Poland vs Turkey | Getting Married and Weddings!

Poland vs Turkey | Getting Married and Weddings!

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This. Start, minguk. Hello. Everyone, so. So. Today i have my boyfriend pavel, with me again and today we're. Gonna be talking about polish, and turkish, weddings, disclaimer. No. We're not getting married okay, okay, let's start. So. Baby. First. Of all let's just go over the, overall. Procedure, of, the, wedding, and what, happens, before, wedding how do you come to the wedding, day until wedding day what you need to do because in turkey there's a lot of steps and i never heard about it. We. Are filming this for the second time so like whatever. So first of all the guy asks. The girl for marriage, like, proposes, to go but. In usually, in like european, weddings, when you propose it means you're engaged, but in Turkey no you you just propose Bob, get excited, you're not engaged and after, that or, before that the order might, change, slightly the, groom's, family goes, to the bride's house and, asks, for the father's, permission to. Marry his, daughter but, this is not just like oh you're just going to have a chat this is like a full-on ceremony. And there are like traditions, to this you're giving, everyone Turkish, coffee and to the groom you're giving Turkish coffee with salt in it so if the groom drinks, this salty, coffee it means that he's able to everything. For this girl it shows his love. For the girls and you're asking the father for, the hand in marriage if he says yes, then you, are promised. Still not engaged, huge sacrifice, I'm drinking, the salty, water for, your. Coffee. Would, you drink salty coffee for me. That's. Why we're not getting married he doesn't, drink salty coffee for me like I said you say not engaged none after that, you either do a separate, ceremony, for this promise. Thing, or it's. Done in this asking for permission, from the Father part, and then usually, a few months later there. Is the engagement finally. You're getting, engaged to, this girl after, proposing. And going, to father's house for permission. And then this, promising. Part, and there. Is usually a party, for this engagement and it's not very different than the wedding parties you're still wearing huge. Dress just not quite like, a big different, colored dress sometimes I do it in just home with some little, ceremony, but usually there's a party there's, the music, dancing. It's. Exactly, like the wedding party just not with the white dress and after. That you're still not married you're just engaged but, so you're buying two different dresses yeah. Even. Three three. Because. There is the henna night as well for, Hannah night as well yeah in. Hannah night they're buying more traditional. Dress hmm. I can. Show me I can put a photo here. For. This henna night dress, and in these procedures. You are also starting. To build the house of the couple so there's different things like the bright, side, buys, the bedroom, furniture and room. Size by another, furniture, I don't know the routine you can't pick who by the world. But. Like, the bright. Side, makes, a bag. For, the groom and in that they put like underwear, and different. I don't know I never got married so I don't know the details and, the groom's, side buys the bride. Some, presents. I don't know makeup, jewelry, again. Underwear, and so on these kind of traditions, we have, oh. And. Then, there, comes the wedding.

And Before, that they're still henna night who are not yet there yet but please. Speak, for, your procedure. Until the wedding what happens, until the wedding your wedding the river, I mean not the wedding the wedding yeah. Before wedding, procedure, is very long the point is the phone is running very bit different I mean the Polish procedure, is a bit different because it's much shorter and, it's simplified. Because, we, have only the third one so you're, a couple and at, some point boy is coming to you and he's. Doing good on. The, knee and. You're. Confusing. That means doing what I didn't. Propose, yes. I did but, you're, going, you're, going to the beautiful, shop you're buying beautiful. Little drink for your girl. And. You're. Coming to their and your. Bank. And. Then you're engaged after the time usually. It's like one, year sometimes, two years depends. On the couple, you're getting married so they are finding, the partying. And everything will, be organized and prepared him for this so, op the proposal, the. Next, step. Is, marriage. Actually the wedding info, okay so then, neck before the wedding, we. Have something, called henna night and this is one or two or three days, before the wedding and it's, a party, only the women, are allowed to join it's like a bachelorette. Party but, not, as wild I would say you're, just again renting, a small place, you're, dancing, you're singing. You're putting, henna in your hand but not this kind of Indian, beautiful. Henna is just like a blob. Of henna, in your palm and it's red and it looks really bad in my opinion I hate them but. They do that is a tradition, and then they're giving. People some, nuts. And. Yeah. Are you getting none it's, a present. What kind of like. This chick peanuts peanuts, hazelnuts. Mixed, in a bag and you're giving nice. And. Like, the guests are also receiving, some henna and again a little bag you're. Making, the bright cry in, this henna, night you're, singing some emotional, songs about. Leaving, the home. Of her, parents most, of the time it's fake crying because, why. Would you cry because you're getting married, you wanted, it most, of the time I guess, it comes from this all-time, because people. Used, to get married very young and it was usually. Arranged, marriages, and the girls didn't want to get married but their parents agreed. To marry. Them with another person, so the bride was crying in the. Usually. No I don't, think so but in modern, weddings. They do this. Kind of your, kind of parties. Where they go, out drink, and, like just, the boys this, kind of you, buy to the singleness, party, you think you're copying. Us yeah we do. Okay. And then there's, the wedding. Day you don't have anything before, the wedding day right oh you have the bachelorette, parties, and bachelor bachelor. Parties you're getting, together we're. Just gathering together, you, think the. Closest, friends you're cuddling together we, were buying some gifts we are having, a party or some activities, so we used in their claim for a dinner. And. After the dinner we're just going to. Party. This is something that you have we. Talked before also, it's about feeling. The last time as a single person, and that's. Why people are doing, do different things, apparently. Married, people. Are saying I don't know yours all the time trying, to say. That, people. Are inviting. Tripperz, and they are doing, other things. This is what I see in movies we don't have these parties I don't know I don't know me I was just reading about it never been on this kind of party but apparently some some. Boys though even. More than just keeping. Cheating. Just cheating, yes but a bride allows it no, it. Doesn't I. Don't. Know about this I was just reading read it. Bitch. If you even, dare okay. And, then there. Comes the, wedding day so, let's first talk about the, religious, and legal. Marriages. Okay. If the. Angle. And the audio is different, I'm sorry but I had to change to his camera. I'm, having a lot of technical, difficulties and I'm a bit frustrated. Let's. Continue so, in both countries there, is the, religious, wedding and. Governmental. Like the legal wedding. Right but it's like you're, religious. Weddings are documented. When, ours. Is not documented at all so if you get only, the religious, wedding. It's, not legal. And it doesn't count people, usually, people, are doing the bulb. At the same time let's say but you also can do just, one. Without getting, married in a church actually.

Is The same just. In a church you're, just missing, for God in the Turkish, religious, one you're just gathering in. A room just a few people not many people allowed in the house it's not like a big, ceremony in the mosque or anything the, most, person, the Imam is coming to your house and saying okay now you're married and but, there's no documents, or any think so, later you're going and signing. These documents to. Be legally, married okay and then there, is the actual wedding, day finally. In, hours the groom's. Side of the family, comes to the bride's house to. Pick up the bride with this, instrument. The, big, drum and you're like playing. The drum and there is this other. Blowing. Instruments, that I will I'll put. Here again. Do. You have something similar it is kind of similar I would say there is usually take of the band. Usually. Trumpet. More, fancy. Drums. And you're. Just taking, cards, going. To the church and in the church, regular. Math, just, some additional, part. Promised. Part. Y. Forever. And. Yeah. You exchange, the ring. And people, are waiting outside there, and, throwing at them coins, flowers. Right, and after that usually. As the churches, area, somewhere, people are God there and. Gives. Our money, usually and. Books. Books. Sometimes. Wine. And. Some useful. Stuff, for the house we, also have this tradition, the bride. And the groom are standing, in the salon and the people are getting blind like you but, we are usually just giving, money actually you're not giving money in like and lobs or something you're just actually, putting the money with needles, because they are the ribbon like, hanging. From their shoulders and they're just pinning, the money or the. Pieces of gold or. If you're giving some jewelry, you, can just put them on the bride. And, everyone, can see what you're giving, them I guess. This is a bit problematic I guess, it's better to give everything you like privately. But, everyone can see how much it gives and there are sometimes these creepy. Relatives, where they are like watching. Who is giving how much and then they're judging them or who, this person gave only this much let's, do the same on there all the wedding so we're gonna give them little money as well and, stuff like that okay so the actual, wedding. In. Turkish traditional, weddings, I'm going to talk about, like the traditional. Side which my family has usually because, there. Can be some different, weddings as well but, traditionally. There, is no alcohol involved. In Turkish, weddings but, like, I said there, are families, who, have alcohol in their weddings not, in my family no alcohol. And mostly. Like. The food. Served, is just, some. Pieces of cookies, or. Like, a plate, of some appetizers. It's. Very rare, that you have, a wedding, where, they serve, actual. Dinner, food, and the, wedding cake when they cut, the wedding it's a bit boring if you don't have anything but. On the other hand our weddings are not as long as yours it's just four hours and usually people like if it starts at 8:00 people, usually go at 9:00 and leave it like they stay one hour and leave but let's talk about what they serve in, Polish, weddings I guess this is very different, because you get so because, like let's start before the food before. You get into that the place you are getting, as a couple. Who just got married you're getting bradwick so and vodka. Shots and they are eating and, they are drinking. Behind. And. Never. Empty. If you, taking, away new food is coming there, is always like on the, tables. People, are sitting around together, they, have fun because there is what come each, corner. In. The morning so, another, thing I want to talk about is the tenses. In your wedding their dances, are, so. Simple they're like either, holding, hands and walking in, a circle, and this is a dance I'm like what. Are we doing or, there's, this dance, I'll show, you this doctor. I, don't. Know exactly how it is but doc. They're. Like 5 years old but unlike the 50, years of uncles are doing this dance in the wedding is stupid. What don't, you like about it. It's jokey these are kids then do, that on the wedding in. Turkey there are a lot of different, dances like the North is different.

East Is different, West is different, and, usually. In the weddings there's always like. It's a mix of those songs. Are playing from all sides of Turkey and like not. Everyone has a bit from the Black Sea side right there are, people from the like the middle, part of Turkey and red tie to this kind of dance like. Like. My foreign friends are, so impressed, by this and, there is you. Know this one you do, everywhere, this no. This is the this. Is the meat country. Dances. Like Ankara, ok. There. Are a lot of different, dances and like most people know this kind of things there is the the. Raw roman harvest which, is what, I don't love this. This. Dark mangage. You. Know this one I can. Remember this kind of music and like we are a lot of different. Styles of music and, I think our, dances. And, music. Are, much more fun I am sorry I'm gonna have to take. The win on that one you have. But. Sometimes they also play, polo that's better, this. Is more not. That simple I mean it feels simple, this is just one step that, you do but you walk around all the all, the, wedding. Area. Everyone. Is doing if it's kind of fun but it's still boring because it's the same all, the time. But. What when you were doing this is not the same it so you're doing this for three minutes I mean is changing, good an hour three, minutes and he's changing 3. Min and we're doing dark for three minutes and later we'll do a napkin for two. Minutes. And. Late there is a far, far away there is a train but. The docks is just this and then, the other one is just holding hands and walking and, you're doing that there. Would. Be none. Of that okay, I'll show him our this it's, not just your sitting, it's. Not just your like, this you're just using, this you're. Turning, you, can do like do, you so I don't know you can change it up you're just holding hands and walking like this, because. You're wearing, this because. You're waiting for someone who'll give you an absolute peace, this. Was not napkin, game all your cousin's, wedding we were just walking like this I. Think. That's all we already talked a lot so if we missed out anything no I want to say something. Because. We have something good and you don't have that. Listen. To me now. We, have song books. We. Have books on each. Table very often there, is songs. Lyrics. Lyrics and. That's. Been. Sometime is going out from the stage and they're walking around and, they are just starting to like. Encourage. People to start, to sing together and this is easy because people, know that in the lyrics because their books, on. Sometimes. People because they are bored they're starting, to think on their own because why not, yes. Yes and what else oh the next thing we, can gain. At, the midnight it never happened to me because, I've never been on this kind of wedding, but apparently sometimes they do them for example the ballgame I know how they, put balance on their asses. Make. The. Movement. Yeah. The. Girl has balloon on the ass, independent. Can be annoyed that the guy is trying, to. Think. Of a pin. Yeah. But, like you're its actual yeah, it's. They never never seen he known my eyes on. Eyes but from, the you're. Not allowed to play that game if you're ever in LA ok so I guess that's all we have to talk about about, weddings, in Turkey and Poland if, you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to, my channel and his, channel, and see. You on another video. Thank, you for watching goodbye.

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Polonyaliya Tarık Mengüç dansı yapmak

+ALFA 5000 kardes ben milletimin insanlarini seviyorum basak kalici uzun vadeli bi gelecek hayal ediyosa bu cakalla olamiyacagini bilip gördügüm icin uyardim memleketim insaninin heba olmasina razi gelemem uyarmak benim insanlik vazifem ha dinler dinlemez kendi bilir bide basagin belki kendine göre baska plani vardir onuda bilemem ne deyim ALLAH hakkinda hayirlisini versin demek düser bana bu uyaridan sonra demi hoscakal alfa 5000 kardes

+yrl skr bende bilirim bu polen erkeklerini tek bildikleri geberene kadar sabahlara kadar barlarda içmek ve uyuşturucu kullanıyor bir çoğu bir oç erkeğine denk geldim az kalsın beni suça bulaştırıyordu Almanyada kızlarala röportaj yapıyorlar hangi milletin erkeğiyle sevgili olmak istemezseniz diye bir çoğu polen erkeği diyor Arap erkekleri bile bunların yanında über elit kalırlar Genellemek istemiyorum fakat %75i böyle erkeklerinin Almanyada kaldıgım bölge polonyalı dolu polen erkekleri sabahları parklarda sokaklarda toplanıp arkadaş gruplarıyla ot çekiyorlar Hadi alman erkeği isveç erkeği falan kaliteli ama polonyalı erkekmi bundan hiç emin değilim

+Ohladymary T hadi len oradan her sene kaç bin alman kadını ve türk erkeği evleniyor anyakyada orada burada tanışıp her gurbetçiyi genelleme

İstanbuL not Constintentanopulopulos 1453

+Lost in Bordeaux erasmusta çok düşürdüm sağol.

ali x ben kızım, ekşide meriçlere sallamaya devam et belki polish kız düşürürsün ahsjhahdhahdjaj

+Lost in Bordeaux Meriç seni. Polonyaya gitseydin görürdüm

ali x valla bende pavelin yerinde olsaydım bende başakla beraber olmak isterdim. Çoook güzel bir kız, bakmasını bilene

Evleneceginiz zaman nasil olacak mesela sen kliseye mi gideceksin yoksa parvel e imam nikahimi :D aklimda deli sorular

Hahaha yoo ne kilise ne imam. Resmi nikah olur sadece

Yeni nisanim oldu. Sen boyle anlatinca uzaktan o kadar sacma mantiksiz geldi ki... cok gereksiz ya suan farkettim

Soktumun salagi polonyada fıstik gibi kızlar varken bu kezbani ne yapacan mk

Aynı bayrağın altında yaşayan, aynı kanı taşıyan, aynı vatanın evlatları olmalarına rağmen birbirlerine karşı bu kadar hakaret eden, gömen Türkler kadar başka bir millet daha var mı acaba? Erkekler kızlara, kızlar erkeklere binbir türlü hakaret ediyorlar, yakıştırmalar yapıyorlar. Türk erkeğinin Türk kızına arapça yalancı anlamına gelen "kezban" kelimesini kullanmasının, Türk kızınında Türk erkeğine keko, öküz, kamil vesaire yakıştırmalar yapmasının sebebi ne? Bu bir kısır döndü, böyle ilerler gider. Bir de, ne meraklısınız farklı bir insan, farklı bir çift gördüğünüzde saldırmaya? Bu çekememezlik niye? Bu kin, nefret?

O senin kendi düşüncen... Yabancı erkekler Türk kızlarını çok beğeniyor ve değer veriyor o yüzden pek çok Türk kız artık yabancı erkeklerle evlenmeye başladı. Yuvalarında da çok mutlular. Senin gibilere de internet köşelerinde ağlamak kaldı.

+ALFA 5000 Kadın cinayetlerinin, kadına şiddetin zirve yaptığı ülkede sen Polonyalı erkekleri mi yerdin? :DD Polonyalı erkeklerle evli Türk kızlar var, yuvalarında gayet mutlular. Bizim kültürümüzle tanışınca gayet iyi adapte oluyorlar, sen merak etme.

+cey cey banane aq

şaka olarak bile uygunsuz buldum yazdığını... onlar birbirini seven güzel bir çift daima da yalnızca beraber olacaklar

I don't know from which part of Poland Paweł comes but I come from Wielkopolska region and in our region we also have a party called "polter" in Polish. It usually takes place one week before the wedding. People come with empty glass bottles and throw it at the wall to break it for bride and groom's luck :) a bit of fun and a lot of mess :D

He is from Rzeszow and he has never heard about this apparently. Sounds fun! And a bit dangerous haha

Başak sana sabır diliyorum. Ne kadar geri zekalı varmış bizim ülkede. Hepsi yorumlarda kuduz köpek gibi kudurmuş da kudurmuş. Çelik gibi sinir olması lazım bunları okumak için

haha hepsi benim kanalımda ya sorma alıştım

+Mazlum Arslan binlerce türk erkeği gavur kadınlarla evleniyor ya? git Allah'ın çifte standartçısı... zaten mantıken kız aldığın yere kız da verirsin. senin kokuşmuş çifte standartçı düşüncelerine göre ortada dengesizlik olur ve türk erkeklerinden çok fazla yabancıyla evlenen olduğu için türk kızlarından türk eş bulamayan olur... mantık ve denge... kız alır, kız verirsin... dünyanın her yerinden kız alıyoruz, dünyanın her yerine de kız veriyoruz. türklükle de bir alakası yok. sevmek bu, senin aklın ermez. gavur'un sıçtığı boku ye. senden efendi, senden akıllılar. kimsenin de dinden vazgeçtiği yok. herkesi senin gibi baskıcı mı sandın? dinini bırak diye baskı yaban yabancı hiç görmedim.

Cok beklersin kudur ezikliginden kendi kendine hic sorun degil

+efsunkar nağme ulan lafa gelince türküz dersiniz ama icraate gelince gavuruna yarağını yemek için dininizden vaz geçersiniz

+Başak Yıldız Te zamanda enkazınızı göreyim o halde

+Mazlum Arslan sana ne insanların dininden ya da dinsizliğinden? kendi inancına laf edilse zırlarsın, gelmiş burada ahkam kesiyorsun. komik canlı


+Başak Yıldız yani dinsiz olacaksın bravo tipinde zaten müslüman tipi yoktu iyi olmuş cehennemde odunun bol olsun müslüman sadece müslüman ile evlenir neyseki orta yolu bulmuşsun türkiyeye gelipte buralarida kirletmeyin sakin

seninkinin kabuğu gitmiş, kesmiş biçmişler, yamuk yumuk küçücük bir şey, kompleks yapmışsın. aklına direkt oralar geldiğine göre sende kesin kompleks var. zavallı kesilmiş canlı.

kudur blocked.

+efsunkar nağme kabuklu seviyosun heralde

senin gibi kamil değil yabancı erkekler... internet köşelerinde pasif agresif takılın öyle. atı alan üsküdarı geçti, Türk kızları yabancı erkeklerle çok mutlu.

Türk erkeklerinin gururusun md a. Anana da desene bunları göstersene internette yaptığın yorumları?

+Lola Kylee senin o gariban anacığını sike sike menapozdan çıkartırım merak etme, hatta önümde yalvar yakar köpeğim olur amk çomarı. Eğer varoş ananı yeni nesil kızlarla bir tutuyorsan, ohh tam seks oyuncağı o zaman.

+cey cey ulan embesil, aynı şeyi diyoruz işte. Gidin kabuklu beylerin kucağına oturun, mutlu olun ne halt olursanız olun işte aq. sizin buralardan soyunuz kurusun, turk kızı denen beyinsiz varlık yok olsun da gerisi önemli değil.

Ulan orospu çocuğu senin anan da Türk kadını değil mi gavat oğlu gavat siktir git tuvalette otuzbir çek barzo seni

Kendisinin sanki ismi var da ne oluyo hahaha ismi var beyni yok

+yrl skr youtube da neden tanitayim ki .d alt tarafi video izliyoruz ne gerek var .d

ohladymary t kusura bakma da bi ismin yok bi cismin resmin yok sen türk erkegiyle evlensen nolur evlenmesen nolur bi resmini koyup kendini tanitacak cesaretin yok kalkmis türk erkegine laf ediyosunuz helaliniz var nedeyim alkisliyorum büyük cesaretinizden dolayi naapim siz gibilere baska ne deyim

dedi kamil... :D


Stupid damn fucked Turkish!!!!Ne kadarda meraklisiniz aq vize icin her turlu yaragi yemeye.Yeni nesil kevase

Ok mix.

Das geht gar nicht Nişan düğün kına sind total leeres sachen Leider die meistener türkischer mädchen sind "kezban" Das heißt auf türkisch frecher mädels Sie sind also sehr feministischer und dominanter da siecht man ja auch Also sie wollen sehr teuerlicher hochzeiten zu haben sie wollen sofort heiraten und kinderkrigen Und die meisten erwartet den lebenshaltung von männern Sie wollen nicht zum arbeiten gehen Alte schweder sind wir verpflichtig frauen zu leisten?

Rozumiem, że chcesz pokazać, że mówisz po niemiecku. Gratulacje. Ale to nie ma sensu, bo nikt cię tu nie rozumie.

Dla mnie to mało znacząca sprawa, a dla mojej rodziny już nie. Więc chciałem im zrobić przyjemność.+Kawa po turecku

Jeżeli jesteś ateistą to po co chciałeś wziąć ślub kościelny?

+ali x bok seviyolar .d ha bok ha siz zaten

+Ohladymary T hahaha yaw seviyorlar esmerleri napiyim şimdi :)

link paylaşmayalım spam'e düşüyor

+ali x heee onlar da kuduruyodu turk erkegi diye .d erasmusmus ezik bok seni ordaki eskortlar bile bakmaz turk erkegi comarina kendi pis fantezi dunyanda kudur

+cey cey ya sen ne diyorsun aq uza

+mert pişken burası interaktif ortam aq. isteyen istediğine cevap verir. senin umurumda olup olmamasının önemi yok

muhteşem bir çocuk, kız da çok güzel. çok yakışmışlar.

bir yorumada cevap olarak yazmış neymiş sürekli Türkiyede taciz ediliyormuş laf atıyorlarmış o yüzden plolonya ona cennetmiş bide sürekli erkeklere saldıran feminist tayfadan bahset bakalım mesela bir kıza sadece tanışalımmı derse bir erkek sonu ya hapishane yada hastahane olmazmı ? hadi bunlada kıyaslasana avrupayı ? avrupalı kızlarda polise şikayet ediyormu kendisine selam veren erkeği ?

Kiyasliyim hemen tatlim. Polonya’da birine hayir dersen bir daha mesaj atmiyor seni rahatsiz etmiyorlar. Polise gerek kalmiyor. Turkiye’de birine hayir dersen orospu, kezban oluyorsun, pesini birakmiyorlar, takip ediyorlar, taciz ediyorlar, tecavuz ediyorlar, olduruyorlar. Olmezsen polise gidiyorsun belki ama polis de bir sey yapmiyor zaten ne hastanede ne hapiste oluyor sonunuz maalesef. Keske dedigin gibi olsa da butun tacizcileri, sapiklari, tecavuzculeri, katilleti hapishanede gorsek.

Nasıl düğünlerimiz 8 de başlayıp 9 da bitiyor ya? Bizim burada düğünler sabah başlayıp akşam 10 gibi bitiyor. Sen hangi düğünü tarif ediyorsun acaba?

+Başak Yıldız teme

Ne tonda yorum yaparsan o tonda cevap alırsın. Bye.

+Başak Yıldız tamam, agresifsin.

Ilk yorumuna bak ve bana gene agresif de bakalim

+Başak Yıldız çekmek istesem emin ol çok güzel çeker çok da güzel açıklardım

+Başak Yıldız 2 yıldır seni severek takip ediyordum, meğer ne agresif biriymişsin, sana hayatta başarılar

Bizim dugunlerde olay kuru pasta + dugun pastasi + kola/fanta/meyvesuyu. Seninkinde olmayabilir. O zaman seninkini anlat bir video da sen cek.

+Başak Yıldız pastadan kastım kuru pasta

+Vatanım Sensin ?????????? Bunların düğünü sabah'a kadar sürüyo öğlen başlayıp. Evet onlarınki kadar uzun değil? Evet yemek verilmiyor çoğu düğünlerde o yüzden "yemekli düğün" diye bir kavram var? Polonya'da vardığın andan itibaren tabağın boş kalmıyor sabaha kadar yeni yemek geliyor. Ben Türkiye'de hiç kuru pasta ya da ordövr tabağı dışında yemek verilen düğüne gitmedim. Yok mu? Var. Daha varlıklı ailelerde genelde. Benim ailemde yok fakiriz demek. Pasta verilmesi nasıl nadir ya gelinle damat pasta keser sonra konuklara dağıtılır o pasta. Düğün pastası ne o zaman?

+Başak Yıldız "Genelde" 9'da gidip 10'da kalkıyoruz diyorsun sonra da düğünlerimiz sizinki gibi uzun değil diyorsun, yemek verilen düğünler nadir diyorsun, asıl nadir olan düğünlerde pasta verilmesi

8de başlayıp 9da bitiyor mu dedim? 8de başlayıp 12 gibi bitse de biz genelde 9 gibi gidip 10 gibi de çıkıyoruz dedim. Ben kendi gittiğim düğünleri tarif ediyorum 80 milyon kişinin düğün tecrübelerini, geleneklerini tek tek anlatacak halim yok.

Çok yakışıyorsunuz ! :)

Kes bos yapma

+Başak Yıldız kim kezban diyormuş yada taciz ediyormuş hayır diyen kıza ? normal bir şekilde konuşana soranı bile hemen sapık ilan eden feministler var ayrıca Türkiyede bir çok kız nerede keko serseri varsa onların peşinden koşar sonrada ağlar dururlar Türk erkeği öküz diye Türkiyede maço erkek olmak kızların gözdesi olmaktır kızların istediği maço erkektir sonrada ağlarlar e bir çoğu hayran maço erkeğe ? onlara göre erkek dedediğin dağları delecek kavga edip dövüşecek diğer efendi erkekler sünepe sizlere ve onlara göre

Herkesin dugun sizinkiyle bir mi aq yoruma bak

Seni ilgilendirmez

Sizin taraf zengin demek ki

Aminnnn canim

ali x siktir git evlen o zaman ya senin fikrinin ne onemi var herife bak

ali x kendini bi bok sanan turk erkegi bu nerde gorsem tanirim

+mert pişken yaw he he kamil... kıllı ve öfkeli seni

+efsunkar nağme nalet şişkolar shshshsh uf iki eglenemedik


+melisssa coksun beğenmedin mi kezo

Aq tipe bak elemandaki ya

+Berfin Su Yaycı yavşak sensin amk kaşarı

+melisssa coksun Beyinsiz benim yorumum seni neden bu kadar ilgilendirdi sanane benim yorumundan gerizekalı kaybol şurdan

Türkçeyi savunan yavşağa bak daha Türkçe yazamıyor

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