TOURING My 2nd & 3rd Grade Art... and REDRAWING It!

TOURING My 2nd & 3rd Grade Art... and REDRAWING It!

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Today I am going to be taking a look at my art from second. Grade, wow, that. Is that. Is, something but. First a word, for the sponsor of this video it taken away he saw Casey, this. Video, is brought to you by Nord, VP, in don't. Want strangers busting. Into your computer, and getting a hold of your old and embarrassing, art well, Nord, VPN, has your back go, to Nord VPN, comm, / KC golden, to get, 75%. Off three-year plan and use, code KC golden, for an extra, free month for. Free what. I'll, be honest I've yet to be hacked myself. Knock, on wood but, that's because I play it safe a nor VPN, definitely. Helps, with that Nord, VPN, offers a 30, day money back guarantee, on their superfast, service, with 24/7. Customer service. Unlimited. Bandwidth and, an automatic. Kill switch wow. So. Thanks. To Nord, VPN, my. Super-embarrassing. Art is protected. But, until then let's expose, my second, grade self with this. Embarrassing. Art well I mean song bear scene it's silly and then we're going to redraw, I think. Three pieces it's gonna be fun, let's, do it. So. Before we get into the art itself, let's just take a look at this portfolio, I mean we. Had my name, KCG. Obviously. Because I am Casey G but we also have was, this a peace sign, for. The yin-yang and. We have Pikachu, saying. Pikachu. And a. Pokeball, going. After it and it says pokeball, go, this. This screams, the, nineties we have peace signs. Eenie Aang's and. In. Pokemon, doesn't. Get any more 90s in this all, right. The first, piece oh boy. Our, first piece we have is this. Carnival. Sort. Of situation. We have a horse. We, have ferris, wheel we. Have. Pencil. Crayons. That's. A Canadian term I call them colored pencils, or are they crayons I have no idea it's laminated, um. It's, beautiful, we have a pink horse with yellow, details, we have a bunny, don't. Know what that it was that a lizard hot. Dogs for a dollar 50 we have cotton candy, stand, honestly. This, screams.

And Ant illustration. To me I don't know if I have time for that for this video but. Honestly I, could. See this being an ant illustration. Because this is just kind of boring as far as art goes, but. There you go next, up and you Wow do I have a story for, this piece oh it's upside down sorry, second, grade self, okay. So in the back we have some literature so, let me just read that star. And stripes, how American, my. Goal for this project was, to make the. Focal point I mean that's the first sentence of this three sentence, statement, my, focal point is the star, in the middle I mean obviously thank, you the. Ribbons, are coming, from the star in the, big star, is glittering. Second-graders. Huh okay. Honestly I do have. A, little story, behind this art, piece. Um. So. My art teacher approached, me I think she actually approached, me for. The horse piece and she was like hey we, want you to be in this like art, gallery. Thing for children, and I was like I want, this piece to be shown because it's a glittery and shiny and. I was second. Grader and I like shiny things and, she was like are, you sure you want this piece you should probably do this other piece I was like no this one's shiny I want it so this piece was in the gallery and it's. So weird that like now. I can see how disappointed, she was and even, then I kind of knew how disappointed. She was but. I wanted this shiny, hillarie piece to be in the gallery and. I saw how simple and, stupid it was amongst, all the other talented, art and I was like, big. Yikes, as a second grader. So. Yeah that's this, piece. Yeah. All, right next up we have this running. Man. Situation. Where it looks like I copied. Or. Did like a crayon. Some. Other sparkles. From the star thing all over my desk I'm going to die, anyways. Here's, the little man we traced over it's like when you get a leaf on a piece of paper and then you're gonna crayon, and you trace over it using, the texture, I'm. Not sure, the. Reason, behind this project, alright. Here's my name I. Was. Self-absorbed then and, I'm so, absorbent. Now don't. Know why there's a sock on the K when everything else is floral, themed I. Have. No idea, next. Up we have this. Very. Tie-dye, looking. Paw. Print, sort of situation, in the, back we have some words so, let's just read that really quick shall we the, title, of my artwork, is paws. On, tie-dye, the. Media, I used, were, acrylic. Paint and oil, pastels. My, goal for this project, is to make. It look good no, matter what, it is oh my god if that isn't a moon one. Discovery, I made was I could, make a picture look, good. Wow, my, confidence, as a second. Grader I wish, I had that dowel so. Yeah that's that's, paws on tie-dye Wow. Next. Up we have nothing. Written about this piece but it looks like a landscape. Of a church, in. A field I'm from Tennessee so, I'm definitely used, to like, churches, and, fields, so, this looks like a pencil portrait we, have. A tree, in the background fence. We. Have a church, the. Field may be like a playground. And, oh. My god the sparkles, from the stars are. Everywhere. Our. Next piece is. A, goosebumps. Fan, art sort, of parody, it, says the Scarecrow, walks at midnight, and. We have like a cornfield, and, tree, we have this scarecrow like peekaboo. But, also the Scarecrow, is busting. Out of this window, via.

This. Ladder. I, don't, know what's happening, but. That's pretty funny I mean if. This art doesn't, age me I don't know what does so, next up we have a comics, page and. It says here, artists, pictures, close. Presents. And getting. Them makes me happy even though we have a picture of the frowning. Octopus. Not. Really sure what's happening here. They're on the back of this picture we have it's. Me. I guess wearing. An old navy, shirt. And, if that doesn't tell you anything about where I shopped as a child, so. Next up we have this, blue. Horse, on, a very, abstract. Background. I wonder, if this was a study, of a previous, artist, because, there's no way in heck I made, this up as a child. So. There you go I love a little white square at the bottom that's like and by, the way this was done by Casey. So. There's that next. Up we have a color wheel. Not. Not much to say about that it's. A color wheel I actually, think, this was the artwork, at our, desk I don't know about you guys but at, our desks, we created, nametags. And then we decorated them how he wanted to so, again, we. Have Ash Ketchum Chet. Yin-yang, peace sign rainbow, pokeballs, smiley, face in Pikachu. If, you, didn't know that is. Pikachu, a very. 90s. So. There. You go, next. Up we have this. Robotic. Mouse, what, is happening, here we have like a light shining, down on this Mouse it, looks very. Robotic. I mean. This is pretty interesting as far as, art. Pieces go for a child I, wonder if I made this up I don't know if I was inspired, by something very. Curious, about this ray, of light coming, oh it's actually a rabbit, I, thought. It was a mouse because the ears were so smoked this is definitely a rabbit, so we have a robotic. Rabbit, in what seems to be a. Snowy. Landscape. With just a little bit of grass and. Sun. Shining, on it so. There's that whatever. That. And. Last but, not least we have a, self-portrait. Alice's. Pokemon, on the shirt I don't, have, a Pokemon, shirt at this point most, really funny is this done unlike, a paper bag I'm. Really not sure what. What. This paper is is it pet oh maybe, I don't have pesto so I can definitely relate this, with watercolor, but this, is terrifying. But. I definitely think we could this, is the paper bag because, look we, have this like. This. This, bent shape, thing, over, here that's really interesting, anyway. Is terrifying. But, interesting, so. There. Is our self-portrait. When I was 9 years old. So. Out of the images, I think it would be fun to recreate, today I think, it would be really fun to do this carnival, scene. Specifically. Because I think it would be really well done as an ant illustration. And I think that really reflects, I don't know what what I am today as compared, to. 20. Years ago oh gosh. Next. Up I do think this, robot. - rabbit, is really fun I think this would be really, interesting to see what I do with today, so I think this would be another fun. Illustration. To recreate. And. Of course the self-portrait, how do I draw myself today 20, years later. Hopefully. Not like this. This. Is terrifying I will, be giving myself a Pokemon shirt so we will see what I do with that but yes I think these three pieces will be really fun to recreate, 20. Years later so let's do it let's, get to drawing. Here. We get the. Carousel. So. Like I mentioned when, I saw this illustration. I just saw how open, it was and how plain and boring, wow. That sounds, really rude I just thought it's, a carousel like, there, it is it's, not doing anything there's. Not anything about it that's very exciting, and, I'll. Be honest maybe I did, use this as an excuse, to make an illustration because, I did, have a carnival, or like a County. Fair as, one, of my to do, and illustrations. So when I saw this carousel, I thought, ant illustrations. So if you, are new to my channel and, you don't know what a ant. Illustration. Is it's, where I draw. I don't know 50, or more, or so, ants. In an illustration, it's kind of like a Where's Waldo. But with bugs, I just, cram as many ants. As I, can into an illustration, and, they're really cute and silly and hectic, and busy and. Just cute, and adorable and. Simple, yet. Complicated. Basically. It's just something I really enjoy drawing and one day it's going to be a book one, day one. Day okay. So now, I have talked about what, is an ant illustration, is and all, of my regular viewers, are bored out of their mind let's talk about this particular, ant. Illustration, so, obviously, I had to take a lot of inspiration, from my, childhood, drawing, of a carousel, and I, don't know if this is hold. On let me Google I don't know a lot of googling, but let me see if, this is, something. We copied, in basically. Okay, so I don't see anything directly. Really.

Close, To what I drew as a child so I don't know if maybe my art teacher supplied. Us with a reference, basically. When it comes to all of the art as a nine-year-old, I, just assumed, that they did not come out of my head and we copied, things because, I don't know about you guys but, I wasn't confident, in coming. Up with my own illustrations. And poses, and all this stuff until I was a lot, older, and I'm talking, like I don't know probably in my very. Late teens, maybe. Mid like, mid to late teens and, speaking. Of can I just say really quick looking, at these drawings that, I did as a nine-year-old, I'm, really impressed with a lot of you guys that send, me your art and you're like hey I'm 10 and I'm like what, you're 10 and you drew that so. Looking. At my nine-year-old drawings. It's almost embarrassing because. You guys are so good, these days like, you guys have so many inspirations. And so many tools and tutorials available. To, you I'm, jealous. Okay. But getting back to the drawing so. Obviously, the main focus, of this illustration, was going to be the carousel, but being, in the aunt illustration, I had to do a whole scene, of a carnival, slash County, Fair and I will say I'm a little regretful, that I didn't, copy the colors my carousel I have blue, and red, for the top of the carousel but I did think yellow, and purple would be a little brighter and pop off of the page a little bit more especially because I was going to be making a dirt brown, ground. I wanted to make sure that everything else was a lot more colorful. So the concession, stands in games I made sure to be white with a little bit of red to make sure it was as bright it's possible, but I didn't want the carousel, to be the exact, same thing because, I did want a variety of colors, and I wanted this to be bright, and fun, to, represent, the vibe of, the County Fair so, I made sure to use a lot of colors, even though like I said the, ground was, this dirt, brown, which, really brought things down a little. I probably, should, have put more balloons, throughout. This illustration, to, be able to put a lot of color in here, something. I kind of regret not doing, in this illustration was. Giving, an ant or two like this really big plushy to walk around with, because it, was a prize, that they wanted a game which, would be the perfect, tie-in because. You, guys today, is the. Last day you can buy an ant plushie, follow, the link in the description, if you want to get an ant plushie today, is the, last day you cannot, get another ant plushie after. Today, it is a limited, release so get yourself, an ant plushie while you can they're, adorable and you will regret it, anyways, while I was coloring this I regretted, not giving, one of the ants a giant, plushie to carry around but. I mean that's like the, smallest detail, overall, I'm really happy with, how this illustration, turned out it really captured, I think a fair, vibe we have the carousel, and the background, we, have our food, in, game. Stands. Including. A six-legged, hot dog I don't know sign, to, represent bug. Life but, also it's, a hot dog oh I didn't, mention instead. Of a petting zoo which you usually find, at a fair, we have like a slime. Area. Because. In this bug world I wasn't really sure what an, animal. Would be and. It felt wrong making any other sort, of bug or just like weird, creature, and, animal, I know slugs, and snails aren't, bugs but they're like in the creepy, crawly category. So, I thought it would be really fun to instead, of having a petting zoo we, had like a slime, area. So, we have ants, touching, their eyes and, like playing in the slime but. Also having conversations. With them and of course our carousel instead, of having horses, we have a variety, of bugs which, is kind of weird but also freaking, adorable and, I don't know, why but my most. Favorite. Part of this illustration, I don't, know why it's, the porta-potties, in the top-left corner, we have our porta-potties. Because when you go to a County, Fair they, aren't going to have toilets, overall. I am super, happy with this ant illustration. And I think as a child I, would absolutely, love. Something, like this so it's almost like going. Back in time and, just creating, something for, my child, self, and honestly, I am I'm a child at heart so, there you go there is our, ant illustration.

The. Rabbit. So. For, this rabbit, illustration. I feel like there was a, lot, to consider looking, at this illustration, from high childhood. It's just, what, a very simple, illustration of. A rabbit, that is a. Robot, but, at the same time as I looked, at this illustration, I, felt, like there was a lot, more. There. Than. There was on the surface so. Sure, we have this robotic, rabbit, and as, a child. As. Someone, who doesn't know how to draw, a robot, there's a lot of exposed. Gears. And mechanics. And other things I mean, that the eyeballs are made out of screws, but they're like popping. Out of his head so, it kind of looks like he's, dying or something like I don't know what's going on this illustration, I can only assume that it's, simply. A robotic, rabbit but as someone who needs, to over. Analyze. Things, I, can't help but think why, are this rabbits gears, exposed. Why, are the screw, eyes popping. Out of its head there, must be more to this story right these, days I love, making, more, of a story of my illustrations than. Just, simply. Drawing a robotic. Rabbit so I really, had to analyze this, and think. What, was going on here so I may, have made a lot of adjustments and, additions, to it as an. Adult, illustrator. So, here. We go so, this is a robotic rabbit, and obviously, I have, most of the gears, and, other things, covered. By, metal, because, robots. I think, it would be foolish to have their insides. Exposed. As a human, having, your insides exposed, isn't, ideal. So. Having. Your, gears, and such exposed, only, needs one thing as a robot, right it means you're probably damaged. And there's probably like. Metal plates, and like your skin, is, missing, so maybe this rabbit, has been a act in some way so I. Don't know why there, would be a robotic. Rabbit, in the world like, what why what's the meaning of this I have no idea so, let's just imagine we live in the future where our animals, are robots for some reason I don't know I think there's a video game about that but I have no idea, so this rabbit, has been attacked probably. By a robotic. Wolf, so, its thighs, exposed. It's missing, a part, of its arm exposing. Some wiring one, of its ears has, been, quite. Destroyed. And, speaking. Of ears I decided, that to, make this animal, more, of an animal, I thought it would be really interesting because as a robot, obviously. A human, has made this robotic, robotic. Animal, so, to make this robotic animal, more animal-like, maybe. The humans, that made it have put. Some. Animal. Flesh on it so the ears, of this robotic, rabbit. Are, either, actual, ears, from a robot or they're just made out of like, the, skin, or Pelt of an actual, rabbit, I thought, that would be really interesting because otherwise, an, animal, would have no, interest, in attacking, this, animal, because it would just be another robot, but if it smelled, like a rabbit. Hence the, rabbit. Pelt or fur, or skin or whatever on the ears then, but, at the same time why would a robotic, wolf even be attacking, a, robot. Rabbit. Look, I'm not here to question, my, 9 year old self in creating, a robotic, rabbit, I'm just here to have, too much fun and redesigning. A robotic, rabbit, and thinking, too, hard on why a robotic. Rabbit, even exists, oh and, one big thing I changed on this illustration, is instead. Of having a ray of light coming. Down from, what I can only assume is, the spring. Light coming, into this forest, II wintry. Scene. I looked, up if winter storms, were a thing because I think I've heard of that so yes. I mean during, a snowstorm is, a very, rare, thing but, it's possible, so I thought it would be really interesting, to include a, thundercloud. Instead, of Sun, coming down because I mean that, ray of light stops, abruptly, so. Who. Are you to say that stop lightning am i right I guess also while, I was creating, this I was thinking that maybe the rabbit was struck, by lightning because it is a metal, beam and, lightning. Would probably, go towards this creature that's made out of metal I think, that was my original idea but, I also got, distracted by the whole flesh, ear thing, and, like a metal, wolf and all this stuff but basically I thought it would be more fun to have a lightning, cloud instead, of this random, ray. Of light that stops, abruptly. Long. Story short I like this metal rabbit. Look. Portrait. So. For this illustration. I had a few, thoughts, pop, into, my head so, at first I thought it would be really interesting. To, recreate. This. Illustration, as an actual, real, like. Lifelike. Portrait. Of myself but, you, guys I'm going to be honest the last time, I, tempted. A realistic. Portrait, of myself, was, the 500, drawing prompts. Video. Which, was what over, a year ago at this point I'm, not really sure I attempted. A realistic. Portrait. Of myself with watercolor, which I've never done it was horrible, and I haven't done it since so obviously.

With, Zero. Practice. Of realistic. Portraits, with watercolor, I am, going to be no, better than, I was a year ago so, I thought, you, know if this is a representation, of, the, way I draw, now compared. To the way I drew, 20 years ago it would be stupid to do, something, that I don't normally do, so what was the point other, than to challenge myself to do realism, which honestly would, be a whole, video on, its own so I will embarrass myself another. Time for, now this. Is the way I do portraits, I do a. Illustrative. Cartoony. Sort, of style. That's my, style, of drawing now, so. That's what I did and of course originally, I was, going to do a, normal. Bust. Drawing, that I did 20. Years ago but, then I got really distracted and. Just got really carried away I think with drawing myself like. Thigh up, I just think that busts. Are fine, and they're really fun if you can make them really fun but I didn't think that would be fun for this drawing. Video. Thing. I thought it would be really interesting, to include the, paper bag in some way because I wasn't drawing, on a paper back in the original illustration. Was done on a paper bag I thought it would be really cute if I was holding a paper bag full, of groceries and, I. Just I think a bust is fine and all if you have a very interesting. Illustrative. Style but, I thought it would be really boring if I just drew myself as a bust so I did, a circle. Sort. Of cropped. Situation. And had, myself holding. This paper bag of groceries and. Then. I ended, up doing a gold. Watercolour. Fine, tech circle. Around myself and, overall I think it's a really fun and cute, simple. But interesting, if you look at, where I got my inspiration, from. Illustration. Now, I did. Say, I was going to include a Pokemon, shirt but the more I thought about it the more I thought well I. Wouldn't, wear a pokemon, shirt today but, if I were to wear something like a reference. To pop culture, it would be a very subtle, thing and, I like stripes, so, I gave myself a, striped shirt and put some Pikachu, heads in between it but honestly. Those, heads, look like they could be hatch, for, ants or, Pikachu. So, at, this point it's, whatever you want it to be not, to mention I must have really liked the color purple, because my shirt was purple, which you, know I don't like purple so I wasn't about to do and my. Art, portfolio, had. My name in purple, there was a lot of purple, in these arts, which, today, no, I couldn't. Do because I do not like that color of purple so, although this portrait, is very different, than what I drew 20 years ago I think it is a very accurate representation of how I draw today and, I really like it so, there you go. And, there, is my 20 year old redraws, of my nine year old selfs, drawings, I think this was actually my favorite but, that's probably just because I am partial. To my aunt drawings, I think my self-portrait redraw. Was probably the most interesting, just, because it's, really different but also it's the same it's still a self-portrait, and. Once again thank you so much to the sponsor of this video at Nord VPN make sure you click the link in the description, if you want to be all safe, and secure thank, you so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next video bye.

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I have a LOT of them, probs more then 200.

From when i was 1 year old my mum kept it in a box

I was 2..... it's so awkward and horrible.

A drawing of really poorly drawn butterflies with 'happy new year' really badly misspelled lmao

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The one in my grandmas wall

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Kindergarten! It looks really weird and I can't really tell what it was supposed to be! lol

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When I was 9,i made my first ever oc which was a clue wolf which had eyes I remember I hated lol

I know you already have a lot of replies and this one won't stand out, but I have a drawing from the first grade that was supposed to be my self-portait. I redrew it, and omg i look so different now XD


When i was 5. i drew triangle people.

"My dad is 52 ft. Tall" is what my oldest thing ive said

Kasey Golden The oldest piece I have is from when I was 3 or 4 and it had three girls flying kites :)

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When I was in year 1(6/7?)

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A drawing of my family, that I drew when I was 3

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from when i was a few months old, its a bad drawing of my family

Kasey Golden my bed. it helps me

I own a sketchbook that’s really old and has art from when I was 7-8. It’s so bad haha

When i was like 2

When I was 3

Kindergarten (5 yrs old)

Since I was born my face

mine was from 1st grade. Self portrait of me with neon pink lipstick and creepy teeth!

I have a finger painting from when I was three that looks like a demon

When I was 10 months


I’m still a child XD

My oldest piece of art is from when I was 8

when i was 3....

first grade

Kasey Golden kindergarten. Because every morning we would have to draw a word or sentence...WAIT IS THAT WHY I LOVE DRAWING?!?

as i remembered correctly i think 5 or 6... Im not that good in drawing then but has a potential in terms of coloring XD..

When I was around 3

A valentine's day note to my brother saying: you like cheese you like mice watch out! the mice might steal your cheese and nobody likes mouse droppings!

Umm I was 2 and I drew a cat and a dog

my mom throws my my old art out so about 1 year old

One from about a year ago

Hehehe, I was probably around 3 when I painted my dog on a canvas, and the background was like a scribble mush of purple, green, and yellow, that turned some parts into brown. The weird thing is I drew paws and hands as circles, and 4 to 8 lines coming out of them. Heh

Art from when I was in preschool

Drawing of my family I made when I was tiny

Kasey Golden when I Was 2

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I drew a lot when a younger child but rn I'm in the state of drawing anime and some realistic kinda stuff so..

When I was literally 1 no joke

Kasey Golden when i was 1 :D

5 years old a whole sketchbook from kindergarden

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when i was 4. it was a smiley face

My mom

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Kasey Golden Please share and subscribe to the support channel for my 2 children. Thanks very much

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one i drew when i was like 5 (Rough estimate) But yea. My mom keeps it somewhere.

When I was 4

Kasey Golden I’m still in child hood

When I was 1 I have an “art piece” when I scribbled on a paper everywhere. I don’t know why I have it. BUT an actual “art piece I tried on was when I was 3 and I tried to draw the little mermaid

Kasey Golden a drawing when I was maybe 3-4 when I asked my brother what his favorite animal was and he told me it was a panda so I drew a panda plushie was shiny eyes

when i was 4, i drew cringey mlp art lol

Something i did in kindy. It was this potato man flying a kite and its somewhere in my sisters room

Kasey Golden it’s prob destroyed or trashed by now.

When I was just a little 2 year old my mom made me have paint on my feet and hands and I ran on paper

I used to draw ants on my paper in 1st grade

From like kindergarten

Kasey Golden 2 year old picture that I have re-drawn 3 times

You might not wanna know

A preK mother Day drawing i was 3 or 4 or 5 IDK

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Since I’m only about 11 I have a book *i don’t know where* from 2016-2017 and looking on it and my art now I’ve improved a lot

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@Maliha Zaryab same

A serphant drawing

I believe one when I was 3 or 4

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Pre school ;-;

From when I was in kindergarten

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Some finger painting my mom framed from kindergarten

One when I was 3

When I was 4. I drew a cow and it turned out to be disturbing than I thought it would be.

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The reason there was a sock on the "k" is because of sock kasey

Bangs 10000! How you do dat?!?

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