Street Food in Brazil - RIO DE JANEIRO Brazilian Food + Attractions in Rio, Brazil!

Street Food in Brazil - RIO DE JANEIRO Brazilian Food + Attractions in Rio, Brazil!

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Hey everyone hope you're having an amazing day at smart Queens I'm in Rio de Janeiro Brazil this, is a city I have wanted to visit my entire life I still, can hardly believe, that I'm here I'm thrilled. And locally. They actually, say helo de Janeiro which is the the real way to say the name today, we are gonna go on an ultimate. Brazilian. Street, food tour of Rio we, are gonna eat some incredible, food we're gonna go to some of the most famous attractions see some of the iconic, sights of Rio it's going to be an incredible. Unbelievable. Day and I'm gonna share all the food all the attractions, everything, with you in this video, Valley Oh Rio, de Janeiro. During. The other. Need. May, happen here huh yeah total bang somewhat, presumed to have by Zeki. Gillette, me we, got you good morning, champions. Breakfast again. Hey. Thank. Oh well we call him as Manero Manero mean it is like when someone, born in the miniaturised, state so he's from being a Jedi say which is administered next, to Rio, de Janeiro actually, he has a bicycle. Cart. With. An amazing. Double. Oh. Yes, he dried his chili sauce. Together. But. His double, his, like bunkbed grill, design is amazing. The double where's he has them grilling on the charcoal on the bottom and then on the top there just kind of smoking so they get the smoke so they get like slightly. Cooked until he moves them to the next level that's. A fresh batch. He. Sets up in the morning starting at about 7:00 a.m. like on the edge of Copacabana at this corner it's like a it's, like an intersection, where there's like three or four roads coming together you, can smell, the smoke just, like protruding. Off the grill like rising, into, the hills and it, smells, incredible his. Sausage, he makes this sausage, sandwich, grabs, a loaf of bread adds in, a duo a, twin. Of sausage, to the bun he. Squeezes, in some of his homemade sauces which he keeps on ice so they're fresh all day long then adds in some cheese a double, sprinkle of cheese finally. Followed by salad, this is what you want to be eating for breakfast, in Rio de Janeiro yes. The. Double. Oh. My. Students. With. Though over together and. What's so cool is that it's like he's on the street food corner and he's like part of the community everybody, knows him like everybody, that goes from all directions they, just yell at me nettle what, a sausage specialist. I like this aroma here at the podium you. Want you want that to soak into your clothes the rest of the day. The. Mini Nettles. Perfume, your ladyship immunity. Olive. Oil mentos. It on. Ankita. Okay. We're. Ready to go man cheers, Cheers. Oh. Wow. Oh you keep on doing the, garlic enos of the sauce the garlic enos of the sausage, we got addicted that is like, there's a dick that is like immediate.

Mmm, Addiction, and another thing you can tell us how he just slow grills, the sausages, so they have this like really smoky, but, also this like grilled. Caramelized. Fatty. Where. Skin. Around, the sausage that just like that, just snaps as, you bite into it you stop don't open eyes the SH has done much to them the atmosphere, here the friendliness, of Nanette oh that's. Salty, sausage, with that sauce and those toys, that. Is truly an outstanding breakfast. I'm gonna move in for a little more chili and oil. Oh. Yeah. Jim, you feel sewage -. There's. Literally nothing, else you. Would want to have for breakfast when you're. In. Rio de Janeiro when. You are here really good your friend the sausage, smells amazing. I enjoy. They did see a lot. With. The chili. And. My last bite I got a little bit of the sauce on my shoe I think I'm just gonna keep it there for a souvenir. Oh. Yeah. It's. A double decker this, is one of those snacks one of those sausages, that's too good to stop at one know this story okay. That. Like mayonnaise the herb sauce that he makes it goes so well with that sausage with that bun with that lettuce with. Those choice. I think, I got a little paper on that bike. Oh God, over together, with. The winner with the winner window.event ciao, man. What a man, of the community, what. A special. Man what a man representing. Pierre, de Janeiro, Brazil. Oh man, that was a, superb. Way, to start the day we are now heading to what is it, easily is one of the most iconic one, of the most unbelievable, one. Of the. Representing. Sights. Of the, city. Can. You see it. That's. Where we're heading next. One. Of the things that's so, incredible. About just. Driving, even being in Rio de Janeiro is that the, hills, the, nature, the jungle, it's like a city like literally, that could be overtaken, by jungle, the hanging vines the green cliffs, the it's, it's a spectacular, spectacular. Landscape. The beaches, which we'll be seeing later today but. The city is just unbelievably. Gorgeous. This. Is the creme de Corcovado and Corcovado is like a hump like a camel's hops because the rock, the cliff the mountain, that Christ the Redeemer is built upon looks. Like a hump, so I actually pretty booked tickets online 65. Hey eyes per person we got our tickets now here at the booth. The. Cable car is it it's like a cable car what kind of a tram yeah it's more of a tramp oh we. Got you okay. Okay. Cool it's gonna be a 20 minute ride and we are literally destroy. Going straight, up, the slide. The mountain. We're. Going into the mist into the clouds it's gorgeous. Just, to think that we're in the middle of the city in the middle of Rio de Janeiro the massive. City and this urban. Rainforest. Thick jungle, is, steep. Up the camel's back up, the camel hump, we. We're, even starting to get into some of the clouds now. The. Tram went up 700. Meters, onto. The the. Rock onto the hump and now, some. Flights of steps, to. Get to the Christ. We. Just ran up those stairs. That. Is a beautiful, morning. Workout, oh. Wow. That's. My first time to gaze up. That's. Surreal man. And. Then get to the end of the walkway and just that view, over, real you, can see the beaches, the. Unbelievable. Landscape. Some. Of the city is still covered in clouds were above the clouds on this massive, pillar, of rock and even you can I can't even describe it just.

To, Say a few words like I've wanted, to visit Rio de Janeiro wanted to visit Brazil since. I learned about it way back when I was a kid and this, was one of the landmarks, one of the icons, that I had seen I said I have, to. Go there in my life and so to be here this is a hugely. Special, moment for me it's, it's a, more. Spectacular in. Person, than. In photos and just, looking. Over the city if Jesus Christ is 30 meters high made. From a combination of sandstone, and concrete. Sitting. On a massive pedestal. On top, of a 700. Meter just like literal, pillar, of. Stone. That just comes into the sky, blanketed. In jungle. Overlooking. The bays overlooking. The addition at all its. It's. Like a speechless, sight. To see and it is one of the new seven wonders of the world okay final, quick view but we got to move on we have a lot more Brazilian, food to eat today but. It is it's. Beyond words. From. Here we're gonna go visit the sell-out own steps, which is another icon, of rio de janeiro colourful. Ceramic, tiles going, up a staircase. It's. A place I've wanted to visit as well we're on our way there now very. Soon I think ill head mate just jumped out at the car to go buy coffee. That. Is much better now. We're really on our way good. Stuff cheers. Cheers. So. Love. It oh that's good coffee doing one thing as we're driving I really want to ask you is how, do you explain, the word Vallejo. Hollywood. Be many. Ways. Like right on thank. You no problem how, are you I'm. Fine that man is explaining to us if you give a thumbs up and say value like. You're good to go that means like thank you no miles, use me you'll get smiles you'll, immediately. Have a connection that's like one word that you have to know where in real by, the way it's like a slang, from real. Yeah, here I bought this one at LAX, Airport, in Los Angeles this. One at Honolulu, Hawaii yes, that. You only want one propeller wooden one from Hawaii you gave them 12 years ago years ago so you met the artist he knew the artist that since this is. One of the most iconic one, of the most colorful one of the most beautiful, staircases, in the world featured. In so. Many videos, and. Depictions of Rio de Janeiro and just, the colorful, tiles the yellow tiles, the blue tiles the red red, was the artists favorite color the artist Celeron he was Chilean. From Chile but, even loved, Rio de Janeiro he loved his community he, started building these steps just 20 years ago the steps were empty but, he turned it into this just gorgeous, gorgeous space. Snoop. Dogg's favorite Kyle Noke dog's favorite pile all cut off it's. So bright so vibrant, so colorful, so like such. A. Like. Rejuvenating. Happy, staircase. Steps. We. Are at Cafe, Rex or locally it's called cafe Hecht's kazar Azul normally almost pronounced like an H but. This place is known for all sorts of food especially, for there from the asado which is roasted. Chicken which just roasts. Over charcoal, on a continuous. Rotation, and. Rotisserie spit, this, is an amazing. Open-air. Environment, they have kind of a bar counter seating you, can sit right at the bar and they. Have some tables, along. The sidewalk, on the outside. What's. Amazing about this place is that they still use charcoal, over fire that, makes all the difference they, they're, pretty high like a foot above the charcoal so it's this very slow, rotisserie, roast over the charcoal and you can just hear them kissing, away of the juices, as the fat drips down from those rotating. Chicken. That's, hot. I. Was just asking what's in these coconuts, and, without, like okay yeah I just wanted to know what's in them immediately, he grabs one of them opens, the Clark and then just starts pouring its cash ASSA which is the famous. Brazilian. Cane sugar liqueur so I'm just gonna have a very small, sip just a taste. That's. Actually like, it's. Really, it's, we can really taste the coconut. So. What he does when you order the chicken takes it off the rotisserie, and then he gives it like a final scorch so he puts it into a metal grill. Puts, it like you're right above the charcoal to give it that final.

Smoky. Crispy, edge then he chops it up and he does an amazing job, at plating it he's done it many many times so just like the, drumsticks, are on either end it's like it's like repositioning. A chicken. So. We decided to have a bit of a meat feast or lunch today oh ho, ho ho ah there's. So much meat this is a whole plate of oxtail, we got an entire chicken some, sausage, and he just bowed out out an entire piece of juicy beef, that's like meat as far as the eye can see what, a meal so much meat. Obrigada. Packs is the place to be access the voice to be gotta, start with that chicken and just, that skin, a little because he gave it that final roast that skin is just so perfectly, golden so good perfectly, crispy, like, it doesn't even get that good when you deep fry it that's. Like only the work of fire. Nana. What, makes two quail. Chicken. But while it, is so crispy, and the meat inside is so tender and so oily. Perfect. Let. Me assist you. An, impressive, bottle, of chilli sauce which, in Brazil they just like absolutely. Understand. The importance, of chilli sauce in any, meal and every, meal that you eat. Drizzle. The chili oil. Pick. This guy up. That is a sausage man it's almost like what we had earlier this morning but pattern. With. Everybody the entire jokes are just like juices, in your mouth that. Skin just kind of snaps. It's, a beautiful sensation, meatiness, he's, opening it up deposits, opening it up taking, the screw up are the real chilies in that. What. An amazing man dumped out some of those chilies, with that oil the, actual chilies. I'm. Gonna break up my bite here with some of the 500 which is a it's, all over Brazil it's a cassava. Powder, starch. Like. A part of a staple, that you can eat with me you can eat with anything. It's, really good because it's kind of it's. Heavy but it's light at the same time and it has this kind of crispness to it. So, regular has, that smokey like. Bubbly. Kept. Her from being roasted over the fire that's, like eating a whole block of cheese with. That chili it's really nice. Hello. Now, we got to move on to the oxtail ha bad that corn like giddy on my. - made no IDs do you one of the best in real. For, our film. It's, so tender like. Butter off, you're gonna want to lick everything. It's. Tasty, just add a little chili oil to that. There's. Like ultra, tender melting in your mouth. That's stunning follow, that with some of the vegetable. I believe, that water crash. How's that Christmas - it had, that green flavor I love, it that. Breaks the richness of, the. Oxtail, and it's all deserved with some potato on the side as well. And. Then finally the steak the, meat. It. Almost takes me dry-aged it has like a most that complexity. Cheesy flavor cut real, quality meat add. A little chili chili. To this. That. Means Pender really flavourful. Valium. And these guys are so. Cool George mood. Obrigado, man. He saw that we I mean the food was outstanding but he saw me loved the chili sauce he, gave us this entire bottle, oh man. That is that's. From the heart that is awesome. One of the coolest souvenirs ever and, like this is like a bottle like you'd want to eat but, I'd want this to like sit. Next to my computer at my office while I edit videos, this. Is a trophy. Mona. Got away with. Over the guy from here we, are going to in Panama and Copacabana beach is two of the most famous beaches in, Rio. Probably. In the world. We. Made it to world-famous in Panama Beach this is just down the beach from Copacabana, which is we're gonna go afterwards but, the beach it's such, a long sand, bake it's so sunny it's, so iconic this is also known as a very high-end neighborhood. Of, Rio. And so there's a lot of trendy shops there's a lot of condos, very, high-end, condos, the, beach the, beauty is beautiful. We're. Meeting your friend on the beach yes he served his, sort of like kind of like iced tea awesome. And in one cat it's just, iced tea the other one's kind. Of like lime juice lemon juice awesome. And you can mix and just walks the beach he walks in there he is right there. Sarah, oh my. He. Takes credit fire burns every part by, the or. Myself. I better, put him on super-simple. Hi guys, machete. Obrigado. This, is iconic, Rio, drink, half tea half lemonade, I love his setup takes. Credit card in the middle what. An awesome guy just like walks up and down the beach. There's. Nothing like a refreshing beverage.

Oh Yeah. We're. Very good with the window that's, so like refreshing, it is, cold, you, taste the tea you taste the lemon freshness it's sweet this, is a Beach beverage. The. Beach is stunning, the sand is stunning, the water, is clear, and blue. The, sand bank is huge, and just that, view of the mountains, of the clouds of the green jungle in the background, it's, spectacular like, the. Beach is stunning, the, Rio, is stunning. Market awash with a choice of a mentioned visual saga so, this is also something you have to eat on the beaters have the its, iconic real, snack. Go. Both globe, oh yeah global, and it's a cassava. Tapioca. Or starch. Crunch, kind of like puffs yeah you can feel they're like puffs they're almost like onion-ring puffs yours. I, like. I prefer. The sweet one but I like oh yeah, you can taste the thicket, ah but kind of has that sour taste it, it's. Very very Airy it's, like one of those things where you bite down and win. It once it hits your saliva just kind of like collapses, and like turns to nothing, in your mouth and, it's good to eat with why, we're having the tea. Those were kind of addictive. Let's, see if I can fit a whole one of these in my mouth. Go. There. Okay. Super. Cheer up Amira. Next. Up one of the most iconic drinks, to drink on, the beach or, throughout. Rio is a caipirinha a. Caipirinha first. It's a wine you like sliced, up an entire lineup and put it into a little bucket with, some sugar mash, these, matching, that up right now and, then definitely some cash ASSA is gonna be involved. So. A cup of ice as well and mashes that in with the lime as well so, no not to me acaba linguish, here yeah, yeah mhmm. Wow Neela and when I started, Taylor's off the ball now. Lunch. Reminds. Me. He. Puts like literally an entire cup, of cachaça in there shakes, it in that Tupperware, until, it's like fully frothy, Brazil, on the beach that frothiness. Those, shaking, skills so, she's straight lime sugar, cassava. That, is a beach drink right there that's, sour that's frothy, that's strong, that's. Icy. Refreshing. Citrusy. That. Is really strong I'm just gonna take a couple a couple sips I just wanted to taste it because it's such an iconic Brazilian. Drink of Rio drink but. That is really strong. Calibur, together. From. Here we are just going down the beach to, the next Beach which is Copacabana. And. This is such a long but it's so amazing. How, I'm. In Rio de Janeiro it's a massive, it's a huge, City, but there's so many beaches and not just the coastline but yeah the actual sand, beaches that are clean and swimmable it's, impressive. Oh yeah. That, is very refreshing very cool, just, there's. Nothing more pure I say this every time I drink a coconut. Copacabana. Beach it's a four kilometer, stretch of sand and behind although it's like I'd have blocked by buildings, you can just see the the. Tip of it over there is, Sugarloaf. Mountain in, Portuguese, it's called pao de azúcar and it's called Sugarloaf. It. Is called Sugarloaf, because, it resembles. The sugar loaves how, they molded the sugar sugar, from. Brazil and. On. Copacabana. Beach Sugarloaf. Was a little bit far so we just took a drive this is called the red Beach in an area called Eau de here this is another beautiful beach just a small beach of bay with rocks, massive. Rock pillars on either side, this, is another stunning, another stunning beach right in the heart of real. We're. Stopping real fast that place called bar Erika which is a legendary.

Corner, Restaurant, since 1939. It's just kind of like a counter, takeaway you can stop in there you can eat a snack you can have a drink then a lot of people buy and then, go across the, street where they have a, ledge. Overlooking. The sea and sit on the wall in Positano, and pas de to come out awesome which, is a little it's a little cake. Little pie pastry, stuff. To it coming out which are shrimp most like crumbles, in your fingers, as you pick it up and then it looks more crunchy, on the top and then more soft on the bottom. Yes, I'd like the type of pastry. That. Just sticks to your lips like like lipstick, when you take a bite so Chili's Thank You men. Yes. Both. So unbelievably. Crumbly. And buttery. If. You're not careful, like, you'll take a bite and. The entire thing will just like Oh laughter New York call after in your finger because it still stopped so incredibly, crumbly, this you got a little bit of shrimp in there, no Oliver. We're. Gonna go to another restaurant kind of a boutique style it is a blue TECA which is a it's, a bar but a restaurant, with lots of food has very, good food and then we have more street food to cover as well so we're on our way I. Think. I was saying Buteyko, before, but it's actually both a coal and it is yet a bar. It's a neighborhood restaurant, they. Have they. Specialize, in all sorts of food oh we, have some big tuna here what, is that look some. Big theater crackling, can, I it's, the, chicken but yes. Supergirl. Deco. Is the type of place you can find all sorts of dishes especially, a lot of meaty, dishes, a lot of like, french. Fries, fried. Meat, and then typically, with drinks. As well. We're, starting with Bellino defeat, wallah and the Baleno this is like a little snack, but fish what are the videos, so. There should be beans in, here. That's. Like an entire feijoada. Experience. Like. Wrapped into a little a little. A. Little. Thing and then deep-fried well, that's awesome there's kale in the middle you can definitely taste the pork in it - and then that crispy, edge I'm. Gonna hot sauce in. How, long has he had this place two years not this bar but other bars. Look there goes signal running what. He's. 75, years now so for starting. When he was 15 years. That's. The portrait I brought. Package of MOC. It's. Pork leg, but it looks like ham like, it looks like it's been cured, it looks like it's been salted, and smoked. One job and then you squeeze on some lime it's served with onions and olives on top and then you eat it with the mustard. Oh. Slices. Of Hamelin onions. That mustard is wonderful, like the blue technoculture is it is, it for dinner or is it before dinner no it's actually for the entire day usually. After lunch but it's like entire day but usually only weakens, hold it yeah kinda like that one snack snacks are like a whole meal no no not a whole meal is just more snacks and drinks snacks with drinks during the during lunch Samba takos they serve meal. And. Then next for this like like fried fritter and, a vegetable with onions on top as well it. Almost looks like a fluffy, batter. Omelette. Oh. Not. Like an Emma little more, like a pancake like, a fluffy batter okay we got one more dish some, fried pork with, the skin so it's kind of like crackling, and pork together and then, the fried, chicken, butts, Samba, ketta and it kind of is like the. Entire chicken. Tail. Flap. Fatty. Material fully, deep fried to a crisp it's golden brown that looks tasty. Delicious. Fried. Cook fresh crunchy. Kind. Of leathery something, in there and kind of fatty and juicy, and here's, the pork I'm gonna add a little bit of that sauce, to it. Well. That pork is just like. Completely. Fried. To a crisp meaty. Leathery. Deliciousness, to it that's a dangerously, tasty, porky snack okay you just brought a little sampling, bowl.

Of Fried eggplant at all. That's. Awesome as well I was. Just like, dangerously. Crunchy, now you could just crunch, on that all afternoon long yeah we're on our way out but, the owner really wanted us to stay to try his fried Skaar like eggplant looks, like it's battered and then, covered in some garlic oh that's hot. Or. A moon. Or. That. Is delicious I love the scarlet eggplant it has this bitterness, to it and then it just kind of like melts in your mouth with. The crunchy batter, I named. Him times. Of. Frito-lay. I've. Been in Sorrell it's, such a nice man such, an amazing, man he wanted us to stay like he just he, wanted us to say he said more food more food more food awesome. Awesome, guy wha. What a legend. From. Here we're driving, back towards the center of town towards Copacabana, where we're gonna finish with one last street food snack, it's another thing that you have to eat when you're in real. The. Chicken. But kebab. We are actually, like literally, in, the same spot as we began this morning which was right, there, oh I think you can see some of the drippings, of the sausage down below here but literally right, next door 12, hours later this is literally 12 hours later he serves, all, sorts of different kebabs, there's meat kebabs there's chicken, butts there's chicken, there's there's. A variety, of many, things there just like this, kakuzu. Kofta, kafta, kabob oh I love how he kind of like triple, stacked them so, even the ones that are fully cooked gets smoked until, they're purchased, until they're bought build up his, wife valaria, she. Cooks amazing, food so she's gonna sit on serve. Some side dishes on the side yes. Hahaha. We've. Elevated. Shop. Obrigada. It's. Pretty cool to make it a full complete meal, on a stick, if they take victim kebab of meat and, then she dips it into a bucket, a Tupperware. Of cassava, powder that way you have your meat like, coated, in cassava powder so it's kind of like you. Got your starch it's like the equivalent of a bun having some extra starch to go with your meat even, though it's still mostly meat add. Some sauce sweet. Oh and, these are the chicken butts right an entire store of chicken butts that is a lot of fattiness, on a skewer. All, that what is amazing. Alright, so front, dude so. Crispy, so fatty, you've. Got that dry cassava powder on there which, gives it some body some starch some. Filling. Nest, and then, with that like vinegary. Spicy sauce. Good. That is good the. Kita man man that's awesome. Some. Big data right here it. Smells awesome. And the tapioca staccato, move Miguel stop it Richard snap, it up don't wish to that one good, run, except. Just. Onto the street oh. Yeah. Crunchy, actually. Nice. Look patty let's, their money goddess, of ASEAN. You. Think I'm good topic aqua. Is the Coptic kebab there's cheese inside as well and, he is a character. He just told me to turn off the camera and eat so, I will keep, the camera on but I will eat.

Way. Too hot to eat in one bite so that is extraordinary, patriot. Oh Sasha, oh. Man. Honey girls okay. Top the kebab your wonderful. Success. Your thing miss them Froyo for then. I'll let go. Because, of this intersection, behind. That's. Like that's. Like a motorcycle. Motorcycle. Taxi, station, so people wait in line I think a motorcycle, up, the hill and, so it's just too tempting for most people they cannot resist the. Smell that's all you know much as lures people in and like, they you see lots of people just calling him in line we are moving over to her buffet, line which is amazing. Home-cooked food literally, brought from their house down the road is. There any meat in other as we speak yes. Sausage. I've. Been to magazine. We. Had in bellies of, heme. Kind. Of like Rosina chicken salad. You've. Got hip, down to tell you. She, adds some rice she adds some pasta, she adds some of the fish what Roberto which is some of the beans with sausage any, chicken hearts. And. He put on a chicken, heart skewer kebab on top of that plus some more of the cassava powder cocoa, heart, what. A soda Galina. All. Right Gill head man this is the final dish of the day. Oh well. We're gonna March are amazing fresh. Off the grill salty. Bouncy. With. Those onions with that salad that's. Like a to, go Rio styrofoam. Box of deliciousness, I. Love. It with those onions with that mix with the cassava with the chili sauce with, those carrots like, the whole package everything, like, Oh some, of the fish what I got a, petal. And. It just tastes so good when you like mix everything you. Know you might not even know what you get on your pork but. It's amazing home-cooked, food on. The streets of Rio. Loving. It building. The people loving. The food loving. The atmosphere, and what a perfect way to end this ultimate, Brazilian. Street food tour of real. Hmm. Okay so we've come to the end of this incredible. Ultimate, Brazilian. Street, food tour of Rio I want, to say a huge thank you to get ahead of men Rafa from real for fun and real or food they offer tours, Gehenna. Is just amazing to hang out with he loves to eat he's. Knowledgeable. So knowledgeable, about real thank, you thank, you Mark was a pleasure man was an honor to have you here by the way men welcome, to Rio Thank You men what, on. Our. Country, welcome to Brazil from Rio de Janeiro we are gonna be traveling all there's, gonna be a few more videos in Rio, but, then from Rio will be traveling around Brazil. Learning, about Brazilian food eating, Brazilian, but it's gonna be an amazing time we're gonna have some incredible. Food so if make sure you subscribe click. The little bell icon so that you get notified of the next video that I publish, you're, not gonna want to miss this entire Brazil, series, but, you know a lot of City it's unbelievably. Gorgeous like one of the most beautiful. Landscape. Beaches, mountains and jungle scenery you will see the, people we met have been incredibly. Friendly and hospitable and, welcoming I. Won't, like I mean it, is a city where you do need to be careful you can't just walk around with a camera you need to use. You. Need to be careful, with, things, you need to be, careful but. Then the people that you do come across are so welcoming, they're so awesome they're so cool, it's such a cool, city I've, wanted to visit the city for as long as I can remember since, I'm a kid so I am just overexcited, ecstatic. To, be here and today, just sums, it all up this was an ultimate. Ultimate. Day in Rio okay, I'm gonna stop talking now I want to say a big thank you for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you and if you're not already subscribed click subscribe now also, click that little bell icon thanks, again for watching see, you on the next video.

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Add some chilli so I can’t taste the true flavour!

Please come in Pakistan plzzz

I am watching this video while fasting (Ramadan), and mouthwatering

Not the best atall.

Love to brazil from pakistan

This video is so great i didn’t notice it was 42 mins amazing


Chilli freak ruining the true flavour!

Great video! Since you are in south america, you NEED to come to Argentina and taste the real flavour of meat. You wont regret it.

looks yummy

Mark how do you stay so slim ?

Hey Mark, when you are visiting Dhaka?

Mark.... Have you considered writing a diet plan book, you are a walking legend to eating and staying slim and hungry..

"He puts his sausage in the bun"

I got a feeling that this could be the best series!!! Amazing food, amazing people, amazing place!

Nice video!!! I hope i can visit Rio too. Where is ying and micah?

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Thanks for elevating our culture to a worldwide level where it should always be. Valeu! Which btw can also mean, it meant a lot! Valeu! Please put down here what VALEU also means to you so the gringos will learn more about it!

Chicken it's everywhere, from indonesia to Brazil

Why tf is joel here????

Mark you sounded a little slow... hope you're not sick

where is Ying?

Wow mark nice job I'm from Ethiopia I love Brazil

Hit like for Pakistani street food

be safe there mark

you are my inspiration sir!!someday i wanna be in from india keep going.

Ohhh mark u so laki am form ethopia I love Brazil


Your the favorite one..

Thank you for coming Mark! I appreciated your affection for our country. Wonderful video.

Mark you tavelled almost around the world.. I only noticed most the most happy people with their street food are so delicious unlike the most rich country.Rich country prefer to rat with finist restaurantsI noticed also HAPPY PEOPLE are all your subscriber....thanks for the all your videos.

Thank you for taking me there Mark really appreciate it thank you

Oh wow thats delicious..


Get that sausage Joel! I love it! Love watching y'all. Respect and love!

It is with great starting and a great architectural zone

Hey Mark came to South India

Where's Micah

Ramadan Kareem,Mr. Wiens. Greetings from Medan,Indonesia ❤

Amazing city lots of stuff . Complete combo . Keep eating and keep safe . Love from India

“Oh wow”

super vidio bro pls come to india state bangalore bro

Boca de lagarto represento nesse vídeo do Mark, valorização total das comidas de rua carioca. Parabéns.

Pessoas do brasil são muito amigáveis, a música, e a comida está melhor. Brasil!

lots of love for you❤ why micha and ying are absent in this video?

..Always Amazing Mark - Have Fun -Shout-out to Joel , Ying & Micah

So many beautiful people there


who is watching fro karnataka ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ

I just realized in your videos that u are a huge fan of spicy sauce/food, so I invite u to know THE REAL DEAL spicy food in Brazil which’s the northern food, made with the Tucupi (a yellow sauce extracted from wild manioc root in Brazil's Amazon jungle), here we have some traditional plates made from this sauce such as: Pato no Tucupi (Duck), Tacacá (mix of native herbs and salty shrimps), anyway... it’s too much of good food to only talking. I can help you with abode. Just say the word.

ok since there is a single thumbs up button thats all i can give but this video is more like 3 thumbs up

We love from India

Mark: this is the best ice cream in the world . Wait a minute add a little chilli to it ummmmmmm

Man im hungry

I was there some years ago, met many nice people.

Awesome rio

eye balls lips assholes

I need to go to Brazil

Did u went to watch UFC327

Love everything except the "muito bueno " part...

kaway kaway sino ang lumolunok ng laway habang nanonood,,,,wow i feels so hungry mark..hehehe

You ar here?????? OH MY GOD!!!!!

The people look really friendly!

I suggest you go try the food In Liberia

unfortunately, the sea and beaches are far from perfect as suggested by Mark...

Brazil looks like it’s got an amazing vibe! Thanks mark for sharing. Gurillema is a legend

My dream to visit " Brazil " someday

hey Mark!MY name is Alex ,i love food and i will be your sponsor if you want to try romanian food.I am going to offer you a tour of a lot of amazing romanian food.Sorry for my english.I saw that it is impossibile to reach to you...answer me here

Hey Mark, let me know if you come to Porto Alegre (South Brazil)! Would be an honor to meet you in person! :) Big fan here!

I think you chewed on its arse bit !! 31:28 as always loving your vlog. peace out

I like this guy but does he do anything more than talk enthusiastically about random food bits he finds. Give us some history / some process. you're travelling the world eating tasty food as a job, put some effort in.

Best meaty vedio ever

Most over rated city on the planet. It stinks, full of crime and the people are faking friendliness.


OMG that oxtail

@24:22 was that Gustavo from breaking bad

I wish I am your porter so I can travel and eat food with you

VR 46

Wow Brazil is so beautiful

come back to pakistan brother

Hello, come to Iran. It is worth the visit and visit of its various cities. The best Kebab and rice can be found here.

In every second we can see how much is mark enjoying !!! His facial expressions say it all.

Finally you are in Brazil. I've been waiting for this since i started watching your channel!. Cheers!

U should visit every Latin American country and find out all the delicious food u cant find anywhere else

Much love to Brazilians from Pakistan

It's good to go to the beach at midnight there a lot of Hookers and they're beautiful..

Oi como esta?❤❤love from Pakistan

hooe u dont get robe

This video is beautiful!❤️

Demen ti jak lalah tabie anake telah wkwkw

Very nice!! Brazil brazil

Hey Mark, The gear link in your blog seems to be outdated please update it i was confused when i saw the camera model mentioned there was different than the one i have seen in video

aviso: Rio de Janeiro é uma porcaria de estado e cidade, tem roubos e tiroteios todos os dias, não recomendo ninguém a vir para este inferno de lugar, o Sul é muito melhor para se visitar, dica são as serras catarinenses no inverno

Not even gonna lie that's some pretty decent Q at 15:00. I've always heard San Paulo has better food, but Rio is knocking it out off the park here, everything looked delicious.

i was waiting for this video, foods of brazil. i hope you could explore more south american countries as well, definitely will wait for it soon.

Good to see joe again, ur duos is superb and superb video with lots of delicious eating .... good job guys !!!!

Kept asking how you were able to film in Rio!!!!! Anyway AWESOME VIDEO makes me want to go to Mombasa!!!!

Mark wiens why wont you visit czech republic, poland and hungary those eastern europe or even slovenia and croatia the balkans... try them and for philippines go to cebu, bicol, ilocos and davao

Kebab claws wolverine

Hey Mark Sorry to say but , one of your chicken heart it felt down

So cool!!!! why didn't you go to Sao Paulo????

Pls do Colombia

For a video you should go to El Salvador

Where is yieng

Mind your cameras and your other belongings..muggers everywhere in Brazil. worst and dangerous country to walk around for tourists and locals too...but foods are best in there..

Brazil is definitely on my list to go to now! Everything just looks amazing, down to the food, people, architecture, beaches, and overall vibrancy... Oh, and might I just add, I think the guy was meaning, Turn Off The Camera and "HEAT"

All the dislikes are from Argentina.

Sooo happy for you

I heard it's gonna be visa free from US to Brazil later this year, looking forward to that. I wanna to go to Salvador, Bahia.

Mark, I love to watch you EAT, but where do you put this, man if I ate like you I'd be two tons, Then How many hot peppers can you eat, does your other end burn! oh ,my , love your enthusiasm when you EAT..............

l from Indonesia

Great video and beautiful country!

I think he went bad drinking that caipirinha, the disposable cup was missing a part, the table was never washed, the pot that stirred the caipririnha was just the mud. kkkkk this caipinha should be very expensive by the aged slime. Eu acho que ele passou mal com aquela caipirinha , a tabua nunca foi lavada , o pote que mexeu a caipririnha estava so o lodo . kkkkk esta caipinha deve ser bem cara pelo lodo envelhecido .

Does he leave food for anyone else? Cut the sausage in half for goodness sake!

Welcome Marks

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