Special Report: Trump meets North Korea's Kim Jong Un in the DMZ

Special Report: Trump meets North Korea's Kim Jong Un in the DMZ

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Meeting with North Korea dictator, kim jeong-hoon at, the military, militarized, zone that, separates, North and South Korea you're looking at live pictures right, now from. The pool this. Is just moments. Away just, feet away from where the actual line of demarcation is, at he, will be the first American president, to meet with a North Korean leader at the DMZ the, meeting comes just days after President, Trump first, tweeted, he would like to meet him on his trip to the Demilitarized. Zone for, a handshake, and again we expect the, President and President Trump any, moment, to come, out and then if, goes to plan as. Described. By President Trump we do expect kim, jeong-hoon also. To. Arrive, and then they would have at least a handshake, we seem. To be getting some. Sort of indication, that it's about to happen as, we do wait for this let's go to Richard Engel who's at the Demilitarized Zone reporting. For us and Richard as we watch some of these live pictures it looks like it's ready to happen right now we see President Trump actually coming, out and let's, listen in. I've. Never expected to meet you at this place. Excellent. I think aim to step forward you'll be the first u.s. president across, the bow. Here. Moment. Trump. Has just, walked, across the demarcation line that, made in the first u.s. president to, visit earth, Kingdom. Shame on pasta Margot. E4, channel news for words from her. We, expect, it through in Japan for the g20 we came over and I said hey. I'm over here I want to call up some Chairman Kim and. We got to meet and stepping. Across that line was a great on a lot of progress has been made a lot of friendships have been made and this has been in particular a great friendship so I just, want to thank you that was very quick notice. So. We're gonna do a little. While about different things and a, lot. Of really positive things, are happening I'm. Glad you could be here to say it but tremendous. Positivity. Really. Great things are happening and, in a lot of places but. We. Met and we liked each other from day one and, that was very important. Great. Conflicts, in this area great Greek conflicts, and now. We have just the opposite. All. Of us. And. History, was made as you can see there president, Trump meeting with kim jeong-hoon as, well, as moon. Jae-in the president of South Korea and, Kim. Jong Un's saying that this was a moment in history that a u.s. president, had, crossed over and was in North Korea for the first time and after they had that short walk they're, now on the South Korean side in. The, building adjacent to these three, u blue UN, buildings, we. Are not sure what they will be discussing but, during, this, entire. Meeting which would seem to have been put together last. Minute according, to what the president, says it.

Turned Out to be a historic, moment and our, chief foreign correspondent who. Has been at the DMZ, has. Been there watching, all the comings and goings in, the lead-up to this richard, engel as. You saw this, that. You could not help but think of the historic, moment certainly, of a, US president. Walking. Across that demarcation. Line, that you have so. Well described to us throughout your reporting. This. Has never happened before technically. The United States and North Korea are at war this. Demilitarized. Zone has been in place since the, end of the Korean War or since the two sides stopped, fighting and it. Was built for this purpose it was built for international. Diplomacy, it was built as a safe, space where hostile. Parties could come together many. U.s. presidents have visited, the DMZ. But, no US president until just a short, while ago has. Actually, crossed over into, North, Korean territory so, we saw was, president Trump arriving. The South Korean, side walking. Up to the, physical. Demarcation. Line between North, and South Korea a small. Cement, barrier, it's just a few inches high about a foot wide waiting. There for Kim jong-un to arrive once. He did the two leaders as. President Trump crossed into, North Korea took about 20, steps exchanged. A few words with Kim, Jong and then, Kim joven as if to repay. The, the. The diplomatic, gesture turned. With the president and the two leaders came, back to that demarcation, line crossed, over it entered. Into South, Korean, territory and, then went, and met, with the South Korean president all of this a symbol, of diplomatic. Progress all of this to show that these three, parties, who fought one, of the most horrific wars, of the of this century, are now getting, together in, the Demilitarized Zone, in a place that was built exactly. For this purpose then, it, didn't end they. Spoke. To some. Reporters, the pool reporters, who were brought in it was a bit chaotic it was a bit messy real. Time events real time history often are, messy, events and then, the, three of them went into. The. Into. Freedom house on the, North Korean, on the South Korean side and are. Continuing. Their discussions. There. Had been rumors that this would happen, but we didn't get a confirmation that this kind, of meeting was going to take place until a few hours before it did and we didn't know until right. Until you saw it on live television that, President Trump was actually going to take that one, footstep but, a very important, one footstep and become the first u.s. president to, cross into North Korean territory yet, many of our pictures that were able to show were from the pool reporters, there that were scrambling. As you were describing to. Get every last moment there and and, that in the mix of also, having North, Korean, media as well and this is video that we're getting and I believe it's live in. The very. Room where, they will sit down and talk now President. Trump and Kim. Jong-un in fact let's just see if we can listen in for a little bit to see there's any audio that we can pick up. This. Was a special moment this. Is I think really. Prisoner. Mr.. Moments. Fact that we're meeting and I. Want to thank chairman. Kim for something else when I put out the social. Media, notification. If. He didn't show up the press was going to make me look very bad so, you made, us both look good and I appreciate it but we've, developed a great relationship I, really. Think that if you go back two and a half years and you look at what was going on prior. To my becoming, president, it was a very very bad situation, a very dangerous situation, for, South. Korea for North Korea for the world and I. Think the relationship. That. We've developed has, has, meant so much to so many people and. It's. Just an honor to be with you or there was an honor that you would ask me to step over that line that I was proud to step over the line I thought you might do that I wasn't sure but, I was ready to do it and I, want to thank you it's been great good. During historic, they were just saying one. Of the folks, from the media was saying this could be a very historic, moment that, I guess that's what.

Straight. Up back. Straight. Back out guys Thank You. President. From Kim. Jong moon short comments, with the press now being asked to leave as you can probably see about the trunk Jared Kushner with. The president during his g20 trip you can see Mike Pompeo there Secretary, of State as well as others that were the president very, short remarks as they now undertake, what appears to be a meeting this, is the details have not been put, out necessarily, of what they will be talking about or for how long at this moment but, we have as you've seen these very, pictures, of this historic, moment of President, Trump walking. Across as he said he stepped over the. Line and, stepping. Over the line here. Richard. Angle still with us at the moment stepping. Over the line this time meaning. A lot certainly, for, at least a photo-op and certainly for the history books here, but, then the the tough stuff remains, here Richard Engel and and what will be next when it comes to North, Korean, US. Relations. Well. I think this is absolutely, designed. To be in the history books and president, Trump kept, referring, to that the, question is is he, rewriting. History right, now and, there are certain aspects, of his visit in which he does absolutely appear. To be rewriting, history, he, talked repeatedly how, before. He came became, president, the relations. Between North and South Korea. Were incredibly, tense that they were on the brink of war but. That it was only through his election his arrival and his special. Bond and friendship that he delivered a bond of friendship which was clearly on display, today. With the the, chairman, of North Korea Kim Jong on that. President stop saying without that bond, and friendship things, would have been worse potentially. Even have led to war the, reality, is the. Tensions, between North and South Korea, dramatically. Spiked, after president, Trump got elected, there was tremendous, rhetoric. And insults, with President Trump calling the North, Korean leader the same person he is embracing, right, now as a friend before, he was calling him little rocket man North. Korea was exploding. Nuclear, weapons, inside. Of its mountains people in South Korea thought that the two countries were on the brink of war so, there, is an aspect where President Trump is now, congratulating. Himself for. Easing tensions, that he also helped. Create but, it, is still a historic. Moment it had not been done before and it, will be he will go down in history as the first u.s.. President to. Cross into North Korea but what is still being written is the.

Why Why, did he do it did he do it in order to rewrite history and paint himself as a, as a deal maker as a peace maker is he trying to distract. Or. Is, he trying, to restart. Negotiations this. Is the third summit. The third meeting that, the two leaders have. Had president. Trump initially said it's just going to be a handshake, it is turned out to be more, than a handshake with, the two of them going into that conference, hall a conference, hall that was set up you saw you, American. And North Korean flags so, not all of this was as spontaneous as, it's as, it seems so, now they are entering into meetings, and, what. It would appears to be a could. Be a brief but, I third a third summit. Richard, engel our chief foreign correspondent they're, there to dmz the breaking news president, Trump meeting, Kim jong-un, at the DMZ and being the first u.s. president to cross into North Korea. This. Has been an NBC, News special report our merger louis for more continuing. Coverage you, can go to MSNBC. You. You.

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