The Try Guys $850 Indian Food Challenge ft. Lilly Singh

The Try Guys $850 Indian Food Challenge ft. Lilly Singh

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Hey kids hey, Yugi. What are we doing today. We're. Going on an Indian food tour all throughout Los Angeles, three restaurants one special, guest. Never. Going to three different Indian places we're going to a classic. Indian restaurant, we're going to one with that puts a modern twist and then we are going to an upscale, restaurant this is a huge as van you know I kind of feel like we're the queer eye guys you're, Jonathan, then would I be, can you believe. So. We're going first we are going through somewhere called samosa house it's that classic sort of restaurant, within a grocery, store oh really. Legit. Can teach you guys how to say I need, or I want Indian food well Jay Indian, food. My. Name is waivable Jack and the. Restaurant, is samosa, house in Culver City samosa, house first, opened in 1979. Started. With grocery, then we expanded, this side we are vegetarians. So. Most things are something safe that's plural oh you. Don't say. Suppose. Say. The. First stop it's called samosa house we're literally eating a samosa. That's. Good because also the. Cross. Is not too thick it's not so like intensity. So. When my aunt started, she started with samosa there, was a big line for someone really, yeah so Melissa's there very, probably that time we named samosa house after, that samosas I purposely, go for the, potato in Pisa yeah the original is potato the. Inside, all mixes, together really, well like the potatoes. Kind of end with. The peas if someone comes over to your house guest this is definitely the thing you would surfers when they come over it's like the most common welcome, type of snack. Think. About this is you have to have it in one bite though I'm moving the finger you can just like that this mixture, of stuff just put those potatoes in here there might be chickpeas, and using, spices it. Put them in there any period then what are you gonna do with this you can do one you can either dip or you can pour get it get it get it. Minty. Mm-hmm. Compression. The perfect, like chips and salsa yeah but with a little bit more of a sweetness kick enjoy, you're really crazy I do had it before where you can put vodka in other, shots tell me more about this funky vodka, shop fighting for so these sort of soon as an appetizer as well yeah leuthar appetizers, and this is like really common street food in India as well. So. This is a tropical fruit from Southeast Asia so it looks like pork it, tastes like pork where's our food it's called Jackson and as protein and fiber than. You. Know what they do explore. Space and break food on the side it looks like before you. See that jackfruit, surprisingly. A really good pork, substitute, most popular, is jackford. Dish we have in place of meat as veggie chicken, made, of gluten, she are. Out. Of this world, NASA. Houston. I got no problem, with that. It's. So good doesn't. Taste like a fruit seems like there's a fattiness, to it yeah dare I say the jackfruit. Prepared, like this is, better than the meat stuff so dudes yeah.

Dare, I say it's, better and then it's. Like. Wow. Wow wow is it like nachos, like loaded nachos holy cow. Yeah, it's like wow everything oh no this is really good I'm super, in love this makes me like chickpeas like you don't need meat. In this, meal this is so there's so much flavor vegetarian. Food has a reputation. For being bland, but Indian. Vegetarian food is so flavorful so, explosive what makes it so good they make the base gravy. Which will include onion, ginger tomatoes. Green, chilli garlic it, will be cooked in slow, flame and they will add all the spices to, it so the base is, so. Flavorful that, you can put any vegetable, or lentils, on it so the base is the key yeah, all about that base. We just garnish it with onion - Musa Julius Roger oh yeah. That's delicious it's like a savory pancake, a lot, of chilies on this I know. The. Spices, are not just the spices, like turmeric, coriander, cumin. Every spice, plays a different role in the body and it has been used for thousands, of years different, healing properties, for the stomach for the body. It. Really is like an Indian crepe it's like slightly fluffy, but crunches in the middle potato in this every time you're at a brunch place and you order breakfast potatoes or like home fries this is what you're hoping you're gonna get and it never comes close and people really know how to prepare potatoes, everything, you've eaten so far I think this pronoun, my goodness samosa is to think I like it job I actually look really like that nan with, this, jackfruit. I just love nan WEN so long in my life never having none and it's such an excellent, oh it's, great talk to me about some of the desserts, you have the sweets that you have we make fresh jalebi, in the night it's made of all-purpose, flour and, simple, syrup so it gets fermented. Right, it's like a fried, sugar okay, right it's, like fun it is but, a lot better. My best, memory of being Punjab is I love, eating jalebis from Punjab and the guy makes it fresh and little he hands it to you and it's like piping, hot and amazing. I'm screwing, and I don't even know what it tastes like this. Is it this is jus lady that's. The sugar that's right yes, can you guys ask. Jalebi do you guys remember how to do that can, I have some delay. Baby. Ju. I'll. Break off a piece of this yeah. Wow. This, oh my god I actually love, this is actually not, unbearably. Sweet it's a good sweet is really great yeah having this restaurant, but also this, market, and all the things you have do you feel like you've been able to be like a cornerstone for the, Indian, American community here, in LA I tried, to do it one-stop, shop even my son knows, half of the Indian culture from that those book this is my baby yeah, I love this place it's beautiful, baby yeah. How. Do you say thank you. She's. Like yes that was not correct. How. Do you all talk about your personal spirits with a Newton food when did you first try it I was a hundred percent scared, of Indian food because I didn't know anything about it I grew up in rural Tennessee there, was not Indian food I think the first time I had Indian food I had SOG night I was afraid to have it but everybody said it was delicious first of all as a kid when someone's like do you want spinach all you know but it's so flavorful. I used to get in trouble all the time as a kid for, not finishing my SOG you know Indian food right now is probably. My number one right yeah I don't Louie I've been trying to eat more leaning towards vegans so I still eat meat but I can't do any dairy vegan, Indian, places when we go visit my grandparents, in New York City we, would go to really.

Good Indian restaurants, and that is my first vivid, memory of having Indian Asia especially, in the West is kind of seen as pan-asian, they're like oh you're Asian it's. Such a huge continent, I'm Korean it's so far move from India and, I have to say like I grew up my, parents would, not touch Indian food but I started eating a lot of Indian food in college, out of rebellion because, it just wasn't something my parents oh you're better question, and it's amazing because opening. Up your palate yeah. Even, just travelling across Asia will just fuck, with oil in the best ways yeah alright, next we're going to somewhere called badmash, which, I know many of us have actually visited before. It's. One of our favourite Indian, restaurants, here in LA but. March. Means naughty, rascal, badass, in Hindi growing up in Toronto Canada our grandfather. Would always say like but March not bono which means don't be a bit much we apply that to food we basically take traditional, Indian food and do it our way. We. Were, mixed pickle plate seasonal, vegetables, achill with different, spices I have some traditional. Things straight out of Amritsar, Punjab so, this right here is our Punjabi fish fry I think, this is one of the most wonderful things and, these it's little catfish bites, and you dip it in this sweet, and savory, sauce oh, that's. That's the lightest, fried fish, little bite I've ever had, it's. So good and these over here are butter chicken samosas. Traditional, but not so traditional and these guys are traditional. Punjabi samosas. It. Feels like it's just straight on the fries yeah, I can't think of another thing I would rather have at like 2:00 in the morning yeah, back from a bar it's so much like that, like. A like, a homey egg roll in a way because like it's got potatoes, and peas, inside, of it but it has that crunch you know I love you white people thank you, okay.

It's, A homey egg roll. Like, a booty this is literally, Canada. And India, in one bowl. From. Canada, shot to Lily. I'm. The only non Canadian, Yeah right what a minority. They're, a minority uh. Yeah. Wow. Wow. As a chicken, kind of sore I think this is some, of my favorite chicken, I've. Ever. Had you guys do fusion things as well you have the poutine that is just inspired by the fact you want to have Canada represented, we wanted a poutine on the menu because we're Canadian fat boys and, like we wanted a, poutine, yeah at the end of every night you're like yo we want a poutine this is on the best version I've had and then had to move from India to, Vancouver. And have, children that made this beautiful dish that's why anyone who's anti-immigration, can never eat fusion food crispy yogurt club which we named it it's traditionally, a diaper you want to have it in whoa. Yogurt. Human. Burger. It's. Really good lamb, flavor like I feel like when burgers sometimes everything becomes one but the, flavors are really so, you can taste every distance so it's like orange on the inside I don't know if you can kind of see that and then this is a fried, butter, chicken sandwich, it is an Indian, spiced, chicken, parmesan. Sandwich we've got some traditional, Indian, Street food we've, got some new takes like, our fried butter chicken sandwich, which, you've, had before it's, great yeah it's so good the bun is smashing, in a delightful, way there's a ton of sauce, here I was ridiculously, crazy. I see the chicken parmesan that you're talking about just spicy enough to make me feel something but it's not too spicy it's. Not too spicy at all I feel like it gets spicier, each time I come to you guys ramping up the you know we're working you up well I, I was. Like it's so much hotter this is spicy yeah and I know his tongue he's this one's bearable, being a real trooper. Good. Job you so we gotta have a fresh naan bread your, nan here is so good chili cheese and it is done it's just like an Indian quesadilla, it's so good.

Brilliant. I mean I'm, like oh my god I've never tasted anything I think the idea with naan I know things are supposed to turn into a scoop you go like that and scoop, what if it's too big of a piece you literally just fold like that since, our New, Yorkers eat pizza like this like, I've scooped it mm-hmm-hmm. Chana. Masala because, you gotta get your beans and lentils uh-huh saag, paneer this yeah it, all soften here this is mom's recipe, and saag paneer is so good it's spinach when I was like cheese in it just taste something like so much more than food Indian, food is, it's. Extremely laborious and it takes a very skilled, hand to make it takes a long time to make everything you have to be a master of spices. We have something called a dub be and that dubby means box and in that box you, have a few little boxes and those are pretty much little boxes. You. Open the steel lid and just certain more circles, and with those few eight or nine spices, you can make every, curry and every, flavor it just depends on how much you use when, you use and, how you use, them this is a Punjabi version. A Goan dish called lamb vindaloo we've. Had this careful, with that what. I'm. Afraid of that vindaloo vindaloo everywhere, I've ever been there's been the hottest thing I've ever had me getting is much spice actually I've never ordered this here because I know it's the spiciest, thing oh. Yeah. What type of chips my voice. Lily. Hi. Guys this would be a viral video or not. The. Spiciness. Really our tribe, have. A Trigon I wouldn't do that shit. Not. A prerequisite, to be. Try. This vindaloo, yeah cheers Cheers. That. Flavor is, unbelievable, oh. Hey oh there. It goes spices oh wow. It's, so high so, fast oh my. God whoa, guys I'm sweating, I'm glad all my hair's gone because it would be drenched, with sweat right now. Marly, G ice cream sandwiches, and, some Bombay cutting, chai Cheers. Perfect. So. That is actually the number one selling cookie in the world and it's only sold in India for adults with tea or for, kids with milk I will say this is a perfect cookie Oh. Moms. Oh mango mousse, way Wow. And then a spot, chai, spice. Nice. Beautiful. When people eat here guys's food what do you want them to feel you're at your mom's place and she's telling you them you know have your doll don't. Be a but mom trying to make it cool and fun and just light you know not nothing too serious there's so many awesome. Like off entick little things that you guys have brought to the table here and also so many fun twists like with the poutine the dessert some really, impressed me you guys have really done a really, a fusion, job here.

I. Am so full oh really. All, right kids we got one more stop left on, our Indian food tour. We're. Going to a Beverly Hills upscale, restaurant, called spice, affair. I. Bought. You the. Little container. I was talking about a hold all the spices. So. We. Got this a samosa house but they talked, about it at badmash, yeah exactly and this is an every, Indian household, it is, where we divide all of our spices is definitely. The cabin instead, of having a cabinet with a lot of mismatched little bottles you have a tinel's with a lot of little bowls yeah, I mean that's great yeah I would totally use this so you are the new late. Late-night host on NBC, I am thank, you. And. The show launches, in September, does and until then you're stuck hanging out with that. I'm. Doctor pani Chanda and this is my wife Sonya and we. Are the owners of spice affair and Beverly Hills it's upscale Indian, dining restaurant, where we serve both contemporary, Indian cuisine, as well as Indian food with some fun and some modern twists so I do have is a lychee metal model and a CL Mumbai you. We. Do have drinks served over there as well the, Moscow Mule for example, is called the Mumbai view and it's served with the cardamom, bitters a base, wing wadcutter function. Pineapple. Clencher so it's a palate, cleansing. This. Is an appetizer. Meal. Delightful. With. Most sweet and spicy, laughs this is like eating as an appetizer, you cannot, miss our cauliflower, that's, to die for, the. Vegan appetizer, one of the more famous ones cuz, our cosmetic. Oh, damn, the richest, tastes. Ever, it's like eating coconut, shrimp that is the creamiest, non. Cream, dish I've ever had really and a very nice presentation, ready healthy a little carrot, shame bad, to be sliced just thin enough to wrap around in a little bouquet, yo Ned, I see, another pepper on a plate yeah that's what I was saying we doing that big one uh the, thing is this dish, was very not spicy, so, it would be a crime, to. Artichoke. Heart a marinated, with andriy masala nine different spices yoga, and barbecue so we've taken the old and also given it a twist so you'll find very unique things over here also we serve there and the artichoke, hearts I doubt if you'll find that in any other Indian restaurant artichoke, is one of the few vegetables that has a heart which, I like eating the heart it has that like oh yeah, roasted, and Wow flavor. The char Evette has this really nice bitter yes II give you a spice as in flavors not as in heat it's an amalgamation of many many spices and that's why we call it an affair. Okay. And it's the marriage of many spices put together so, that's where the name. Kind. Of what bill bill. His name's bill. That's. Basically like crab cake it's like a Thanksgiving poke, a stack taken, Bombay Street food and just given it a modern twist as well as local produce put, together I'm a big fan of the mouthfeel, at play here, mush. With a crunch the very diverse, yeah. Yeah. I just burped a lot there are three elements to fine, dining one has, to be service you guys know the place is fancy when they clear your plate in between, feel it's warm. I put it on my fingers so long as the service is great it's most important to me to heard the taste matters even more so, how about we match both of them together we two halves the Bombay the Belov it's a rice mix with some vegetables, and you're better off with some cooking button meantime. Thank you and, this rice is the why I, don't care how awful I am if there's a rice dish. Great. Feels, great. It's. Almost like how your rice taste after it's been mixed with everything on your plate yeah.

This. Is how you want rice to be we have everything, which is separate not a single dish is pre-prepared. Not a single dish is having a curry transfer, over I can't even begin to explain the amount of flavors, that are dancing, atop my target, I wouldn't be able to name what's actually in this right these are an instrument it's a symphony. One. That cooked, in the cashew nut sauce with different, garnish. Wise. Yellow lentils, oh that looks delicious, hmm, little, sleep yeah, in, a great texture, I love lotus roots meal this is great this is kind of like a masala the white bowl and put a smile on your face really good balance of texture and flavor just let some not hit the table. Hold. Layered. It's. Like Pillsbury. Came out with those biscuits, that were like. Amazing. A slightly, weedy and. Just. Kind of need, to be honest India is even, more intricately. Diverse, all these places have different different, I have missed so many of them various specific cuisines, it gives, an opportunity for us to put, all of these options into. One umbrella known as Indian food. It's. The spot home this is the most staple, food item which was strange enough together only trying it now you got yellow while you get brown well there's many types of all there's the best doll I've ever had it's so smooth in texture not to mention the health benefits that come with having the spices take care of your Alzheimer's, antibiotic. The tomorrow. Guten, Austin so benefit I'm sorry, man why the. Bobby could lobster served on a bed of the rice with some mustard a, barbecue, lobster, I'm. Excited for you guys to try the lobster because I've never seen Lobster on an Indian menu to Lily. It's. Amazingly, tender, Wow with that sort of tender thr, little, spice and see I've never had those two come together it's like water. And fire meeting, this. Is like Danny and John getting it on complex, flavor on top of a complex, food this flavor is a spice, in there. You. Have any stand of desserts, that are really popular I can, eat 20, rasmalai, so wait do you have resin, like we do so you guys haven't tried rustling, it's a ye caught it dumpling on it very soft it's very fulfilling, it's comfortable, you guys are getting the three probably most popular. Dessert, wow so fragrant, uh-huh. Little, bits of the saffron just like setting it off it's like someone, took a delicious, vanilla cake and soaked, it in like creamy, rosewater. I just, wanted to have a place where where, I could be an ambassador of Indian cuisine and, providing. In culture, and hospitality, to. The high-end population. To show them what we are at at our best I think it was a lovely day I mean we had so many different experiences together. For the best experience. At the end of the day the, best dinner with the friends we made along the way yeah. Are. You following I'm a little soul I think I'm actually full. Today. Samosa, house having like the whole grocery store there there's something about the vibe that I just love able to go in the back and watch them make that can that was earth was and the fact that they did that for us is like really accommodate love seeing people do something that just lights, up their face like it's really really, special badmash does speak to us on a love of like we are like young big city kids so we do like those types of restaurants a lot of elements really a lot of attractive food. I've. Got to give it to a spice affair that was elevated.

That Was really, high-end, stuff but it still felt predict. A. Really nice day. That's. Your spice affair that, was what it was about yeah like sharing, and spreading happiness, through, food and isn't that what food is all about regardless, of culture yes thanks Lilly Singh for joining us today Lilly thanks so much thank, you no. Food we're dropping off here yeah. That's. Traffic. Mmm. It's like a homey, egg roll I was, gonna say the same.

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