PORTAL TO HELL | Exploring Houska Castle, Czech Republic

PORTAL TO HELL | Exploring Houska Castle, Czech Republic

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Sweet. Foods likely a great gateway to, hell. Hey. Guys thank you for tuning in to amy's crypt i'm currently in the czech republic and since, it's such a beautifully. Dreary, eerie day, i thought i would take you to one of the most haunted places in the, country kosko, castle, this place is said to contain a portal, to, Hell I'm gonna explore, the exterior, where it's quite creepy. Before, we go into the castle but I'm also going to take you inside and, tell you all of its ghost stories and why this place is so well known as being a haunted location. Alright, it's. Freezing, and foggy and the castle. It's. Made so much more creepy by all of the creepy stories. That. Are you, know told about it and this. Forest, is. Creepy, in itself that surrounds, this place it's quite remote and hard to get to. Sorry. Guys I should actually know what. There's, nothing on it that I can read other than. 1987. I don't. Think no that's original. It's in this fashion. There's. A little bit creepy. Just. Speak. He cave. My, instincts, tell me to go inside but, now I'm like maybe, there's an animal living in there. Jag. Can't fun Joerg. It's. Just a, little. Cave. With. Some plastic. Sort. Of hole in the wall over there. You. Know what but, it's. Kind of nice in here it's, warm, yeah, so guys it's like what. Two or three degrees Celsius out, there and sitting, down with rain and. I. Should. Also mention. Just. Behind the scenes factor dating scripts we don't always plan the best and we get to these places and they're remote. The, lady who is staying with at the moment dropped us off here and we, don't have a way back and, so. It's about a two-hour walk, down windy, roads in the hills like, to. Get back so I, only. Just, sleeping. This cave I'm, not let's go back. Not. A bear cave but I don't know that it's wise going, into things like that near, a place. Where. There's. An underground, portal, to Hell it. Was warmer in there well. I'm, guessing how it would be pretty warm. Gravestone. It's. Not stains around I one, thing I should also note is. This castle has a lot of windows. On the outside but. I read. Online that a lot of them are kind of fakes and that, there's just wall behind them and that's, another mystery, about the car so I hope it, just has fake windows I just. Found something else that's kind of odd, a. Little bit cool little bit creepy the. Big. Rock. Here with. What is like a cave, house, I know. It's like it's been the. Cave has been worked, in and it has a door going into it being. It. No, and, just. Opposite, is this cute little. Chapel. We. Are never building, down here. So. We're currently in the chapel, and this is the place of greatest, interest to me because this is where. The, hole that leads down to hell, is, said to exist, underneath, the floor here so. This chapel and this castle, is, rumored, to have been built on top of it to conceal, all, of the negative, spirits, and negative energy, even demons that were coming out of it, so, guys I just want to give a bit more information on Oscar castle and its you know main story, which is below, this chapel the supposedly gateway to hell many, years ago sort. Of in medieval, times there. Was a massive, pit that was seemingly bottomless and, was very, frightening, to villagers because those always, sounds. Coming from it and it was said that demonic spirits, would, rise. From, that bottomless pit at night and just, terrorize the locals yes, later, Houska. Castle, was built and this. Castle was mysterious, in. Itself, it doesn't really. Have. A purpose, and, it. Has no fortifications. It's not on any trade routes so, it doesn't really make sense why, this castle, is here other, than to, cover up, this hole so, that's, the, rumor how many people believe that it exists to kind of track those, nasties, below, our feet there's other stories about this hole as well before it was covered there. Was supposedly, a deal made with prisoners. Who were sentenced, to life that, they could go free if. They would participate in an experiment, where they were lured down, into, this hole so, the story goes that as some volunteered, for this so they could go free was bought into the whole on her work just, to, see what they would see down there and, after. A while they, went completely silent. So. When they started to scream, in, terrorized, and agonize. Pain. So. They were pulled up and it said when they were pulled up that this prisoner, had, aged 30, years or more and, the hair had turned completely white.

They Were completely, in shock and, it said that they had lost their mind and shortly after they died so maybe. It's all for the best at this place, or a silver overrun covered up. Back. In the, chapel, and this is supposed to be built directly over, a gateway to hell and, it's. Quite. Beautiful it's a small room but, it has a very interesting history there's. Also. Some. Relevance, and, significance supposedly. To the frescoes. On the walls, that all of the paintings, on the walls of the chapel some. Of them have some meaning. There's. One over here of a female, center just behind me and she. Is left, handed which back in the day was supposedly a. Symbol, for evil, she has a bow. And arrow that she's stretching out, and. Then. There's a, few. Others over here as well. So. This painting only. Displays. A dragon. Which, is a medieval, symbol, of evil, and I, was, reading all about these paintings online which are supposed to be quite old and. There's. A lot of interest around them because these sort of, avian. Or signs of evil not. Comment, or do they displayed inside. A church or a chapel. See. Since, that portal, is directly, underneath. Our, feet there's. A lot of EVPs. That are claimed, to be. Captured in here there's also a lot of claims of people hearing, what. Sounds like screams. Of. Pain and. All sorts reverberating. Up through the floor of this room so. Maybe we should. You. Want to get down and press it into the floor jar. And. Maybe we use a ghost tube and see if there's any weird sort. Of magnetic. Fluctuations. Coming. Through this room. How's. That feel. Oh. Freezing. Right. Now let me have a listen. All. Right guys I've started for coding it goes to obsession I'm, just gonna walk, around and, then see if we, get, any magnetic, spikes. There. Was, just. One here, then. It spikes. Dick, spikes. Dick. Spikes. That. Was odd. Maybe Tricon closer to the floor. Check. This out it. Does it again. Initially. I did see it. I. Don't. Have, checking. Yeah. I don't have the check. I. Had. Either a yell or a goat or something. Later. And watch those magnetic fluctuations and, just double-check. That they actually happened I don't know that they need anything it just means that there was a fluctuation. In. The magnetic, field here that the phone picked up on. But. It's interesting. So. That's right now I'm in the courtyard, of Cusco castle and this very gloomy.

Jerry. Day so, it's, kind of a good spot to tell some of its other ghost stories, so, besides the portal, to Hell there's. Also a few spirits and creatures, are said to roam around the castle there. Is a human. Cross frog. Cross Bulldog creature, that has sinned roaming, the grounds there. Is a, parishioner a ghost of a headless, person, that's, often seen in this very courtyard, gushing, with blood then. There's also their disembodied, voices and, screams that. Are so common here a lot, of shadow figures and, poltergeist, activity, have. Also been reported, so other than the, suppose, it gateway. To hell there's, also a lot of ghost, stories and spirit activity said to occur here I might also just mention that. Supposedly. During world war ii this castle, was occupied, by Nazi Germany and there's, a lot of rumors. As to why they occupied, the castle it's not, actually, really well-known but, people, do say that they did are crazy medical. Experiments, on people here, and. There's. Also other rumors that they specifically, chose this castle, so they could interact with the portal to Hell I don't, know the truth behind those claims but there is a lot of Meishan as to why, they actually did occupy, this, castle. That. Oh. Thank. You guys so much for watching I hope they enjoyed this tour around husker castle, if you did please remember to Like comment, share and subscribe that way can keep taking you to these creepy places if, you're looking for a bit more reading on horsecar castle or other creepy, haunted places head, to amy's crypt calm. And remember. Guys until next, time stay spooky. Blazing. He who. Has to watch mean thank you we're, on our way back. It's. Like. How. Easily the trail we took which I don't know if it's doubling here thanks. Dad this, is 13. Kilometers. We're. Walking free. Probably. The creepiest, scenery ever, I'm. Such a turd freezing, cold, my. Jacket is like quite free already. And.

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Milia Miglino Macabre Mondays. The video has caught the attention of cult of weird on Facebook. She is on youtube,Facebook,and IG.

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Thanks again Gregory. Really appreciate the support

Eh, maybe - but I guess it depends where in the US. There are plenty of places I felt less safe hitching a ride in Europe, too. Romania, on the other hand, felt quite safe after doing it the first time. It seemed almost normal there - even the locals were doing it to get from town to town. In Australia it is a big "no no", no one does it or recommends it at all.

+AmysCrypt it must be a lot safer to accept rides from strangers in Europe than here in the U.S..

We typically try to find the cheapest way to get from city to city, or country to country. In Europe it was mostly by rail or overnight bus, same in India, too we have been taking a train between cities. To get to places like this, though (e.g. a castle), it really depends. Some are accessible by public transport, others are not. For this particular one, we stayed in a town that was approximately 13km from the castle. The person who owned the bed and breakfast offered to drive us to the castle, but we had to find our own way back. In this case, we just decided to follow the hiking trail, though it did take longer than expected. We ended up hitching a ride for the last 5km. We stopped in a local cafe to warm up for a bit and ask directions and the girl that worked there kindly offered to drive us the rest of the way. In India, taxis or even private drivers are super cheap, so we will likely be doing a lot of that to get to the actual monuments.

+AmysCrypt how do you two get from place to place. Everytime you do a video you talk about doing a lot of walking....just curious

Hi Gregory. Sorry for the late reply. Jarrad and I are currently traveling through India and have been disconnected from the Internet for the last 48 hours (pretty much since the live with the Strangest). Thanks for watching our interview, our videos, and also for commenting. It is much appreciated. I hope you enjoy the rest of our videos. Funnily enough, our interview with the Strangest almost never happened due to lack of Internet.

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Thanks Kavitha. Hopefully I can go to the USA soon

It was built in the 13th century (1200s). But it is well maintained and operates as a museum today

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Oh I will definitely be back in the UK one day, for sure - too many places that I didn't get to visit this time round. Perhaps in the next year or so.

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It was very similar to the one in the Nun, hey? In the Nun it had that hole underneath the chapel, too

Cool!!! Hope you enjoyed the vid

I highly doubt it, lol

Thanks Jaqueline. It took so long to get back as well, and the forest was just as spooky as the castle

He sure is haha

Thanks Mark - good suggestion, hehe maybe one day

Not yet, no.

Thank you so much Ratna. I am currently in India. Any suggestions for haunted places?

It is run as like a museum, so noone is living there, today

Yeah it really does - a creepier version anyway haha

AmysCrypt Hola ✌

That is a beautiful place.

I believe it. I believe people have seen all these things.

AmysCrypt as you know I am a Christian man so I will always be here to give you blessings!

Check out cult of weird on Facebook. Their Christmas shopping guide is one of the kind! I like the poison coffee cup! Stay spooky!

AmysCrypt wicked as usual

Yeah bhangarh fort in Rajasthan its very haunted

This was one of the most epic videos I've seen on the subject. Very good, both of you. We know there is at least one portal to hell, and it's supposed that Nazi's did dimensional/ portal experiments in the 1930s. Three Nazi bodies were unearthed, all of them executed. Do you think they had gone mad?? I know that far away from Prague, away from trade routes there was no other reason to build this chapel, other than to stop up the hole from hell. If I lived anywhere near there, I would have definitely helped build it. It would keep me awake hearing screams and goat bleats from this hole. And if I had children, you would wonder if the demons would kidnap the innocents. There seems to be a fetish of Sheep and Deer horns on those walls. One would certainly have to hunt for their own food out there. Maybe there was curiosity, lowering the animals into that hellhole. There is/are entrances to hell (https://biblehub.com/job/38-17.htm) I think the point of the argument, why do bad things happen to good people.... .sometimes we would be crushed by the answers we received if we were revealed the truth. That man that aged 30 years from just being lowered into a pit might have been shown some of these things, he should have not known. I'm not sure what building there were "fake" windows, but I've read that the chapel had thicker walls in the basement, to keep the entrance to hell corked up well. Thanks so much for all you do!

Thank you for watching and always contributing and sharing in the comments. Apparently, some of those horns on the walls are world record holders (I wouldn't know much about that though). It is an odd location for a castle. Some people pointed out that the blocking of windows may have been to do with taxes on properties. At some point in time in some parts of the world, the property tax was based on the number of windows a building had. Thanks again

"This tree is a gateway... A gateway between two worlds" -Ichabod Crane

Creepy place that’s awesome where’s it I wanna staying overnight

You and me both!!!!

I'm from czech republic

Those screeches sounded like some kind of bird to me. Very creepy place!

Hi Amy this is paul kilbride in ireland what you are showing castle in check was the movie balsa the nun from the conjuring was it filmed there it just looks familiar I've never been but I feel connection to that castle love all your vidieos keep up the good work

Whenever it's looking dangerous, send out the Jarrad Cam lol you guys are so cute

Hell yeah!! HAHA - He loves it.

Awesome video creepy forest .

Thanks Rohan. Yeah the forest was one of the creepiest parts, lol

Is that the castle from the nun?

+AmysCrypt you're super brave. I'm new to this channel but I think it's amazing already.

Nah, but with the hole it certainly shares some characteristics. The nun was set at the Carta Monastery, but was actually filmed at Corvin Castle - I have videos on both these places if you are interested. Here is a link to Corvin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ14MrCm3cg

Great work.

Was that cave a root cellar maybe?

Maybe! A good theory, though it was empty. Thanks for sharing Shell

Very welcome amy

HOw many of the so called haunted places are really haunted according to you? ( I find you very honest in your visits. Other youtubers call everything haunted or scream every 15 seconds)

+AmysCrypt True. I guess history is what causing the fear and folklore is keeping it alive for many places. Interesting.

Hi Dimitri. Most of my encounters are very subtle (and in almost all circumstances, cannot verify 100% to be paranormal). So, I remain skeptical... but I still enjoy learning about the history, legends and recounts from these places as I keep searching for more proof.

That is so cool, cuteunicornwww! I loved it over there and really want to return one day soon!

Thanks, Lori! They very well could have been! Makes it creepier to me, as I'm so scared of birds, haha!

Thank you so much, Paul! Glad that you have been enjoying the videos! This is not where The Nun was filmed, though this castle's story reminds me of the movie so much! I do have a video based on where The Nun was filmed at Corvin Castle. I'll link it below if you want to give it a watch! Thanks again!

I think magnetic source can project you anywhere

I think you are awesome but please make your videos longer........ we want more girl xx

Thanks Beverly!!! Longer vids coming real soon



Thanks Judy.

great vid ,mega camo hugs from ft knox ky

+AmysCrypt youre very welcome, i do variety,an love paranormal

Thanks Dustin. Merry Cryptmas and Spooky New Year!

Sorry you have to go through all that to get us this video... but I hear walking is good for you... stay dry stay warm.. until next time, yes I will stay spooky...

Extremely creepy shit...wow... I was totally creeped out buy this video.. creepier the better... I hear it's a little warm in hell.. so I'll let you know as soon as I get there... bring us more creepy shit like this.. you're totally AWESOME.. love you, the stay spooky girl....

maybe that taxidermy room is why you were hearing goats screeching. its their spirits....


+AmysCrypt You'll find spiritual armor to fully protect you .. ... this is not religion.. Its ancient techniques..

Oh thanks for clarifying! This is interesting, I will look into it. thank you

+AmysCrypt I am a student of Shingon.. you should study this

+AmysCrypt I believe there many ways to travel .. what's the difference between astral travel and opening a dimension ? is my real wonder

Hi Nick Nick - Sorry but I don't quite understand, but what do you mean?

- cool video, Thanks for showing us this., (And all those Ram heads, what's up with that)??

The rams' heads freaked me out! Did not expect to see them

Thanks Bruce. This one was a fun one to explore, but unfortunately the interior of the castle is only by guided tour, so we had limited ability to investigate/explore

Perhaps!!! It was such a creepy room. Those poor animals


Thank you so much Darlene!!! Hope you had a good Cryptmas!!! Perhaps some of them did. They say this place was built over the hole to seal the demons within, so I think some of them also had good intentions.

Just so u know, Amy, hell is a real place. Its located in the center of the earth. Human souls pour into hell every day and they are trapped down there and are tormented for all eternity by demons.

If you go into that cave after dark you get a free cuddle

A free cuddle from a cuddly bear

Amazing video i am from Brno city in czech republic and we dont have metro so we build under hill tram tunnel in 1970s and begining 1980s end the construction and inside is very scary some girl die in there https://www.kafelanka.cz/mista/trstola.php

Wow that is spooky. Thanks for sharing, I wish I got to see it while I was there.

And we have scary forest in czech republic (les bor)

Please come to India the most haunted place in Asia The bhangarh fort in Rajasthan ❤️

That was a awesome video

I just subscribed, your videos are very fascinating

In 8:42 there was something behind you

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