Liquid Meat + GHOST CHILI PEPPER and King of Crackling! Food Tour in Belo Horizonte, Brazil!

Liquid Meat + GHOST CHILI PEPPER and King of Crackling! Food Tour in Belo Horizonte, Brazil!

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Hey everyone hope you're having an amazing day at smart Queens I'm in Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais in, Brazil, this is a state that's very well-known for food across Brazil, today we're gonna go on a traditional. And market, tour of belo horizonte we're gonna eat some of the traditional food it's going to be an incredible day and I'm gonna share all the food with you in this video we're getting started at the market which is right across the, street, for. Breakfast. Immediately. Step in the market and you can tell there's a lot of artisan, shops and. We just took a few steps into the market and greeted, with an unbelievable. Chilly store there's, at least like 20 different varieties all. Different shapes and sizes there. She has Bootle, okiya she has the Trinidad scorpion she, has the Carolina, Reaper. Gonna. Go we, gotta we, got a single I'm, both Jolokia, market, is fantastic. It's clean and spacious there's. Vegetables, just, sprouting. There's garlic, you get the aroma of garlic bun. Yeah but yeah you. Can smell the onions, the cheese's, a lot, a lot of artisanal, foods, and, very special, high, quality, ingredients here. We're. Going to call. The king of crackling. That's in Portuguese called hey, dodo has more yeah. And, then an L and L okay. If so that would I. This place is called the king of crackling, it's just a standing, bar counter, in, the within the market he has a cabinet. Case full of just, like ultra, golden, crispy, pork and then he's also gonna make a liver dish which is very very essential. To. Belo Horizonte, hey don't, torez Macedo. - hey hey, did hate, it - his MO yes, king of crackling, yeah what, a name. Like, an entire slab, of pork belly which is just completely, crisp if I'd you, squeeze on some lemon, and then literally like they don't chop it up or anything to just hand you you, just take the entire chunk, and take a bite out of that shoes if you want the skin part the, meat part the fat part the layers the, layers and it's you're dripping in that lemon juice. It's. So crispy, I'm, so, like like.

Fried, Dehydrated. Salty, with that lemon juice that really adds to it because it really like cuts the the. Richness of it. Now. That is an 8 a.m. meat treat. Pull. The crispy skin and the fat over the wall by the way belo horizonte is known for their pork next, step for the these are that just the cracklings, maybe the skin again. Squeeze on the lemon. I. Just. Completely. Crunchy threw it through and then for my next bite I'll try some of that but I now though oh yeah, this looks great, oh man that looks like a little fireball. Hunters, by Jim Appleby with, the flavor. Caliber. Another, one at the local dishes that we're ordering here and that's very common in the state is liver, I believe, it's beef liver, stir-fried. With onions. And something, called scarlet, eggplant and, so he's fixing that now as we're crunching. On the crackling. Oh man, that smells incredibly. Good the fumes coming off of the liver the onions, that eggplant which I'm very excited to try the scarlet, eggplant. Because. Of question one. Oh my, god it smells so good you get to fix to eat I'm gonna get some, of everything got to have a nice piece. Of that scarlet, egg quit because that's what I really am, interested to try oh, there's, a nice, nice. Like curly piece of liver, and some of the onions. Okay. It's so fresh. The. Liver is unbelievably, creamy on top, the. Scarlet eggplant has a little, bit of a bitter taste to it almost. Like cucumber, that is liver. And onions on the next level Gerardo, he's that he's the owner he's the chef he's been cooking he's, owned this place for Oh 24, years he, said that's the hottest hot, sauce so we're gonna scoop. That on and then I'm gonna dip some liver into that with some scarlet eggplant. Voila, is. There some cutouts on English. -. There -. Gerardo. Spiked, the hot sauce yeah that's good really good okay, now we got to just paste a little bit of the Kitab because watch outside is one of the most famous things from this region from, you know you had ice in Brazil.

Yeah, That's strong it's. You can feel the fumes and. You can taste the like the sweetness of it for sure. Pull, the drip. Parla, region is so good because. It's like he's, cooked it so perfectly, not overcooking it till the liver is so juicy oh my god together amazing. Right. Across the aisle right across the lane is the next food that we're gonna eat call pon de queijo, only cuz you're just a bread with cheese yeah but we have the plain pond occasion but here in this place we're gonna have stuff dealing with turkey in the Canasta cheese it's awesome, which, is one of the like local. Cheese of miniature I state and a country that cheese is known in this state oh and then, the cheese bread is all over Brazil or is it mostly the status quo all over Brazil but I would say only miniature I state knows, how to make the the real. And. You can see that caramelized, crusty, edge plus a slice of turkey and then toast it in a hot plate so it's like cheese bread, on, top of cheese. Wall. There's, like a cheese lovers dream the. Bread is so shocking whew you've. Got the crunchy, caramelized she's in there that Turkey was just like strings apart bell. Wow, that is tasty and good head mate was just telling you explain, to me this is this was really representative. Stuff, mean a Jedi State they're. Famous for cheese they're famous for the bread and. Meat stick, of Jolokia on this. This. Case got nice an occasion, contrast in, case your powers, because. These are pressure yeah had. To get an espresso to chase it down. Just. Love the standing, space. Just. Quick on the go a bite. To eat and just the. Market atmosphere it's fantastic, that. Was, a wonderful way to begin this food tour in metal how does that day-to-day it out that was a breakfast, of champions. We're. Moving on now to a legendary. Place, that. Serves a caliph of stews, soup. We're gonna find out we met with the owner here, letting. Us into the back of the kitchen to get a look of the of the cow hooks to and like in the in the bar counter and what's the name of the dish again Dhokla. For mo kako well called fantastical hook still though. It, is thick and it's 24, hours and, it's open to anybody. You're. Hungry if you get a craving at 3:00 a.m. you. Know where to come. Trip. Altamira alive. Then. A couple of quail eggs raw quail eggs then he reaches, down to that stew he takes a couple of bones he slices up some of that that, um, colony. Gelatin, fits from the joints, empties, out the marrow scoops, that into your cup over the egg yolks, the quail egg yolks and then he fills it with the stew which is just like pure, like liquid, meat, and, then he topped it with some green onions that, is fascinating. I. Love. That dollop of green onions on top and then you can just feel there's no flour in here there's no it's just all straight-up cow cow. Gelatin. Sauce. You, can call it melted, cow and there's, pieces of the gelatin, in here that's mixing, with the egg already because it's yeah, with the quail. Like. Rich. Oh wow. That's, like literally straight, melted, cow. Oh man, it's. Like a gravy, from, gelatin. Like. Jelly. Joints, of the cow with the marrow that's flavorful. That is beefy yeah if you mix that sauce in. Whole. The whole year was there. And. Gil hairnet just doused my spoon in some of that hot sauce that they have. Yeah, now that's a decently spicy as well but you can immediately taste, the sugarcane liquor in there that is intense oh man. Wow. Yeah the spice hits but then immediately you know there's something special going on that is a sauce of wonders. That's an addictive, sauce it. Is spicy plus, the liquor kick. It's. A beer well. Well. Bava. Sivaji. This. Might be one of the most like.

Bizarre. Unique. Borderline. Crazy beverages. Called Apache de that kind of cool catechu is the dark beer, which is like a stout, but, before adding, the dark beer he added in six six, quail eggs, oh and he's stuck in the shells plus. We got an intense drink we're, just gonna taste a little bit of it. It. Actually tastes really good. Delicious. It's. Actually amazing it tastes like a sweet chocolate. Milk but with extra foam unbelievable. Like the ingredients in this and then what it produces. Straight. Up like the chocolate milk cake but with extra foam and richness and. Like a definitely. A spike below. This. Place is called nono and it, is absolutely. Outstanding the. Service, the friendliness of the owner the staff it's a community, guys are hanging out chatting that. Sauce, is that's. A life changing sauce in that dish it's so Hardy it's so warm and that, was delicious it's a great thing that Belo Horizonte, is such a hilly city so that we can work it off walk. Around as we go to the next next, place to eat quite a major major city and in, the middle of the day it's just bustling. The buses just swing, around corners, there's. People walking down the streets, you get the breeze from the the. Hills. Yeah. Quite uh quite an amazing city. Quick. Intermission I am hugely, excited, to tell you about a new collaboration. Oh. Yes. And. They're still good the, banana chips themselves, but. This is the lob flavor and, we're gonna be launching with a lob liver, but. We are working on many, more flavors also. Durian. Chips are coming soon buffer. Now lob, is available I'll have the link in the description box you can go get, a box, of banana. Joe mark Queens chips. Again. I'll have the link in the description box thank you and, have. Some banana chips. Hmm. Next. Up on this food tour of belo horizonte, we're going to a restaurant, it's a cafe it's been around since 1938. It's a legendary, restaurant, famous for a single, plate dish.

Maybe The piece by the owner. Mr.. Shawn fajita which used, to be his dad's like, a now Cates because of the the cash aza - aza a horse oh whoa the reason they have, a number of different foods but the real main, dish the, dish that they coined the name for but now you'll find it all over the city and all over the state is, a dish, called Kao, el that's an acronym cow. Wow. Very nice this is the classic. The, sausage, is on top there's rice all on the base there's a it looks like almost like a poached egg but are definitely a runny egg there's kale over. Here this is some of the beans with cassava powder I believe and I'm finally not forgetting the crackling, which, is just like one, of the signature. Ingredients. Of many. Spice, everything, you, could possibly want, of comfort on a plate and I, love how they serve it on a metal saucer, drizzle that's awesome, okay. Oh wow it's a very dense very firm, firm. Sausage, do you actually need a knife for it well. That almost looks like steak, on the inside like. Actual like meat. And then, I'm going in for that egg poke, that yolk. Yes. It, is a runny yolk indeed. Get. Some of the sauce going. On there okay this will be good for a first bite. Falacci like that's. A big sausage, the. Egg yolk the right the. Sauce is crunch I'm kind of tomatoey I got the end - so it's like really. Textured like. Crunchy, crispy, of the Internet, juice. It really immediately that's like a steak just, wrapped up in the socket for. He, could use it to sample powder. Yes. The money yoga the many aqua and love how everywhere is like Brazilian, food is not typically spicy but they always have. Hot sauce or actually I want to try to the kale the vegetable. Bosses. In Brazil are amazing that one's like vinegary, we just adds to the dish the. Vegetables excellent the kale from that sausage it's. Amazingly, stinky. Okay, you, got. The boot gel okiya that we bought in the market it's one of the hottest chilies in the world it just looks, just. Looks scary I think, we got to take a bite of food and then take a little nibble of this chili. Oh it's. Sweet that burst actually. Yeah that's really tasty. Well. The flavor of it is immediately, it's. Like it's. Not even that spicy maybe. Yet just, it is decently, spicy, but he kind of like it, kind of like starts off slow and it like begins sweet right. Now munch on it a little bit you can join yeah. It's, spicy though it, is spicy when you keep on chewing it and when you just kind of let it marinate on your tongue. We're. Just gonna chop up that booty lochia though and then, sprinkle it on up yeah it's definitely powerful it's definitely powerful especially. When you get to the body section and, it's kind of like a slow built because it's sweet at first the initial thought is it's sweet the. Flavor is unbelievable. Despite. You starting to build though you. Can almost be like going up your gums a little bit preserved chilies are really good. You. Know wonderful preserved, like. Slightly sour a little bit spicy. Very. Very tight in here now just coming out oh man, and their people waiting outside waiting, for stools, waiting, in line that, was delicious the owner is so friendly. What, an amazing like well-rounded, plate of food and that butcher lochia yeah, it's starting to like burn up my gums a little bit that's wonderful, it was delicious, that was a wonderful wonderful plate, of food so after lunch we have decided to take a little drive up to a place called manga Bay s which is it's, a kind, of a viewpoint kind of a park but. We're going to get some great views of the city from there. You, immediately, step out it's so, green, it's so lush you can smell the aroma of the eucalyptus, the trees it's, beautiful, you're just gonna walk to get the viewpoint of the city.

And Belo. Horizonte, actually means beautiful, horizon. Because. Of the skyline because, of the sky because of the sunset. We. Had a little rest this afternoon it is the evening now we're coming, for dinner to a restaurant it's called cup bar Doka, Doka and could eka if I'm not mistaken means balm this. Is an old. Restaurant. In the neighborhood on the corner, it's known. For its traditional dishes. Just looks like an amazingly, cool little spot. Anthony. Anthony Bourdain awesome, very. Cool. Anthony. We miss you I. Love. The, scenery in here the green walls the, decorations. The antiques, on the, wall on. The shelf on the top that's, the owners collection. Of cassava, sugarcane. Liquor that, has to be like hundreds, of bottles of they're such an amazingly, cool spot it is, a bar but they have a full moon menus kind of like a restaurant, where you do, typically. Order drinks, but the food is top-notch and, as they especially have food from this region of Brazil. They jump rope a joke, the, aromas from the kitchen smell delicious, she's gonna make one of the main dishes which is the facial throw, pail hey taco Pannell hey hey. Shout throw pail which, is one of the main dishes from, this state of Brazil that work of it you just have to eat this dish when you're in this state. They. Know exactly what they're doing it's. Like you're at home here. Then. When I think about kind of define hello. Wow. Kind of like rigidity, but under, your neck aha, I brought, up an idea that I'm gonna do that half likeéi. They. Are such. Experts at, cooking they're so, good you can feel the motherly, love in their cooking they, are amazing. And I'm just like running from stove to stove trying to even follow them. All. The food is ready, it looks, unbelievably. Good the owner is amazing. The chef's, the auntie's back in the kitchen they are so, they. Know every dish by heart and I'll give you I couldn't barely even follow them on the camera because they're moving so fast and they know every single step of the dishes it's, a pan it's not even a plate it's a pan. It's like there's like at least four different types of meat on here plus, the beans plus the vegetables, plus the kale plus egg, this. Is a stunner, of a dish.

Hey. Wu Fei Yan zootopia, bagua. Rebellion. Is. Identity, obsession, trophy arrow strikes on our. The. Dancing, Shiva ranch is here for, Asian man here. That. Port let, me hold, it so tender. That's, right, I mean. Things. We. All dished everything, out onto our plates the, visual. It's, it's, such, so. Many components, while. The kale on there. Overall. That, is a masterpiece. Like. The creaminess, of the beans, the. Starchiness, of the cassava flour then. You've got the meat you've got the egg the silky egg the. Salty, sausage. The. Kale the cilantro to kind of like break it up oh that. Is outstanding, and the onions which kind of just dissolve, in your mouth, the owner hooked us up with this entire bottle. Look how awesome this is the, poem preserved, chilies, well. We need to add some of this to the next bite. And. I want to I really want to dig into that oh yes. The entire chunk. Of pork crackling. Belly. That. Poor crackling it's huge, you, can feel like the gummy skin, or. The gummy fat the, first move skin, well. That. Is a mouthful of cold crispy pork right there okay, next I'll try the scarlet eggplant which. Is what we had earlier this morning with, the liver. It's. Incredible, it's, kind of like zucchini but. With a bitter finish, to it but, more complexity, of flavor and then the final dish is the cassava with the, roast but actually the deep fried beef and it looks incredibly, tender as well. With. Garlic with onions and she drizzled, on that. That. You can, just see the strands of it. Just simple, meaty. Tender. Delicious. Look. There. No, no he doesn't. What, I've learned is that in, the chili sauces here in Belo. Horizonte, they use a lot of Casa Casa instead, of vinegar or oil to, preserve things. Wow. That, was not, a light meal. That is some heavy. Incredible. Comfort. Delicious. Food an amazing. Meal an amazing, place an amazing, uncle, who just runs. The place who's yeah, that was outstanding, one more thing I wanted to mention just quickly before ending this video is that the chefs the cooks from across Brazil, are known in Minas, Gerais State, so. Even Gil headman was telling me in Sao. Paulo for instance, or in Rio de Janeiro the best, cooks the most well known cooks, and chefs they, all come from this state if you haven't already seen, this entire Brazil food series we're traveling around busy learning about Brazilian culture eating incredibly.

Delicious, Brazilian. Food and just like learning about the diversity, of Brazil, it's been amazing I'll have the link in the description, box below but you can watch all of the videos in the entire series, thank you to Gil headman but fi Ella from, Rio for fun they run tours but they also vlog. They're making videos and I want to say a huge thank you for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you and if you're not already subscribed click, subscribe and also click that little bell icon so, that you get notified of the next video that I publish thanks again for watching see. You on the next video good night from Belo Horizonte.

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