The Power of Brazilian ARMY Fanchant (Part 2) + Solos Reaction | BTS Speak Yourself Tour in Brazil

The Power of Brazilian ARMY Fanchant (Part 2) + Solos Reaction | BTS Speak Yourself Tour in Brazil

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Hi guys it's Anna this video is going to be a part 2 to present our respect chance or the deal let's rock this but before I start I want to say huge thank you to present armies who gave me so much love and support on, my first, video I did not, expect. So, many people to, like, and watch that and your comments. Were seriously, the sweetest so, thank you to person Army's forgive me see, comments and watching. The video and giving, it so much love and support like I did, not expect, it also you guys don't need to thank me for rounding, their video I need to thank you guys for giving and, showing beaches so much love his report so props. To you Osiris. In comments then out of people were fluent English, and commented. In Portuguese. And I tried, my best to, reply back using, Google. Translate so, I apologize. If there were any mistakes, but to those who did not understand, what I said so far I wanna tell you guys obrigado, por su amor, audio, I apologize, for any pronunciation. Mistakes or if, the, sentence, was in grammatically. Correct, but I want, to thank you for your love and support and, I love, you, too, so. After a long intro in today's video I will try to 1/2, the threat and to fancams the first fan cam is for 2 mins turn to be and the second one is for youngest seesaw so we have 4 the ideal let's rock this I just put up the two threats and I'll link to it down description and let's, watch it I believe the videos in order according, to you the setlist and the. First video seems to be before. The concert itself so let's watch it. My. God. The. Arena is not even full yet, at all you sound. So, beautiful, already. I, don't. Know about okay. So this video seems to be H serendipity, fancams show let's, watch it. My. God I'm already getting instant. Goosebumps. You're. Gonna make me cry again. Not. All. Of you are, singers. Oh my. God the harmonies. All. Of you Wow. Like props, 2%, armies like this. Is. Absolutely. Beautiful. Okay I don't know what song the next video is for so, let's, just watch it. Wow. I love. It. Revolvers. Are armies bits, such, an. Amazing. Job. I. Love. The fact that. They. Sing and rap the whole song. My. Heart. My. Heart content. I, can't. Bruising armies all sounds, so beautiful and, I. Can't, even imagine how. Beautiful, and, emotional. It was for everyone in that arena you, can hear how loud they are from these videos but, that. Doesn't, compare to in, real life in, real life, and be like 100, times louder so, I, can't. Even imagine it. It seems so cool and amazing and, I. Really. Admire president, Ariz for, their. Passion. And their, energy, and like. How they, show their love to be just like I am, really impressed by that okay, so this video is a fan camp for seesaw which I'm super. Excited for like I love. That song and you, engage my bias if you guys didn't know. Yes. My. God the goosebumps, are so, real right now.

I. Can't. Hide. Our to watch the full thing under this because from this little snippet all of you already sound so, good like I love it okay this video is for, G hopes just dance and so. Many people send me links to this video and, G. Videos on YouTube and I. Believe this is for when. Everyone, chanted, j-hope, and we watch that in the first part but. Apparently. This. Video is much, louder and I can't, even imagine how. Loud it was but, let's. Watch it. This, is what our King deserves. Is. So, beautiful, oh my god I love you guys I love Brazil armies, I love Brazil for. Showing. Our, dance, King so, much love like God. Just see him smile, like that means, so, much to me so thank you guys so, much like, you, guys are. Absolute. Angels. Like you are the sweetest like, oh my god this is amazing. How, would, you guys do, that. My. God I'm getting, so many goose balls. The. Fact that. You. Can hear it outside, the, arena holy. Crap. Oh, my, god, that is insane. The fact that you can hear the fan chants outside, the arena is freakin. Incredible like. You, guys are amazing. And, insane. And props. Tubers, that I wheeze like wow. The. Heart. The. Heart event, that. You guys got incredible. Oh my. God. I. Love. The fact that person. Abbie's did the heart event like it, looks so, stunning, on, videos. And I. I'm. Not gonna cry today but, if. I was at the concert I would 100%. Cry. Like oh my god oh. I. Remember. Because. Before the concert. Like. God oh, my god the yummy part Yuki's right it's coming. Y'all. We. Just write in, this part like it's the easiest thing ever oh my, god. The. Armies, are not all singers, but, talented. Rappers, how. Do they do that. Wow. Oh they, just absolutely slide. You just rap like, what. The whole arena just, read his rap and, I'm. In, awe. Oh my. God this party. Looks, lame. But. Everybody, looks like they're having like, the time of the life like they're, having so much fun and that makes me so happy. Oh this. Makes it a very goes. This, is basically, a, collaboration. Concert. Of, BTS, and Army's. First. God I love it it's like this like watching this makes me so happy. Like. German. No I'm so, loud. Wow. My. Goodness, this, is so awesome. Oh. My. God the girl. Whistling. This veil is more, like. Me. Yes. A, girl. I. Love. This good ol. Love. Fortuna. I. Love. Hoppers and Arby's shows so much love to you every single member. Girl. Your. Slavers, I. Love. This. Like. She's, absolutely, killing none, to the part in tear. Yes. Oh. My. God I love, you I love watching videos like this because it shows how passionate. The people are at the concert and how much fun they're having so. Like, that, makes me really happy. Jimin, smile just makes my heart melt. Remember, said armies killed. It like oh my god I'm so amazed by that like they're like, because people, out, there I will love to come to Brazil to one of BT's it shows one, day like that would be so, amazing, like, that, is a dream, come, true I. Saw. This in Taiwan. Y'all. Are high, as. Before.

The Concert. Are. So, amazing. Like they always, rap, you can get sparked like it's nothing. Mercenaries. Can you please give me a lesson on how. To rap youngest, part please okay, so next it's not today which is going to be a hell, of wire so, let's watch it. But, god you're, so. Loud I, love it. Wow. I love. All of this I love always so much, I bet v10 loves concert, in Brazil because the energy, is amazing, like, it is off the scale and like the. Atmosphere. Is. So. Late. How, do they do that. Like I, bet. Everyone. Couldn't, talk on the concert. Get, ready. Wow. I. Want. To be there. My. God my dream is to one day attend, BTS concert in Brazil and party. The hell out, of it with you guys and, like just, have the, best time ever. My. Draw. I, will, forever love. With, your outfits, they look so, expensive, especially. Awesome. In this bed and, it. Was. Wrapping. Our armies let's, get it. If. They fade. Oh my. God. Farting. Ooh Brazil, armies must be the best. Field. Absolutely. Stunning, this. Bob, instant. Response, how is he real. My, heart, can't. Take these stairs, came to yoga. That. Was smart all right you know what you're doing. God. I've done we have two more bankers live and this video is already getting so long so I hope you guys don't mind okay so the first video you to watch together is trivet serve pity so let's watch it t1. I. Love. How he's in the bubble and there are flowers around him like the, stage looks, absolutely, gorgeous. Let's. Stir this up a little bit. I. Love. That, part, I like the bubble goes. By. To. Mean oh. Boy. I'm. Still, not used to it. I don't, know what, I should focus on like 2, min or you. Guys all, fans. Because, I love, seeing. Two, men perform. His. Dancing, is always so, beautiful, and, so elegant. But. Everyone, sounds so. Beautiful. Like. Bursar armies add this, beautiful harmony. My. God jae-min. Is not good for my weak heart. - gotcha - stop, exposing, your, abs like bad. Like. I'm trying to focus a prison Irish franchise, here so timid, calm, down. Smile. Oh. My. God. The. More I watch to be smile the more I fall in love with a book.

Are. You making, you weak. Hey. You said armies thank, you for. Giving, us the beautiful smile. Wow. This. Makes me so happy like, saying. Jimin, enjoyed, the states too much and smile. So much, boy. Ok, I'm back. I'm. So talking. Actually. Define. Chance for. The. Veterans, were louder. In the Twitter videos, but you can still hear, army, saying. Look. At those are meatballs. But. I've never, seen, Jimena. Smile. So, much in a served. Ability for. Men's. Like. I feel like this is the happiest, he's been in a 10-degree concert. I mean. Before men so what, am I even saying. Thank. You to, Brazil Army's for. Like. Putting. Such. A beautiful, smile of, Julian's face okay last, video for today they're willing to wash together and for, youngest, seesaw, so I was watching it date t1. But. Let's, go. Is this a new stage. That. Wasn't there for the, love, yourself. I. Love. How they always scream like, the person's, name you. Can. Hear, the. Fan chant loud, and clear I. Love. You Sparkle. You pink suit. Oh. God I'm so loud up. That. Outfit, looks, hella comfortable. We've. Got the whole arena, is. Screaming. On, top of the lungs. I bet. The, whole mean I was shaking. Like which was shaking, from, like the screaming, and like people jumping and dancing. And look the sparkle. Is in the suit I. Love. You need. Like. You give me my, bias for, such. A long time like he's my ultimate bias so I really have a soft spot for him. And. I. Am a seesaw, enthusiast. That's. It oh my god that was it. No. I'm. Not upset because I already saw like five videos, from. Caesar, but. Like. It is so I try. Not to get, unsatisfied. He was, like I was expecting, the whole song so. No. But seriously I absolutely, love watching, percent Army's fat chance because they. Are so, loud they. Are so, passionate and, I love the five that they. Say the whole song like, they, even rap like, you. Guys are on another level, how to be present armies like props. 2% armies like you. Guys are. Amazing i as always and so, impressed. By, bruising, armies like they. Always, do such a good job and they are known for and famous, for their, fan. Chants and their, basic support present, armies you, are, amazing. And, keep. Doing, what you're doing like, keep being so amazing and passionate, and energetic and, I. Would. Love to come there one day and part, of you guys and yeah. That, was a party 2% I was French and I won't be jet if you leave me should give it a thumbs up also leave a comment Dumbo to a bench prior to next and yeah I hope wonderful, day and I'll see you next time bye.

2019-06-15 17:24

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Legendas em português estão disponíveis! Espero que eles sejam compreensíveis porque foram traduzidos usando o Google Tradutor!

nha, que fofis.

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por favor, assista euphoria e epiphany! em euphoria vc vai se divertir com o "annyeonghaseyo jeoneun bangtan sonyeondan hwanggeum maknae jeon jungkook imnida" e irá se arrepiar com epiphany!!!! euphoria: epiphany:

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B-armys did a party to them, so much passion and love. It was amazing ! Hope BTS see the videos.

I'm a b-army, and it really was WAAAAAY LOUDER than the videos! I was there for both concerts and those were the best days of my life! Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for all the love you're showing us and we would totally love having you here next time!! JUNTOS E SHALLOW NOW

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Here you can watch a little more of the fanchants inside the arena before the show:

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Just to you know, our venue is known as one with the better acoustic of LATAM, so the sound is not supposed to be loud from outside the arena, but you know how b-army is, so all São Paulo heard our chantings HAHAHAHAHA (And YES, after the concerts not even 1 person had voice anymore, mine "returned" after 10 days hahahaha)

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I went to the show on the 26th and I can say that I felt like I was fulfilled, I enjoyed the show and gave our best in the concert. The Brazilian passion is something that happens in all shows, Brazilians are very passionate, in all the shows we try to show love that we feel because the artist takes time to come to our country

We just wait for you here in Brazil in a next BTS concert!!!! Just love u!!!!!

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I only wish bighit looked at us the way you do... We know the boys like us,but we're not sure about the company. Anyways.. Thank you for the compliments. As i said.. It's once in a lifetime we get to see them, so each moment counts.

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I'm Brazilian and I was in the show, it was incredible and extremely hot, in the music of Jungkook everyone shouted "Annyeonghaseyo jeoneun bangtan sonyeondan hwanggeum maknae Jeon Jungkook imnida" with all the force, I will never forget that day, it was very special and unforgettable. I'm sorry if something is wrong, I needed a google translator to write this. Estou na espera da parte 3 :)

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please see the design of the flag of Brazil in "Mikrokosmos"

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you're so sweet for speaking in portuguese! loved the reaction

it's been almost 3 weeks since their concert here in brazil and my throat is still not great as it was before the concert KSNXKSJXKSJD and i can still listen to the crowd fanchant everytime i listen to the songs of the setlist

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i went to the concert on may 25th here in brazil and posted this thread with my videos and pics of that day, if you want to watch more videos.... xjnsjxnsjd there's some mvs before the concert (i posted the whole fire mv in there and even dionysus rehearsal while we were waiting outside the stadium)

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Aaaa I miss them so much, just remembering I was in the first day at Brazil’s concert, it makes me so happy and nostalgic ❤️ (pls correct me if I wrote something wrong)


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19:11- o Jimin estava doente, e no show do dia 26 ele chorou e agradeceu as b-armys por terem cantado a maior parte da música Jimin was sick, and at the show on the 26th he wept and thanked the b-armys for singing most of the song

isso é tão doce e lindo! obrigado por trabalhar duro

18:09- eu lembro que o estádio ficou em silêncio quando a cama subiu e quando ele abriu os olhos todo mundo gritou ou chorou, foi hilário I remember that the stadium was silent when the bed went up and when it opened the eyes everyone cried or cried, it was hilarious

você poderia fazer uma parte 3, antes das b-armys entrarem no estádio elas já estavam cantando, foi lindo

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4:11-is something that we can not explain, it makes me want to cry and cry and cry and that's it algo que não conseguimos explicar, dá vontade de chorar e chorar e chorar e só isso

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