. Unison, has like a schedule of events and, at specific, times they will pour coffee and red wine directly. On to you in their respective pools, and we had a bit of time before the next coffee pour began so we went to check out some of the smaller, themed, pools next, door the green tea and the Saki bats you're not supposed to drink the sake or the green tea. I. Say. That to me so, we went to the green tea bath first which was pretty different from the green tea pool outside oh. Really. That, one was just like normal spring, water with a green tea bag and this was like a scalding. Cup of tea. I'm. Guessing, they mixed this one with something else or just like diluted, in a bit but in general the. Tea was just too hot for me hey Soph, yeah you've spilt tea everywhere. So. Having mildly. Boiled, the booty we then hopped over to the Saki bath which was noticeably, a much, better temperature, well, I like this that's. Nice I, like the ones that are like warm but not like too too hot. Sensitive five sake. Could be good for the skin and meta can help exfoliate, and, lighten, dark spots, and bathing in it is actually, a traditional geisha. Skincare. Secret, on the side of the bath was sort of like a giant sock, a drum, but I think the liquid in the bath was pretty diluted, from the smell and feel of it I don't know that you could like get plum in here because there are a bunch of kids in here earlier. Though, on the side of the barrel was a true, sake, spigot, so apparently this little knob here shoots, out a little sake and. Drinkable. I'm gonna get sir. Shoot. Me the face you're not usually. Supposed to drink the Sakae straight out of this nozzle but the Unison employees. Who are escorting us around, encouraged. Us to try it don't photoshop this you. Get a little bit. Put your hands out there so you can catch it. There. We go yeah here's my sake, Baptiste. Yeah, yeah that's good sake but after our sake taste test it was time for the coffee bath. You, almost fell it at the camera I'm hammered the coffee bath itself, is just kind of like very, watery, coffee though it does smell and look pretty, accurately, coffee ish in terms of its skin benefits there are some antioxidants in, coffee that can help detox, your skin and the caffeine, actually combats. Puffiness, and I feel like also just gets into your pores and wakes you up you know I don't know there's recibo or what but as soon as I walked in here I was like eight. Let's, go the big event at the coffee bath is the coffee pour, and what happens, is that they prepare, actual, drinkable, coffee in these giant buckets, and men dole it out to the crowd, there's monster ladies. Oh yours. Was a drink it I just threw it on my face no. It was good so I tried to co-opt some of Tyler's, portion, for drinking purposes. Actually and after a decent amount of the crowd had tasted, the coffee they then proceeded, to throw entire.

Buckets, Directly, at us. It's. Good, it's. Very tasty they did this quite a few times. I'm, not sure if the skin benefits are amplified. By the coffee being thrown at you but it is exciting. Idea what kind of footage, and. I did feel pretty awake. Afterwards, so, the final, unusual, bath that we wanted to try was the wine back which had another, pour type, event later that afternoon so, we decided to visit the outdoor portion. Of the park in the meantime on the way we passed a few additional, pools that looked pretty plain but it turns out that this was the location of the ramen, baths which, were a pretty popular attraction. Last year in which park, goers bathed, in pork broth and collagen, I'm kind, of salty. We missed it, so, the outside of the park has some of your usual waterpark, accoutrement, like slides, and, kiddie pools and waterfalls with, the added bonus that the view, is pretty freakin, ridiculous. We. Four went to the children's, area for the waterslide, I got a behavior rinse off because I really smell like coffee can you see it yes I can amongst my hairs it's, like coffee stuck in your mustache on your shoulders unfortunately. They didn't let us take our GoPros, onto the slide but I guess that did spare everyone from having to watch a very slow water slide shot which I think was just our problem because, other people were going down much faster but, nonetheless we, do have a second, angle on this shot if you want to see it. Following. The slide we went through like a hot springs grotto, which was mostly just a series, of shallow pools, but you could see the waterfall. From behind as well as this gemstone. Thing that they call a Marin, rose. But. From there you, can walk through to, behind, the waterslide where, the observation. Pools are. Coming, these, are basically, like a series, of long, skinny, pools, alright and once. Again a warm, pool very warm that oversee the mountains, as well as unison itself down, there is Tyler, and then.

There, Is the, spa resort the, view kind of made the observation. Pools my favorite part of the park but after bobbing, around a bit and film, like, 50,000. Pans of the surrounding, landscape, we had to head back inside. Just. Like. You know I love these kids are getting wasted Tyler, kept making, that joke as for the skin benefits of red wine it's got some, antioxidants. For some anti-aging and also, some antiseptic. Properties for. Some anti acne. I thoroughly. Enjoyed, the red wine pool though it did seem to be the most diluted. Of the specialty, pools. For. Example, this giant, wine bottle, that spraying, my head is completely, just water but for the wine pour itself, they went for the real deal. Like. With the coffee, they started off by pouring, some red wine into your hands, which by wine standards. Was a pretty decent amount unlike Tyler, who chugged it I voluntarily. Threw, it in my face hoping, for some quality, anti-aging. Then. They proceeded, with a more direct, port. Which. I think Tyler, thought he was supposed to chug again it hit him pretty quick. They. Concluded. The show with, another round, of throwing a full bucket directly. Into our face. With, the wine bath complete, I think we had actually, hit all of the specialty pools. So. We threw on some complimentary, scrubs. And slippers, and got something to eat all right hi what's up next we're, getting Buffy now lunch. Dude. Grab and, then we'll run their, buffet had a pretty good spread and was a nice cap on top of all of that soaking, and afterwards. We caught the tail end of a park-wide aqua. Workout class. So. After, 11, baths lunch, and a workout I think we had thoroughly, investigated. Our spa, theme park and were ready to head back to Tokyo, how do I go yeah. Let's go it. Was really fun, so. We caught our bus back down the mountain hopped, on another bullet train which you can really see the speed of here. But. That's the best right and, needless to say we, were home in a speedy, 40 minutes well from the train station of course alright so we are back at our hotel room now and I'm. Feeling pretty cooked we had a great time at the Unison spa resort but I feel like I've just been steeped, for, so long in, so many different types of liquids that, I just need a nap overall. Our experience. At the spa theme park was very positive though I think the things I thought were the most exciting. Before I went were not actually, my favorite parts I thoroughly enjoyed, the quieter, parts of the park like the naked zone and literally, all of the amazing, views of the mountains, one thing I thoroughly enjoyed, which we didn't include very much in the main part of the video were, the mascots, I like this one cuz it looks like he has cheese on his head but they were kind of cute Lee speckled, all over the park subtly.

This, Sneaky. Guy look at him so, sneaky. And not, so subtly. Say. And Rio is quaking, is that still a mean I think that after this trip we did feel sufficiently, spod, whatever, happened, to Sponge Bob that cured him of the suds I think happened to us yeah, I mean I think that we do feel softer. And I think there was a logic. Behind each, pool as to why they would be good for your skin I think that we soaked in so many things that we're, not going to be able to pinpoint like, if our skin is better like which one it was yeah, helped us but, it's sort of like the cumulative, experience. Of just like you. Know sort of rolling around in hot water and feeling good and tired. It was quite a trek so it'll be difficult for us to return but if you're down for about 15, hours of travel, we'd say it's worth the trip or also if you're in Japan already. Maybe. That would be good thank you guys so much for watching if you liked that video make sure to smash, that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to shamash, that subscribe button a big shout out to Vicky, for watching, thanks, for watching Vicky, and I will see you guys next time.

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Saf your hair is looking amazing, love the ombre an length on you!

Safiya Nygaard F fief.

matt J)just. J h. H. H. H.


Safiya Nygaard J h h. U.

Safiya Nygaard Jhhh h h.

Hi Friend

Omg I love you Safiya and Tyler you guys are awesome


Have you thought of vlogging ?x

Definitely one of my fave videos! It made me feel loads better since I got sick today!

were you using escape the night s2 and s3 music

OK when you let strangers pick your makeup and clothes you should make one where you collab with someone and both of you go to different stores and take a pic of each other and show it to strangers and let them pick out an outfit or makeup for the other person then show each other what people picked out and you both have to ear the things for the rest of the day!!

Ok so rclbeauty101 and safiya look like twins. Not only that both of there boyfriends are named Tyler

Didn't they have any holy water?

Are u even allowed in the naked zone if you're a pervert

Smells like.. Old naked people. Errg. Me deu um nojinho.

Pause at 2:19 lollllllll

that actually looks like fun, I wanna go there and try it. Or at least one of Japan's spa baths or whatever they're called

A video idea: trying Lolita style. No, Lolita hasn’t got anything to do with the book, and isn’t about pedophilia or sex, for those who may be questioning what this style is, after hearing about the book that literally has nothing to do with this. Lolita is a fashion style from Japan, taking elements of Victorian style and adding them with things people would consider cute such as bows. Lolita clothes are nearly always dresses and skirts, down to the knee. Then of course shoes, petticoats and accessories. There are many types, such as gothic, punk, classic and many others. Note, they can cost a lot, but you can find affordable clothes online (not wish or eBay). Thank you for reading my comment.

I love hakone their onsens are the best!!!!

9:20 anyone remember that Victorious episode?

I dont know why, but I had an idea for an outfit video. A week of wearing outfits that manaquins have on in different stores. Dont ask??

step up your uploading game

You and Tyler are goals

WOooow this is my favorite video ever

tyler shave off ur chest hair and beard

I will have a heart attack if i have green tea

You just hit 5M congrats girlll!!!!

Is the background from the 10-12 minute mark from season 1 escape the night????

3:41 i See bIgBaNg

I would so love to go there!

Hello my friends

What is her nationality?

Who's the one who is filming Sofia and Tyler when they aren't themselves? 8.44

8:44 *

Don’t usually comment but your hair looks amazing at the moment ♥️

I think a video of you getting your face dermaplaned would be super interesting to see your experience and if there are benefits such as how your makeup lays after

You got on the bus the wrong way

Safiya do you have a place where people can send fanmail? Your videos are always so entertaining and Tyler's comments are always funny too

Safiya and Tyler are honestly such a beautiful couple. You can really feel how much they enjoy each other and how happy they are. Love it

1:17 I thought they only wear that in anime Now I really wanna go to a Japanese high school

The fish bath ... Victorious

you are so freaking hilarious!

I love how this video is 21:00

I love how they have so much cleaning and rinsing here. So sanitary. USA water parks are disgusting

Her brown hair shocked me, I missed a ton of videos

I love Japan.u guys should go to Nara Park


Just another thing to add to the list of reasons why I want to go to Japan

I think Tyler got a little drunk lol

is she Norwegian ?

please try to wear pink (the store) for a week

i got my feet eaten by fishes too but in santorini in greece, and we only paid for 10 minutes but the person working there let us do it for like an hour, our feet were so soft afterwards

Whenever you see a video that doesn’t have her Brown hair you immediately think that’s it’s ancient

I've been there in japan

I'm adding this to the list! So cool!

EVERYTHING GOES UP TYLER'S NOSE i NEVER thought i would type or say that sentence

Can you go to the philippines next please

I've been here!! IT'S SO FUN OMG

I’m in Japan

lmao that baby just got a bucket of wine thrown on his face xD poor baby

This was amazing. I've never actually heard of these before

I would love to go to Japan, please represent us weebs there!!!

I'm poor and have no talents. Ill never be able to go to Japan :C

1:29 1:36

14:33 Be careful chirren thats a lot of sodium

3:39 I see BigBang in the background

I want to go ; - ;

"The winner of the naked zone was the view... of the mountains" hahahaha

12:51 escape the night music for season 1 and 3

When the green tea was on I smelt mint, I was not chewing gum. What is going on?


I get that they wanted to film for us but did could they not leave behind media for at least a day I mean it was such a beautiful place I would just want to relax

You should at whowantwear (I think that’s the brand) they have some super weird pants

Damn that hair makeover thing worked like ugh looks so good


Isn't it sakè?

i want to visit japan just for this water park

I couldn't watch this video seriously cause you kept saying on-sen instead of oh-n-sen..

“mildly boiled the booty”

6:15 that's fun-tea

Love this video

I live in japan in yokosuka

I want more of this content love ya

Keep up the great work Safiya! I'm definitely adding this spa theme park to my list of places to visit when I go to Japan in the near future!

Spot bigbang @ 3:40

I believe this is one that has a tattoo ban, right? every one I checked with when I was there was pretty strict on that, which was a real bummer for me.

OMG THE Fish are like the ones from victorious that made them really sick oh no

Please PLEASE make a Franken-makeup video where you mix everything available of one brand of Sephora like all fenty beauty target or nyx products (every shade) and see if it turns out as a foundation lipstick eyeshadow or whatever else


You should try the Betabrand office leggings next!

“So sneaky...”

Omg I’d love to go there Love you Safiya

I hear escape the night music when they were in the coffee bath

Great video SuperRaeDizz- I mean Safiya!

Last time I checked, coffee was bad for your skin...

Finally a travel video that's funny and informative! I love the bit when you threw the drinking coffee in your face

“its like communion but everyones in a bath” HAHAHAHAHAHAH

lmao that moment when u threw the coffee on ur face instead of drinking it HAHAHAHAHA

She sounds like Rick Murray from degrassi...


"Naked zone" 4:56 Yeah you're supposed to be naked but then again I'm just getting flashbacks of Korean spas.....with my family 0-0 I went with my grandmother, rip

14:55 such a shitty view compeared to if you live in switzerland, field trips by something on a mountan or just your view are super common

Daddy af

Your man is so hot

Are you allowed to have tattoos at these parks?

5:31 me sitting in my bath tub stressing cause I have a project do tomorrow and I didn’t start it. (Actually do)

omg this look so fun

“Sky’s out!” *points camera at roof* 8:02

Video idea: wearing snapchats bitmoji outfits for a week!


Safiya Nygaard morning

Safiya Nygaard you just earned a new subscriber❤️

I think you are actually super fucked up. But you must be ok with it.

Great now Cristine will want to go for the green tea tub stay tuned for that now

When you drown you would be drunk once you come out

Waskinda expecting cristine to just be in the tea baths drinking the tea.

I live in Japan and I’ve actually been there!

Imagine missing the bullet train to school and trying to chase it..

Am I the only one who noticed the Escape the Night playing??

please change your hello . its horrible

Who else spotted BigBang and started screaming inside?

Kōhī Chōdai!

Hope you survive escape the night

What if someone pees in the pool lmao

I've been to Tokyo and it is utterly amazing there! i love going on the bullet train and going to universal studios at Kyoto.

I went to hot springs but in Australia

How many black dresses do you have?

Safiya can't you do a 1950s or 1940s styles in your styles trough the decades.

I’m watching this instead of studying for my exam tomorrow. Why am I like this?

go watch my new video about russian gay-pedophile-actor quickly

i keep going to search things up and then i'm like 'oh no don't do that! here's a description'

In NZ we have volcanic mud that bubbles up, mostly in Rotorua, but in other places, and it has hot springs as well, and people collet the mud and put it on their face, because it is good for you.

8:34 I live in Singapore!

How many people have peed in those pools?

Is saf Muslim because she said that in a buzz feed video??

When they were throwing coffee at you guys and you were attempting to catch it with your mouths it reminded me of when you feed pigeons by tossing them food

I went there before! Loveeeee

4:19 Tyler is meeeee

Safiya falls under a make up channel, right? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think she falls under that category... This is the only make up channel I watch (aside from Tea Spill, but that's just the tea on literally every other make up channel) cause there's drama on every other one..

"And fish that nibble on your feet, among other things" I know she meant it in a different way but I think she knew what she did there

You should get the first 5 things that sponsored youtubers

The green tea bath. Cristine would love that.

*chanting* GIMME COFFEE

Wouldn't it be saké? Not sake?

Why is this in my recommendation

dress like ur from broadway musicals for a week plz

you can get drunk bathing in alcohal so......


Safiya's diction

I hope u enjoy Japan... I live there :)

Try a shein haul plz

What a good boyfriend lol how he just walks around the pools recording and just supporting you lol

I'm living an adventurous life because of Safs vids c;

*I feel like massaging someone's bald head*

*This is like a Buzzfeed Video*

i wanna go here now !!

i’m going to japan on july 3rd and i’m so excited!! it seems like there’s so many cool things to do. i better start making a list of things to see and do.

would it be difficult for a non Japanese speaker to get there? transportation wise

Simply nailogical would like the tea one

why do she look scary in thumbnail

I can read all of this I’m japanese

Is it just me or she sounds robotic??


My name is Eunice

That person just FREAKEN grabbed that GoPro while it was on. I mean HOW RUDE!

I like how safiya actually respects the privacy of people and blurred their faces unlike other vloggers -_-

so cool!!

Omg can’t wait to go to Japan and go to a spa like that

Christean would love the tea and GIGANTIC tea bag

Safiya is the best!!!

i’m going to japan

Who is the guy and why cant you do a naked ver of you naked somewhere else? :( SEXY

Can you try dry brushing? or even just things that Goop says work but sound dubious. I have some friends who swear by dry brushing with a little body oil but others say it is a waste of time.

Be careful Chirren that ramen bath has got a lot of sodium


I really like your pronunciation Safiya! It's clear and relaxing

"don't photoshop this" hahaha you're too late

i would love to work at the coffee portion of the park i mean you get to throw like gallons of coffee on strangers

Can you go if you have tattoos?

That place looks beautiful

safiya should have her own make up line.

It’s is just me or does she look like Gabbie? xD

do yo have any favorite video in your channel?

I want wine thrown in my face please

I went on a bullet train to hakone it’s amazing

I’ve been to japan it’s so pretty there I love it

Instead of thighs out sky's out it's thighs out pies out

Is anyone else bothered that they wrote alot instead of a lot in the subtitles

11:03 he sounds exactly like hiram lodge from riverdale

whoa! that snail is fast!

My life is so boring

What if you mixed a bunch of lip glosses??

I’ve been there before!!! It’s awesome

the fish are starved and it's unhealthy for them to eat your dead skin, but they do it because they are so hungry

saf and tyler are the cutest

It's a shame that that particular place doesn't allow people with visible tattoos in :( (It clearly says it on the website)

3:40 i miss big bang


Far too many people for me, but I could endure an hour. When I see kids, I think of snot, crying and pee. Right. I don't have kids. :D

I wonder how much all of that was

video idea: as i was on youtube, i found a video about the "Ohhio Blanket." it's a squishy, chunky DIY blanket. i think it looks pretty cool, but it's pretty expensive.


This song sounds like Escape The Night!!! Great video!!!

There was a fricken baby in the wine pool when they splashed the red wine XD


The real question is were u pruny afterwards

Omg I went there!!!

20:29 is the prettiest shot I've ever seen in my entire life, thank you very much.

Ayeee I'm from Singapore

is it just me or is her hair different???

Safiya Nygaard u should try wearing clothes from the website joom for a week

?kiddo Safiya Nygaard

Safiya Nygaard Can you please do a video on 1 cent things from Amazon???

Saf, you HAVE to try out the new silicone makeup brushes from lormay!!

You should create a frankein shadow palletes... you can create and customize color!! Love you!!

Safiya Nygaard You should create a frankein shadow palletes... you can create and customize color!! Love you


i predict that ur in escape the night cause the back music

There is also a spa park in china xuamen but witg less of the waterpark aspect

8:26 but remember in victorious how they all got sick from the *feet fish?*

Why did they go to japan? Not just for the spa.... right?

17:52 That poor baby in the front just got splashed in the face with WINE!

Did anyone here escape the night s1 song ?

19:45 HOLY MOLY IS THAT TAEYANG HJFJGJBVV LOVE your vids btw saf always doing great

I want buckets of coffee thrown in my face

this is sooooooo aestheticaly pleasing

Anyone hear that escapr the night season 1 theme?

Whats better than pouring/throwing coffee at strangers?

4:21 lmao i can't stop laughing at how tyler said 'I want a churro'

8:45 Who is holding the camera?


Jealous of how beautiful Safiya looks without makeup!

You should do a 24 hour challenge

First time watching your videos Great work ..If your into big spa's And like to Travel Phillippines has a few places called ACE Water Spa Around Pasig city Manila There are fair looking videos of it on YouTube But it doesn't do it justice My Girlfriend and I fly from Canada And the 2nd day there we went and I loved it and still think about it ..Huge cement pool with hip high water And cement chairs and stainless steel handles You sit in the Chair and they have water jets just for your bum. The next chair is for your legs Next the back or hips ..Then you move on to the Rain forest table you lay down on and hard water relaxes you. Then try the 3 different hot pools that smell of lavender. Mint, Jasmine Each one hotter then the next also have dry/wet saunas Afterwards head to the café and sample the teas and local foods ..Your rubber when you leave And there is a few massage parlors close by if your still feeling tight ...I passed on that lol We slept for 9 hours afterwards at a friends near by Hope to see more vids !

Simplynaillogical would love the tea baths

this looks so fun

I really love you guys

I need to go the Japan any one wanna come?

Safiya im a new fan and i hope you had fun on escape the night and you and ro got captured by the clowns??? We will see and i hope you see this

Hey Saf why don't you make a video about fried chicken legs pants it's awesome for your weird fashion series :D:D

"Our butts thoroughly rattled." I DIED!!!!!!!!!

lmfao 18:54 "WOW now thats a fast train."

13:12 I laughed so hard when she slammed the drinkable coffee on her face lol

When you want to go to Japan and relax but you also need to tax it

I’m sorry but how low is Tyler’s alcohol intake

I went there one year ago. Nice place, love de video

“But the big winner of the naked zone is the view... of the mountains”

That laugh hei hei hei



I love how your videos aren’t monetized

Morning logic dry nfuenrw sexual store ease investment opposite.

Can u do a week of boohoo clothing?

The flora is on *FLEEK* Lmao

Safiya you are the tea bag

I think I've watched this video 5 times now

i just realized she posted this on my bday but I REALIZE IT 7 DAYS LATER

safiya, you need to get a tattoo for five million

thighs out, *skys out*

So it looked like you can drink the wine pool but what if someone peed in it 2 seconds before you drank it

Can do more Harry potter vids


Please do a Dog Dog haul!! :))

In Oregon we have those fish in the river..

You should go to the Philippines because “ IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES “

with david and liza broken up, at least we still have one super couple.

16:48 WHY IS THAT LADY WEARING A *_WHITE_* SHIRT-THING? *_TRIGGERED_* jk I don't really care

Would they separate the gay and gender neutral people from the same gender?

At 17:53 did anyone else see that person in the jacket???


Only went to Japan for the spa?? Or will there be other Japan videos?

SAFIYA please wear the Aielowu jeans!! There so weird!!

"Feline Spongebobs"

Is anyone else dying that she threw the coffee at her face instead of drinking it? Hahahaha

i love this video! so interesting

He has cesthar sexy gost ciding

Spilled tea lol

THIS LOOKS FUN!!! I want to go there so bad

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