Ultra IN-DEPTH Insta360 ONE X Review: slow motion 360 camera and THIRD PERSON camera

Ultra IN-DEPTH Insta360 ONE X Review: slow motion 360 camera and THIRD PERSON camera

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Now this might look like a drone shot but it's not. I'm. Shooting, with the instance which d1x a three, sees the camera and a three pv camera, in this, review we'll talk about specifications. And features and, disadvantages. And problems as well but, more importantly, I want, to focus on what difference, this camera, makes for you not. Just your videos, but, also your. Family hi, my name is Megan you're watching 360, reamers the resource that 360 shooters trust for in-depth camera reviews and innovative, techniques. Hey. How you doing, good to see you again it's. 5:00 a.m. and I'm, on my way to the San Gabriel Mountains in, LA, there. I'm going to meet a group of people I've never met before and, trust. Them with my life, I'm. Going bungee jumping, I'm. Shooting. With the instant, 51, X this. Simple, looking camera represents. The next stage in the evolution of, action, camps and personal. Cameras. Is. It, really worth spending a whole day hiking, five miles in and five, miles out, over. Rocky and sometimes, deep terrain. Just. To jump off a bridge. Is. Footage, really so epic, that it's worth it. Well. Maybe but, one thing I do know, is that this camera has the power to totally transform your, memories. For, you, and your loved ones in ways, you never expected. I'll. Tell you more about it later on on the way to the bungee jump, now. For casual, shooting, smartphones. Do a pretty good job so good, that most people don't feel the need to get another camera. But. Wait till you see this camera, it's, completely. Different because it's a three pv camera, wait. Do you mean that 360 camera yeah. It's a 360 camera but more than that it's a three pv camera a third-person. View camera. What's, that, well. These are cell phones and so, is this but. A smartphone can do so much more that it's almost like an entirely, different device. Well. Same, thing with the one next yeah it is a piece of the camera but, when you say to use the camera most people think that all it does is take three Steve photos and videos and the, One X can definitely, do that but, it can do so much more because. They stabilize. The camera, a three, pv camera, like, the One X is the ideal, tool, for capturing a third-person, view by yourself. Now. The videos, you're seeing look, like they were shot by a cameraman, or a film, crew but. They were all shot by me with just one camera and each. Scene, was shot with only one take. Now. Don't you just love how the mountain, looks in this awesome light. Now. Check this out the trail got really narrow several, times that's. A pretty steep drop, can. You imagine that cameraman. Walking. Backwards, to track you on this terrain. He'll. Take some by. The way if you're wondering why I'm limping that's, because, my, shoes were chafing, at my ankle, until the skin was gone and then, kept, chafing, at it for nine more miles it. Was like rubbing, an open, blister again. And again with each step, but. Like I said it's. Worth it because of something bigger at stake here. Here. Goes. Lady cold. So. We were talking about the third person view a third, person view is usually, more effective, and makes videos, look more cinematic, if.

You Search view 2 for bungee-jumping, videos you, can see a lot of videos where GoPros, were attached to helmets, and for. The most part they look like just, shaky. Videos and you, can't really tell what's going on but. With the third person view you can absolutely see, how the guy is jumping, and hanging. On for dear life. You. Saw how useful a third person view is now, here's the critical part, so listen up with. The three PV camera like the One X you. Can get a third person view by, yourself, even, in situations, where no cameraman, can follow, you there's. No, other way to get this amazing, perspective and that's why three. PV cameras, are, such, powerful, tools. Now. How do you aim a camera. At yourself, if. You've ever tried to take a selfie video, with the rear lens in your phone you know how hard it can be but. The One X makes it super, easy here's. How, just. Press the shutter button and, it begins recording. After. It starts recording you don't have to worry about where, it's pointing, instead, you can just shoot first endpoint later. And you. Don't have to worry about keeping the camera level, either it's. Not just gimbal light it's actually better than, a gimbal and. Since. You don't have to aim it and it's, stabilized, you, can forget about the camera and just focus, on enjoying, the moment. Now. If you want to shoot remotely, you can do that too you can control the camera remotely with, your phone and live, view there's. Also a special Bluetooth, accessory, with features, that I'll tell you more about later on now do you remember when, I said that there was something bigger at stake here. You. Know I learned photography in, order to take better photos of our family. It's maybe. Subconsciously, I was trying to turn our love and happens into. Something physical so. That they would hopefully last longer, but. Ironically, the more photos, and videos I took the. Less quality, time I had with my family, now, that all changed, when I got a third-person, camera suddenly. I could, just shoot without aiming so. I could focus on, enjoying, my time with my family, to. Me this, is the most important. Thing about third-person. Cameras, it's. About transforming. Our memories, not. Just, the way we record, them or the quality, of the photos in videos but. Transforming. The, way we experience, events. So. Instead, of experiencing. Them from behind the lens as it were, we. Experience, them with our family, and friends and. That's. Why I'm so passionate about third-person. Cameras, like, the 1x. After. You shoot the video just transfer, your files wisely, in 5g, Wi-Fi, or, go, even faster via cable, you, can become, your own director. Here. Are 6 effects, you can do in the app number. One track, objects, with smart track. Number. 2 key. Frame camera, movements, with pivot, point. 3. Turn. Your phone to virtual camera, with viewfinder. Four. Combine. Multiple videos. Into, a montage, 5, create. A hyperlapse with, motion, blur. Six. You can even do a speed, ramp effect with time shift. So, far we've been talking about videos, but the 1x also takes pretty good photos. First. Of all it's got manual, exposure. It also has ISO, priority, or shutter priority, and. Shutter. Speed can be as slow as 120. Seconds, or as fast as one over 8000, second it. Can also take true HDR, photos, it'll, take three shots and you choose the exposure interval, up to, four evey part the. Photos will be stitched and fused in your phone the, difference, can be quite dramatic. You. Can shoot and stitch in RAW DNG, format and you can add GPS, data to, your photos, now, are there other third-person, cameras, yes, but, the One X has a ton, of special, features in. My written review for, the One X I counted.

29. Of them and in fact there's some more that I can't tell you about yet but, here five of them as of, October 20 member, 5 rugged. You some cameras like diffusion can't handle rough environment, but with the venture case the One X can. For. Smooth. Underwater. Stitches, there, are several CCD, cameras can be used underwater, and some of them don't even require a, house but. Very, few, can stitch well underwater. Now. The One X has a special, dive case with spherical, lenses, to, capture smoothly stitched, shots underwater. Three. Add GPS. Overlays, to your video speed altitude, compass. Heading and the map that draws itself, as you move. To. HDR, video not, just HDR. Photos. Instantly. She has been a little bit coy about saying, how this works but, I believe they're using a Sony sensor with, SME, HDR, that's. Spatially. Multiplexed. Exposure, HDR. So. That means in the sensor, some, pixels, are overexposed, some are normally expose and summer unexposed, then the sensor combines, all the data synthesizes. Them into one HDR. Image. No, but number, one feature for the 1x is it's, slow motion they're, actually three slow motion, mode so I was trying to jump three times three. K hundred FPS, 4k. 50, fps, and. 5.7. K 30 fps, but, you're wondering, how, is 5.7. K 30 FPS slow motion long just, wait and see here's, the first jump the, first wave motion there is 4k hundred, FPS. Even. Though I'm being thrown around like a rag doll the, video is very stable and the camera, can keep aiming at, me the. Only way to get this amazing view is with a third-person, camera and, the, only way to do it in super, slow motion and, switch the 1x. Now. If you thought is really helpful please hit the like button and subscribe. Three. Case sounds obsolete, in 2018, but, as you can see it's quite detailed and it's actually as detailed, as 4k. Videos from some cameras, and. Hundred. Fps can be interpolated, smoothly, in the app a slowest, one toward speed so. It's effectively, up to 400, fps. Oh. My. God he passed instantly City has also used slow. Motion creatively, with in effect they called the bullet time, the. Bullet time is back on the 1x, but it's now 3k. Hundred, FPS it's, also in full 360. And has, variable. Aspect. Ratios. Now. Here's the second Jem at 4k 50, FPS. 4k. Videos, can be interpolated, in the app to a slow as 1:8 speed, now. How well that actually works, depends. On the scene here. I used half speed to, get a hundred, fps. Here. I used 1/4 speed to get 200. FPS. Here. I used, 1/8. Speed, to, get 400. FPS. Now. With the 1x, instant. Freeze the added a new way to use slow motion, they call it drift shot check. It out looks really cool it. Looks kind of like a super, slow-mo cable cam shot with an invisible cable, and without. The extensive, setup that you need for a cable camp now, how did they do it well. It works with this accessory, called the drifter. But. You can also get the drift shock effect with a long selfie, stick so.

You're. Wondering if forking, looks pretty good even with just interpolation. What about 5.7. K well I was, curious do so, I jumped, a third time at 5.7. K 30 FPS but. Before, I show you the third jump let's talk about the one access disadvantages. And problems. Now. Here are 12 problems. And disadvantages. For the 1x, number. One is it's less, detailed, than a DSLR, or even, a 4k, smartphone, now. This is true for almost all 3 CC cameras, first. The sensor is smaller than the DSLR, it's, about the same size of the sensor in better, smartphones. It. Also has a wider, fov, so, each lens, is capturing, like. 190, degrees or more flb. Meanwhile. Your smartphone, is capturing, only about 90 degrees. But. If you ask me I think comparing. The detail, on the 3 s'ti camera with DSLRs. Or non 360 cameras, is missing. The point it's, kind of like comparing, a fisheye, lens to. A telephoto. Or comparing. A smartphone to a DSLR, there. Are just simply, different tools so. Yeah, you get lower detail, but think. Of all the shots you saw and how, impossible. They are on any other non, HD camera. Number. Two you, do need to stitch, what. A DSLR, smartphone. You just shoot and you're ready to use the footage right away now. Some people will try to do the same thing with the one X Files and put the file straight into their editor and they're surprised that it doesn't, work, well, that's because in the 1x the photos and videos do, have to be stitched just, like most other trees the cameras, look. But there are four ways the one X makes stitching easier first, you can trim before stitching, that means you'll stitch only what you need. Second. You can do batch exporting. On the desktop, software. 3. You can save projects. And. For. When. You're using over capture there's, actually, no need to stitch you can go straight to over capture speaking. Of over capture that's the third thing it does take, an extra step but. For me this is actually the, fun part of the process, because you get to be a director, now. So far these disadvantages. Are about piece to camera to general here. Issues, with the 1x specifically. First. It has lots. Of bugs I get. The impression that was, rushed, to the market, before it was ready, so. There are many advertised. Features, that aren't ready yet as of launch date for example, no, HDR, video and in. Low life there's, blur from using shutter, speed that's too slow. But. You can avoid blur by increasing, the shutter speed the One, X has true manual, exposure mode for video where, you can specify both, the shutter speed and the eye or so one of the issues with the One X is it can be hard to remove the microSD, card if you have short nails like, you can keep pressing here and you, know it's really, hard to get it out so, here's my trick first. Of all I flipped the camera over with the buttons facing down and, then I click, press on this corner, that's farthest from the edge oh. Here's. The card next, the battery life is kind, of short in real. World conditions I, got, around 45. Minutes of, video recording. Per, battery the. Stitching, in photos is good but in videos that neither is not yet perfect as of, October, 2018. Next. Is the red dot lens flare kind of like in the theta and a few other three CC cameras, next. In 3k, hundred fps, well there's, stair-stepping. So hopefully. They'll add some kind of anti-aliasing. 11. Graphics. Get. The full 5.7. K video on the desktop, you do need a graphics, card you don't. Need a super high-end one even a GTX, 750, would be adequate, at. First it might seem like a big deal but when, you think about it well if you're editing 5.7. K HD, videos many. Software, like Adobe Premiere, Pro will, require, you to have a graphics, card. Another. Issues that 5.7. K mode on the in 61, X has a couple limits, first, of all maximum. Recording, time is 30 minutes after. That you'll have to start recording again, second. Even. Though it's 5.7, K it uses, h.264. So that's not standard there, are some players and there's some editors, that can't open it, unless. Site when you remake long recordings, with the in 61 X equates. One large file instead. Of breaking it up into smaller files, the. Cable, to connect the One X to your phone it's very easy to lose and not, so easy to replace I've. Tried, the third-party cable for the iPhone and it didn't work it. Might be proprietary. Now. Here are non, issues. There. Are reviewers, who say that the bitrate is less than the fusion, now, when the fusion records video it writes, two files at the same time each. File, has a bit rate of around, 60, Mbps, using. An h.264. Codec. Now. The instance, we still 1x in 5.7. K mode also. Records, the two files at the same time each, file, has a bit rate of around 50. Mbps, also. Using, an h.264. Codec, so. In terms of bitrate the, GoPro fusion and the inter 61, X both, have very similar bit, rates although, the fusion has a slightly higher total, bitrate, ultimately. What really matters, is the image quality so.

Check, Out my upcoming comparison. Between the in 61, X and the GoPro fusion now, Tony Northrup, has said that 360. Cameras, are prone to getting scratched, and that's true now. But fortunately, the One X does have the venture case now. Adventure, case you, won't need to worry about using, it in rough environments. Tony also said that the stabilization. And stitching, don't work on the desktop, software and. That's because he was using an older, version of the instance we see studio app as of, the October 8 version a stitching. And stabilization, both, work as you can see from these sample, videos. Now let's go back to the 3rd jump now, you might be wondering how does the 1x compare to others these two cameras well, I'm. Like. You know complete. Image quality. And. You'll just have to wait for my next video meanwhile. If you want to get the 1 X at the discount, check, out the link in the description below. Ok. Before. Watching. I'll, see you at 360. In. 5, 4 3 2, 1. And, let. Me know in the comments, which, is the feature of the entities the one that stands out to you most, lay. In the meantime check out my other 3c, camera, reviews such. As the one for the fusion the. Nice fear gear 360. And other, cameras. Thanks. And I'll see you in 360. Definitely. One the hardest, thing same time. Both. The hike at the job take something, the world. Thanks. Well the first job is kind, of easy cuz you don't know what to expect, but. You know that then you know, knowing what to expect you know becomes, really hard to like, do. It again and then a third time.

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Absolutely Kevin!!!

Hello and thank u for this Review Mic , I wanted to ask you how is the workflow with android, in the previous insta360 one camera, we had to use iOS or use an adapter but the app was better for iPhone. in this camera they promise use in android, do you see any difference? Should I buy a Samsung Galaxy or a new iPhone to work fast? I apologize for my English but in Spanish and in Latin America there is not much information. thanks expert

Thank you so much Medellin! The interpolation in the app happens if you choose a speed that is less than 1, such as 1/2 or 1/4. You just tap on Edit, and then Speed, and then choose the speed. At first the app will show a rough preview which doesn't look good. but when you render it, then you'll see it's actually much smoother. Thanks also for the bungee kudos! Are you a bungee jumper too by chance?

360Rumors.com Thank you very much, then if you can show the interpolation theme in the video editing. thanks, again . and great the jump in Bungee.

Thanks Medellin! The Android app is very similar to the iOS app. There are 1 or 2 features that the iOS has that Android doesn't and 1 or 2 that the Android has that the iOS doesn't. If you want to buy a phone purely for this camera, i would suggest iPhone because i think it increases the likelihood of compatibility, no need to wonder what the processor is (exynos or snapdragon) etc. etc. I say that even though I'm an android user.

How do you edit a 360 video and make it look like a normal camera panning around and changing the viewpoints?

Ohhh if you upgrade from Theta S, you will find a huge improvement in everything - video, stabilization, photo, app features etc.

+360Rumors.com thanks for the quick answer, I'm going to try that plugin and the free app, anyway I've a theta s but I'm drooling for this camera, I need to renew my equipment.

Hi Albin! That's called overcapture (insta360 calls it freecapture) and there are many ways to do it, such as with the free insta360 studio app, or if you have premiere you can use the gopro vr plugin. here is a tutorial for insta360 studio overcapture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Syvozms2egk And yes you can do it in the phone app as well (this is the part where i talk about viewfinder, smart track and pivot point). It's fun!

You went all out for this video Mic! You must be at the bridge to nowhere. Quick question, can you do long exposure time lapse with raw photo output?

+360Rumors.com thanks for the reply. Bet you were dreading the walk back after taking that damage to your ankles yikes! I'm curious to see how a 20 second exposure 20 second interval 100 iso timelapse would look in 360. Still photo timelapse or hyper lapse look so much better using stills I don't mind the extra steps editing the photos in lightroom. Yes it's too bright out: )

Thank you so much Mark! Yes indeed i gave it everything i got! yup, this was the bridge to nowhere! I tried just looking through the app menus for time interval mode, and it appears you can use long exposures up to 55 seconds, with intervals up to 120 secs., and yes it appears you can do it in raw. i'll try it tonight -- it's too bright right now

That was a fun video to watch! sorry about you feet.

Thank you very much Sergio!!! Hiking with the wounds on my feet was definitely the hardest part of the whole journey! It was so painful I was considering whether to walk barefoot hahahaha

Wow! I am very impressed, very well done Mic (hope that's the right spelling, I was calling you "Mike" in all my previous comments, sorry about that

Thank you so much my friend! Wow i'd love to see your adventures in new zealand with the one x!!! i heard nz is very beautiful

Nice, objective review again, thx! Can you please put to your review a raw(dng) photo which we can download and so we can test its editing flexibility

Hi Cankat! Sorry i wasn't clear. It DEFINITELY will be able to get full spherical DNG photo using the desktop app, but this feature is not yet ready at launch. But insta360 one had this feature (shoot and stitch in DNG) so i'm 100% confident that they will add it. We just need to wait a few weeks!

​+360Rumors.com okay than it would be great when its possible, im really looking forward! But from this what i got is, it is still not possible to get a full spherical panorama right? If its so it sounds really weird bacause i believe its one of the must-have-feature before they release! Whatever thanks again for great review!!!

Thanks Cankat! good to see you again! For DNG the issue is that you can't stitch it yet on the app or desktop software. When the DNG support is added to the stitcher, i'll post a sample file. (i don't want to download just a dng that i haven't tried to stitch myself). in the meantime, you can download unstitched video files here https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/12lRzNjsY0MdWFtDDfWtZH64PapUHrafq

Worth the wait, dude! You forgot to mention another bonus of the camera. "forcing" you to try new experiences. Live free, my dude!

Thank you so much buddy!!!

Epic video for an epic camera made by an epic dude!

Thank you so much XIN!!! I'm so glad you found it worth waiting for. Actually I had recorded TWO other review videos for the One X but i thought this is such an epic cam that it needs a way better video, so that's what i did! Good point about trying new experiences!!! thanks again XIN!

Good to know you are still alive

Thank you so much my friend!!! I was considering a prank where I would ask my wife to post on my behalf as if i didn't make it back alive hahaha

another AMAZING video!!!

yup, doing my best to juggle it all! haha

+360Rumors.com hey mic check your youtube messages!

+360Rumors.com you spent a lot of time in this video for us, im Impressed!

Thanks buddy!!! This video is my personal favorite so far! :D

Mic, As always, thanks for all the great videos. Thanks for the SUPER GREAT l Insta360 One X review… I just got mine and am trying to figure out if i like the Fusion or Insta360 One X best… Since the Fusion seems to have better audio, that probably will stay my main camera. But “the best camera is the one you were around your neck” will likely have me using the Insta360 One X a lot, since i am wearing in around my neck. That is not feasible for the Fusion. Anyhow… here are a few key questions. 1) OBJECT TRACKING ON MAC APP?: I am a Desktop app and not an iOS person. Has Insta360 let you know if they will add the object tracking Overcapture mode to the Desktop Mac App? It seems insane that you need to use the iOS app to do that. Also, what do you do if you have offloaded and erased the footage from your SD card and it is only on your Mac? And is there a timeline of bringing most or ALL of the iOS features to the desktop? 2) Black Magic eGPU support on Mac?: I have a 2018 13” MacBook Pro with an external Black Magic eGPU. Insta360 Studio for One X 3.0.1 seems to not use that at all. Fusion Mac software does support it. Do you know what there plans are. Since it takes 12-14X real time to render 5.7k equirectangular footage, it would REALLY help if it could get sped up 200-300% via eGPU. 3) 5.7k h.265 Export [instead of the peculiar h.264]? Have they told you if plan to support the more natural h.265 files on Desktop? 4) Audio? I am thinking that the audio in the Insta360 One X [with the most current firmware] is not as good as the GoPro Fusion and Hero 7. Is this something they have told you they can improve again with another firmware update? — Eric ZORK Alan & Sweetie [Professional Poet & Bed Vlogger]

iamnotapoet thanks Eric! Yes sadly the desktop app doesnt have tracking. I use manual keyframing on desktop. You can use after effects for tracking. Also, powerdirector has tracking. For audio theta v, orbit360 and yi360vr have mic jacks

Thanks so much for the swift and thorough reply. Frowny face to Insta360 development team on no desktop love of object tracking etc features... I always prefer Desktop apps and next year I will be dropping 10k on a 2019 Mac Pro [saving a decade for this] and ALWAYS prefer to work on desktop. That Mac will also be MUCH more capable than an iPhone X. And, please do let me know what they say about Black Magic eGPU and h.265 exports. As to secondary audio... yes, i should be doing that more... but i am lazy on getting the secondary recording happening and then on the syncing. That said i do have an InstaMic [very nice, but i hate that it loses date/time info all the time and has some weird static problems sometimes. I also have the Tascam DR-10L that is pretty amazing.. I am just lazy and always like good built in audio. I still wish ALL these products has a built in mic jack on the bottom AND had a BUILT IN bluetooth mic support. It seems SOOOO obvious that 360 cameras and GoPros should have a bluetooth mic option. Please taunt Insta360 to add mic jack and bluetooth mic option for the Insta360 One Xs next year. Again, you are FANTASTIC and thanks so much for everything you do... -- Eric ZORK Alan & Sweetie [Professional Poets & Bed Vloggers]

Thank you so much Eric!!!

Great video! I’ve been debating on the GoPro Fusion and one x. I have the original Insta360 one and was not as impressed with the video quality. In your opinion is the one x video quality better than the Fusion. Which do you recommend?

360Rumors.com - Thanks for the quick response and confirming my thoughts on the two cameras. I just tried out the fusion over the last couple days and think the post processing is a little to cumbersome compared to Insta360. Going to do a return and just pick up the one x.

Thanks Christopher! The Fusion has higher resolution in the middle, but toward the edge, the One X has the advantage. So I think they are very close to each other for video quality, with maybe a slight edge for the Fusion. But if you consider the whole package, including features, usability, etc. and of course price, i think One X is the more practical choice for almost all people, and that's why i would recommend it over Fusion, unless video quality is your sole consideration.

Great video...

Thank you very much Red Rose!

Nice Mic! Next video should be Sky dving in 360 right ? :D

Lol i'm willing to do it, but in the US, you can't bring a camera unless you have 200 jumps ...! (not even on tandem apparently). Yes i checked hahaha

Hey Mic... such amazing and crazy video you have made with the jumps! Keep up the fabulous job.. Love it all..

Thank you so much Stephen!!!!

Top man having lots of fun

Thanks John! Yes it was a lot of fun and terror at the same time!

Another great video and looks as though you had a lot of fun making it :-) So would you recommend it over the fusion?

Thank you so much Barry!!! There were parts that were fun and exhilarating -- and the hike was also beautiful but very painful hahaha

Great review Mic!!

love this Video

Thank you so much nicky!!!

Not longer 360Rumors... Now 360Hero ;-) Who else would do a bungee jump to test a 360 cam ;-) Thx for the informative and entertaining contet!

Thank you very much Klaus!!!

Wow, i love this Video

Hi Besti! HDR photo is very simple. you can take a photo with just the camera or with your phone (you specify the exposure interval). After the shot, you connect the camera to the phone either wirelessly or via cable. the phone app recognizes that it's an HDR and takes about a minute to fuse the images. To check for phone compatibility, I suggest downloading the sample files here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12lRzNjsY0MdWFtDDfWtZH64PapUHrafq?usp=sharing

+360Rumors.com Thanks. I own the first ONE, but i miss the HDR-FOTO Feature. Please Show us the workflow with App and HDR for photo and Video. I hope a P20 pro is enough for playback. :)

Thank you very much!!!

This is an ULTRA IN-DEPTH review of the Insta360 ONE X, a 360 camera and a 3PV camera (THIRD PERSON view camera) that can shoot in super SLOW MOTION 360 video. I'll show ***3 bungee jumps*** at 3K 100fps, 4K 50fps, and 5.7K 30fps. For the first time, you'll see a slow motion third person view bungee jumping. In this Insta360 One X review, we’ll talk about SPECS and FEATURES, and yes, DISADVANTAGES and PROBLEMS as well. But more importantly, I want to focus on WHAT DIFFERENCE this camera makes for you, not just your videos but also your family. The Insta360 One X a stabilized 360 camera -- a 3PV camera -- like the ONE X is the ideal tool for capturing a third person view by yourself. This review video was shot primarily with Insta360 ONE X. Table of contents: 01:45 - What is a 3PV camera (third person view camera)? What is the difference between a 3PV camera and a 360 camera? - How to use the Insta360 ONE X, plus 6 effects you can do in the app - Insta360 ONE X photo features - Top 5 advantages over other 360 cameras - 14 problems and disadvantages (with solutions and workarounds for some) - The truth about the GoPro Fusion vs Insta360 ONE X bitrate - The truth about Insta360 ONE X's stitching and stabilization * For updates on the Insta360 ONE X, plus a detailed written review with 29 Insta360 ONE X features, go to http://bit.ly/onexpage * If you'd like to get a discount, you can get the Insta360 ONE X with a free 2nd generation invisible selfie stick here: http://bit.ly/onexdiscount #360camera #3PVcamera #insta360onex

no way risking your life to test a camera....

Thanks buddy! If you check out the statistics, actually bungee jumping is safer than running a marathon :)

Finally!!! Thank you

Yes sorry for the delay! I hope you love it!!!

Great review, good to know the 30 minute 5.7K record limit, do you know if you can power via USB while recording?

Do you know if the camera accepts bluetooth mics?

Hi Paco! It doesn't accept bluetooth mics yet, but it's a good idea! i can suggest this feature to them.

"Blood, sweat and tears: The journey of a 360 reviewer". Epic! And the audio is spot on!

Thanks Ric! Nice double entendre with that title! And thanks for the props on the audio! I'm going to use the same recording / processing going forward. Thanks again bro!

Yeah, great review Mic. You always do a great job. However there is one really big issue you seem to be glassing over. As to date there is no Venture housing. It is going to be very hard to use outside when 1. it cant get wet 2. it constantly runs a very high risk of getting scratched. With out a highly functional case it is only a 3pv camera when you are very careful with it. You mentioned your fear of it getting scratched in your video but you didn’t mention why you were worried about this. You were worried because even you don’t have a protective case. I contacted the company and they said that hopefully they would have the Venture case by November. Then I started digging a little deeper. I asked if I could use the dive case outside of the water. I figured this would at least buy me some usage time until the case was ready. The contact person said that I could use the case outside of the water BUT I should be aware that the dive case does not give a full 360 image. She said not to worry that could just put my logo over the large blind spot at the bottom. I don’t have a logo! So my big questions are as follows... Will this Venture case cause a blind spot as well? Why haven’t they released any videos of the camera being used with a cover?

Great questions Edward! I agree 100% it would be nice to have the Venture Case at launch. But the camera is usable even without a Venture Case for casual shooting. Most 360 shooters have gotten used to the idea of 360 cameras being fragile, so we've been using our cameras without housings and simply take care not to get them scratched. So, almost all of my cameras don't have an external housing and they're been fine, and i've used them as 3pv cameras in a variety of situations over the past couple of years. i even have cameras that have housings (e.g. insta360 One) but i choose not to use the housing unless i am donig something high risk. But yes, really looking forward to the venture case. Re the dive case, here is a sample underwater video: http://360rumors.com/2018/10/insta360-one-x-review.html#sample Re the Venture case, no it won't have a blind spot as long as you calibrate it.

Incredible video, Mic! I'm totally inexperienced with 360, but I'll be buying the One X soon as my first. Tell me, how much did you have to tweak the colour in these shots and can you do that on your phone? Would appreciate any help!

Thank you so much Raman!!!

1:14 yes, it is worth spending a whole day on the mountain, even if you're not bungee jumping! 3:25 always carry something with you to protect the most rubbed places in your feet, like your toenails rubbing other toes, with bandages or adhesive strips or even with thick working socks. I learned that the hard way too, had to limp all the way down the mountain with blisters one time. 4:48 Almost hit the bridge on the way up! Other than that, nice camera, 360° cameras are a breath of fresh air in the camera world and hopefully will keep improving in quality and features in the next years...

PrimiusLovin hi PrimiusLovin i agree it was a beautiful area for hiking! I would have loved to shoot more if i had more spare batteries. Great tip! Im not an outdoors guy at all so i wish i had known haha As for hitting the bridge it would have made for some cool footage hahaha seriously though i did feel as if i would slam into the bridge which made the jump even more terrifying haha

Great review thanks!

Thanks buddy! I checked out your channel.... you go to some pretty scenic places that I think would look fantastic in 360, or in overcapture.

Best feature: Workflow!

Thank you! Out of the almost 200 comments here, i think you're the only one who responded to that part of the video!

Thank you for this!

Thank you very much!!!

Do you think it would be good on a drone?.

Craig Michael Grice hi Craig! Depends on the size of the drone but assuming the drone has enough capacity, yes it can be very good. i will post a sample!


Craig Michael Grice woohoo! thank you so much Craig!

That's how to do a review,it was brilliant, best review and reviewer on you tube!.So knowledgeable.

Craig Michael Grice thank you so much Craig!!!

Greatest video on the one x so far! Thanks for the great effort Mic! Do you think it's the best under $500 right now? And do you think it's worth upgrading from the xiaomi mi sphere?

Thank you very much lexxxus07!!!

Awesome video Mic, best review out there. i read your written review previously and ordered mine from your link. I have a question, do you have any idea what the turn around time is for those orders? I only realized after the order that they dont really provide any info on handling time, or if there is stock delay etc. and the confirmation email just says "as soon as we can". that just too vague. thanks.

oh wow that's crazy fast, i wish! lol. If it takes a week i'd be very happy but i just cant tell from the confirmation email or their website.

Holeeeeey.... wow 2 days??

Rafa, Insta 360 is bending over backwards. I ordered on Oct. 10. They were to ship it on Oct. 17, which they did via FedEx. I got mine on Oct. 19th (Midwestern, USA)! YMMV, but for the time being, they want to make new owners very happy! Good luck to you.

Rafa R thank you so much Rafa!!! You are awesome!

Nice sidebar about 3PPV, thanks for sharing a personal view on the matter. So many photographers have been out of their own family photos, it's about time that changed.

Tony Meneses thank you so much Tony! I hope non-360 shooters can suspend their skepticism for a moment to consider shooting with a 3pv 360 camera like One X

Definitely up there on your best video yet!

8amfilms thanks so much! It will be interesting to see what my videos will be like a year from now...

Always improving!

Thank you so much! Among the videos I've made, this is my personal favorite so far

This video was brilliant! Thank you for taking the time to put it together! Well done.

Thank you so much Cinnamon!!! I hope that non-360 shooters who see it might think about trying the one x or some other 360 camera!

Great review Mic. You really touched on why a 360 camera can be such important price to capturing memories.

Thank you so much Mike!

Thanks for the review, but I miss some information how good it works with Android... And the higher interpolated frame rates produces a lot of errors around the moving objects. Not sure if I would use it....

Bart Achilles thank you my friend!

Thanks for the answer Mic!

Hi Bart! The Android app works just as well as the iOS one. The Android has 1 or 2 things the iOS app doesn't have and vice-versa. But they are very similar. As for interpolation, yes that's true - it really depends on the user.

Brave one!

Thank you very much! The truth is that with my ankles, the hike was 100x harder than the jump!

Can you do a Kandao QooCAM and an insta one x 360 comparison?

Hi Tobi! Yes absolutely, in my next video

Thanks for the video review

ohh! looking forward to it!!!

360Rumors.com I'm still grinding away on that 360 drone I mentioned on one of your previous videos. I'll let you know when it's complete! :D

Thank you very much my friend! So glad you liked it!

Thanks for another great review. Mine will be in today....I'm very excited to get my hands on it !

Congratulations Michael!!! I think you'll be very pleased with it!

Not having to hide behind the camera to frame the shot allows me to become an active member of the family again. This is the most compelling selling point of 360 cameras to me. I think back how many times I felt somewhat left out of the action by being responsible to take the pictures. Mic, I think you nailed it when you made that comment in this video!

Thank you so much Dave!

That's crazy jumping three time just to compared the video quality at different setting, great video! The audio the ONE X captured sounds pretty good too.

Thank you so much Bipedal Joe! I'm doing my best for you and the 360Rs !

Thank you so much CopterDeal! I checked out your channel and although I don't understand Hebrew, I think this camera would be really awesome to attach to a drone! :D

thank you so much Joel! I hope we can persuade some non-360 shooters to take a closer look at 3PV 360 cameras!

You've not only explained it well. but you've nailed it but sharing every detail possible. It serves as an explainer for newbies as well as an in-depth review for awareness of a new cam out in the market .

Thank you so much Joel!!! My hope was that we in the 360 community can use this to show the rest of the world why 360 cameras are so useful. I hope it helps non-360 shooters understand why we shoot in 360.

Grazie mille Andrea! You and I and the 360 community have a very big task to show non-360 shooters why they should try shooting in 360. So my intention was to use this video to do that we can show this to non-360 shooters to show them what 360 is REALLY about. That's why i gave it all my effort! I hope it helps non-360 shooters to understand the value of 360.

Hi IKNFLY666! Yes just to clarify, you can record 30 mins, but you can start another recording right away. The other thing is that you can use another mode such as 4K 30fps or 4K 50fps and it doesn't have this 30 min. limit.

Lol! I probably would have if I had eaten more that day (which is why I intentionally ate very little). It was like riding roller coasters back to back (for me). The first time is ok. The 2nd time is sort of ok. The third time is a bit nauseating. hahaha

Hi Daniela yes you are right the hardest part was the hike there and hike back. But for me it wasn't the cardio -- it was the pain of my ankles being rubbed. They were like open blisters (offene Blase) and the shoes kept rubbing on them for 9 miles. So each step was more painful than the last!

Thank you so much Ben!

What abt gopro stick, is it ok?

Thank you so much trevorkim! You're absolutely right on both points. I'm not sure if you've seen it, but I talk about several options here, and I make a special point to emphasize which of them are invisible even to Theta or Mi Sphere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIgBZpwgP7g (I didn't mention ONE X because that time the ONE X was still not released, but as you know if it is invisible with mi sphere or theta, it's invisible to one x too.) There are too many invisible options to list here, but my favorite ones are the Benro MK10, the 2nd gen insta360 invisible selfie stick, and the 2nd gen Monoshot.

Thank you so much mustis4! trevorkim is right -- the key is to use a selfie stick that is thin enough to fit completely between the lenses of a 360 camera. Since the ONE X is so thin, it is not so easy to find a selfie stick like that because as trevorkim said, most were not designed to have a narrow profile. But there are several monopods that can be invisible with the ONE X: the 2nd generation selfie stick, the Benro MK10, the monoshot, most light stands. You can see these options discussed in this tripod comparison video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIgBZpwgP7g My favorites are the Benro MK10 because it's pocketable. I also like the 2nd gen selfie stick and monoshot.

Thank you so much brodey!!!

Mick, Thanks for getting back to me. And, really, what a cool jump video. I have a movie editing program called: ScreenFlow and the 360 editing software changes all the videos on my computer over to the 360 software so that then when I open any video they're converted to the 360 software. I then have to delete the 360 program in order to work back  in the ScreenFlow program.  This is keeping me from taking videos or photos because I need the 360 program. I have a MacBook pro running the latest software. I've run into a few other people who have  had the same issue and they just don't shoot 360 anymore and I really want to get more into 360. I've been trying to stop this software issue without any luck so far. Any ideas?   +360Rumors.com

Hi Cloud Drive! You can edit on a desktop using Premiere (with the GoPro VR plugin). If you down-rez to 4K, you can also use insta360 studio. here is a tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Syvozms2egk&index=12&list=PLtGqGHDrZeFikWZem9r89pSLMQfQDoryx

Thanks for testing trevorkim!!!

Amazing Video.. Thanks

I had just bought the new Hero7 and then saw that this came out a few days later

c0pyimitati0n congrats on getting the hero7! The hero's advantages are: - Better detail - Ruggedness (no need for a housing) - simpler to process the videos vs One X The advantages of the One X are: 1. 3rd person view 2. Shoot without aiming 3. Extreme stabilization 4. Choose any view I think you can look at the one x video to see if it looks ok to you. if they are satisfactory then i think one x is more practical than hero7, imho. If you have any questions pls let me know!

Shoulda got a OneWheel and you wouldn't have had to hike

i'm sure if anything could have done it, it would be the onewheel. if you'd like to see, someone made a video of the hike here (around the 2 min mark is when it starts to get more interesting) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-RqTtDCzLY . i don't know enough about the one wheel, but i would guess maybe it is usable in about 1/3 of the hike (?) regardless, it's one of the things i hope to have someday :D

+360Rumors.comthe OneWheel can actually handle some pretty wild trails and obstacles. Granted, some of the spots you trecked you would probably have to carry it for a second, but overall it would have worked out great. Look up a video called 'Floatlife Lake Tahoe' for a super gnarly trail ride video.

c0pyimitati0n i'd LOVE to have a onewheel but cant afford one!

Awesome video Mr. Thank you.

Thank you very much Mel! I really appreciate it!

Awesome video and thanks for sharing! When are you coming to the UK to do some 360 filming? Regards, BraN

YTBraN thank you so much! I love Ben like a brother. And i've learned a lot about making videos by watching him and other youtubers. It would be great if maybe we can do a roadtrip series or something

360Rumors.com Hopefully. I enjoy following both you and Ben Claremont very much. You guys are awesome, your vids very informative, and I wouldn't be so much into 360 if I hadn't followed you!

Hi BraN! I'd love to, especially because i've never been to UK but I need to find more vacation days and also find the money for it (i actually don't make as much money from the blog as it may seem)

Great review as always! Quick question, what equipment did you use to attach the camera to the front of the car?

Thank you very much L Zee! (skydiver by chance?) These are the things I used to stick it to my car: 1. Suction cup mount 2. gopro to 1/4-20 adapter, similar to this: https://amzn.to/2ScJzRa 3. 2nd generation invisible selfie stick (at its shortest position). Please note I was driving only around 25mph because I don't know the limit of the suction cup's ability to hold the selfie stick and one x

wooaaooow !!! well.. now I know ... :) great product ! I got a Go pro though ... but I'm pretty sure I understand what you mean. I was actually looking for something like this product. well done mate !

Sherif El Kadi thank you so much Sherif!

Compression artefacts are really nasty.

Thanks for the tip re interpolation. I'll try it out. For compression, I think it might be related to youtube. I have unstitched samples that you can download here if you want: https://drive.google.com/open?id=12lRzNjsY0MdWFtDDfWtZH64PapUHrafq

No, I mean really nasty compression things. For interpolation - try ProDad stuff.

Personal View hey there buddy. Do you mean the artefacts from interpolation? Those are only if you try to slow down to less than 1x speed. Then the optical flow algorithm has to invent frames. If you go even slower to 1/4 or 1/8 then it needs to invent even more frames so even more artefacts. But you can avoid artefacts simply by using 1x speed or more. I think as technology improves there will be even fewer artefacts

The walking dead

Youness Taouil lol i should have made zombie noises as i was shuffling my way back

Your point of view to ONE X are very nice. I saw you with GoPro as well. I am just struggling buy One X or GoPro 7 now.

Thank you very much P Lui! If you want the most amount of detail and the simplest camera to use, go for Hero 7. If you want the ability to get a 3rd person view, the ability to shoot without having to aim the camera, super stabilization, and the ability to choose your view, then I recommend ONE X.

David Swan thanks David! Yes you can charge via usb while recording but you cannot remove the battery. Check out other FAQs here: http://360rumors.com/2018/10/insta360-one-x-review.html#faq Let me know if you have any questions!

Could be great for a really impressive sound quality...

To get the free 2nd gen invisible selfie stick, use this link and add to cart: http://bit.ly/onexdiscount This is an ULTRA IN-DEPTH review of the Insta360 ONE X, a 360 camera and a 3PV camera (third person view camera) that can shoot in super SLOW MOTION 360 video. I'll show ***3 bungee jumps*** at 3K 100fps, 4K 50fps, and 5.7K 30fps. For the first time, you'll see a slow motion third person view bungee jumping. In this Insta360 One X review, we’ll talk about SPECS and FEATURES, and yes, DISADVANTAGES and PROBLEMS as well. But more importantly, I want to focus on WHAT DIFFERENCE this camera makes for you, not just your videos but also your family. The Insta360 One X a stabilized 360 camera -- a 3PV camera -- like the ONE X is the ideal tool for capturing a third person view by yourself. This review video was shot primarily with Insta360 ONE X. * For updates on the Insta360 ONE X, plus a detailed written review with 29 Insta360 ONE X features, go to http://bit.ly/onexpage Table of contents: 01:45 - What is a 3PV camera (third person view camera)? What is the difference between a 3PV camera and a 360 camera? 07:26 How to use the Insta360 ONE X, plus 6 effects you can do in the app 08:10 - Insta360 ONE X Time Shift sample 08:17 - Insta360 ONE X photo features, including HDR photo comparison 09:01 - Top 5 advantages over other 360 cameras 15:12 - 14 problems and disadvantages (with solutions and workarounds for some) 20:07 - The truth about the GoPro Fusion vs Insta360 ONE X bitrate 21:17 - The truth about Insta360 ONE X's stitching and stabilization #360camera #3PVcamera #insta360onex

Save more money for this one or mi sphere? This is gonna be my first 360 camera. Mainly used for camera, then video. Thanks!

does it splashproof without housing?

Glad to help! Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thanks for the info. Really impirtant to me

Hi A A! Good question! The answer is ***no***, Insta360 does not say that ONE X is splash proof without a housing. So if you will take it to wet places, you do need the Venture case or the Dive case.

What about gear 360... It can do like you do?

+360Rumors.com i have already install gear at pc but it says not support

Nadir is the bottom of the 360 sphere, like the south pole. Zenith is the top of the 360 sphere, like the north pole.

Hi Marc. You're using Gear 360 2016 with a Xiaomi phone using a hacked app? OK so I guess that's why you're getting a green spot. Maybe you can stitch with your desktop instead?

One more thing... I didn't use samsung phone... I use xioami phone

+360Rumors.com i didn't understand nadir n zenith? Can you explain it.

Hi Marc. You get green spot at the nadir or zenith when you stitch? Possibly your aspect ratio is wrong. If you put a 3840 x 1920 video clip into a 3840 x 2160 video, then you will get a green or black hole in the bottom. Is that what you mean? If yes, then the solution is to change the aspect ratio of the movie to the same as your video clip. Both must be exactly 2:1, such as 3840 x 1920.

+360Rumors.com ok noted. how to solve my problem... Green spot n stitching?

ok gear 360 2016 is the old type 360 camera. It has very poor stabilization. So if you try to use it like a third person view camera, then the video will usually not be level. The only advantage of the 2016 gear 360 is the photo quality which is quite good. The photo resolution is higher than ONE X. But One X has true HDR. 2016 Gear 360 doesn't.

+360Rumors.com Bro... I use gear 360 2016...

Hi Marc. Gear 360 2017 has stabilization, so you can use it as 3rd person view camera. But the stabilization is not as good as One X. Also, the detail is not as high as One X. One X also has slow motion at 4K 50fps and 3K 100fps. Gear 360 2017 has 720p 60fps -- the resolution is too low to make the slow motion useful. But it is ok for 360 camera, and very low cost. Just make sure your phone is compatible. Here is my review of the Gear 360 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STV9rkvWvBk

what if you die and you cannot make videos anymore. worse you will not live anymore. so why bungie jump?

Hi ThumbsUpMan! thank you very much for your concern! Bungee jumping is quite scary but in terms of number of death rate, it is much lower than other things such as marathons or simply driving on the freeway. So for example this company I went with has been in operation for 29 years with over 160,000 jumps and zero deaths. Actually the hike was more dangerous than the bungee jump. So as long as you choose a reputable company and a sensible time and location (e.g. no high winds), bungee jumping is ok.

Works like a nice upgrade from the Insta360 One, but I'm not sure I will upgrade yet. Great review Mic, and congrats on buggie jumping, your a real dare-devil out there. And you got some great footage.

Thank you very much Ron! yes the footage was great, and i'm glad it did reach at least some non-360 shooters and made them think about a 360 camera. Thanks again buddy!

Wow awesome,was the stick during the jump at full range??

Thanks bro! I used the insta360 2nd gen "invisible selfie stick" and it was extended only about 2 feet or so because i was afraid the shock would snap it and i'd lose the camera)

Thank you so much AR VR Galaxy!!!

Yes I suggested it to them, although tbh they haven't said anything yet... in the meantime, you can get an external recorder

First of all Great looking family . RYLO or ONE X? 3 jumps is just crazy.

How did you edit this footage from a 360 perspective? I'm having trouble with any sort of editing on my phone, and none on my computer. I was to use it as a 3PV camera and NOT as a 360 video. How did you flatten yours to a 16:9?

Hi there Dan! On the phone you can export the video as "FixFrame," which means non-360. You can choose the aspect ratio. To spice up the video, you can use Pivot Point (keyframing), Smart Track (object tracking), and/or Viewfinder (use the phone as a virtual camera). On the desktop, there are several ways 1. Adobe Premiere. Download the free GoPro VR plugin and apply GoPro VR Reframe effect to your clip. 2. Use a video editor that has overcapture capabilities such as Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus 2018, or Powerdirector, or Garmin Virb Edit. 3. you can use the old Insta360 Studio. The issue is that the #2 and #3 can only handle up to 4K video. I am hoping the new Insta360 Studio will be updated to add freecapture for 5.7k. Otherwise, to do freecapture with 5.7K video we need to use premiere or the phone app.

This is the best review of the Insta360 One X I've seen so far, because you test it out of a normal user's perspective. Thank you so much!

Thank you very much Alan!

Can you display the speedometer on your videos? If so, how? I have the Hero7 and i was hoping to display the speedometer on my OneWheel videos, but Quik crashes if i try to save a 4k 60p video and i cannot find a way to export the telemetry data from the GoPro to Adobe Premiere. Can i easily do this with the Insta360 One X?

Hi Onewheel! Yes you'll be able to do that, if you get the optional Bluetooth remote accessory. I don't have the remote for testing yet, but I will suggest to them to allow exporting the data to Premiere. That would be super awesome for onewheel videos!

Hey Mic, this is a great review! Which selfie stick are you and Ben using with the one X?

Chris71319 uhuh so the bottom line is that you can show normal size hands for the one x

+360Rumors.com yes i know. The kids (beginning video) were clearly holding the camera close to their hands.

Thanks Chris! The big hand happens only if you don't use the selfie stick. Or for example during my first jump I was afraid the selfie stick would snap in half from the shock, so I didn't extend it. Also, when i was crossing the stream, I was using the selfie stick as a hiking staff, so the camera was very close to my hand. That's why it looked huge. Basically, the further you extend it, the more normal your hand will look. I hope that makes sense.

+360Rumors.com Thanks buddy, i am going to place the order. The one thing that kinda sucks is the big hand on the video's. Looks weird.

Thank you so much Chris!

Great video - many thanks! How about charging the battery: Can you use the Apple 5W USB Power Adapter (for the iPhone) for that?

Thank your, 360Rumors.com!

Games und Meer thank YOU!

360Rumors.com Many thanks!!!

Thank you very much Meerland! You can use USB to charge it, although I haven't tried a 5w charger. It should be ok though!

God, I wish I weren't such a video quality snob...loved the video, still not a 360 degree adopter yet...but it's improving every year! Keep up the great work!

Jim O'Callaghan thank you so much Jim! I hear ya. Ive gotten used to 360 video quality and whenever i see a dslr video it looks shockingly nice

Wow 2x..? Maybe it is cheaper to buy the one x directly from insta360.com and you get a free 2nd gen invisible selfie stick too: http://bit.ly/onexdiscount . Anyway, yes it is easy to make a flat non-360 photo from 360 photo. The mobile app has a built-in feature to do it. Just tap on share and then you can choose to share as a 360 photo, a tiny planet animation of the 360 photo, or a "screenshot" which is a flat non-360 photo in 9:16, 1:1, 4:3, or 16:9 aspect ratio. You can rotate the view, or zoom in/zoom out by swiping the screen. Low light performance of the one x is excellent. Mi sphere low light is very good too. Standby for more tests but you can see the low light sample i uploaded the other day. Both one x and mi sphere can be charged with usb charger, but one x also has removable battery (you can use spare battery).

+360Rumors.com thank you for the answer! In here insta 360 one x still 2x price of mi sphere, that's why I have this problem haha. Btw, general question, is that possible to make flat ultra wide image from the 360 photo? Is it hard to do that? Also how's the performance in low light situation? And how's the battery in both? Can i charge it with powerbank/external charger? Thanks!

Hi Ivan! Great question! If your priority is photo or if you want a camera that is splashproof even without a case, then get mi sphere. Check out my new mi sphere review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2qRn7RdcVM . But otherwise, the ONE X is better in every way - better video quality, better stabilization, better usability. BTW in case you want to order the one x, don't forget you can get a free 2nd gen invisible selfie stick with your order (just add the one x to your cart): http://bit.ly/onexdiscount Let me know if you have any questions!

No problem Marc!

+360Rumors.com hahhahahah... That's right decision. Get new one

marc dervish i see. That is because your pc must be compatible with open CL. If not then either you upgrade your pc or maybe get a used samsung s6 or sell the gear360 and get another 360 camera.

OfficialCodewell thanks buddy!

Chris71319 thank you very much Chris! Glad you loved it!

+Chris71319 yep

Its indeed a great video. Nicely done Mic

Hello ben!

Hi mustis4. Sorry for the delayed reply. GoPro stick is kind of ok but you will need a gopro to 1/4-20 adapter. Also every time you use it you must straighten the camera to make the selfie stick invisible. It is easier to use a selfie stick with no ballhead like the insta360 invisible selfie stick.

Before December, we may see Vuze XR, but i am guessing One X is better unless you want 3D 180.

you are CRASY.. hah ah ah aha a

Ennio Petrella glad you like it!

Do you think this is a good option for doing long, continuous videos around 1hr?

Martin Heyn i dont have fcp but yes i believe so. I recommend downloading my sample files to stitch on insta360 studio and try in fcpx

Thanks! Can it be edited with FXPX?

Hi there Martin. Not continuously. The issue with that is if you record 5.7K, then the maximum recording time is 30 mins. After that you must start another video. If you use 4K, there is no 30 min. limit. On the plus side, if you record a long video, it creates only a single long video rather than breaking it up into smaller videos. Another advantage is that it can be powered by USB, and has replaceable batteries.

Very cool! Bro, those trampoline parks are dangerous as fuck though.

Thanks man! Hmm i didn't know that hahaha

Yeah is a best video

Thank you very much Sa eed!!!

tlsmoke23 hi tlsmoke23 good news the mac version of insta360 one x desktop software is now available!

+360Rumors.com thank you very much. Less hassle for less $. Im on a Mac I see it not compatible until next month. The shape and size reminded me of an old Kodak camera i used years ago.This will be great for what I want to use it for.

Thank you so much tlsmoke23! One X no doubt. The One X has better image quality but more importantly, it's easier to process. With the Rylo there is no desktop app, so you have to process everything on the phone, one video at a time. The videos are also very large so you have to keep deleting apps on your phone. Quite a hassle.

I was able to create this video because of your tips on using PR 2018. Worked out great!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hOpV-28Cnw

DanDanTheFireman thank you very much!

You are a god send! It works in 2018!!! Thank you. Subbed

DanDanTheFireman hmm strange. How about trying it on 2018?

Really sucks, but I am having trouble installing the GoPro VR Plugin to PR CC 2019. Just wont show up. Oh well

Yes it's really fun! It's like you're the director of your own movie!

+360Rumors.com wow thank you! I will try that out today!

Thank you very much Meerland!

The video is highly compressed

Very nice video ! I love the way you work, specific and a real pleasure to watch your posts. I talk about you and Ben, the same way, the same passion...great job. I suscribed both channels and keeps me happy ! Don't change anything and go ahead ;) A question anyway: wich 360 camera do you recommend to play 8K in an headset like Oculus GO, for a professionnal use, no matter how much it cost. Thousand of dollars to spend, so, I'd like to have reviews. But high very quality is needed. Thanks

Salut Stephane! Thank you yery much for watching my videos! I appreciate your encouragement! As for 8K, I'm testing the Pro 2 right now, so that could be a very good alternative. kandao obsidian S also has a very good reputation for video quality, as does the z cam v1 (not v1 pro) and s1 pro. I'll post a review of the pro 2 asap. If there are particular issues you'd like me to address, please let me know. thank you very much.

Come on Mic! (Love the video first off.) However the One X is not ready for prime time! I will address to this Insta360, I own a Air and also purchased and returned the ONE as it has issues. Now I bought a One X and I have to ask, did you rush this to market or what? Not only does YouTube not work on a Google Pixel XL as it reads "Network Problem" when you press CONFIRM, (Tested on 3 phones) but who thought this thing up with using a SPECIAL USB cable needed to connect to the camera that also does not allow the unit to use the phones battery? Major issue here when you want to stream live as the battery has a short life and you can not power it and stream at the same time. Are you now going to release a special cable adding yet more cost to this camera? Why you would not have the camera connect to Wi-Fi directly and use the Internet is beyond me. But even if you did not do that, you could have at least let the user connect to the One X via Wi-Fi and then used the phones 4G LTE connection to stream. But nope that is not even an option. How do you expect people to use this when out and able to live stream with such a short cable? This could have bee so much more and I actually expected more out of such a powerful camera. If I could live stream on YouTube, which is why I bought this camera, I would be looking to do so via 4K and not the low resolution that your other products already do. YouTube allows for 4K 360, so as long as you have the bandwidth, so why would you limit a 5.7K camera such a low resolution? So the BIG flaws are non-working APP features. The very poor battery live and no way to power the camera and use live streaming (if I could). And the low res streaming even though this is marketed as a 5.7K device. And to think, I just got this today and I already found these issues. I have not even look at the other "features" and I fear I will soon be let down if you can not even get streaming right. To make matters worse, it does not even work with Google Street View via Wi-Fi and you also need to purchase a separate remote to be able to get GPS information even though this is already built into every smart phone! All you are doing is making ways to make more money from an already costly camera that you have crippled. I am not sure how you got so many good reviews for this product. My only guess is that you bought the reviews or gave away free product for good reviews. But the Insta360 One X surely was not ready for release and the need to use special cables and not be able to run plugged in to stream is just a slap in the face to your consumers. (Another $107 for battery and charger! Oh my!!!!) Come on Insta360, you surely are better than this!

Thanks David. I will forward your comments to them. I agree it seems they rushed the One X to the market. That was one of the disadvantages I listed. Your question was why this camera has gotten rave reviews from most reviewers. For me, it's the image quality, especially the slow motion. It also has many features - as though insta360 took the best features of all other 360 cameras and combined them into one camera. Then it did it all for a very aggressive price. It seems many of your complaints have to do with live streaming, and tbh it's not a feature that a lot of people are focusing on. I don't know why one x's live streaming is limited to 2560 x 1280 when Virb and Yi can stream in 4K. But the big benefit to the One X for live streaming is that it is stabilized in realtime. AFAIK, only insta360 has been able to do stabilized 360 live stream. Good point about the GPS in phones. I think it is similar to GoPro forcing users to buy a $50 microphone adapter just to be able to use microphones. P.S. I think it wasn't your intention but if you say that insta got great reviews because they bought the reviews, what do you think your statement implies about reviewers? Are you saying that all of the reviewers, including Ben, Hugh, and me -- we all lied and/or accepted bribes from insta360? That's a pretty serious accusation my friend.

Enjoyed the video enormously. More than a review -put me off bungee jumping like -FOREVER! I hope that your shins healed quickly. What some people will suffer for their art, eh?

William Giddings thank you so much William!

you are CRAZY.. hah ah ah aha a

Thanks for this in-depth review. I am in the process of getting my 1st 360 Camera and I am consuming as much information as I can right now. Thanks for this one, I will be looking for your upcoming comparison.

Hi Kamel! Yes it is more compressed than Fusion, and also got compressed again after premiere, and another time after uploading to youtube. you can download unstitched sample videos here: http://360rumors.com/2018/10/insta360-one-x-review.html#sample

Salut !!! Very quick and clear answer, thank you very much to you! The pro 2 is the camera I'm looking for at this moment. I own a Gear 360 and a Virb 360 but quality are not good enough for headsets. Even in RAW mode 5,7K (VIRB), stitched with Premiere. In fact, I'm launching a B2B business based on virtual tours for french companies (HTML, hotspots, 3Dvista Pro) at the beginning of 2019, and I'm trying some softs and hardware. I'll use the Oculus Go for my customers, for its comfort and quality. I had an application developed specially for the Oculus Go, because thre are no way to play HTML on It, and need a local server to launch html files. 3DVista offers only 5GB hosting, and I'm around 10GO for each tours. And must upload to "re" download it to stay offline, stupid... And their support dropped me off to find a solution. Great software, but no support, kind of disappointment for a 500€ licence... So, I'm waiting your Pro 2 review impatiently. I'm sure it will be a great review, you'r good to talk to pros and beginners at the same time. I really do appreciate your work. About the pro 2, I'd like know its autonomy, just to know if a second battery is needed to shoot a entire day. And a link to a 8K footage from it would be very cool !!  Thanks again for your answer. I can share my work by PM if you want to, but I really, really really do appreciate your work. Helped me to find solutions, thanks a lot ! Don't want to bother you, but open to share any experience. I mostly hope that my english is understandable !!!! VR with passion !

+360Rumors.com Hi Mic...Once again, thanks for the reply. I was actually just doing my replies from our last live stream so I know how it can get. :) This reply came out much longer than I thought...So I hope you have the time to read it. I feel you are 100% correct on the reviewers and it really hurts. Free product or even getting paid to do something like and Open Box to me is one of the worst things that can happen. The Open Box review to me is just SO BAD. It is NOT a review, the person has NO experience with what they are talking about. Yet companies like Insta360 will give product away just to get a social commercial out. Yet I can do a review on something because I like it and thought someone else may and I can actually cause a small company to sell out of it. Why? People people who know, know they can trust what I, and others like yourself, says about a product. There is a difference. I really wish Insta360 or other new comers would at least ask people like us for feedback on a product BEFORE it actually comes out. I have to guess you likely are asked...But do they listen? It seems not for Insta360 has been at this a good amount of time and yet something like the X comes out like this. 1/2 baked which also require you to buy add-ons to do something like GPS. Huh? But I surely know how it is, the CE industry has been like that for years. But it was not always like this. (JVC Professional shut down their booth during CES for 2 hours to make changes to their new, first ever, 4K projector based on my feedback when I walked into the booth. They cleared the 50+ people in the demo at the time so I could speak freely. As you can tell, I tell it like it is. But they, like other companies at the time, knew that I had the knowledge gleaned from millions of consumers. They did not dismiss my feedback, but used it to improve the product for the CONSUMER.) Ah the memories. :) Mic, you spend A HELL OF A LOT of time just in editing your videos. It is amazing what you do! It really is. Me? I love the "one take" hold on and have fun approach. If I mess up along the way...so be it. It is the personal touch that people seem to like and trust. The best complement I get is when we meet somebody in person for the first time and they end up saying..."Boy you're just like you're in the videos!" Yup. But what you do is so amazing to say the least. The first time I had seen one of your videos was on the Yi 360. You had me at that point based on the work you do and how you approach it. In regards to what our viewers like, it is a mixed bag really. Depending on the topic, some LOVE the 360 and ask for it to be used more. The issue however is doing it live has requirements, the biggest being bandwidth. But also it requires a camera and APP that can do it well. When we would do "Campfire Chats", they love them as we sit around a campfire and answer live questions. Viewers can look around and get a very unique experience. The camera I was doing that with was actually the Insta360 AIR (USB-C). The issue however with the AIR is that it has no horizon correction. Therefore your phone has to be perfectly up-and-down to make it work well. Otherwise things spin in the diagonal. You know how it is more than most would LOL. It also is not that great in low light and is a low res camera. But people really liked it. We also have gotten into doing "Live Drives" where we have done 9 hours! (Not a typo) And we actually have people who would watch the entire time and then come back the next day to continue the travel. Now this is where a 360 camera would REALLY be nice. Sometimes we have the Mevo shooting us and other times we point it out the window. People want both! We have 50/50 when it comes to what view people would care to have. Thus the 360 would be GREAT! Thus the Insta360 ONE I thought would be really good for this. However, again, it needed the phone and it was not stable at all. Then the Yi360 was my next great hope...But you know how that ended up. So now the ONE X is here and I really had high hopes!!!! That was the shattered when I found out, after I got it, that it requires the phone to be connected to it via special USB to stream. Well, big issue, battery power of the camera. I would be lucky I think to get 30 out of it. (Though I have not tried.) But alas, it does not even work with YouTube and from where I have seen on-line where it did work for some people, it was all low rez. Going deeper, it also might not work well as you can not use USB or external mics. So, there go our good audio using mic packs. But man, I would LOVE to do things with it. As far as the Mevo Plus goes...First off, it is very much on the high side cost wise. That is due to the the camera and then the Boost (10 hour battery) being both separate. But the Boost does more, it also gives you ethernet out!!!! So you have the choice, Wi-Fi or Ethernet! You also can use USB mics (again you need the Boost for that.) But what is so amazing about the Mevo is the APP. It is SO GREAT! It is one of the best apps I have ever used. Not only is the Mevo a 4K camera, but if you are streaming live, it will shoot in 4K but you can direct the show LIVE giving you a Multi Cam look!!! It does this by using 4K to shoot but stream in 1080P or 720P (your choice.) You can pre-setup camera views for camera cuts for close-ups, but also can pan and zoom! The APP even has an AUTO DIRECTOR mode where it will do cuts on it's own. Sure that does not always get it right, but it works! But they did not stop their. Even setting up to stream live is a dream! You can setup events in the future that show up on your channel and people then can add them to their calendar to be alerted that the show is coming up. You can even set the event up on YouTube using a browser and then when you log into YouTube on the APP, it will show you all the events upcoming and you just click on the one you are ready to go live with and BAM you are live! Even the RED Tally light works to let you know you are actually live! And it works! When it goes red, you are live and you know when to start! (See our last video as an example.) But again, it does not stop their. What if you get disconnected? Not an issue, it will pickup where it left off when your data is back! Oh, what if your cell phone dies? Still NOT AN ISSUE. Why? Because the camera itself is what is actually talking to YouTube via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. (Except if you are using your phone as a HotSpot of course.) But lets go one step further shall we? You can PRE-SET the camera so it knows what to do when you turn it on and press record. Meaning....I can set it to go LIVE and then just head out power it up, press record and it will connect up and start the steam. Oh...Forgot....You can stream to more than one social media site at a time if you pay to use their service to do so. So YouTube, Facebook, etc etc could all be live at once. Now the Mevo is how live steaming is done right. But sadly not in 360. If they had 360, well, the game would be over for a lot of these other so called social media cameras. Mic, if you have not played with a Mevo...You owe it to yourself to check one out. You will then see how an APP and firmware could REALLY be done. It will surely will spoil you as far as apps go and usability! When you consider all it can do. How it was thought out. And that it actually works! Then the price tag really is not that bad at all. But I do warn you...You will be amazed and will the be asking them to please make a 360 camera. I have never used Freecast but now I will need to look into it. Sorry for the long reply. I hope you will see more of where I am coming from when I am just trying to find something that in this day and age should JUST WORK. These will give you an idea of what I deal with going live....But people eat this stuff up and I when I do 360, I am always asked about the camera. The Insta360 ONE X hardware wise is nice...But the app and Wi-Fi/USB was just poorly done IMHO. Anyone who does a 360 with the power of the MEVO app will own the space for a good deal of time. Last Live Stream using MEVO... Boring Subject, but still was fun to do and we were board. https://youtu.be/gYdDfr69MK4 My Demo Showing Mevo Automatic Director all done by phone app... https://youtu.be/PXwlxFnowok Campfire Chat with the Insta360 AIR. No Auto Horizon and no way to tell when you're actually live.... https://youtu.be/k37rpVAXzbI Another Campfire Chat... https://youtu.be/k37rpVAXzbI Live Drive...Using the Mevo, but would LOVE a 360...You can jump ahead to see us turn it around... https://youtu.be/MTS5pgcuNhw

David Bott thanks David. I agree with the idea of reviewing only those things that i have experience with. Unfortunately there are many reviewers who dont care about that and review equipment for which they have zero experience. And sadly their reviews fool the public and indeed google. In this case many one x reviewers are just tech reviewers not 360 shooters. In fact many of them said it's their first time to shoot with a 360 camera. so i think that's why they dont know enough to tell what the negatives are. Thanks for the suggestion about mevo plus. Im curious - do your viewers prefer mevo or 360? What about freecast (non360 livestream where you control the overcapture view)?

+360Rumors.com Forgot to reply on the reviewer part...Sorry, that was not directed towards you three as you are ones that at least mention some of the negatives. However, there are A LOT of reviews that are just glowing. I know how it goes for reviewers, trust me. You may recall, I am the founder of AVSForum.com and it was our policy to NOT do public reviews unless we bought the gear. I worked closely with every major manufacturer of A/V gear helping to develop product and features, some of which you enjoy today. I have such a reputation, like yourself, that I never was asked to sign an NDA for any company even though they all knew I would also help their competition. And that is something considering AVS had 5 Million unique visitors a month. I could have said anything at any time and crushed a product, but it is not what I did, nor would do. Today in the RV/Motorcoach area, when I do product reviews I still hold the same beliefs. I review products that only my wife and I would and do actually personally use. Thus when I do a video, it is trusted. So I do apologize to you as it was worded wrong to make it sound like I looped you into it. I love your approach and all the time you put in. I know it is not easy. I would think you have to admit, there are a lot of just positive reviews on the ONE X none of which are pointing out flaws but more or less reading off the features without even trying the camera features itself. I bought the ONE X in hopes that they got it right over the the ONE and picked up with Yi left off to make a workable product that does that it states. (I am still shocked at Yi, the hardware was outstanding.) Side Note...As far as streaming, the only company and camera/app that I have found that DOES WHAT IT SAYS and does it VERY WELL is Mevo. It is not 360, but the app is amazing and I steam in 1080P with no issues. I can even setup future stream events so it can be marketed to our subscribers and when it is time to go LIVE, I just select the event and it goes live. External USB mics even can be used. (I use the Mevo Plus)

Thank you very much David. You're absolutely right - 360 is perfect for travel. I think the disconnect is that insta360 doesn't know how real live streamers like you use live streaming. They are thinking of live streaming where someone says something for a few minutes and posts it on facebook. I think they have no idea that there are people like you who can live stream for hours (TBH, that is not very common, since you usually need specialized equipment). Anyway i'll let them look at your comment and maybe they can recommend a 3rd party pass-through USB adapter to enable you to charge the camera while streaming with it.

​+360Rumors.com Hi Mic...Thanks for the reply. You always do a fantastic job on your coverage even putting your life on the line. :) (You also do point out the negatives to some degree.) I do agree with you fully that it has a lot of features and that the slow motion is really something nice. Like the auto stabilize! But the real let down to me was how it all connected up. The needed a special cable. The lack of being able to charge it when streaming. The Non-Use of Wi-Fi to stream over 4G LTE or via a direction connection to a Wi-Fi network that then your phone can also connect to and thus then not only use the Internet that the Wi-Fi is connected to to stream, but also use your phone to control it seeing it is on the same network. As you know, I was so outspoken on the Yi and what they did to a lot of us. To this day they have not fixed the app to be able to stream in 4K. It will send 4K to YouTube, but it does tell YouTube that. So it is only broadcast at a lower rez but will process into full 4K after. I am just hoping that Insta360 does not let us all down. But when need special cables and a special remote to do things, that to me screams of a money grab. Like the Yi, why does the USB able not one two ends on it, one for power and one for the data to the phone? Seeing Insta360 has been doing these now for a very long time...I was shocked with some of the issues it has right from the start that even their other cameras don't have. Seeing my wife and I are full time RV'ers (we live and travel in a 45' Motor Coach) we have a following of almost 15K...All related to travel! A 360 camera is just great for this and when I use one I always get people asking about it. I would love it if I fine had a camera I could point people too as I know they would sell as it seem people buy a lot of the items I mention. (Yesterday we went live with our Mevo Plus for 1hr:20min and would have LOVED to have used the 360 for it based on what we were doing. Nothing exciting, just replacing our windshield day and night shade and giving tips. But people seem to love it when we go live. It would have been great to have people follow along and see everywhere in the coach as I did the work,) Thank you again for all you do.

+mustis4 thanks mustis4!

+360Rumors.com i got what u mean. Thank u bro..

Such a worthy guide to a good 360 actioncam model!

Thank you very much K M! I'm so glad you like the video! i'm working on the sequel now

Thank you very much J. Wade! I'm done with the testing for the comparison and i'm starting to put together the video. I hope to be done by Wed.


Thanks Marc. Good thing is that it's healing! And I'll have a story to tell from the scars haha

Chris71319 yes i agree the fusion has slightly better image quality except at the sides and except for slow motion

I have used the insta360 one x. Nice workflow! I still prefer the fusion because of the higher resolution and video quality.

Really great video and very unique way of doing a review by literally jumping off the bridge! As I am new to 360 cameras I can't quite make up my mind if this camera is great or just another case of technology that is not yet ready for prime time. In your slow mo videos there were a lot of artifacts that looked like jello and were very distracting. Was it an effect of interpolation or just over compression of the video? You have not really talked about it, but as I saw it, it was not a usable footage IMO. You talked about risk of scratching the lens. How easy is it to do so without a protective case. Does Insta 360 use gorilla glass for the lens? Would this camera be ruined, for example, if I drop it on concrete, gravel, hard ground, soft ground with pebbles, lose sand, carpeted floor, grass, soft pillow? Too many features are unfinished or buggy at present time and too many accessories are unavailable. They need to take example from DJI of releasing well polished products from day one.

+Dima Habenko Thank you so much Dima! I have a One X page that you can use to keep up to date here: http://360rumors.com/2018/10/insta360-one-x-review.html I believe the next updates will be the Premiere no-stitch plugin and HDR Video mode. Yes the One X will be fantastic on a dog. I'm not sure if you've seen this demo (with the old Insta360 One) which I think can give you a preview of what your videos could look like on your dog and your bike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6weD4EeyLVs

360Rumors.com Thank you for such elaborate reply. Really appreciate it. The price for the newest Insta is low enough to entice me to play with it, but I will wait until they release the protective case and maybe firm up the software. I want to put it on my dog and on my bike for adventure video. Bullet time though is just a gimmick, IMO. Will sub to your channel and wait for any reports on your experience with Insta!

Thank you very much Dima! Glad you liked it! As you saw the One X's main features are stabilization and slow motion, and I thought what better way to demonstrate those features than with bungee jumping! It's true, as you said, the camera is a bit buggy compared to products from DJI. But the 360 camera industry moves extremely fast. The resolution and features double every year. In 2015 when I started with 360, we only had 1080p video. In 2016, 3K. In 2017, 4K. In 2018, we see 5.7K (actually it is 6K). Next year we will see 8K consumer cameras. With DSLRs, you see double resolution only every 2 models or more. That's why 360 camera companies rarely have enough time to test the product thoroughly. Instead you get very very frequent updates (i the company is a good one). For example in 3 weeks since the One X came out, they've updated the firmware many times to fix or add features, for example: - add forward facing stabilization (direction hold) - add DNG stitching to the software - add option to increase shutter speed in low light to avoid blur In fact, the One X is the result of their cumulative experience from their previous 360 cameras (4k beta, Nano, Air, Pro, One, Nano S) so it is currently the 360 camera app with the most number of features. In the slow motion, yes the jello around moving objects was from interpolation. In the video, I specified if they were using interpolation or not. So for example the 3K 100fps is the actual speed. then I showed it at 50% and 25% speed, so those use interpolation. For some people it's ok. For some people it is not. About scratching the lens, it is tougher than other 360 camera lenses but it's still fragile. I don't know if it is gorilla grass. It will be ok on carpet. I don't know about sand -- it might scratch the lens. Sorry i can't test that. haha In the real world, you just have to treat it carefully. If you do, it will be ok. Is 3PV 360 ready for prime time? it is the only type of camera that can get the kind of footage that you saw in the video with extreme stabilization where you also have total control of the view (and in fact you can show different perspectives from the same video). it is also the only type of camera that can give you a third person view. Lastly, it is the only type of camera where you can shoot first and point later, which lets you focus on what you're doing like crossing a narrow ridge :) So it is up to you to decide if these benefits are worth it. :D

Je comprends parfaitement! I will try to find an offline virtual tour app. Meanwhile, one thing is that maybe you can use less than full resolution since the user cannot zoom in, while using the VR headset

*How many grams does the camera weigh?*

Hi there Andrew! It weighs 115g. About the same as Hero 7 Black without the case. Complete specs here: http://360rumors.com/2018/10/insta360-one-x-review.html#specs

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