Inside FAVELAS of Rio de Janeiro - BRAZILIAN FOOD TOUR + National Dish of Brazil!

Inside FAVELAS of Rio de Janeiro - BRAZILIAN FOOD TOUR + National Dish of Brazil!

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Hey everyone hope you're having an amazing day at smart Queens I'm in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and. Favelas. Are a community. Of informal. Housing, which is a major, major part, of Rio as you drive through the streets you'll notice high-rise buildings, but in between the buildings and within the valleys and literally, on the, sides of cliffs mountains. You, will see you will notice favelas, now it wouldn't be right for me to not mention that a lot of crime does, take place in favelas, and some. Of them can be dangerous, in certain, areas especially. Without the right connection, however, the. Favelas, are also if, there's a totally, different side of the favelas, it's home to some of the most creative, some. Of the most hard-working and, some. Of the most heartwarming. Welcoming. People in Brazil as well and so today we're gonna take you we're gonna go on a food, tour of the favelas, of Rio we're gonna visit two different favelas we, are gonna eat some home-cooked food we're gonna eat at some street food stalls we're, gonna meet some amazing people I'm. Gonna share all the food with you and the entire experience, with you in this video. Let. Me good morning that's good morning and learning it up by Ella today. Very nice very good thank you so yeah yeah, yeah I have to meet you man who does get ahead and make get ahead of me yeah awesome we're, gonna jump on motorbikes home. It on. All. Right we're off, Mangia. Mangia. On, our way. You. Got to really hold on because these hills are steep men, what's. Amazing about favelas, is that I mean it is an entire community so it's like an entire city within a city with. In Rio de Janeiro's there's businesses, there's everything here. That's, Pete Matthew, obrigado. That, last bit was so steep I was sliding. I. Was, sliding off the motorbike. I'll. Have a new appreciation for, Hills they're so, steep even, just walking around yeah taking a motorbike is a roller, coaster experience. And then, walking around oh hello, chickens and, walking around is you, get a workout. Shackford. They just split it open all, the motorbike. Drivers are grabbing pieces and even people walking, by or just having a piece of it. That's. Very, very ripe it's good though really, really sweet. It. Supplies you to receive you guys retain you so long you know yeah. I'm. A born and raised in this pathologist football is the biggest favela in Rio I mean, like in Brazil it's a kind of city with, the city there, are three hundred thousand, people living years. Welcome. To my place are you gonna hang out together yeah, I'm gonna take like to some, really nice places. We. Have a lot of storage threshing so. It's. What. We have most yes, like a lot of food so the experience of all like food being really nice. Thank. You for taking us around this is the most famous cushio there oh cool one, of the Brazilians snacks on, the go, that, I haven't tried yet that, I'm very excited to try together. Didn't. Like a teardrop shape like in the press how heavy it is how dense it is like, you think it's gonna be like an airy, pocket. But that is dense you don't really eat it from the top or any way you like. From. The bottom yeah okay okay. It's, a personal choice again. Actually. Tradition. Comes and ask for the mana again. Says you okay. First and then and. Then even more bread on the top 20 okay he's the expert he said eat it from the bottom. Oh yeah. That's, amazing, hot sauce no. Matter the outside wrapper is made from cassava flour you can taste that it's kind of gummy kind, of sticky and very starchy the inside is a mix of chicken tastes a little bit like tomato, II but. Mostly just like shredded chicken that's just delicious that's part of you that it's packed with chicken and. Then that just came out of nowhere with a bottle of hot sauce and, drenched. My trench. To mine in it. With, that hot sauce, oh yeah, that's spicy, that's like vinegary that like goes up your nose that's a mousse you can and this is some of the cut you juicy comes your set comes with a Ksenia and, some the juice. Or nice is. It I do. Now give us a Casio drew back as the capsu fruit juice oh man. That's amazing. It's slightly fermented tastes very very, fruity very tropical not too sweet. It's, filling. It's so tasty really. Go. Don't, go to them. This. Place is called. So, I voted the Rocha.

Mm. No hoes up there so cool when you are here check, them out come have a snack that. Was tasty so in the favela how only. One main street that one, it's got started a guardian right but the majority of people live in little, alleys you have a lot of alleys Raya it's the most the most dangerous, thing that could happen to you in the favela is to get lost it's, a kind of a huge demand it's, a kind of huge maze most of the favelas most of the people live. Down side alleys, which, are only walking, only walking space so we're just going down a side alley right now. It's. What's. Amazing about favela is just the community and then everybody knows each other so you, you. Know, everyone. That owns the shops you know you have. Friends all over the place and so, there's a trust factor. Of. Everybody that knows each other, little barbershops, little, convenience, stores. Steep. Staircases. You. Can get your pet food. You. Can get your TV's. Fixed and your appliances, fixed, and. All. Within, a walking only. Little. Very small alley, with. Power cords running right above your head look. At the art -. Everything. Mixed. Race. Car, Gator. Heaven mr., -, so mr.. Time window idiot here those bungee. You. Step out on to the top of his house onto a patio, and it just overlooks. The entire valley. Ksenia. All the way down into the valley all the way to the sea, with the mountains, it's like an amphitheater, and then you can see just a massive, rock, face to the left hand side and even, more housing that goes up if you look around at the tops of the roofs you can see most. Houses all houses, have these big blue, water tanks, there are services, in this community there's electricity there's internet, there's water, but. It's sporadic right, sometimes it turns off sometimes, it's not. Sometimes. It just doesn't work so then, people do store water. We're. On our way now to go find some food. But. Then in the next fella that we go we've, also arranged, for some home cooking, so that's coming up as well.

His. Name is Anderson, he's, the chef here he's an amazing cook he's friendly, he's so cool my, father don't. Know. I don't blend out boy I usually, just, give you a quick little tour of this, restaurant, he doesn't all the cooking right here and it's literally like his, home, and, then if you come out of the kitchen, got. The little bar counter, right here with the drinks in it and a little, bit cold a little bit cold and then if you continue, out, here, this, is a little, dining room section there's 40. And. Then if you go up these, steps. Right here, this. Is literally the Howey, and. It's an amazing. Little spot he's so friendly a, room of those beans and meat cooking just like goes, down the alley I don't know how you could not stop when you're walking through here. Right. Here in the balcony on the table right moving out and. They. Do have the indoor section, where you can sit but he does have visitors like the VIP this is the ultimate seating, bar, counter seating along the alley he just sets the food right in front of you it's hot it's, fresh, it is definitely, cooked with love and like the but, it smells delicious try some of that beef first that beef rib its beef rib right. So. Tender Estella look. At that meat the jiggling, this event, that's. Just like falling apart tender. Under. Sun. Under. Sun. Salvador's. Oh oh. Wow. Those ribs are amazing, like they're, so tender they. Just fall apart that just it's, disintegrating, in my tongue on my tongue right now okay. Move into some of those beans and rice and there's, a little bit of like maybe. Like onions in there. And love how beans are so common in Brazil I love beans they're. Hard either nutritious. They're. Just good pasta, I'm gonna add in a little bit of that that. Um. Bottle, five. The. Mix of starches but most. Importantly. That. Beef rib is. Absolutely. Incredibly. Tasty. You. Did just bring us another plate of meat which is like beef maybe I like sauteed in a pan a. Little. More like grizzly catcher to a bite in a good kind of way just like stompy, flavorful. Beets. Try. Some of that fatty, fatty. Piece. Look. It's all good but that combinations, that beef. Rib the, tender fattiness, will. Just melt in your mouth please just get ahead of it down there how's their ribs men amazing. Good that's so good right yeah. Followed, by vin. Fantastic. Meal I'm. Just loving everything, about this. Move, over to God oh we. Thought they got. Here. We're walking, back down actually, to the entrance where we took a motorbike up at first we're gonna walk down. This. Is like underneath a tree underneath. Building. Underneath, the highway or the road and there's. A little tunnel back here taking. Some shortcuts I'm sure to. Get down this, goes for all of Rio de Janeiro and all of Brazil but the murals, the wall art the graffiti, it's, spectacular and, it's so. Colorful, definitely, a faster, route than the road that it has to go. Back and forth switchbacks, is just taking the staircase. Back. Out onto the main street this is the main street of Ksenia. Sushi. Bar. Man. These amphitheater. Views with the rocks and stones and mountains in the background, Wow. Oh in. The sea just stopping in to buy some water oh my god. Awesome, awesome people, and, this is their star it is just packed from. The roof to. The pillars, everything. You could need Oh buddy. Isla with over to go have. A great day and. We just got some water thanks. Again. They're. About tiny staircases, leading to, people's homes little, walkways, little, pathways, little. Like tiny spaces, and then all at once you emerge back onto the Main Street then as you get to the base of Ksenia. To the base of the mountain the base of the. Community. There's just more and more shops there's businesses, there's restaurants there's supermarkets, all services. You can imagine are all down here it was amazing, to visit, Ksenia. Thanks, so much to give head man for showing us around, that, was great meeting. Some of the people eating. Lunch eating, some food, yeah. Wow that was a learning experience and. It, was yeah. Cool man thank you so much open. Again see you next time see you next time man thank you. Holly. Oh you're on our way to another favela which is kind of a cross town yeah, there's like yeah, it's located on sound ryuko more with the proteins here bogota, from a residency after dancing and it's another favela where we're gonna meet a lady who's gonna home cook us a meal and she's gonna cook what is one of it.

Is The national, dish of Brazil. We. Made it to a downtown, area and from, here we're gonna jump, into it's called a cumbia it's like an old Volkswagen, van. Which, is going to take us up the hill to the that laughs oh yeah. As. We are. Okay. If we've reached the end of the route jump. Out here. Thanks, min no problem. This, is underneath. An abandoned. Or the with in an abandoned. Rail. Car. Kind. Of cable car station she. Is going to be cooking for us, but. She also maybe, has a bar called bar de Judah and her name is Judah. And. Following, Judah back, to her house she owns that bar, underneath. The abandoned, railway station cable, car station now we're going up to her house. Check. Out the Brazil logo. Awesome. I. Think. We made it to the house. Going. Upstairs to show her balcony oh cool, like a great view of. Another. Room up here on the second floor I could do other so be the negative away. A. View. From up here like, a hundred, eighty degree, is fantastic. And again just, the construction. Of the houses just going up the face of rocks, up the face of the mountain and. Even. Yeah this house is four stories high just, because it goes up it's, so steep I. Think. We spell up things she, spit Judah is gonna be making a dish called feijoada which, is it is considered, one of the national, dishes, of Brazil. It's an ultimate, dish it's an amazing, Hardy's dish and something, I didn't know before coming to Brazil is, that feijoada is a dish that's typically, eaten. On the weekends, Saturday or Sunday because. It's a heavy dish it's a dish it's one of those dishes that you want to eat and then, take a nap after you eat it so best reserved, for the weekend as a family, meal it's gonna get started now. This. Is a dish that includes, very, hearty it includes beans but. Much more he's go in. It's. All, Oh. Humidity. Pork, is a major major, part of feijoada but not just the meat but all pieces. Of the pig, she. Added in all the different parts there's you see some of the leg parts some of the hoof parts some of the, probably. The ears the, everything. So. That bacon, and then she just added between some olive oil is gonna, be for the photo fo which is she's gonna add some cassava flour, powder, to it that's one of the staples, of Brazil. You, know fuss about that's why. Hi, I'm a fishbone nailed us a pilot and now she added in a whole bag of like a self a flower powder mixing. That and working it in that, is gonna be ultra flavorful, autofocus, ready that smells delicious, she, like just had to slowly, stir, it so it gets a little golden, color without. Burning her incredible. Cooking, expertise. She's a master. Getting. A taste test of the photo file. We. Go oh it. Is hot. It's. Crispy. It's. Still flicker holding that pork fat in the bacon. Mmm. Another dish that she's gonna be making is yucky, it's called young yeah Yahoo np-hardness, Milky, Way, which.

Is Have her specialties potatoes. For. The shrimp you mixed in garlic, there's a little bit of cumin, vinegar. And lime, juice. And. Then into the potato went to, eggs and some flour and that's looking more like a like, a dough day for the pigs you want a pot she. Added, in she took off the cover she added in the ribs and the sausage, put, the cover back on that's gonna cook more this is some of the pork crackling, that she fried, up marinated. Again in some vinegar a little bit of cumin and garlic. She. Wants us to change that oh. I. Bet, you can hear that crunch on the microphone. Wow. Consciousness. Mortal. Beings oh oh it's. So crispy, the crispness of that skin the fattiness, of that meat the, flavor, okay. You. Just hooked us up with a couple spoons of chilies directly. On to the crispy, pork what a brilliant idea. Wow. A world-class, snack, Oh with that spicy you've been a guru sausage, now she wants us to taste it with photo Fah like, dinner, has not eaten the, meal has not even begun but we're just like snacking, on the different ingredients, she. She, wants us to and there's, no way I can say no to it. Oh. Dude. I. Know. The. Sun is going down but. She. Is still cooking the aroma of, the food is incredible, it should be ready pretty soon but, just take a moment to appreciate, enjoy. This. View an, amazing. City the. People we've come across today the food we've had this, is gonna be like one. Of the greatest meals ever in Brazil right now. Finally. She's squeezing that potato better through the through, the press I'm chopping. It off and formed a little bite size and you'll feel a little bit. I've eaten Nokia many many times never. Seen it made this is my first time. Or. The sauce. For the gnocchi which is it's. Gonna be a shrimp sauce but she added in onions, sweated down some onions then in some tomatoes. And green peppers and some tomato paste then some, coconut. Milk so it's really, gonna be Italian. Brazilian. But Judah's own style. Then. The shrimp goes into the sauce that's gonna be rich that's gonna be thick thickened with the coconut, cream and that's gonna be heating within yaki Oh show show show. How. Much it comes from her heart how much she loved it even dances. Who, enjoys cooking she, is amazing. An amazing lady. That. Is. Amazing. Yes. She. Is taking care of us like a mother. No. Idea. What. Dance that is no, show, it's like is. Everything fine. Me. And. Finally, shellfish sweats down some kale so it's done some garlic and, some kale, to, go at the pinata in order to honor both, of the dishes we're gonna begin only with the gnocchi so that we don't mix the two because they're almost like two whole separate, meals she's prepared for us then, you'll be with come at all that's her like signature, dish, that she's known for. But. Then the feijoada she, just, knows how to cook everything. Expertly. All. That is stunning. Like. Brazilian. Italian. Home. Cooking, you. Taste the coconut milk in there mm-hmm. Encase, those tomatoes, and peppers simmered. Down the. Gnocchi just melts in your mouth and then, the little like muscley. Shrimp insanely, delicious. That. Is just marvelous, in every, single. Way. That, gnocchi. Unbelievable. Finish. My plate of gnocchi before, moving on to the feijoada. She. Just might be the coolest lady in all of Brazil everything. Is falling off the bone it's that tender, all of the fat and then she separates, the meat with the juices, and the beans and then, she did a beautiful. Beautiful. Feijoada, dance for us. Shaking. Shaking, the, meat and you could just see it wiggling, oh we. Going meat cannot. Get better than wiggling meat fresh box. There's. Nobody, who could make a better single. Plate of the feijoada than, Judas oh he asked her to make a plate, added. Everything perfectly, with a selection of all the different pork the ribs that years the. The. Feet, the gelatin. He bits the all things. Included. With the beans with the rice with the kale with that thought over with the pork, crackling. Meal. Cooked from the heart I got, to begin with these like I got. To begin with those beans the, gelatin. In the oh man, what is that little what, is that little tube. Wow. That. Is like the, motion. All. Apart tender Pig what. The. Beans the starchy, beating stuff out although which has that like crunchy. Starchiness. To ever. Look, for robust. It's. So good it's so like crispy, it's like, breadcrumbs. Almost like but. With.

That Bacon, everything. Tastes like bacon oh yes. Moving on let's try another piece of this support you don't even need a knife look at that these. Like bits of meat just like look, at that with some of the crispy, pork with some of the chilies with Oh, men. It's almost too good to be true. It's. Unbelievable, and what's amazing is also the different parts of the pig because that one all, of them have different ation. Textures. All of them have different like. Jelly. Nice feels, to them the. The. Fattiness content, of, supporting. Us the, beams - most beautiful plates. That's. A jelly fatty fish. Your study, the. Only thing I might do. I'm. Gonna reduce, I'm. Gonna rebe knit. These. Beans are like literally like liquid, pork, insurance. Everything in bean juice because. It's actually like liquid. Pork oh. It's. Unbelievable. There's. Heavenly bean juice because all of those oils all the collagen, has just come out of the park into the bean juice oh. Dude. Look, I, was, like biting down way harder than I needed to I did. Not need to give it that much effort. Just. Slides off the bone. We. Have to say a massive, obrigado. Stunning. Beyond belief, mucho. Mucho. Bueno muy. Bonito. Sbarro's oh. It's. Beyond. Like. This. Is home cooking beyond belief. Like. More comforting. More. Comforting, than you could possibly imagine. I'm. Sweating. From that feijoada I am so, happy I am just like, that. Was, a hearty. Incredible. Meal. Where, every, single, bite, was just cooked with passion, and love it. Was such, a good meal in such. A beautiful place. I cannot. Even like I, just. Thank, you from. The bottom of my heart to Judah and Ileana, for. Cooking that incredible. Home-cooked. Meal here that, was just. Spectacular, and. So, we have come to the end of this favela food. Tour of Rio de Janeiro and I mean it was just one day it was just a taste of the life. In the favela and learning. About the favelas, of Rio, but. Again. Favelas. They don't get a good reputation and they, I mean that they definitely are, the center. Of where a lot of crime takes place and where a lot of organized crime happens, in Rio in Brazil but, that is by not even close, to the majority, of the, people that live in the favelas, that call the favelas, home I'm, happy, that we were able to show a positive. Side people. Making a difference and this. Is an experience, that I'll remember for the rest of my life and it was a privilege to have a chance to visit both, of these favelas today I don't even know if I can make it out of this after. That meal I, might. Need to spend the night here oh man. Okay but. That's it. Big. Thank you to get ahead man Rafa from Rio for fun real for food they run tours they're cool they make videos as well I'll have their links in the description box and everything we did as well and.

What. A day in Rio, we're. Gonna also be traveling, all around Brazil, so. I'll leave the link in the description box but you can check out all the videos if. You're not already subscribed to subscribe, and click the little bell icon so that you get notified of the next video that I published but then watch the entire Brazil series, we're learning so. Much about Brazil, travelling around Brazil, eating. The different food the diversity. Of Brazil. Will just it, will blow you away, Brazil. Is amazing, check, out all the videos thanks. Again for watching good. Night from, Rio de Janeiro see, you on the next video thanks again for watching.

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Bruh with these blue shorts....cakes for days I couldn't pay attention to Mark

my grandparents lived in a sort of Favela in hong kong when they immigrated from china called the kowloon city, im sure ppl here have heard of it. Anyway, they told me all kinds of stories, and even though these favelas aren't as nice as the "regulated" parts of the city, the inhabitants create a civic structure naturally and for the most part basic needs are taken care of.

Hey Mark could you do a video dedicated to safely traveling in Brazil including how to get contacts within favelas? Thank you so much for the wonderful content you produce!

All I can think about while watching this video is Fast 5. Just me? xD

This is amazing I love this


Awesome vid Bro...! I’ve never tried dishes from Brazil.. looks really good.. Still watching from the Island of Guam..!

Nobody can hate beans ever.


Wow that place is the real definition of complicated

Mark, visit Recife to taste our stew, tapioca, couscous, green beans with chicken and more. Visit Market of Madalena. Welcome to Recife.

Man know wonders why Brazilians are good with their feets

25:46 shaking meat and boobs. Enjoy!

That dislikes shows that there are always some people out there who gonna not like you even tho you are best at what you do. Best video as usual mark . I binge watch your video and of course end up being hungry, keep continuing

i will never understand why i still watch your videos on an empty stomach. WHY ? btw mark please come visit FIJI very nice island

Thanks, my food will now forever be bland and without excitement.... Just kidding, awesome people and food.

obrigado mark wiens .. amor da india❤❤

C'mon Mark!!! Shaking meat?!?!?! Wiggling meat? C'mon man!!!!

Ohh...I can't stop watching you mark...I think you are the most humble people loving person in YouTube..your passion towards food taking you and us in amazing journey ....I love you so much

the american boy wearing green shirt looks so fake!

1:24 pistol in his hand ????

the gnocchi looks so good, brazilian style

Hi mark u need to travel to Cyprus and taste the food of my country

Missing Micah

Amazing the word 'Kaju' for cashew is same in India. This is an hindi word.

and so i paused this video to look for something to eat!

Best ever vlog,love you

Horrible living conditions, dear lord I wonder why Brazilians don’t rise up against this? You can’t just neglect the welfare of entire neighbourhoods like this. It’s a real tragedy how people live in the 3rd world and why I never want to here anyone in America, Canada, Australia or Europe talk about “poverty”. Because this to me is true poverty.

All those stair case no wonder why everyone is fit compared to America. Aha

UK health and safety experts would have a field day in cables hanging everywhere lol

Every time you upload I say to myself “this might be his best video”. I’ve been saying this for the two years I’ve been watching you. Thank you for always exceeding our expectations Mark!

Stay safe Mark

those who have less gives more, thank you the experience

Kkkkkkk parece q ele ta sempre noiado


This was maybe one of your best videos because you succeded to make a positive insight in the favelas, not to show problems but the ordinary day to day life in a special part of our world. Something I haven't seen on any tv documentary which often are very serious and have a guilt-blaming message. This was life-optimistic and joyful! Thank you!

You look like hererea ,Man U player

Can you know pump it up

that lady is so kind, making sure everyone has great meal just like a mother....salute to such mothers all over the world, love from INDIA

So much meat

I wonder if you just faking it.

Where's my dog?

Brazilian woman know how to treat a man right ;)!

there's no spoon? XD

The food looks incredible. Wow.

The guy at 10.20 does not look happy!

Mark this is a great video. You have let the world see that there are good people who live in the Rio area. All you hear is all the negativity of Rio. Gangs, murders and theft. Not much different than other big cities around the world. Look at Chicago for pete's sake. Keep up the great work bringing us all together with great food.

Bless your health Mark make sure to rest well and keep these wonderful videos coming

Again a gunman killed many people in Brazil just hot the news. Why is that wherever mark goes, these tragedies are taking place.

Não entendo por que o Guilherme não fala para ele que se fala muito bom! ele o tempo todo fala em portunhol muito bueno! Saludos desde Colombia

Hope you are having are great time

Mark , before a big lunch i dont need appetizers , i just watch one of your vids and then i can eat a whole bloody cow . Damn i always get hungry . Its the same with the "food ranger" (but theres nothing like u men)

What an amazing video again Mark !! You remind me of a video that the Late Anthony bourdain made in the favelas, you guys have the best vews on places you go but each on there own individual originality... keep up the great work

Mark show us street football Brazil we will enjoy more as we enjoying food


Mark sound sick

Man you are doing an amazing job. Everyday when I wake up I first check my YouTube to see whether you have uploaded any new video or not. Your videos are lovely man. Thanks for making us such great videos. Lots of love from India ♥️.

The lady is amazing and enjoys cooking for guests, it matters most. Loved her dance ... meat shaking step

This is Brazil

Mark, if you ever plan on visiting Puerto Rico, please let me know. You will love the food and the scenery

+Ferreiraxd vergonha a gente fica do seu comentário preconceituoso e elitista. O Mark já visitou os países mais pobres do mundo, sempre com humildade e respeito. Daí vem vc aqui falar mal dos seus compatriotas. Shame on you!

I love your show

I feel the positive energy ,coming from the people around. I wish i could taste something from here. Respect and regards from Russia!

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