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We, are starting this walk here in Mesilla. Aquaris, right, in Alameda Centrale this, huge park right behind, me and as. We walk we're gonna get to see some of the most popular, landmarks. That there is to see here in the central. Historical. And just. So you know I've, only read, about them I haven't experienced, it yet so I'm really excited to bring, you along and share this experience with you now. Benito juarez was, the first and only indigenous. President, here in mexico to, this day he, fought for progressive. Reform, policies, and the rights of the indigenous people. But there. Are some controversy. Surrounding. Some of the other aspects. Of his presidency, but. He, is so honored that his, birthday, March 21st, is, a national holiday and. This. Park that, we're walking. Through right now is, also. Very, historical. As in, it is, the oldest. Public. Park, in all, of the Americas how cool is that it. Was dubbed a park, in, the late 16th, century and, before. That it, was used as an Aztec marketplace. A lot, of people still come here today it's, early, it's beautiful, and it's. Huge, it's. Grown about twice the size since, it was originally. Created or, stated. To be a park and it's. Filled with beautiful. Colors, like purples, from, the trees, the, statues, that you'll find almost on every single corner and this. Beautiful one that is right. I want to say maybe close to a center, part and there's. Little seats. Where. You can sit down have, a rest and, then go about your book or your day. And. I. Should add it, is, always, busy, I've, been across, on the adjacent street and. That. Being like 11, o'clock at night and there's. So many people out just enjoying, life enjoying. The day like. Every. Single. Minute. Of the day and the. Coolest part is is to always see like some type of street performers, and. Music. That, will fill. The air as you walk which. I personally, really love, because. It, puts you, you. Know in the mood in the spirit of where, you're at and to. Me that's the most important, part. Now. As. We've walk through. This, absolutely, stunning Park, we're. Getting closer to our first landmark and probably. The one that I've been most excited to see it, is the Bellas Artes. Palace. Almost, that Plaza but it's, a palace and. It's. Stunning. Like. Huge. Yeah. We'll use that word. It's. Remarkable. As then, it. Looks like it's a neoclassical, style, but. The really cool part about, this palace and what sets it or, makes it so unique is it's. Not just one art, like art, style, there's. The. Art deco there's, the. Neoclassical. Our. Architectural. Excuse. Me and. It's. Made out of marble, which. Just. Emphasizes. The beauty of the, structure, and they're, statues everywhere. Now. It's. Understandable. Why this is probably one of the most. Popular. Landmarks, I think, there's about 10,000. People who come here weekly. To, visit it and. The. Palace itself is what. Is it it's sunk at least, four meters believe. Since the 1900s. And. Fortunately. Mexico. Does have a bit of a sinking problem, as its, think about I want to say 32. Feet since. The, last 60 years I think it is and that's. Only because a, lot of oh. Speaking. Of street performers, and music that I was talking about you'll, see these guys everywhere.

They're, Out here, night. And day and. They. Use one of those old crepe machines, that bust, off the music I think it's like from like what the early. 1900's. Late 1800s. If, you know exactly the name of them go ahead and let me know below, so, I know because, I love stuff like that. But. As I'm saying. Mexico. Gets. Most of its water from. The. Underground which is probably. More primarily. The reason why Mexico. Is sinking, and. Just. Like that we. Are, already. Like, I want. Is a steps away but it's a little bit more than just a few steps to our, next. Place. To see. Which. I'll save, the name for when we get there or get, a little closer and you'll see why it has, the name that it does. Now. You'll definitely want to be careful about. Crossing. The street, while. You'll hear. The. Policia, the policeman, directing, traffic and. Directing. People when and when not to go. Sometimes. You. Know people don't always listen and in this specific, cross, street that doesn't seem to be any police, yes or police officers. But, you do see the fairest, literally. Hundreds, of people. Walking. Around about, their day and it's, Friday it's beautiful, it's like 65. Degrees out no, humidity, a nice cool breeze and. We. Wait because, we don't to get hit by a car I. Think. It's time. Let's. Go. Doing. This is a quite quite. A big street. It. Gets like probably one of the main streets. Now. As, we are getting closer to, the, landmark I can, go ahead and tell you the name because it. Is not obvious, by now the, house is covered in blue tiles, so, I can you guess what the name is if. You, guess the, house of blue tiles, you. Are absolutely, correct. And. They. Weren't kidding when they say, blue tile oh. It's. Completely covered. Head. To toe. Almost. And. Beautiful. Mosaic, business I. Think. There may be hand painted I know back in the day when. People would, use tiles or mosaics, they. Would hand paint each of these can. You imagine him, painting, this. Mini. Tiles. By. Hand, I. Would. Get tired. My. Hand gets tired about after an hour of writing. It's. Huge, is beautiful. I love. The little stonework. Now. This was built in the. Early. 1900s. And, it. Was said to be used as a, refugee. Place. For, I want, to say hombres. Cortese. A. Line. Cortez. Edmond, Cortez, there we go I knew. As Cortez I was. Just going a little when. It comes to the first name and again, like. I said you see these people with the little crank boxes, everywhere. We haven't even walked that far and here they are but. I love. It. So be prepared to see it and. You. May have more people. On. This absolutely stunning Street. Like it's. Filled with color like, this. Little entryway, has. Probably. Like one of my favorite shades of yellow it's like a muster, ish it's. A master ish it. Gets mustard and. Lots. Of little businesses. And these, these. Historical. Centers. Or. Buildings. I'm. Gonna accept. And we're. At our next destination I did not even recognize it coming, from the other side. But. Before. Telling you what it is I really want to get in front of it on the corner, so, you get a, huge. Understanding. Of how. Gorgeous. This. Building is and it looks like it's being renovated. Or, restored, towards, the top because there's the little netting on it. And. If I seem out of breath. The. Air is. Really thin this summer a little bit higher than, the atmosphere. Yeah. And you know what to make that so. Here. We are at. The. Postal. Palace. Yes. You, heard me correctly the. Postal. Palace. And. If. It wasn't remarkable, enough on the outside, I can't even begin to describe like the inside, I would. Have never have, guessed this to be a palace. Well. A postal. Palace, Palace, yes, but. A post office like. Have you ever in, your entire life, seen a post office like, this like. Suited. For royalty, right like. You. Would think that the queen or the king himself, would. Only beginning there, there Mel here but, that's not the case, this is a post, office for everybody, and. It. Was constructed, in the early 20th, century and most, of the foundation, was actually built in brought. Over from, New York City who, cool is that and. That's not the only thing, unfortunately. This building took significant, damage in the, 1985.

Earthquake But. It, has been mostly restored, to this day and. If. That was in all if you love museums, this place also has a. Museum. On the postal history of. Mexico, City so. You can also enjoy that while visiting this gorgeous, monument. Okay. So it's been about a 10-minute, walk on this same street and we're, finally approaching. The Metropolitan. Cathedral and it's. Huge, I mean, we're not even like directly, directly, upon it but you can start seeing the, the. Cathedral, start peeking out above, the skyline it's really, hard to move it and. It. Does seem like there's. Lots, of people already, there and it's still very very, very early and. I'm trying not to run into people pace. That's. What I do. I ran into people was. I'm. Kidding not actually, mine. There's a lot of people out so. Be mindful of that. Stops, getting ready this weird delicious, Mexican food, which will probably end up having to get afterwards, because I am starting to work up an appetite. Now this is cool. And loud. The. Policia, directing. Traffic. Maybe. I should probably pay to, not. Get hit by a car or go against, the policia. Holy. This. Was where is he. But. I. Really. Think that the beautiful center, point that, that. I'm, gazing, upon right now is. Leaves. Me speechless, it's. Not only the largest but. The oldest, could be drawn all of Latin America and can, you believe that they use ancient. Aztec. Ruins to, build, this Cathedral. And, it. Took gonna. Stay three centuries to build and they finished it around, 16:56. But. Oh wow, I. Mean. Looking at it you would never be able to assume that there were ancient, ruins Anette I mean the. Cathedral, itself looks old job because it's from the, sixteen, hundreds, but. It's still in remarkable. Shape. And. It's. Still beautiful, and, I'm sure there's been some restorations. As most old, historical. Buildings have to have I mean that's the given but. Look at it we're not even on the front side of it and it's. Beautiful I do. Want to see the front of it because it has the the. Old unique. Cathedral. Look that the Spanish. Was so prominent, for, you. Know the two towers on each side. But, we gotta wait a little. Bit longer until. We. Can go does, it stop experience. Should. Probably cue some jeopardy music great now another. Really cool thing is that Mexico. City does have these little hop on hop off hop, off buses, for, like little tour places so, if you're into that you can definitely check. That out. Okay. It's our turn, and. Go, try. Not to get hit by cars but, they shouldn't be the hallways. There's. Lots of people here probably already setting, up like I said it's still relatively early probably. Around 10:30, now maybe closer to 11:00 and people. Are setting up their little shops for their homemade. Items or, a little, momento. You. Know from your visit here in Mexico, City. Haha. We're. Getting closer to the phones. And. I. Just. Feel like it's, it's endless, its continuation. Of, just foreverness. It's. Probably not a word but. It's. What I see. Is. Beautiful, like. Absolutely. Beautiful. I. Mean. It's, in, immaculate, condition. So. Bravo. To. Mexico. For taking such good care of their historical, landmarks, and. More. Music of. The. Little crank, boxes, again please, you. Know what those are called let. Me know I have, no idea but they're everywhere. I would. Really like to know. I'm. Guessing the the building on this side looks like a monastery, because, that's, just how ancient. Cathedral. I say ancient they're not really ancient, but. Historical, cathedrals, are it's usually you'd have the cathedral and then right next to it you would have a monastery. And. The. Artwork. Beautiful. But. Now. We're. Coming across this. Huge, square. Or the story so. So, cool oh there, we go so hello or the man-made plaza and, this. Was or, is, one. Of Mexico, cities like most historical. Places as the dates back to the times of the Aztec as those much of Mexico City does like there's not a place that you can go but, you won't find a spot, that was touched by you, know the ancient Aztec, people and, back. Then it was, used as a marketplace for, ceremonies, festivities. Rituals. And the, Mexican, people so keep that as a tradition, today as they gather around for, festivities, concerts. And other, cool, events, that, happen and unlike. Other. Plazas. They. Have a humongous. Mexican. Flag waving. Proudly instead. Of a statue like many other famous. Plazas, view now. There, is one more place that I want to show you but, I think it will look even better at night so I'm gonna wait till then to bring you back and. We're, back some hours, later at the zocalo and it's. Absolutely beautiful, the, difference is like night and day. No pun intended and, the. Cathedral, is absolutely. Breathtaking. With. The way that they have it lit up so. I definitely suggest coming, back to see even, just that at night now. There is one more landmark, that I am super, excited to show you that we saved the best for last in my opinion, and, that.

Would Be the, National, Palace, this. Was constructed after, the Spanish came in demolished king or, Aztec keying Montezuma's. Temple. And, this. Was a symbolic or symbolism for, the, Spanish conquest where the Spanish conquistador. Would stay, and. If. The. President Mexico were living, well. Here, he, would be staying at this palace but as of right now he's not but the Mexican Treasury is located, here at this time but. That's. Not the coolest part, the, coolest, part is that the famous murals from Diego, Rivera is, located. Here and if, you're not sure what these murals are they, depict everything, from the birth of ancient. Mexico all, the way to the Spanish conquest. All, the way to the Mexican, Revolution so. It's closed right now so we're not gonna get a chance to go in but. It, doesn't at least suggest that you come here even just to see the murals because it, is so symbolic to, what Mexico, is to, what it was and probably, to what it will be in the future but. That's it. This. Walking, video, with all of our landmarks, is coming to a close, so if, you don't mind go ahead and drop a comment below on what landmark is your favorite or if you've seen any of these I will also leave the route that I took somewhere. Around here, on the screen so. You can also take the same route that I did thank, you so much until, next time. Music. Clean me out.

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A little known fact, but, Victoriano Huerta (the self-proclaimed dictator of Mexico in the middle of the Mexican Revolution), was also a Native Mexican. He was a full blooded Huichol. Making him, technically speaking, our second native president And while not entirely native, people like Porfirio Díaz, (another Mexican dictator) were heavily native Mexican. Not to mention people like Guerrero, who was an afro-Mexican president and hero from the independence movement.

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Hi Nicky those guys on the streets with their misical boxes are called "cilindreros" or "organilleros" they were very popular on the earliest 20's playing music for all the people who walked on the streets in "centro historico" specially on the weekends, you know to make your day nicer, now they are more like a cultural heritage. Although they live more from people's tips.

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And yeah, the zocalo, the National Palace and the city looks better at night.

You're wrong, Benito Juarez was a freemason and one of the worst presidents of Mexico. He didn't fight for the indigenas' rights, he was ashamed of being indigenous and just wanted money and power and with help of the American Masons, he ended up the Glorious Mexican Empire of Maximiliano (USA didn't want a powerfull empire nex to them). Juarez was a dictator and took Mexico to poverty and he murdered indigenous people.

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Great video! Yes the organillero plays what is called the crank organ (organo). The name in german is the drehorgel (turn organ) among many names. I believe that most of the organs being used in Mexico city are made in Berlin, Germany. Today, I think that these organs can only be found at the museums in Germany. For some strange reason, they're still playing these boxes in Mexico. I haven't seen them in any other country. Your video is informative! Did you know that an estimate of 700,000 Americans call Mexico City home? They are more than 2M Americans living all over Mexico in a permanent basis and during winter the number could go higher.

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Debido al tamaño de esta ciudad, la mayor parte del agua que se usa en la Ciudad de México es traída desde estados aledaños a través del sistema Cutzamala considerado como una de las 10 grandes obras de ingeniería hidráulica del mundo por la capacidad de enviar millones de litros continuamente para más de 20 millones de personas, sin ese sistema la ciudad colapsa en menos de una semana. Los pozos subterráneos solo son para algunos puntos de la ciudad, especialmente el oriente pero el problema del hundimiento de la ciudad viene desde la época colonial, muchos edificios históricos se han logrado salvar gracias a las inyecciones de concreto en las cimentaciones y los métodos de construcción antisismicos, así se logró salvar la Catedral Metropolitana o el Palacio de Bellas Artes.

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Wrong Benito Juárez was not the only indigenous president, also Victoriano Huerta was it, but history and collective memory do not recognize him as that because he got the presidence of México by a state strike, killing to the elected president of México Francisco I. Madero

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Downtown Ciudad de Mexico sinks 5 to 7 cm per year. In 60 years that would be 3 to 4.2 meters. Source:

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El subsuelo de la CDMX es crítico para las construcciones tanto en lo relativo a sismos como al hundimiento pero la extracción de agua agudiza el problema del hundimiento. El agua de pozos no es marginal para la ciudad, si así fuera ya se habrían clausurado. El sistema Cutzamala es fundamental para el abastecimiento de agua al Valle de México (incluyendo algunos municipios del Edomex) pero no provee la mayor parte del agua de la CDMX sino alrededor del 40%, el resto viene de aguas subterráneas del Lerma y de fuentes del Valle de México, incluyendo los pozos. La estructura de los suelos en buena parte del Valle de México es única, similar a un panal de abejas donde el agua ocuparía el hueco dentro de las celdas. Al poner sobre el suelo un gran peso o extraer el agua las celdas se colapsan y se produce el hundimiento. El problema se agrava porque los suelos no pueden recargarse con el agua de lluvia pues esta se va al drenaje.

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