The Dark Side of Tulum (Documentary)

The Dark Side of Tulum (Documentary)

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Has, quickly become one of the destinations, in, the world. Mexico's. Yucatan. Peninsula. Here. In this tropical climate, the, elevation, is low and the, land is flat there. Are no surface. Rivers or streams. However. Just. Below the ground lies. A vast system of the, world's largest underground. River a. Combination. Of geological. Events, led, to the development of this unique ecosystem. Over. 65, million, years ago the. Yucatan, Peninsula was, a giant, reef covered. By several feet of ocean. During. The last major ice age sea. Levels dropped and exposed. The ancient reef. The. Coral and it's dependent, Maureen life would, not survive. Jungle. Eventually, grew over. The limestone platform. That was left behind. After. Centuries. Of erosion, a massive. Cave system, was born. Slightly. Acidic rainfall. Dissolved. The alkaline, limestone, and made, its way through the ground carving. A vast network, of caverns. And tunnels. Inside. The caves. Otherworldly. Formations. Can be found. Millions. Of, stalactites. Stalagmites. And, columns. Decorate. These mysterious, places. Some. The, size of a pencil and, others. Larger. Than trees. Growing. At a rate of just. A few centimeters. Per, year. As. The ice age came to an end, glaciers. Melted. Sea. Levels rose and, the. Caves flooded, the. Volume, of water in these rivers is so great that it, cannot exist above the surface. It. Filters, its way through the soft porous limestone and, settles. Underground. It. Is. The only source, of freshwater throughout. The entire Yucatan. Peninsula and. Like. Almost all rivers, on earth it eventually. Flows to, the sea. History. Has been found here. Carbon. Dating of artifacts, and skeletons, preserved. Perfectly. By the crystal-clear, water, reveal. That humans, have been visiting, these caves for, over thirteen, thousand. Years. Many. Of these caverns, eventually, collapsed. Creating. What we know today. Cenotes. The. Subterranean, rivers, and their natural sinkholes, which, serve as an entrance to, this spectacular, world. The. Mayans referred, to these sacred sinkholes, as the. Notes, which. They believed was an entrance to the underworld were. Their gods and, spirits reside. The.

Ancient, Mayans were king astronomers. Measuring. Time and interpreting. Cycles, of the stars. Many. Of their most important. Buildings, were, aligned, to, correspond, with them. The. Mayans were philosophers. Mathematicians. Artists. Architects. And warriors. It. Was they who first understood. The concept, of zero and they. Who first cultivated, cacao, papaya. And corn. They. Developed, complex, and accurate, calendars. And perfect. Pyramids, of immense, size. All. While, much of Western, Europe remained. In the dark ages. The. Mayans have always known that Tulum, is special, but. It is magical, in fact. Tulum. Is the largest of just three, coastal, Mayan, cities where, high priests. Were once trained, and. For. Reasons, unknown. This. Great civilization, left. This, sacred land. Some. Say, it was warfare, others. Believe that the Mayans may have exhausted, the, environment, around. We'll. Tulum meet a similar fate as. It. Seems we, may not have learned from, our past. We. Can all remember a time when we were pushed just, beyond our comfort zone. A time, when, we experience, the, thrill of something, new something. Exhilarating. A moments. When the complete, unknown went, from scary, to, wonderful. Creating. A sudden shift that. Forever divided, our lives into. The floor and after. This, is exactly what happens for many of us when first discovering. Tulum. It's. As if a wave of clarity, washes, over you and you, ask yourself, why. Have I not been living here my, entire, life. In. Recent. Years Tulum. Has become a diverse community of, artists. Chefs. Musicians. Healers. Entrepreneurs. And explorers. Thousands. Of people from all over the world now. Call this place home and. Who. Could blame them Tulum truly, provides, everything. That you could ever need. Here. You, will find clear, turquoise, water, compliments. Of the Caribbean, Sea. The. World's largest underground. River for. Cave divers, and thrill-seekers. The. Second, largest Barrier, Reef system, for. Marine lovers and coral, experts. Throughout. The area there are 92, known. Mayan, ruins and even. More waiting. To be unearthed. And just. South of the city the. Incredible. Seeing calm biosphere. A protected. Unesco world heritage site, extending. For nearly. 600,000. Hector's, each. Year, there are more than 300. Days of clear skies for those who worship the Sun there, are thousands. Of mammals. Birds, and reptiles and. Endless. Jungle for. The Wild Ones in. Tulum, the, food is fresh, the. Music is alive and the. Atmosphere. Is captivating. What. More Cantera, dice possibly. Have to offer. Every. Day you're seeing new areas, of the, jungle being, torn, down it's, really devastating. A lot of these projects, kind of have like an eco, eco. Name about them but when you really dig deep and you look at everything that's going on there's absolutely. Nothing ecological. About them, Heather Froemming, has been living in this area since 1998. Back. Then it was home to less than 4,000. People now. Just, twenty years later there.

Are Nearly. 40,000, people living here plus. An astonishing. 2 million tourists, per year you're. Seeing things, grow really, fast and unfortunately. There, is no master plan there, is no infrastructure. In, place, to deal with that kind of growth the. City itself, is only designed to support roughly 10,000. People, two. Looms population. Has grown far faster than development. Of urban facilities could, keep up and, despite. Claims of environmental. Support, by most business, owners -. Looms natural, environment, is that serious, risk, I think, that there needs to be a lot, more community. Involvement on, the part of business, owners who are coming here and really, not giving back to the, community, into the environment and in fact destroying, it for. Profit. Really. That needs to stop, especially. If you're gonna be selling it as this, natural. Paradise, well, you have to protect natural paradise, you have to keep the mangroves, you can't be, filling. Them in to make another parking, lot or to make more rooms the, mangrove, is so. Unbelievably. Important, to the natural, environment here. And every. Single, day more. Mangrove, is getting filled in this is illegal. And. It needs to stop immediately the. Mangrove, is our filtration, system it's our septic, system or natural, way of cleaning, the water and all the water, that goes through the mangrove systems and out into the ocean is filtered. And clean, so, that you have a nice clear, Caribbean, ocean so that you can have coral. Reefs without. The mangroves, you do not have those conditions, so the. Entire, reason that people come here for the beautiful you know turquoise, water and the white sand beaches and the coral reefs is due, to the mangroves, and the, saddest, thing ever is to watch people, coming here making, money and making a lot of money off of the resources, off of the beauty of this place and filling, in the mangroves that's a tragedy. It's it's ridiculous, and that's, something that has to stop now and it. Is no surprise that, two looms reef is already, feeling the effects, sadly. This. Coral, has died. It. Is very important, to understand, that all of Earth's ecosystems. Are connected, if, one. Is vulnerable, the, whole is compromised. Tulum. Needs all of its individual. Ecosystems. To function, properly in, order for the collective, to thrive and much, like the human body one, malfunctioning. Organ will, disrupt the entire system. As we know the reefs are in danger the reefs are, are. Really. Disappearing. There is no secret about that the reefs are. Under, constant threat so, we cannot, just ignore, that, everything. Is connected and we. Are adding, problems, to the width we have problems in the reef because of the global warming acidity. Of the water acidity. Of the atmosphere, and we are adding more so. We, shouldn't be surprised, that everything, is dying and everything is getting, deteriorated. We, are being part of the problem and we need definitely to be part and to, be responsible. To. Lumes environment. Is especially, delicate and complex, due, to the enormous, underground river that flows beneath our feet, think, of this system as the veins of the earth and when they become damaged, the entire area, is affected. Unfortunately. These, freshwater veins, are being heavily polluted, from, a multitude, of. There, is a massive landfill. Right in the middle of the jungle just, a few kilometers, from town, it has, not been categorized, or measured, which, is standard, practice for waste, management and, hazardous.

Pollutants Are currently, leaking into, the supply of freshwater. Fecal. Matter is constantly. Being poured directly, into. The aquifer as a result, of faulty sewage, systems, and, irresponsible. Development, throughout the urban area in Toulon like 20%. It's. Sending. Their wastewater to the treatment, plant so it means that is 80%. The. City. That. We don't know where the wastewater goes. Or. Well we do know it's. Going into the underground, this. Video, was, taken in 2006. Directly. Beneath the, streets of Tulum and yes. This. Is human, fecal matter, it's. Difficult, to watch and even more difficult, to imagine what, it would look like today. While. Many places do, have individual. On-site, wastewater treatment, facilities. Most. Are poorly maintained, and often, leak or worse. The, systems are inadequate. Intended. For just 5 to 10 people while, serving, an establishment. Of over 100. I think it's it's it's, amazing, that, we are, in the 21st. Century and we know better the surface of the Moon than, there are underground systems, and. We. Are in the largest, and biggest underground. Rivers, of the world, and. We need to tell the world, it's. Comparable, to the Amazon, and to the average. But, because it's hidden underground. Is, not so obvious and maybe. We. Flush the toilet and it's coming straight into the underground. Water system, so my, advice to people. That want to come and buy land and and do development, it's, like oh you. Cannot, do, development, on the cost of the, beauty of this place and for, those who deny that, to lumes environment. Is at risk let's, take a look at Playa del Carmen a city, just 60, kilometers, north, of Tulum, also, facing, environmental devastation, in. 1998. Playa. Had roughly 20,000. Inhabitants today. The. Population is, well over. 200,000. And is, expected, to reach 2 million, by year 2025. What. Once was a pristine, coastline, and jungle, has been replaced by concrete, I really, think that we're not prepared, for the. Amount of growth that's, happening. Now and that's going to happen because if you compare it, directly. To what. Happened in Playa there's. So many correlations. And basically, the situation is, almost identical and, this. Exponential, growth does. Not have, the infrastructure, in place in. Order to take this into consideration to. Make the bad news worse beaches. At popular, travel destinations. Around the, world have, already started to close due to contamination, and if, we're not careful this. Can happen in Tulum. In a, place where the likes of Leonardo, DiCaprio, spends his holiday, and Yogi's. From around the world come, for holistic retreats, how. Have things become, so bad well. For one part real, estate developers, have not been very helpful. Heavily. Advocating. For new projects, and pushing, sales. Another. Reason is serious, corruption, and negligence, from the government, and business. Owners, some. Establishments. Have even been shut down by profepa. Mexico's. Environmental. Protection, Agency but. Somehow they. Remain open, for business. We. Have been experiencing. Not. Very convenient development. And it has to do a lot with some. Corruption, and some things that shouldn't be authorized, and without arise in the past and even in the present but. We just cannot put a finger, and blame the, authorities, and blame the politicians, because. In corruption we have two sides we. Have the side that gets the money and we have the side that keeps the money as well, so, why. Punishing, just one side just by putting your finger on one side we have two sides as well there. Are countries like, Rwanda, in Africa, where, law, gives. Punishment. To both sides and then corruption. Vanishes. And there, is certainly no shortage of, money in tulum as the world's elite continued to arrive, this. Is evident, from the area's extremely. High prices and, also. Evident, from the amount of money spent on just fuel, alone, a majority. Of the beach hotels, for an entirely, undies, all generators, they. Collectively, spend, over eight point five million, dollars, a year to power their so called ecological. Establishments. Consuming. Roughly nine million litres of fuel which. Is enough, to drive around the earth nearly, six thousand, times. As. Prices. In the area have skyrocketed. Wages. Have not some. People, making, as little as $4. Per day when, the classified, is so obvious, the, poor community, often, has no choice, but to pollute, and sometimes. They, even resort, to stealing crime, is also on the rise and, intensely. This is a big, problem, that if you don't get a hold of it early. On can get really out of control I think and so. As a smaller, community, I think those are some, of the things that we have to look at before we can keep growing.

-, Looms ecosystem. Has been perfectly, engineered to. Create an environment unlike, anything else, on earth. Will. We destroy the, land that has already given, us so much or. Will. Our community, pull together and. Finally. Change, things. Tulum. Is just a small representation, of, a much larger, issue happening. Across the globe, the. Collapse, of our natural world it is. Time now to, collectively, move away from that narrative towards. A more honest, and sustainable. Society. The. Sepal claims of environmental. Practice, are happening, everywhere, and now. More, than ever we, must be, aware of the dangers, of this false information. For. Instance, while. Plastic, pollution is, a major issue. Recycling. Is not the. Answer, nor, is bioplastic. These. Are merely band-aids. Only. 9% of. All paths that can actually be recycled. And as. We've seen in tulum most. Of our plastic, is not separated. And sits, in landfills. No. Plant-based, plastic. Will ever biodegrade. In these, conditions. Does, that mean you shouldn't continue, to recycle, of course. Not, any effort. Is better than no effort and tulum, recycles, is trying, their best to create a cleaner community. Please. Do what you can to support them. Another. Example, of falsification. Is that solar panels, are the answer for clean energy. Sure. Power, from the Sun is great in theory but, what. Many people don't know is the, high cost at, which it comes. It. May seem like an appealing alternative, yet. Solar panels, often contain, harmful materials. Such, as lead and cadmium, these. Rare, earth metals, which are highly, toxic when, mined and processed take. A heavy environmental. Toll on soil and water and those. Who work and live near the mines tend, to suffer so. What happens to these panels, after they no longer work, well. Just, as plastic, they are not so easy to recycle and are considered, hazardous when. No longer in use and, don't. Forget, similar. Metals are found in, our smartphones, and computers, so. When it comes to environmental devastation, we. Are truly all to blame. Now. Let's be clear the. Intentions, of these alternative. Solutions, are inspiring. But. Why not direct, that momentum, towards, something that is sustainable on all counts. One. Technology, that. Actually, imitates, Earth's natural, geological. Process, is creating. Clean, sustainable. Renewable. Fuels. From waste. This. Means that no new carbon, is being released into the atmosphere which. Is the leading cause of ocean, acidification and. Global warming and the. Reason that fossil fuels have, such a bad reputation. This. Innovative. Process, uses, water heat. And pressure. Just. As the earth does to. Turn our waste into energy it, has even received high, validation. From the US Environmental, Protection Agency. Syn. Pet is currently, collaborating with. HRM, Mexico, for, the deployment of this technology. Supplying. Clean, renewable. Fuels, from trash while, using existing. Infrastructure, means, we can address two, problems, quickly waste. And energy, it is not just a compelling, alternative to. Fossil fuels, but. One that goes against. The current trend. It. Makes plastic, waste highly. Valuable. Technologies. Such as this are promising, and will soon be available but. There are many things we can do right now to, create change in tulum. Money. Must, be used for development, of necessary, infrastructure, such. As conducting more, urban, areas to the wastewater treatment plant, and creating. Better practices. For waste management. There. Are density. Laws and building, regulations. That must be followed this means you should not be building, multiple units, on a piece, of land that is permitted, for just one. Nature. Is our most valuable, commodity. So, please don't. Risk the environment, simply, for a cheap condo, and a so-called better. Return, on investment. Thank. You to those of you who are doing things right and for leading by example, and to. The ones who are doing things wrong we. Are tired, of your mess please. Invest, in proper, infrastructure, and stop, taking shortcuts. Otherwise. As the. Land of Tulum begins, to crumble so. Will your profits. Remember. The. Reason, you make so, much money is because, of the. Businesses. Must without. Exception. Have, adequate, wastewater, treatment facilities. If you, are not already aware. Sargasso's. Seaweed is not, a result of ocean plastic, it is caused from excess, nutrients, in the water more. Commonly, known as fecal, matter so, by pumping your sewage, into the ground you are directly, contributing. To the mass production, of the same algae, that is driving your clients, away. Also. Please, be aware of your energy, consumption, water. Conservation, and, waste management don't. Yield a lot of economic, benefit, but energy, conservation, does. If you. Decrease, your energy, consumption, your, savings, can then be used for.

Protecting And restoring the. Damaged environment as. We. See here, for, the average hotel in Tulum a shocking. 60, percent of energy is consumed, from, just air-conditioning. Alone. Although. You may be new to this place please, be aware of your surroundings. So. If the Wi-Fi, is out or, the shower pressure is low or the, a/c is broken, understand. That you are in the jungle and such. Luxuries, should, not be expected, nor, demanded. Please. Do not use sunscreen as, it is killing our coral, but, if you must make. Certain that, it is reef safe and verify. Every, single, ingredient to, avoid false advertising. Please. Do not visit this place and then leave your waste behind, bring. A refillable, water bottle, stay. At hotels, that want more than just profit, and eat, at places where, the food is locally, sourced, and most. Importantly. Ask. Questions. As a, paying, customer you, have a right to know what, they do with your waste. Thank. You to those of you who have been doing your part, the locals, are the heart of this place you. Know the, ins and outs of Tulum you know who is doing things right and who, is doing things wrong join, red, Tulum so Sandy Bay an, organization. That is already, empowering, the community and pushing. For proper legal framework, get, involved. Support. Honest, businesses, and don't, give your money to those who are not this, will create pressure. Forcing. Them to finally, do things differently. The. Mayans believed, that obsidian, was the reflective, mirror, of truth. That. It was the consciousness, of duality between, right, and wrong, between. Light and dark. Acknowledging. That one cannot. Exist without the other and that's. What the dark side of Tulum is a, mirror. For, all of us to reflect upon and decide. Whether. We want to remain part of the problem, or. Be part of the solution. It's. Your, choice. Which. One will you choose. You. I. Took. On this project for, quite a few reasons but. I think the main reason that I took it on is because I really do love. To loom and it. Makes me really, really, heartbroken. That it is being destroyed. And then it's not being taken, care of we, just keep taking, and taking and taking and, we're. Not giving, it the respect that it deserves tulum. Has given me so much to, be thankful for, and, I. Want to give, back to, Tulum. And the best way that I can and this, project is, that. Way for me I really. Had no idea, what I was getting myself into, there's, been days where I've wanted to give up but, there's also been days that I've, been really inspired and really hopeful, and I. Want, to be able to. Look. Back and, say, swim, was amazing, but look how amazing it is now you, know I don't want to look back in 10 years and say wasn't, it great when we used to go to Tulum I want to still be going there and at. The rate that it's going now I don't, know if that will be true but. If, we. See the change that, most. Of us are hoping for and if. We keep pushing and. We all keep playing our part, we. Will see change and we're gonna look back and say you.

Know We did it. You. Did it. You.

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I lived in Cancun in 1985-1986 - before hurricane Gilbert. Believe it or not, Cancun was actually a nice town back then. We would go camping in the Sian Ka'an on weekends sometimes, by the Boca Paila bridge (it used to be a little wooden bridge). In Tulum, the town was very small and nothing more than the fisherman's coop and the last gas station on the 307, before heading to the Sian Ka'an or to Bacalar. I went back to the Tulum area many times over the years, and each time it broke my heart to see the changes. The locals being pushed out, the coast becoming so very crowded, and relentless price hikes on everything. Mind you...I do understand why people are drawn to Tulum - it is absolutely blissful. The Sian Ka'an used to be my favorite place on earth. But I decided to not go again because to get there, I have to drive through the madness of Tulum in all its ugly glory. I do hope that those who fight for Tulum will grow in number - and that tourists and visitors join the fight by demanding adequate waste management. In a world ruled by money - demand is king. So... demand!!! Demand brought organic and gluten free foods to our grocery stores - and demand could be key to saving Tulum.

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As an American, I agree that there are a large amount of "classless" tourists from this country. Sadly, I see them wherever I go. Most locals are surprised when I tell them I'm American because I actually put effort into not dressing horribly and learning about the culture of the destination I'm visiting. I went to Tulum last year for the 1st time and was educated about the harm of chemical sunscreens. You never hear about this in the states. Tulum was beautiful and I loved learning about Mayan culture and how they were so connected to nature. I'll be back in 2 months again and can't wait to immerse myself in the culture and natural beauty again.

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I really like glowing blue lakes sea shores!

I went to Playa del Carmen a few years ago and the same thing is happening there. I remember when I went to a cenote and you could see the sunscreen oil floating on the surface. No one cared. Look to Costa Rica for the solution. 25% of the land there is protected. You need areas that are totally protected. There is no sustainable city. You have to limit the growth eventually.

Aside from the total lack of infrastructure, there is no plan for Tulum, other than cash in quick. The roads are dangerous due to congestion and lack of space. garbage is swept into the jungle...they .hire someone to rake and sweep it....into the forest....thats just silly. The taxis are a huge scam, no set prices, they just gouge whatever they can get from you, and there are few collectivo forms of transport. Such a rip off place. And the power comes from Diesel...thats so bad, and an example of lack of infrastructure....diesel for air conditioning....the place will be poisoned air, water land and sea in no time.

Thank you for this eye opening video. Been to Tulum last Nov. 2018 and I have seen some of the area you mentioned here which is disappointing for a Paradise like Tulum. Tourist, business owners and local visitors alike needs to be aware if only to preserve this heavenly place.

Thank you for this film. I love Tulum. I am Mexican and American. But as you said we are all connected. People don’t fully realize or understand this yet. The acidification of the water, the earth the air is the reflection of humanity doing the same to their own bodies. Humanity commits suicide by acidifying their bodies thereby acidifying everything around them. I pray for healing of all.

Sad, what happened with Cancun? And continue happening, what is happening with playa, and holbox? Around the globe, please be aware of your consumption, its not a matter of waste its a matter of acquisition

Does anyone have a list of Eco friendly hostels, hotels, or Airbnb’s to stay in Tulum? Also, a list of restaurants with locally sourced foods? I’d love to support those places next time I visit. I really enjoyed this video. It was eye opening for me. I LOVE Tulum and I would hate if it were to be destroyed by carelessness and greed. I will definitely be packing differently and being more mindful about the waste I produce when visiting next time!

There will be a list in the near future ! For now, a few great places to start for locally sourced, sustainable food are: Farm to Table Tulum (Caballo Blanco) La Minimal Co Con amor Gypsea Market And a great place to stay is at Holistika!

Th best you could do to help, is going back home.

Te equivocas, el principal responsable es el corrupto gobierno mexicano, a mí no me metas porque además nunca he ido.

Damian777 Doesn't matter where she is from. She's actually showing true concern and had the dedication and brains to put this documentary together with the aim of raising awareness. In fact she deserves double recognition because she is acting more responsibly than some natives themselves. She has settled there and rather than just taking she is giving. It really takes a dumbass to criticize when there is so much admire.

the type of tourists you are talking about usually dont venture far from their all inclusive hotels, They are there just for hot weather the beach and partying for a week or 2, which is there choice and like them or not they bring employment to the area. Tulum does not attract as much as these type of tourist when compared to playa or Cancun. The issue of types of tourists is not related to this documentary.

Keep Mexico beautiful. Aside from the country I live in Mexico is my favourite place in the entire world. It's people, it's food, it's culture. Mexicans are amazing people with big hearts, American tourists I avoid like the plague. Sorry to say, not all are bad but they can be annoying. You can tell it's them when they are the ones wearing sports jerseys everywhere they go. Europeans I find are more sophisticated tourists and more respectful. Keep Tulum beautiful.

As a Mexican, I see the beach side of Tulum as a disrespectful way of monetizing Mexico and its paradise. I did not like it at all. Whatever it was, it was not Mexico. I decided to stay in the city not the beach since it was more in line with Mexico and its traditions. If tourists want a city that resembles their own country why bother coming to MX anyways. I asked locals why do they put up with gentrification? None could give a straight answer but they were all pissed. Also, I did see Argentinian business owners do the same in Tulum as some Americans.

Pablo DM s

I was there a few times for day trips. I fail to see what the appeal is. What am I missing?

it seems to be the same story everywhere you hometown in Alaska is the same with the fishing and oil where I live in Arizona the Grand Canyon is smoggy/dirty & changed.... I appreciate this video very much. Tulum is where I go in my mind when I need calm... I miss it so...

What a beautiful place! Lots of love to the people of Tulum! Greetings

El problema es el Capitalismo. El Neo-Liberalismo que a hecho a Mexico olvidar su cultura, su orgullo, y su dignidad. Imperialism is the problem, a by-product of Capitalism. Indigenous people who have been in this continent for centuries who continuously have rejected Neo-Liberal reforms that have ruined Mexico's ecosystems and continually degrade the environment. Learn about the role of U.S and Canadian business interests in Mexico.

Lo que tiene que mejorar en Tulum es el servicio, igual también se sienten EL destino pero tienen un servicio del culo tan del culo que no se le debería llamar servicio, Tuluminatis tienen que tener más humildad, aprendan de los errores de Playa y Cancún, atiendan a los visitantes bien no como si les estuvieran haciendo el favor, actitud y sobreprecio también es una queja común en sus visitantes

Clean renewable energy? Your talking about high rollers who can produce this and your overreacting those who use solar panels, is all I can afford! How are you doings right? You who made this video. don't attack those who are using solar panels, what's next, your going to bitch about wind power? Your fkng stupid! I agree that the mangroves and other destructions to those jungles but in Mexico a lot of those people don't five a rats ass about anything your saying because the investors have more power than you and I and influence the politicians. Your one of those extreme panicked green fanatics. Much of this will never stop because the big drug lords have more power and investment power than you and I will ever have. It pisses me off that your against solar panels! What the fuck do you want! What about these so called BS Gurus who can afford luxury front beach land to stand on a leg and say they are opeining their third eye? BS, I'm a firm believer in solar and wind, composting waste, and let me guess... your against compost also? Iv'e seen lots of you environmentalist freaks be freaks about these things and think your all mighty and powerful claiming you have the answer! why don't you got create legions of locals and others to do frequent marches on the streets of Quintana Roo instead of siting in YOUR own nice luxurious living?

Great documentary

So sad to see this happening I hope this documentary brings awareness. We must respect nature for it to continue giving back to us...

I bet a mexican scumbag quoted her the 2 million tourists a year number. Watch out for taxi scumbags in Mexico City by the way everyone. Taxis at the airport there have no meters.

Tulum ya está hecho mierda, todas las fiestas del Papaya Playa y demás hoteles devastan cada vez más la región, por TODOS lados están construyendo, encontrar una vivienda "digna" es imposible por lo caro, el Chedraui de ahí es el más caro de México, la cantidad de drogas es asquerosa (antes era cada quien con su porrito y en su rollo). Los politicos del municipio (y obviamente del estado) metidos en todos los negocios de drogas y de construcción irregular. Los hoteles violando los derechos laborales y sobre explotando a sus trabajadores, cocaina te ofrecen en todos los bares, la peor corrupción de todo México sin duda está en tulum y sus funcionarios, pero la peor basura y el peor cancer de tulum, son los taxistas y los policias del municipio, es impresionante la manera de extorsionar al turista (y al local) por parte de esos cabrones. En fin, una lástima, le quedan pocos años a éste precioso lugar. Yo por lo pronto ya salgo huyendo de aquí, terrible lugar para vivir y querer hacer una vida...

y a donde te iras? yo estaba interesado en hacer una vida en Tulum pero ahora me lo estoy pensando mas.

Otra cosa muy cierta, la gente de ahí (mal llamados "mayitas") son los menos educados y por ende los que no tienen problema en tirar la basura a la calle, la gente que somos de otras partes de México y los extranjeros nos preocupamos más en mantener limpio el lugar que los puercos originarios de ahí...

A white business owner lady is schooling everyone how should they do it the right way cause is hurting "her" mangrove

If you were listening, she is blaming the developers, not the local community. In fact, she says that people coming to tulum to do business need to be more involved with the community..... but please, tell me more.

She's not blaming the locals she's blaming the developers who are not developing using sustainable methods and she's also blaming tourists for not being environmentally conscious. But nice try demonizing her...

Was there last week for mayon warriors night and fuck me I love tulum what a place ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m from liverpool uk and the woman in tulum was amazing

Extremely well done. I was not aware of any of these environmental problems.

The reef is dying due to climate change, the water in the Caribbean is getting warmer, and it's dying from Panama to Chetumal in the Gulf of Mexico, and it's a real shame.

WOW fantastic well made video!!! A++++++  What is the name of the renewable technology mentioned at minute 23? Biomass diesel?

What is the name of the renewable technology of Synpet tech called @ min 23:00? Biomass diesel?

TCP - Thermal Conversion Process

Wow... Amazing documentary! Thank you for making us aware of such enviromental issues affecting Tulum and our planet. Bravo

I went to Playa del Carmen a few years ago and the same thing is happening there. I remember when I went to a cenote and you could see the sunscreen oil floating on the surface. No one cared. Look to Costa Rica for the solution. 25% of the land there is protected. You need areas that are totally protected. There is no sustainable city. You have to limit the growth eventually. "The reason you make money is because of this" Well said.

There was also a land grab about 3 years ago where some rich group took 7 or 8 properties and told the previous owners they didn't have proper title, which ruined a number of people who didn't have the money to fight them in court. That kind of appropriation is criminal.

+Gilberto Palmerin we'll go back home as soon as all the Mexicans in America go back home, deal?

ratiuss quetzl there is still an ongoing debate of who came first - the mayans or the Olmecs :) Until then, let’s just focus on the what the documentary is about - the collapse of the environment !

it must've been gorgeous and fun to camp down there back then

En mi experiencia, la gente foránea, hasta del mismo país son las peores plagas que le caen a los lugares. Aquí en Querétaro, desde hace unos 6 años que empezó un boom económico, llegaron oleadas literalmente de gente foránea, nacional y extranjera, que han destrozado la ciudad y muchas partes del estado. Siempre culpan al gobierno, qué desde luego es responsable de muchos de éstos problemas, pero cada acto incorrecto y cada invasión de los de fuera destruye un poco más el lugar. De ser uno de los pocos lugares seguros del país, ahora es cómo cualquier otra ciudad sucia, llena de crimen, de inmoralidad, de asaltos, de estafadores, de psicópatas y de gente agresiva y descara... Es una verdadera tristeza en lo que se ha convertido mi bella ciudad nativa, por la invasión de gente sin escrúpulos y sin el mas mínimo respeto a la tierra que les brinda una mejor vida qué de dónde vienen. Tal vez una imaginación mía, pero la gente más narcisista de entre las sociedades, es la qué mas migra, y la gente narcisista es cero empática y respetuosa de los demás, menos aún de los lugares a los que llegan.

well said

@Gabriel Manon That is a grossly stereotypical comment, worse than Trump's comments about the BAD HOMBRES of Mexico. Grouping ALL Americans together is intellectual laziness.  Of course there are Americans who love Mexico, who help Mexico. Of course there are Mexicans who are wonderful, hardworking, peaceful people. Please don't generalize, the American people are not your enemy. The narcos, corrupt politicians and elitists have raped Mexico far more than any American. Peace.

You should be grateful for the billions of dollars that Americans bring into Mexican economy. Tourism also incentivizes Mexico to preserve and conserve the environment. You come off as quite ignorant. the Mayans were sacrificing children and their own people and putting them in soup and committing other barbaric Acts warring with other peoples.

You got it all wrong! It’s the developers that are doing this to Tulum to get a higher profit for themselves. Plus why is it that it’s the Americans/Canadians always clean up the messes of underdeveloped nations?

+Dan Glen what are you on about? Read the comments , I am not claim to be better than anyway, I was defending American tourists from others calling them nasty and classless!!

Its the deep state cabal globalists who use the open borders for making millions in black market money through drug smuggling heroin, cocaine, MJ, meth ect, human trafficking, child pedophilia, weapon/ illegal gun running, organ harvesting and smuggling, terrorists, and illegal immigration...totally unregulated what your seeing in tulum in this video. Unregulated infrastructure. different value systems. Heres an example of why a wall is needed; The cartels have a lot of power in mexico. HSBC allowed 881 million to be laundered with mexican drug cartels...thats just 1 that was caught. this is what needs to stop, and this is why Trump is cutting off the black market funding of the deep state elites cabal illuminati Don't believe the fake media aka deep state narrative.

+colin louth Then you must be better than everyone else, congrats.

No Gabriel, the worst that happened to Tulum and other areas of Mexico is Mexican corruption , laws made to protect protected areas are violated by greedy politicians and developers . You know how Mexico is, developers pay millions of dollars to the government so they can build without respecting the construction laws and there is no authority to promote a clean city so turists or locals they just dump trash everywhere .

+bchlovr your stupid enough to still believe votes put people on the presidency,and yes the white man is responsible for what is happening in our continent just like they found out they did to Europe before heading this way to continuing their ignorant self destrucive system,if it wasn't for what your people learned here YOU would still be using your street as an open sewer,its painful to be treated by the white in USA but putting up with your behavior in our own lands and country is something else,your chest inflates as if being in a different country as a tourist assures that you are better than the rest.

Gustavo Garza I agree with your Trump way of thinking lol! More people means more fecal matter and more contamination!

I find it interesting that the woman interviewed acts like A) she isn’t part of the problem B) most paradises around the world have been and are being loved to death. For example, these exact same problems are happening on Siargoa Island, Philippines, Bali, South Florida, Oahu, Nicaragua, Bocas del toro and the list goes on..... Environmental protection will never trump the money and corruption that come with massive growth, until the people of these areas take control by educating future generations on the values of a healthy environment, electing environmentally conscious officials and standing up to corruption.

We have to hold the government and businesses accountable. Like the people living there needs to stand up. I had a conversation with a bar owner on the beach and he told me most of the hotels just ignore the zoning codes and pay off the city . I was so pissed cause its greed and I'm looking to make a change with my family when I move there

Fuck Leonardo DiCaprio

Asqueroso tulum con materia fecal

I was here for 3 weeks. Got bit by a pit bull. Ran out of money. Got gravelly ill, lost 16 pounds in the 3 weeks

I was here for 3 weeks

Playa Del Carmen population 2 million by 2025? You sure about that?

Tulum will be ruined as a tourism spot of Mexico does not get the cartel violence under control.. It's getting very bad there now. Over a dozen murdered in Playa Del Carmen this week.

A dozen this week? Stop lying.

I'm with you.

All these comments by Mexicans that Americans are destroying the environment here in! Mexicans destroy there environment way more than Americans do in the US. I know...I live here in CDMX and been all through Mexico. Get real.

Looks more like a comercialmentary, for SYNPET, and capitalism

This reminds me of the children's book called Uno's Garden.

this narcisistic materialistic and idiots kings of capitalism and ignorance...they doesnt matter if the nature get destroyed because they already make the money...the game of this monkeys is to make money just for feel power...that is the big issue of human kind...all monkeys want to have the power...thats why I prefer love!! because I recognize I´m divine...this monkeys cannot understand that...they just think in terms of numbers and sickness...

Great documentary. So sad to see how humanity keep doing things wrong in terms of the ecosystem but it is great at the same time to see a few people getting the courage to raise awareness. I can’t just but to feel pain for what is happening in Tulum and the earth in general. Rachel, its an unvaluable work what you are doing there with your team. Hope you never give up!

This is disturbing.

Well made! Interesting information. I cycled Tulum and stayed at local workaway garden. Only ate local fruits. I did see how the development is taking over and passed by some trash fields. Sad to see. Powerful energy at one cenote I swam in, but I didn't visit others because they all charged entry fees...

This advanced Mayan culture you speak of was commuting human sacrifices on a regular basis.

I thought Cancun (or Acapulco) would be a good enough example.. I went in the early 90s.. playa del Carmen wasn't even a place really.. Tulum.. nothing .. just backpack life. The nation needs to get behind this crazy stuff. Well developed things are sustainable, like this.. it's boom and bust economics. Typically USA directed


Una pregunta: ¿por qué al final del documental en los "agradecimientos especiales" agradecen a Carlos Heredia? Carlos Heredia trabaja en el Papaya Playa Project, es el sobrino de Emilio Heredia, dueño del Hotel Papaya Playa Project, el famoso hotel donde se hacen las fiestas, construyen arbitrariamente donde se les antoja, dañan el ecosistema y espantan a las tortugas por todo el ruido que hace el equipo de sonido y luces de sus fiestas, son los que ocasionan en gran medida el terrible tránsito en la zona hotelera de Tulum. Emilio Heredia está relacionado con actos de corrupción para adquirir bienes en el estado en colusion con autoridades administrativas y judiciales, y algunos lo ligan con el narcotráfico (basta con ir a una sola fiesta para darse cuenta de la cantidad de droga que se mueve ahí dentro); por lo que me parece algo incongruente (tomando en cuenta la naturaleza del documental ) que se agradezca a alguien que trabaja para las personas y en uno de los lugares que más ha dañado Tulum (y sigue dañando) en todo sentido...

I got tired of being lectured before the end.

Nukes or GTFO

Aloha Mario and just so you know, I believed in Solar for a while and even have them on my roof ! Until a friend pointed out to me how unsustainable they truly are. It’s all just marketing. I was angry at first too - but always remember. Darkness will show you the light !

Aloha Mario yes, let’s keep using solar when people in 3rd world countries are suffering to make them. Their water is being polluted and the conditions in which they work is close to slavery! People are dying over them. But let’s use them because Elon Musk at Tesla says it’s cool. Not to mention, they are considered hazardous waste after they are no longer usable ! Have you ever heard of a life cycle analysis ?! Look is up !!! Solar is not sustainable when you take into consideration the life cycle analysis. Period. Please do yourself a favor and research the life cycle analysis of solar. There are plenty of alternative solutions to solar panels. Waste to energy being one of them. It is not that far fetched. It just takes business deals and investment from those with resources. Composting is great as long as it is done the right way ! Thanks for your input, but please do your research before commenting so harshly on something.

+Rustin Cohle entiendo tu punto de vista, y que consejo nos darias a las personas que queremos poner un negocio en Tulum?

+Psychedelic Gypsy El irme de Tulum es mi manera de contribuir al "mejoramiento", aunque parezca poco, el gasto, basura generada, daño ambiental y huella de carbono que representa una persona es demasiado. De irme, todavía no estoy seguro, probablemente Mérida o alguna zona cercana.

Lo conociste cuando valia la pena.

If you pay little more attention to the history you discover that every country in the word was develop in the same way - stilling land and killing people. America is just one of the newest so is easier to remember how it was. It's always easier to blame somebody else but not yourself. Power is in the hands of local people. Do not sell your land. Limit tourist tsunami. Most of them only remember tequila buzz anyway.

+Nic Downs De acuerdo contigo, pero desafortunadamente, la historia que compartimos ha sido siempre desventajosa para México, si bien es cierto que hay muchos mexicanos en EUA, es porque eso era México, lo robaron y nunca lo contaran así.

+Silviu Vartolas In corruption there are 2 sides, the one who offers and who accepts, wealthy people use more on their behalf over law. Specially nasty americans, thats the way they are. The wall is needed indeed to stop their shit. They speak about drugs, criminals, etc. But their shit is not minor, guns, money to wash, criminals too, and tons of sick people.

+spikefivefivefive there a little difference, mexicans where there before you came and stole our land. The american way of getting things, by force.

+Gabriel Manon La destrucción y la maldad del hombre no tiene nacionalidad. Y tienes razón en que la corrupcion necesita de dos corruptos (lo dicen en el video). Pero la responsabilidad de salvaguardar su territorio es de las autoridades del territorio. Gente que venga a lucrase van a venir desde todos los lugares, los primeros los propios mexicanos, pero son las autoridades las responsables de poner coto a los abusos. Este año viajamos a México, verémos entonces si el no respeto a la naturaleza es solo cosa de los extranjeros.

+polifatts look polifart: filthy third-world country but you go there every year, surely because it isn't more than the place you come from to go that often.

+Dos Mochilas y Media No es un asunto de echar culpa, la corrupción requiere de 2 partes, el que corrompe y el corrupto. Quienes tienes poder económico en muchos casos lo usan en su beneficio y por encima de la ley. Bien recuerdo el caso de un consorcio español que destruyo el manglar de Tajamar en Cancun, tanta prisa tenían que no le importo enterrar animales vivos cuando llevaron acabo la destrucción del lugar. Sin embargo, la gente (y no las autoridades corruptas) lograron detener el ecocidio causado por los españoles. Como ves, después de 500 anos, todavía siguen causando destrucción.

Yes Americans and every other western culture.. ever since fuckn white people set foot on the world they been fucking shit up.

+polifatts Gabriel maricon

Siempre echando la culpa a otros. El turismo será irresponsable y no tendrá respeto por el medio ambiente. Pero ¿que hay de las autoridades mexicanas?¿porque no regulan la construccion de hoteles y el turismo en general? Desde el año 1492 no paráis de justificar vuestros males con que los extranjeros vinieron a colonizaros. De eso ya hace mas de 500 años! Despertad! Cojed las riendas de vuestro futuro de una vez!

+Gabriel Manon You realize it's mostly Europeans that live in Tulum right? I go there every year and meet way more Euros than Americans. Mexico is already a filthy third-world country without any help. Nobody is to blame but the people and government. You should change your name to Gabriel Maricón. It would be more fitting.

​+Gabriel Manon No sé si eres mexicano o no (me imagino que sí), pero antes de estereotiparnos ten en cuenta que muchos de nosotros crecemos en hogares multiculturales (en serio, somos el pais con mayor cantidad de hispanohablantes después de ustedes, fíjate!). Esto de que el típico estadounidense sea como los "gringos" borrachos en Tulum que adoran a Trump es una locura. Me encanta Mexico, y te guste o no compartimos mucha historia.

+colin louth up the Irish :) love

+Ophelia Valentine,lts a fact that Americans waste x3 than the British or French or Spanish ,everyone in fact.sad.

I'm an American who agrees with you. In 2001 there were almost no Americans. I met one guy. There was no power for AC or hair dryers. There were no giant diesel generators. The NY and LA party scene showed up. It's hipster central. Such a mess now.

true and it's ironic , a lot Americans hate Mexicans especially the Mayan looking ones.

empieza con los Mexicanos bro ustedes son con los que empieza el cambio

"Worst thing happening in the US is the increasing number of nasty illegal Mexicans who have invaded there, they don't have any respect for the law, people's rights, or life or whatsoever as long as they work and drive illegally. We need a wall, they are the worst disease of this world."

This is the exact result of Mexico corruption at local, state and federal levels and the lack of enforcement of the environmental protection laws. USA used to be the same (lackluster EPA legislation) up till the 60'. First you need to clean up your domestic mess and then blame it on the foreigners. BTW, I'm from E Europe and traveled to Riviera Maya and the entire Mexico for the past 20 years, besides the rest of the world.

I Lived In Tulum A Few Year's Back...Absolutely Loved The Experience...However I Saw An Unsustainable Environment Being Created...I Lived In Col Huracanes...My Neighbor's Where Kind, Hard Working People...I Would Ride My Bike Everywhere And Explore The Area...Like A Secret...When It Gets Exposed...People Flock To The Area For Various Reasons...In My Time Living In Tulum...I Did My Best To Be A Good Ambassador Of Gringos From Estados Unidos...Treating Everyone And Tulum With Respect...I Was Not There To Change Mexico Or Tulum...But To Experience A Rich And Vibrant Culture...To Help Out the Community...Not Enrich Myself At The Expense Of Others...But To Live And Share With Fellow Human's...I Have Lived All Over Mexico...And Love The Country And It's People...Sending Blessings And Positive Energy!

I own property in Tulum and will be living there some day. I would love to be involved in any and every way I can be. How can I be of service? I love Tulum and I love the people there. Lets do all we can to preserve this special place, It will take a lot of organization and fund raising.... again, how can I be of service?

The same thing is happening to Ilha Grande in Angra dos Reis, the corruption is allowing people to destroy the nature!

The expat who has come to stay and live there is probably doing more damage in the long run than a tourist that comes and goes.Unfortunately we can love these beautiful places to death.What to do.Too many humans !

This is a promotional short film , with very, very beautiful images of Tulum , in 4k

Podría ser un gran lugar sin mexicanos y sin turistas el único problema no son los turistas los mexicanos que se venden por unos dólares y por unos pesos en ese caso hay que sacar a todos de Cancún es un escocido no solamente tulum el gran problema de cualquier entorno natural es el ser humano el más grande y vil depredador. Si los mexicanos se quejan no vendan sus tierras si los extranjeros se quejan no vengan no consuman deberían de hablar también de la inseguridad qué hay en Cancún de la violencia los asesinatos los secuestros y todo lo que se ve el gran problema de este ecocidio somos todos. En algún momento la naturaleza ya sea la tierra o el mar se encargarán de mandar a todos los invasores a la mierda.

I'm laughing my ass off ... this is Mexico, THEY DON'T GIVE A FUCK, NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL, it is one of the most corrupt nations on earth, that place will go to shit over time, its unavoidable, government is useless over there

the answer is simple STOP MAKING BABY!

This happening all around the world. Humans have lost respect for life and our planet. Maybe if the crime goes up all those shady businesses will leave. I don’t feel you could blame any nationality although I don’t know the nationality of the majority of business owners in Tulum. So blame humans of all nationality. Everyone is contributing. Should have never developed there. All those new businesses should be ashamed especially when they are not helping the people who were there long before them. Nobody should be making 4 dollars a day with so much development. Put this video on the tourist welcome channel and let them know what they are funding and supporting. It should have never been developed. this is why nobody can climb chitchen itza no more too. Ruining everything

Thomas Beaver, well said. I appreciate how you worded your statement.

Someone has to raise the voice!!! Protect what Mother Earth give us!!

One of the best videos I've seen. Had been diving Palancar and Santa Rosa while in Cozumel in the mid eighties...things were still quaint but developing rapidly. While there exploring the undeveloped Carribbean side of the coast you had to drive past a buzzard infested road leading to the island's trash landfill - no pit just piled in mounds all the hotel and tourist debris and I was alarmed then as I drove in for a look...that was 35 years ago and I am frightened to know the size and impact today... The solutions you passionately outline are crucial for the future. Well done

That's too bad, perfect example of satan controlling the world

As someone who has been going to Tulum for almost twenty years, this documentary is well intentioned but sadly juvenile and under-resourced. The basic thorn of corruption that exists in Mexico means that every suggestion made in this doc will never happen as long as the quicksand of payoffs, bribes, and assassinations continues. It is STRUCTURAL, deeply, deeply rooted in the history of Latin America, so pointing fingers at any one party is ridiculous, because they are all at the mercy of the larger system. I could offer a hundred examples of how deeply the bribery and intimidation works, but they are all variations on the same theme: there is no overarching structural governmental and popular movement towards solving the basic poison of corruption at every level. So developers bring global capital and must enter a system of bribes and payoffs in order to build. Environmental protections and local codes have no power, because...corruption. Developers can come in, upend the environment, extract capital and leave. Existing smaller owners along the beach must pay the Indian tribes bribes simply to exist, because....corruption. Taxi drivers are robbed, because of drug cartels, who provide the hidden extra layer of fear and corruption because why? The larger system allows them to flourish. I could offer a hundred other examples. There is too much money at stake, too much consumer interest in the place, and a two-bit system of governance who sole consistency is the sticky wicket of greased palms. For God sakes the cops shake down tourists who drive down to Tulum from Cancun. How is this not the stupidest PR nightmare for Tulum? The answer is corruption is unstoppable, Mexico has many other problems, and so there is nobody steering the ship. I watched with horror as I saw American companies come in, and mow down the environmental protection of the Sian Ka'an over the 2000's. I thought surely the U.N. and The Mexican government won't sell off this highly unique area for development. How naive I was. You can blame the throngs of tourists who come, and who will wreck Tulum like Cancun and Playa before. But that would be wrong. The problem is Mexico is rotten to the core, and nothing can stop corruption short of a national emergency and a spiritual revolution in Latin America to rid itself of this poison. Strong national governments protect their environmental assets. It saddens me beyond belief how much beauty and kindness I have received from individual Mexicans over the years as a guest in *their* home, while they are powerless to change a thing because top down Mexico is bathing in the corrosion of corruption. It is a multi-headed beast that will never be solved by individual efforts (sorry to say) because they all whither under payoffs, bribes and drugs. Tulum is a magical place, but its beauty and delicate environmental nature means it will be killed off soon enough, and no one thing will stop it. I stopped going to Mexico altogether after all these years because too many sadnesses piled up where I realized nothing will ever be stable in Mexico until corruption is considered a national and spiritual emergency and the rule of law is enforced, journalists aren't assassinated, and drug cartels are run out of the country. Piecemeal solutions won't work. I appreciate this effort to ask questions, but it's amateurish, and doesn't touch the problem nearly close enough. For that you need investigative journalists brave enough to dig into the dirt, not silly environmental slogans and simplistic pleas to global corporations who are mercenary. Mexico is growing fast, and it will only arrive as a first world country when corruption is stopped at the highest levels.

This is an excellent documentary. I spent time in Tulum in the early 2000s and it has clearly changed dramatically since then. The manner in which this has taken place is tragic. Not to be dramatic but this is true...our planet is gradually being destroyed by the greedy.

Mexicans are the ones doing this. Blaming it on Americans is a joke. Anything for a fast buck. At least the corrupt government has tried to stop the illegal building. But you just bribe them and start again. Too bad Tulum is not in another country so it could be protected. It is a nightmare now. Better beaches without the horrible traffic all over the Caribbean.

You idiot I am not there. Just go there a lot and have witnessed it first hand. The destruction is from Mexicans. They are the developers.

Dude! Shut up!

todo mexico era muy bonito nomas empesaron losestranjeros de mierda y estan contaminando todo el pais en la sierra de chihuahua donde soy yo habia muchos ojos de agua. o aguas termales nomas llegaron los estranjeros isieron hoteles y ahora todas esas aguas termales son aguas negras. ya estan contaminando toda la sierra

Sadly, one day when we are all gone, and then another Billion or so years the Earth will have erased us from all traces of existence, the animals and environment will once again be beautiful all over.

What about stop showing fake earth image? 1:04 and show the dark side of NASA?

NO_EYES_ON_ME if you’d like to pay for real images of earth, please be our guest ! This was all we could afford.

Critics on sun panels just because of the components which are made off, ignoring their 25 years lifecycle is simply bullshit. There is no other alternative rather than green energy generation however seems like some fosile related lobbies are interested on hijack this fact...

No ignoring, just understanding that destroying one part of the earth to make another part of the earth more 'ecological' isn't exactly sustainable. We were also upset when we first found out about solar panels not being the best alternative ! It takes time to process, but it's better to know the truth. Just like recycling doesn't truly work, solar panels too have been hyped up beyond their capabilities and we have completely ignored the life cycle analysis of solar panels and the impact they have on our environment (or is it better to say the environment of third world countries?) The old saying goes: Solve one problem, create 10 more. This has to stop !

Great video

65,000,000,000 years ago! What a liar. You have no idea and just spouting numbers

The Dark Side of Tulum, where exactly did you get this info from? Am I safe in saying that Almighty God said let there be light, and there was light?

I agree 65 million years sounds a year or two off.

Clearly you are the one spurting numbers. We said 65 million. You have written 65 billion. And yes, 65 million years ago the Yucatan peninsula was covered by ocean.

Well, I'm from México, México city, and I don't go anymore, for the same problem, I love my country, I love the people that live here, but for me is a heartbreaken seeing this beautiful beach, becoming that horrible and nasty beach. Five years ago, I get in sock for the beauty of the sea, it was like love at first seen, but I went two years ago, and I cried, because large resorts hotels, killed the magic and beauty of it. I don´t blame only the hotels and tourists, I blame us, the Mexicans that allow this mess. Of course the government and the corruption are the most guilty, but we have to put our granite for the solution that we have to implement now. RIGHT NOW ¡¡¡

The movie goes till 23:10... Then the rest is PUBLICITY

My opinion only: the Mexican people have a right to be upset and I bet most resorts are owned by off shore corporations.

This doc shows some problems I noticed on the 6 times I went to Tulum. It is visually pleasing. I feel the director kind of polluted the documentary by not disclosing she has a position at SYNPET, and this turns reporting into a infomercial / advertorial. Maybe interviewing academics with experience in recycling and human consumption would have provided more honest perspectives. Something I notice in the area is how many of these hotels are foreign owned, the labor force they employ is really underpaid, the equivalent of 8 USD a day. But tourists are charged prices equivalent to the USA, so the profit is staggering. Also a lot of the money from these hotels and resorts does not get reinvested locally but goes out of the country. The beaches south of Tulum, where there are no hotels are littered with plastic coming even from other countries. No one lives there, no one cleans up. I also noticed an increase of drugs / parties on the beach in a few years. And public access to the beach has been closed off by many of these eco chic / boutique hotels. It is really saddening. In Mexico, like in most countries and unlike in the USA, the beach / coastline has to be publicly accessible. I fear that the US unregulated capitalistic ways are seeping through in Mexico. Regarding the garbage problem, I noticed the local poor Maya people, in other village and towns throw containers in the bushes and roads are littered. Probably decades ago they ate on banana leaves or natural material that would decompose, but in this day and age styrofoam and plastic are omnipresent and take centuries to break down for just minutes of single use. Anyway I am glad this has been made, but I wish it gave more of a background on people interviewed, and that it really would not be a commercial for SNYPET, even if it may be a well intentioned company. I noticed self defined eco resorts like Amansala taking large clumps of local orchids plants from the nearby mangroves and put them on their wall exposed to full sun, and salt water air, drying and dying. It showed lack of authentic respect for the environment. In Mexico I always try to eat at locally / family owned restaurants and stands, it is a lot cheaper, but the money goes for the most part to the local Maya families who run the operation and often live with very little.

who freaking cares that Tulum is the place where Leonardo Di caprio goes on vacation???? why the f... that should be important??

+Michelle Cuervo nope, you are right... the video content is very good and interesting to know the dark side of Tulum. Thanks for the content.

Well aparently you cared enough to comment. Is that all you got from this video?

tulum for mexicans, we dont need many turist, stay your countries

Exactly. It’s the tourist that cause all this.

Thank you !

very good video ,well put on explained two the point ,as a world travler 61 countries a globe trotter back packer traveling yrs at a time i see so much of this happing around the world ,and as a movie producer actor i realy how you made your video movie ,keep spreading the word and spread your ideas aroind he world ,smile smile kelly.

Well done. And good luck

Hola from Merida, Yucatan :)

I applaud your movie’s intentions and quality of work. It made me curious about what else could I learn or do, but where do I search? I would expect your platforms (social media/web) to lead your audience to resources to inform themselves on the issues and connect them with people who already are taking action. You have a great opportunity of taking your movie beyond critical inspiration and becoming part of the action. Thank you.

I agree !! We need to protect this place

I am so depressed

Can you make an Spanish version ? It would be awesome, most of people of Cancun and the state in general don’t know about this.

Mexico is in the unfortunate position of being close to the US and thus a great magnet for tourism. There's nothing like a combination of cheap air fares and inviting beaches to compound the problem. But this is a malady that is playing out all over the world. Pattaya, Thailand, and the island of Bali are but two examples. The greed for money runs our world. There is no good solution. If you think you can tinker around the edges by halting corruption, or belatedly requiring home owners and hotel owners to install proper waste treatment systems, then you are living in a fantasy world.

Although some miles north there is a natural preserve I do not want to name, the former Q. Roo governor used eminent domain to stop building a resort there and it has been kept virgin,. No restaurants, no hotels. The locals protested in favor of conservation. The then governor Mario Villanueva, who was beloved by local Maya people, was accused of drugs trafficking ended up in prison in Mexico then in the USA. But locals said he improved roads and life in the poor Maya villages.

tank you to take time for tulum you help me to see think differently i live in playa and we don't know where all that s#$%t go ,and i remember 25 ago there is practically no coral anymore neer the reef now, go to mahahual maybe it is still time to simply do sour before it is done as a city

@Bayanda Jele I wish I was bro... The situation is getting very bad now. The cartels have moved in.

Yes director works for SNYPET according to the website. Issues are real, but she should have disclosed the conflict of interest. Is SNYPET a silver bullet? that should be asked to academics and scientists, not present SNYPET as a solution. Also huge problem is the cheap labor exploitation by foreign business owners. Most of the money goes out of Mexico rather than being reinvested locally. Plastic is a problem also in Maya villages miles inland where there is no tourists nor tourism. Plastic gets thrown on the side of the road or in the bushes. Those villages are poor, maybe taking some money from tourism profits and use it to educate people would be great, I appreciate someone did this reporting, but it is really ruined by the advertorial perspective.

do you mean committing? not commuting? Anyway the Spanish invaders had local support in MX against the Aztecs who were fighting and enslaving nearby populations. History is not simple, not the good vs the bad.

No puedo ver lo que me contestaste en tu comentario pasado... creo que lo eliminaron...

Rustin Cohle Así son los Corruptos Traidores de la Patria , son de doble moral !

+Rustin Cohle Rustin, entiendo de donde llega tu frustacion y no dudes muchos nos podríamos sentir identificados con ella. De todas maneras y sin ser amigo de las fiestas multitudinarias te dire que Papaya es de los muy pocos hoteles que esta conectado a la CFE (con lo que no es parte del problem que mencionamos en el documental sobre el consumo de gasolina para dar energía a los hoteles) y también tiene una instalación de tratamiento de aguas residuales bastante avanzada. Si ademas presta sus instalaciones llenas de vegetación y da una mano en que esta documental terminara viendo la luz, lo de dar las gracias es lo normal. Aquí vivo y una cosa te puedo decir, si todos los hoteles y restaurantes trataran sus desechos como Papaya, estaríamos mucho mejor. Cada quien es muy libre de acudir o no a los lugares que no considere oportunos, lo sufro cada día en pueblo y playa, pero mal estaríamos si no reconocemos cuando alguien hace algo que merece ser agradecido.

+The Dark Side of Tulum En ningún momento mencioné que era lo único que "noté en el documental, reconozco el gran trabajo que se pretende hacer con el mismo, justamente por eso expreso mi opinión, ya que dada la naturaleza del mismo y como ustedes lo mencionan "documental independiente que explora la belleza y TRAICIÓN de Tulum...), me pareció incongruente e irresponsable que se le otorgara un agradecimiento especial a una persona que forma parte fundamental en la devastación y deterioro de Tulum (en todo sentido). De igual manera, en ningún momento niego mi responsabilidad en el problema y hago lo que puedo desde mi trinchera, por lo que no veo el punto del comentario, así mismo, y como artistas y activistas deberían de tomar a consideración una crítica como lo que es, no simplemente catalogarla como "comentario negativo", y entender y sobretodo tolerar el derecho de cada individuo a expresarse de la manera que quiera, al final este documental es una expresión de un malestar y descontento por parte de ustedes. Saludos y esperemos que este documental logre crear más conciencia entre la audiencia!

Si después de ver todo este documental, y lo único que notó fue un nombre al final, mi amigo le falta el punto. Agradecimos a un amigo, no a un negocio. Y seguiremos siendo agradecidos a quienes nos ayudan, incluso si es posible que hayan hecho algo mal en el pasado. No se trata de culpar, se trata de crecer. A medida que escribimos estos mensajes en nuestros computadoras, no se olvide de dónde provienen todos esos metales precisos y las condiciones en que se ponen las personas para obtener los metales. Todos somos culpables, todos somos parte del problema, y ​​todos debemos perdonar, enseñar, aprender y avanzar colectivamente juntos. Si no desea formar parte de ese movimiento, por favor, lleve sus comentarios negativos a otra parte.

Yeah, look for Costa Rica especially if you are an elder person in need of being bullied by ignorant locals. Do it if you want your return trip cancelled for no reason. Do it if your main reason to go is to freely smoke pot in Nosara or in Rincón de la Vieja. Just do it; land is protected much more than humans are...

Never did Tulum, but I did Playa del Carmen back before it was serious developed, beautiful and I have no desire to see it as it is now. Take a look at Montevideo Costa Rica: Beautiful, with the worst roads on the planet and that is how they want it, they are making sure it does get developed

This is Mexico

The iguanas

Was in California's central valley recently. Bakersfield, Fresno etc. Seem predominately mexican communities now.  Trash thrown everywhere , graffiti and downright filth has turned this part of the state into well...mexico. Document this next

Hola a todos!. Primero que todo quiero agradecer a Rachel Appel por haber hecho este pequeño documental, en el cual sé puede apreciar su preocupación por el futuro de Tulum. Yo también amo la naturaleza y sufro cuando veo como la destruyen. Lo que pasa en Tulum pasa en todo el mando, estamos viviendo tiempos muy duros y muy tristes. La sobrepoblacion, la corrupción, el consumismo, la pérdida de valores, la avaricia, el egoísmo, la ignorancia, el amor al dinero, y muchas cosas más están destruyendo a nuestra gran Señora madre tierra. Nos queda muy poco tiempo, así que el mejor consejo que compartir es que busquen de Dios, lean la Biblia, humillense y obedezcan. Cuando Dios venga y ponga orden volveremos a ver a Tulum y a toda la madre tierra en un estado de sanación sobrenatural. Todo mi respeto para Rachel Appel!

Todo Cancun era de la Antigua ciudad de los Maya’s y todo eso pertenecía a Guatemala em guatemala se respeta más el ecosistema espiritual eso que si se compran sodas viene en botella de vidrio y esas solo se renta la botella, los árboles hay un día ano en donde se siembran árboles y no se cortan árboles para navidad lo que hacer es venden ramas secas que se pintan para hacer el árbol de navidad

i appreciate this effort to save what is right. hope this brings awareness to others.

Malparios Anglosajones ojala q entre los malparios muslims y los askerosos chinos les undan en la miseria

fucken greedy gringos and the lawless, unorganized, corrupt government.

No lo quería ver, porque me voy a deprimir, vivo en Tulum y me encanta este lugar¡ pero bueno aquí estoy viendo el video

Foreigners are not able to purchase property withing 50 miles of the coastline in Mexico. You can "rent" a place for 30 years, but then it returns to Mexican property afterwards. Much of the problems stem from poor government and the ability to bribe your way out of everything. Great job with video. I was in Playa del Carmen and went to Tulum almost twenty years ago. Tulum wasn't much of a city then and Playa was certainly not even half as big as it is now. Waste management and sewers were figured out by the Romans, its estimated that a million people lived in ancient Rome at one point. The problem has a solution, it costs money, and you pay for infrastructure through taxes and municipal bonds. When you see ex pats saying "this growth is horrible and killing this paradise" its kind of ironic because well, you started it. Does Mexico have plastic recycling plants?

the problem is not just in Tulum but our entire world

From Cancun to Tulum the biggest problem now is: drugs. I used to go there almost every year for the last 10 years... I was in 5ta avenida (Playa del Carmen) last February just 3 blocks away from the ferry explosion. I dont know when Im coming back. it is so sad because I fucking love Yucatan. I know from Holbox to Sian ka'an. Pinche droga!!

Yes, we did it. But not what you are implying. Tourism in any way is by its nature destructive, especially when pleasure is the goal.

Their is a total of 3 sides actually, the people, the government, and the visitors or new comers that choose to leave their country and live their now...their should be a city hall where they have meetings for the people to get involved..all you have to do is all get together and think of taking like 2 whole work weeks and take a vacation for those 2 weeks and clean up that place or build something all together... then you all can create a new holiday, that I'm sure the world would then join in as well once you make another video and promote it like this... well video just clarifying the exact root of the first steps that need to take place...set an appointment date assure everyone's aboard this plan then take charge, and make great change

So sad... people's destroying Tulum.

So true I was there 24 years ago and had a feeling this is what it would become. A lot because a man I was on the plane with when we flew into Cancun look down and said none of this was here 20 years ago. And it looked like a mini Las Vegas to me. Sad to see it happen to a paradise like that

First impression: I am watching the first three minutes and the geologic information is incorrect. I have lived here for almost ten years and feel so angry at what Tulum has become. I hope the rest of this documentary is based on fact and not (what looks like) shoddy internet research. This is a story that needs to be told.

I recently went to tulum.. I fell in love with the reasons that you mentioned But I noticed a lot of construction

(As a Canadian) it wasn't cheap to buy groceries at the stores in Tulum, I can only imagine how hard it is for the locals to feed their families. Hopefully the locals don't pay the same prices.

Wow, so sad.  I was in Tulum and Playa del  Carmen in the early  90's, and it was nothing like this.  I'm glad I got to see it while it was still nice.  Humans have to destroy everything

As humans we need to get our shit together.

People fuck up everything

I hope AMLO does something about these issues, Tourist need to Respect Mother Nature, Mexico needs to Preserve Tulums Jungle. Viva Mexico

Best camera footage in the planet!! I wonder who the cinematographer was???

this bitch is a fear monger. Most people care deeply about the environment. the bad people are contractors and government.

Pink floyd?,pensé,"the dark side of the moon".

Great documentary! Hope Playa and Tolum get back on the good environmental track!

Amazing documentary! Thank you for opening our eyes...

So...When Heather moved there she didn't think that her presence there would affect the system...BUT EVERYONE ELSE'S WOULD!! Fucking entitled pricks. You know, the only way that you can make a living in Tulum is in the service industry...servicing those tourists that go to enjoy the place for a few days at a time. Fuck your documentary and your condescending. And fuck Heather too!

Nothing but love and light to you! May you find peace within your hatred.

Everywhere the white man goes, he brings misery All throughout history—look it up Everything them bald heads touch, they fuck it up Every government he set up, to be corrupt... Dead Prez

sunrise not popular . sunset more popular and attract more tourist.

Tulum is a gateway to Satanic Demons they worshiped. Bible says they are cursed for this.

yo can subscribe to the movie channel please. Best way to stay put for updates

Knead Thank you for your feedback, Knead! All of your points are accurate and well thought out. However, this was the best we could do with the resources we had. Tulum could not wait another season for this movie to be released. You say it is juvenile - maybe. But please take note of the hard work that was put into this project and the intentions behind it. We did leave a lot of information out, simply due to time. We knew we had to make it short and to the point (as you see by some of the comments that say your comment is too long - people simply want information as fast as possible). The idea of this was to get people’s attention, and so far it is working! And just so you know, the director of this film studied the environment and has a masters in journalism. Best of luck to you!

+Boxing Bro This isn't long at all. People need to have more than a meme's worth of an attention span to WANT to be able to fix an issue as deep as this one. Knead makes some very good points.

Knead I couldn’t agree more,sadly

Your truth is clear for eyes that see.

Be more concise very few people want to read 8 long paragraphs in a YouTube comment

There would be nothing sad about that final outcome

PSS You were right on the 65 million years ago

PS Greedy developers are destroying many arts of Mexico ie San Miguel Allende +The Dark Side of Tulum

Please supply the date regarding your statements.

Hi Stefano, thanks for the comment. Yes, the makers of this film do have relations to Synpet. In fact, one of our energy advisors is currently implementing this technology in Mexico City. No, Synpet did not give any money to fund this film - it as completely by choice of the director as it was necessary to tell the truth about solar and offer an alternative solution. Plus, we have heavily researched TCP and decided it is something that should be advertised and known about. We disagree that the documentary is 'polluted' by not disclosing we have relations with Synpet, but we understand your concerns.

+Ryan Shannon agree when goback to your europe where u belong and pay back lands to original owners in americ@ ,, the indians wich most population were devastated, the inmigrants are ppl from europe came to america continent

Agreed. Take all your people out of our Western countries then. We don't need the 70% of immigrant Latinos who are on welfare in the US.

LOL how about Mexican stay in their own countries too then?

All these comments by Mexicans that Americans are destroying the environment here in! Mexicans destroy their environment way more than Americans do in the US. I know...I live here in CDMX and been all through Mexico. Get real.

+stefano giovannini Hi Stefano, thanks for the comment. There are plenty of scientists (outside of Synpet) that agree it is a great solution. And we have spoken to many of them. It was evaluated by the EPA ! Yes, the makers of this film do have relations to Synpet. In fact, one of our energy advisors is currently implementing this technology in Mexico City. No, Synpet did not give any money to fund this film - it as completely by choice of the director as it was necessary to tell the truth about solar and offer an alternative solution. Plus, we have heavily researched TCP and decided it is something that should be advertised and known about.

This advanced Mayan culture you speak of was committing human sacrifices on a regular basis.

Just because they made sacrifices at one point in time doesn't meant that they have always done that... The Mayan Empire lasted around 3000 years. Even Egypt was corrupt at some points in its history.

Says a white colonizer barbarian. Stfu.

+Mochix, I love it when you greasy mestizo trash call us "dirty yankis," considering the squalor you live in. The nice parts of Mexico (made nice by tourist money) are wasted on you. By the way, you really need to do more reading. Imperialist scums? Hahahahahaha!

+Fred Pearson The compradors will be dealt with, as they are agents for you imperialist scums. Force is not a tactic that is used as much as you dirty yankis did in the 20th century, although Iraq, Libya, etc are still examples of how blood thirsty you fuckers are. But, through sanctions, the world bank, IMF, and proxy agents you guys are able to make countries your lapdogs. "Save your stupid imperialism" the fact that your analysis leaves Imperialism out of the problem is enough for me.

Nice try, but maybe you should take your own advice and learn about the role of Mexican land development and Real Estate business interests. Foreigners aren't stealing or taking your land by force--it's being sold to them by Mexicans. And save your stupid imperialism comments for your idiot Marxist friends.

Amazing Content....... Keep the videos Coming......... Please checkout my YouTube Channel Philly Dom ....... It's a Travel VLOG Channel.......

Guys, thank you very much for making and sharing this film with us. I was in Tulum a year ago and it was quite shocking and hard to watch now, how we (tourists) are unwittingly taking part in the destruction of this paradise. I'm going to share this film and tell about it to all my friends. Sadly there many similar places in the world destroyed by uncontrolled tourism and unplanned devolopment. I hope things can still be revised and Tulum can remain unique and beautiful tourist place, wisely coexisting with surrounding nature. Best, Max :)

It is sad seening and knowing it. But people must been allowed to expand cities in Quintana Roo. And the whole area must be protected all cost.

In the USA we're corrupted too.. Pay an approximate 40% bribe, or get thrown in a cage.

A bunch of priviledged progressive white hipster culture has evaded that beautiful land. And turned it into some kind of socially elite Utopian paradise Hot spot. .-Thats the dark side..

Duterte shut down Boracay and rehabilitate it. look at Boracay beach now! Shut Tulum now!

So sad humans are destroying our beautiful earth. Smh

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