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MALDIVES vlog | Leyla Hajrovic

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Welcome. To, my very, first, vlog. Guys, I'm so excited this is my first, vlog you. Really. Wanted that so bad. And. I, decided, now you know what I'm vlogging and. Because. I'm going to a very, very. Cool. Trip I thought you know what, this. Is the best chance so, guys, we. Are, going. Together, to the Maldives, yes. That. Was, being. Part now. The. Way. Nice. As. Soon as life. Yes. Celine Ashley. Yet, the shake fellows, demony business, maneuver at us. Eyes over the neck I ever ever sweet. It's, here. Fine you, know what. You. Know. The airport, here. In Doha, and now. We'll try to get some rest. Like. This almost. Five hours. Really, tired. 145. Here in the morning so. I'm. Having here. Pretty cool. Box. By myself. My. Dearest. And. Fun. Fact like a very funny situation so. We. Waited for luggage, and at. The very same, moment like. A guy that, works at the airport. Came. To my husband, and asked him like excuse. Me or he said higher of age player, of Dinamo Zagreb and I was like. Girl. We. Are here. On, the malady it's like, how. Can they know who you are and said. You play for Dinamo Zagreb and he was like. So. Yeah. I was very, very surprised, so they, made a ton of pictures more, guys showed. Up that, worked there, so, it was really a fan fact like I mean all. These they. Know about, Dinamo, Zagreb and you know like what's, the hell but, it was really, really cool now, we. Are waiting in a suite here. Because. We look forward, see. Plain we. Had a five minutes, drive from Mali, Airport, to the suite here it's, amazing. And. Later, we, gonna board one. Of these schools. Seaplanes. And. I. Think, we have, to, fly, around 25. Minutes to the hotel, and. Then, we've finally. Reached our. Destination so. Can't wait to. Show you guys everything later. Which. Way. Which. Way. Hello. Nice to meet you. So. Guys let's, do a, little, tour through the villa, here. Many bar beverages. And everything. Then. We. Got, here. Closing. Room, with. A. Vanity. For ladies, to get ready. The. Bathroom, like the bathroom, is goals. Like. The. Outdoor, shower. The. Outdoor shower is. Major. I. Mean. Check. That out you, have. An amazing view. So, here, while. You're taking a shower you, can, watch some fishies. It's. Amazing. It's. So. Beautiful. And you, can all the, glass doors you can open them. Here. An ice, bath to chill if. You get tired. Doing. Your makeup or, doing, a blog, so. It's. So cool and here, that's. The toilet and of, course, the. Toilet has a glass floor too. Because. There is nothing cooler, than. Being. On the toilet then what's so vicious so. Let's. Go ahead, here. Is the shower Oh. Beth, tube breath, two, goals. As, well. A, glass. Floor. I'll or. Just. Pulled. Amazing. I mean, can. We just have a moment for that view. When. You stand, up wake, up in the morning and see all of that. Gorgeous. They. Give to those hats, which. Is very, good because I, forgot, my hat and so when we arrived there was like yes. I don't. Even you have I already, have one so that's cool of course. They. Made sure, that. We. Are covered. We. Are going, to, game. Yes. You, heard right, they. Have a football game here today and they, invited. Us as. Special. Guests, I mean is it as a special, guest as. You can see here and. Can't. Wait. So. The. Game is done, it. Was so cool it was literally, so, cool because you. Really it's them were so well organized, they basically, had everything, they, had a trophy. They, had, did. They. Had everything. Like everything a gold, gather of, the match, and. They. They, had they, had wowzers. They, had a dad. Like a real ceremony. Over. There like that was crazy, honestly. So you really see even with, a little you can do so, much stuff and I was really honored that we can be a part of that and it's. Always nice to see new and different things, and, that, was definitely, worth, it. So. Yeah. I think. No. Shoes no, bags. No. Makeup. That's. How I roll, to the dinner. It's. 22:56. And. Yes. I ordered. Some chocolate. Strawberries. Because, it. Was a very stressful situation right. Now because my, very, very dear friends, Arana aka. My child she. Was like what, the heck is going, on your as Maldives, you, just posted like two pictures, girl, I didn't. Post two, pictures, I posted five pictures, so guess. What. Anyways. She. Was like I thought you will post the, whole day three, pictures, a day but there's literally, nothing, coming, and. So. It. Was, very stressful and. I was very pissed so. It was like I need chocolate strawberries, ASAP, so. The. Hotel made it possible. Yeah. We are anyway waiting, for a game you rentals against, Roma to watch, so. Perfect. Time for strawberries. Yeah. That's. It my husband was so nice, and felt free, when. I was in the bathroom, to, steal. Too but. It's. Okay. Oh. Good. Morning, world. Honestly. I never, get, tired of this view. It's, so. Beautiful, and. The. Water is so, calm today oh. You'll. See some fishies. The. Water is really so so calm so you basically see. Everything. I mean, it's not that you never see something in the ocean, but. This. Morning, it's. Really so cold. Like. The brain fire, laughs. Hi. Ma'am my, name is Yvette.

I. Would. Love to have a coca-cola please. Thank. You sir do, open. You. Sit down and I bring you the dream Oh. What. Happened. Special. Coke from the Maldives. Just. For my love. Thank, you. So. It's, time, for, a bike ride, we. Decided, to take the bike and, go, for breakfast, and, stayed with the buggy. This. Is actually, the first time. Of. The, years, sitting. For me on the bike because. I had a, nice. Experience, once. So, wish. Me luck. So. We're now at the beach and, look what, I found. A mermaid. A sand, mermaid. So. Cool. The. Details. And everything in here. Anything. So. My. Husband. Was. So nice and. Was. Also because, of today. And. He. Did, also. Something. Creative. Oh. We. Have like 450. Members from different countries. So. We knew the core of math study as you can see we attach the correspond, to our big decision. I take, amendments, let's replace them. This. Most likely most, of these bigger ones like 8 months and these ones like one. Yeah. It goes pretty fast I want to be issued. You. Can choose any table. Over. A hint in. I apology at, US Army. To. Say goodbye. I. Don't. Want to go home. Do. You want to go home. Made, it we made it we made it we made it guys, this. Is it this is my first youtube, video thank, you so much for watching I really hope you enjoyed it if you, liked the video please give me, a thumbs up and subscribe, to my channel also. I really, would love if your just write down in the comment section what you would love to see in the future on, my channel because I want to deliver you the content, you really want so. Imma right now here, in Zurich Switzerland my, second, home and I can't wait to see all of your, reactions, I. Tried. To do, it as, authentic. As possible so, yeah. I just wanted to give you a real glimpse in my life really. Important. I have, subtitles, to my videos most, of them will be in English but when you click on closed caption, you will find some, subtitles, and different, languages so. Everybody. Can enjoy my videos thank you so much for watching see. Ya. You.

2019-03-02 03:15

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