Mumbai Non-Veg Food Tour - Chicken Patrel Biryani (Biryani without rice) + Bara Handi + Baida Roti

Mumbai Non-Veg Food Tour - Chicken Patrel Biryani (Biryani without rice) + Bara Handi + Baida Roti

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Welcome. To Mahalo. Looks. Very similar to foodies what is your platform. Mother. No. Ah delicious. The. Kebab is daily duty and meeting and it. Goes really well with mint leaves. Well, I'm loving it. Everybody. - yes. It's. Time I do it you know. That's. Quite unique to this place yeah I. Think. What makes this kebab different, from other to Masada large. Wine coriander. And the mint leaves ready and, both. The cops are equally good this, is no meeting and if. You have to both the flavors are quite distinct flavors, very. Delicious it goes very risky, for. The. JJ's which we, are going to try the mawa, jalebi at, the JJ's sweets we are very famous for its Maha Chalabi and I personally, love it when, if they ever they. Are probably, on show, you time mawa jalebi with, robbery, and it's like very similar to like Bahrain for jellybean. That's. Right, because, they would have tried to eat but uh but not because there's. No day in it the back of the battle their. Voice. So soft. Virtually. About simply melting emote simply, amazing, onda. Volume. That. That's. How they present they, ready. Is, the first time time they eat butter which are Deborah David. Isolated, date but, then the better their day and, mr. Fuji and a. And, for burden. So sweet for. This country. Olivier's. When, Mumtaz Mahal died yeah that she was buried there until she was the Taj man was ready to be. Very. Famous for the charities. Maharaja. Now as a living this, modular. From good Havre. Like. Me in Jeremy's looking out you can see how he's moving from one type to other side. First. Cook from one side I like. Traditional charities, they're not adding color out so, if you change the pattern was, white and color and after they are made they become all brownish in color support like a collapse of the. Texture is very similar to gulab jamun Eric so when you taste it you feel you are having a philosopher, who lives in the form of a solid. Dark. Brown in color the. Brown color. Outer. Part this. One the, corner is, so crunchy, so. Crispy, and. The. Dry food that's, a nutty texture hood so. Delicious. I. Said. The Maliki lady. The. Word. And. Without. Santiago's. Here to be microbial. So Pataki will, go a garbage. That's. The chicken poplar biryani biryani, without, rice is chicken and patellas, are by capita, or pulao cassia leaves and, then over a orders a leave for just for Chris penis. So. Flavorful and, thenthen. Or selling it is like 90 years old shop then they have been making it kind a long time. That. Popular, from, and people heat this with bread so. What, you, did with red you, could either just like that or you could eat it with the roti you, can select your own combination, I, love. It just the way they all know it's also delicious. So. Good. The. Chicken pieces are quite tender quite. A unique kinda. Brioni. Well. One. Funny story about this place is that. The. Person who started Pharaoh's, uncle he, had two sons and for, this and for both of these sons we, had two shops so, one shop will be located life here in, the Borah manga and the other shop was slightly paranoid, so naturally, one, shop would get a lot of more businesses compared to the other one so, then she wrote something for me very hard you don't give any of the two shops for any of his son because, naturally if you give to the shop with a better business to one son the, other one would be jealous so, they have come up with a unique solution the.

Solution Is everyone. Here the two brothers switch. Which. Handle. Go. To the other shop and then the next year you will come to the other shop that is how they can keep you know switching. Every your after your business. Will better. Bottle. Collection. We. Are now going to the factory bakery, this, bakery is famous for its you know pitch, butter which is a twisted, cookie based, Akari. Biscuits so let's buy some curry biscuits and then we'll eat it later with e. So. This we are going to try with a cup of tea yes, we. Are. Chuckling. Middle, for. Your protein go ahead. We're. A big hockey we're. Going over a car though them Tobago Tesco I order, a car or patalamon ha ha ha. I love. Another go market, haha filled, your Malibu final a quite. Butter. Taste the curry bisque it's not even and this one is the fresh one which he gave it to her yeah, if, you have to dip it again have it. My, father. That's, the first thing you tasted this. Lethal completely, change I was here three years back that can be different. Demolished. And new buildings. Like that one after. The. High-rises. Will. Now be going to the Indian hotels out here we will be trying the beta roll the beta Rho T and love, chicken Kasturi Sanders. When. This there added some minced chicken and. Then, egg. Their. Roles and deep fried and that much better roll let us get added an omelet small. Piece of omelet and then chicken. This, is very similar to Mobley pelota or he can't quite under come up Erica I think, very similar in my hero we tried it unfair town they collect the undocking operetta and, in. Bengal like in Kolkata Street food this mobile a paratha and, here, is better. 80%. A key role person wish, there. Were some this. Chicken. Then. You have egg and, then the stuff, inside of the routine that's madhubuti vada, Rory it is same but they have added cooked omelette yes I did. Let's. Do it. It's so good then. You know lemon, is a tiny nurse with it it'd. Be amazing what's really good, the, crust is very. Crispy if all the layers you can see it all the layers and this better would be s cooked perfectly, it's, like deep-fried and it's. So crispy and stuffed, with juicy, chicken, so. Amazing simply. Amazing, ba-doom. De, so. Let's try this. This, one is more flaky. So. Good. So. They're rather dry fenugreek leaves in it they call it the story methi sandwich. So. On so, will the previous light bitter taste because of the fellow at. Enhances. The flavor yeah. This. Is also like we call it non chop49. Chopped it up. That's. Our next stop, yes status. Or gear main go so here after food what do we have very, alia soft for any mouth freshner then, you would have had about freshner in the solid sense always but, this is a new way of having mouth freshner, which is in the form of a soda, so we now taste the valley soft soda, I will also help in digestion. So, good, isn't it refreshing it's, very refreshing I just like just, not, taken, cent rate of fennel seeds and then. There are some sugar syrup I said soda. Just. A mix of three different flavors orange. Rose, and. Pomegranates, and, then, he has added some lime, juice masala. Mix of pepper and salt with.

Ice And soda. Is. So refreshing in the humid bed of Mumbai. So. This one is the body mole at rest of China Beretta correct where you have spleen then, you have kidney then. Pokum cameron some, green garlic and onion. Let's. Try it chunks, the small pieces of kidney, in it and then. You have, clean. Potatoes. Channa. Kokum. Well, you know I put it on. The. Player player is very good so. When. I conduct these schools if, there is a vegetarian, if this is the only place where, you can have something vegetarian but, that also has the option of converting it into non-vegetarian. Which is a war and spleen. And. You. Are selling MIDI of him selling it for since 1985. For some delicious of a seminar you know, where, are you. We. Are now going to try something called Barajas at, 30, Barajas about. A hundred yes one, what each all happy, to bleep sweet my name is are Mumbai. That's. Quite an old establishment, since 1938. Did. You see that menu they have pie Asuka, Bale, there's a mix of everything not on d-day hurry, it's, for Tom Nunley. And any. Item with money two hundred daily timing, morning, 5 a.m. the. Open at 5:00 until 10 a.m. and then, again the evening pipe into 10 p.m.. Which. Is why they have such unique signs of 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. so, a lot of people who, come like, must wish you, know people who work very hard in the buildings and all they, come here and they, have it early in the morning before going for their shifts then, in the evening they can come back again outer the, same 12 spots can be used to make something of the two different and then beach so, soon or later workman's. Meet correct work man so what's your favorite my favorite is, fire let's, do pilots try the plan is to fire. Here. We have fire bone. Marrow decimally, and then, friendly OT Orca, mysterious, kiddo I miss ki roti does community actually. Nesta, paya the. Marrow bangle. And. You have to get the roti from the other shop yeah, so these. There. Are two shops and, both were neighbors one would make roti and the other would make bara honey, however, due to the redevelopment. One has got placed in a different location so now if you want to get to roti and bara hundy together there, is one person who will run to the other shop he will get your routine, warm warm roti and then he will bring it for you and then he will make your bara Hardy out here and then you can eat all you can have you can buy the bread and then you can come to the sky so just. Just try, it and, try with the bone marrow. It's all good now. Let's go for the fire. It's, quite fatty like, gelatinous. Visual. Dial based you know gravies the. Always craving these are doll based games along, with different kind of masalas so the sukkah masalas would be masalas which would be dried, then cook and then it would be put into the gravy that will be the sukkah masala and you. Can see how tasty, of a flavor it. After. All that dinner we, now come to dessert, and. This, is mango Malay this is a signature, bestseller. That's strawberry. That only made in the season is fresh probably that's, walnut, mellitus black, currants and that's right good question, there's. Actual mangoes or the mango. Normal. Well. This. One is blackcurrant bad back. Now, let's move on to a platter. Why, do cause it's a pleasant. Full-name. Little basically. Means you. Know it's an adjective that, means. Basically. Means that and. It's, been like this, is the sweetest of trouble, she's like, more, than like 130, 140, or more and, so the only met, i that is big, football. Again, first, often boys. So. That's how they make the ice cream in a saucer that's a top so they take ice ice. All around and. Then, in the middle in the silver part they put the, platter, of the ice cream so that batter is generally, mixed. With fruits and all of that just so that it can show through free after. That one you know person like him would, be given the task of toning it but my glass yes like I keep churning it we. Keep moving it and then, you get that I'll I said until you get ice cream.

This. One is mango. Well, but, that's the mango flavor. Two. Days back we. Are lucky. Wow. It's. Like having. So. Delicious. So. Creamy. Milk. Sugar, and fruit that's it three. Ingredients. Well. Soberness I'm, leaving that's the best mango ice cream I ever had. So. Was the false flavor which you introduced in darshan off like the first flavor the first original flavor. Mixed. Fruit so. Water first. Bobbi, be here. This. Is the real flavor the. Flavor for me started. So. Safer but this will end our food tour on, an ice-cream note it. Was so good walking around etherion Boreum ola i loved, everything, starting. From that seekh kabab with burrata then, mawa jalebi Malfoy. Was so good with, the topping of rubbery and dry fruits then, we tried that. They were of me today Ibarra that first time I tried it and they, call it me hair they were ah but there's no Dale topping on it they were just badass soaked. In sugar syrup then. We try the beta Rho T leather, old and non chopped at iron million hotel into, spa honey we tried fires, out there then, channa potata, it was so good how can we forget that III, shabath. That. To worry L the soft clay version and the special one which the period friend said. Of he added like orange pomegranate and, Rose that's no good and the, three sector buckle the aflatoun and defend malai halwa and now, we are ending on an ice cream no death I asked him so, thank you so much Zephir and thank. You cocky tours for taking our time and showing us a beautiful boring old out here thank. You well it was my pleasure hosting, thank, you thank you. Leonardo. Fishbowl PCR Tata Tata, Tata top limit, top ligament, love care panoply, language main top, lip opanka bonding, kanji, kilocalorie, kanji, magna Bukhari Kappa nanavali, the, top limit of fish like a 30 though. You see the receive us Konami vodka, Okoye fun kanji, subsea, mangamma chicken said subsea, mangamma chicken comfort. What's up Cesar stuff a little. Man daily.

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