The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (Documentary)

The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire (Documentary)

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The. British soldier. All. Around, the globe you'll find him from, Gibraltar to Hong Kong. Everywhere. He, stands, against the threatening, years, staunch. Symbol, of our common, will to order. The. British Empire. The. Largest empire of the world has ever known. For. Over 300, years Britain, ruled its, army is conquered, and, its bankers, proclaimed, the might of its currency. But. One day it all began to fall apart, one. By one countries, declared their independence from, Britain and no. Amount of force could reverse the tide. As. British elites saw their wealth privileges. And Empire disintegrate, they. Began to search for a new role in a changing, world and they, found one in finance. This, is a film about how Britain transformed, from a colonial power to. A modern financial, power and how, this transformation. Has shaped the world we live in. In. The days of the British Empire the City of London was the world's, biggest global, financial, center. The. City of London was the kind of beating financial, heart of the British Empire for, historians Kane and Hopkins called it the governor of the imperial, engine all, these countries in the Empire used. To use the sterling currency, and the City of London was kind of the. Financier, of this so not just inside the sterling zone but outside the sterling zone as well as. Britain's, Empire declined. So. Too did, the City of London, one. British Army truck is bombed killing two soldiers and wounding, 12 as. Rioting. Becomes daily more widespread on Cyprus, young people of high-school age take, an increasing, part in the violence, here, a group of girls are being dispersed, after a rock-throwing battle, with British military police. With, the decline of Empire British. Commercial, interests, across the globe were under threat in. 1956. Egypt. Nationalized the, Suez Canal a. New. Middle East crisis, arises as, President, Nasser of Egypt tells, a wildly cheering crowd in Alexandria, that. Egypt has seized the internationally. Owned Suez, Canal. France. And Britain issue a 12-hour ultimatum, within. Hours of its exploration Britain's, warplanes, are winging their way to Egypt and its bombers attack five key cities including, Cairo. The. United States was opposed, to the invasion and put. Pressure on Britain and France to withdraw their troops. No. United, States involvement, in these present, hostilities, it. Is our open intent this. Matter will be brought before the United Nations General Assembly, there. The, opinion, of the world can be brought to bear in our quest for a just end to. This tormenting, problem. Britain. Was humiliated. The. Suez Crisis signified, the end of Britain's role as one of the world's major powers. Following. The crisis, there was a run, on the, Sterling. On the UK pound, some. People suspect. That the American, government was. Encouraging. This Romany a UK bound. As. Finances. Withdrew, their money from Britain the, value of the pound decreased. To. Protect the value of the pound Britain. Limited, the banks overseas, lending, they. Were not able, to, invest abroad and, obviously. They were unhappy and, we don't exactly dig context. But it's, very clear the banks or their representative. Made. A presentation, to the Bank of England which in itself was, dominated. By, representing. From the banking in the strain it, seems. That they have reached. An agreement. Which. Was. Never written that if, the banks. Intermediated. Between two non-residents. In. A foreign currency in that case dollar that, this particular. Intermediation. This, particular bill, will. Not be considered. By the Bank of England, under its own jurisdiction. The. Banks began to create a market, for dollars in London called, the London euro dollar market. To, differentiate, these euro market, activities, from their domestic, banking activities, banks.

Kept Two sets of accounts. The. Bank of England the UK regulator, declared. That the London Europe market accounts, were not in London they, were elsewhere. And therefore. It had no responsibility. For regulating them. It's. About providing, a legal, space in. Which you pretend, activity. Is taking place and. The importance, of that is that you pretend, it's not taking place in. The economy, where it really is taking place so, you're taking activity, from the place where it's regulated, and text and pretending. That it's happening elsewhere, now. Where doesn't. Really matter it's just elsewhere. When. American, banks realized that London offered the ability to avoid US regulations, they. Moved their international, operations, to the city. Around. The same time as American banks were moving their international, operations, to London, another. New kind of financial space began to emerge far. Away from London in, Britain's overseas, jurisdictions. The, last remnants, of empire. Back. In the 60s the Cayman Islands was a complete, backwater, the, stories, go that, mosquitoes. Were so thick in the air sometimes, they're enough to suffocate, cows that's, a legend that you hear about Cayman Islands I don't know how true it was but, it was there was nothing happening that accountants. And lawyers from London arrived in the Cayman Islands and other British dependencies. And began. To draft a set of financial secrecy, laws and regulations. Because. These jurisdictions. Main selling point was secrecy, they. Were called secrecy. Jurisdictions. What. The Cayman Islands was doing was, straightforwardly. Illegal, activity, drugs. Money was coming in in huge quantities. Tax. Evasion, whatever whatever you wanted you could have it. The. Bank of England was observing, the developments, from London and noted. In a report marked, secret dated. 11th of April 1969. We. Need to be quite sure that, the possible proliferation. Of trust companies, banks, etc which. In most cases would, be no more than brass plates manipulating. Assets outside the islands does, not get out of hand. There. Is of course no, objection. To their providing, boltholes, for non-residents. But. We need to be sure that in so doing opportunities. Are not created, for the transfer, of UK capital, to the non Sterling, area outside, UK rules. These. Small, territories, the last remnants, of the British Empire which are still overseas territories, today they are still the last remnants of the British Empire, there. Are 14, of these overseas territories, seven of them are bona, fide a tax, havens including the Cayman Islands Bermuda, the. British Virgin Islands. Some, of the biggest tax havens in the world today are still British. With. Access, to large amounts of offshore money the, euro market, grew rapidly. By. 1980, it had reached 500. Billion dollars, by. 1988. Four. Point eight trillion dollars, and by. 1997. Nearly, 90 percent of all international, loans, were, made through this market. The. British Empire had sunk leaving, hardly, a trace behind, but. The City of London adapted. And survived. The, City of London London's. Financial district. Is a peculiar. Place. It. Has been called the city within a city a state. Within a state it. Is run by an organization called, the City of London Corporation a. Private. Company that performs, all the functions of a local council, with, a private police force and private. Courts those. Of you who aren't from the UK some of you even who are might. Not be aware just, how weird a thing the. Little city of London is, within, the big city the big London, the, city of London is a. Separate. Entity to, the. Wider, London. And it, has its own head, the Lord Mayor he's distinct, from the mayor who. Runs, the rest of London. Every. November the city stages, the Lord Mayor's Show the. World's oldest, civic procession. The, City of London has long had this curious, legal status, because. Back. In 1066, when, William the Conqueror came over the, city was one, of the only portions of England that he failed to conquer and he, struck a deal with the city in 1067, that allowed them to continue functional. To. This day the, City of London is exempt, from numerous, laws that govern the rest of Britain. Its. Political system derives, from the Middle Ages the. City's electorate, is dominated, not by its residents but. By the private, businesses, operating, within the city. It's. Lord Mayor is selected, by the heads of medieval, guilds. They, have a, representative, in the House of Commons called. The, remembrancer, apart, from the clerks of the court of the Kazakh honest he's the only unelected, person they're all, other lobbyists.

Have To stop you know in the lobby they're not allowed past the lobby the. City of London has a permanent representative. In the House of Commons whose. Role is to report back to the City of London Corporation and. To. Lobby Parliament, on behalf, of the city. The. Corporation, of London clearly. It's. A uniquely. Unique, and interesting, phenomenon. That should, have attracted. Many. Political scientists, vertical column is an economist. But. I don't know of anyone, who has studied. Systematically. The corporation London in this impact, on, policy. Or. Economic. Policy. So. We can only surmise. Some. People. Assume. Or, surmise, that the corporation London is extremely, powerful, and. Is able in one way or another to shape. British. Policy, particularly, within financial, matters climate, Lee the Prime Minister after the second world war, had. Had something to say about the steeple on the corporation, he did yes, so. Over and over again we have seen that there is in this country another, power than that which has its seat at Westminster. The. City of London a convenient, term for a collection of financial, interests, is able. To assert itself against, the government, of the country those. Who control money can, pursue a policy at home and abroad, contrary. To that which has been decided, by the people. At, the heart of the City of London stands, the Bank of England the. Bank of England is not just a central bank it, is also a financial, regulator. At. The demise of Empire the. Bank of England used this Regulatory Authority to, help attract the world's banks, to London. In. 1972. The. Bank of England issued a license to the bank of credit and commerce international, which. Set up its head office in London. Within. 10 years, BCC, I grew, into the seventh largest bank, in the world ten. Years later, BCCI. Was, bankrupt. The. Deputy, director of the CIA Richard. Kerr said, late today that the CIA did, use, BCCI. To. Support, CIA, activities, overseas. But. BCCI, had not just collaborated. With the world's intelligence, services, it. Had also engaged, in extensive financial. Fraud money. Laundering and, terrorist. Financing. BCCI. Was, financing. Terrorism the Bank of England Hewitt says the report but, instead of supervising. It properly it tried to prevent the bank's collapse I am, saying very directly, that the Bank of England, had.

Sufficient. Information, in front of it to, close BCCI. 15. Months earlier than it did but, millions of depositors, were hurt in that process. Numerous. Whistleblowers. From BCC I had contacted, the Bank of England yet. The Bank of England did, nothing. The. Bank of England had plenty of time to, intervene. And investigate. But, it did not do so because the, tradition, at that time which, still survives, is that a while actually you, know you have to just kind. Of send hints, and talk, over lunch tables, with the chaps regulating. Other chaps and all, would be well. Robin. Lee Pemberton, the governor of the Bank of England at the time of the collapse of BCC, I commented. The. Present system of supervision, has served the community well, if we. Close down a bank every time he found an incidence of fraud it. Would have rather fewer banks than we do at the moment. London. Was a place for banks to engage in business that was not allowed elsewhere. Where. Senior bankers did not have to worry about the consequences, of their actions. This. Is one of the reasons why today there, are more banks, in London than. In any other financial, centre. In. Britain nobody, goes to jail no bankers go to Charlie generally don't they. Are a protected, species and, that is part of the offshore business model of the UK is to say we, will protect you we will bring your money here we will look after you we're, not gonna put you in prison we'll let you do what you want. Light. Touch regulation was, one way of attracting business to London another. Was, secrecy. From. The 1960s. Onwards City, of London institutions, began to establish offshore. Branches, in former outposts, of the British Empire their. Aim was to create offshore, centres with strong secrecy, legislation, in, order to attract capital from, across the globe. Swiss. Banking secrecy is the most famous most well-known you know put the money in Swiss bank and they won't they promise not to tell anybody and that's. One kind of secrecy but another kind of secrecy, which, is very British is the, trust and. The trust is a very slippery. Complicated. And devious. Mechanism. Trust's. Emerge, the legend has it from the time of the Crusades when the Knights would go from frightened foreign lands and they would leave their assets, in, the care of trusted, stewards, what. Trusts, do ultimately. Is they play with the concept of ownership ownership, is not such a simple thing so. The. Settle or the Knights in this case would. Hand over the assets to. Someone. Who these. Days would be called a trustee, it's often a lawyer legally. You are separated, from those assets they're not yours anymore there's a barrier you, can't. Be taxed on them you can't be nobody's, going to find anything about your connection, to these assets. In. Britain's offshore, jurisdictions. No. Qualifications. Are necessary, to be a trustee. Anyone. Can set up a trust and act as a trustee, there. Is no registry, of trusts, there. Are no bodies to certify, that a trust has been set up. The. Only persons who know about the creation, of this Agreement, are the. Trustee, and the settler there's no obligation, to, register, it there, is no financial, reporting. Obligation. Of trusts. They are not required to put annual statements, on. To account, anywhere, so, actually, trusts, up to. Intents and purposes invisible. Arrangements. Economist. John Kristensen was, an economic, adviser to the secrecy jurisdiction. Of jersey for ten years we're. Not talking about a few million, we're. Talking now about trillions. Trillions. Of dollars of capital which, apparently belong to nobody for. Tax purposes and father purposes, they belong to nobody, everything. Works, of Arts gold bullion, horse. Racehorses. Real. Estate not, just financial, assets but a whole load of non-financial. Assets belong. To these trusts. Sitting. There belonging, to nobody, now. Think that one's through but, we are talking, about maybe. As much as fifty trillion dollars of, assets, sitting. Offshore behind. These instruments, well. The Cayman Islands are among several British overseas territories. Who have signed a new information, exchange agreement, with Britain and the rest of Europe to, tackle tax evasion, the, countries are now, required, to automatically, provide details, of the ownership of bank accounts and how, they're used, Cayman, became the first signatory, last week it's, important, that the Cayman Islands should be recognized, as, the first overseas, territory.

To, Sign such an agreement with the United Kingdom and. I think this importantly. Reflects, the constructive. Approach that, the Cayman Islands has taken, in, delivering. Our shared, objective. Of rooting, out tax, evasion. The. Trust, light of the core of the British secrecy, model they don't use banking, secrecy the, Swiss use banking secrecy the, British of course are only too willing to kill a banking, secrecy because, they will and capture a larger market share that's, why the Brits are doing this. Trusts. Are the basic building block of anglo-saxon. Secrecy, and they, form the basis from which complex, offshore structures, are created, every. Secrecy. Jurisdiction, offers a specific, set of services, from. Trusts, to shell companies, to secret bank accounts, and nominee, directors. The. Combination, of these services, into complex structures, spanning. Multiple jurisdictions. Enables. The creation of secrecy structures, that are almost impossible to, penetrate. An. Offshore, structure will, often. Have a trust kind of sitting at the top of it the, trust will be here managing, the assets kind of controlling, their assets, underneath. It the trust will own, some. Shell companies, each. One might be in a different jurisdiction might, have a trust in one jurisdiction whose. Trustees, are somewhere else whose. Beneficiaries, are somewhere else which, owns offshore. Companies, somewhere, else each of these companies might. Then own assets, so that we might own you know a bank account for. Racehorses, a yacht are painting, a portfolio. Shares or whatever. There. Are numerous variations of, trusts, and offshore secrecy, structures. There. Are offshore, lawyers, whose work entails, the creation, of ever more complex, and obscure structures. The. Aim of these structures, is to hide the identity of the owners of offshore assets and allow, offshore wealth, to, be recycled back into global, markets. On. The amount of money, being. Administrated. From, tax. Havens. You. See that the DISA curve going like this and all. The talking we have been doing along with other wonderful. People fighting, against, tax havens has, not changed anything you know it is the word where you say, go on talking and go on talking you're interesting, me and I'm going on doing, what I want to do we, know everything, today because we have had the Panama papers we, have seen it and we are, not able, to act, upon, it and. We. Are not able to act upon it because. This. System is really protecting. The. Few people that, are having. Benefit, from it and. These. Are in person. Takes very few people but they are powerful, and I. See, in the Panama, committee. That I'm sitting, in the, only thing that. Could change this is. To have a public. Accessible. Register. Of, the beneficial, ownership, of. Trusts. And of. All kind of companies, it is easy. The. Panama papers are, a collection of leaks from the offshore law firm mossack fonseca. Mossack. Fonseca, is the fourth largest offshore, law, firm the. Other nine of the ten largest offshore law firms are registered, in British overseas, jurisdictions. When. Countries complain, to Britain about the activities, run out of its offshore havens, Britain. Claims that these places are independent. And that, there is nothing it can do I've. Heard time and time again from, officials, in Berlin, and, in Paris, and Washington. And in other countries that they've, been told by the British government. Yes. They are well aware of what's going on in Jersey and they think it's very unfortunate, but they don't, have the powers to intervene well. That's a straightforward Ally, they. Do have the powers to intervene they just choose not to. Britain. Plays this kind of game of. Pretending. When, it suits them to pretend that these places are independent. At. The end of the day Britain, appoints. The governor appoints.

Lots, Of senior. People in these places they're. Responsible, for Foreign Relations and, defence and also they can veto their legislation, as well so Britain has, a massive degree, of control basically, it is controlling, these places allowing, them a little bit of political space. During. His time as economic, adviser to Jersey John. Christensen, frequently, traveled to London for talks with various, British government departments. As. Economic, adviser I had. A lot of contact, with different. Departments. Traditionally. UK. Governments have tried not to interfere in the domestic affairs of, places like Jersey so happens are more subtle sort of way you can go and talk to someone either, the Home Office or the Treasury and, they say we're not actually particularly, keen on this piece of legislation it. Might be a good idea if you didn't. Go down that route, and. Over a cup of tea that's quite a strong signal that's a signal go back to the island and safe they don't want you to do this. The. British government prefers, not to interfere, overtly. Instead. It communicates, its desires through informal. Discussions, there. Is no paper trail or official, statement, discussions. Take place behind, closed, doors. The. Relationship, so these places have with London is is very, much, about. The British establishment, and people understanding, each other I mean anybody, who knows who is British will knows British. British people knows, that communication. Between us is often. Very subtle and, you. Have to kind of know. The. Codes when. People say stuff I mean a lot of irony involved, and a, lot, of kind. Of codified, language, the, British establishment, that, people. Kind of understand, how it works and, I. Think that, is very much the case with the, British relationship, with the tax havens I think there's a lot of, understanding. Of what we can and can't do without anyone, having to actually spell, it out. By. Keeping its power hidden Britain. Is able to claim that these jurisdictions. Are politically, autonomous. Independence. Fork a man is not in government's, agenda that's, the message being sent to the UN Special Committee on decolonization. Attorney. Steve McPhee will be representing, government at the UN meeting the, committee was set up to help colonies, around the world on the road to independence but. Mr. McFeely says he'll, be making it clear that Kaman is not ready for that transition, I'm. Not messages done the. Premier his, cabinet, his party. Has. No mandate from, the people of the Cayman Islands to seek independence. That is the message that will be carrying. When. The bahamas declared independence, from britain in 1967. The. Offshore bankers, relocated. To the cayman islands and continued. Their business from there. It. Was the British connection that. Reassured, bankers, and their clients, that their money was safe. This. British, bedrock, that is what has allowed these places to become so trusted, by the financial, services industry and. Offshore, finance, and all these people. In. Reality, much. Of the wealth administered, in Britain's offshore, havens is controlled, from London, the. City of London by a large likes to do it's really dirty work, outside. London, they, might happen, forbid Br. A regulator that she takes the job seriously and. Starts to prosecute them for fraud in. London so, better to do the forwards off showing Gibraltar. Or Jersey, where. There's much less risk that a serious, prosecution. Lever happen. Deals, are often discussed and concluded, in London but, then registered, offshore, for, tax transparency, and, regulatory, purposes. What. They allow the, city to do is to get involved, in dirty business but then, when the scandal hits, to. Say well, they're kind of independent. There's nothing we can do about those places that's nuts not ask that's that's tax haven activity, and where the city you know we're, not involved in that kind of stuff so, it's an incredibly, kind of convenient, relationship. The. City of London has. Shaped, the. The. Way in which Jersey. Guernsey, and, the British. Overseas territories. Have, developed, as tax. Havens. Isis. I see these places as the Frankenstein, was created, by by.

The City of London. Today. The. UK is the world's largest provider, of international, financial services, the UK. Has an almost unique, role in global finance, and if. You look at data. The. Kind of data that we've constructed in the financial secrecy index you. Can see the relative shares, of, each country, in the. Global provision. Of financial services. Exports. That's financial, services to non-residents, now. There, are two big centers. And everything. Else is quite small in comparison, the. Two large centers, are, the United States with, around 19%, of, the global market and the. United Kingdom and its offshore jurisdictions. Which, have around 25, percent of the global market and if, you add to that. Other. Jurisdictions. Ex-colonies. But. Recently, dependent, fairly recently, by. Which I mean Hong Kong, Singapore. Maybe. Even Dubai and Bahrain and. Cyprus. Then. You reach the figure of nearly 40 percent and, I. Think that figure represents, better. The. Position, of London, in a global financial market. The, soldiers left that the administrators, left all the colonies but they. Still kept a significant. Degree of control over the financial, flows from these former. The. Former parts. Of empire in the rest of the world so you could describe it as a Second Empire, Britain's. Second Empire sort, of hidden financial, empire spanning. Large, parts of the globe. At. The time of the British Empire the, city of London was the world's largest global financial, center. Not. Only Britain's colonies, but, also independent. Countries, did their banking, in London and used, the Empire's currency, for trade and financing, as. The. Empire declined, so. Too did, the City of London the. Establishment, of a London euro market, enabled. City of London banks to continue to exploit their empire, error networks, and expertise, and the. Creation of secrecy jurisdictions. Gave, banks, access, to large amounts of cheap money. International. Banks from across the globe set, up branches in London, and Britain's offshore, jurisdictions. In order, to take advantage of this new system. This. System has, taken the place of the. Occupation. I mean. Up, till 62. For. France I don't know for England at about the same time England. Very physically, present in India. For instance or in and, other. Colonies. And when. You look at the, money, flows through. The tax, havens they. Are increasing. When we withdraw from, the colonies. We. Are. Still plundering, developing, countries, as former. Colonial powers. Wealthy. Individuals. Organized. Crime and corporations. Shifted. Their wealth offshore, in exchange, for secrecy, and no, tax and, as. Countries around the world began to deregulate, and open their economies, it, became ever easier, to do so. Today. As much as half of all global offshore, wealth may, be hidden in Britain's secrecy, jurisdictions. One. Of the losers is Africa. Whose, flight capital, flows mostly into the modern British spider's. Web I. Think. It's no coincidence that. Britain's, offshore. Empire. Have. Mostly more or less at the same time as. Collapse, of the formal Empire we. Tend to think of Africa as being a huge, net. Debtor to the rest of the world but. That was. The extent of their debts at the end of 2008. 177. Billion the. Debt of sub-saharan. African, nations stood, at a hundred and seventy seven billion, dollars in 2008. Yet. The wealth these country's elites had moved offshore between. 1970. And 2008. Is estimated. At, 944. Billion, dollars over. Five times their foreign debt.

Nine. Hundred and forty four billion, dollars. Do. The maths far. From being a net debtor. Africa. Sub-saharan, Africa. Is a net creditor. To the rest of world as. Capital. Moved offshore. African. Nations borrowed, money from international, banks at high interest, over. Time, these, debts became so great that, they may never be repaid. Secrecy. Jurisdictions. Were starving, developing, nations of their wealth and their tax revenues. For. A long time a lot of developing countries, fluting recently, ecuador have been trying to set up a UN tax. Body which, is of a higher value, than what is currently there which is the UN Tax Committee and every. Time this has happened it has gotten blocked, during. The financing, for development process. In addis ababa last year I. Think it was the UK, and the u.s. that blocked attempts, again to set up this world's. Tax organization, so. Why. Would they not want to have democratic. Decision-making. In. Global. Decisions, on, how tax gets collected across borders I don't, understand, this as long as we have cross-border, activity, that involves both, criminal, and legal activity, as long as we're unable to separate, the two this is going to continue to be a problem. Western. Nations block attempts, to provide greater transparency, of international, financial flows and the, implementation. Of global, standards, for the collection of tax across borders. Whilst. Elites, in developing, nations use, offshore centers, to, hide their wealth offshore. The. Oil from Gabon has, not been affected, people, in Gabon and, this. Is true for the copper in Zambia. For the for, the, gold. In Mozambique. Or in Mali, they. Have been affected, they. Company. That to extract, it and their. Shareholders. It. Has benefited, the corrupt elite, in the country, in developing, countries. The. Offshore system, of tax havens has, facilitated. The looting, of these countries by their elites. It. Has enabled them to steal, the money and keep it safe somewhere else illicit, financial flows, because. The. Anonymity that drives them creates. Incentives. For people in positions of power to. Be corrupt this is why there's, a group of countries where development. Progress is so difficult, it's. That. The incentives, of individuals, and, ability to pursue, them through. All the mechanisms, that underpin illicit flows our. Way, the. Type of mechanisms. That in that leads you to a powerful. Representative. Effective. State that, can start to doubt the development. Worldwide. Developing. Countries lose over a trillion dollars every, year in capital, flight and tax evasion. Most. Of this wealth flows into large Western, nations like, the United States and Britain and enables. Their currencies, to stay strong whilst. Developing nations currencies, remain, weak. But. Illicit, flows into, Western nations, also, had another unexpected. Side, effect, the. Economies, of the United, States and Britain began. To financial, eyes, the. Origins, of this financialization. Or deindustrialization. Go. Back to the 1960s. And, he, wore demonstrators. Protest, u.s. involvement in. The Vietnam War, in, mass marches, rallies, and demonstrations. President. Johnson meanwhile, let it be known that the FBI, is post, Lee watching all anti-war. Activity, in the. 1960s. US, economist, Michael Hudson was, working at Chase Manhattan Bank on Wall Street as. Chases balance-of-payments economist. During. The 1960's, the United States, balance.

Of Payments deficit was, entirely. A result of foreign military expenditures. Dollars. Were flowing out of the United States as a result of the cost of the Vietnam War, the. United States attempted, to prevent the dollars flowing to Vietnam from, being deposited in foreign, banks, the. Government asked Chase to set up a branch in Saigon, during. The Vietnam War as, you can imagine it didn't have windows, was sort of a fortress it, lost money but, the government went. To chase because it said if you don't get, this money. That's being thrown off by the military, in Vietnam, then, it's going to go into French banks, it'll get the general to go and you know what he's gonna do every month he's gonna cash it in for gold that's, what the United States was trying to stop. The. US was not successful. In stopping the outflow, of money so. It began to hatch a different, plan in. 1967. Michael, Hudson was handed a memo by a former, State Department employee, in. 1967. I, was, given by a former, State Department employee in. The elevator the Chase Manhattan a, memo. From, the State Department, urging, the Chase Manhattan would, take, the lead in, helping, the, United States become, the, Switzerland of the world meaning the flight capital, the State Department, through, Chase asked. Me to estimate, how much money do, you think is available if America. Were to become the new Switzerland, and how, do we do it the, plan was to organize offshore, banking, centers in, the Caribbean and elsewhere and the, hot money wouldn't come directly, into Chase because, that wouldn't be nice. And very legal what happened was that the. Latin. American criminals other criminals, drug, dealers all, sorts of organized, crime would, put their money in the, offshore, Caribbean. Banks, and these offshore banks, would, then, deposit. The inflow, in the, head office. By. Moving offshore dollars, back into the United States the, US was able to stop the outflow of dollars and support. The value of its currency. Every. Country looks to a foreign exchange rate and the. Foreign, exchange rate is not only imports, and exports its. Capital, movements, and, if you look at the International, Monetary Fund's, monthly. International. Financial statistics, you. Have sort of a steady balance of trade a steady, immigrants, remittances, what, goes up and down are called errors and omissions what. The United Nations and the IMF call errors and omissions are, flight, capital, it's the the, reason that it's submitted is they. Don't like to really look at this in, the 1930s. Roy. Ovid Hall economist. For the US Commerce, Department wanted. To include, criminal. Movements. In the balance of payment statistics, and Congress. Got very upset I I. Was told in Washington, the cut the argument. Was we're a Christian country we don't want to report crime it's just don't look at it and. They, forbid. Him to, include. Criminal. Money in the balance of payments I guess now you call it errors and omissions you, don't call it criminal, inflow and outflow. In the 1960s. And 70s, Britain. Was faced with a similar dilemma as, the United States money. Was flowing out and this, decreased, the value of the pound. Britain. Realized, that eight to could support the value of its currency by. Opening its domestic markets, to the trillions, of dollars passing.

Through Its offshore havens. But. Just, as in the United States this. Had an unexpected. Side effect the British, banks today. Just. As in the 19th century don't, put their money into, our British manufacturing. They put their money into, real estate speculation. Into financial, speculation foreign. Currency, trade, so. The. Financialization. Of London has, helped. De-industrialized. The country because it's enabled, sterling. To, be supported, by this huge inflow, of hot money this, inflow, of drug-dealing. Money and criminal, money and tax. Evasion money, all over the world that. Is going to London instead, of going to Switzerland Liechtenstein. Or. The Caribbean. With. The silent backing of the United States, Britain's. Offshore, havens, grew rapidly and before. Long the, offshore system, developed, into the world's dominant international. Financial market. Few. Were aware how this market functioned, in. 1986. Economist. John Kristensen, went offshore to, investigate, he. Applied for a position at the Jersey office of one of the world's major accounting. Firms but. Deloitte and Touche was, and I was working on what's called company, and trust administration, straightforward. Optional, stuff I went. Off short specifically. To work in that area because that's why you're dealing with the, offshore companies, the shell companies, the offshore trusts, and you're administering them, that, way I could I could see from, working inside a big. Global accounting. Firm exactly. What the clients, were doing I had. Complete, access, to all the, client files and. Over the course of my period of working with Deloitte - Sh I. Investigated. Over a hundred, of their clients, offshore, and this. Is what I found. There. Were some insider traders, some market rigging some avoiding, disclosure of conflicts of interest illicit, arms trading illicit political campaign donations, contract. Kickbacks, bribery, fraudulent, invoicing, trade mispricing, and, at the bottom tax evasion. Okay. This. Is. What the clients were doing. The. Basis of a sample, of the clients I looked at not, a single client was involved in but I would regard as genuinely, legitimate. Activity, they were all, involved. In some kind of tax dodging, or. Worse. I met. With the car, leaving used, to be an American senator. And. He made a lot of inquiries, into. Private, banking, asking, questions. To the bankers, what. Do you think the, percentage is among. Your clients that. Are using this, companies. For, legitimate. Purposes and. The. Answer, was I believe, that. 99.9. Percent, of my clients are, using these companies for illicit, purposes. This. Is a, reality, this, is American. Bankers telling what they are doing and. It's exactly, the same thing with. UK. Bankers. Helping. Their client, to have an account in Panama or, in. Bermuda. Or in Cayman Islands. Secrecy. Jurisdictions, are heavily used for fraudulent and gray area financial, activities. Areas. Where secrecy, is not just desirable, but, a necessity. Legitimate. Financial activity, has, no need for the secrecy of shore havens provide, nor. A desire, to pay the high fees of shore banks and law firms charge. Today. Close. To half of the world's secrecy, jurisdictions, are British, dependencies. In. Public. These, jurisdictions. Claim they are transparent. And their, financial services, sectors are engaged in legitimate financial, activities. Our. Economy, is not based on secrecy it's. It's. Based on transparency it's. Based on a, sound. Regulatory. Environment, it's, based on good. Governance, and good government. With. A British. Government, legal. System that's what our financial. Institutions are, based on well. Tonight we have a response, from the head of command finance, after, a group, of us Bay's anti tax evasion activists, announced.

Plans To travel to k-man to draw attention to what they feel is corporate tax evasion finance. Chairman, mr. Richard Cole says he's encouraging, the group to visit and says our financial, sector has nothing, to hide I would. Say if anybody wants to come to k-man to find out what cut what's coming you know what we do here come, on down we. Have no secrets here. When. I went to the Cayman Islands back, in. 2008. I think it was I called. The government spokesman he said okay we have had an order from on high that nobody, is allowed to speak to you you are off-limits. In. 2011. Journalist. Nicholas Jackson, released Treasure, Island's, a groundbreaking. Book about the offshore system, the. Author of a series of international, media reports says he would welcome a debate with Cayman finance, chair Tony Travers mr.. Travers recently, called Nicholas, Jackson, an imbecile, with the understanding, of enough of an 11-year. Old they're always going, to be the politics, of envy and, the politics. Of envy are exacerbated. By. Imbeciles. Who don't actually understand, what's going on in the Cayman Islands I don't know what he's talking about and furthermore, he doesn't know what he's talking about. The. Cayman Islands is the fifth largest financial. Center in the world it. Hosts. 80,000. Registered, companies, over. Three-quarters, of the world's hedge funds and one. Point nine trillion, dollars, in deposits, it, has. A population, of, 60,000. Roughly. Equivalent to New York's homeless population. A. Strange. Mixture, of characters, populate, the offshore world, British. X Pollock schoolboys. Members. Of the world's intelligence, services, global. Criminals, assorted. Lords and ladies and, bankers. Galore. With. So much at stake for so many wealthy and powerful individuals. It, may come as no surprise that, Britain's, offshore, havens, have developed their own curious. Mechanisms, to, prevent information, from leaking out. For. Many people who. Work offshore and. You, don't like what, they're doing it's. Very hard, indeed to dissent, because, they will be attacked personally with, a degree of viciousness, which. Is quite extraordinary. Most. Of the time that the instruments, of suppression are relatively. Sophisticated. You. Won't get promotion, by doing this or, your. Family won't. Like it. It's. Not generally, let's, slam them in prison that's far too crude, we are talking about very. Substantially, you know the establishment, the British establishment, in these cases that the mechanisms, are very very subtle, sort, of ostracism, is is one, way of doing it these. Peculiar. Mechanisms. For you know if someone, tries to blow, the whistle you find all sorts of methods that aren't they. Might you know just fire them you give, them far too much work to do you steer them in a different direction. One, person who is intimately, familiar with how suppression, works offshore his. Former, Jersey senator and health minister Stuart sivori. In. 2009. He, leaked a report on a rogue nurse suspected. Of killing patients at jerzees Hospital, it. All came to a head during a state's debate on Tuesday, the 10th of March Senator, Stewart sivori brought the sitting to a standstill, claiming. Sanity Jimmy per-shot, had sworn at him and told him to go and top himself further. Per-shot, denied, the claim saying I absolutely, refuse. But less than a week later he, was forced, to admit he'd lied senator, Persaud has now admitted this, on another occasion he did tell senator Stewart's livery to go and do everyone, a favor and, slit, his wrists, I was.

Arrested. At my house one morning by. Six. Plainclothes. Police officers, there were another two specialist, data. Search police officers, on hand, and also another two police officers in full body armor on those battering, rams they can't be using drugs raids so. 10 police, officers descended, on me without a without. A search warrant, the property, was turned over from top to bottom all. The computers, were seized and searched all, kinds, of private, constituency. Data was stolen by the police. Shortly. After we began filming a police. Officer, exited, the police station as he. Hurried past he. Grinned at the camera. The. Officer was on his way to test, the sirens on his motorbike which. He did at intervals, throughout much of the remainder of the interview when. It came to cross speaking. The. Stewart's of Ray was prosecuted. Under the days of protection, law. When. The authorities, were prosecuting. Me I claimed, that this was a legitimate Public. Interest Disclosure defense. And I with, an expert witness was able to produce a set of reports of effects we destroyed. In. Reaction, to this the. Magistrates ruled that Stewart's if Ray's defense case that, he had leaked the report in the public interest would. No longer be admissible. But. Continued, to prosecute, him all the same without. A defense case. Over. The past seven years Jewett's, of Ray has been repeatedly, taken, to court and imprisoned. Three times. He. Does not know when or if the, persecution, will end nor. Does he know when he will find himself behind bars again. To. Look at Jersey from the outside looks, like it's got a prosecution, system, looks like it's got a court and. A knows the job but. None, of its real it's a Potemkin, village none. Of these systems. In Jersey meet the tests, of being. Objective. Of. Being objective, who actually functioning. Properly the, experience, that Stuart, shivery had, is you. Know good he's, perhaps at there at the blunt written to the models of the scale, you know he, was simply suppressed. And. Taken to court on, trumped-up charges. This, is the kind of this is kind of how oppression, happens in JCCC all. Kinds of little things, get. Done to harass people you, know even, they don't often go to the kinds of extremes that they did against me interns actually arresting and putting me in prison but uh the. Authorities use all kinds, of other, lesser. Little. Methods. To interfere. With people kind of sabotage, things you know, instruct. People make life difficult for people you, know if you annoy the establishments, in Jersey, you won't get a job here you know you you know your children won't get decent jobs you know that's kind of how it works now I. Went. To church in March, 2009, with was Nick Jackson but. 24, hours after, we arrived in Jersey we were there for several days and, accepted did you know that have you noticed that were being followed there, since we arrived in at, the airport we've. Been followed, so, don't look now but we're. Being followed now, turns. Out he was quite correct we were being followed and. I found that very. Disturbing. Very, disturbing, indeed. They. Have a saying in Jersey if you. Don't like it here there's. Always a boat in the morning. Jersey. Finance promotional, literature States, Jersey. Represents. An extension, of the City of London, it's. Where the City of London chooses, to do many, of the activities which they couldn't do in London itself. We're. Here just talk about this one comedy called Appleby I just read what they say on their website members. Of the firm Appleby, have gone on not only to political office but.

Also In. A number of centers bermuda, jersey, the Isle of Man and the Cayman Islands to senior judicial office. So. Essentially they're, boasting, the fact that their staff and, their partners, have a real interchange, between the people that are in power in, these offshore financial centers. The. Same lawyers, and accountants, who set up an administer, offshore trusts, also. Occupy senior, political positions, in. Britain's. Offshore, world most. Politicians are, in business they. Lobby for business and promote, business, interests. The. Draft refine, and pass legislation. Politicians. Sit on the boards of the companies they are supposed to regulate. There. Is no place, for dirty. Money, in Britain. Indeed. There should be no place for dirty money anywhere. The. Challenge I'm laying down for every country today is to, root out the rot of corruption, to, ensure transparency over. What your own companies, are doing require. Transparency. For foreign companies in your country - and work. With us to spread this approach to transparency. Around the world. In. Public, British, politicians, claim they're cracking down on secrecy jurisdictions. And corruption, but. In practice they, do the opposite. Talk. To politicians in Brussels they, say that they've had more. Lobbyists. From. London. And. Including. Politicians. Attempting. To protect the City of London's interests, and they've had from every other European, Member State combined, which. Gives you some idea of the extent. To which British. Politicians, and see themselves as essentially lobbyists, for the City of London. We. Begin with our big story Caymans efforts to ensure transparency in, its financial services, sector is being recognized, by the international, community earlier. This week the UK's Prime Minister David Cameron told, Parliament that the tax haven label placed on its Crown Dependencies, and overseas, territories, is unfair. Many. British politicians. Have personal, and business ties with the City of London and British, secrecy, jurisdictions. Former. British Prime Minister David, Cameron's, father Ian Cameron, was, an expert in offshore, funds and was. Involved in offshore trusts, from the 1980s, onwards, but. This courthouse behind me here in st. Helier we, found this, it's, a document, called a grant of probate and it's attached to the English will of none, other than Ian Cameron David, Cameron's father. Ian. Cameron was certainly a wealthy man in 2009.

His Personal, fortune was estimated by researchers, for The Sunday Times Rich List at, 10 million pounds yet. When Ian Cameron died in 2010, his estate was much smaller than might be expected, just, 2.7, million pounds. In. Many cases it's the politicians, and their cronies and their families, and so on and the businesspeople who sponsor with their political parties who, are using. These offshore services, themselves so, so they've got no personal, interest in closing it down if they wanted to close it down they could do it tomorrow the fact the matter is they don't want to do it because, they themselves are complicit, with the process if. You come. From the same kind of background you know the right people then. All the kind of legal niceties and, will. Often fall away you can get away with doing all sorts of things that they wouldn't just let any old person you know he came knocking on the door saying can you set up an offshore company to do this they tell you to get lost but if. You're part of the networks you can you, can do these kinds of things so, that's a very important part of the part. Of the whole system upper, class British public. School kind of. Establishment. That, has been there since you, know for centuries. The. British establishment, an old boys network of. Privileged, elites had. Carved out a lucrative niche for themselves in, the offshore world after. The demise of Empire. They. Transformed. Themselves from administrators. Of empire into, financial, handlers, for the global elite and multinational. Corporations, as. More. Money flowed offshore. Societies. Around the globe began to feel the impact, of the offshore world. The. Reality is not what you, believe that. Your. Prime Minister has, the, power to, to. Decide on the future of your country the power, is hidden here. We. Have country, after country, around. The world where the lack of financial transparency, about. Taxation, about. Ownership, about corruption, has. Undermined, the, extent, to which government's deliver. Representative. Policymaking, for their citizens you. Know we have extreme cases like the. Hiding, of. Tax. Evasion by. People. In finance ministries, in Greece in France. But. We also have this system, that in general is geared towards. Anonymous. Company ownership the anonymous, ownership, of properties, across London, of half, of the land in Scotland you know do, we really think that any circumstances. In which governments. Work better in which markets, work better in, which the distribution, of income and assets is better when. We allow so, much to be hidden who, wants to not know who you're doing business with who, wants their government, to have, people. Working for it or to be led by people whose. Assets. Are hidden whose, financial transactions. Are. Conducted. Anonymously. Offshore, you, know this, is a bad. For, the world we, need the citizens to, understand, what is happening that they, are the ones who is carrying the burden and, that. Some. Individuals. Having, the power are. Exonerating. Themselves, ordinary. People are paying taxes. Rich. People are not so. This is. Inequality. And. It. Is leading up to populism. Because. It. Felt so clearly that the people, today leading the world are, not, able to take care, of the interests of ordinary people. Back, in the 60s and 70s you, know tax. Evasion, or pushing. Back against taxation it was kind of seen as anti-establishment. So, you know the Rolling Stones, and. Phil. Collins all these people kind of going offshore going. Away. It. Was seen as a sort of a rebellious, thing to do and if you fast-forward to the present day. Now. That. Is the establishment, the offshore system is the establishment. Today. Offshore. Is the way elites and multinational, corporations, conduct, their affairs, tax. Evasion, is the way business is done. This. Kind of sophisticated. Cheating. Requires. A huge, infrastructure. We. Like to talk about the Pinstripe, infrastructure. Of highly. Educated people who think, it is their right to help others to cheat societies. We. Have a new, mafia in town it does not actually shoot, people, who does not put bullets in their kneecaps but. Its trade is just as deadly, it, deprives, people of. Opportunities. To have health care education.

Security. Justice. And, essentially. A fulfilling. Life. Accountants. Form the backbone of the offshore system, they. Administer, the structures, that allow individuals, and corporations to shift their money offshore and, evade, taxes. There. Are about 2.5 million. Professionally. Qualified accountants. On this planet, about. 330,000. Are in the UK. Well-known, people, well-dressed, well-fed, highly, paid are sitting, in city centre offices, and they, are paid to dream up tax. Avoidance schemes for individuals, and for, corporations. We. Can all elect a government which. Says vote for us we will give you better health care better education. Better. Security, and next. Day accountant say sorry about that folks, you elected, this government, but we actually got a tax avoidance, scheme and, the Amazons, and the Google that Microsoft, saw won't be paying any taxes, in your jurisdiction too, bad you, voted for it but actually you're gonna get something else so, it's a crazy world that, part of the business model, of big accountancy, firms is how, to deny. Public, the services, by erosion of. Tax. Revenues, and these. Firms are then rewarded, with, government funded contracts, and, the same firms are then advising. Local. Governments. And the central governments and the same firms than report, on the company accounts, and tell us all as well when I argue, this with a Pricewaterhouse, partner, in a face-to-face debate is, it professor Sakai you never give us credit for anything, we, generate, millions, of dollars of revenues, and we have. Lots and lots of satisfied, clients, what is your problem. And. My response, is very simple, that's the language of drug pushers and pimps. In. Britain, a new, breed of civil, servant, was rising to the top, one. Such civil servant was Dave Hartnett, who rose to the top of HMRC, the, UK tax authority. Dave. Hartnett, had a new way of collecting, tax, deals. Would be negotiated. On an individual, basis behind, closed doors in. The, case of the largest clients, Dave, Hartnett, frequently, led the negotiations, himself. British. Telecom, was one of the first companies through the program and, received a refund of over 1 billion poms. BT's. Chief executive, Ben for van wrote earnings. Per share up, 14%, and, nice. To know that we have a 1 billion pound credit, from the taxman. Dave. Hartnett, claimed, this approach was more efficient. Litigation. In the courts is really phenomenally, expensive in. This day and age all over the world, and. I think is to be avoided where possible. And. The artists to persuade people to, pay by. Strength of argument, of the like. After. Protests, erupted, in 2011. The. Treasury select committee questions. Dave, Hartnett. Dave. Hart had claimed he, could not give any information due, to taxpayer, confidentiality. Instead. She prevents, you. For disclosing. Information to, Parliament, all, my advice mr. Barkley so far has been that, I, am.

Prevented. My colleagues are prevented. By. The act, and, by, the decisions of commissioners. Dave. Hutton had failed to mention that the legal advice he had received stated. That the disclosure, of information was. At the discretion of the head of HMRC. The. Head of HMRC, was, Dave Hartnett, himself. Just. Like the Mafia has penetrated the, state accountancy. Firms have also penetrated. The state at the head of anti-avoidance. In, the UK. Tax. Authority, is. From one of these firms. The. Newly. Appointed chairman, of Her Majesty's, Revenue and Customs which, is a tax authority, is a partner, from KPMG. Their. Partners, have penetrated, the state they, are running the Treasury. Britain's. Financial, services, industry, had penetrated the state and began. To shape its laws for. Its own benefit. The. Degree, of captured. Political capture, by. The city of London by the big banks and the big law firms is, so, enormous. That. The, politicians, have effectively become their, spokespersons. With. The government unwilling, to act in the interest of the public a group. Of protesters, confronted. Dave Hartman at a private event in Oxford. Fine, emissary. Things rough like. Females to decline here. Tonight, today. Is. The, Lifetime, Achievement Award. Services, to, corporate tax planning. Friends. In the industry a great friends and many of us over, the years and you, know really we just can't thank you enough all he's done obviously, it was a photo phone, you. Know it saved us billions of our. Tax bill, and our friends at Goldman Sachs as well we've also saved. You're. Trembling scum. After. His retirement Dave. Hartnett, moved to the private sector one. Of his positions, was at accountancy, firm Deloitte where. He advises foreign, governments, on corporate. Taxation. Dave. Hartnett, is a Companion, of the Order of the bath an honor. Bestowed on, him by the British monarch. We. Have former, our, Lea ministers, acting, as advisors. To accountancy. Firms accountancy. Firms to write jobs, and. Consultancies. For potential, ministers, to my mind really, it's an indication, of corrupt structures, people are buying and selling influences. When, in my former minister works for an accountancy, firm in still providing, any accounting, that knowledge, is opening. Political, opportunities. Home. And abroad that is what they are doing I hope by now you'll. Share my views that I don't trust most bankers and I trust most noise I don't trust most accounting, firms I actually think they're engaged in a conspiracy against, public interest. In. Britain, secrecy. And complexity, in finance, and government help, to obscure corruption, in public office, financial. Structures. Are often so complex, but, even after they are publicly revealed they, are not widely, recognized, for what they are an. Example. Of this is P fi the. Private, Finance Initiative. PFI. Is Private, Finance Initiative it is a way of funding, public infrastructure, things like hospitals. Schools. Roads. And bridges but financing. Them via the private sector rather than historical method which is via central, government over. A period of 30 or 40 years the. Amounts of colour of payment costs will be sort of three or four times higher overall. Than, if you borrowed it from the central government in the first place so, it's basically a giant accounting, skin. Once. The pfy policy, has been set up and you, find that. Big for accountancy, firms were. Actually, paid. Members of staff within the Treasury. Department, who, were then actually, going around and selling, an advising, upon. Imitate. Implementation. Of PFI contracts, by public, authorities. Effectively. Saying come, to us and we will show you how to derive the most benefit, from it in other words how to perhaps. Exploit, the, legislation. Even the, offices, of, the. State tax, authority, on our own offshore. HMRC. Which is the the tax collector, here, in the UK the. Offices, are owned. In. Bermuda. By. A company called make these dips it's. Quite informal. The. Company that owns the PFI, contract, to run HMRC's. Head office, borrowed. Money from offshore investors, at 15%. Interest. Because. The interest was so high the. Company was losing money. Therefore. It, did not pay tax in. 2011. HMRC. Could not prove that any, PFI, company, was paying any tax, in the UK I. Think. We'd have a serious conversation about the the, role of government in this, whole debacle and how. Much our government has been penetrated by, big. Banks and accountancy. Firms and ultimately. In whose interest it operates. The, reason we were protesting outside, the Africa PPP, conference, is that we, wanted to make sure that citizens. Back in Africa should. Hear about the, fact that such policies have been a complete, failure here. In the UK we know that these products, are not being marketed to African, countries and their own best interests, their, only motivation, is, to spread the reach of financial.

Services And to new markets there's, all been floated, in the interest of the, City of London, what, you're seeing is basically, a second form of colonialization, you've. Had initially, occupation. Resource, extraction. You. Know and. Through. That process you know countries, like Britain which have had a large, offshore empire, have, developed, significant, networks and there, are those networks, being used to promote and exploit financial, services. The, City of London was, the beating financial, heart of the British Empire as. Britain's. Empire declined. The. City transformed. Itself from a hub operating. The financial, machinery, of empire into. A global, financial, center. Former. Insignificant. Outposts, of empire became, the basis for a spider's, web of offshore secrecy. Jurisdictions. That captured, wealth from across the globe and funneled, it to the City of London. Today. 25. Percent of International Finance is, conducted, on British territory. Almost. Half of the world's secrecy, jurisdictions, are under British protection, up. To half of all offshore wealth, may, be hidden in Britain's offshore, havens. Financial. Services is how Britain's elites make their money and this. Is also where former, government ministers, senior. Civil servants, and retired spooks from mi5 and mi6. Receive. Lucrative, consulting, positions, after their time in public service. Together. They have transformed. Britain and its dependencies. Into. The world's largest tax. Haven, harming. Development, throughout the world and turning. Britain itself into, a country that serves above, all the. Interests, of its elites. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You.

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The spider's web had been operating a long time before end of empire and very profitably indeed. Just look at Clive of India and also the backdoor entry into America after the front door was closed in 1776 and 1812

Governments function through this system. Don’t mistake the relationship. Consider the people chose Brexit. It’s been stonewalled by these interests which are corporatist fabians. The Labour Party is their front. They’re the same group responsible for the Balfour Declaration.

*_Everybody has always known, that those with vast wealth protect each other through the political system... After all, money is power, that will never change no matter what the remaining 99% of us think... Did the French, or the Russian revolution actually change anything? ...No, it did not, those in power will always find a way to protect their wealth, even if it means plunging the world into another global war, in fact, that's how they grow their wealth the fastest... Ask the Rothschilds... So what can we, the little people do? ...Depressing as it may be, absolutely nothing!... So, as the old saying goes... "if you can't beat them, join them"._*

I would love to see you make a documentary on what caused the migr*nt crisis, who funds the NGO's that are smuggling the 3rd world into Western nations, who benefits most from this, who is getting rich, what role do globalist bankers play, who suffers most, etc.

The documentary presumes that taxes are a benefit.

Excellent exposee.... nicely done.

Disgusting imperialist!

The Queen is an employee of the City of London, receiving a salary.

What about Kenneth Clarke's Philip Morris tobacco company in Cayman Island? Not forgetting some big Japanese companies having accounts on that same island. Dishonesty practice is so wide spread among the haves and the have nots. It's the norm. But, why should it be surprising? Every body knew it. No one did anything about it. When I voiced concern about this, I was rediculed. Whatever I said was derided by clever investors. Ten years ago when the world financial crisis happened these same greedy people said that they were out of pocket when, in fact, they have lots of money stashed away in these places like Cayman Island, Gibraltar, Island of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Bahamas and even more obscure islands in the south pacific. AND they want to teach the rest of us morality?

Where can i read more on this subject anyone besides the book treasure islands?

Thank you for your response i will read them all

Oliver Bullough just released Money Land, or Bean Counters by Richard Brooks

This is very good. I think it would be of further interest to your subs if you could interview Dr. Gideon Polya (the world's foremost expert on avoidable mortality). I think it would bring the horrific human cost of the capitalism you expose in this video to light.This is his magnum opus on the subject:

I'm only 2.4 mins in and I'm hooked.

Good stuff. Thanks for summarising the arguments in a pithy and easily understandable way. As a layman, one tends to get lost in the obfuscation. Personally, I'd like to see some attempt at a rebuttal video; not because I disagree with what you say, but because arguments untested in public debate necessarily lack some vigour. Apart from that, how do I get my snout in the trough. Ha!

Fantastic documentary. Featuring at where I administrate.

Governed by Rats who serve Snakes not the People !!!

Only 11 minutes in and the video is talking utter bollox. As if William the Bastard couldnt conquer London... FFS, if you're willing to let that bollox in the video what else did you just make up?

Thank you for making such a well made documentary. It confirms what many people already thought of our corrupt establishment and explained it in a clear and precise manner.

i can see one reason why they don't want jeremy corbyn in power. he would stop these tax havens. they seem to be do eveything to discredit him

Well, that, and he's a communist who clearly hates Britain and would allow the 3rd world to continue to pour in and destroy the once great nation your ancestors built, and often gave the ultimate sacrifice for you to be free.

Well, Britain started its empire with piracy and looting of the Spanish and Portuguese... the modern British 'company' organisation evolved directly from the Viking raiding party system. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The true power behind the illusion of democracy! Power is money and money is power! Independent countries no longer exist, except in the minds of the people of those countries!

Nothing here I haven't known for the last forty years. And nothing will be done about it. It's all human nature. Replace these "bad" guys and you'll get another set that have been secretly chomping at the bit to get in on the action. I'm talking about regular guys. It's in our nature. Now you say "speck for yourself I'm one of the good guys", while you cheat on your taxes, cheat on your wife or husband, lie to your boss or your kids and generally be a hypocrite while you wait for your shot at the big money. LOL

Yes john miller - human nature - observered now for 70 years , does not change ,however I sense your burden of hypocrisy weighs more heavily on your shoulders than it does on others , a little revolution now and again is as good as a holliday - my regards to your wife

They will be heading to the new home soon! Once they've bled as much as possible! Isreal.

Stupid at 53 minutes, interviewing someone in front of a police station, obviously there’s going to be police sirens... I was interested in this documentary, but stupid thing like that just makes me think, the documentary is purposely biased. Just interview the guy away from a police station... rather than try to make out like the police are trying to make things awkward. It’s a police station, there will be sirens.

Absolutely first rate documentary. It's unbelievable just how much is hidden from us. I dearly hope that it will be all be exposed very soon.

Once exsposed mmm..thay already are exsposed the trouble is know one is big enough to do anything about it plz understand that the britts elites will uprise against anyone who dears to take there crown duels away

As a working man, this is why I don’t like people like Jacob Rees-Mogg and his ilk.

Christopher Turner I don’t think Rees-Mogg is interested in people like me, regardless of Brexit or political persuasions, I believe he’s very interested in his hedge fund company though, the one that’s relocated to Ireland ready for the big day.

At least Jacob Rees-Mogg respects the choice of the People and insists that Brexit move forward. If I were a Brit I'd be far more suspicious of those that side with unelected beurocrats who are answerable to nobody but globalist bankers. Rees-Mogg wants to give power back the British citizens. You ppl can't say the same for your Leftwing Labour and establishment Tory party's.

Both the first and second British empire were Jewish empires, dominated by the Rothschild family & Zionist lobbies!

Meanwhile, did you know * something something * Trump * something something * Feminism * something something * Hate Speech. Nothing going on here. Look away. Focus on what doesn't really matter.


Bilderberg` world dominance! 300 families own 90% of world wealth... so they rule over governments which role is like a PR corporation...for them!

I wonder how rich we all would be if the money from corrupt corporations, CEO's and politicians was spread evenly among us. "Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth." Abraham Lincoln. Assassinated 1865 ""The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweigh the dangers which are cited to justify it." John F Kennedy. Assassinated 1963

illicit money from illegal sexual services , go to offshore account

And those bastards are giving other small nations lessons of integrity&tools agains corruption!!! Can you belive that!? Where is money there plenty of corruption...more money = more power = more corruption ! Meanwhile the governments are just covering up financial& banking &military frame which is leading the "free world" ...That is why some other nations will split from this without $&€&£ know what I mean...this could be a measure to prevent a war, global one , a nuclear one...after Brexit UK will join US financially ( CITY of LONDON is FEDERAL RESERVE ...then maybe a political union.... no wonder G. Orwell& A. Huxley were british....

I don't think you should blame the city of london, take responsibility, you are the city of london, you vote for them every 4 years. Trusts are not all bad either. Take responsibility, its your complicit action, your lack of conviction and your evasion and self doubt that makes it happen. Puppet jobs are easy and lazy, most of the people in the uk work in them. everybody turns a blind eye to our economic reality post deindustrialisation. The dependency on dirty money is wrong but its a dependency. How at this point can a country recover? you would have to create massive employment in true economic activities and guess what, that would require investment. what you need is an economic movement. revision of what the uk can trade which can be done by every individual, and then move into that activity. It would take an earnest determination to be a working part of europe, which brexit has nipped in the bud sort of. I dont have any fucking answers, its a mess. the ones proposed by the doc are unactionable in the short term. you have to make an economic movement into better territory, that will take a long period of working hard for very little, and for what? the uk? europe? Should milenials honor the massive pensions of their parents, even though its obvious to them that it was a kind of generational bribe? its a fucking mess. individual action is the only answer.

If you share this on facebook its not shown to others unless you look at your feed and facebook does not put up any coverart for the video. I imagine its on a list of shadow banned content that google and facebook dont like or want shared!

+2manynegativewaves Silicon Valley is crushing dissent of Leftist orthodoxy across social media. It's stunning that you ppl think it's a "conspiracy theory". The evidence is clear and it's available for all to see. These companies have admitted it, both when being secretly recorded and knowingly recorded. Shit, even Leftwing media outlets such as Vice are now reporting on it. It's odd how only traffic to conservative and Republican social media accts have dropped by up to 90% on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It's equally strange that only Right-wing accts are arbitrarily banned and only reinstalled after outcry from fans of said acct. Without fail these social media platforms claim they are just making "mistakes", but strangely these "mistakes" never happen to Leftwing accts. Silicon Valley is basically North Korea with nice weather. The groupthink is strong and the ppl who create the algorithms are political zealots. They're gatekeepers who have been putting their fingers on the scales. They have fully discredited, corrupt, and unethical groups such as the SPLC determining what content is "healthy dialogue". I could go on and on but I suspect you're a typical low-info, brainwashed Leftists who only believes that which meets your childlike confirmation bias. But, just to get a glimpse into the ideological bent of Silicon Valley tech tyrants, Google search, "American inventors", and tell me if you notice any discrepancies. Who knew all of America's greatest inventions were actually created by obscure 19th century African Americans?! I actually feel bad for a lot of you mindless sheeple. You've been deluded by false narratives, propaganda and establishment media/politicians. All while believing you're fighting the system. Well, in 2018 Leftists are the establishment system.

Lol,loosen the Tin Foil hat matey. It wont put any images for half the inane shit I share on Facebook.

Shadow banning of left wing content? Who'd have thunk. It's as if all that hate speech talk was a pretext to set up a censorship mechanism that can be set upon real journalism.

Thanks for confirming this

Thanks for uploading it

Awsome doc.Thanks for this

This documentary conveniently forgets a few key facts. 1. Money flowing into the jurisdiction comes back out to those countries. This opposing flow is omitted from all of the figures. 2. A small fee is paid to the financial institutions which tax is payed on benefiting the British public. 3. In no way does this hurt the British public, it circumvents crude methods of tax raising in developing countries. However this could be solved if they sorted out their own tax and police system. In other words, it is enabling Britain to benefit from weak laws and corruption in developing countries. This is bad for those countries (except you would have a lot more braindrain without these mechanisms) but not for Britain. This system is beneficial to the British public. The reason it cannot come out into the public is because: it is complicated and easily misinterpret (as above) and because foreign countries would do like it. The British public only stands to benefit though. The PTF thing is just false. Read up about it. The reasons for doing it is to shift the liability from the government (and the public) and onto a private company. Its a form of privatization in that now 1 person is responsible for ensure the service is run properly rather than a load of bureaucrats whose only interest is climbing the greasy pole.

£4000 and you couldn't check the copy for double spaces? shit looks dumb dudes 0:14

Good to see the British are still in the game

+Independent POV And cheerio! I'll spend my time gradually improving the world around me by improving personally and helping those around me. You can continue to make these kick-arse documentaries in a world drowning in documentaries on an innumerable plethora of problems and further divide the attentions of men so utterly inept in their individual capacities as to render the agenda of this message mute. I'm going to leave the money whose excess corrupts men to the men corrupt enough to want it. The envy of others has never produced anything but bloody revolutions who fail in their purpose as the peoples they empower are too ignorant, entitled, and indolent to enact lasting change. Soooooo...good for the bankers. They can have all the money they want and I shan't loose a wink of sleep over it because, unlike them and those attempting to galvanize me to do something about it (with agendas of their own, mind you), I don't feel I need an abundance of money to live. It would be nice, to be sure, but I know VERY wealthy people and they are the most miserable muppets I've ever known. So, good for them. Good for the British financial sector. Very good. Great documentary but I am powerless against economic imperialism and with perhaps seventy more years before I return to the weeds I refuse to spend another second contemplating how I can mobilize against a camarilla of rich remnants of a bygone empire when I can be doing material good here and now. Good day, sir. Cannot wait to see the next documentary designed to illuminatw yet another instance of Price's Law in sociological action that is so remotely unlikely to be changed that it is not worth my time to meditate upon because I'm too busy living to be a saint for a faith of populist activism that will likely fail and IF it does succeed, will undoubtedly evanesce in the face of popular incompetence and evolutionary reality. The only reason I am writing this is because I've nothing better to do at the current time and one glass two many spirits so...I'm going to turn out the light and sleep this documentary off and forget it ever occurred because I'm powerless in the face thereof and that is okay because we are all going to die anyway and I refuse to fault a fucker because he wants to die in a bigger bed, in a bigger house, with a harem of harlots in his sheets, and a sense of smug satisfaction in his fading mind...and more hilarious still, that the implied jealousy of blokes like you wastes what little time you have left in obtaining that level of wealth. Best of luck and good fortunes to the both of you: greedy reprobate that needs wealth to die in a semblance of happiness and the sad shits that feel they need to convince others to redistribute that wealth according to /their/ intellectually superior directive. The greed-laden and the envious. You cunts make a beautiful a fat husband and a gold-digging wife that thinks she deserves the purpose's blubber. In the end, both of you and yours truly will die shitting ourselves and vainly clawing for a God who is probably not there. Evil prevails and death conquers all so hip, hip indeed you naïve fool. You want to make the world better? Start with yourself. From there, patch your family together. From there, be there for your friends and set and example for your children. Thereafter use surplus time and energy to see to it the needs of your community are met. Personally, I volunteer at the city food bank; the local museum (it's a small town of 25,000); and the hospital and that takes MOST of my free time. I began with A, went to B, then to C, and so forth. The only possible reason for documentaries such as this are to take the miserable fucks constituting our public to feel (1) "enlightened" by having watched your documentary and (2) make them think they can be better people by going from A to Z instantaneously. EVERYONE and their bloody hound has a reformationist crusade and it looks like you found yours. Congratulations POV, you've just subdivided an already fractured public concern in a zero sum game with finite concern. Starving children raped the Congo. Blacks tearing each other apart in metropolitan America. Young girls groomed for sexual servitude in England. Female repression in the middle east. Kidnapping in Mexico. *Clap, Clap, Clap* Thanks for adding another log to the fire. That'll put it out, surely

hip hip.....

Are there any good books written on the off shore financing of the United Kingdom?

Brilliant video documentary, just borrowed the ebook from my library. How are libraries funded again, could someone remind me?

Nicholas Shaxson's Treasure Islands, was also where much of the info for this doc came from

Wow excellent documentary

Impermanence thats life on lifes terms a practice we often fail may your history be worth a story worth the tail your immorality in the minds of future men and women and children the power of one and its potential you can be so much better than me i have hope for you so go be the mother fucker that moves the mother fuckers. Do the damn thing.bring your dreams into being fuck the material shit value you each other together unity in community's just a thought your so much more then a consumer stay true stay real even if it hurts to deal. Easier said than done or doin but show whata clue is and how to properly rule shit .

This scum should be beaten through the streets.

If you live in Britain or anywhere in Anglosphere really you benefit from this stuff. Stop being cucks, all hail the Eternal Anglo.

One dares that the BBC would never air this documentary in its current exact contents and form in the open air and on the Internet without MI5 and MI6 of the UK regime and the CIA, the NSA, and the FBI of the US regime meddling therein or spying on any of the individuals in the audience. But then again, one may add when the BBC airs this exact documentary would be the day that peoples (NOTE: plural!) of the entire world might have the chance to ponder the possibility that the used-to-be British Empire begins its journey on the road to self-redemption, for even Her Majesty would hide her fortune in some obscure financial institution somewhere seemingly having to do with a name that happened to sound pertinent to some Canal in the Central America (only to be found out -- many thanks to some UK-wanna-extradite whistleblower). Or, else. And to be blunt, should the yesteryear's British Empire choose not to redeem itself and repent on all the abomination and atrocity it committed everywhere in the past 400 years, who cares. It is pretty much like no one would feel compelled to lament on the passing of some syphilis-laden Al Capone when "it's" time has come after His Promenade finds enough of all the barbarism Capone ever committed is more than enough. ----------- Sincere salute to the production team of this documentary.

Deep State of the US: the Intel Services. Deep State of the UK: Financial Services.

The good ol' boys network. The rich elites, it's all about who you know and what connections you have.

Incredible documentary, well directed, well sourced and very informative. We need more filmmakers like this.

Testing the strength of your civilization? Send the Jews an open invitation.

so? it is the rich who create industry, who create jobs for the plebs, who create goods they are truly the elite of our society, and that's the way it is

Short on evidence, long on speculation.

Well done Independant POV !! -carefull monitoring of comments and responses and no reward for those that would post anything that might be considered ''unhelpful '' - ( in my case the two words pitchfork and guillotine- an obvious reference to the French Revolution 1789 ) .It would seem that despite your own advice you prefer to go the 'Talking' route and achieve the nescessary changes to our system of government by engaging with the powers in their prefered method , welcome to the very long grass.The idea that an illusory democracy has the power or inclination to affect these issues in any way , other than consolidating them further, is absurd- - talk by all means , expose the injustice, sit on your hands and wait for the wealth that belongs to nations to be handed back volantarily, ignore the facts of history - banish the very idea of revolution , go back to your jobs in the City.

Wow just wow ,conformation!!! This is seriously a record number of phoney accounts in the comment section.Truly inspiring ..... And from 4000 of your own money.

Oh what a tangled web we weave ,when we practice to deceive,. Now I know why bankers aren’t brought to task,Why they get such big bonuses for failure,and why the police have become so corporate. The government voted in by the masses..The masses give them the power,the bankers then buy that power off them. Very good doc,I’m surprised it’s still online.

I'm not surprised one bit by all of this. And I don't even blame those people for doing what they are doing. Why should they pay 80% of their hard earned money to the state? I wouldn't if I had the chance too. And so would you.

Your getting there - slowly - no the state isn't using the 80% because its not collecting it - there just collecting your 20% , which isn't enough to fund the services you mention ( and use ) so you suggest the cheaper ''free'' market option , (check the cost of private dentistry or a triple by -pass ,you may wish to review the comment since you will be paying the total sum) PS the conclusion of the program seemed to suggest that the bad guys and the state ( govt) were infact the same , the revolving door ,-- furthermore it is not only your tax they want its your vote as well ,, it legitimises their activities

State is NOT using 80% to perform all those services - 20% at most. Rest goes to politicians and their cronies, vote bribery through "welfare state" and most of all, banksters. Plus, free market would do a lot better job in healthcare, education, retirement than state does - and a lot cheaper too... PS: a thing to ponder on - if there was no tax cattle like us, those guys in the City would have no one to steal hard earned money from, backed by the state, of course... They are not real bad guys, state is.

Well done White Patriarch - glad to hear you have assumed responsibility for your own healthcare -pension - education of your children etc - infact everything that the 'state' uses the ''80%'' of your hard earned money for - me ,I'm off to play on my yacht

Even bigger reason for Scottish independence, let's see the 1% squirm as Scotland takes half your bank of England which a Scotsman created, so who has no right to the pound sterling..?

great work, it's good to see real journalism in action.

Bankers and financiers runs the world!!! Great documentary!!

It is easier to understand who or which countries support terrorism all over the world to disturb the peace& stability in various places like Iraq, Libia, Syria, Afganistan Yemen.... ...just for their political interests.. No dirty hands right!?

Watching this video a curtain has just raised from my eyes... I see more clearly: Today we the people live in a WORLD WAR OF FINANCIAL&BANKING for NATURAL RESOURCES! This a perfect recipe for MILITARY WAR!!! Just look in the historical record of ww1&ww2... I hope however that will remain so...just because the next military confruntation will be a nuclear one...maybe this argument will restrain the former british empire and US to go deeper on this suicidal path....

If you look at greed as a business model, it doen’t make sense to me. The poorer you make people through debt enslavement, etc, the worse your own world gets, the less safer it gets. And the less money the 99% make, the less they can spend. Its a one-way system that spirals inevitably downwards.

Brits are pathetic when it comes a synchronized march-fast. But are pioneers at being the most powerful in the world with shit load of richness. Kudos to you Brit lads. You still continue to rule the world with such a small landmass on this planet, yet you own, and rule most of the planet.

This is how democracy eventually dissolves. And its also why empires often collapse suddenly and from within. As long as people can be bought, it will continue.

These fucking bastards are given others lessons of integrity as tools against corruption!!!? Can you belive it!? Corruption was not invented in poorer countries, but in the richest ones as UK ! Why !? Greedy&power need more power... more and more ....


No country has done more for the Jews. The British Empire spread "Usury" around the world. Now the Jews leeches from elsewhere.

The Empire of "The City" - Three City States: London, Vatican, District of Columbia

Something no one has really mentioned here. Trumps tariffs are making to even those who use these systems have to pay. Wonder why he is not accepted by these people.

Very well made documentary You should do one on the finances of the Vatican if you can

When is enough money enough. The people who perpetuate this obviously have a psychiatric disorder.

Money can only buy things. The main thing is the power it can hold. The more power, the more influence, the more money! Look at Putin, he sold off cheap, the countries assets to his friends, from where he can now wield power! Even buying the presidency of the united states was only possible because greed trumps morals! Why buy one senator when you can by a lot? The city of London is the global power structure model, adopted by modern Putins Russia! The difference is the city of London operates in the shadows! Putins efforts have become more open due to his overt meddling in the US political arena! A brilliant look at global finance and political power!

Greed is a disease.

Ditto here, Darryl. I think after the first billion, its only about power.

City of London= Federal Reserve...So after Brexit I imagine they will merge...into a Union of private banking &financial system to dominate the "free world" . After a while UK will join US in political union......On the other hand one can easy get the idea of EuroAsia new banking system without $&£ ....The Bilderberg is "helping " the new trend....

OY VEY What is this? Go back on focusing on identity politics and virtue signalling, goyim. Doesn`t the (((media))) keep you distracted enough? What is this nonsense? SHUT IT DOWN!

Just an FYI, strictly speaking, this would count as the 3rd British Empire. First is pre-American Revolution, 2nd, post.

One word: BASTARDS

You got something better like socialism maybe? Communism maybe? No thank you, given all rightful taxes they should pay its better to let them keep them then fall into liberal socialism , better then the lost of GOD , guns and nationhood To a GODLESS UN.

Be still my bleeding heart, i'll bleed the life blood out of private business yet.

This explains Brexit to me. I am not British and i thought the British public was stupid for voting for Brexit but now i understand why they did it, their govt only cared about the welfare of bankers and not the citizens. Brexit was the right choice after all.

Tony Kuria I am British and voted to stay in, as many other people did, nearly half, brexit for me serves the elite, they don’t care about the people, they care about their own wealth and power.

No it's the other way around. Leaving the controls of the EU parliament will mean the City of London can act without regulatory controls from the EU. I have no doubt that after Brexit you will see European countries moving their offices to the City.


1:08:23 "you will depart immediately before we set the dogs on you!" wow what era are these feudal thieves living in!?!?

DrNawMai No, “dogs”, and besides, one doesn’t say “cops” at an Oxford formal hall dinner.

Definitely said dogs

I heard cops, not dogs But yes didn't you see them dressing in medieval guild costumes during the Lord Mayor's parade? This documentary confirmed my assertion that as a society we've not developed past medieval times... confirmed it in a way i didn't expect, via section on the city of London mayor's parade

So if Britain has 25% of the global market and American has around 15%, why have we not heard where the remaining majority resides? Don't we kind of need to close down all tax havens?

US is now at over 20%, Luxembourg almost 9%, Switzerland 5% etc etc.

99% certain the job you're breaking your back and wasting your life with supports this greater system of theft into the hands of the few.

An excellent achievement in investigative journalism. However their is a subtler side of the picture. These money lenders are endeavoring rather an carefully to keep a commercial order to benefit themselves as well as the world st large. They are keeping the wheels of industry turning and by so doing are benefiting those wanting to work as well as providing thecluxuries they enjoy. Further more they are controlling politicians with dangerous agendas of dictatorship. Were it not for these "money lenders" (a biblical term) the dictatorscof this world would cause calamity and destruction; a situation that benefits nobody. The money lenders want , above all, order so that system and predictability can all their schemes to function reliably. Both politicians and money lenders are self interested but the money lenders are more preferably in that they provide a sustainable environment for the majority, however primarily motivated by self interest. Political philosophers on the other hand have no concern for anything but their political philosophy irrespective of who is benefited (themselves or disadvantaged; sually the wealthy). In the mix of all this you have the religious zealots that want theirs as the only religion world wide. They are the likes of the Roman Catholics or the Islamists. They have the idea that when the world is totally Islam or totally Catholic, their will be no one to fight with. They conveniently forget the Sunis and Shias that hate and kill each other.

I see how it goes... Britian is the financial arm, the US is the military, and Isreal, Italy and Saudi Arabia are the religions.

The Rothschild's née Britain bank

see how to survive

The music that never stops playing in the background is really spooky. Unfortunately spooky music tends to undermine any other interesting or worthy content. I know I wasn't supposed to notice the music signalling darkness and secrecy, and that it was designed to subliminally set the mood and influence the viewer. Shame, seems to be an interesting documentary. A documentary that inspires trust includes different points of views and doesn't play spooky music.


yeah empire

This will only end when the people take to the streets. The Army will no longer open fire upon the people. The end is in sight. It cannot come soon enough.

joshB sadly history tells us that a well paid and armed police acting with a well fed army supported by a ''democraticaly elected govt '' will happily suppress peacefull protest - the end is ,alas, far off -- any mention of revolution will be edited on this channel

British are dark evil people with zero ethics. Their ultimate goal is to dominate others what a low way of existence.

Excellent show! Well composed.

Makers had very limited access to world history there were so many other empires far bigger and powerful then British empire . Correction .

And everyone thinks Switzerland is the biggest secrecy banker.... An oddity related to the city of London, it's financial elite and their immorality and greed: The lord mayor leads the parade with effigies of Gog and Magog following behind (statues of which look down on the royal gallery of Australia). "These heavily-armed wicker giants are the traditional guardians of the City of London." (Google search "gog magog") "Magog, a nickname given within the Skull and Bones collegiate secret society." (Wikipedia) Biblically, Gog and Magog are insatiable creatures who "cannibalize humans" (wikipedia). The images from the infamous Rothschild's dinner party in the early 70s where cannibalism was a theme are easily found on the web, and if you believe the Masonic control of Hollywood & music industry... then the cannibalism themes in Katie Perry's "bon appetit" video are connected to this theme as well (economic elite/TPTB, City of London, Gog Magog, cannibalism, etc). Is this me suffering from confirmation bias or are these dots really connected? Good day

I wonder when we'll see Off-Earth tax havens

Please do one on France owning Africa. Excellent job on the documentary by the way

I've no doubt after falling for this you are part of the web of deceit. Totally crap documentary

The pronounce is *_empah_*

I am disappointed that you continued to help the elites keep the veil over the eyes of your people. The Rothschild family is the enemy of the world and the creator of this system you just explained. You let the viewer down with your lack of bravery in the face of the enemy. No place at the table of Valhalla will ever be in your future. This same family has infiltrated and corrupted the American peoples for 105 years now. People like you who make films and steer the blame in wrong direction are as much the enemy as the Zionists are.


i always wonder how British are still wealthy even though they produce nothing and a small island compare to America and Russia well today i got my answer....

Sumeet tanwar elaborate how this makes you feel. ??

What a great investment of 4,000 pounds.

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there's the Lord gods way.. and i'll lead us in that command (3 comments above)

there's no point to predjudice if it never sees the light of day , there's no point in worrying if there's no other way

Andorson Gerbil enlighten me :)

Pay your tax God damn it!!! Its good for ya.

"Which still affect their visibility" How naive you are. Do you realize how utterly broken YouTube is?

Minimal moderation." Eh ?

I agree but a few of the contributors to the film think some of the comments are too offensive and irrelevant, so there will be some moderation from now on.

Why moderate ?

If they are so powerful why didn't they influence the Brexit vote? Doesn't Brexit hurt banks?

One bastard president of sweden that opened for mass negro invasion 2015 to sweden, got a job at Merryl Lynch BOA.

Thank you so much for comprehensible uncovering of the global financial system that affects not only the UK and its former colonies, but also - in a domino effect - all the other parts of the world. The last, now almost 30 years of liberalization around the world are being compromised because of the greed of a few that monopolize the people’s resources and do not let others lead a decent life. It’s horrifying and depressing to see the numerous past lessons of history overlooked by this ignorant and arrogant fools, what leads to situation in which people will apparently have to fight for their rights once again...

NWO dont give a shit about the public. To them the public is better dead.

..... damn it all!!! I wish I knew the scam..... I’m paying an astronomical amount of taxes on my measly salary........

I don't think this spider's web will survive WW III. There are too many great empires now willing to destroy or, which is even better, snatch such shadowy assets.

Its no wonder Rees-Mogg and his gang of brexiteers want out of the EU and the EU Court of Justice as these institutions are the only threat to the corrupt bankers and financiers that the so called European Research Group represent. Thatcher and her heirs have reduced the UK's working population to a society of minimum wage earning proles, if even those low paid jobs can be found. Apres EU la deluge and a descent into spivery and kleptocracy on a grand scale. Rees Mogg, his MP mates and their backers must be laughing up their sleeves at the ordinary voter who voted for Brexit and the license leaving the EU will provide to create undreamed of wealth for the tiny group of oligarchs who now control Britain, own most of the land and property and control the institutions, public and private that facilitate their nefarious rip-off. The country is now almost feudal, if not fascist, in its social construct. Where is the Labour Party in all this? Has their right wing been bought off as well? Has the left wing been bought off too. Corbyn seems to have been struck dumb. What's going on?

Sorry to burst everyone’s theories conspiracies actually City of London it’s unique cabal called the select elite behind the ww1 and ww2 the Milner lord esher Cecil Rhodes king Edward v let it alone the Rothschilds behind the rise of nazism as they were the main supporters the rise of bolshevism communism even the terrorism it’s the head of Zionism with of course Wall Street and israel

Up until the (((bankers))) bribed him, Churchill was against hostilities with Germany. After (((they))) bribed him : Winston Churchill:  "We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not." - Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast) "Germany becomes to powerful. We have to crush it." - Winston Churchill (November 1936 to US-General Robert E. Wood) "Germanys unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an own exchange system from which the world-finance couldnt profit anymore. ...We butchered the wrong pig." - Winston Churchill, The Second World War (Book by Winston Churchill, Bern, 1960) [Amazon] "The war wasnt only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn't want to." - Winston Churchill to Truman (Fultun, USA March 1946)

I absolutely love the Adam Curtis vibes I get from this story

cool footage

cameron should be hung along with teresa may masonic devils

Great !! new understanding . what is real reason behind creating and loading this video ?

Channel 4 would show this I guess

Would be nice, but I'm not keeping my hopes up, it's been available since April 2017, only 1 broadcaster screened it in the whole of Europe and the US, a community channel called TogetherTv

One of the great ironies is that the dumb Islamists never target the real soft financial underbelly of the West. The other irony is that in the GFC no gun crazy American took out a banker. We do indeed live in strange times.

It is the same pretty much in every western democracy (what's in a name?). And it's nothing new really. With Big Money comes Great Power. Unfortunately, the last couple of decades great power goes without a great sense of responsibility or societal engagement. Banks and large multinational enterprises have become an interest in themselves, with no ethical code other than to turn out as much profit as possible, regardless of the 'external effects,' i.e. consequences for anyone who's not a part of the organization. Since Reagan and Thatcher, many western democracies have embraced an increasing relaxation of government oversight, regulation and intervention. In the end, it will prove to be catastrophic to our societies. And it will spell the end of democracy and the rule of law.

Great documentary. Just validates why I get so angry about the tax man picking on the little guy and always letting the real crooks off the hook. I sense though this is not only happening in London. It is a systemic virus and infection that far reaches all corners of the financial globe. London may simply be the facilitator and hub, all major governments and financial institutions are complicit in this.

Irrelevant people trying hard to be relevant.

218 dislikes, mmm

Surprises me how many people are surprised. Oligarchy systems have always triumphed in history. The Swiss system, borrowed Vatican ways, in turn borrowed from the Roman Empire, who took from Athenian or Egyptian and Levantine methods. It is in one way sublime justice to see that London (who defied monarchs and Church in Mediaeval History) have levelled the controls of these god given kings that rampaged Europe after Roman had finished rampaging Europe. Their success as we see is being copied by Wall St, and I daresay Shanghai today. (look carefully at the Asian Infrastructure Bank, the Chinese 'investment' in sub-saharan Africa. The US UK division of the Arab world and ask also where are the attacks on French and German Banking systems - can we we surmise that all these rich countries use immaculate morality to hold on to wealth. I very much doubt it. I also wonder how much of EU infrastructure is legit, and how much is cartel, how much of a risk was the EU to London; did that truly inspire Brexit. A tangled web we have allowed them to weave, whilst buying the soundbites of modern education systems derived from religious dogmas of med and post modern history. Yet ask yourself is world peace is held together by such a web, for although there are many conflicts causing distress to us people worldwide there is no clash of superstate structures today. Can we trust the propagandas and ideologies that the system gave the masses from the previous two centuries. It is a fine line between good metaphysics and bad dominance. Master and Servant is the true nature of life for people. Has no-one seen Game of Thrones; each has a cross to bare, a duty to the other, each can be good or bad - the good may prosper is all we can hope for. So before you criticise me, ask yourself which famous people you admire, which sportspeople, singers or brands you give money to? For you create this situation by every small action you take. You create this situation by buying a meal, a product -and I have been your servant, and today I serve as teacher not a cashier, builder, chef or cleaner. You also serve. Our currencies now reflect this. You cannot escape the system, just moderate it better, do things like this: don't leave any money in a bank account, use it only to transact, and then buy an asset yourself, a tiny piece of gold or silver - keep it safe, watch it grow as you age. perhaps this month it is 1g in a few years it will be a buffer to the system failing you, for you can transact when the system breaks, as it will because it is over inflated. You can resist purchasing property, (also fashionable things and edifying idiots and heroes) unless it's as business and you are a market watcher, Better still open a share account if you can with trusted people and buy into wealth retaining stock like foodstuffs and minerals - with this type of methodology you will stop the bankers having a complete monopoly on money. What is wealth, how would you create and distribute it? Is the child born to a nation (I despise them)or to a planet, and who is responsible for the seeking and manufacture of resources. These are the toughest questions, the moral superiority so many here assume while they sit back watching iflicks on itect devices with rubber shoes stolen from the trees of Malaysia and the time and pained hands of Philippino and Chinese. Just how much effort are you willing to give, or how much of your wealth are you willing to risk? Who would you use to create your products? Think of me walking whilst you turn you ignition key, think of the slum people before you set the heating or air-con and charge your devices. Hypocrites. Just use your wealth morally from now on - that is the solution to these problems, be careful of any new schemes to, is Elon musk doing the right thing? Is bulldozing every city for the venus project just creating more demigods? Do you plant a few seeds and watch them grow? Do you create and do you stimulate your knowledge and utilise your IQ? Remember the many faced god? All people must die, all people must serve (Valghur mogulis vaghlur mohalis!) there is solace in it, and it is a wise story for it is based on metaphysical truths. The life of Jesus (real or not) warns of this situation and surmises to accept it yet orders followers to wise up and choose carefully the masters they create and servants they choose. The untruths about freemasonry are the problem you have seeing that the masters are very much into faith and morality - the bigger ones at least. Again before you crit, do you watch sport? Sports institutions are masonic in totality and are offered to you to make life a bit better, today sadly it costs a great deal to view, so I agree something is going wrong in the echelons of power, for the people's games in Augustinian times were free, and a thanks for following. I have worked cooking for the Guilds, the Freemasons and have seen and read between the lines of decorum and decor, nay architecture. it is a wonderfully designed system that entails good and bad; they - whoever they are - are generally of the belief that people need leadership and leadership needs the freedom to succeed; democracy has always threatened that status quo, and has always been a misnomer, Democracy like virtue is an ideal, authority in the hands of the ill educated, weak minded? Even as a working man, a left leaning social equality leaning person, find that hard to fathom, because I studied history and religion seriously. As a lecturer, I tend to tell my students the truth about control, it's a lot faster and it surprises few people really. If you have a good monarch (call it president if you must but that is just another temporal lie) welcome them, if you have a bad one rise up and give your life in the cause of human justice. Fortunately there are few Caligula's today and they mostly have the west staring down at their insanities. Trust not your political debating chambers they are mere mammon keeping you confused as to the true realities. Listen to Steven Pinker on historical advancement and Jordan Peterson on archetypes and power hierarchies - ignore the idiots who give you hedged information to pertain to guru status and take your time and wealth. Also beware journalism - it's emotive and unhelpful, again you create it. Remember this - the west is built upon they are the eye at the top of the modern pyramid and create all education systems, or should I say control information, the developing world has it's own elites and they will try to vie with these systems and use these systems to follow follow greed or morality. Choose wisely, like every faith suggests, it is all there in the first sources, hold no institution powerful, be free unto yourself.

Many politicians, business man from developing nations are hiding in UK like Nerva Modi or Vijaya Mallika (both almost taken insane amount of loans from India and now live freely some were in UK) I heard from Pakistani friends that many of their politicians and business man have take money out from that country and hiding it in UK, I guess same goes for African or any other nation. But the irony is that British ppl are not getting any benefits or making any gain from this sort of transactions only a minority within are making a killing out of this shady business.

A brilliant programme that explains how African counties are been exploited by their leaders and how the banks in the USA and Britain use tax evasion to launder criminal money thought Trust and banks. .


Excellent documentary. The Swamp is everywhere. It also goes to explain the Deep State and the Shadow Governments - who really runs the world via the corrupt and fake currencies.

Eventually we're going to have to admit that jews are up to their eyeballs in all this, too. Maybe even moreso, and have been for generations

Success breeds jealousy.

I guess it was tough tot continue running game when they were being looked at by the EU

The only thing that will stop this starts with an l has an e an a and a d in it. Nothing else will make people think twice about the impact of this behaviour.

The British Empah

They don't shape shit they robbed stole and killed indigenous Aboriginal Malenated people taking their resources and land as while as their history for yours writing indigenous Aboriginal history as you invaded. That's how all Caucasians Barbarian got their wealth and land on others soil killing and stealing.

If you can't defend it, you loose it. There is some history that goes back to the dawn of time.

Private property, don't you know.

I'm African and it dismays me how we are labelled poor yet our resources sustain the western world. That's a travesty that needs fixed

Yes sir/madam. We know very well some Africans are complicit. Mine is not one of those whites are evil but I'm just saying the western countries make it possible for some corrupt Africans to perpetrate this crime. If western nations ie Britain would stop a president and ask where he got a billion it would help us get our house in order. Much like a thief knowingly receiving stolen goods make him complicit. Thanks

Yes. Did you note that the people ripping Africa off are Africans ?

All balucks, who ever made this film is such wanker, very mad

I wonder if the British Monarchy is aware of what is going on here. I hope she would be horrified. I am.

great work!

And to think, we were worried about the Nazi's taking over the world. At least we'd all be driving Mercs and BMWs if they won.

sounds like a great capitalist idea, no taxes!

Bravo! Bravo!

The problem with Africa is socialism. If Africa offered the West and the East real investment opportunities, the investors of those countries would jump at the investment opportunities. Don't blame the elites of this world. Give people a reason to invest and they will invest. 48% of Africa doesn't even have electricity. Start feeling something for your fellow black people black Africans. Stop blaming others, you are keeping your continent down by not creating an environment where everyone wants to invest. The top business taxes in socialist Sweden is 22%. Russia is 20%. You Africans, you have priced yourself out of the investment game. Don't blame others for not wanting to invest in you: investors go where their money has the highest return on investment at the safest location. Blame yourself for not creating a safe environment for investors, for not guaranteeing investors their investments are safe. Some countries just grab businesses and money if they have a shortfall of taxes or income.

A real eye-opener expressed in layman's terms. Thank you for your public service.

So why isn't the richest ?

What happens to this system when the world develops centers of "Super Artificial Intelligence" ?

Not only Britain shelters the capital acquired through criminal means, tax evasion from developing countries, drug money,fake higher import invoiced money it also round trips same money through shell companies back to same countries to increase the assets of criminal syndicates or add margins to criminal money by investing it into various countries share/debt/money markets without producing anything productive. The documentary can also cover how the criminals from developing countries who after looting billions of dollars for native countries are hosted by London city. I can name three four persons(check big names Vijay mallya,mehul chowsky,Nirav Modi) from India who presently reside in London, or it's tax heavens holding British passport, each of whom run away from India with billions of dollars of India public sector banks(deposited by hardworking Indians) loan money without repaying a single amount back as wilful defaulters and nearly brought many banks near bankruptcy, same banks are now recapitalized with Indian tax payers money to save them from collapsing. They also brought huge properties in London with looted money of depositer in Indian public banks, simultaneously making London real estate market,rentals unaffordable for native Londoner ! All this finicialization of ill-means gotten capital from around the world is only benefitting few people, without going back to communities who in first place created the capital through hardwork, placing trust on banks with their deposited extra income. I now know why many of these crininals who fleed with Indian public banks money with the help of India's corrupt govt, are not being extradited back to India by British govt.

Down with financialised criminal money capitalism, it benefits none other then criminals ! Thugs of modern world are these people who circulate all this criminal illegal money around the world, the money they acquired from hardworking masses !

That's how the illuminati started. The globalist/bankers control the world through these banks.

These psychopaths have caused so much death and misery on this planet , why has there not been a all out war against this ? The citizenry outnumbers bankers, the puppet law enforcement that protects the bankers and even the military that protects the puppet politicians ...likely many of the military would switch sides once they realized the psychotic scumbags they were protecting. Doesn't necessarily need to be a violent war against these scumbags....simply stop playing their game and boycott everything . Remove you money from the banks, stop all work, school, do not pay taxes, end all participation in this rigged system. Stock up on food water and weapons...set a date and retake this world.

In the current political climate, it's refreshing to see something I think both those on the left and right can agree is a major evil in the world.

Maybe one day, a documentary will be made where "the names" behind these scams (which is what they are) being paid for by the masses (in lost tax revenue) will be made. Then we could go looking for "the names" and ask "I hear your good for £50...?"

Hey Peeps, Earths flat but thats not quite what brings me too comment here, am searching for my fellows scattered among the corrupt nations for bringing us out of exile from these nations at our Lord gods command. Christians, Muslims and Zionist jews need not bother reading on any further unless you are for denying the fraud that is Jesus upon the house of israel covenant. My current calling card am using at present (the video is due extending on) the best way to describe the UK/US (commonwealth nations). is that it is a ship (corporation) the establishment are the crew officials and the voters (human employees/slaves) are its rowers.. the rowers that play up end up getting put in the holding cell (jail time) and the non-voters (rebels) are the rats scurrying around on their ship getting exterminated where they can get them I'm the man going around this corporate ship looking to take those worthy enough off of that ship and sail our own righteous ship instead this righteous ship (to which the lord will give us) will sail with our Lord god watching over us and policing ourselves as we should in his eyes (todays writings are not originals but they do still contain some top notch commandments that i hands down before the Lord agree with) not only from within the ship.. but from outside vessels looking to sink our ship or even capture it however instead of it being called a ship... it'll be a kingdom on the land surrounded by nations (other vessels) proverbs 14 2Whoever walks in uprightness fears the LORD, but he who is devious in his ways despises him. 11The house of the wicked will be destroyed, but the tent of the upright will flourish. 28In a multitude of people is the glory of a king, but without people a prince is ruined. May the Lord god bless those of us (house of israel) and not all

white men are he biggest theft, murderers, beast ever lived on this earth

State capture by individuals .

Burn your money.

Due to socialism becoming dominant in the West with more taxes and penalties it is thus not surprising why these people want their funds to remain out of reach of the relevant governments . I would too if I could. Im also safe from being sued for astronomical amounts of money involving a small claim , like in the States and now starting to flourish in Europe too. .

They can see from my bank accounts and tax records that I am just a flea in the elephants ear.

The bank of England, or legalese the bank without England. Almost everything your taught/told is a lie...

Anti British propaganda

more dots...

What's The difference of Back then and Today 09/18/18? They operate a new set of Books, On 09/11/01 All the records of that time were destroyed..

Anglos gotta love em. Every culture has its covert banking system. It really is a matter of National security. Like it or not it is a matter of security.

couple of dots joining up here

The I R A were loseing the the civil war in the colony, and therefore would not be able to negotiate a settlement with the British establishment, they knew they would have to try something different, then they threatened the City of London. After that, the Establishment were tripping over each other to accommodate them in every way they could. Canary wharf proved beyond doubt, these parasites value their money far more than the working class squadies that lost their lives at Warren point. These people, and this Includes the so-called Royal family, have been living high on the hog since Elizabeth I, slowly harvesting the Wealth of Britain and the Empire to the extent that most of the land of Britain is owned by the establishment. If the British people tomorrow tried to change this, the establishment would make Peterloo look like a garden party.

Hard to see how the UK benefits from the secrecy jurisdictions, even if they are colonies. Groups in the UK, the elites I suppose do seem to benefit though. Do the other great powers derive any benefit from all this hidden wealth they can’t tax? Hard to understand how nation states would allow this abuse given the power they can wield.

4000 £ ? At the beginning I was prepared for the all time biggest crap of the universe.... Wish you good luck & more money for your next projects.

Aron Germany most likely payed for meetings and voice actor everything else is just time especially when he's 1 man crew and then you see the editing each 20 another edit which takes 15 minutes so in total 9 hours total or less if software is already know well and editing doesn't have to be multi platform. If you were curious that's all, no profanity intended.

It's the BRITS! Please keep ignoring the international globalist jews that run almost every country's banks, media, academia, judicial system, governments, etc

"British" Empire... Except both first and second empire were run by phoenicians and yellow-faced bankers, not native English or "British".

You should have named the names of the owners of the 4 biggest banks who also own the 4 biggest oil company's too & named who owns all the Dimond, gold etc mines in s. Africa the same family names will come up, when 8 familys have the same amount of wealth as 50% of the earth, you know something is serizly wrong

this is beyond natural order and common law. I am bewildered that our common laws of england and wales have turned their back on this. It is a disturbing and disgusting human trait. I stand by what Jack said before the CIA murdered him, that the very nature of secret societies is abhorrent to any civilised society.

55.40. What the fuck happened to Cameron’s eyes? His eyelids fold up?

Also can anyone suggest some books that support this documentary, I want more detail

There is a Reading list on the films website, (although could max out bandwidth any day now, in which case it'll be offline until beginning of next month.) Also check new books by Nicholas Shaxson, Richard Brooks and Oliver Bullough,

If you can't beat them, join them, can you do a follow up video showing us how?

That's funny!

added to favorites, superb documentary, can you hack terrestrial tv and show the world what is going on?

Wish I could, keep sharing :)

(((Britain's elites)))

"Remember Live Aid in 1985, that symbol of concern and generosity? Did you know that during that year the hungriest countries in Africa gave twice as much money to us in the developed world as we gave to them? There was another famine last year. Perhaps you were one of those who took part in Red Nose Day? Did you know that before that day was over the equivalent of all the money that Comic Relief had raised in Britain - about twelve million pounds - had come back to the rich countries? For every day this amount is given from the poorest to the rich as interest payments on loans that most of them never asked for or knew existed. In other words, contrary to a myth long popular in the West, it's been the poor of the World who have financed the rich, not the other way around." (Jon Pilger, War By Other Means, documentary, 1992.)

eye opening hard hitting docu. but like a fart in the wind no-one hears it or smells the coffee. Jeez I need my moat cleaned, where's my expense account?

gotta Love Prem he doesn't mince his words.

*"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."* -- Lord Acton

I've always known the UK was corrupt to the core!

filthy swine

Jason Catch Garbage

excellent truly eye opening

Talk about a rigged game. Lord Jesus please come soon and save us from this vile corruption!

Scarier to me than finance is what they are doing in tech.

Just another reason to get into cryptocurrencies

I hope you're not trying to pretend that the City of London is some kind of an independent, uncontrollable entity and not a Crown's financial weapon with a global reach. These are the same boys from good families who run the Foreign Office, the MI-6, and the military. "The policy that the people have decided" as well as "the people" can go stand in the corner and be happy the corporal punishment has been abolished entire generation ago.

The background music is very annoying.

Babylon of Revelation.

Looks like I'll have to find some other place to hide my money.

Natural selection has a way of correcting such vermins but we allow them to live among us. They are mostly ugly or unhealthy people, who are not on a mission to help humanity. Their primal desires will make them use whatever means necessary to gain power over humanity. Instead of viewing this as rude or mean, view it as TRUE or FALSE.

Excellent Documentary. Great upload. Much appreciated. Will have to share link, with a thumbs well up and subscription enabled.

Hmm... 'The City' could do with a visit from the *Crimson Permanent Assurance* ;-/

oh and this should serve as perfect proof the world needs bitcoin or some other crypto currency that promotes financial freedom

Nothings changed... infact it's getting more dictorial and controlling, because people won't stand together and unite... divide and rule... we are being divided amd ruled by a criminal cabal of psychopaths and their minnion followers.

In what is now known as South Africa, there were two internationally recognised independent states or republics. They were known as the Republic of Transvaal, and the Orange Free State. However, after gold and diamonds were discovered in these republics, the British Empire decided to invade and subdue these nations. Most of the mines were captured, and during the anglo-boer war between these states and Britain, the British employed the first modern concentration camps, a precursor to the Nazi concentration camps of WW2. The difference was that the British only put women and children in these camps, where thousands upon thousands of course died. They also burnt all the farms and homes of the boers (today mostly known as Afrikaners, the descendents of the citizens of what was then Transvaal and Orange Free State) to the ground. Of course many of the well known diamond and gold companies in South Africa still go by the name "Anglo", and then whatever the rest of the name might be. The British then inacted the Native Land Act (essentially the foundation and beginning of what is now known as Apartheid). The Afrikaners after at last establishing independence again, unfortunately continued with the segregation policies, but also out of fear, as they realised that the ANC was in fact backed by Cuba, the Soviet Union, and Communist China. Thus fearing the possiblility of a communist take over or revolution (unfortunately they went about it in a terrible way). It is interesting though that the British government have never been held accountable for those concentration camps, or the invasion of sovereign states without due process or reason. And even recently, a well known British marketing company was caught, creating and spreading false rumours about the minority Afrikaner population, which essentially helped bring South Africa to the brink of a full scale genocide and civil war. The victors always write history. That is why we always hear how bad Nazi Germany was; but not so much how evil communist Russia, China, or Cuba was, or the British (in their heydays) in their lust for wealth. Everyone, and every nation has its faults, as well as its strengths. Just interesting how whoever controls the media, and thus the narrative, is able to highlight the faults of who they choose to hate, and highlight the strengths or positives of those they like; therefore controlling the way we view the world and others.

Politicians = middlemen = bad news

I just realised the British got the word mayor from the Zionist name Mayer like Mayer amschel Rothschild.

The real reason for Brexit is not what they tell us

As a non-Brit, I find it astounding how little information I've seen in the media about the City of London and how it operates. Most people in my country aren't even aware that there is a difference between London and the City of London.


Right, It'S not like there a fence around have to know where the little signs are on some of the BLDs.

allen schmitz  They new where the financial buildings are but then again you can't really miss them. It's not like there is suddenly a different place, no border control you can just walk in it's still London ffs

Really? the IRA knew the diffrence.

Your not alone, most people in Britain don't know this either

Nothing ever changes, in the past we had the aristocracy as the elites and now we have bankers and merchant class. The communists had party bosses. There will always be elites living above everyone else

looking at current decisions pro brexit and the rise of populism with inclination for isolationism / trump rhetoric, which might happen without a good deal for uk, or no deal at all, they don't look that smart and powerful, uk might go into a very bad recession....where are those "forces" when it comes to protecting uk's status? There's more to the story, the world is much more complicated now

Independent POV it use to work that way but the comments rating hasn't worked since Google settled in. For me the reply button also doesn't work, I have to copy and paste or write names in.

+Adrian - what inventions as they were all stolen. or copied from all other ancient or morden civilization by the british. The most pathetic power which is only a blimp in humans civilization.

The world should thank Britain, they started the industrial revolution and everything else followed that, along with MANY great inventions!

Sylvia Simpson You'll have to figure that one out for yourself

+ POV. lol --- "offensive" eh -- what could be much more "offensive" than the topic of this vid ?

That'll be a sad day IndependantPOV , an excellent effort on your behalf , witnessing this on a daily basis deserves a medal, thank you.

TheMostGodless SinfulBastard nope I didn't delete any of yours, only delete if I see overt racism, copy/pasting or if how the topic relates is a complete mystery. That's it, but seriously I really can't be bothered to spend my time doing this, I may retire from this any day.

Do you have a limit to the number of comments one can post?? A few of mine disappeared. They were not trolling, they were comments to specific points at different points of the film.

In around 2014 Kenya sent ksh 24 billion to the UK as return to invenstment and I heard over the news and Kenya people were struggling.

Good job. Now prepare to fall for the second time, and let's see the third one.

Great info - Thanks

I thought everyone knew about this lol. Nuke the city of London and the UK loses most of its economy and all of its admittedly small political power. Theres a reason why everyone outside of London hates London

Have Great Brittain, or any other country for that matter, ever did anything else then first and foremost serve the interest of its elite? Isnt in fact that exactly what makes the elite the elite? Its a well made film , I enjoyed it very much so thank you for that. However it did little more than stating the obvious in terms of providing information. Its rather clever in that it presents it all as a giant conspiracy, while in fact it just explains that the rich and powerful are in fact.... well.... rich and powerful. Again compliments for the craftmanship , especially considering the budget you had to work with.

I'm impressed. Very good job!

well and truly lifting the veil of deceit here, brilliant video! .

These Cayman Island financiers are the literal epitomes of toff cunts.

"...Fast-forward to the present day; now that is the establishment, the offshore system is the establishment today. Offshore is the way elites and multinational corporations conduct their affairs; tax evasion is the way business is done. This kind of sophisticated cheating requires a huge infrastructure.... We like to talk about the Pinstripe Infrastructure of highly educated people; who think it is their right to help others to cheat societies. We have a new mafia in town, it does not actually shoot people – who does not put bullets in their kneecaps; but its trade is just as deadly. It deprives people of opportunities to have healthcare, education, security, justice and essentially a fulfilling life." See: "Treasure Islands: Uncovering the Damage of Offshore Banking and Tax Havens," by Nicholas Shaxson, St. Martin's Griffin: New York, 2012 Nicholas Shaxson is a journalist who has written for the Financial Times, The Economist Group, African Energy, and the insider newsletter Africa Confidential. He is the author of the highly acclaimed "Poisoned Wells: The Dirty Politics of African Oil," and an associate fellow with the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London.

We have been doing similar research, here across the pond...

This documentary answer arise and fall of many great civilization like China , India . now we understand The power of Bank of Landon . Beside in my opinion you bring new light of truth on many historical events .

Video is kind of boring until the 35th minute. After that it really gets good!

Taxation is theft.

Excellent. Just one edit note to the filmmaker. Re-edit the '5 steps' at around 1:16:00 to introduce each point with about double time on screen, they're presented a bit too quickly to absorb the information, arguably the most important part of this film. You need to put each one on screen individually for longer. But, brilliant.

Taxation is theft anyway.

Jimmy Saville and his ilk are just one face of laundered money.

This is an interesting and important documentary, but I could really do without the ominous background noises going on throughout. It's distracting and will prevent many people from taking it seriously.

Easier just to blame everything on immigrants like The Daily Mirror does, isn't it? Could of done than in 5 minutes and saved yourself all that bother of making this. Still, thanks for making it. One more step towards the rest of us reaching critical mass and changing the system.

Good documentary. My only objection is the supposition that financial secrecy is inherently wrong. Governments are inherently corrupt. Banks are also inherently corrupt. However, judging capital as "immoral" or "illigitimate" is a diservice to human experience. Capital is the representation of power. It is not a sovreign right for the public to access and steal. It is the property of the individual. So to demand financial disclosure is an advocacy for theft and extortion. Ironically this is the way the documentary is representing financial institutions. Conversely it can also be a morality thrust upon individuals because of the whims of public opinion. In summary taxation is theft. Morality is relative. Democracy is rule by a drunken mob and mobs should never decide whether or not capital is morally acceptable. Power/capital by nature of social stratification will always in some way be distributed unequally and "unfairly". Solving that in any way is only a redistribution of inequality, not a solution.

No one cares The ones who do are very poor and powerless to do anything about it. Let me go back to sleep

I can only say one word....Rothschild.

These are the kind of videos that need to be made for our society to awaken and learn what is happening around us . I SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL . How do i send you my $10 to support your channel . so that you can make more eye opening videos like this... Good watch

But I might add it would take something of a fantasy to see even one of those five goals enacted. The powerful have no conscience, the little man no power. Human all too human.... J

Just brilliant. Thank you

Would Glass Steagal clean up the offshore mess?

Coming from South Africa I have always wondered how Africa with all it's resources could be so poor. I always knew they were being plundered, but never knew how deep the rabbit hole went. Thanks for such an informative documentary.

Africa and South Africa is poor because of stupid economic policies.

This is brilliant content, the media would like us to believe it's foreigners who are responsible for crimes and lost of jobs in the UK.

You don't really have a clue do you London has never belonged to the British it belongs to Venice and Rome Founded by the Tribe of Dan because it has DAN's MARK ding bat ??The power of the British(Covenant-men) Empire got hoodwinked by the Jesuits of Rome and it is now owned by Rome corrupted by the Roman Fed USA inc. and Backstabbed twice in two wars by the Yanks and bankrupted by the Yanks in peace time

Tax evading Foundations owned by billionairs financed the investigations of off-shore tax evasion, the Panama Papers. The power these foundations have (think S0r0s) is far more dangerous than anything the Panama Papers describe.

we have more power than the elite...........................refuse the use of any currency (real or digital) and watch them end their lives ........

Next to go IMO is the Saudi's.........

Sounds too good to be true and a double-edged sword. For one, there is always records so no one can offer you complete secrecy. Especially if these trusts are governed by a centralized organization, that would mean that this organization- if somehow cornered or pressured or had an interest to- could compromise the identity of the funds. But second, this organization would have ENORMOUS influence over the depositer because funds outside of legal knowledge are outside of legal protection. What happens if these trustees decide to hold your money against you consent, or outright steal it, or use it to leverage or extort you? The explanation of these banking practices are far too clean and sterile to be believed- they almost sound like advertising for these practices.

Great, a country of criminals! No natural resources whatsoever, so they have to do sh*t like this...

Let me resume this: The City is not public and not of the UK, while the ''bank of england'' is of The City but does not belong to the UK, as the former colonies don't belong to the UK but they do have oversight, while the ''trusts'' there don't belong to anyone and they own everything. The ''Queen'' is not even British, and not the rightfull Sovereign of the UK, and 7 other Crowns. Meanwhile, no one looks at the Payseur, Rothschilds, Dupont and 10 other of their friends family. What is legal? NOTHING! What is lawful? NOTHING! What is moral? NOTHING! It was never the British Empire, it was a PIRATE CARTEL, using merceneries, deceptions, lies and other treasonous manner to pocket the world for free, as money is worth NOTHING!

who or what constitutes the 'crown'

This reminds me of how the elites of the Roman Empire, seeing their empire was falling apart, transformed their wealth and power into the Feudal System in Europe, becoming the Aristocracy.

Crystallised in the city of Venice at one point

Ok. So maybe Dean Henderson isn't a fruit loop. Heard on Richie Allen going on about C.O.L. But I never noticed him speak of the differences described here.

No real mention of the role of freemasonry and Jews of whose usury financed the rise of Cromwell and Britain’s “acquisitions” such as India thereafter.

People fear the truth so they only go so far. The suggestion of taxation being the answer provides just a sticking plaster solution as you are aware - usury is the culprit for what's happened.

The City of London remains the heart of evil and darkness. It should be ground zero for a thermonuclear attack by the United States at a time when all of the most important people are gathered there. The US really needs to take Britain apart. What was started in 1775 remains unfinished.

Also, thank you for the upload, and the quality is great!

If I had any question about Mr. Syvret's proposals, they were extinguished by that idiot cop blaring his siren. Very subtle, and very stupid.

I am a socialist, with many years study of history, politics, physics, and economics behind me. YouTube recommended this, so I will watch and see if it's decent (in my opinion, each to their own of course) or bonkers and give my verdict below when done. The name peaked my interest as I have long said the British empire never died it just changed from military to financial.

Most of the music is by Sean Adam Boucher, he worked with me for 15 weeks as part of an internship, I'll suggest it to him.

Verdict: Some of it I knew, some of it I didn't, all of it was disturbing, especially the plight of Mr Syvret. My verdict is: phenomenal work. There is a solution to all of this, get rid of capitalism, democratise the economy, and put everyone in charge of their own work, for the first time in 10,000 years of anti democratic economic systems. Simply fixing laws and regulations only resets the clock, the rich will undo any gains we make in time. Capitalism, a system that incentivizes sociopathy to protect wealth and greed to make it grow. We need a better system with different incentives beyond "profit seeks the lowest cost" 5 minutes: p.s. Would you consider releasing the music to this documentary also? Thank you.

wonder how much you would need to set up a trust over there. Is there a minimum balance needed to get into the old boys' club?

I am told people with around $10 million and upwards these days.

Austerity cuts, to whom do we owe this money? The banks

Why does this sound just like RT?

America is going to face the same end of empire in a few years, but it will not have the foresight or decency to go quietly into the good night. Our psychopathic generals and oligarchs are going to take the rest of the world with it, like a gaggle of Dr. Strangeloves hidden in their bunkers and served by hired whores and lackeys. 300 million Americans are going to die and billions of others globally all because 50,000 families won't be allowed to own ALL the toys, as China becomes the world's dominant reserve currency. Other nations are moving away from the Dollar quickly - but the globalist multinational companies today are already well invested in Hong Kong, Switzerland, the Caymans etc......while the little guy gets screwed again. Same old same old. The rich are a small club, and we ain't in it.

I'll get terry to sort this one out

And how will brexit effect this cesspit of corruption?

This makes me proud to be British !

thank you for this!

So fucking what ! Who of you are going to do anything about it ?

Well made.  ;^)

Enough basic inaccuracies and disingenuous portrayals to know this is not a serious stab at the subject.

Bravo, outstanding reporting, you put BBC in shame.


Fun vid, makes me marvel as the ingenuity of the British.

the city of London is and has always been a money laundering city.designed to do just that laundering criminal money.stolen by government corperations and elites.

the British criminal empire what is the difference between now and then.

subscibed.....hope for more good documentary

so we cant sell drugs, guns, not pay tax, but our government can :L

It's time for #Decolonisation2.0

Tvm its kind of bittersweet open your eyes and see what really is the problem, and know that the only way to change the financial system is a mayor shake in the geopolitical world combined with with a change of paradigm on how the money works.

This is the "liberal world order" that some want to preserve instead of supporting leftist policies that would redistribute wealth to ordinary people.

The Problem with the left is it forces others to follow its ideal. This will never work as its an affront to human nature itself . The ultimate desire to be Free not under anyones dictat . This is one reason the U.S is a better country than the U.K . People are free to be greedy and free to be charitable .

An high quality, insightful, informative documentary. Well edited, well narrated, well written, my heartfelt thanks to the producers and distributors and special thanks to the interviewees. Shared, liked, subscribed. We must completely change our financial infrastructure. Time to remove the capstone and hold our attackers to account. The Cabal are a direct threat to the peace and prosperity of our species. Shame on the minions who protect them. Shame on the Jersey Police.

the protest at 1:08 is simply brilliant!

you're all a bunch of nutters!

This is why the elites, bankers and the political elite want to stop Brexit, look deeper into why people voted Brexit more than the standard racist reasons, the city of London is scared shitless of Brexit and the banks leaving the CoL as a result.


IMHO, The City of London is really not scared of Brexit, as Brexit will open the rest of the world to get even more out of their tax havens. Wasn't it Prime Minister May saying "We will leave to have even better deals with the rest of the world"??? That's why she (& Co.) were steering to Brexit with "No Deal" as strategy. Let me tell you "No Deal" and a harsh crack down on money laundering from the EU standpoint is needed here.

It's a double edged sword because Brexit is bad for the banks and the City but it shields Britain's tax haven empire from the EU, maybe that is why the Hedge Funds funded Brexit

Why can't britain just bring all of this business home? If Britain allowed much of this activity IN the U.K. itself, it would be wealthier. Britain could just eliminate corporation taxes and allow trusts in the U.K. and then leverage it's financial importance to impose some degree of regulation...particularly on questions of secrecy and money laundering. If there is no tax to avoid, you remove the incentive to avoid tax and much of the incentive to go offshore. It would create many jobs in Britain and give the british government an incentive to deregulation other aspects of their markets, particularly in land use and infrastructure that have held britain's economy back.

Cut off their heads as the russians did with their Zar.

Communists moaning again

I got so fucking angry i had to stop watching what these bastards have robbed ordinary peoples quality of life off.

Now you understand the class war, the irony is that they call us " the feeders". This is surplus from paying ridiculously low wages, bs investment products, arbitrary criminalisation, prostitution, extortionate rents and illigal wars for profit. It's been going on from time immemorial, however they have had a long time to hone their mod and have gotten away with such epic proportions of skulldugery that they must by now feel impetuous. It's the ultimate pyramid scheme and the worst is that the political and judicial elements are totally complicit thereby making any social contract implied void. I think people are starting to smarten up to the scam that is why we suddenly have this immigration problem to distract the masses. For one central banks printing money and then using it to buy up assets directly and then squeezing the man in the street in order to control inflation? Personally I think that the best solution is education that people become self-sufficient and support each other. The less we need the less this element is going to be able to suck from us. Human behaviour is derived from either love or fear and the only way to effect real change is from oneself. Nice documentary but hardly surprising, we know that our so called "elite" are just and always will be a bunch of pirates and most of them irregardless of where they come from are educated by the same institutions. Maybe Marx had a point.

Rich get richer... poor get poorer... This is a fact ... no chance for poor .. keep working hard day in day out..

Just received this message about the film from someone in Jersey: "Its been seen by a number of people in Jersey and its the same old nonsense but just another day. None of it will make a blind bit of difference to us."

What is special about Jersey ?

I just love expose journalism and watching the lying squirming reaction of these rats. Unfortunately money reaches into every aspect of life. It's really hard to protest when all your energy is spent on survival.

That is why united we'll stand but divided we'll fall. As it stands, just like the government, media corporations are also corrupted by the global economic system and operates to lead the global elite's agenda psychologically (while they're busy doing it financially) using its tactics to make sure all critical thinking is dimmed, control people's perception of the world and ensure it fights against itself like an autoimmune disorder (keeping us divided). While we're actively looking to find out who's racist, xenophobic or misogynistic among ourselves (gotta give it to them: what a genius distraction!), the oligarchy will keep striving n' going to the bank. If we can learn to look inside of ourselves instead of outwards, and understand who we are as individuals AND people, this will make survival a lot easier.

In the meantime the uk government make out we are skint as a nation yet they do ZERO to stop the tax avoidance !!! So embarrassing to live in the UK, this just one reason of many.

Britain's empire took over Britain. The tail waged the dog. I think that's unique in human history.

Babylon of Revelation. What a testimony to the continued disgrace of this country by what are termed the " elite".

And they say the monarchy is good for tourists

once I saw a list of names that were untouchables within the British Commonwealth. This was in the sixties while working with in a CID dept. in a Commonwealth country!

Look, they went for Britain for its financial ties then the USA for its military. Media as a tool. Politics as a tool. Corporatism as a tool.

The two party system is a joke. Two sides of the same coin that care nothing about the U.S. By the time people wake up, it will be too late

In this age, a king won't be held accountable, For the subjects have been empowered with democracy. The scholars like prof. Sikka are doing their part, addressing the issue. The action if there is any, is ought to be taken by the citizens, the empowered subjects. Through Non-Cooperation Movement you could always reject the system. It would only take a generation to sacrifice the usual comforts of life. Everyone is trying to create a fortune for himself, inadvertently being part of the problem.

Your right - reads just like the old testament- -

No.. my freewill is freely given to be commanded by the Lord god creator of this world and what seems to be unfortunate.. you as well.. quite clearly we are not all programmed for your utopian ideals... so write down some laws i can relate too, and if you're successful, it'll read much like the laws found in the old testament

I got the impression from your previous comment that you had sublimated your freewill to the word of God .. ... Utopian societies( as imagined by me ) require no laws , they function as co- operative anarchic enterprises ( no elites )

Yes . you raise an issue that has not ,so far as I can see, been addressed in the comments section ( the reaction to the program proving to be of greater interest than the content ) .... HOW MUCH are we willing to SACRIFICE in order to change the system under which we live .I suspect it could be done in a shorter time than the generation you suggest ,although the loss of comfort would be greater . Utopia might be achieved through the pefection of the individual , but don't hold your breath, - adjusting one's personal burden of hypocrisy may be the best we can achieve.

The Crown dependencies, as well as British Overseas Territories. It's a great scam...

a fictional scam.. pieces of paper operated by living entities defined as humans

1:03:00 What I didn't hear at all throughout this film were REAL solutions to it all, not without making everyone's lives a lot worse, saying the "people" -- the very indifferent and uninformed people--- should vote some other leaders is not a solution, for we all know the people in real power will never let those others get to win, and if by mistake one of them wins, they block him or her for he necessary years during which time the general economy gets worse and other more amiable leaders get elected, thus the Status Quo keeps on forever. If anyone starts to say these type of "crazy" things they label him or her a "conspiracy" nut or other choice-names, and the public which this person was trying to help turns agains him just because of the names he is called. What you ARE DOING with this documentary is tell those you attempt to expose, what areas of their system and lives they need to make more secure than they are, or what areas they need to make more difficult to expose by convoluting the manner in which it is done, or more stringent secrecy.

At 50:00 The way they put that man in jail and harass him and he really doesn't know when or if it will end, he is forced to concentrate on THAT and not on what he initially wanted to do--- the USA does the same thing to anyone who wants to take his criminal or Immigration case to court, they stick them in the worst prisons or "jails" possible and in these places the conditions are so horrible that hardly anyone can stand it for more than a few months.... it is literally as Kafka describes it in his book The Trial, it is a horrendous experience, and the men and women pulling the levers are common low level intelligent people who are given incredible amounts of power, and they use it not for justice but to kill whatever sense of fairness the people or judges have.... even if the judge says the "inmate" (prisoner) can go home to deal with this issue, the INS, or ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has the power to still keep you in jail but they reclassify you as "detainee" --- it is a weird situation where you are brought before a District court to be judged but if you are winning the smallest of concessions like going home to await trial, the judge has no power to tell ICE to obey his orders!! They can keep you in that situation for as long as they want. And thus they silence people, like Snowden, and all other whistle-blowers.

hi independent pov, i noticed background music around 21:40 is so nice,who is the composer? can i get that music anywhere on internet?

Affiliate Junction The artist is Matthew Swinnerton, the song is Ordinary Ghosts and I think the label is Faber Music

Much of the background music is too loud!

Jeremy! I hope your taking note.

And the prisons are full of people who stole a loaf of bread because they were hungry. But these fuckers can rob the country blind and hide like ghosts while the country skids down the toilet.

if you ever wondered how it would feel to go to the doctor and he tells you that you have a tapeworm. well, now you do.

BREXIT end of the world for these fuckers :)

The amount of confused people who mow down civilians outside Parliament, when the true culprits are just down the road. Baffling.

I think a certain amount of paranoia is healthy, but to call all of these attacks inside jobs when there are so many confused and angry people in the world is a bit much. I have no doubt many of these people act on their own, lashing out at a society they feel they have no place in.

inside jobs.. just excuses for them to roll out more security measures as justification

"You will depart immediately before we set the dogs on you".... the dogs of tax I imagine.

How is it possible this kind of corruption could exist so long? The Bolsheviks over-through their monarchy and its corruption Britain allows it to spread and grow like Cancer.

So people really thought the old powers gave up the colonies and POWER?? They just found a new way of controlling them, the International Monetary System, which uses all the international organisations like the United Nations, OPEC, etc-- which was pretty much dormant for decades until the found a way to use it for there purposes; then they financed it and enforced the laws they deemed necessary.

Next time some politician from UK & US tries to preach us "poor" humans in so called " third world " about "rule of law" & "transparency" & "free trade" "democracy" and more . We just gonna say STFU ! Can't thank enough this channel for such an informative documentary.

Love the 5 steps at the end, you better blockchain those!

Great work. Congratulations.

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