The Unsettling National Park Disappearance Problem | Missing 411 Documentary

The Unsettling National Park Disappearance Problem | Missing 411 Documentary

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In. 2009, - park rangers approached, retired, police detective david. Politis and told. Him a troubling story, they. Explained, that in the years that they had been involved in numerous search and rescue operations, at several national parks, they. Had witnessed an unsettling, trend they didn't understand. They. Explained, that, when a person went missing a massive, search-and-rescue operation. Would ensue. Accompanied. By widespread press, coverage, but. After the first week or so searches. Abruptly stopped and coverage, was halted with, no explanation or resolution. The. Conversation, bothered David enough that he began to look into this behavior himself, and when, he hit a brick wall with the authorities, he, decided to do his own research, but. What he discovered, shocked. Him. People. Of all ages had, been disappearing, from national parks and forests at an alarming rate for decades, many. Under very similar circumstances. And David's. Investigative, instincts, told, him this was a story that needed to be told. So. Over a period of eight years he. Studied over 1200, disappearances, and compiled. A missing four on one series, of eight books and one. Documentary. Documenting. His findings. During. The course of his studies he hasn't covered a number of reoccurring. Profile points that, appear to link all the unexplained, disappearances. He. Will look at those trains and correlate, them to just a few of the many mysterious, cases David, has highlighted. In. Anticipation, for, his new incredible, documentary, missing. For one one the, hunted. How. Can you think about it no. I just think about like why don't often you, know, always. Opt into your mind. All. Of a sudden the woods went to this dead, quiet. Robbie, called, me that night and said that. Is. Missing in the woods but don't worry we'll, find on. The. Jeep was there there. Was no malice. But. He should have been back by that he should be there. Something. Different than I never heard before nor, was. The. FBI according, to their protocol, doesn't search for missing people so, do you understand why they were there I thought they were there to provide some sort of technological support, but I don't didn't have any contact with him myself hmm have, you ever had them on a search that you've done no. We. Did find the pelvis, partially, buried a. Thin. Jacket any, dudes pants. No. No. Because we didn't find any feet.

No. Feet, right. The. Salt doesn't add up to me nope. It. Just, none, of it makes any sense. The. Point of separation. David. Discovered, that when a person disappeared. Whilst in close proximity to friends or family members it's, usually when they have either gone off on their own for a moment or strayed, behind when trekking in a line walk. On ahead when fronting a track the. Point of separation might, only be a few yards, but, it seems long enough for them to disappear, into thin air. Time. The. Time the majority of the victims David has investigated, vanished, is. Not in the middle of the night as you might expect but rather mid to late afternoon when. It's still daylight. Boulder's. Many. Of the found victims of disappearances. Are discovered, near grenades or rock fields, often. Next, to or surrounded. By boulders. Water. Victims. Are either found or disappear, near water without. Any evidence, that they have fallen in or drowned. Whether. Incidents. Other. Time a person goes missing or during the search it's been noticed that a sudden onset of extreme weather ensues, either. In the form of snow dust, or rain storm or, the sudden emergence of thick mist or fog. Disability. Many. Of the victims have an obvious or, not so obvious disability, or illness prior, to their disappearance. Canines. Unable to trace, one. Of the first things search-and-rescue. Do when a person is reported missing is send out a specially trained dog to track their scent, in. 95%. Of the cases, david has studied dogs. Have been unable to find a single scent or. If they do they, quickly lose and, just lie down. Missing. Clothes or shoes in. Many. Cases, for whatever reason, the, victim has removed their shoes and items, of clothing, this. Is also the case when, missing people are found alive they. Either have missing, clothing, or clothing they do not recognize or have traveled several miles without shoes, now. We know removing, clothing can, be a trait of someone, suffering from exposure however. It is unlikely that is the cause as they would not travel the great distances they do so, it doesn't really add up. Unknown. Cause of death in the. Cases david has studied when, a missing person is found dead the cause of death can either not be determined, or does not correspond, with how the victim, was found. Geological. Clusters. David. Has discovered that people go missing in clusters, in certain areas and there is no reason for these places to be any more dangerous than, anywhere else the. Clusters, range from three in the, same vicinity to, up to 80 he. Also realized, this, was not just in the US either it was the same for areas in Canada the UK Australia and. Seven, other countries all. With missing persons following. The same profiles, as those mentioned, also. None, of the disappearances, could be attributed to animal, attacks as when. This happens there is almost always clear, evidence, left behind. David. Also discovered, that there are an inordinate, amount of genius-level, people, disappearing, such. As doctors, scientists, etc, as, well as people with extensive knowledge of, the back trail who, simply wouldn't normally get lost. As, a former police detective one, of the things that perplex David the most was, that the Park Service kept. Scant or no records, of Park disappearances, and there is no national database, or list for the victims and no, follow a procedure. It. Seemed that after the initial week or so of intense searching, that was it leaving, families to conduct their own surgeons, and left, in limbo with no definitive answers, and no closure. Through. The missing for one one books the profile, of hundreds, of missing person cases has, been raised and has, brought to the public's attention the, frequency, and mystery, surrounding, these disappearances. Let's. Take a further look and start, at the beginning and examine. The very first case that David Politis investigated. Stacey. Heiress. On. The 25th, of July 1981. 14. Year-old Stacey heiress, from Saratoga was, on a horse riding trip with her father George and 7 others after. Riding for a few hours they stopped at some cabins at sunrise High Sierra camp with. A group plan to freshen up and stay the night, Stacey. Showered, and changed clothes, and then told her dad she was going for a walk to stretch her legs and, take some photographs.

One. Of the group an alderman, named, Gerald, Stewart was, sitting on a boulder, about a hundred feet away and, Stacey. Indicated. To her dad that was the direction she, was heading the. Last conversation. She had with her dad related. To her Footwear when. He advised her to change of flip-flops, to hiking boots. The. Rest of the group all witnessed her walking towards, the boulder were Gerald was sad and as, she approached him she told him that she was going to walk to the nearby lake. Jerald said he will accompany her Bert after there's a short time he felt tired and sat down the. Rest of the group were close enough to see this and confirm it happened they. Also watched Stacey leave Gerald and walk alone towards, the lake until, she was eventually out of sight behind the trees this. Was the last time anyone, saw her when. Stacey didn't return, Gerald was concerned, and made his way back to the cabins but. They could find no trace of Stacey, so. Search and rescue or brought in they. Questioned, others in the area who, had come from the direction Stacey, had walked but, none of them had passed her a huge. Search ensued, involving. Over a hundred people helicopters. And sniffer dogs the. Search was concentrated. Over a 3 to 5 square, mile area around, sunrise lakes, however. Despite, these efforts the, only thing they ever found was, the lens cap off her Canon. Given. There was no evidence of an animal talent and because she was so close to the camp it. Seemed very unlikely she, lost her way at. The time everything, pointed to an abduction although. There was also speculation that. Stacey had family, and school troubles, and. Was missing her boyfriend, but. If she intentionally intended. To disappear, why was she originally, wearing such inappropriate, Footwear and, why. Did she ask to, separate people to accompany her none. Of it made sense. Thirty. Years after Stacey's, disappearance, David, looked at the case and he, requested the file on Stacey's disappearance, from the National Park Service, this, is a standard, request and not something that should be denied according, to the Freedom of Information Act. However. On this occasion the request, was rejected he, later. Received a call from a special agent, for the Park Service, asking. Him why he needed the information. This. In itself is, a violation of the Freedom of Information Act, as. Any citizen, can ask for any federal file, and, a government cannot question why, the. Agent told David in no uncertain terms that, he could not have the case file he also, clearly stated, that there were no suspects, in the case and it was still classified as a missing person. But. When David challenged, him about why the case was not listed in the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He. Said he didn't believe that it wasn't, the. Reason he gave for not granting access was, in case it turned into a criminal investigation. Despite. Previously, stating, there, were no new leads and no suspects. After. All the case was 30 years old and the main witness was long dead, the. Whole thing seemed highly, irregular and got, David wondering was, there something in the file they wanted to be kept hidden, David. Persisted, in his request for the file but, it was repeatedly, denied. What. David also found troubling about the case was, the decision to stop searching for Stacy after, just nine days, this. Seemed bizarre when. You think Stacy must, have been in that park somewhere it's. Not like when a child is taken off the street and can be taken hundreds of miles away in just a few hours the, terrain, in the park would restrict anybody, from getting very far let, alone a 14 year old girl people. Don't just disappear off the face of the earth without, leaving some trace. Even. If they are being eaten by an animal they would have been evidence so. Calling off the search so, early seemed, odd unless. Of course authorities. Already knew what had happened to her and further. Searching, was futile. David, also discovered, they're having three more bizarre disappearances very, close to the vicinity Stacy disappeared, on. The. 9th of August 1968. A man's body was found in a crevice at Tonya peak just. Over a mile away from where Stacy disappeared, the. Man has never been identified, on. The 25th, of May 1976. Just over a mile away from the location of the unidentified man. 25. Year old Jeff estie's disappeared. Not. A fragment, of evidence has ever been found of him on. The 15th of July in 1988.

Half A mile northeast, of where the unidentified man was found Timothy. Barnes, disappeared, close to paly dome lake as. With Jeff not, a shred of his evidence was found, the. Anomaly, is the Stacey arrows case was, just the start. Ronald. Kirk let's. Take a look at a case where a man went missing and the area was surged and then he turned up in that exact same spot two weeks later on. January. The 16th 2012. 46. Year old Ronald Kirk sent, text messages to friends, letting. Them know he, was going hiking in calico, Basin, in Red Rock Canyon Nevada. Ronald. A former Marine was, no stranger, to the basin, he. Was a keen runner and he, had hiked for long stretches in the canyon dozens of times before. Often. By himself so, the text wasn't unusual and, none, of them would have been concerned. But. When Ronald hadn't returned after several days friends. And family became worried. They. Went to the area where they found his red jean but still sitting in the parking lot they. Organized a search and, alerted authorities. Hundreds. Of fellow hikers, on the ground and helicopters, in the air spent, hours and days searching, for Ronald but found nothing not, a trace. They, scoured, several trails and the route he was likely to have taken but. Eventually the, search was called off, almost. Two months later, Ronald's remains were stumbled upon in a rocky area with established, trails not. Far from one of the Red Rocks most popular challenges, turtlehead. Peak, this. Same area had previously, been extensively, searched by the on-the-ground team dogs, and helicopters, using, infrared technology but. None had located one 'old the. Official explanation for not finding the body was, slightly contradictory, it. Said Ronald's body was not obscured, in any way but. It blended in with the color of the surrounding terrain. The. Cause of death was not confirmed. Although, foul play was not suspected. In. Cases, like these David. Is not apportioning.

Any Blame on a search and rescue as, they do a fantastic job he. Is merely pointing, out the profile, that fits with, similar disappearances. In this. Case we, have an experienced, hiker the. Area previously, searched and found nothing unknown, cause of death boulders, and canines. Couldn't locate when, apparently hidden in plain sight. George. Penka, this. Next case is again a complete vanishing, on Friday. June 17, 2011. George. Penka aged 30. Went hiking the group of 80 people from his church and one. Of 20 who were walking the upper trail a day, when. They reached the top they've, separated with, individuals, hiking back down at their own pace so, in, effect they, were in a string and George, was likely at the bank however. At the time his, friends hadn't realized that and it wasn't until much later they. Realized he was missing and didn't, report it until 9 p.m. that night George. Had a small amount of food and water on his person, so, they were hopeful he would be found a search. Was mounted straightaway that intensified, the next morning and over. A hundred search, and rescue personnel were deployed including. Dogs helicopters. And ground searchers, but. After nearly a week of searching park, rangers did not find any clues. As to George's whereabouts. Absolutely. Nothing and. In the last eight years not, a bag bone, or item of clothing have, been found. Sadly. George has joined the long list of unexplained, vanishings, and once. Again, George's case fits the following profile, point. Of separation no. Canine scent geographical. Cluster, near. Water surged. Not continued, after a week. Garrett. At a durable, this. Last case is probably the most well known and sadly, involves, a very young child named. Jared, at Adira Saturday. October the 2nd 1999. With a gorgeous day in the mountains of Colorado and, Allen. At Adaro and his children, three-year-old, Jared and six-year-old, Jocelyn were, at the Paradis river resorts, owned by Allen and his twin brother Harlan. And the, children were excited about going on an excursion to the nearby state fish hatchery, with. Members, of the Christian singles Network group of which. Newly, divorced Allen was a member. Initially. Allen, was reluctant, to let little jared go but. When the group reassured, him that they were going to the hatchery he agreed. The. Eleven members of the Christian group along, with Joslin, and Jared decided, to take an early afternoon hike, of the big South trail 15. Miles west of the resort it. Is believed the group split into slow and fast groups the. Trail was 11 miles and eight thousand, four hundred and forty feet up in the rugged Comanche, peak wilderness, so. Not really suitable for a small boy about. 1.5. Miles of the trailer Jared, ran ahead of the group and talked, to fisherman who, was surprised to see the child so far apart from the rest of the group they. Last saw Jared walking, rapidly up the trail, although, it was unclear whether, Jared was between the two groups or ahead of the faster group when, he met them but. It's believed they, were the last people to see Jared before he disappeared, later. Some members of the party reported, hearing a scream. Joslin. Also heard this but thought it was a playful scream, rather. Than a frightened, one, eventually. The group realized that Jared was missing and began searching for him and two, of the members returned, to camp and told Jared father. Search. And Rescue were called after Alan realized the seriousness of, the situation, although.

Rescuers, Were convinced, they would find him hiding, somewhere. However. By the next morning there was still no sign of Jared, after. A helicopter refueling. The search continued, but. The helicopters seemed to be struggling with its new fuel load and the mountain conditions, and. It stalled and came down. Miraculously. All four crew members survived, although, one was seriously injured the. Crash alerted the media to the location, and the place was swarming with reporters, and, with. Worsening weather conditions, the search effort had become a media spectacle as the, search stretched, into the third day, searchers. Combed, riverbanks. And steep slopes and, dive, teams were called in to search the slow-moving river but. Turned up nothing. Psychics. Even got involved an all number of Wow meaning people joined, in the search. Theories. As to what happened Jared were rife and anything. From being killed by a predator, abducted. By aliens or falling, in the river were suggested, along. With other outlandish, conspiracy theories. Human. Abduction was ruled out as the time frame was too short and they, couldn't have got out without being seen as there. Was just one way act in the narrow canyon, but. With the trail growing colder the Sheriff's Office met with Alan and his family and made. The difficult decision to call off the official search after a week. Four. Years later in, June 2003. Three. Hikers in the Big South trail area stumbled, upon a white Tarzan, tennis shoe in a taller slope 500, feet above the trail they. Then found the other shoe a brown, fleece jacket, and blue sweatpants, turned, inside out the. Hikers, instantly, knew what they had discovered, the. Next day searchers, combed, the area and found remaining, clothing, and 11 days later they. Found a to Thunder, skull. DNA. Confirmed the remains were, of little jarred. Apparently. Search and rescue never made it up to the 9,000 120. Foot elevation with, Jared's skull and teeth were found. Additional. Tests, revealed little about Jerez cause of death but. It's widely believed he was attacked by a mountain lion and his, death certificate reads, undetermined. Probable, mountain lion attack. But. The truth is no, one really knows how jared died and he, has been added to the four one one missing, list because. Of the profile, of his disappearance. Point. Of separation time. Weather, water, no. Canine scent. Another. Thing has always puzzled David, is when a hunter or an experienced, trail man goes missing, these. Are the sort of people who know all the pitfalls of hunting and camping and are, among the best prepared people who go out in the forest so. Technically, it should be very rare for them to get lost and not be able to get back or at, least survive until, help arrived in. David's. Latest movie missing, for 1/1 the hunted he. Looks at several cases where, hunters have disappeared, either without a trace or. Are found miles from where they were last seen, he. Also looks at why in an unprecedented move, the. FBI got involved in one of these cases. The. Film also features, an exclusive account, of a predator, caught on camera as. Well as actual recordings, of some of the strangest, sounds, ever to be heard in the far first that. Sent shivers down all of our spines and we're. Used to researching, strange things like this it's. Truly, one of the most insane audio recordings, I've ever heard in my life all. Things that reinforce, many people's belief that. There is someone or something. Lurking. In the wilderness that, could ultimately be responsible for, some. Of these baffling, and unexplained. Disappearances.

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You don't want to miss this one, check out the trailer and don't forget to pre-order the movie, it's out Jun 25, 2019 and it WILL blow your mind. The sound they caught whilst in the woods, which we will be talking about in a video soon, is hard to believe, we wouldn't believe it ourselves if it hadn't been recorded.... - TRAILER & PRE-ORDER

You need to look into the staircases that are found in the woods. The connection will present itself.

Anyone reply if you can please would be helpful

Look up Rusty West videos on YouTube. He covers hundreds of these missing people cases. I’ve been following this topic for years. No clear answers have surfaced as to what is really going on in the deep woods. Very unnerving.

Top5s omg yess it look so good

Okay, this maybe off topic, but have you consider doing a video doc on Vera Renzi (sorry I don’t know how to spell her last name), she was a Romanian serial killer in 1920s. I don’t know if the story is true or not, but you should do that.

@Stephen J this is the second movie in the series (hunters)

@Joseph Listerman Thank you, Joseph, that could also be. Somebody else said it is edited. I just thought it is weird. My imagination goes nuts sometimes, thinking it was something invisible moving there. I have seen they have these blankets/suits now, that make one blend in with the envirement. And also I have heard there are creatures out there that can make themselfs invisible. I have no clue what is real and what is not anymore. Thank you for answering, I wish you a wonderful day!

@Jane Heijmans it's a stationary camera doing a timelaspe video so it's likely an animal rubbing the tree. A deer rubbing makes sense.

Top5s please make a part 2

Iv known about the missing people in national parks in america but never heard of the 411 books no joke these books ill by my sister for christmas she is practically obsessed with things like this

@Jay Lew That actually does sound intriguing, I will look for it. Thanks! I had no idea, never heard about it yet so that's cool as hell. The belief about the stones and souls is actually kinda interesting too though. But I can't wait to hear about the other stuff. I really love learning about that kind of thing, or things....about different crystal/stone structures and their anomalies or strangeries. Kind of like the Bluestones at Stonehenge...I'm actually waiting on a piece of Preseli Bluestone from Stonehenge. You can get regular Bluestone and then you can get Preseli, which is supposedly from around Stonehenge. Either way, it's a type of stone I'm very curious about and have to have. I could probably go on for days about that lol. My 8 year old (high functioning) Autistic daughter has been stealing my Crystal Bible books and others, my kids love to learn about them and collect them too. My poor husband lol.

@Ahmad Zaenuri If you click the little "wheel", at the bottom right of the video, you can see or there is a subtitle. People can translate the video for the channel too, if they want. I don't know what language you are looking for, but this one has a subtitle in English.

@Manoj Kale I agree with you, that real is better. These things are bad enough as it is, they don't need to make it more spooky. I find it even kind of disrespectful in this case. If they create something fake, or anything like that, they should let people know. I have seen that more often, than it says "reconstruction" or something. At least than we know what is real and what is not.

Is there any subtitle on the video?? If there i surely will buy it

@Jane Heijmans i think they edited this to promote and spook people more for their upcoming documentary, some time it recreation of things, events that happend and that cant catch in real time, hopes its would ve turn out genuinely shoot documentary with real capture events not just storytelling like skin walker ranch one by Jeremy corbell

@Manoj Kale Thank you. I really hate it when they do that. One never knows what we see anymore.

Brilliant episode just brilliant!!!

@Hella Quinn No.1 I cannot recall the exact video because I watched it months ago when I started watching videos of this nature. So I cant recall if it was Scotland or Norway, Sweden, ect. They have some theory that something might be involved with their boulder fields because of readings they discovered. You should try and Google it. I found it interesting and I don't carry the same interest as you've mentioned. Just don't get it confused with one of those countries I mentioned where they believe boulders contain the souls of individuals who have passed away

@Yufa Kinlion Can you link it. I'll try it

@Armando Ortega Happy Birthday

@OPEN YOUR MIND B4 UR MOUTH Top Mysteries is the shit. I just finished his other video lol. I like him a lot because he reminds me of this channel

I've left a comment to suggest this topic years ago , thank you for this awesome video !!!!

Comes out on my birthday! Lol

@Stephen J This is Dave's new movie "Missing 411 The Hunted". Out next Tuesday

If the sound was real it wouldnt be used for money in my opinion. If i caught something unbelievable id want to share with the world immediately and tell people to not go or be very careful if going to the area i found it

@Jane Heijmans its edited

Hi all! Missing 411 is already available on Kodi if anyone has that or knows what it is. Currently watching it myself! It’s GREAT SO FAR!!

@FallopianJones i dont think hed sell out on something with real people amd real cases i think he genuinely thinks this guy is on to something. The last one with the ranch was a sell out, and i understand where you coming from tbh. I just think this is some serious shit. Also its not widely known like other types of stuff.

Top5s what audio clip are you even talking about?

Didn't this movie get released in 2016/2017?

Jane Heijmans I think it’s just the wind but it looks odd because they’ve sped that portion of the video up

@Guadalupe Helms LBRY is an alternative platform for sharing videos. YT treats it's community / content creators like dirt, so all the cool kids are leaving. This platform is turning into a total trashfire

You should totally give a shout out to Top Mysteries I know alot of channels cover these cases but not like he does hes very thorough and breaks it down very well reminds me of your content and great content like yours and his is rare now.

Is there a way to contact you? Kinda needs help with this problem that our people our having. And I see that you do really good research, just want to know how to communicate with you.

I can offer some odd experiences as a child/teen with my siblings, cousins, neighbors and friends. Our property borders/is essentially part of the National Allegheny Park forest, I only live a few miles away in every direction now. Some scary for sure, some just incredibly strange and others I question the reality if not for who I was with. We rode the bike trails by the very school I mentioned earlier and found a lot of caves that appeared to be living quarters with glyphs or crude but old pictures, writings. One time we heard about a witch that resided there who allegedly took the one child. Of course we were children. We even went looking for him. Another time we found a beautiful place that clearly stood out from the rest of the wood behind my mother's house. It had a waterfall, a cave, stream, beautiful trees...this was one with some pictures and symbols. We were able to find it several other times, but when we tried taking my mother looking for our dog, it was gone. It was right in one direction and unmistakable, we had good sense of direction I mean there was a path that veered and everything. I've wanted to go back and look for it again to collect the pretty stones but haven't had the chance. Didn't get any dark feelings from that place. Quite the opposite actually. We were convinced fairies lived there lol. It really was beautiful. Mystical almost. Another time my friends and I were out at the Moon Tower (an ancient water tower) drinking/camping and we'd fuck with the one and only town rent-a-cop who always seemed to have it out for us. We were rambunctious, out well after curfew and drinking, to be fair. He'd chase us all over those woods lol. One time though he turned back and we were hiding in total black of night, only one lighter. We are all crouched and silent, ensuring the cop was a decent distance away. We hear rustling and then whispers, like a thousand whispers all at once getting louder, closer. Couldn't make out anything more than our names and some numbers. Then "run away". So we fucking did. Abandoned the campsite and did not stop til we reached my friend's parent's' house. That was craziness. I have some pictures from those woods. Maybe I'll take a look through them and see if I can find anomalies I missed or something. Doubtful, but worth a look. I'll report back if I find anything.

I've been following David for over 1.5 years, and I think you've done a good job representing David's work and his stance, or lack thereof, on reason's why, the cause of the disappearances. Something else many miss when they cover David is how the cases are like, and where they're dislike other disappearances. He is wisely staying out of common discrepancies and theories that are normaly fought over. Good job!

I also have lived around/pretty much within walking distance of a decent portion of the Allegheny National Forests, like smack dab in the middle of nowhere small town. People I went to school with have gone missing as children just walking a scenic route and not even on the actual Allegheny National Parks. I remember the posters on the elementary ward's rear entrance doors when I was door monitor (making sure each child to be picked up got picked up, safely, assisted the younger kids on the buses, assisted walkers to the crosswalk safely, etc). I remember teachers talking to the parents about not being involved in any part of the investigations or they really weren't keeping them informed or seemed to be looking for them in the woods, nothing. I never really pieced it together with the 411 but given we are surrounded by Allegheny woods and the river runs through the 3 small towns I grew up, it's certainly creepy and unsettling, esp now that I have children of my own who love the outdoors, some Autistic. It's petrifying as a mother. My step girls always camp in the Allegheny National Park forests with their mother (not that there's anything wrong with that). I worry. A lot.

Creepy AF

Why is that thin tree moving so weird, at 22.25 min.?

I'm a person of various hobbies. One being that I love to collect and read about stones, crystals, the historical beliefs that all elements that have meaning, power, differing structures that can manifest a physical or nonphysical effect on a person or place. With the weather thing and the common denominator for many disappearing near boulders, rocks, rock fields, etc or mountains....I have to wonder if these points are charged in such a way or are a perfect environment with perfect conditions where these disappearances can happen, like interdimensional folds or points of entry for certain beings or even regular folks. Not all of these cases, of course, but some. I don't know. Hard to say without knowing the areas, the stones or plants present, etc. Very odd overall though. Perhaps some survive the journey to and not always from and perhaps it's why some have no clear cause of death. Just a thought.

what's the name of the song at 8:52?

@Yufa Kinlion wym

You should backup & post your videos on LBRY lad. The YTexodus is looming

Will u be doing more on this topic

Where in the uk do these happen

Love it! Thank you Nuke!

Alien abductions maybe

Dude, I was so sure that I had the bell notification on for you but I simply thought you disappeared! Then I realized that the bell was on at all! Well now I can binge watch your videos


You need to look into the staircases found in the woods.....

Why would the fishermen just let the 3 year old keep going by himself into the woods?!

100% serial killers or the govt servants or senators or other high authorities of the government are hunting humans .

Weird. Not going into the wilderness.

Excellent as always, Top5s one of the best channels on YT.

Child trafficking most likely. People think it’s dead but it’s alive here in America and a damn shame

One word LOST

Organ harvesting or Alien abduction . That simple

Sounds like the WENDINGO - a DEMON spirit rooted in Native American folklore. “They’ll experience an unbearable burning sensation throughout their legs and feet and usually end up stripping down, running naked through the forest like a madman.” Top 5 you should do a story on this.

If your old in the woods , water is the key to survival. If your in a vehicle , DO NOT WANDER , STAY WITH IT !

Just to be clear I'm NOT George Penca ! I've been to Yosemite before . But I came back safely every time!

Time warps or skinwalkers

Top5s , as a licensed private detective , I can say that a case where some one dissapeared in a national park it would be unethical for me to tell you that there is anything more than a 1 in 100 chance in finding the missing person .

So they go missing leading or trailing or going off by themselves, for a short or long period of time, rocks are nearby, sometimes bodies were found, sometimes not, and sometimes they took clothes off, sometimes not, also weather a giant, wooded park. LOL. I have these similarities missed so many peoples attention. Lol

Weather and water can effect canine tracking, and human tracking. Those are just unfortunate hunderances not a “profile”

Anyone know where I can find these audio recordings he mentioned in the end of the video ?

Check out this short documentary "The Algorithm That Catches Serial Killers"

Last one definitely seems like a mountain lion attack

Missing 411 topic is always interesting

oh man it's like some real life alien predator. spooky :S

It really makes you wonder that were the last thing these people seen

I’ve been waiting for this for a while

Society is so conditioned to dismiss anything out of the 'normal' which was tought to us by those above "aliens dont exist" "ghosts don't exist" you cant say that for sure, there is so much that we cannot comprehend, so much we dont know, so much the government is keeping from us. At this point the truth is stranger than fiction

i can tell you - when someone is left alone in the woods, or mountains - they can easily enter another dimension, that's why you see no traces

I don't if it's just me but it looks and sounds like Twin Peaks. Mainly the first one

Who the fuck takes a 3 year old up a trail like that?! Dad should have stuck to his instincts.

Many of them are simply taken by ET's, taken to other planets to fight in wars or simply eaten. This is not a time to go wandering in National Parks in the USA alone.

Baffling, is the word.

*I still watch some of these 411 episodes when I find a new one. They are very fascinating with how people disappear* ✅

It is quite scary to know this, when I myself visited several of these national parks in a holiday around 2006. I did not know this back then. Total dissapearences without anything, no clothes, no body, nothing is just them ust disturbing thing!

love these long videos. dont know why im so interested in the 411 cases considering how tragic they are. would love to see some time slip case videos ...maybe on the Zanetti train....

Love this topic, thank you to people who shed light to these matter. There is something vital happening and I hope for peace amongst the family of victims ❤

They were all summoned to cainhurst castle...

Just say it, it's Bigfoot, every continent has them and they've been here longer than man has, probably.

Also huckleberries and stairs in the vicinity

I love all the 411 stuff, I’ve watched the film and read a couple of books. It’s fascinating but honestly, the vast majority of it is natural. I’ve been to some of the national parks mentioned in the books (on my own too) and there’s a multitude of things that could have gone wrong to me. You can find patterns in anything in mass, and a lot of people have gone missing. Granted, there’s a few cases which are really bizarre; but as with all ‘mysteries’, they can be explained, just not proven.

They need to use dingo's

I’m not convinced there’s anything paranormal, but perhaps there’s some form of animal or creature that we haven’t discovered yet. We’re discovering thousands of new species every year, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s something out there that is perhaps on a similar level of evolution to us humans.

Nice little Subway plug there at 6.18 lol

Lol i think its funny you said people just dont dissappear without a trace... Umm thats what missing 411 is all about lol xD

So essentially this prick has just rippedd off the guy who's spent time making and researching for the documentary. Unsubbed. Plus his voice makes him sound like a complete paedo.

Can you make a strory of Candida Aruis desies

Great Video @Top5s !!! After this video, I went ahead and Looked up missing 411 on YouTube. I was listening to the facts given to us and this reminded me of the Wendigo Myth of the native Americans mythology. There is so many similarities to how people end up missing and being found kilometers away from last seen place. Wendigo are known to be fast, strong demons. It will be cool if you made a documentary on that.

No mention of David Paulides believing in Bigfoot? No mention of him being a complete shill trying to get money out of the gullible people who believe he's doing important work? Judging by the comments here I'm guessing he's doing OK. The guy is a nut job of the highest order. This has been debunked by data scientists and various professionals. People go missing for a variety of reasons and people lie. Literally not a genuine case among the lot. Eyewitness testimony is the worst kind of evidence. Stop playing to people's fears and do a little bit of research that doesn't play into your agenda.

im curious if they ever considered using GPR technology maybe they can look at seeing if theres a system of tunnels underground thats how these people seem to disappear out of thin air?

What if monsters live in secret cave systems through out national parks feeding on unsuspecting humans, taking them to there lair.

Was the girl Stacey from Saratoga NY??

Is there part 2? I feel like its short

I can't imagine what that little kid went thru. I would never want that to happen to someone let alone a child

This is definitely one of my favorite topics. You covered such importance, in such a small time frame! Great video!! Can't wait to see Missing 411- the Hunted!!

In the Dennis martan case the us special forces had showed up to supposedly help with the search but they wanted to do it alone and have nothing to do with the others In anyway.. even set up a base camp away from them. No one would expect them to show up for a missing child search much less not communicate with the original concerned party... Anyone can see how Odd that is. Considering how frequent this problem occurs in the national park forests I'd expect a cover of some kind and this Us special forces team was actually there To make sure no one found out what Is really going on. I mean kids go missing Everyday all over the world. Since when would special forces get involved for Any one but the presidents missing kid. Also this other case where the kid Was apparently taken by a robot version Of his grama in one of these forest parks. But she let him go.. took him to a trail or area where he would be found.. Sounds insane for sure lol but whatever Is going on is In no fucking way normal... Lol, my guess would be the gov feeling the reptilians so they won't come up and get their own food.. everyone should see the movie called the midnight meat train And think about how true it may actually be. (Viewer discression strongly advised) The shits Not a movie for just anyone...

This is the most bizarre thing I've ever heard of

As a person who feared nothing when I went camping ect I am so glad I watched this. Oddly enough they day I had almost got lost with a family member was in the afternoon and the next day the weather was insane.

David is so vague that it seems like the details are identical. Smh

I know how Jaryd died. He was left to be watched over by idiots.

It’s supernatural. The one about the toddler up on a cliff is the most disturbing story of them all for me.

Is Vimeo the only place one can order this movie?

Me: I love nature! I wanna live near a forest! Top5s: I'm about to end this mans whole career

Love David and all his work. Love that u are covering this

Maybe these people were “tribulated” up to heaven... Just a thought.

Sooo.... aliens, right? Can't think of anything else, but either aliens or there are devil triangles in the forests/woods like there are in the oceans, which are protols to other universes or dimensions (outer limit stuff). There just can't be thousands of missing bodies like that... normally there are always a body, but in these cases there is nothing at all. O_O Anyways thank you for this informative video.

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