LONG LIFE FOOD in Hunza Valley - HEAVEN ON EARTH, Pakistan | Pakistani Food Tour!

LONG LIFE FOOD in Hunza Valley - HEAVEN ON EARTH, Pakistan | Pakistani Food Tour!

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We have to figure out where it is exactly ourselves. Good. Morning I hope you're having an amazing day at smart Queens I mean give get baltistan, in Pakistan, in the mountains, and starting, this morning from a very. Strategic, a, very. Important. Place in the world the plan for today is we're driving from gilgit to, Hunza Valley and, Hunza, Valley is known for. Being. One of the most spectacularly. Beautiful, places in Pakistan, and maybe in the world and. The, food, people, eat is known people are known to have a very, very long life some of the longest life spans in the world because the food is so good the. Food is so fresh and the air and water quality is so good and definitely tonight for dinner is going to be a highlight because we've been invited to a local home to experience the the longevity. Food. Of Hunza, Valley. This. Is the, merger, of three of, the world's highest mountain chains so let me just stand. Up let me see if I can get this right but. Directly. Behind me right here that's where the Himalayas, I guess the Himalayas begin, that's where they collided, so the Himalayas are there if. You look behind me, what's, up Elian Jill, this. Is the Hindu Kush, mountain. Ridge and then, if you look over on this side where you have these jagged rock peaks that's the Karakoram. Mountain. Range and then the river is the confluence between the gilgit and the Indus River that. Is the actual, point where, all three of the. Mountain chains collide. This is just a quiet peaceful, y'all you can hear literally, is the rivers, flowing. Just. For a little more context, the Himalayas, are of course home to the highest mountain in the world Mount Everest, the, Karakoram, mountain, range is home to k2 but. Sometimes they're referred to kind of as the same but but geologically. The cattle, arms are a total, different range and then the Hindu Kush is actually right behind me right now. And then back at the hotel for breakfast. Nothing. Like curry, for. Breakfast in the morning this one is called chicken Acharya, has like a mustard you taste to it some keema some minced meat curry. Okay. And that completes breakfast we, got to pack up our bags and we are moving we're on our way to honza. Thank, You Tube gilgit Serena hotel for hosting us for sponsoring, our stay we had a wonderful stay but we are on our way now to opens up rooms Ovalle, and even the drive is going to be spectacular and, we're gonna stop for a a view point hopefully we have some clear weather today. It's. Just unbelievable. Spectacular. Scenery. Oh. Just. Taking a little stretch, but. The. Scenery there's a there's, water just gushing, from the mountain, just. It's majestic. Oh. It's. Still fresh stuff Oh, Saudis. At. Sub-zero water. Got. A little water up the nose but that was so worth it. With. A backhoe checkup you catch eyes on the top. Welcome. To chef Sheila point and chapter Oh it'sit's like a stuff. Pocket. Of dough, kind of like a pastry, but filled with beef. This version is filled with beef he has this huge. Rounded. Concave. Hot. Plate, and then if you come over on this. Side he has the fire. Burning, which is. Which. Is heating that entire iron plate, he's rolling out the dough and he's gonna he's gonna make one fresh for us right now. There's. One kid. And. Then, that goes directly onto the hot plate with issues which is fed by the fire. He's. Saying that you have to open it from here and then. You eat it we, cannot drink the soup and it's exactly so you don't take the entire bite because then if you spill over okay, when, I was talking to them making, it they said it was beef but actually it's yak, kind, of open up the pocket like this. Um. Oh yeah, you just kind of like lift up the lid, immediately. You can smell, that aroma the onions in there the juices, and you, can really smell that like meatiness, to it oh that, looks great you can kind of peel off a piece. I think, and. I'm gonna take a little bit of that lid grab. Some of that yeah how, juicy that is. Oh. That's. Fantastic. Mmm. The. Meat mixture the, yak extra, is awesome get. The crunchy onions you've, got like the broth e-juices. There's. Definitely some chili in there some powder chili look at you you got, another way to be. Like. A pocket. And. The bread because, if you kind of like fire roast the bread at the same time you put them in the fire for. A little bit and then on to the hot plate kind, of slow cooks so it's like if the bird is gummy, but. At the same time it's kind of crispy on the edges how's, that fire roasted flavor glad what a cool job for the first time in my life I'll let you ask me for the first there no no, you follow that with some chai a. Rather. This might be duty. The. Perfect, accompaniment, beverage. One. More cup of dude party as we lounge. Back in these chairs. Yeah.

You, Can taste the creaminess and they're also using yak milk. Still. At the basic octopushy. We. Made it to the rock opposed view point which is one of the highest mountains in this region seven thousand, seven hundred and eighty meters, twenty-five, thousand, and twenty five feet. It's, massive. And we it'sit's, fully clouded, over you can't see the top atop, the summit but, you can't see the base you can see where the snow, and the glaciers start, and. Even. Without being, able to see it you it just has this aura it has this. Sensation. Just, I mean grandest, monstrosity. Good. Morning Oh Serena thank you very much, welcome, to the Hunza, Valley and, where you drove all the way to, karimabad. Which is one of the the, main villages, main towns in the valley. It's. Like. Unimaginable. Beauty. It's if. You cannot even probably it's almost, too much for your eyes to even see, just. No man, could even create, something. Of this spectacle. And then comes up thank you very much. The. Smoke is a traditional, greeting very aromatic you can smell a lot of like, looks. Like a mixture of pine. And needles, and herbs that are comes yeah it's. Warming, and smells, great, thank. You very much. Thank. You oh and, we've got some some. Of the bread and butter, oh, nice a, little. Whole. Piece of butter yes a little chunk, of butter there oh. Yeah. Wow. That's. Rich thank you sir, thank you very much. Oh, I. Can say without a doubt this, is the best cup of apple juice in the, most beautiful location, that, I've ever had apple juice in my life. Welcome. To our room yeah. We're gonna need some thick blankets, here thick purple blankets. Literally. That, same exact, view is right outside on, the balcony, on the patio we're, walking up to the baltit fort which is one of the landmarks, of Hunza Valley it. Sits on top of another. Little, hill like. Just in the shadows, of the mountain and it's spectacular but we're just gonna hike up to the just, to get a viewpoint of it yeah we are definitely not at sea level Pole you can feel your heart working, the. Air is thin and, looking to the floor up here. Come. On Micah we're gonna make it, man. We're like in the cradle, of the mountain, this is a 700. Year and something old fort but, it is old made of stone and then. You just see the would like balconies, and then, you have this unbelievable. View, again just. Beyond, adjectives. Till hasn't even spoken. Absolutely. Subsea. Wind, fweep up billion, have. A heavenly, experience this, is just a cool little food hut that we, have stopped in it's. Just the nice looking spot so we're just inquiring, about some some, snacks here what is this, this is charged Hapkido mixture. Oh that's. Goes inside. Coriander. Mint, ginger, onion. Markussi. Cannabis. Chicken, link our thai army. So. That's apricot, oil all, right yeah I forgot oil oh yeah. But right now she's making us shop Shiro, fresh, but, this is a totally different version, from what we had earlier this is made with chicken and can, see the spices, in it and, she actually fries, hers, in apricot. Oil. And, that was actually the inside mixture. We've. All taken a seat here it's just such, a cozy, little like, mountain. Like. A mountain. Yeah. It's. Like curry chicken. Inside. Of like, doughy. Fragrant. Like. Has. A chef party kind of feel to it it's. So fragrant because of that oil. Chicken. Is beating the York by miles a, local. Cottage cheese. Sent. This on. Top. I. Just. Yeah, that is like cottage cheese with organic, herbs, in it yeah you're gonna want to put this cottage cheese just smother. Every, single bite in it. This. Is something you want to be eating when you're on a mountain okay, next up is the the soup that she has today which, is called bell dough which is that noodle, but. It's actually I think like dough pieces. But. I guess that's what a noodle, is anyways there's some herbs in here look. At that soup. Oh. It. Has this wonderful like unexpected, sourness, to it and then, you. Really taste the herbs like it tastes like a mountain, mint, those are like like, little gummy noodles, but, what I like is that like amazing. Herb taste. Thank, you very much he was amazing amazing. Yeah. When you're in Hunza, Valley she's, just, down, from, the baltit fort. Villian. Yeah and, what what, was your name again.

Lucious. Adi yeah. This. Is the spot oh yeah. You can see who's a food pavilion. Get. From here we're driving back to the hotel and they prepared a local lunch for us so we're gonna go have lunch another. Lunch and. Then, we will proceed onwards. From there but then tonight is going to be a very special opportunity because, we've been invited to a local home to have a local, hoons. A food experience. I think, here's something I've never done before. I can't. Do it huh okay I'm gonna have to use my hand, well, that Oh. Mmm. It's, so crisp it's so. Juicy perfect. A perfect Apple. It's. Still attached. Is. That the clock, you. Can defend here I'm. Sure anyone who grew up around apples, has done that before, but that's a first for me I didn't grow up around like, cold weather where they grow apples. Thank. You very much thank. You so we just sat down we're gonna have a quick lunch and, they're gonna prepare a local, hoon's a food meal for us for a lunch today at the hotel this, really. Thin layers, of dough, which. Offending fried, and then stuffed, with that looks like that similar cottage cheese which you just ate. Almost. How it's like a cheese, dumpling, taste to it but it's more like a layers. Okay. Next dish all there's more there's, chunks of meat in this one nice looks. Very familiar. Hmmm. This. One is good too um, it's. A little, less herbaceous. Than the one we just had, before. But. This one has a little more meat in it yes. Main. Course has arrived two, separate things one is the lamb thick and the other is harissa, which is a traditional. Staple made with wheat it looks like almost made into a porridge, like paste. And. Silent, digging, into that lamb and if I talked a lot during. The. Ginger. Well. That's just like a lamb roast, yeah that's delicious I think it's just been like taste. Like it's just been boiled. The. Lamb is good but I think it would be better with some kind of a sauce.

Well. That's good you can taste kind. Of like the butteriness of it but, it's really creamy and, then you can taste like the. Grains of wheat all as, well final course is dessert and it's in this little looks almost like a little pudding with some grapes on the side in the nursin almonds, on top so I'm gonna grab that mint leaf as. Well. Kind. Of has like a pumpkin dish or the the, beloved, apricot, oil. Finished, with lunch the, food is kind of on the planar side but, it was very. Good quality ingredients he could taste the freshness of the ingredients, absolutely. That was a very late lunch because it's almost it's, gonna be sunset, pretty soon so we got a rush and. It's. About a 30 minute drive to get to the sunset spot. But. It would gained quite a lot of elevation but, this place is called Eagle's Nest. It's. Cold up here it's, cold I got your call. So. We sort of missed the sunset because it already has gone down below the peak but, the view is absolutely spectacular. You can see all the different colors of purple and blue there's, so much snow on those Peaks um and, then down here this is the main Hunza, Valley where the karimabad. Where we are staying and I believe that's what they call ladyfinger, that, it's. Such, a jagged, sharp, peak. With. Actual sun is shining, onto these peaks over here they're. Monstrous. And that's so much snow so you see more colors. Yeah. We. Gained some elevation, I can, feel at it, yeah. It's chilly up here too I was. Thinking about it over there like if. You could ever say, that something could top this you'd have to like leave leave, the earth otherworldly. Yes. Okay. I think we're getting out of here it is freezing. Cold but this is it's truly, an epic view point just 360. All around it's mind-blowing. For. Dinner tonight we've been invited, by a local family, to eat at their home arranged. By the Minister of Tourism gb, so, we're just on our way there now okay so we've met up with our hosts. And. We're. Also very close to the altitude. Port, right yeah. Okay, thank you and. This is where your home is. Wow. Very cool yeah most of the houses. Up at Stone. So. Cool walking back in these streets in me to really walk back into some really narrow narrow, lanes you can see the. Walls. Made, of stone and mud construction, and I think we've arrived, at the house thank you. Okay. So this was in the border. Of the, house. It, came. Crema, on the Hazari mom II had, mr., this house specially. Nice. To meet you thank you. Very. Cool very cozy on inside just carpeted. And, with ads on the on the floor and then, you guys just this, is with him one of the stone homes. And. This house has a lot of historical. Important, significance, as well it's. It really is it's like a museum, of, a home because it's so well preserved and so ancient. The, first course which is the soup caldo Dada it's called bowed oh I have extreme. Honor of sitting next to Graham is an amazing. Lady this is her house she's. Welcomed, us into her, house and, this looks like a hardy, suit you can see those bill like, pieces. Of dough which. Are in the soup it looks almost like a porridge, because it's so thick. The wall she's 85, years old. She's. Beautiful, she's, absolutely beautiful. I'll. Let you that's amazing, it's. It's. Really Hardy and warm and, other compared, to other versions we had this has more of the noodles in it so it's more it's. More hearty. Okay. Again, I think I said this earlier today but, this is the soup that, you want to be eating when it's cold outside.

Okay. So they're just bringing out more and more dishes but all local, hoons of dishes. This. One is very interesting, it's potato with. Apricot. Seed, piece. I mean he just brought out in apricot. Seed. Chapatis. On the side as an apricot paste, by apricots. It's, almost like almond. That. Almost tastes like a spring onion like cream, cheese but, then if it's, like nutty and you can this Wow. Well. That's like refreshing, and kind. Of oniony. I'm. Gonna try the rose dumpling, next and yeah it's wrapped up but filled with yak meat and then there's a sauce yeah. That's like a giant dumpling, I think it's a I think it is a one biter. It's. Like right at the stage we're not sure okay. Next. Up I'm gonna try the pasta dish which is made. From wheat. Look like a little sheet stand then shaved and then cooked, up with a vegetable. It. Has like this wonderful sourness, to it and. Then you can taste the herbs a slight. Like bitter vegetable this one is the potato with the apricot. Seed, feast. Well. That's. Like the greatest mashed potatoes you've ever had another you, can, it's. So like natural, tasting and then the potatoes just dissolve, in your mouth and just so, like, nutritious. Tasting, okay next up for the chef choux dough and. This is something we've had already a couple of times today but this is this is really, one of the local staple foods this one is loaded with yakhni. You, can taste the onions in there and then, just wrap it up in that mincemeat yeah and that one has a little more spice to it. Okay. One more dish that I didn't try, yet filled with cheese, on the inside and kind of again the thin layers of dough. Well. That's like a really kind of sour like cream. Cheese kind, of sensation, fully, organic. Just. From, Hunza Valley everything, we're eating in the Pinta Valley they are known for being very healthy, of many old people and. Many a very high life expectancy because, of the fresh air because of the and especially, because of the food and so one of the very traditional dishes, that, we've been eating and actually it's probably my favorite dish of the entire meal is the chapati which is filled with the. Apricot. Seed. Paste, as well as walnuts, and I think there's some apricot oil as, well, and that is one of the dishes that is one of the, traditional. Foods of the Hunza Valley that. Is credited, with, longevity. And the. Help the good help. All. The mint in that boat, and. That's yeah. That's one of the best dishes what is that really I'm holding that secret for you compared to the. Real secret of longevity. Desserts. This, one just bite gonna add one more year one. Bite as one for you. Hmmm. The. Honey you taste like like.

Caramelized Honey, in there. And. Then you've got that like tart cherry, jam. It's. Like a juicy, honey, filled pancake. That. Was an, unbelievable. Experience with, the music's of food the family. Having. The honor to sit next to grandma as she just smiled, and. Then just that food. Watch. Your step. But and oh we just figured out that this is a 400-year, they mentioned this is a 400. Year old house well, yeah that was so, cool what. A treat yeah, a privilege. Real treat yeah, okay. Thank, you. Thank. You very much. Okay. Thank you. Hello. Welcome. To. The, movie I'm. Sure we'll never get it but, they drove over, and. We were invited to another house another. Home this is a really, old ancient, home another stone home and, we're. All huddled, around it they were sitting by the fire and I, think they're preparing, something, to eat, again. Wow. This is spectacular and, what, a warm welcome I gave us. What. They're gonna make yet. Delicious, anatolyevna. He's, 86, years old mom, and he was in the army he has all his medals, on his jacket, and. Then this. Uncle. Is 70. 72. Years old 72. Years old this is such an. Unbelievable. Cultural, learning experience. First. They made this like like. Flat roti and then after, that they made it pancake so she had this batter which. She swirled, on to the hot plate and then swirled. It into a pancake shaped and then flipped it um and that just sizzle then hiss didn't bubble the way again we've got chai we've got a plate of groups we've got the the pancake. UN's a pancake, I almost cannot explain this entire situation, and. Experience, and cultural. Beauty. In words, okay. But let's test the pancake. You. Can really taste that butter which is just fresh butter that. Tastes really good and then the pancake it has a wonderful, kind of gummy. Spongy, texture to it it's home cooked yeah. It's, wonderful. Toasty. Warm actually I'm not sweating, right now because I'm sitting by the fire drinking, tea but, it feels so good. And. There's CS oh man. Just which is like a perfectly, sour and tart and. Juicy. And the C bus is great. He. Then immediately. Chased that with someone fetch I. Thank. You very much Ashok Lea. Thank. You. Thank you very much. So. This is just kind of the entrance area. Entrance. Area of the house, okay. So we're never heading out of the house now but yeah, it was just an honor to sit, with the family, the. Every. Generation, was present, and just to eat the pancakes to drink tea everything. Cooked fresh before us it, was spectacular and. Special. And just yeah. It was an honor to, have that opportunity. From. The outside it just looks so dark and quiet but then step inside and there's like 20, 20. People all family, inside it's. So cozy and warm to, walk. Amazing. Okay. Thank you thank. You very much. Nice. To meet you. By. Next week. It. Made it back to the hotel who. It is a chilly evening massive. Thank you to Suleiman, who is the director of tourism in, GB gilgit-baltistan. For. Arranging that for us and for, Olli from, landmark communications and, travels for our, engine everything, is entire trip ok so that's gonna be it for this video thank you very much for watching tomorrow. We have another early and a long day we're going up to the Koon Jeb pass we're also gonna have some local food. Yeah. That's coming up in the next video but, thank, you for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you and if you're not already subscribed. Click, subscribe now and also click the little bell icon so that you get notified of the next video that it published thanks, again for watching good, night from.

The Who'sa Valley in Pakistan, see, you on the next video.

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The reply below is for Iman sheikh.

What you say is superficially true; but it doesn't stand to scrutiny. "Culture" and '"civilisation" develop over hundreds of years; people in pakistan are yet to assimilate to that degree where it can be said that they largely have a common culture and one that is different from that of India. .....and the same goes for India. On a narrower point. Pashtoons in pakistan eat more meat than punjabis in pakistan. punjabis in pakistan may or may not eat a more varied diet of meats than "indian muslims".......if so; there may be more than one reason for this. Muslims in india eat more meat and a more varied type of meat based diet that most Hindus;,,,,,etc...... AND.......please take a note of this point........""The cultural, linguistic, culinary and ethnic differences are LARGELY regional ( not national ) in BOTH india and Pakistan. They also , to varying degrees, transcend the bordering states and provinces that are next to each other in both countries, for obvious reasons.

I Love My Pakistan

Thank you so much for visiting hunza

*_Gilgit Baltistan...A Paradise For Mountaineers And Tourists_*

The Hunza diet is just another bullshit myth from that area of the world cooked up by western anthropologists and explorers (as you can see form the food in this video). there wasn't and isn't any special longevity in this area.

It's cancer-free.

Man Joel is really the best, I Love seeing him in Mark’s videos!

Mark Wiens....he's a good bloke

To much talk arah

I really don't care for Jole,

...take care ---

video nice, you make video verry well. Talking Tom and Friends - Series Interesting Meal - The Romantic Saga - Season 3

was this Micha’s first approval nod. Yummy he said! Keeping up the traditions! He’s the cutest!

5:36 little man missed that whole straw. Hahahah

beautiful beautiful place and people!

Hi Mark after eating all the time how do you stay so thin, please share your workout routine as you have a responsibility towards the fans health who are watching your food videos and getting inspired to eat more but without a workout routine they will not stay thin like you do . Appreciate your response

Oh mY gosh I LOVE YOUR VLOGS. They are so entertaining I can't even just describe.

The REAL Pakistan

Thanks for uploading! Such an amazing place !

Mark ! you impress me.

I am not Pakistani but wow wow wow...masha Allah stunningly beautiful.

788 Dislikes = HINDUS "KUSH" by jealousy

Wow, wonderful people and respect to all the elderly with warm hearts to serve the guest. Respect from an Indian. Pakistan mountains look great.

They live long because they have not been Westernized, let's be honest here :)

Dil Dil Pakistan..Qurban Pakistan.Pakistan Zindabad.

@29:42 Can some one explain me what is the meaning of Ramayya vastavayya ??

Very beautiful Pakistan love from Indonesia

Sawadee ka, Oh my goodness . It looks so fresh , pure and beautiful . I've been watching you for awhile .you're in the one of my dream places . I love cooking a healthy food , I love traveling. you really inspire me .A Thai woman who lives in NY.

The foodgasm faces are funny :-P

Joel’s link isn’t working x

I hope one day i will go to pakistan.lovely country

Love from India I would like to visit Pakistan gilgit area one day and meet my Pakistani brothers JAI india jai Pakistan

All this was India before Islamic invasion and mass conversions.....and before British divided India in name of religion

Can anyone prefer me a location in Pakistan so I can go there ANY PAKISTANI

Mark I have been following you and watching your videos but this is by far the best video. Hunza Valley is amazingly spectacular and the way you joined the local family was nostalgic. I feel so carried away. Those people were singing a Indian Song later. I am an Indian myself. It appears we are just separated by boundaries but our hearts are one.....thank you for sharing this video.

Humbled by your reactions to God's beautiful creation. Wonderful video!



From Gilgit to Hunza Valley oh sorry From Earth to "Heaven"..... that's the best ever video of your's

Great man!

chef should be fired serving that bland boiled lamb

amazing country and brilliant propels x

your son has grown

F%$K Facebook! This is how you truly connect to people around the world. Living vicariously by watching Mark.

11:55 overacting for sure

This is the other side of life, if this was on american tv they would be holding ak 47 rather than lamb!

Ya ha mera pakistan

You r crazy! Love it to watch from a safe distance.


Ok boss, apologies yak in gilgit, question of awesome remains!!

Too bad I can never visit gilgit. ... I'm from delhi. India.

How do u manage having street food without getting your stomach disturbed

Yak in gilgit? Yak awwwsome? Mark satte na maren!!

Mark brother can u come bangla desh please Bengali foods are awesome I invite u to come here ihope u will !

This was truly one of best videos

Hunza valley has a wonderful History which you never mentioned.. We also missed a lot of scenic views. Instead we watched too much of your face stuffing food.

Awesome video.

Mark wiens come to Pakistan again n again . It's yours own country

Hey Mark, thats again an awesome Video, thanks for that! I just wanted to inform you, that the Link to your drone is malfunctioning. I would really like to know what drone this is, can you correct it, please? Greetings from Germany!

This gill guy laughs way too much

waaaw that was amazing to watch

Most beautiful place on earth..Pakistan...Hunza valley....

part of the custom is very similar with Tibetan culture..

Original version of "last of the mohicans" at 19:30

Mark lots of love from Pakistan :)

Funny Guy, read history and ask Dogra Armies, they have a better version of this history in their Graves :)

Liberated from smelly bindus, now the locals are living happily and peacefully as opposed the ones being killed in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Beta soon We will take Your Bharat Mata too

Incredible views incredible vlog. Thank you Mark for a refuel for us Pakistanis who have yet to see all this incredible beauty that lies in Pakistan

8:09 absolutely

the way he says.. "doodh patti" :D

I think this is the best out of all Marks trip

Lot's of love and respect to Pakistan from India and Mark u rock bro I fall in love with hunza valley

Micah has grown up already. Anyone who got to see this beautiful scenery will definitely say that's it's all God's creation. This part of Pakistan is where I dream to come since I was very little. So beautiful.

Nice video

My beautiful Pakistan

Mark Wiens Bro You are Hero of Entire World Thanks for Coming in my Beautiful Pakistan .

One of the best video from Pakistan i have ever seen, loads of love from India

Brother visit karnataka that is located in india awsome food and hillstations in the west side of karnataka and do visit bangaluru you will see all types of food here and all races of people its awsome.

I love my homeland Pakistan . May Allah bless and protect my country ,PAKISTAN . Ameen.

900 pkr for just the breakfast?? Was this the amount paid for the whole crew?

Nice ,beauty,,, nature so amazing. Foods looks delicious and healthy...

What a women name" LAL SHAHZADI" respect & thumbs up for her

mark wiens kabhi india mein bhi to ao

im sold!!

the more i watch the more i fall in love . u r toooooooooooooooooooooooo good u take ur wife and kid with u thats so impressive that u are not selfish to enjoy alone and leave them to rust at home. love u more

it is not Pakistan , it is our Kashmir which is a dispute between India and Pakistan. Pakistan is having very dubious policy on one hand supporting kashmiris for freedom and on the other hand consolidating its grips through China on the occupied part.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUWltsiKOdw&feature=youtu.be please view for hot videos.

Micah is the cutest

Beautiful beautiful beautiful hunza valley and mark u are too good thanks for introducing us to such a beautiful place mere Allah ki kudrat again yummy mouth watering food lots of love for your kiddu

Now you are in Pakistan

Went to Hunza in August 1980. By bus from Rawalpindi. Magical place, extraordinary travels.

I love my country nd my people..Hit like for Pakistan

Brooooooo you soooo remind me of jackie chan. But like the brother jackie chan of food world

11:56-12:02 the kids looking at Marks friend eating food like hes got the maddddd munchies and like brooo u ok

Yours And Yings son said. MMMM.

Your videos have been getting me through depression this is ALL i watch is your videos

NORA RODRIGUEZ I hope you feel better and make it through whatever is depressing you.

Hw funny Mark is eating apple from the tree

Aas salamu alaikum beautiful people of Pakistan! :) Such a beautiful country and rich country in terms of foods and culture! Love from Bangladesh! :)

Just by looking, I'm done with the soup

Who's that overacting jihadi talking about adjectives?

Once again Mark thank you for sharing your food experience with us. Thank you to the Pakistani people for sharing their food and their culture. The food in the video looks amazing.

Lovvvveeee it


Get ready pakistani's ...you will recieve million of tourist to visit each single part of your beautiful country... In shaa Allah... Salam from Malaysia

thanks alot mark for showing the world true us ! nothing feels good like reading comments on your videos . keep smiling ,, Love and Peace

Grandma ❤️

That's also Tibetan food called shabaley. These places are same Tibetan Lhasa and other regions also Ladakh India and Nepal' s Mustang regions. They all have great apples, apricots and lamb. They all had kings and palaces.

All of you are most then welcome to visit My country and get enriched with its beauty and culture. Don’t trust media, trust the real people! Cheers

Thank you mark I am from gilgit Pakistan

Thanks for showing heavenly Hunza Valley !

Ye mark apne mulk se bhuka chala h kya

Forget Everything I just love the Title of your video HEAVEN ON EARTH PAKISTAN

Yummy food of Pakistan

every Baloch will be happy when this violence ends in the valleys......

Aww what a beautiful country Pakistan

People in hanza valley singing rajkapoors songs incredible

I love my Pakistan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

i have not seen such a wonderful series by Mark before....

now i say its the number one beautiful country in the world.

19:49 that grandma looks 150 !

Its good to see the world seeing more of Gilgit Balistan, no doubt its heaven on earth. However, people should know that this place doesn't not have any constitutional rights in Pakistan, which is the sad part, no health facilities, no education but the government of Pakistan is making money from them. How can you exploit their land and resources and show to the world that its "Pakistan", while they have no say in the parliament. People of Gilgit Balistan have been asking to become the fifth province of Pakistan, however, the people that run the country "The Army" don't think they should be as that would clash with their ambitions of capturing Indian Kashmir. Its time in these comments know the reality rather than saying "my beautiful Pakistan", while its not even part of the country. Why is a Pashtun from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa saying this? because we know the feeling of being classed as second class citizens.

Turyalai Mandanr Yusufzai stop saying such nonsense Everything you said is not true This region has the highest literacy rate than all of Pakistan

I think he travel more places of pakistan then other country right..?

Gilgit-Baltistan is part of India's Kashmir that is illegally occupied by Pakistan.. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/india-underlines-claim-over-pakistan-occupied-kashmir-gilgit-baltistan-1677728

Absolutely not. India is illegally occupying 45% of muslim Kashmir which according to people living there rightfully belongs to Pakistan.

This is so great love from Pakistan

Did anyone noticed the song lyrics at 25:53 (words: Ramayya vastavayya) its TELUGU LANGUAGE (South Indian Language belongs to ANDHRA PRADESH state in india) words, I dont know why or how this words are there.. But i suddenly recheck which video i am watching when i heard those lines

I want to hug grandma! ♥️

11:14 listen in slow audio...," ohhhhh yeahhhhh......ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh"

Try donkey meat it's a delicacy in Pakistan

Loved the hospitality of them love visit them some day

Wish Mark you would have been using drone... helicopter shots of such heavenly place would have upped the level of this video manyfolds

Proud to be a Pakistani ...Alhamdulillah

Mark Thank you for visiting my Beloved Country. InshAllah i will visit Gilgit Hunza Valley lovely people. Please advise me where to stay with family in Gilgit.

Evine Misafir oldugun insanlar Turk tur Turk. Turkce kelimeler duydum. Aradan asirlar gecsede biz hala benziyoruz .:-) Sen pakistanda, Hun Turklerinin yemeklerini tattin. Afiyet olsun. Turk evinde oturup onlarin aile hayatini gozlemledin. Muziklerini dinledin. Aradan kac Asir gecti, bu yemekler hala bizim evdede piser. Ayni Keyifle yenir. Buradan pakistana selam olsun onlar bizim kardesimizdir. Sevgiler saygilar.

I love you

aoa u travl everywhere u should accept islam and should be believe only One God becuse only One God reat all things.without sharing anybody else.goodluck

Hi mark Why you guys didn't go to chatrall that's also near Gulget

What was your name? Lal Shehzadi ( Red Princess ) !

Lovely video i remember my trip its very beautiful

I love this seriers!!!!! thank you so much for this content

Pakistan here i come!!

Mark..ur the food vlogger in the whole wide world! Love u buddy!!

wow wow wow .........here also you can find more than 800 dislikes but nobody write the reason to hate

I really love this country looks all the food so awesoome.

Hunza Valley

you should open a free school there

What a beautiful place and such beautiful people....what a treat, thanks for taking us with you! Lovely in every way.......

I love Pakistan. I am in London but miss my country.

It is not heaven but it will be a heaven if it can manage to get the independence they deserve from a bloody hell on earth called pakistan..

Pakistan Zindabad ❤️❤️❤️❤️

How come there no Taliban and suicide bomber here to bring Islam, because the women here are like western.

I really enjoy the expressions of the other guy with mark while having foood .

recently i visited Gilgit Hunza Khunjerap Pass, it was an amazing experience Beauty full place in Pakistan Masha Allah..

can use video for review plz reply

Everything for him is ummmmmmm

Wow amazing beautiful ❤️

the lady at the Baltic fort eatery said her name is Lal Shehzadi, Shehzade means Child of the Sultan in other words Prince or Princes so you guys were cooked for by an actual Princess

the music is very Turkic and the people look very Turkic like Afghani it always amazes me how the cultures from Istanbul all the way to Xingjiang(East Turkistan) seem to be similar almost interchangeable

Now I think I have to change my plan, I'm going to visit Pakistan instead of India.

Hi Mark, im a huge fan of your show if next time you travel to India im in Pune Mahrashtra western part of India pls do let me know would like to take you on tour of western India....Do let me know

With the Chinese helping and sharing of experiences and expertise,Pakistan will becomes a major tourist attractions and businesses hub for middle Asia between Europe and Asia,China are great with natural landscapes and parks creations,wildlife and birds will flock to these regions adding beauty and serenity,lakes and rivers can provide introductions of cold water fishes like trouts introduction in Tibet.

Chinese are the only people that never stopped visiting this place, especially with border to xinjiang it's quite easy for them and they always come to pay respect to their dead ones at the Chinese graveyard in Gilgit.There's a wildlife park in Islamabad near the margalla hills and many Chinese presidents in the past have planted trees there.There's a steel plate infront of them mentioning this one was planted by which Chinese leader in which year.

Nice ppl Nice place Nice Food Love frm india ❤❤❤❤

Mothers everywhere are exactly the same

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