We Travel To Kenya To Learn About The First Woman In History

We Travel To Kenya To Learn About The First Woman In History

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Looking at maternal haplogroup and. We can trace it all back in time to, one woman this. Is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen I. Can't. Believe that we're allowed to be here I've never, been overseas ever in my life I didn't realize how integral, this part of the world was to all of humanity I feel, so lucky this, is. So. Remember that time we all took 23andme, genetic, tests. In. Addition to finding out where our recent ancestors, are from we also found, out where our distant, ancestors, are from so, we all have different haplogroups, and that means that our distant ancestors can be traced back to different, regions of the world but every person living today including, you can trace their haplogroups, back even, further to one common haplogroup. Known as El the El haplogroup, lived in eastern sub-saharan, Africa, over a hundred and fifty thousand, years ago while we don't know exactly where in eastern sub-saharan, Africa they would have lived we decided to travel to the region of the world where they would have existed it's the ladylike shell and we're traveling to Kenya. No. We're going to Kenya. This. Is really exciting because I don't know if you guys know or not but I've never traveled overseas so, this is absolutely, gonna be a huge checkmark, on my bucket list getting to know myself more is perfect for this trip because Africa, is most definitely an extension of who I am and the results that I got back from the 23andme, tests, were a bit broad regards. To haplogroups, especially, Elle and how it relates to all of us I feel like King is an awesome starting place yeah the. Originator of the high blow group would have lived in sub-saharan, Africa sub-saharan Africa, is like. There's. Like multiple, countries, there's so many different types of people there's so many different cultures within that descriptor, so we chose Kenya because we were able to reach out to some scientists the national team of Kenya also just as a general disclaimer. The scientific, community, uses, the term paternal. And maternal to. Delineate who, gave, birth we, all, understand. That when, we say maternal, not everyone, that gives birth identifies, as a woman so just FYI there's, a view a lot of science on this trip but we also want to have a little fun so we are gonna hang out with the girls from the over 25, channel they're also a group of creators who are ladies, we're, also gonna, see animo. -. Yeah. So. We need more clothes that are lighter color why we have to wear light clothes because, mosquitoes. Love, to bite people wearing, dark colors I, hate. Mosquitoes, so. These are like. Pink. With like pale, pink wool shirt I. Bought. One. Two. Three. Pairs of linen pants my, pants collection is now up to five pairs Wow I, know hit, more than doubled overnight he's not labeled Eva sceetos he looks like you're going to a diddy yacht party and. Then I've got some pants, from the thrift store it's. Debatable if these are pajamas or not but well, it's. Sleep but making fashion. Packing. For Africa, needless to say I'm a little stressed at the same time I'm trying to remember that I'm gonna forget about this the moment I see an elephant are you doing but I, have, some, freeze-dried, olives. And some Taco, Bell mild sauce you can say what you want about talk, about. Some, good sausage, Devin, and I are also rooming, together and, since I am very regular, I am bringing poo pourri the great thing about packing, is that it's a wonderful, opportunity to, remind yourself how wonderful. You are at remembering, things like, I made a lot of lists, to remind myself the, things that I need but, I'm probably still gonna leave like to my butt at home.

Today's. The day. We're. Here. Off. To a momentous, start, we're walking to, check, in this doesn't feel real it doesn't feel real it's not gonna feel real until we're there and then it's gonna feel the most the most real exactly. So I'm gonna take this opportunity to, talk to you about airport. Fashion because, it is my belief that you should dress and essentially, pajamas, when, you're going to the airport however, young. Fresh has. To look cute. You you can't talk your way to beautiful dress you. Have one step, one dressing, up to walk, I've. Been thinking about it and I think I'm gonna take off my bra during the flight I support, that I support, it too great I'm glad I'll pun intended I'm glad we better take me bra. Kristin, I took the first polaroid of the trip here. Just developing, all. Right there we go we're digging up. Hey. We're in Amsterdam can, you give me some weed. God. You're, stuck at the airport because. Our place the lake in the storm but jen is having a good time trying. To figure out what amsterdam tinder is like a lot of names I can't pronounce I, love. This country that's, why some tulips and cheese oh my god yeah. Yes Kenya, yes, we're on the way they're, expecting, us. After. How many owls. We, knew we were getting land losers, but we did not realize this was the kind of lady whose we were getting and it's super, cool it's like a Safari cruiser it, is 2:17. In the morning and we, have decided to have a nightcap. Hotel. Oh. Thank. You so, nice to see you you're my favorite, oh. My. God so it's the first day officially, in Kenya. Last. Night we landed at about 11:30, p.m., with, Sam so tell us a little bit about who you are and why you're here sure so I make content and curation scientists, at 23andme, and I'm, just really excited to be here talking with you guys about DNA. And women and hafla groups and all these other crazy things my question is we hear the word haplogroup. A lot in terms of our 23andme results and also why we're here what is a hablar group when people think of DNA they're typically, thinking about DNA that's found inside the nucleus of the cell but, the DNA that holds the sort of ancient genetic, information that we use to identify maternal. Haplogroup is, found, in the mitochondria of the cell the DNA that's in this mitochondria, is called mitochondrial, DNA like, surprised you might have heard this before they're the powerhouses, of the cell yeah it's like the only thing anyone remembers, yeah. What scientists have been able to do is trace all the way back over a hundred thousand years ago to. The common female, line ancestor. Of everyone. Who's alive on earth today a hundred, thousand, years ago yep, that's insane, Wow. What. Is the significance, of the L haplogroup, from what we know about the, L haplogroup. It's the, kind of main haplogroup, within the continent, of Africa there was this woman over a hundred thousand years ago at some point she had at least two daughters and one of those daughters was, forming, this branch that we now call L 0 and the other daughter formed this branch that was all the rest of those and then many thousands, of years later one of those great great great granddaughters, she had two daughters and that started splitting into the rest of people that we see outside of Africa so basically, we, are all descendants. From the one woman. Who started, the L haplogroup, that's right because it is so far back in time it's not really the same as saying you know my great-grandma, lived in Africa and and I'm her descendant, it's like the ancient, lineage of all humans who are alive today and it is traced. To Africa because that's where modern humans kind of first evolved, so just so everyone is clear we're, not all from Africa, don't leave this video saying. That so, now that we know a little bit more about the science behind haplogroups, we're gonna go talk to some anthropologists and, they're gonna tell us a little bit more about how these women live so, cool let's do it do it let's go yeah yeah.

Freddie's. Just over here in a corner striking, a cool pose and. Then bopping around is Kristen. So. We're here in the National Museum of Kenya with dr. Bob. My. Name is dr., Emma and. Paleoanthropologist. Interested. In the study of human evolution so. Where, in Africa do you think the, mitochondrial. Eve would have been living in Eastern Africa we have the evidence from. The fossils, they found that people living in Eastern, Africa today, they are mitochondrial. DNA, you know points. You know to that mother, 200,000. Years ago I don't know if that you understand, all that science. You. Know you. Know so in terms of like bone structure, and bodies. And how we look today how, different, is that from the, mitochondrial, Eve's bone, structure, and her sort, of makeup the evidence that there is looking, at the postcrania, and limb, bones yeah mitochondria. Might after they were born, Cetus, why was human development, around 200,000. Years ago such a critical, period, there, was a big debate you, know to the questions, of where did modern humans, arise. From, that's where they went to the studies of modern mitochondrial. DNA of the living people therefore you know after obtaining all, those samples, they were able to calculate back, which, one you know had more diversity, in it so there were less diversity, in, the DNA. Of the European less. Diversity, in East Asia but, more diversity, was found in Africa meaning, the it, had been here for all this evidence, of the mitochondria, DNA supports. Africa, as the place of modern humans. Did. She suffer from the patriarchy, like we do. First. Full day in Nairobi. So. We are at carnivore, about to have dinner, carnivore is this badass restaurant. Gonna, have all case of meat in which. It drink is actually don't know what to call the Dawa and there's vodka and. Honey. And lime. Doctor. I was. Wearing, my shirt. Most. Of the day. The. End all, the interviews, most. Of what was Sean was. Wearing my shirt backwards, so we've invited the girls from over 25 to, come have dinner with us we're super, excited to hang with them hold on my drink I'm grabbing, my drink. Ever. Try confessed this camera all night I. Have. Been successful, twice. And. She asked, me if I got some gears, yeah I was. In Los Angeles and, then she gasps this, hairstyle. At. Four o'clock really. Actually people just can't live without their four o'clock team. Freddie's. Gonna eat some bum. So. We are, finishing. Up dinner Lauren, is gonna come shopping with us tomorrow I. Am. Awful, at haggling someone's, like do you want to pay $85. And I'm like maybe a hundred. Day. Two and, I will be we, are starting. The morning off very early at 6:30 a.m. at Romy time we, are gonna go get breakfast and then we're going to go to the. Elephant Orphanage, and then we're going to go into the city do some shopping very very excited, oh there's so much fun here I love it the server, told me this was his favorite try, just means tea it's what you. Learn. You. Did from your mouth that means mama needs a. Cana. I, get. Really carsick, so I make everyone else sit in the back. So. I can sit in the front teitelbaum. Just. Arrived at the orphanage. These are elephants, that have been orphaned for, various, different reasons they, are being rehabilitated, to, go back out into the wild so their main goal is not to be with humans for the rest of their life the main goal is to be, with other elephants, yeah but they did tell us that if we want to we could foster a baby elephant. Home. With us that's. How you do you'll get along great with James yeah it's, really important that we can serve these animals and ape remindful the fact that like the circumstances, under which they're here are not, good yeah, and we're just here to get some love this is like a studio ghibli film all, the animals and the beautiful, landscape. Good. Job nice. Work buddy, edwin, is my name and this is the David Sheldrick, koala trust so this project is taking care of orphaned, baby elephants, rhinos. And later on reintroducing. Them back into the world and, that's why oh the baby's able to see here today are orphans, you guys are you ready. We. Rescue, them from different parts of the country and. They all have, different reasons for being orphans in the baby sister very young an. Age where do not have survived without the mother's milk lost. Without protection. Against the dangers we will be trained they will be protected, and so will behave like any other world elephant.

Out There when. We see that happen then we set it free a little become wild once again at once they finish the milk then. They are relaxed, and calm and so you can interact with them make sure that. What's. Doing you, look like you're kissing. These. Elephants, are the sweetest, ever, they. Have such, different personalities, some, are really rowdy. Some. Are really friendly and calm and some are super shy I, mean. I'm just surprised, that they're even just letting us be around them well baby likes my dress a little bit too much. Oh, he's. A playful, good job buddy this is amazing. There's nothing. Like being, around, elephants, are so, smart there was so aware they. Know completely, what's going on I can't, imagine. Why, anyone would want to hurt them, we're. Just like you didn't be in the same places that Devin, how are you feeling I am in heaven I had. Got sprayed on I'm one with the elephant it's just in Kannada bu it really is an honor to be here when we are blessed and honored yeah I'm like I might cry yeah I'm. A big elephant baby myself, ultimately, I think the overwhelming feeling is that we're all really grateful to be here and thankful, that we get it be in the presence of these animals because they're special, that was, incredible. That was amazing it, was really awesome just to see these animals in their space where we were the guests these are little babies and they're orphans and so a lot, of them have had a really, really rough start to life but, there's still so much joy, that they have they still play. They, still you, know snoring. It's so bully they still love their milk they. Fart 85, Freddie, got farted, on it's the humans were. Ones able to coexist with these animals and I think it's really important that we learn how to coexist with them again mm-hmm, because they are like an incredibly, important, part of our world thank you so much for the David Sheldrick trust we are so grateful that we're able to be here and. And. Thank you for all you do I mean this is just it's, a blessing to be here and it's a blessing to all the animals that are able to get. Help we just finished and, now we got to go clean ourselves up yep, oh. My, nose Devon, was in there. So. I we have to go the cleanup before we go shopping that's for damn sure just Devon's full body devil dust Dane. Hi. So, we're going shopping, javi. Yeah, yogi amazing Lorna here. She's gonna help us navigate. It's. Very different there's a lot of option, mm-hmm, so I'm just trying to figure, out what I absolutely need in one and it's most alike by every awesome thing that I see that's, a good strategy, yeah. Maybe. Like also. Maybe like a cool little little. Keychain or something, so IV and I stuck, together through, this whole adventure she, is the best barter, thanks. I. Would. Be like IV is this a good price she's like I can haggle for days what price you want. He. Got, me these. Cool, bridge. Just. Shopping around whatever I don't want oh so. Cute, so now, I have three and I, have a bangle as well and a scarf for my mom mom, I bought you something so, don't complain thank, you you've been very helpful.

Oh. Yeah. I did, Kathy and I also got matching phrase. I. Got a little bird I also, got a little bit of salad spoons, for my roommate got so many spoilage. Some. Beautiful. Keychains. I. Got. One. Just like her I think Tom's need, them. This. Is, the SS paradise, this is your captain speaking. We're on our way to Tsavo, buckle. In everyone it's gonna be a. We. Said a lovely good binder regime in the cat. So. We are at Severn Safari Park I just want to introduce you guys to my new friend vacation, Kristen. Kristen. Is wearing her big sunglasses I am my big sunglasses and I'm also wearing shorts. Because. It is very warm and I am enjoying the. Scenery yeah, I mean this is a view from our porch like, take every, Girl Scout camp you went to that you thought was like kind, of fun and then make. It a hundred times more fun and then add animals, the ride here was probably about five. And a half hours and, when we got here we, were all super tired and smelly but just like in awe yeah we're all about, this beautiful place and how, incredibly, bad. Smell. We're gonna go meet up with Sam and check in with her and talk a little bit about these past few days and about, what we're doing in this wonderful, beautiful amazing place. So, we talked to dr., boa about, mitochondrial. Eve can, you maybe give us like a little bit more information about, what that means, definitely, looking at maternal haplogroups, and we can trace it all back in time to. One woman so that one woman is mitochondrial. Eve but then there's a couple caveats to that when we use the term mitochondrial. Eve it's, sort of an easy way to to help people understand, that this was a real woman a real human being who gave, rise in a sense to everyone who's around today and in what I think the most important, point here is that she was absolutely, not the only woman alive. At that time and she was also not the only woman to pass on genetic, information or, genes or, DNA, to, future generations so, to clarify, mitochondrial. Eve was not the only, woman that existed, around the time that she existed, exactly. You got it hers were just the only ones that could, be traced yes so I like, to fall down Wikipedia, keyholes. One thing I love to research is actually the oldest, buildings, in existence, you do you sure do many. Buildings, that are very old so it's kinda like we know, that, there is an oldest building in existence, but that doesn't, mean that that's the only building that existed, at the time it's. Just the one that we can trace for sure is the oldest one right now because we can still physically, see it yeah identify, it there might be another, building that's crazy old that's like under the sea or something we don't know about yet.

Why. Is it that mitochondrial. DNA is only passed down through the parent that gives birth like, right why is Eve the only one that gets to like shoot that stuff down. Eggs. Actually have a huge, huge, number of mitochondria in them something like a hundred thousand sperm actually might only have on the order of like 50, to 100, so that's one possibility so it's like buying a lot of lottery tickets yeah, I. Bought a bunch of lottery tickets and the sperm bought like two yeah another, possibility though that is enticing. But we haven't really proven it yet the eggs themselves, might be, destroying. The mitochondria, that come from the sperm a murder, mystery. So. Tomorrow's gonna be a big day for us we're gonna go on safari and then we're gonna go to the shitake lava caves and we're gonna kind of like dive into and try to figure out why we should care about this stuff now I'll find out let's do it. Today. We're. Going on us have all right it's. Really early in the morning you have to get up at the crack of dawn whoo-hoo see all the aminals, Devin just saw zebras, this morning outside of our tent yep, and we saw a wildebeest last night just staring at us it's wild it's wild it's truly, wow this is probably the brightest color of work since I've been here and I saved it for Safari days I don't have a little pop of color for Papa lion. So. Tell us a little bit Angela about this art that we see on the walls like how long ago, were these made we do not have a definite, date for how long the art was made we, used relative, dating relative, dating to say that these finds were found with this art so, they must have been contemporaneous. Some of this art is quite an aquatic as you can see those ones look like aliens, actually they do and one of the guys is excited. Yeah he definitely has brought you there, was no writing then but they make a very good record of what was going on around them in terms of their cognitive abilities, the ones pretty much like us. Yes. Grateful, bitches. He's. Just chinchilla. Like. Hamburgers. Is. This the first hang you know we've seen. When. Someone said that were running Safari I had no idea we were getting it out of the car I also didn't know we were getting out the car. Baby. There's. The food right there and there's this monkey trying to be. Because. The little monkeys keep trying to steal, and. They just jumped on the hood, and. They don't ran to my buddy and before I knew there's a monkey right here trying to get into my bag, ice. Cream I've, always been afraid of monkeys and, this is why this, monkeys, just you know meet. Smart. Like I know. How to spend distraction, and so that they can get our food yeah I, couldn't decide if this is my most favorite animal, or my least favorite, animal and I can definitively tell you it is my least favorite, so, that sign says do, not feed monkeys and, now we know why I feel like we're getting surround, sound of crickets right now. Knocked. My lunch right out and it's really cool to see all this untouched space and when, you think about back, in the states like there are really beautiful areas. But I think. Sometimes we can't help to expect, that they won't be there for long just because of all of the development, so we begin about, 40,000. Years ago where we have the oldest, ostrich, egg shell beads that have been found in Kenya so far is an ostrich egg shell like pretty fragile it is yes so that tells you about the, people who were making those shells their, cognitive, abilities, and the fact that they knew how, to deal, with this material to prevent it from breaking up yes. In the old times we think that beads may have some more than one reason they may have been used as a form of currency some, of them have been transported, from very, far in, places where ostriches, do not live so then you must have had to buy either the beads or the ostrich, egg shell in order to make the beads so the question obviously has, been well, the beads made by men or by women. Did. Men wear these beads also they are won by both sexes it's. A hippo work with, Jenny Cristina. Why. Can't you see some hippos where we're going you can go into kind of like an underwater, viewing, and then we're hoping that we can see some hippos there yeah like hippos and like some. Crocodiles. Yeah. But guys, well you're told we can are not allowed to scream because it'll scare some animals they might attack us problem. Is I have to scream. Well. Nice try Christy because I'm already dead I'm already dead, I.

Mean. That's how you know how we've been. So. We're walking down the path towards. The underwater. Viewing but, we already see hippos, I'm just kind of like sitting. We're, walking and then there was a crocodile there, yeah. From. The rocks where the texture his. Tail you can see the spikes on his tail they said it's probably a male based on size. This. Water is so well it's, so blue it just kind of reminds me of vacation. And like I feel like any time I see this kind of through water it's like perfect, for frolicking, let's get some pics in the water but, like this is not that kind of situation at all this, is this is danger water did you want it this. Is the crocodile, show and we are merely audience. Here. We have stone tools that. Have been done, with a lot of skill, and ingenuity. Projectiles. Like something they would have these are projectile but these kind, of community were very innovative. In. That they were able to find. Some ochre and the mother cow we, mix, it together make, a very strong adhesive or, glue they can use this to put hafted, into this, of food and then, unity of the projectile, to edit, what of enemies, for their predator, they had to think about how, they could make something that was aerodynamic. And also, effective, at a distance. Which. Is better. Than we could do today. And. Even know more recently, now we have evidence, over, qualitative. Violence, would you say like the men and women in the society they both fought from what we have we see a man women, being, victims. Of this kind of violence and even women also fighting handing. Using this projectile, points so it's not only what we constitute. From our gender, specific, did you imagine, having, to like. Find, your lunch in this place. That's. Nuts. It's like trying to go through McDonald's, drive-through but there's a crocodile. Obstacles. They're all suppose I mean but like honestly mitochondrial, Eve had to have been a pretty badass, human, in order to stay. Alive enough. To give us like, the mutations. With. No real direction, as, to how to survive and, just having to just figure it out not even knowing what these animals are yeah it's, like oh yeah that's a hippo that's a crocodile, but it's like and then knowing like who's predator who's prey, is most dangerous, like that it's. Insane, if your environment, is super diverse you're you, as a human have to adapt as well that shows how strong mitochondrial. Eat really was. We. Can see Kilimanjaro. From here you can see the snow on top of it this is not something that you can typically, see just. A very clear day hey, Kristin yeah this, is a special treat. So. Sam we've been exploring all day it's got me thinking what is the significance, of knowing a maternal haplogroup in modern day Society you guys know about King Richard the third oh yeah Shakespeare. Big Bear right up until a few years ago they had no idea where he was buried and there. Was a parking lot in Leicester, England and, they found this old tomb and there's a skeleton inside this tomb so when they looked at the mitochondrial DNA of the skeleton, and they compared it to female. Line descendants. Of say, his grandmother, or something like this or a cousin on the maternal side there was a match, and. So they were able to confirm with a very high degree of certainty that the skeleton did belong to King Richard the third mitochondrial, DNA and hafla groups and sort of understanding, how that all fits together can, fill in a lot of gaps in history the cradle of life cradle. Of humanity. Let's. Go down in this cave. Are thousands, of bats in to mourn it's vents so we are back going in the cave. Yeah. They're back from seeing the back in. The others yeah we've left them he, left him for days absolutely. Well you, guys didn't go into a hole in the ground full of bats. I, told, you thousands, of bad. Circles. Around they're actually gonna come out at a different side yeah and beat us oh good. So. We actually wound up going down into cave and it was awesome, it was really cool it smelled like like, really bad my cat pee basically, because the, bats poop and pee all over the place yeah but it was really beautiful if I were human living 250,000.

Years Ago I definitely, would have lived in that cave just because you can build a fire you're safe from the elements and. No. Leopards are gonna get you in there no Leopard. Whoa. Once. The men reach, maturity they, kind of break off from the herd so he was alone but. All the women stick together which is pretty cool yeah Tim, also told us that they're, a matriarchal, society and, that the older wiser, woman. Or, female, elephant. Leads, the pack and she knows the ropes, and Hollywood should take a leap from there okay. Our. Roads. That are really bumpy moments, we're driving. In the countryside and, see, like beautiful animals and like, I like this dope so, like really. Just. In the moment it's. So. Exciting. My. Butt is so what's. My hair look like right now by. The way it, said you got my huge. Value. I have a beautiful. Bob. We. Got another 40 kilometers on this road which we don't really know what that translates to sense sometimes we drive really. Fast when. It smoother sometimes we drive really slow we'll see how long 40, kilometers. Had lunch and, lunch. I. Don't. Even know it says what, the DRI. What. If we miss our flight tomorrow. That. Drive was starting to seem like there was no light at the end of the tunnel but alas, there. Is very, speechless, right now it smells like, a beach and, that's like, perhaps. The greatest thing anyone could ever smell right now I, can't. Really think I've never been to any place this gorgeous before in my entire life. Look. Who's here, hi. The. Last morning in Kenya it's beautiful outside we're. Very grateful, and changed and probably better people for having been here yeah I don't think we want to go home so I don't what about to go film on this Beach and, say goodbye to, Kenya we are here it's our last morning in Kenya, you're at dyani Beach this, has been a jam-packed trip, yes, it really has yeah we. Started. Off in Nairobi, we met with some experts at the National Museum of Kenya and they taught us so much and then we also met with the over 25 girls they, were, a highlight, we saw elephants, in that orphanage, and then we also saw, them completely, out in the wild it was apparently really rare, to see them where we saw them and then we drove six, hours to, Tsavo National Park, where. We were really up close and personal with all the wildlife in the environment, then we took an eight hour drive to dyani. Beach which is where we are now it's been a trip, full of so many experiences, that I don't think any of us will ever forget so, Sam what have you learned, on this trip I learned not to have, food out by monkeys I.

Talked. To those, anthropologists. At the National Museum of Kenya kind of learning about the culture and the way these people lived was, a really powerful experience, for me I learned that to be a person, who would give rise to all. Humans. Who, currently exist, you had to be pretty, good at lots of things that we are probably not good at I think it's fascinating to know that there was like a person. This, many thousands. Of years ago who. Was so smart, and great at surviving, that like we get a chance to experience this land in this place - you can read. About Canada you can see pictures of Kenya but it's so different to actually touch, down it's really unlike, anything, else, because you really can't fully even, begin, to absorb it until, you're actually here one thing that really buy with my mind is the timeline, of human history like mitochondrial, Eve might have lived over a hundred thousand years ago and while we've, evolved, so much throughout the years this, land is still very much present we went to Kenya and like that is one piece of where, she, could have lived mitochondrial, Eve and like sub-saharan Africa, and itself is huge and we just saw small part of something even huger just very grateful for everything that we saw and did because what, an amazing amazing time something, that really struck me in Nairobi, was when dr. Bowa was explaining to us that people, from different continents, just sort of arose from that continent, but with further studying, and learning about haplogroups, we learned that everyone did indeed come, from Africa the, human, species. Is on, the one hand very diverse but on the other hand if you compare it to other species, like chimpanzees we, are very not diverse, we're all incredibly, similar genetically, speaking and so it's really popular. These days to find out where you're from to look at your genetics, and we comb through it to find these, tiny differences, that can say oh maybe your ancestors, came from this place where yours came from this place but the bigger picture, is that humans, are so similar genetically, and it is actually really difficult to find those small differences I've never. Been overseas ever in my life so this is something that I'm. Really excited, to check off my bucket list and even, more excited to do it with you guys we're. Very grateful to 23andme for sending us out they're also very grateful for them for sending you because. Couldn't. Have had a better new friend big thank you to everyone that made it happen it was so much bigger than just us and thank you to the people of Kenya because, they've been so welcoming and really. Just embraced what we were trying to do a deep dive into the origins, of modern humanity, lady. Tested, lady, words. Let's. Go notion, ah we. Swim back home. You.

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It's painful to watch when they touch historical artefacts with bare hands

Educational and enjoyable to watch. Thank you ladies. P.S. I have been attacked by a monkey before (my 6 or 7 year old self didn't know it wasn't a good idea to take food close to monkeys).

Chai also means just tea in Russian

I'm getting on multiple planes at different airports tomorrow and one of the airports is LAX, if only I went earlier I could have a chance to meet them. D:

Freddie's never travelled overseas? Wow....

Buzzfeed must have a lot of spare change cause this sorta thing isn’t cheap

Who needs bras when you got your friends to support you ❤️

Those girls loved Freddie!

I’m going to Kenya in August! I loved this video and now I’m even more excited to go. It’s also my first time traveling outside of America

31:04 “Oh look! A giraffe!”

I think it’s hilarious that Jen writes “the gay” in the sand!

Jen: *writes in sand "Im gay"*

wt she means by not only women give birth

Im from the netherlands, and the fact that they use such steriotypes for my country is cringeworthy.

“I’m taking my bra off” “oh cool I’m not even wearing one” LITERALLLY ME AT THE AIRPORT.

Im from Kenya, so this was exciting for me to watch!

best ladylike video ever.

Chai tea - tea tea haha

Jen is wearing headphones like 80% of the vid

Love this trip!

Honestly really glad to see Ladylike address that not everyone capable of birth is a woman. A++

I’m wishing I could have been there with you guys.

Welcome To Kenya, Guys. . . just found your channel and i love it

Welcome to Kenya

If Im Being honest I just clicked on this because I’m obsessed with the mean girls musical and it said Kenya...

9:31 all nod heads

Wow!! Ladylike + Over 25. My two favourite channels

Being a Kenyan I really love these kinds of videos makes me feel like I’m back home again ☺️

I didnt know jen was afraid of monkeys

Isn't the first woman suppose to be eve?

I could never look at 23 in me again They're going to Clone us or charge us for our own DNA in the future

Noah and the ark yall

Is Kristin pregnant


I have always wanted to travel to Africa. This video makes me want to leave the states right now and stay in Kenya for months

Wow in most buzzfeed (shh i know this is ladylike) videos i can’t ever say I learned something new, but this one is very different!

After watching Shane Dawson’s video I don’t trust 23 and me

I went to a film festival a few years ago and saw a documentary called, "The Gardeners of Eden" that is all about elephants and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. At the end we got to skype with David and ask him questions and it was the coolest thing ever. Would 10/10 recommend seeing the documentary if you can find it online somewhere! He told us when we chatted via skype that he thought it would be on Netflix eventually.

I’m from Kenya, and that was so cool you guys went to my country

Why does the guy in green sound so weird

That drink that the girls had was basically brazilian "caipirinha", but we use sugar instead of honey

The lady from 23 and me was weird..

I am Kenyan and proud

AMAZING VIDEO!! would love to see more like this ladies keep working :) also i love the ladylike team you guys seem so real, and loveable (also wanted to appreciate the jennanigans *found that very funny hahaha* ) sending you lots of love from switzerland

Idk where I’ve been but when did Devin’s hair turn grey

Luv Ladylike. So glad to see you in Kenya my country

Over 25 brought me here...plus it always feels good to see my country from a tourist's eyes. God, we are blessed!

Kristin was like now I have five pant and I'm like I own 1 skirt and I use it for a bathing suit cover.

Nearly 40 minute video, still sad when it ended

lovin kristins natural curly hair

love freddys braid jewellery


Yippie finally u were in africa *♡▪☆

Actually it is not '' of history'' BUT ''of prehistory''

aaaayyyyyyyy!!!! Kenyans where you at!!!!!

Chantel’s comments 16:46-16:55 are EXACTLY why I choose to not eat animal products. How can we love and care for these animals; who have a vast range of personalities and emotions, and then turn around the next day and kill and eat them?! It just seems so hypocritical to me. It really hurts to see how far removed from their food people have become. I hope ladylike can someday visit a farm animal sanctuary and see how equally intelligent and loving those animals are too!

This video was really amazing! I couldn't have loved it more :D Much love from Norway

pls caption your videos

I'm an anthro major I love that you guys did this video and have hopes other people will become interested in anthropology


OMG I am so happy that I watched till the very end

Please come to the Netherlands some day and I'll show you that it's nothing like the stereotypes

Kristin: he’s just chinchillin Jen: Oh, Kristin, you.. you you did not

Kristen looks good in shorts

Kristen cracks me up so much I can’t with her

I get this is a womans show but not one mention of the mitochondrial adam? Eve couldn't have had kids on her own yakno...

This video was amazing. My family is Nigerian but I have always wanted to visit Kenya!

Watch Shane Dawson’s new conspiracy video don’t do 23 and me HAHAHAHA jk

Chantel and Kristin, you looked way beautiful!

loved this video!!!!! Ladylike should do more travel videos... it was fun following these wonderful women through their holiday


I think I went to that same Amsterdam airport

My favorite part of studying the cell: THE MITOCHONDRIA IS THE POWERHOUSE OF THE CELL

all the Dutch stereotypes

AGREE ABOUT TACO BELL SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I’M GAY” please never change, Jen

i'm 5 seconds in and i'm already sensing the amount of love, vibrance and connection with life in this video

I was born in Kenya and lived there for 9 years!

the girls from over 25 are so awesome!


At Amsterdam

When we go to America we stop there

I live in that regen

CAN I WORK BUZZFEED PLEASE they pay you to go away and pay you to go to the gym for 30 days and all type of fun challenges!

Ya, you guys finally went to Kenya

OMG! I've been to the david sheldrick elephant orphanage when I was little! I even 'adopted' one. So cool to see you guys go there!

you should go to dubai


Yes..welcome to my home Kenya .. +254.

can we have more thespi or whatever her name is?

Kristen, look at lake Condah in Victoria, Australia. They have the oldest built heritage in the world. They pre date any built heritage by 1000s and 1000s of years. They are these circular stone small buildings.

Thank you for featuring the David Sheldrick Wildlife Foundation in the video! :) Their cause is close to my heart as well as the rest of my family's. We have been supporting them for years by symbolically adopting some of those baby elephants.

Also, vervet monkeys are known assholes. Sorry you guys got attacked. :P

I am from Kenya

OMG you guys went to my home land!!!

Omggg new place to my bucketlist

Is there going to be more videos from this trip????

i *LOVE* the emphasis on the importance of women and the empowerment and appreciation of women that ladylike puts into all of their videos *cries ~feminist~ tears*

More content like this please

Dr. Angela was sooo fascinating! Loved how she explained culture and science.

Ps lol fredy $200 for your hair why did you not think it would be a fraction of the price to get it in the country it originated from?

Cool braids fredy all of the ladies should of got them, but I really hate with a passion the nose ring that seems to be trending in our country we put those on pigs so they dont uproot the ground & plants. So thats the image i get of a person with one of those in their nose.

Am so exited you gyz chose to visit My land. I hope you loved it. I wish we met.. I love you hun so much..

"this is like a studio ghibli film " Jen 2018 edit: I LOVED THIS you ladies rocked it more more! #makethisathing

Take a "road trip" to Hawaii get it? Hawaii is an island so you would have to go by boat or plane

I could seriously listen to Dr. Mbua talk all day

“is there any vegetarians?” *chantel slowly raises hand* me too girl me too

I was born in Kenya!

Jen:oh I'm not wearing one

The first woman was eve and the first man was Adam and Eve had 3 sons oddly there are no records of her having any girls but I’m sure she did but we all cane from eve so mystery solved

Caity Britt there’s multiple theories

11:30 girl me too.

This seems like such an amazing place to be! I'd love to go some day!

I leave in 63 days for my trip to Kenya. Thank you so much for sharing. I think we will add the elephant orphanage to our day trip before we go home!! My mother is going ot be 65 and I turn 40 this year so we decided to go to Kenya and just live a little!

2 mins in and im already rolling my eyes.

Thank lady like I learn a lot from Kenya that I didn't know I am from kenya karibuni tena

the meat part made me very sad, but everything else, as always, was amazing

The hippo walk

This is such An amazing video, I would a chance to go to Kenya.

When Jen said “dawa” I almost cried

Freddie girl what are you doing going to Kenya with your hair braided. $20=200ksh plus it take shorter time because 3-4 styles are on one head.

As soon as they saw the monkeys I knew it was going to end badly. I was correct.

so glad you went to my home town of Nairobi, Kenya, although I now live in the states, so good to others visit Africa, its fabulous and cherry on top was so happy to see you also met the OVER 25 group my other favorite youtube channel, heaven watching this!

new sub, here from the over 25 channel.. I loved this video, very well done. I am glad you came and really loved it here... and that you actually got to see and experience our country and you got to show the world a different perspective. you should definitely come back and experience even more places like the Maasai Mara.

I really enjoy these kinds of videos but wish people would stop saying "I'm going to Africa" instead of the specific country. As a South African, I believe it misrepresents the grandeur of the individual countries, cultures and languages within the African continent.

My girls (Over 25) brought me here, but I really didn't even realise how much we take things for granted in Kenya - y'alls reactions at the elephant orphanage was priceless! So glad you got to experience all this - also come back soon!

You guys could try out capsule hotels they're awesome

I am Kenyan, I'm so happy to see a positive coverage of my nation

Beautiful noise: 31:14

I'm happy you came to my country

Omggg loveeeee uuuuu❤️

I was born in nirobe

*the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell*

Jen writing "I'M GAY" in the sand is such a mood

This video is so cute, but am i the only person that can't believe that they went to a place called "carnivore" one night, and the following day they talked about how beautiful, smart, peaceful and understanding were the elephants. It just confuses me how different animals are percieved by people

I went to the place in tsavo I think....

After watching the new Shane Dawson video, it's really creepy to see the clips of them doing the 23&me kits....

i love how Freddie gets hair decorations and a bracelet and Jen gets a bird and salad spoons

Is the woman behind Freddie at 26:55 wearing an Avril Lavigne dress ?? LOL

I mentioned thiss before, but the ladylike videos continuously get more expensive

This honestly is one the best ladylike videos ever! So informative, educational, and just moving. Plus super cute animals

oh my gosh I've been to diani beach it's amazing

My dad is bron in Kenya

omg i love this video i love these ladies, so happy for ya'll

When you learn more facts about your country that you live in than from school.

I feel like the intro hasn’t changed in a while

That hair part got to me

Jen! I am terrified of monkeys too! NEVER trust an animal with hands! So terrifying!

Boppin' keeps me alive!!

Watching this vid in a whole new light after shane's conspiracy video

Can u get the grumpy guy that once danced with devin? He seemed mysterious. It would be interesting.

jen i love your bird

it would be cool if jen and devin tried a foot peel

Brought here by Over 25...you ladies are awesome..Am a Kenyan and it was Soo cool of you to visit our beloved country

Where my Kenya squad at

6:39 the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

So excited you guys came to my country!

Everytime I see elephant I tear up, they're just so wonderful creatures!

my home

Jen being Jen by trippin n fllin arnd is me all day long!!

Not trying to be racist.. but wouldnt the flies go after her regardless? Even if she wore light clothes?

"I'm a beautiful mop" - Kristin 2018

I didn’t want this to end! Loved it!

I love Jen so much

OMG! You guys came to Kenya!! Wish I knew. Glad you enjoyed our country

I live in South Africa and I've gone to many National Parks and gone on "safaris" to see animals and walks near rivers and stuff like LadyLike did in this video. It's reallllyyyyy cool seeing them do something that I can relate to even if its in Kenya not South Africa. I feel like they've experienced some part of my home and my life. I love it!

Okay Freddie I see u w the Fulani braids

kristin's hair at the end interview is like hair from 50s pin up, so pretty

I'm haplogroup N on my mother's side but I'm black no white ancestors or any other I'm in the USA

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious if you know the sound of it it gets quite atrocious supercalifragilisticexpialidocious yes I know how to spell it

Next time you go ask if they knew Salva Dut and Nya


Braids for $20?! *packs up and moves to Kenya*

Did you hear the elephants purr, that low rumble you feel more than you hear, it stays with you that happy elephant sound.

So many nice adventures you should have make a series of a 3-5 videos instead of just one. I want more elephants time and more safari time and more just more lol

Thanks ladies for another awesome video!!!!

Loved this but why was Kane there?

14:33 what's that bump on Kristin's neck?

the mitochondria is the power house of the cell the mitochondria is the power house of the cell the mitochondria is the power house of the cell the mitochondria is the power house of the cell the mitochondria is the power house of the cell the mitochondria is the power house of the cell the mitochondria is the power house of the cell

5:54 hen almost fell

How can you never have gone overseas! The world is your Oyster guurrl! I'm literally love traveling! I'm Dora the Explorer

loved this travel vlog. learned so much and enjoyed watching you as always, ladies! please make more travel videos!!

Meet and greet?

21:40 Kristen you look amazing!! You sunglasses and shorts are everything

First off, Freddie's Hair is a whole moment!!!

Okay but that jumpsuit Chantel was wearing at the elephant orphanage... WHERE IS IT FROM?! This video was so inspiring and beautiful.

The Amsterdam jokes

*”you look great”* wow kristin

3 hours to drive 40km?

Honestly the voices are so calming to me...... because I am stressed 24/7.

I wish you came to (SA) it is so nice

the first woman in history was eve

Wait so we're all from Kenya?

I would love to do this trip with my family. I would love to experience the educational parts of the trip as well as the fun parts, minus the drinks. We don't drink. LOVE!!!!

When jen fell at 5:58

I am Kenyan, I'm so happy to see positive coverage of my nation

My family is Kenyan and i have been there three times and i will tell you it is awesome!

Aaaayeee!!! Welcome to my country. I just love to see my country through other people's eyes, tourists who have never seen all this. It's awesome.

loved that beaded collar kristen had. Does anyone know where I can buy one like it?

Dr Angela Kabiru accent is cool

This was a very interesting and insightful video. I love stuff that has an entertaining and yet an educational purpose to it. I used to watch you ladies on Buzz Feed, but I suppose I should subscribe here as well to keep up with you gals. And seeing as this is S2E8, I've got some catching up to do as well. Awesome video, and glad you had fun in Africa! P.S. My mom is trying to plan a trip to Africa, as her bucket list is to hit all seven continents before she passes on, so Kenya looks like it would definitely be up her alley. Especially with the Carnivore Restaurant. She'd LOVE that. Meats and alcohol? You ladies just sold a ticket!

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mmmmmmeeeeeeeee fffffrrrooommmm KKKKEEEEENNNNYYYYAAAAA

“I’m still gonna leave my butt at home” - Kristin

The Best. Video. Ever.

We're all related. You're all my cousins.

At 11:30 did she say EUGENE????!!!!!!!



This is my dream trip

omgwaad my home ...

24:32 had like no context in terms of the story line they were going for... I was really confused why that clip was just tucked in there.

5:53 jen just casually falls

Oh you guys make me want to visit Kenya!! Actually, I always have, but now I REALLY do!

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

8:52-9:00 tho

Y’all I live in Kenya and I’ve been to all those places in tsavo. Also isn’t carnivore amazing

Ok but what happened to the series of New Orleans videos???

4:41 I love Jen

The Scientific Community.....


Okay. Firstly, I felt numerous times during this episode that it was an advert for 23andme. Secondly, I would like a citation re: the ovum (egg). The mitochondria in a sperm are found in the midpiece when doesn't pass into the cytoplasm of the ovum, so how is it is supposed to "destroy the sperm's mitochondria"?.

I've been to Kenya before (quite the beautiful country I must say) and it was an amazing experience. I'm glad to have been somewhere with such an amazing culture!

I used to live in Europe but I moved to Kenya in December ❤ I love it here now,it's very cultural ❤

what is mitochondrial DNA versus just regular DNA?

hey uh I Love Kristen just thought i should leave this comment on Every single video

kristen be creepin' on freddie at 6:01

I know it's never gonna happen but who else ships Freddie and Jen???????

You ladies make me want to come to Kenya!!!!

This was by far my favorite video you all have done. I love the longer format and getting to learn so much through your travels. Thank you for exposing us to so many diverse areas within the country. And thank you for showing such a positive side rather than the usual voluntourism and suffering that we see from so many American travelers. You treated the people and the countryWith great respect. It makes me want to visit there someday.

Oh, and I also really love seeing you work with the other creators. I’d love to see more collaborations with other channel creators in the future.

was it hot? it is summer.

Over 25!!! Trust Ivey to negotiate prices down. Freddie, I was wondering why on earth you’d go to Kenya with your hair already done. Getting a hairdo in Kenya is a treat!

The elephants made me cry, awe!

Be very cautious with 23andMe........

You should go to South Africa!

I love Eugene too girl. He always in every video somehow.

Ha! You should've said hello to Wimbi for me! (Kidding

millions of years ago africa was once called pangea it dates back to when all the continents and countries where just one huge land mass and so pangea was in the middle of that all so I guess it played a bit of a role.

You post this at my bday

I want to move to Africa in the future!

Only Kristin would go to a baby elephant rescue center in a _dress._ That's insane! Also, whoever put the photos into this video: please Photoshop out the folds in poor Kristin's thighs, if she's ever brave enough to appear in a swimsuit again for Buzzfeed/Ladylike. In spite of her ridiculous need to wear dresses at inappropriate times, Kristen is my favorite BuzzFeeder.

Rise your hand if your African ✋

21:52 where's Chantal and Devin?

2:05 we didnt need that disclaimer lmfao

I love you lady like i hope you read my comment my name is MERCY

Hey guys im from kenya im 13. I was born there and i lived there for 12 years so ive been in the us for one year my dream is to be a youtuber one day and watching this video reminds me of lots of memory s i just couldn't stop crying watching you guys say all the positive stuff about my country i love you so much guys and thank you so much for entertaining us. Post more

Procrastinating studying for my Genetics exam, this counts right?

When they said "Top of the morning" Did anyone else think of Jacksepticeye. No, just me. Ok.

There are soo many Hindi words used there . Dawa , chai. Also used in India

24:05 I see heaven

Why is it that the thing that blows my mind the most is Kristen wearing pants?

I want to go to kenya SO BADLY


I am jungshook. Comment down below is you are ARMY to


8:37 i swear i have the same shirt that devin is wearing

Please go to Ethopia

honestly loving freddie’s hair atm

Kane can have my everything

Come on Mummmmm

Anyone else start crying when the elephants came running?

Because all we have is tulips and cheece

Freddie is so pretyyyyyy

I love my country


omg you were in Amsterdam, I live in the Netherlands (and no not everyone does weed XD)

This is so cool and insteresting!! Hope i can travel there someday when i become a paleoanthopologist

Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing this experience with us!!!

My favorite lady like video!! Everyone looks so good, you're all glowing.

in arabic dawa means medicine too

I wish that i could love this video. Thank you for this episode!

I would love to go to Kenya one day. Also, Jen and Kristin's friendship is so cute.

i'm from somial

They came to my country

i live in kenya

I used to live in Kenya

I never realized that Devin was so tall

Kenya Is Too Awesome...You have to Visit

The title is a bit misleading. I thought they're gonna visit archeological sites and museum. But I enjoyed nonetheless!

I ship Chantel and Jen although I am sure Chantel is seeing someone already

I loved this video!!! We are the world!!!!!

Don’t show WoahVicky this

Wow I live in The Bahamas and I would've paid around $60-70 (American) for that hairstyle but it looks really nice Freddie!

My Girl Scout camp experience wasn’t that fun.....

26:06-26:14 you’re welcome

MotherLand, Wait a bit longer. I'll see you soon.

Devin is my favorite. I love her

so grateful to be able to right the trip off as a business trip from their taxes, :) only joking love you all

When they mentioned my favourite Kenyan youtubers....y'all better have subbed to them or I'm sending my ancestors to haunt you....I'm African I can do that you know.

I'm loving these African women excelling in their biological professions.

Been knew... thanks IB bio

Thanks for coming to our country You welcome again and again

I love this so much!! It was so fun and also educational. You guys were really respective and introspective about the whole thing while also being laid back.

You only know your in Kenya when monkeys in parks try to steal your food.HAHA

Hi Kane. I see you Kane! Hi Kane. Nice try Kane 27:57

Traveling is so important it opens your mind and makes you realize there is SO MUCH MORE to the world outside of your bubble your state, city, town, racial group you realize “oh wait this is completely different from what I’m used to” you realize “oh wait most of the world doesn’t look like me” you realize “wow there is still beauty in the world” if your AMERICAN sorry fellow Americans you realize “Maybe America isn’t the greatest nation”. I can’t wait to see the WORLD.

From 34:46 were they singing hakuna matata....?

This is so cool! I’m in Southeast Kenya on a 2 month mission trip right now!


Litro need freddie’s whole wardrobe

The elephants would be my best friends dream she loves elephants

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

what about ethiopia

Me: what is a haplo group Jen:the thing is Me: just on time

7:54 Yeah real patronizing Jen

Imma call this lady 'Momma 1' and if we do find the other super-mommas... Momma team

Fashionable sleep*

Kane is awesome and such a good friend, I hope he does Jens room next cause it was nasty lol with a broken bec

5:50, I think Jen had a little fall and tried to play it off cool

I've made it 20 seconds and I'm already crying. It's been 8 years to long since I was in Africa. I should have never left.

I just came back from South Africa and really want to visit Africa again! Kenya would definitely b my next stop!!

I'm from Kenya

Honestly who doesn’t love Eugene

I live in Kenya. Its gorgeous as you can see< haha :D Glad you all had a good time. xx

also, Over 25, subscribe!

I love kenya sooooo much, but also love tanzania too, i feel like that there is more to do in tanzania. I suggest going there

Hey come to Madagascar there is lemurs and it’s the small island next to Africa

My country!!!!!!

Where did you all stay in Nairobi? Would love to check out that hotel *someday* :)


I want job where I can travel around the world.

''not everyone who gives birth identifies as a woman....'' oh lord...facepalm


im not sure if they just made her say "i love Eugene!" or he actually has fans in Kenya...

What happened to Kristen’s neck

hahaaha..I'm in Kenya,,and believe you me, mosquitoes will bite and eat you regardless of the clothes you have on..bright or dark

I am very glad that Buzzfeed has invested some real money in Ladylike! Awesome piece!

That face tho 16:49

Aawww Nairobi!!! I miss that place...and the market omg that brings sooo many memorys

That was the best Buzzfeed video I've ever watched! Well done Lady Like! Loved Freddie's Fulani braids too!

How do I get sams job

Love this

Oh my goodness I have to go there it look so beautiful

Jen almost fell


Omggg i live in the Netherlands

Gotta love my country

I love Everything about ladylike , but Freddie is the queen of queens

My country. Karibu sana.

All these disclaimers and no disclaimers for vegans? That scene in the restaurant was really upsetting. All those beautiful animals killed for your taste buds and you feel nothing? And then the next day you go see elephants and exclaim how cute they are. You know you ate a rabbit and a crocodile and a lamb? What's the difference between a baby lamb and a baby elephant? Nothing. Just society telling us one of them's food and another one's to be protected. Cognitive dissonance is ripe! I am unsubscribing.

Incredible! And so many intelligent, powerful women in this episode!

This was a fantastic film! So inspiring! I would love to visit Kenya.

Can you guys pls come to South Africa

I live in the netherlands so i started laughing at the amsterdam part

I miss Tuskers.

I lived in Kenya and my whole family is still there. I visit every six months and miss it the most.

who was rooming with Jen ? so if Devin and Chantel were rooming Kristen or Freddie was rooming with Jen i think kristen was with jen cuz theyre really close but shes close with Fred too not sure please reply i want to know

this was one of my favorite ep. entertaining and educational

FYI …. " chy " is the synonym of "tea" in Urdu and Indian region XD …. and It's " shai " in Arabic

Love this episode!

I live in southwestern Florida crocodiles in the McDonald’s drivethru is very common

My favorite part was at end when Jen jumped over the rope but didn’t make it all the way lol thanks Jen for making me laugh!

Come to thailand

I live in kenya

Chai is actually from India. That is cultural appropriation.

I wish you guys would realize that ALL animals are just like those elephants you met. Tripped me out that you guys were literally feasting on dead animals who have the same or even higher emotions and intelligence levels as those elephants. Just something to think about

Devin! I agree! Lol when I’m going on a flight I dress to sleep ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Definitely the best ladylike video yet!

I went to that elephant orphanage

jen writing "i'm gay" in the sand is a whole mood

Jen is so cute

Wow, so we all come from Africa.

You all got to see how much of a bubble those in the US live


Best video ever!!!

It feels like the girls went to Kenya without at least reading some history beforehand


She put im gay lol im just here like people get killed There for being gay.

Maybe she lived in Wakanda

Omg ladylike should go camping!! Has anyone else been thinking about that?

Great vlog and vid. Amazing fashion and content but at 14:30 kristen looks CAKEY!



Saw you went to Mzima Springs in Tsavo West, last time I was there was in 2004. Fun Fact: Tsavo is actually one huge park divided into two, East and West. Karibuni Tena Kenya!

This is by far my favorite Ladylike episode y'all have ever done. Please do more education/history based episodes based on your interests!

I’m a vegetarian and when the said the name of the first restaurant I was like oops I prob can’t eat there

who else wants to see the polaroid collection from this trip????

totally unrelated but i agree, taco bell mild sauce is the best thing like EVER. i put it on nachos, tacos, and i even drink it out of the little packet :P

Kristin !!! please tell me wear you get your sunglasses! I buy these sunglasses and they are too small for my face. I love how your glasses frame your face!! Please!!

"Not everyone who gives birth, identifies as a woman"... the AMOUNT of regressive thought surrounding gender with these kind of comments is ASTOUNDING

I wish I saw you guys because I live in Nairobi

peep 31:14 guy secretly taking pics

Jen falling off the porch at the end is a mood

26:07 This monkey

It was amazing that you could come to Kenya. I wish I could've seen you guys though

31:13 #voicecrack

"Not everyone who gives birth identifies as a woman" aaand that is the end of my interest in this video

i went to hawaii... that's over seas reiuhfciusvec

MY BROTHERS LIVE IN AMSTERDAM AND THE RUMORS ABOUT LEGALLY GETTING WEAT IS NOT TRUE HEH Why are MY caps On? Oops hihi. Im dutch and I know for a fact that it aint true


"A lot of names I can't pronounce." Tjeerd, Gerard, Willeke, Anneke, Willem... Funny, because many Dutch parents are actually leaning towards English names (example: singer Dwight Dissels)

that little bit about how not all birth-givers are female made me tear up a bit, im so glad they included that

y'all are some terrible friends for taking a vegetarian to a restaurant called "carnivore"

Sorry Fred but you got ripped off. Your braids are beautiful but $200 is too much even in LA. *Says the girl from Inglewood* ;-)

1:57 As long as I am extremely open minded - this feels to me like a bit too much. These day it couldn't be more obvious what paternal and maternal means.

Hey there, sorry to spam like this, but I need some help gofundme.com/funeral-expenses-for-sis

RIP, sorry for your loss

Nice video. Have a look at vids too. Cheers :D http://bit.ly/2IgEpyT

40 kms in 3 hours...i would've died

U guys are happy all the time

The first woman??? Are they looking for the oldest trackable women because it would be very difficult and almost impossible to track the very first woman especially if you don't believe in Christianity. Or are they just all from the L group so that's what they are looking for. they said Eve and I thinking about the same Eve?

I live in Kenya

Proud Kenyan right here

My fellow KENYANS WHERE YOU AT Finally some mzungus knows how beautiful kenya is do you know in kenya we call white people "mzungu"

I'm from the southern part of Africa called Botswana

5:43 is me after school. LMAO

I've already been in kenya

Those are Vervet monkeys! They are super cute and curious. There is actually a Vervet Monkey Foundation down in South Africa and they make Youtube videos bringing about awareness.

I have been to Kenya, the elephant orphanage, the national museum, and much more! That was the most wonderful experiences of my life and am so grateful!!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for acknowledging that not all people who give birth are women. That means so much to us in the trans/ nonbinary community.

I’m Kenyan and Ike’s nothing about the elephant orphanage

Chantel at the carnivore restaurant is very relatable...


my country people!!!

How is Kenya such a beautiful country

At 14:43 who else knows Edwin from Infinity challenge and remember when the members went there.

We just ate rabbit and crocodile and lamb and remember to save the elephants. Logic, amirite

35:26 Same!

This whole trip reminds me of my school trips. On one there was hippos right outside our door

Is no one gonna mention Kane?

AP world history alumni where you at

Loved this vid but felt so uncomfortable with the ‘omg these elephants are so amazing, they have amazing different personalities, they play, they snort, they love their milk, they’re orphans’ but this somehow doesn’t apply to the crocodiles and rabbits and whatever other animals were eaten at that gross meat restaurant the night before? Why are some animals valued more?

I JUST COMMENTED THIS! I don't understand either!

So. Recap. One of my favourite youtube groups (ladylike) stopped in my capital city (amsterdam) before going on to my second capital city (nairobi), and during that trip they went to my all-time favourite place to stay (tsavo-west). Best video ever

Ladylike: “Top of the morning.” Jacksepticeye: “TOP O’ THE MORNIN’ TO YA LADDIES!!!!!!!!!”

“i’m probably still gonna leave like...my butt at home” lololol

Kristin, where did you get your bathing suit? It is super cute!!

So glad yous had fun and went to Africa the motherland

You went to Amsterdam? ☹️ I WANTED TO SEE YOUUU ❤️

Jeez how many dutch stereorypes can you name.... I love y’all so I forgive you

“I’m gay.” In the sand, I LOVE JEN OMGGGG

Adam and Eve were the first two people upon this earth

Who has been to Kenya before

I want to see more stuff like this!

My name is ivy !!!!



has kristen ever mentioned where she gets her clothes, because she always looks so cute

Kristin has beautiful legs omg everyone was just glowing with like effortless beauty the entire time

My family loves that tea

The hypocrisy here is frustrating. Eating all different types of animals one night and then taking care of rehabilitated animals the next? Yikes!

yes. that's where my sisters and I were born. (were are triplets)

*I think we know what he’s doing*

Didn’t knew much about Kenya before but the nature seems so beautiful I wish we got more landscape shots

1. Elephants are endangered species, while crocodiles and rabbits are not. 2. Kenyans eat rabbits and crocodiles, but not elephants. It's not rocket science.

Lol I clicked on this video thinking about my name but then I realized it was the country.

Wow! So informative! Thank you for showing us all these beautiful places!

Where did Kristin get her beige dress??? (the one she played with elephants in)

Chai is basically Russian way of saying tea and im Russian

not crickets they're cicadas


Is it just me or at 26:53 is the lady behind Freddie wearing a Hannah Montana shirt? Lol

First website credit is titled wrong I think.....

I'm Kenyan. Love the video. Karibu tena

listen this whole thing is AMAZING but can we please talk about how GOOD Kristin looks in that first pant look?? I know you don't like pants but you are SLAYING it! The shirt may have been backwards but I thought it looked bangin also i feel like i learned so much watching this A+

I'm going(maybe) to Amsterdam in like 2 months. Very excited

Jen never fails to make a cute blooper in every vid

I died when I heard "topofthemorning"

Also, every outfit Kristin is wearing on this trip is on point!! So elegant!

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