The Story of Disney's Third PeopleMover

The Story of Disney's Third PeopleMover

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Technology. Connections is made possible by viewers like you check out the description for more information. I'm. Here at Chicago, O'Hare International Airport, but, not to catch a flight to catch, a train and. Not the blue line into the city either O'Hare. Operates, an automated shuttle, system that takes people between the terminals, they, call it the airport, transit system or ATS but, many people would call it a people mover it's. A fitting name because it's what it does as I record this there are five stations, just like these three, at each of the domestic terminals, one at the International Terminal and a final one at the remote parking facility, at the time of this video's release the, system has actually been shut down and won't reopen until the fall of 2019 it's, in the process of getting new trains and a new station at the multimodal, rental car at a parking facility, whatever. That is exactly, and, it might be wise to remodel, the existing, stations, because. 1993. In, many respects, this system is like a sideways, elevator, as the trains approach the landing the interior, doors line up with the landing doors. Once they both open you have access to the Train and/or, the platform, then. It moves along to the next floor, lines. Itself up doors. Open again. The, vehicles, have rubber tires and are more like buses on a guide way than trains, on a track here. At O'Hare the guide way uses a grooved steel plate as a road, surface because. Well, winter, is a thing that happens here and a freeze thaw cycle, doesn't really bother a hunk of Steel an interesting thing about O'Hare, system is that at each end, the trains switch sides to allow for a continuous, loop of multiple trains on the system and a strange thing about the system at least the 1993. To 2018 version, is that the trains seem to speed up and slow down at, odd and unpredictable, times and they, accelerate, a lot faster, than you might expect, wonderful, for vehicles that are mostly standing-room-only. Here's. Hoping that gets improved now, oh here's people movers certainly isn't unique lots. Of airports have strikingly, similar systems, in, fact here, at the Orlando, International Airport, you'll, find not one but, five people, movers four, of them simply take people between the gates and the main terminal building all, the fifth one is new and does something else in many, ways they're just like the O'Hare system similar, doors similar, trains similar, guideway though, here a concrete road surface is used because, winter isn't really a thing that happens here four. Of the people movers simply move people back and forth between the main terminal building and the gates themselves it's, a very brief journey so there are only two trains and they just go back and forth and sometimes they only run one side recently. The trains on air sites 1 & 3 were replaced with Mitsubishi crystal, mover vehicles so although this looks to be the more modern of the two systems the track and other infrastructure, is actually older, their sides 2 & 4 were built later and use, ANOVA APM, 100, vehicles from Bombardier which don't, worry will, appear later in this video I've, always liked the layout of this Airport though it should be noted that these people movers are in the sterile area past security. Unlike O'Hare's which are outside of it the fifth and final people mover was just added in 2017. And it currently takes travelers, to well. Not much more than parking at this point but, eventually the completed, intermodal, terminal, will provide train service to Miami and other areas on the proposed Sun rail and bright line extensions, at least that's. The plan interesting. I should find myself in Orlando, in a video talking about papal movers I wonder, if there's a noteworthy people, mover somewhere near here that might have something to do with the title and purpose of this video. All. Right, here. At Tomorrowland, at Disney's Magic Kingdom in Florida lives the Tomorrowland, Transit Authority people-mover. Originally. Opened in 1975. As the Wed way people mover this system has been taking literally millions of guests on a Grand Circle tour of Tomorrowland, and remains, a fan favorite of many including, yours truly this, wet way people mover is actually, Disney's second people mover with the first now-defunct attraction, making its debut at Disneyland, in 1967. Its, roots come from the Ford Magic Skyway attraction, at the 1964. New York World's Fair which, was designed by we´d enterprises, wet, by the way stands for Walter Elias Disney after. Observing equipment, used to move steel ingots, around Ford's steel plant in Detroit Walt. Disney wondered if this could be adapted into an attraction and it was for Ford's Magic Skyway actual. Ford cars with their engines and transmissions, removed were used as ride vehicles, the car bodies were pushed along a track by spinning, urethane wheels which, rubbed against flat friction, plates on the bottom of the cars the, attraction, was a hit but most importantly, the propulsion system proved to be effective when.

It Came time to use this technology and a more permanent attraction, at Disneyland Ford. Wasn't that interested, in a sponsorship, so instead, the Goodyear Tire Company came, along and the urethane wheels were, swapped for rubber tires how, fitting, the idea behind Disney's people-mover was to actually be a real mass transit, system and this, is probably why Ford it didn't want to sponsor the attraction, at Disneyland as, mass, transit usually, isn't too good for car sales though. It wasn't known to the public Walt, envisioned systems like these to form the backbone of the transportation. Networks and has never truly realized, experimental. Prototype community of, tomorrow or, Epcot, although. The Disneyland people mover wasn't the first transportation. Device to be called a people mover it is likely that its popularity, as an attraction is responsible. For the continued, use of the word people mover to describe similar transit, solutions, one, of the more novel ideas from the people mover was that the passive, vehicles not requiring a power source of their own could truly never stop, and indeed, that was the idea, just, like the still operating, version in the mad kingdom rather than come to a stop the vehicles would slow down as they approached the station and join a continuous, train of cars traveling, at the same speed as the moving platform, next to it then, after making its way around the trains at the front would accelerate and break away from the chain when, it came time for people mover version 2 at the Magic Kingdom the spinning rubber tires were dropped in favour of the much more futuristic, looking linear induction motors, embedded, at regular intervals, along the track these, motors in addition to creating delightful, 60-hertz harmonics, generate. Electromagnetic, fields which interact, with metal plates on the bottom of the trains and push them along through. The. Ditching of the tyres by the way resulted, in goodyear not wanting to sponsor, this version of the attraction, first, they destroyed the car then. They went for the tires now. Using, linear induction motors, isn't new but in an application like this it was certainly novel, the Li M's themselves, are essentially, just a bundle of some copper and iron because. The trains take the place of the rotor and a conventional motor the, propulsion system effectively, has no moving parts I suspect. It's for this reason that the attraction is still operating, as opposed, to the Disneyland people mover which suffered a rather tragic. Fate I can't, see how maintenance costs, are going to be very high for this attraction but, this people mover although it is the second of the two Disney people movers built at a Disney theme park is only the second of three Disney, people movers that's, right Disney built a third one but it's not here instead. It's right here, at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, in Houston, Texas in what, can only be described, fairly as a basement, lives, a legit Disney people mover so at first glance you might not realize it the, subway, formerly, known as the inter terminal train takes, travelers, between the terminals and also makes a stop at the Marriott hotel like, Disney's People Mover it travels, in the continuous, loop however, in this case there are multiple platforms.

Rather, Than just the one and also. Like Disney's People Mover it was built by wet enterprises, now known as Walt Disney Imagineering the. History of this people mover is kind of weird and honestly, not that well known there, was a system, before it traveling the same route but apparently, someone in charge of the airport wasn't, very happy with it some reason Disney. Had set up the community transportation services, division of Walt Disney Productions in order to try and sell the People Mover system, to local governments, or perhaps, airports. And Houston, appears to be the only buyer this, system, went online in 1981. Six years after the original weds way people mover opened at the Magic Kingdom now, for those of you shouting to yourselves ooh ooh DC DC hold. Your horses we'll, get there one. Glance at the track and you'll immediately recognized, the same propulsion system from Disney's People Mover the linear induction motors, simply push these passive trains along and their small wheels and track enabled, them to navigate surprisingly. Tight corners, supposedly. That's why Houston was intrigued and got Disney to build this for them as the required track layout given this space included. A lot of tight and sudden turns the, similarities, don't end there just like at the Magic Kingdom pre-recorded. Announcements, emanate from the ceilings by way of simple loudspeakers, and the tops of these vehicles are made of a mesh screen that allows the sound and light, to pass through. The. Overall sounds, of the propulsion system and general, feel that the vehicles movement, is obviously. The same as the classic Disney attraction. But, there are some notable differences, most, notably the vehicles, themselves are enclosed, and significantly, larger, so there actually is standing, room in these cars as you can see I can walk around in there and the bench seats are wider than Disney's, people movers, they. Seat probably. Three across if you. Are pretty tight so the capacity, of 12 people in these vehicles is totally believable the, need to enclose them is understandable, as the airport runs this system pretty much unattended, as opposed to the Disney attraction, where the entire track is monitored, by a CCTV, system, and the plethora of cast members are ready to intervene at any time and of course the vehicles would have to be larger in a real-world scenario, because. There are people with, bags and things that need to use this rather, than the cozy four-person compartments, of the People Mover attractions, the, second and possibly most significant. Technical difference is that the vehicles actually stop at each station and a set of curtain doors block access, to the track this, complicates, things more than it might seem at first as now, there needs to be a separate, mechanical, system for opening and closing the doors as well as, a modification, to the propulsion system to allow for controlled stops if you've. Ever been on the people mover at the Magic Kingdom during a stop you'll, know that it's anything but controlled. Your vehicle usually ends up going backwards for a bit before is sort of drifting, to a stop my, guess is that during a stop the motors are simply reversed for a set period of time slowing, the train but, also throwing it back a bit as a result and sometimes. During startup your train won't move and the one behind you will just ram into yours I'm, not kidding I've been into people mover collision, that's, the reason they have the bumpers on the ends of the trains it's harmless, but, startling. And they did have to shut down the ride after that, we, were escorted, through that particular door, and ended up in a gift shop so, there's a fun piece of trivia for you having. Finally had an opportunity to ride this system it appears as though the motors simply shut off when the train is close to the platform and a friction brake grabs hold of the Train when it's correctly aligned the, system is surprisingly, good at lining up the trains I only, noticed the deviation, of a few centimeters in most cases.

One. Of the key ways you can tell this is the same system as Disney's is that the motors get closer together at every point the Train changes, speeds I'm not entirely sure why, this needs to happen but I think it has to do with the fact that the motors are simply being run on 60 Hertz AC current, the, only way to affect how quickly they push the Train is to change the motors design and these bundles of motors probably serve as some sort of transition, area between the high and low speed sections, you'll, also notice that in Houston the stations are all equipped with closely-spaced, motors which, may be a requirement for a controlled, stop and start now, before I start talking about all the downsides, of this little oddity let me first say that I'm really glad people mover technology, made it outside the disc apart at least once there. Are a lot of potential advantages, to this system, for, example the propulsion system itself has virtually no, moving parts the. Only things that would wear on this system in a traditional, sense are the vehicle's wheels the articulation, points between the Cav's and the, doors and door mechanism the. Linear motors themselves, also provide a strong level of redundancy I would imagine that if one of them fails it's not really going to wreck anyone's day the, trains are much longer than the gaps between the motors so it would almost certainly have enough inertia to catch the next one of course, this is an assumption but I'm willing to bet that this system requires quite a bit less maintenance than a conventional one but, now we have to talk about the downsides let's, start with a limitation, that may not seem so obvious at first both. Disney's, people mover and this one in Houston are, indoors, yes. The track at Disney might get wet in the rain but the people mover has a roof over its head the whole way and it, is actually considered, an indoor attraction, which means it doesn't shut down in stormy conditions, like outdoor attractions do, oh you. Wanted proof here. You go. Getting. A bit wet is about all these could take without some way of heating the track and the rails using a system like this in a snowstorm would, likely be a disaster. You might have also noticed that both here in Houston and in Orlando, the entire course has no elevation, change it's, a completely, flat experience, likely, due to simple engineering challenges, associated with using linear induction motors, the, original people mover in Disneyland had a course with quite a few inclines, however. It had the advantage of those rubber tires pushing, the trains along and technically. The course is still there it's, just in a. Sad state and let's, be honest here the Houston subway system while, novel, is also, a little how. Can I put this kindly, derpy. Looking. It's. Unusually, small with odd-looking trains, and a whole lot about it is just weird, like, the fact that along the entire course there's only a half-height, wall except. At the stations where curtain doors were made full-sized, not. Sure why couldn't have been smaller and even. Simpler it's a weird little thing going through a basement hallway sure, it does move people and it's handy but like it's, also just well. Honestly a little creepy, at, least it's setting but, it gets worse the subway is borderline redundant, at this point the, airport already has a much more modern people mover system which, takes people between the terminals, this, one's on the other side of security in the sterile zone so, you can get between the terminals without exiting, security. A. Train. Is arriving, please keep clear for passengers, exiting, the train in, any temple do you mind what, about water anything, special better those pantyhose, case hanging in pain if. You were a traveler with a connecting, flight in another terminal you'd be much better to stay within the sterile area and take this one it's, also handy for the simple case of wanting, to grab food from a restaurant that's in another terminal, because. For most purposes the Skyway, is frankly, better the, fate of the subway isn't that certain, although, it was recently renamed, and had its announcements, Beale changed, and I was quite surprised, to see many people still using it it does get some love but, who knows for how long but, here's the thing this, system while it does have a bunch of potential advantages, whom also has a lot of serious downsides, the. Idea of making the vehicle is completely, passive, just, a box on wheels essentially, could potentially, reduce maintenance costs but, it turns out that there are very few situations in, which that's actually, a good, idea it, either needs to be indoors like this before outdoors in a place with perpetually, good weather like Orlando back.

In Chicago this wouldn't fly well. Of course not that's what the planes do but I mean that a passive vehicle in sub-zero temperatures, is just unacceptable, it, means to have some source of power for heat if nothing else and if, you're gonna provide it with an electrical source via bus bar or third rail you, might as well stick motors in the Train too and have, them propel themselves so, while I do think it's great that Disney's, People Mover technology, made it into the real world at least once I'm. Not really surprised that this is the only time it happens maybe. One day there will be more implementations. For a passive, train with linear induction motors, perhaps. For goods transportation, or maybe even baggage, distribution, inside an airport but, for actually moving people this, people mover comes with a lot of asterisks. Attached. Remember. How I said hold your horses about DC, while, it turns out that maybe just, maybe Disney, built a fourth wet way people mover under the US Capitol building maybe. And probably. Not but, still kind of maybe so, it turns out there is a system of small subways under the Capitol building that transport, representatives, and Senators between their offices, and the Capitol these Subway's have exist in some form for over a century but one of them was updated, probably, in the 1980s, and it. Uses the exact, same vehicles. That we see in Houston but. And here's where it gets weirder, there is no record of Disney's involvement, and there, are some significant, technical differences, I've put a link to a great video of this system in the description, and if you take a look at it you'll soon discover that the El IMS are run with a variable, frequency drive, which, likely allows for a smoother operation and, certainly. Makes the system sound much, different from, the people mover or Houston's, subway you'll, also see that the motors are spaced much closer together and likely, thanks to that variable frequency drive, they are spaced at a consistent interval, throughout I've, been trying to figure out how this system is related to Disney or Houston, and I've gotten only the smallest of clues a now-defunct. Company, called trance teen claims to have built the control and communication, systems for the Senate subway and their parent company Powell industries, is based in Houston. Texas so, that, certainly suggests there's. A connection somewhere but I can't quite pinpoint it it's, likely that Disney contracted, with a third party to build the vehicles for Houston subway as afterall they do that sort of thing all the time and if, that company was in Houston and was, somehow involved with trans 9 or pawel industries, or indeed, was either of those two then, it would make sense that the same trains would end up in DC and. Indeed much of the same concept, could simply have been borrowed from the Houston Airport design, as after, all Disney didn't own any patents, related to those people mover system at least I can't find any aside, from the original Disneyland system, of wheels and tires so, if you know how exactly the Senate subway and the subway at Houston's Airport are connected, please let us know in the comments, that's driving, me a little crazy and there is a very small amount of information out there about either, of these two systems but, for now I hope you enjoyed this look into what might be the ultimate Hidden, Mickey I am really glad I got to head to Houston to make this video while the subway is still operational, who, knows it might still be around for another few decades if, it's as low maintenance as I think it is there's, not much of a point to getting rid of it and when you need to get from Terminal A to terminal, e it, can save you from a pretty long walk as always.

A Great big beautiful thank you goes out to the folks who support this channel on page especially, the fine folks you see scrolling up your screen going, to Houston specifically. To film its People Mover was something that I never thought was in the cards but thanks to you I could, if you'd, like to support the channel and get perks like early video access behind the scenes footage and the inside scoop on the latest projects, please, check out my patreon page thanks. For your consideration and, I'll see you next time. Well. Thank God I'm at the right Airport, I've, put together a technology, connections, to video which is much more vlog like and includes a lot of other observations, I made around the airports, check it out through the card up above or hang around for the end screen it's also down below in the description. Another. Take, as, the people stare at me because the people in the airport think that I'm crazy, that's. Okay though. Crazy. It's good. Okay, it's not at all it's not at all circumstances. Buildings. Have been closed, and non-smoking. Air.

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I put a lot of great links and other info in this comment, so be sure to expand it to check them out! Someone on Twitter gave me some really neat extra info on the LIMs used in the WEDWay system. And also, there was a patent! I just couldn't find it. Basically, the motors are capable of pushing the trains at up to 20 mph (that's their synchronous speed), but in practice this is limited. The design of all the motors is the same, and the reason they are bunched up is just to provide more force. The key is that they are reversible, and they also monitor the vehicle's speed and adjust how long they stay on to correct it. So they don't run constantly when a train is above them, rather they pulse on and off. This is very surprising to me, as you can't really hear this or feel it! But, it makes a lot of sense, particularly with the knowledge that even the sparsely-spaced motors on the straightaways are able to restart the Tomorrowland PeopleMover from a stop. And, it explains why they also bunch up to slow the train down, as they work together in reverse to slow the train, and once the desired speed is reached, they switch back to forward propulsion. Pretty advanced stuff for 1975! Want to know what happened to Disneyland’s PeopleMover? This video by Offhand Disney does a great job explaining (and includes some great footage of the ride pre-demise). It’s a pretty neat channel for the Disney enthusiast, so check it out! Here’s that video of the Senate Subway I mentioned: These are some cool links explaining the origins of the PeopleMover itself: And if you’re looking for that site detailing the subways below the capitol, here it is: There are some other relevant links in the description, so be sure to check those, too! And it turns out that you can indeed be deemed suspicious by the TSA for talking to yourself while filming things in an airport. Oh well, I did it for you!

That Ohare parking/rental facility is horrible. It takes twice as long to get there and total 3 times as long to get to your rental car than the old facilities. Hopefully the trains make it better than the bus, but it is insane they did the rental facility changeover before the train was ready. Ohare and Midway were ruined with their new far-a-way rental facilities. I go to IAH all the time and never knew that was there. Did you literally get a ticket to orlando with a layover in IAH just to make this?? Also at IAH, I never once needed to use that terminal train. You can just easily walk between terminals.

If you took any still photos of the Houston Airport subway would you consider gifting one to Wikipedia? I noticed that the article on the system is currently unillustrated.

Here's NYC Air Train system. I didn't film this but found this channel that did: *Thoughts on how this operates?* It capable of reaching speeds of 100 MPH +. At times it can go 60 MPH during regular operation. Unfortunately an old school mate of mines died in the testing of it before it opened for general use. Here's an article on it.

Firstly, YOU calling something derpy....really... pot? Secondly, the IAH train is awesome, being outside of security it is how many of the airport workers get around and it makes it easy to park at one of the smaller terminals that are less crowded and then just ride to the larger one. Parking at the C terminal can suck major balls and take plenty of time looking for a spot if it is a high traffic time. Thirdly, why do you play elevator music for your bumper music at the end of your videos? Sounds like the early part of a wedding reception while people are waiting for the B&G to arrive.... Otherwise.. good job.

+Samuel Sudhof Yes! The Osaka subway has a few lines driven by linear motors, and there, they do it for the reason that they can bore a smaller diameter tunnel, because the wheels of the train can be smaller since they don't need a large rotary motor on each axle. The flat stators between the axles take up very little space. There's also a slew of Bombardier systems that use Linear Induction Motors for propulsion, albeit with the reaction rail in the track, and the stators (coils) on the trains, like the Osaka solution. The Scarborough RT was the first, in Toronto, followed by Detroit and Vancouver. The second generation system operates at JFK (AirTrain), in Kuala Lumpur, in Korea on the Yongbin Everline... to name a few.

You should check out the people mover here in West Virginia; The Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit or (WVU PRT) most techs there will be willing for interviews, or just general chatting about technology. It was brought online in 75 and still functions to this day as far as I can tell. Tom Scott has a short video about it but nothing much about the technical specs and I'd love to see a video about it again.

@Technology Connections · Great stuff · I'm subbed! ❤️

There is a transition change on the train at Bush IAH. It is between terminals C and D/E. It is a gradual change down at least 1 and a half to 2 stories. Room had to be made for the walkway floor to Terminal D.

Also what is the difference between or meaning of AGT and APM

I Remembering being stuck on Tomorrow Land's PeopleMover late 80's 90's and they had Hostesses come out to chat.

+tarstarkusz In your city they must be paranoid and stupid. I mean come on, the real terrorists can just use a hidden camera.

what about the system at oakland airport?

No joke, TSA thinks that *not* looking suspicious is suspicious. You cannot make this shit up.

In my city it is completely illegal to film the public transit trains and the stop areas. I am very surprised they allowed you to do it. I'm very surprised nobody came up to you and asked why you were filming the airport's infrastructure. Setting up that camera inside the train was probably looked with some suspicion too.

If you like people movers, check out the Paternoster :D

it is your first amendment right to record in public and that includes the TSA. there is a ton of first amendment audit videos of TSA security theatre checkpoints to prove the point.

Next time bring Vasoline to make the cavity check easier

The packing of induction motors when speed changes: it needs more "torque" or rather force potential. It can keep steady pace but for decel/acceleration it needs more force potential. So, either vary the frequency of electricity or the frequency of the motors. Like you said, there really are not many advantages of this type of setup compared to old school electric motors run from third rail... VFD is still expensive to do in the high currents needed.

Passive LIM motors are NOT just for people movers. Vancouver's SkyTrain, Kuala Lumpur, Detroit's El-Train, Scarborough's SRT all use Linear Induction Motors with few if not any moving parts. Osaka has an automated line using LIM and they plan more. They are often useful as not only are they low maintenance, but they return power to the system so they're quite efficient. In addition, they have a better grade profile as the LIM means they're not relying on traction to climb grades. This is why they're being used more and more on rollercoasters as well. In addition, Nagoya's Interurban Maglev, Linimo, uses a Linear Induction Motor and the Chuo Shinkansen High speed train in Japan under construction uses a related technology to propel the train.

Strange looks are mostly alleviated if you rent a bipedal camera holder to point the camera at you while you talk :)

You should checkout the PRT at West Virginia University! It's very similar and I think the only one of its kind.

Heyy you should come down to Miami bro! You'll get a kick out of the Metromover lol.

What's up with your panda eyes? Lack of sleep?

DFW Dallas Fort Worth has one of these trains on the roof of the airport... It is something else... I hate it when I have to use it.

Welcome to sunny Florida, by the way! Sorry, it's pretty much like this all the time, hope your ride home is nice at least.

Thank you. I love your videos n this one was cool I use to live in Oak Park and drove a cab there.

LIM trains don't stop at airport people movers, though. Tokyo has more than 40km or LIM subway. Apparently, it's a space consideration.

we appreciate it :)

of course thoes morons of the tsa found u suspicious cause theyre out of touch and dont understand the modern world and are high strung

You know they were watching you at about 2:04 and wondering what the hell

If there's a fun story related to the being deemed suspicious, that might be a good video for the extras channel!

Security theater needs to justify its own existence lest it itself be questioned.

Are you ok sir? You look a little pasty white. Thanks for another interesting video about something I thought would not interest me but in the end did. I like your presentation style and am amazed about how in depth you go on each subject. Thumbs up, Please see a doctor.

0:00 From contributions to your PBS station from viewers like you. Thank you.

Oh, wow! I rode those Orlando PeopleMovers, but had no idea what they were at the time.

IT would be nice if More city would to start to implement more People mover as it can solve Traffic issue... Id would love to just walk around my city without being tied down to a car road and having to figure out how to not die with drunk idiots.... I mean they can just implement one that circuit popular places. or have it loop around entrances and exit of neighborhoods. IT would be nice to get away from having to drive cars for once.

9:34 If you’re pretty tight

I did not expect this to be so interesting. I'm late to work now, but this was cool.

I don't know anything about LIMs but I'll guess that the reason there are more motors at the stops is simply due to torque. (Or in the case of LIMs, "pull"?) Accelerating the train from a stop needs more torque then just maintaining speed along the track. I bet they also do some of the stopping work which also needs extra pull. The friction brakes are for the final inches. Another reason could be since we are going slower, we need more motors to keep control. In other words, increase the resolution of LIM control by adding more. Along the track, if you're at speed, you'll have the inertia to hit the next set of motors but that won't work if you're going slow. That's why you need the bump from another car if you fall between the gap and end up stranded. I'm going to bet it's a little of both. Extra motors give you more power and finer control, both of which are needed at the stops and no where else. Newton's First Law!

For a second I thought I was watching PBS lol

Neat video, thanks for making it! I never knew about this, but now I want to fly to Houston to try it. Since the Senate's has questionable provanonce I way hold off on my run for office though. ;) I hope TSA doesn't have you flagged & Hassel you for the rest of your life!

Facts: there’s a people mover in Houston Texas Logic: Just a one time th- Me: DIsNeY LAnD tExAS???!!1!

I hate everything I've ever seen described as a Peoplemover. They are ubiquitously slow moving. They have slow doors. They are slow to start. They are slow to stop. They are just slow. But worse, they are a solution to a problem we don't have -- or rather a solution to a problem that we already have better solutions for. I mean, by not just use regular subway cars or tram cars and rails. These really do move people. They are fast, use known and proven technology, and can be bought practically off the shelf, thus cheap to acquire, build and maintain. Why do we have to reinvent the wheel and make them worse?

A well written, well executed, exciting video! Thank you for putting in this much effort, Alec!

Lets just hope that they don’t turn the subway into a fast ride that breaks the tracks

It's a TRAM

Your dedication for the videos are crazy, subbed

"People Mover" in Australia is what we call a minivan haha. The word minivan doesn't really exist here.

The previous system served IAH operates with in security zone, subway is outside.

so it like the montreal subway since they have rubber tires. also we should call subway people mover from now on lol

Maybe government is serious and didnt want to be associated with a cartoon mouse (aka disney?). So they created a company as a middleman.

Great video! I wish travel between those cities can be as seamless as your transitions!

As a Canadian living in Toronto, the idea of having one of these systems (or a more weather-appropriate alternative) past security feels like it would be way too operationally complex. Especially with the need to have three segregated sterile zones in each terminal (domestic, US, and international). Doubly since, at least at YYZ those zones can get reconfigured multiple times per day.

Like Gordon Freeman :-)

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How did you get to film all of this? Did you get permits, permission, arrested? Thank you this was so cool. I love trains, I live right by active train tracks. Glad your not jailed.

ain't the tech technically just maglev just non-magnetic?

There’s as similar system at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris. Fittingly you need to ride it to get to the Disney shuttle bus when travelling from the UK.

You did a video on something to do with airports that Wendover Productions hasn't. Watch your back bro...

pushing and propulsion motors packed together makes a good push for heavier loads :) then when they are on long stretches they have a few which are equal to the movement (non-friction calculation) then the bends coming forward made be reverse. Get yourself a compass and put it on the floor.... it will give you an indication of a forward or reversing magnet. they base these similar to rollercoasters with frictionless motors (drops and immediate movements)

From Houston, and I've ridden this thing and I've always thought it was strange lol. Very very interesting and unexpected to see a video on it!

Technology Connections is the only channel where I can say "OK, I've got 20 minutes to kill." then end up wondering why the hell I never looked into any of this stuff myself. You're a legend!

In Porto Alegre, Brazil, we have a people mover connecting the airport to the commuter train station called "aeromóvel". As the name suggests, it's moved by air. Air gets pushed thru a duct built into the track by industrial fans. Quite cool to ride it, really silent and comfortable.

Mesh roof = From when you could smoke absolutely everywhere!

Wouldn't it be cheaper if they have a set up like cable cars? Put some automatic switching and mechanical brake then you'll have basically the same thing.

I’ve lived in Houston all my life and been to IAH a dozen times and never knew this was there.

You're like a very gentlemanly version of Jim Jefferies

8:54 Welcome to Black Mesa

I've used the ATS between terminals at O'Hare, rushing to get a connecting flight. It worked well, but somewhere between one flight and the next I lost part of the waist strap of my rucksack (poorly designed bag), probably at the baggage scan rollers entering the next terminal.


Oh, that's good, the system will open in 2 days, ie Autumn 2019...

19:16 thanks for the metric system

what is the ending song?

The city of Las Colinas, TX has a people mover.

9:10 Half Life

The reason for the varied motor spacing most likely has nothing to do with the speed at a point in the track. Yes, pole spacing will be a function of speed, but that will be concealed within the coil windings of the motors, not motor spacings. But more important will be the force requirements versus track position. Where the speed CHANGES (on level track) will be the places large forces are required. Each motor is most likely made for a certain FORCE rating. (The speed it makes is a function of pole spacing only. Pole spacing will be only the distance train travels in 1/120th second. Even at 20MPH, or about 30 feet per second, pole length will be only 4 inches.) In a section of track where speed must change, the train will span multiple motors giving more force. In constant-speed sections, the only force required will to overcome wheel friction and windage, so only 1 motor per train will suffice. I wonder how much magnetic attraction (between the iron return-path in the train and that in the motors) adds to the load on the wheels of the train compared to the weight? One advantage you fail to mention of "inert" train cars: the reduced weight of the car which reflects in the power required to move it; especially when starts and stops dominate a short route. Roller coasters are also designed this way: inert vehicles. Their launching induction motors are usually horizontal field across a slot with an aluminum fin protruding below the car (no iron in the car). This is very inefficient, and has no magnetic side-pull, but would not be practical for a continuously running system, as they can tolerate only momentary operation due to overheating.

Hey, you should put your "branding" on the thumbnail. It can be just your logo in a corner or something (like the lightscribe video). Doesn't have to be super extreme, but it would help your video stand out in the subscription feed :)

Port Authority's AirTrain at EWR & JFK are similar to the Skyway in Houston.

I'm now curious what they used in that James Bond film

No record of Disney's involvement? Conspiracy!!

Hello from Chicago

3:23 #whatafirealarmfail

This sounds so useful for underground, as it's low maintenance, but anything above, unless indoors, just doesn't seem effective.

Great video

I'd venture a guess most Disney Fans have no idea about this!! Perhaps you should add a Disney or wedway or tta or etc. hashtag. You'll get so many views from Disney fans!!

Top quality premium content! But did you go to all these places just for this video??

My brain keeps processing that as PeopleMulcher for some reason...

Be good to have met you while you where in h-town

You should check out the SkyTrain in Vancouver Canada....

I might have used that Houston Peoplemover once when i was a kid, i have very, very vague memories of picking someone up at an airport and that weird black and purple striped flooring is familiar...

8:54 Welcome to Black Mesa transit system

I've been to that airport dozens of times and not only have I never used that people mover before but I didn't even know it existed. I might check it out the next time I'm at Bush.

I designed a very large cable reel about 30 years ago using a LIM to provide motion and was fascinated by the device. They have a force/speed relationship (set by the pitch of the pole pieces and power frequency) that limits the speed. I seriously doubt that any regenerative braking is used in the people mover systems as that would require adding variable frequency drives or specially built LIM's. Excellent video!

They (or similiar systems) are all around the world. Düsseldorf International Airport has one as well, moving in-between the gates, parking houses and Düsseldorf Airport train station.

Tyler really made this video to tell us he had a great time in Disney World

They put a train in the hallway.

Damn, I love that quip at Bombardier at 2:48.

I’ve spent many layovers on those trains in IAH. They’re relaxing for someone like myself who is afraid of flying.

I enjoyed the People move in GW International. Glad to I am not the only one. :D

watching you in a regular Tshirt is so odd. Bring back the jacket!

Great video! Spetacular

Wow, I've lived in Houston my whole life and have been on that train many times, but never knew it was made by Disney.

On your video about Intercontinental Airport Houston's Inter-Terminal Train. You mentioned about the secure train serving the terminals. Until only 10 years ago that underground train was the only connection for Terminal A and Terminal B to connect to Terminal C and Terminal D.

Makes me wonder if all this lack of information connecting these systems were intended secrecy or just a compound of unreported information due to lack of public interest and awareness.

This is sadly imo a defunct system because there is really no use for it. Modern factories are using a trackless conveyor belt to ship goods. This would require infastructure and track plans that would take longer to implement rather than a virtual track. But I have been wrong before and there could be an actual beneficial use for this system that I haven’t thought of. Maybe someone will look into this technology and come up with a great idea that is successful. It’s not impossible but then again almost anything is possible

There is also the Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit, something that uses "people mover"-like trains

His voice sounds homosexual

Externally powered cars, with heat and electricity, in harsh weather you say? How about CABLE CARS? Minneapolis has a few people movers that are pulled by cables and run on metal tracks. They're more like horizontal elevators instead of "real" cable cars, since the whole cable stops when the people movers stop. Even better, all the drive machinery is visible while you're waiting for one.

What about the West Virginia PRT?

The issue with people movers, from what I can tell is that it seeks to solve a problem, and instead of solving it just moves it. See, the people movers seek to solve the problem of train car maintenance by limiting moving parts on the trains. But what they wound up doing was just dumping those moving parts onto the rail. Then they decided to replace those with Linear Induction Motors, which remove all moving parts from the wheels, but introduce a non-throttleable method of propulsion, as they implement it. This means you either get full power from each motor or none. Oh, and since they don't produce their own friction, they can't act as friction brakes. But then we have to ask a question; did we really solve the problem of moving parts, or more specifically the maintenance associated with moving parts? Well the answer is, quite simply, no. See, the solution provided in Disney's people movers don't actually work to remove the more expensive parts of a train, but do increase the expense of the railway. The trains still need doors and seating areas, as well as wheels. Compare this to modern mass transit systems and you see why we continue to use car-based-locomotion. If the train cars induce problems of maintenance, it actually doesn't make sense to move those items into the track, since that means you have more points of failure. It makes more sense to increase the reliability of the train cars. Which is what happens with modern train cars, as well as even planes. Also, people movers create issues in actually executing maintenance since a track necessarily must be shut down in order to maintain a people mover line. This is less ideal than simply taking a train out of service for some time. Similarly, if you decide you didn't need as much throughput anymore and were going to save some money on maintenance by decreasing your car count, you couldn't, least not to the same degree. The maintenance costs associated with a rail-based-locomotion system are mostly fixed. So it doesn't matter how cars of people I move, it will cost the same any week. Which sounds good at first, until you realize that many transit systems work at a loss, or just barely for profit. Not to mention, they're not very power efficient. Even compared to powered trains.

Edit: Timestamp 11:47 Not trying to troll, but "AC Current" is akin to "ATM Machine." Potentially irksome to the few people who may have caught it. idk just trying to be constructive here.

While I've never flown out of Houston, based on flying out of other airports, I can see a few uses for the Subway. First, not every airline always has a check-in counter at every terminal. A lot of people know how to avoid the check-in counter, but sometimes it just isn't possible, or there are some people out there who prefer it over checking in online. Second, even if you don't need the check-in counter, I've gotten some strange looks going through security at the "wrong" terminal, knowing there was a train sanitary-side that could get me there faster. It's never actually been a problem, but still kinda weird. Third, if Houston segregates their international flights, you may not be able to get into an international terminal with a domestic ticket or vice-versa. While many airports have at least a loose distinction between domestic and international terminals, I only ran into segregation that strict once, and that was several years ago, outside the US, shortly after a security scare, so I have no idea how common that is. Even if none of those apply, you can never account for the vagueries of preference. some people just like what they like, just because they like it.

Here in Brazil we have "Aeromóvel" and its propelled by pneumatic action, the elevated way has a slited box where a metal sail is propelled by air of big impellers and the train itself is in metal rails

You never mentioned the monorail at Disneyworld. That has been in operation since 1971 and has a top speed of 55 mph.


The video would be much better without the attempt and fail at any humor whatsoever.

This is hella cool! Thanks for making this neat video!

Cool! Getting out of the Cube Zone..

Finally somebody gave this interesting little tram some attention. During remodeling half of the lights are off. Gives off a feeling of extreme loneliness. As if you illegally entered a construction zone at night with no one around.

If you ever fly through IAD (Dulles) in the Washington DC area, you should ride the AeroTrain (the airports people mover). I believe they still use some of the mobile lounges as well between terminals.

Hey, so your thumbnail text gets cut off by the time sticker. Great videos though!

You're looking good!

Your content is so entertaining. You make videos about seemingly mundane things and yet keep me engaged and entertained. Your brand of humor is also so subtle and refreshing. Love it. Keep it up bud. Hoping to get some extra money together to help support your channel at some point.

So, I found an old article from the Washington Post from 1994 where interviews with Senators mention that it was a train designed by Canadian's originally for Disney. Not sure on the Canadian part. I also found another article about the design and installation of the system from 1992 that says the system was being designed and manufactured by Transportation Group Inc., of Orlando, Fla. Which seems to be a company that marketed and sold transportation technology on license from Walt Disney. So, it does seem that the system in the US Senate, is a Disney People mover, as much as it is not shown now on any of the articles about the systems. Will try to reach out on twitter to provide some of the links.

So, not made by Disney, but made by the same contractors who did the Houston one for Disney, on what sounds like the same design.

Canadian part was because of Bombardier who WEDWay worked with.

This was a well done video and very informative. Thanks! :)

So glad you talked about how weird the people mover at Houston is. I road on it in 2003 after returning from Japan and it just struck me as being really odd to be riding this train through a basement hallway.

Mass transit needs to go the way of the dinosaur.

+user From my experience with the MTA, it tends to be inefficient, poorly scheduled, filthy as hell, when it's down everyone who's dependent on it freaks out because they don't know what to do, and even with overpriced tickets they're still dependent on taxes to operate. Mass transit is garbage.


Are there any visible ID plates on the Houston carriages listing the manufacturer details? Perhaps you can get more info on the DC system through a FOIA request.

18:47 Never let something drive you crazy if you are within walking distance. Also don't forget the origin of the Bombardier people movers, the Sky Bus system built by Westinghouse in PA. I'm pretty sure this system was the pattern for a transit system in CA.

Male PA Announcer: The white zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only. There is no stopping in a red zone. Female PA Announcer: The white zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only. There is no stopping in a red zone. Male PA Announcer: The red zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only. There is no stopping in a white zone. Female PA Announcer: No, the white zone is for loading. Now, there is no stopping in a RED zone. Male PA Announcer: The red zone has always been for loading. Female PA Announcer: Don't you tell me which zone is for loading, and which zone is for unloading.

+Benjamin... The main advantage of LIM is the lack of moving parts. They are probably less energy efficient though.

I'm interested to know if there's any significant efficiency differences between an LIM and a traditional DC motor. Since LIMs need to pulse I can imagine they'd be more efficient but may need more power to work?

+stefan... Stupid, yes. My city is and has been poorly run for a very long time.

+TheNewGreenIsBlueNew York's JFK Airtrain also uses a passive linear motor, and goes well beyond the airport.

The first airport in the United States that used automated people movers (automated guideway transit) is Tampa International Airport. While not designed by Disney, the system began use in 1971. Currently there are 5 automated guideways and one monorail in use at Tampa International. Orlando International’ design is a copy of the landslide/airside terminal design developed for Tampa. Orlando’s automated guideways became operational 10 years after Tampa’s.

the "barrier" on the one in Huston seems a bit point less. Its not like you could just step over the low wall next to it xD

The Houston underground people mover is very useful for getting to the Marriott or the fact that some trips arrive and depart from different terminals it’s useful for getting to parking after you get your luggage.

he says its like a sideways elevator " no its like a train , that's what it is a train !

20:00 "The people in the airport think that I'm crazy" Wow. Déjà Vu! :D

Well the induction motors can slow the train down and break it just like a monorail. I am assuming the costs is the reason why they haven't gone with that idea back then, you would need rechargeable batteries back then would have been expensive bulky on the train and a computerized system to control it's braking and acceleration. But nowadays could easily be done quite cheaply. I disagree you would need Motors in the train it's could be used in normal Street conditions tram cars, the induction motors would be buried under the road and only come on when they're needed and switched off automatically when the train passes. An automatic system like that could be run underground or Overground wombling free.... quite easily, but train unions have put a stop to it that's why it's not taking off, they will lose their jobs but automatic trains have been around since the 50s and will be the future just flag it down like a taxi using your watch your phone

You should look up Tokyo's Toei-Oedo Line and Osaka's Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line as both use linear induction motors similar to the Disney People Movers.

I’ve been on that one in DC, although it’s very similar, it has a driver

half life 1 train

The correct term for the "landing doors" would be "platform screen doors".

i love this channel

"Good morning and welcome to the Black Mesa Transit System. This automated train is provided for the security and convenience of employees of the Black Mesa Research Facility personnel. Please feel free to move about the train or simply sit back and enjoy the ride. The time is 8:47 AM. Current topside temperature is 93 degrees, with an estimated high of one hundred and five. The Black Mesa compound is maintained at a pleasant 68 degrees at all times. This train is inbound from Level 3 dormitories to Sector C Test Labs and Control Facilities. If your intended destination is a high-security area beyond Sector C, you will need to return to the Central Transit hub in Area 9 and board a high-security train. If you have not yet submitted your identity to the retinal clearance system, you must report to Black Mesa Personnel for processing before you will be permitted into the high-security branch of the transit system"

More cases for a passive train with LIMs? * Rollercoasters. * Elevators - Passive emergency break systems that are power-failure tolerant and require no maintenance. It's used in the amusement park launched free-fall attractions for this purpose already. * Logistic systems. For like UPS, or something. Instead of pushing the boxes around on rollers which definitely need maintenance, a cart on this system would have cheaper costs and probably do less damage to fragile packages.

Houston makes me think of Logan's Run

Yeah!!!! Houston is my city and I've ridden this one. I was 17 tears old when it was installed. IAH is 50 years old this year.

So you got out of the studio huh? i like this, but dont forget the studio forever because its also cool.

I worked next door to MAPO in Glendale CA. They did all the ride prototypes there including track design and testing and had construction shop down the street MAPO being short for Mary Poppins. There also was a RETLAW business there which was the real estate acquiring division (Retlaw is Walter backwards). All the test track is gone now and dreamworks is in the building location that I worked in.

This seems like a horribly over engineered solution to a simple problem

Is it just me or at 17:08 is United States spelt wrong...

If the Senate subway uses a variable frequency drive... does that mean they use AC in DC?

I love it when people are able to go to places like Disney World and be eligible to claim it as a business expense!

Once years ago I had a friend who worked in the US Capitol and she got me a visitor pass and I rode on one of those underground systems. Didn't look anything like that, though. What I rode on looked like it was from the 1930s, with art deco styling and, I think, brass fittings on the driver's control panel. Hard to remember exactly.



Oops, there's no such thing as "AC current"!

Well, if the vehicle goes backwards for a bit, then it already stopped right there (in the transition from going forward to backwards).

Great video. Good to see you visited WDW and enjoy the people mover there. It's one of my favorite rides there. I live in the Orlando area and it's good to know you stopped by.

Umm... but winter is a thing that happens _everywhere_ on the planet.

I like your haircut!

Flown through IAH several times over the years & I do remember this. Didn't realize exactly how unique it is. Excellent video.

Brightline was a quieres by virgin. The reason why there was a train to a parking lot as you put it is because funding for the rail was taken out of the deal and Brightline was split into two phases. The second phase is set to complete by 2022 and Tampa and Disney have been added. But Brightline is not doing so good. Who would’ve thought. Right? Also each Brightline train was about 7 million and its made by Siemens.

The motors are closer together in places where speed change occurs to have more power to accelerate the car. In constant speed areas, they can be spaced out more because they just have to maintain the speed, not change it.

The SkyTrain, in Vancouver, uses exclusively LIMs on the whole track. And it's mostly elevated, uncovered metro.

This reminds me of Logan's Run


The off-planet Germans, have a portal train between Mars and Ceres, takes just a couple of minutes.

I like your editing work in this video! Good structure. And very informative!

This was awesome and informative. Oh, and here's how the Senate system in connected to Disney ........

Detroit has a *mugger mover* !!

Very cool. Thanks for making this. I'll check out your other vids. Heck, I might just subscribe.

Maybe you can talk about Bombardier themselves

This video took a lot of hard work to create. You have my respect and I hope to see more videos like this on your channel. Congratulations on being able to make YouTube your full time gig.

Waving to you from East Orlando!

I spent this entire video waiting for Jenny Nicholson to show up. I'm a little bit disappointed she didn't.

...and ended up in a gift shop. Just like most rides at Disney world.

the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International air port people mover rides on tires similar to the Orlando airport, but it is under all the terminals like in Houston. It reaches all terminals and is behind security which makes it most convenient and is a full circle as well

@16:31 Maglev system is perhaps the most famous implementation of linear motor technology. Unfortunately, the only operational train is in Shanghai, China, a long way from the US...

Stuff like this is why I love this channel.

1:34 is my new wallpaper

20:04 DFTBA

NYC JFK people mover looks like the o'hare one but it runs with a third rail. It even leaves the airport then travels past a few Queens neighborhoods before terminating at LIRR Jamaica station. $5 to ride.

I wish I could ride people movers everywhere I hate traffic and air pollution people movers and meglavs and monorails are the trains of the future Disney has a great transportation system

The TRUTH is that Walt Disney and the president decided to create the people mover 4.0 under the capital city while at an Illuminati meeting in 1968 to discuss the use of Cocaine to control people in the 70's. Obviously the government version is the upgraded version because it needed to be better than a silly ride at Disney World! You are all SHEEP, headless sheep heading in whatever direction the voiceless voice tells you to go, doing whatever you are told to do!

14:38 1 pause at it two hey hey momma can your daddy come home

I recently did a Houston transit music video with about 4 minutes of steady IAH Subway footage.

That Capitol subway brings back memories of Fallout 3...

Cable-pulled trains make more sense for those straight-line, indoor applications. Literally a horizontal elevator. Otis Hovair is a common peoplemover at airports.


Some factual errors: Vancouver’s SkyTrain system has different lines and most of its lines uses linear induction motor. This is a mass transit system and is outdoors

I almost died of boredom

WHAT?! I got lost in the Houston airport and just decided to stay down there and walk around. That thing passed me a bunch of times and it kinda freaked me out walking down the smaller path right next to it when it was passing. Then I eventually figured out where I was supposed to be and how far it was... I got back on one to get to the terminal.

8:48 / 16:11 Imagine this: Infrared heating panels in the ceiling :-D

Only turned on when the cars are approaching.

My guess for why there are more motors per unit length at curves and at stations is due to the need for acceleration. While in straight bits it just needs to overcome friction so there are probably the minimum amount of motors to keep it moving.

Praise be the credits music

I want to play half life 1 now, so... thaks?

The ones at Orlando sound like the NYC subway

You always produce very interesting videos! Thank you

Oh, I see By any chance, is this system the same as the one in the London Stansted airport? I've been there last year and I swear, their mini trains that helps you move through the airport really looks like those people movers

OH man! I thought that car on the transdyn website looked familiar, its the JTA skyway to knowhere! Built with that late 80s future love design.

They seemed to be a control company, found the page on JTA, and a cool PDF showing the control system they designed pdf here:

Oh man I knew that little subway was weird. I've been through that airport a few times, and I get the idea that aside from accessing the hotel, it's basically there for employees.

The name PeopleMover doesn't seem very useful to me, as it is such a generic term. Every family car, bus, tram, passenger train, airplane and ship can be called a people mover.

Soon to be renamed the tesla rail

im new to your channel i like your editing and presenting funny at points and presented in an interesting way. keep up the good work

i also wanted to say it feels like a genuine tv programme

The white zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only. There is no stopping in a red zone.

The full size doors are presumably to prevent people being cut in half.

Good video. Many years ago, I had an unexpected extended layover at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). During the layover, I took the Skylink people mover around the airport. I highly recommend it. The Skylink loops around the airport, providing an great view of the various aircraft and facilities. It's an excellent ride if you're interested in those sort of things. I thoroughly enjoyed my unexpected layover.

I've flown through Houston a dozen times and had no idea the subway even there... I'll definitely go take a ride for fun the next time I fly through!

Track wear would also be a thing over a longer time period.

Was it a John Green reference at the end?

But the Innovia ART systems run outside... Like Skytrain, To... varying degrees of success *cough* SRT.

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