VAN TOUR after 2 years living in our TINY HOUSE on wheels

VAN TOUR after 2 years living in our TINY HOUSE on wheels

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Hey. Everybody, we're aiming and back and for the last two years we have lived worked and travelled, out of our self converted Sprinter van needless, to say it was time for some serious upgrades so, today we're gonna give you a full tour of what, our van looks like now let's, go check it out. So. Amon and I actually create, video every, week all about this lifestyle, what it's really like to live in a van and travel, around so make sure you subscribe and join the, community. Welcome. To our home before we jump into our own van build it's really important to remember that the reason you do a custom, build is because you get to prioritize, exactly, what it is that you want in a tiny house so for a man and I we love hosting people which, reminds, me we, always begin, by, offering. Our, guests a drink. This. Tank crusher is actually, a new addition to the van we can't quite kick a man's addiction, to Lacroix so this will hopefully reduce, the, size of our waste anyways, you, guys it's really important, to. Keep your driver happy at all times so if my buddy wants Lacroix, he's. Gonna get some ginger ale oh thanks. Babe so. Here we are in the captain's. Chair this, is a 2008. Sprinter, and we. Actually had to replace the engine Mamere, in Mexico, last year so, with, sprinters, they are great vans as long as you keep them maintained, regular. Oil changes there's, no real major, modifications. Up here with the exception of a, little bit of extra storage so, I really, wanted a nice easy place to keep our drone that's, not a drone. And. Camera. Accessories. And equipment so we actually keep our microphone, in here this one here their drone, everything. Organized, ready to go I can pull that out quickly get the shot we have the Pau curtain, so that's what separates the cab fully, black out and then I keep some other little things like a quick, access to a headlamp you, got to have a koozie. And. We'll. Move on to the rest of the vent I'd like to say that we split the driving 5050 but the truth is this is where I spend most of my time in the passenger, seat so, I've got sunglasses. Emergency. Tampons, that kind of thing up there this is my area you, can always find water bottles, flashlights. And the, best part about this seat is it's actually a swivel, so, I can go from driving. To. Lounging, in just a quick sec having. A swivel seat really helps to open up the space as we, mentioned we love to host people so it's not only an extra chair, it really helps kind of bring this area into, the van give you an extra square foot one of the big game changers, when living in a van to make it really feel like a house is having, temperature, control so, for that we actually installed, a while ago a s bar d2 heater and we, love, this thing we've done two Canadian, winters in Toronto, it's been minus 30 outside, and we can be warm and comfortable in here, once, you slide the door open it does get a little bit of chilly you got to wait to let the heater warm the place up but it's well insulated and it makes a big difference in feeling like a little house our, fridge, is double. The size we, had a 55, litre Dometic fridge for two years no, longer it's now 110. Liters we. Are so looking forward to storing, much, more food and also making, our own ice in the van. Our. Goal with our van was to make it feel as at, home as possible, for us and that, meant having a swing, fridge as opposed to the chest fridges, you often see in van builds where you're digging to, the bottom to find your leftover. Peppers or, whatever you have in there so, this makes it feel right at home for us and also when I'm driving I can easily, open up the fridge grab a drink grab some snacks so, we just love the fridge we just wanted to increase, the size and that's what we've done did.

I Show you where the ice goes, did. I tell you buzz make a noise now Ice. Ice Baby. If. You're new around here you might not know that I actually do most of the cooking. Tonight. Then Wow. So the first thing that we loved is our nice spice magnetic, spice rack. We got the large jar so we don't have to refill them as often we, actually went out and did a custom. Jar. I found this jar I bought a hot sauce that was in it and then put a magnet in the top and that's for our garlic because there's just not, big enough for us just gonna interject, here and say that Amon is a Top, Chef and he is fine-tuned, his skills since living in the van because, he's got limited space and resources he's. Made a plant-based cut we've made a book and we are so proud of it if you guys are interested in quick, simple, and nutritious ly, delicious. Meals the. Book will be linked here and in the description below so check it, out check it out, back. To the tour up here we store easy. Access, items the things that we grab a lot olive, oil plays, bowls cups. You'll, notice we only have two of each but that's all we need two, mugs two. Cups two. Smoothie cups three. Bowls, we. Lost the ball so we have a van cise strainer this guy you just punch open get that out of here I thought that was pretty cool we have the most amazing chai, tea, unbelievable. Company I think it's called, chai. Wallah, you. Can check that out while Eamon does most of the cooking, that. Leaves me to clean so, gotta. Have room for my full-size broom, this was a year and a half almost two years in the making friends. I used to sweep with a little tiny things tiny house gets messy, fast but also cleans pretty fast so I'm sweeping pretty, much all the time whoa. Should, we talk about my new rug I didn't even think, about that this, beautiful. Baby I've also finally, convinced Eamon to have some color in the van have, to be very careful, not to get any red in here so, this carpet, is from an Etsy shop called rug Basel, and they're. Based in Toronto but I think it's a Turkish, vintage. Rug from like the 20s or 30s and, it's, beautiful, I think it really adds like, some color. And vibrance. To our space we, almost forgot. To share with you one. Of the coolest neatest. Trickiest. Little, things we bought it to the bin, this handy-dandy table, it's an outdoor table so. We're. Still working out the kinks of the new van here but, while we're hanging out outside there, are many mornings when Amon and I will set up our outdoor chairs and just kind of hang out so this is gonna be awesome for putting our breakfasts. Or coffees teas. We. Don't really drink all the elf ki beverages, all that much but you know, never, say never, finish. A corner, down a little bit there a but I love, it I freaking, love our new house. In. Our first van build we were time, and money crunched, so our cabinetry kind, of reflected, that we. Didn't spend too much time on it which is why this time, I really, wanted, to make it special this. Cabinetry was all. Pieced. Out by a man painted. By me and I'm, super excited about it I think it adds a really nice rustic. DIY, look to the house these two are actually fake, drawers don't, tell anybody this was supposed to be a cutlery drawer it did, not work out, r.i.p this. Is the first, drawer, we store all of our cooking, utensils, in here tea, towels and our utensil, drawer hopefully, when we have a better, sorting and, this. Is going to be our big momma, we've got not only pots. And pans. Our dish, rack, we've. Got dry food storage, popcorn. In here rice this, is kind of where, everything, goes hopefully. It doesn't get too messy too fast we didn't really change the main layout because we love having a big sink and stove and that's all we could really fit in here but, yes we still have propane so we do a two burner stove fresh. Water filtered. Water so we have a carbon. And sediment, filter on the, little top and a little. Soap dispenser, that's a nice little touch especially if you want to keep your kitchen clean you, know if the moving of soap, bottle in and out let's talk about water though really. Really excited, about this, we added a 40 gallon water tank that's stored under the bed I'll show you guys in a minute and then we actually have a nine gallon, gray tank that's mounted underneath the van and the, coolest part about that is when, we flicked this little switch here it just automatically, drains so, if we're in a drain friendly, area we, can just flick that ditch the gray water and we don't have to muck around changing, pipes and cleaning it up this is a space that I see a lot of people not utilizing, in their van and it makes me go why it's, a like literally, probably. 10% of the van is right there it's kind of our junk drawer, it looks very organized, now but, typically it's like if anything needs to just get out of the way it goes up here so we start jackets, more, camera.

Equipment, Towels, toilet, paper. Tupperware. Stuff, like that one, of the most distinguishable. Features of our van is that this shrine, we've built for our vitamix blender we use it every, day multiple times a day so having it really, easily accessible, was really important to us we've. Also got something else that's really important to us our pee funnel you guys know we installed the toilet but you didn't think we'd get rid of the pee funnel did you this. Is our new, beautiful. System. For using it it's got a cute little door, and the. Pee funnel is there at all times it hooks right up into the line with the pee. Tank, from the toilet so, we're, good to go we've had a lot of questions, and comments about how we're going to use the toilet, in the middle of the night when we're in bed mode and the. Answer is the pee funnel of course we. Also have a hook for, our natural, spray, right after we use the pee funnel just. Give her a one two this is also where we keep our toiletries. So, we've got our. Toothbrushes. On, this. Little hook there which I actually really like it's a small touch, but just, once again little tricks that help you keep really organized, obviously toothpaste soaps lotions stuff, like that you, might notice we don't have the eye hooks, anymore, so, these, were like two bucks at Home Depot and they seemed to have a pretty decent bite, it's, just got this little tongue that slides into there I put two on here. We're hoping that that will stay it, does hold it pretty nice and tight but. We'll, see. Over. Here in these new pop, down drawers, we've got things like crackers, quinoa, oats, anything. That doesn't quite make it into that one drawer, in the kitchen area it's, easily accessible. Right. Here another, major, major, upgrade. To the van was, the electrical, system so because we run big appliances, like the blender and, computers. And camera. Equipment etc. Etc. We. Were finding that we are a little bit limited so we had two AGM. Hundred, amp power batteries, and it. Just wasn't doing it for us as well as I think we did bring them down below forty percent one. To many times which is really, really bad. But if, you're in a pinch you got to do what you got to do anyway. We upgraded we, now have four times the amount of power. Six. Times the amount of power everything, is stored in this little housing, here so this is easily removable, this, pops open we, want to give a big thanks to our friends at Go Power for getting us new batteries. Basically. What we've done here with the new setup is we have four, six, volt 225. Amp power batteries, so, here's two of the batteries I've just got a little rubber flap on them just extra precaution. Proper. Fuses, in between the two lines, running. Into the central. Red, this, is the central black and then, that's going into our charge controller and, our 12-volt fuse panel this, is an inverter charger, so, this is actually gonna give us our 120. Stuff for the blender as well, as I can plug into Shore power and juice, up the battery bank, if needed we've, had this system for a little over a week now and guys, I have to say we, have lots of power lots, and lots of power we're. Very excited about it two more things I don't think I mentioned we are hooked up to our alternator, so as we drive we do also charge, our battery bank and we've also got a wee boost here it's not connected right now obviously but. This thing's amazing it boosts, cell signal and we actually upload all of our YouTube videos off of cellular, data when we're travelling. So if we're in the van and we've only got like one bar we can flick this thing on and get, four bars LTE, so, shout, out we boost as. Amon mentioned, temperature, control is very important, we did spend the entire winter, in Baja. Mexico, so. This fantastic. Fan came in handy we've installed it on the roof and it sucks, air in as well as out so if you're cooking it can really help as well if you have the door open it can create a really nice cross breeze in here and it's actually kept us fairly, cool another thing I really wanted to add to the van this time was a mirror.

So Your girl got herself a mirror two, years than the maken if. You've seen our first van tour you would know about the, pullout drawer under the bed we actually redesign, the entire space to fit, the, poop bucket. I'm just any poop bucket our friends, at nature's. Head hooked us up with a, composting. Toilet, so. This right here my friends, is. Where you go number two, and. Number one. Really. Really great design you, basically poop, into peat, moss or coconut shreds, and then, it's got a little spinner, here. Which. You can spin up and turn, everything and, actually compost, it's all vented, sealed. Doesn't. Smell actually. We haven't used it yet but apparently it is. Super. Super exciting, stuff to be able to poop in your house lots of people were concerned about our, not. Having a privacy, wall do you want to just touch on that really, fast baby, yeah there's no success there's no secrets, in our relation. We. Also talked, to our propane, tank under there and, we've got another little DC, fuse panel for. Some of the left, side of the van appliances, being, able to host people is so important, to us so we stayed with our couch, bed design, this, allows us to have multiple, people around the dinner table so we've got a new location for our. Trusty. Thingamabob. Thingamabob. Goes into the holy magic and then. Gate. Latch down we've. Got ourselves a beautiful, dining room table it also doubles as our office as we're always working, from the road whether it's making these YouTube videos or, emailing. For our tea company. Also. Very, very, excited, to have a few throw, pillows Amon, is loosening, up in his old age so, I've got three you guys before. I couldn't, even have one you. Had one, I had one tiny one now I have three big ones when. You're out shooting and making content, as much as we do organization. Is so, clutch so, we have a lot of gear but we keep it kind of strategically. Organized, so right here is kind of our quick grab, items so. We have two slots for our laptops, we're sitting on a nice piece of foam so we can drive and get quickly, put stuff away, this, is like quick access to batteries, and cables, and then we have a little latch for, our actual, camera bag just, in the back right here also, this is where we keep our Bluetooth speaker, so, we've got surround sound funny. Story about this guy is it was actually our first shared, purchase, back, in Thailand and we, actually had a discussion of, well, what's gonna happen if we break up it's. Like 50 bucks. So. It's nice to have it removable. On velcro so, you can bring the party outside as well there's. A part in the van tour where we're just gonna take a little break. Have. A snack because I think I'm getting hungry. Before. We started filming I said to Eamon are you hungry because I don't have to stop Midway if you get all hangry.

Well. Here, we are in a little 10-minute. Time out TV timeout. Excuse. Me. Excuse. Me carrots make me burp. We've. Also installed this, beautiful, shelf, we're calling it our book, this bookshelf we. Currently have no books in here but it's also for things like my essential oils because pre, this shelf, they were littered, throughout the van any time we took a right turn boom, they were went in an essential oil we actually had a lavender spill one day and I think that's why buddy agreed, to build this with me gotta look out for those lavender spells yes these, hooks are also awesome, if we've been out swimming for the day we need a place to dry our bathing, suits or our towels that we've used so these, back hooks will come in handy our, window coverings are amazing. They're custom, made by a wonderful, van couple, and they'll, be linked below for you cuz I can't remember right now but, they're awesome they roll down they're magnetized, all the way around so they completely block, out the light and the heat, game-changer. These were, a huge. Game changer before. Aimie and I just had reflectix, cut out we found ourselves never, wanting to take them down or move them around cuz they were just too much of a hassle so we super, super love our window coverings and we have a big one on the side door as well the other of these new, drawers, is used for, miscellaneous. I'd say big sweaters we can't fit elsewhere and also, our bug screen so when. We're parked up somewhere really nice and the only thing that's bothering us is the mosquitoes we'll just put that up it's attached to velcro along the side door up, top you got to watch your head room but, this is where we keep our clothes and his-and-hers, closets. And. We've, got them on a little, net here so nothing comes spilling out. We. Definitely, need to cycle, in and out of seasons, and we've, actually got even more storage up top which I'll show you in a second so, we like to keep these fairly organized, because it does end up getting, jammed full of clothes so just reorganizing, your clothes every time you need you, know different sweaters. And stuff then you're, typically, pretty good. And. That, was advice with a mood make. Sure you have a sweater now. We're gonna show you guys how we convert, from Coach mode to. Bed. Mode. Hold. On a minute folks, let me explain exactly, how we did that our. Bed lies on a slat, system, so from couch mode we pull the slots across and the mattress just kind of swings along with it to. Utilize the wheel, well of the van we actually store all of our bedding right. In. Here, people, often ask us if we prefer to have a fixed, bed in the van and while for some that's great, you have an extra garage lots. Of storage. We like having the option to do both honestly, it only takes like 10 seconds, to make the bed each and every night and morning and you shake out the sheets you kind of get to start fresh you. Made your bed every morning you. Will have accomplished, the first task of the day now, that you've seen the bedroom let's head to the basement. Although. We had to fit a 40 gallon water tank in here we've, actually organized. It so well that we have even more space, so. The garage is, now where we keep all of our toys we've, got everything from a stand-up paddleboard right, down to kiteboard, gear we've got our workout, bag easily accessible. This, has everything, we, do we need to work out including, our. So. Work up and, jumper, oh you, know all those things that Beck makes me do you've also got easy access to our yoga mats and our. Electric skateboards, very, important our Electric.

Skateboards Yes ma'am. In. Case we go off grid or camping, we have our large cooler so, this is nice, as a extra refrigerator with, a bag of ice we've, got our camping chairs on elastic. So those are easily accessible, as well here we've got our freshwater, tank so the water tank is fixed. Obviously, and we've. Got a water spigot on the side so you can fill it up from a hose on the. Door just beside the basement we have easy access to our shovel, this, is saved. Our but a number of times getting stuck in the sand but also you, can use it for a pouf travel in case enjoy. The nature a little bit better and we have the tripod mount so that's a cool little storage, space there's a little bit of gap here once, again you got to use every, single inch within. Your tiny little band that's the basement but we still have some more space while. We were in San Diego we actually upgraded, to the aluminous, bumpers, and this, has really helped, take, our storage to the next level. So. I mounted the max tracks onto the side of the bumper this. Helps, keep them kind of out of the way so it's got a proper home in this, bumper here we've got kind. Of our hardware storage, so all the tools it's important if you wrote your houses on the road you, have tools and you know how to fix things extra. Running shoe storage so we don't have to have stinky shoes in the van jumper. Cables toque cable, and then, in the other one we've. Got our latest, prized possession, put one wheel with, things unreal and. Then some water sports toys so Beck and I both love to dive so we have our snorkel mask bins this is our pump for the kiteboard, waterproof. Bag there's, actually another cooler in there so, lots of lots of storage and, it feels good to have it all organized. Next. Let's. Head up to the roof and I'll show you what we got on there. It's. Also the, aluminous, ladder we got them to throw this on there as well I, really like having it on the side we, actually hang a hammock off of it sometimes and, super. Super solid design and that. Brings us up to the top. Patio. Pentose what, are we calling it the roof. The. Solar panel here takes up most of the real estate it's three hundred and twenty watts and for. What we do and filling up our new battery bank it's more than enough so, really really happy we also have the weboost antenna, mounted here that. I think BEC will explain the rest while, in Mexico we met Pedro who built us this custom, roof rack so, we're able to store two inflatable, stand-up, paddleboards, and we've also just been gifted this big tule, bag so perhaps extra. Winter storage, clothing. Things that we don't need all the time but we'd like access, to so oh and. My shower basically. This is just a black pipe full of cold water that we filled up a few days ago and as it sits in the Sun essentially. It gets hot so should be pretty warm buddy. Built this for me I use it in warm. Climates, only so not here in Canada very often, and I actually had really hot showers out of this thing we, have a compressor, which gives it really beautiful pressure. No. Complaints, here the last little exterior, mod that I'm really excited about is our light bar so, this is a 500.

Watt, LED. Light bar and the. Reason why I mounted, it so low is I actually found. Especially. In Mexico driving. At night it was really difficult to navigate big, potholes, and craters. And stuff in the road so it's, nice to have some extra light. And. Mainly. For safety right back I don't know I think you just think it looks cool or something obviously. Well. Guys we really enjoyed bringing, you around and showing you our updates, it's a big deal for us even when you change one thing, about your host we've, been living in this for two years so, things like double. The size fridge and triple. Almost triple the size water tank is gonna make a big difference in our lives as you guys can see from the tour we're still getting used to all of these upgrades and changes and we can't wait to take this van on our next adventure so, please subscribe and, join the adventure and you can come along too if, you're going to subscribe also hit the bell that way you'll never miss a video we're, heading to Europe in, like two weeks. It's. Gonna be alright. Goodbye. That. Meant having, a swing, door as opposed to a Chesterfield, fridge, where you're always dizzy. When. We first moved into the van there was. When. We were first building, out our. In. Our, first van built we had, it's. Got all of our cooking utensils. Not. Tablecloths, what are these called claws. Dishrags. Dish wash dish, what's the word why, are you helping me to coffee I also just wanted to mention our, wonderful. What. Are these calls our window coverings. No. That's good. Hey, do you know what you're saying. You.

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Loving the new look and upgrades in the ice looking forward to your adventures in Europe.... #eamonandbec #Chaiwala #vantour #vanlifetour #vanlife

Dear Eamon and Bec, your new van setup looks lovely. If you find yourself in Bucharest Romania during your European trip I would love to meet up and show you the sites

14:00 Wow Bec, look at that rust colored pillow. You sure have expanded Eamon's color comfort zone. Love the new rug too.

It looks great you guys!!!

Love the color in your “new” van.

You guys are doing awesome! Loving how the channel is evolving :) you should do a road trip to Northern Canada and drive the Dempster. I presently live in Inuvik but moving back to Ottawa this summer. Hope my SUV does well on the dirt road.

great video! love you guys. Safe travels!

Loving the new additions guys!!

Found your channel a couple of days ago and i cant stop watching your vids!! Amazing what you guys are doing ❤️

I am so excited for y'all as the van is a real home with the added extras. Can't wait to join in on the Europe tour. Safe travels. Love y'all  Texas us

Comming to the Netherlands

Be careful keeping stuff on top of your van! How would you ensure no one could get anything out of the bag?

Beautiful! You both did an awesome job! The rug and pillows are perfect. We love a rug cuz you just shake it out! Can’t wait to see your Europe travels!

Love your new changes a great use of space.and the new toilet, thats what you call droping the bomb.

Rofl I get the Inhale/Exhale arrows now lolololol!

Guys... The Van looks Awesome!!!

ice, ice baby. You both are the best face of mankind. i hate red too!

Sweet new #VanLife tour guys! Nice to see you both got the new mods done to it. lol sounded like Beck farted while trying to move the seat but i know it was the seat haha. Love you both!! You guys should come for the visit this summer after your trip, i really could use help with raising the walls and getting the plywood on my Tiny House. could film it for your channel too. hugs

Europe!! Yay, everyone else is in Central or South America! So looking forward to seeing you in Europe!

Loved the bloopers

Ahhh!! So happy Bec finally got a toilet lol

Congratulations! Your van remodel looks great! Whoohoo! Europe!

You guys did a great job! Wishing you all the best on the next faze of you journey.

she's pretty damn cute.

Guys you need to change the door of the fridge to swing the other way. An easy fix for sure ...

Your van is soooo dialed-in. Super build, for sure. Be proud of that, it's awesome. Also, Beck's tits look fantastic in that top.

Can I be you?

I’m loving the updates! Nice work.

Nice pull @17:21....and....@17:24, Bec!!! It's the "little" things that count....or....more room out than in....take yer pick!!! And...17:27.5??? Sheesh, woman!!! I'm humbled, as I am a man of resounding natural soundings!!

I’m new here so why no red

That's what I was wondering and I've been here a while

omg... you guys are so hilarious! I cannot wait to meet you's some day soon! :)

The features of this video are awesome! A game quality for sure!

Y’all have earned a subscriber! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Looks great!

hey! did you guys insulate the floor more? i know youve mentioned that for toronto winters you would have insulated the floor better. how would you do that? im hoping to build specifically for toronto winters and am trying to find info. also, i love your vlogs. not only are you guys so adorbs but its really helped in me building a vision and keep inspiring to start making these plans more tangible.

Very nice

Guess What? I love it too....I can feel the chilly Billy cold from here... Well it's looking goooood , ice with mine please...

It looks so nice

Who gets to take the first dump?

Awesome makeover! You have my drawer pulls. I love the look of them!

So happy you brought up your chaiwala. Just got my kit a couple of weeks ago up here in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Honestly, I’ve had many different chia’s and yours is by far the most aromatic and delicious that I’ve ever had. Now I’m craving fro some.

Love all the upgrades & decor!! Can't wait for your European adventures

Y'all are just amazing! I love ths van! Can't wait for Europe!

Hey heard you’re going to Europe, can you guys post where you’re going to be when, I plan on being in Europe this summer it would be really cool if I could meet you guys if our schedules lineup

Go buy a house.

Trinity 2.0 is awesome. Bec, you even burp excellently. I'm so excited for y'alls next adventures, keep up the great work!!

Y’all are complete goals! You guys are living my dream! Maybe one day, my husband and son will be able to do this!

Duuuudeee I was thinking of that speech and then they inserted it

Awesome sooooo awesome

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