Must-Try Soft Serve In Tokyo Japan | Epic Dessert Tour

Must-Try Soft Serve In Tokyo Japan | Epic Dessert Tour

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What's. Up everybody welcome back to another video my name is Shinichi, mSATA see and we are hobby eats now, what better way to cool off than to cool off with some soft-serve, ice cream, Tokyo is famous. For their soft serve and we, have a lot, of selections, but where do you go and that's, what we're gonna show you guys today and it's perfect because you know what it is almost 37, degrees Celsius it is like incredibly. Hot. The. First up is called of milk in Harajuku, look this cute, shape, I like. This style. Regularly, there's, a lady, on the soft, rub but this is not and it's making it so hard it'll, agamous. Mmm. It's, so refreshing flavor, I thought it's more thicker but. This. Is lighter. Than I imagined, but, it hasn't good, milk, flavor it I'm just like drinking, milk, it's. Melting so I have to give this unity check this out guys look as you can see it really is melting, it is super hot today it's like we're in the desert, well actually tropical. Climate it's a humid, Thank, You musk. Oh. That's. Actually super, super. Milk. It's like it's. Actually a very creamy, thick. Rich, milk, taste, yes, it is. Hmm. Hmm. It's cold obviously, it's. Very very, nice smooth, texture, very. Delicious, simple, milk, taste I have to say there's no hint, of vanilla or anything it's just simply milk but, it's they're using Hokkaido milk so it's good, rich creamy, milk. I love it today, we, are going to go to Harajuku emoti. Santo Shinjuku. And other, places, because. I want to show you a variety of its softer songs yes, and we want to show you some, of our favorites, as well by, the way right, now we are walking along, the Oh Motel sandal, Street and this, is one of the main streets in Harajuku, it's, a tree-lined, Street this beautiful, shopping street you. Can find all the designer boutiques, here like blue Vuitton for example, but. Of course we come here mostly for the food and that's a good thing because there's a lot of restaurants here as well so, next the shop is located alone, in my sin story did my, sin is a clone jutsu chakra pod did you see a lot of video don't touch the video about the past video we. We ate tonkatsu sandwich. Yes, mi sim was one of the places that we went to right yes yes at the time the shop was closed yes now they're open though so you guys can go so. The place wouldn't go is called cavity, and, is. One of our favorite places well, actually I should say one of my favorite places to come and get tea.

Flavored, Softer. You guys know I don't drink coffee but I love tea I love anything tea flavored and this is one of the best places to get tea flavored. Soft-serve. This. Is located, like on the back streets of emoti, Santo or halachah ku and it's. One, of our favorite places to get these, soft. Serve ice creams they specialize, in tea, flavored ice creams you have three choices, OVA, tea matcha, tea and houjicha, tea, soft, stirs they also have a cafe here and it's quite nice if you're hungry, and you want light lunch anyway, this is the matcha soft, sir it's 480, yen let's. Give it a go Oh. So. Creamy, and you. Get that hint, of bitterness for, not much actually it's more than hints of bitterness. So you really have to like much of flavor because. It is definitely in, there, but it is good, and it's not that sweet. Mmm. Not. That sweet at all and don't you guys just love the shape of it these soft-serve. Cones are so cute, I don't know why they, just look so cute, mine, is OOP a piece of the server over, P, its kind of tea, the color is brown and that on total they sprinkle, a powder of tea leaves the, black tea leaves, that. Mess. What, shall I say display, Bob it's. Like I'm some. Kind of herb. B. Mmm. Spice. Spice. Flavor, some, kind of spice. It's. Not hot. Spicy, some. Kind of spice flavor. Mmm-hmm. And it's, like a incense. All, right time to compare the OVA TP, but let's give this a try oh. My. God. Ice. Cream and me melting, at the same time this this reminds me of like an herbal, tea yeah, it's, like a nice herbal, tea that, has a very, earthy taste, with. A hint of black, tea very, interesting, saucer. Very interesting, flavor I have to say. Mmm. Mmm. This, is some we, got this as well as a mature before March I mean I love much as I gotta get this but this, shop is famous, for this particular, vulva. Tea saucer which, has IRA got it but, once again it's a very unique flavor I, think, you. Should give it a try. Okay, so the next ice cream we found in Shinjuku, actually this particular ice cream is called Crimea it can be found all over, Tokyo. And before. I explain to you guys I'm just gonna start eating because my ice cream is as you can see it is melting back. Tomas. Oh. My. God. Wow. My. Ice Cube's pretty much gone. Because. Of the heat but what. Makes this Crimea. Ice cream special, is that it is super, super rich, milk. Taste it's unbelievably. Rich and instead. Of a regular ice cream cone it is, put, inside this, some sort. Of like a cookie, / biscuit. A cone. And it's, just so good let me try some of the cone. Mmm-hmm. That. Calling that cookie comb mmm. Delicious. Is like a very. Thin shortbread, cookie almost but much, more delicate than that, delicious. Hmm. Once. Again you, don't have to come to this shop we just, found one in shinjuku but you can find this all, over the city just, look for crimea, you, guys have never tried this you're. Missing out. So. Wait. What is, this, it's, so, rich creamy, taste. It, is this, milk, it's like a condensed. Milk. Wow. The. Next place we came to Nakano our, home, base yes, McConnell, is located, on the tool line, is just, one station away from, Shinjuku it's a very very short 5-minute, ride I think yeah. Anyway nikana is a great place to wander, around but, once, again today, we are here for, some amazing, soft-serve. Here. There, is a very. Famous, wonderful. Soft-serve. Shop. Here's, a leech very famous so to sub shop located. Underground. Of Broadway, in Nakano, very, famous Broadway, and very, famous lady to look, this, is eight flavors, especially, large.

Size, Or soft. I don't, know that each flavors, blue. Pink green brown. Yellow brown. White. Pink. Enigmas. The. Top line. Strawberry. Eat. I think the strawberry, it's. Good. The, hominis, is perfected. Little. Bit cool, sick. Bit, sick, can you see can you see it's very thick. It's. Nice. White. But. Mmm. It, must have be medic. I think, it is copy the, color is copy light brown. Yes. It's coffee and. The piano part. Banana. And. Lobby's, hominis. It's very deeply, she tasted. Good, but there are so many people I'm eating. This, so close up here alright. Guys you know I'm gonna start off with we're, suppose, she. Ended. This, is the brown part and I'm, thinking maybe this is chocolate or coffee. Chocolate. All, super good super good chocolate it has a multi, flavor and the, green part is definitely much up this. Is matcha green tea. Surprising. How it has a really nice matcha flavor, okay. Let's go for this pink layer, I think. This is a peach or strawberry. Beach. Oh yeah, that's like super fruity is so good and, in the blue part is definitely. La muniya, which is like a Japanese, soda oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That Islam when you yeah that's lemony, it didn't taste much like lemonade, oh okay. You, know what I'm. Gonna like like. Like. Devour this thing okay so this is a strawberry. It's, like strawberry meal it's like strawberry milk, this. Is the milk. No. It's vanilla this is vanilla flavor and. The. Third layer is cafe, au lait. Yep. Coffee flavor I love, coffee flavor but I can't really take coffee and then definitely I want to try the banana. Banana. Right here oh. I. Got some of the chocolate with the banana, this is like chocolate-covered, but, yes I'm. Gonna do that again chocolate-covered. Bananas, right here. Chocolate-covered. Bananas. Oh. Yeah. Chocolate-covered, bananas. That's, amazing. Cho Cho chocolate hot, choc how. Many if that works, chocolate. Much. Uh hmm. Hmm. Much is better on its own chocolate. Overpowered, just, so that you guys know this is the extra-large size. This is 600. Yen includes, all eight flavors, and, they. Also have two more flavours the medium as the words are small I think the medium medium, one you can choose up to three flavours and a small one I think it's just one single, flavor but as you can see this place is super super popular is called daily Chico once, again located, in that column Broadway on the basement floor this. Floor has, so much good stuff to eat like they have a really good new come on shop they have like good, karaage they have like a whole bunch of stuff so you definitely check, this place out honey, honey honey it's melting okay. We got we gotta eat this stuff we gotta eat this okay. Let's, finish this up you, know what we found a good way to eat this before it melts you, just like scoop, all the way from the bottom to the top like this you. Can find on the flavors of, course you know you're not gonna get the individual, flavors but it's not bad, oh I feel cold. Because. I hit oh. Good. Job. I like. This call. Now, we are koenji, we are going to go to our favorite cafe, yes, we're gonna go to the place called coffee, cone if you guys been with us for a while you, know this is one of our favorite, places to visit we'll, work around this area by. The way koenji is a bohemian, town, that's really really popular with, young people, and lots. Of street food lots of vintage, shops, especially clothing. Clothing, stores a lot about used clothing stores and if. You're into that kind of stuff I really recommend, you guys visit this place and if you guys like food this place also, has a lot of good street food we, did a dedicated, video on koenji street food and if you missed that video go check it out by clicking right. Up there here, we are here, we are at Coffee Co guys, here we are once, again and coffee, cold and coins she one of our favorite places to, chill in this part of town, this place is famous for their coffee, calls basically, it's coffee much. Houjicha. You, know teas and coffees served, inside, handmade. Ice, cream cones during, the summer they have these soft serve ice creams today we got something that's, a very very special there's a 680 yen is, the. Caramel. Soft-serve. In this very very fancy ice cream cone it is a chocolate, ice cream cone, that. Has these. Sprinkles. On top the. Inside is coated with organic, chocolate. Okay. Hmm. Wow. This. Is like home this, is they come good. Quality, Carmel but an ice cream form in saucer, for its. Kind. Of amazing guys it's. Super. Creamy it has that nice, caramel, burnt, like sugar flavor, you, guys see those swirls inside, those Carlos Wars inside, the caramel soft-serve.

It. Is so, decadent, if you guys like caramel, oh my, god like this is like. Gonna, be your favorite then you put into your mouth Tokyo. It's a cheese stick it's. A crispy, cheese, stick how, interesting. It's a savory cheese, stick inside. This a sweet dessert which actually. As a really nice contrast, and kind, of like breaks, up the monotony of sweetness. Very. Very delicious. Mm-hmm. At night I found, like um I'm. Simply dipping a biscuit, a sweet biscuit inside pod, caramel. Saucer, kind, like an Ice, Cream Sandwich, but dipping, style. Wow. Wow. Very. Nice. Camera, Bob so rich so, creamy, texture, and. Unbelievably. It's. Caramel. Pretty. Pitted, so to serve on, top. It. Doesn't narrator sorry Tennyson so, it's become so two-kilometer you. Lacks of the camera up I love, that, this. Is used for coffee calm the. Speciality of this chapter. It's. Very thick chocolate, to cover the home. Luke. Decides, this because. It's. A really good chocolate. So. Satisfied, this. Is, exciting. Possibly, the. Most exciting, saucer. We've, eaten the entire day. Check. It out this is a soft-serve. Strawberry, vanilla flavored. Soft-serve, and right, on top of it is something I, gave Han which, is a type of deep fried bread that used to be eaten in the olden days in. Elementary. School and this, one is deep fried covered, with sugar. Kanako, powder which is roasted, soybeans and much. Of powder, so. It's. Already melting so I'm gonna get right into it strawberry. Vanilla swirl. Time. To go into my mouth. That. Tastes so fresh, I was not expecting now is expecting. Mall I got an ice creamy. Flavor, but. This is actually fresh, tasting, like me like fresh strawberries. Oh, this is like strawberries, and cream strawberries. And cream. That's. Good yeah, it is so good. How. Does one go, about eating this. Don't. Breathe in when, you're biting into this because, you got a lot of powder on the top. That's. Real. Much of powder on the top real. Mmm. And it's warm, outside. It's crispy, and says don't we have fluffy, kind of myself like malasadas. So. Rich so, thick, strawberry. Milk. I'm. Eating like a realist. Or a berry and, I like this style. Mmm. That texture, is wonderful. Sokku, talk outside. Okay. So we have completed, all five, soft-serve. From five different places actually made more than five to, be honest with you right because, you had to in some places where to here, so. It's time to choose our favorite if that's even possible. Maybe, maybe, choose like couple, favorites, like two favorites. Yeah. What. Do you think, one. Is a cannons of the sub of this coffee car. G, and. Another, one its hmm. The match of the macho. Um oh the. Matcha the, second place is okay, that was good too now, um before. I make. My decision I just want to say that all the, places went to are good, we, chose your really good places well. Mostly because they're our favorite place is there a couple that it was the first time we tried but I. Gotta, say and this is totally. Honest not being biased my, favorite one has, to be from coffee cone as well but, it's not the caramel I like the caramel one but, it's really wrong with the bread on top oh my god I, want, one. Like right now I'm stuff, right now but I can eat one marina it is that good. And you, can combine it with different, flavors of ice cream or different flavored breads oh my, god it's not even a bread is more like a like. A hybrid bread, / malasada / doughnut, it is just, beyond. Your. Dreams, like it's that good for, me so that's my number one my. Second favorite has, to be Crimea, Crimea, Crimea, is pretty, hard to beat when it comes to you. Know vanilla, ice cream that's like beyond vanilla, you know once again everybody's, that word beyond but it's beyond, whatever. You've. No. Vanilla, to be it, is way, creamy, away richer, and just way more decadent, than your typical vanilla. Soft, serve well. Thank you so much for watching guys hope you guys enjoy today's video. Always give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave. Your comments, down below and if you are new to our channel we would love it if you subscribe, thank. You for watching see, you we'll mix the food adventure, bye, bye.

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