We visited LIMA, PERU for a week & this is what happened...

We visited LIMA, PERU for a week & this is what happened...

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What's, the theory news we're standing in front of the audio bus station right now and today we, are going to Peru. So. We decided to save a little bit of money by not checking any bags and, trying to stick to their 10 kilo, weight limit of a bag. And personal. Item and maybe. Even check the weight. Which. Was super surprising, to me we're in basic, economy which is the cheapest, possible and. That. Even includes alcoholic, beverages, so. Aeromexico. Or, aromantic, oh you know Miko. Does. Not try to make one dime here. On, our flight from, Mexico, City to Lima they offered us an upgrade or they offered for, us to pay for an upgrade to first-class so, we bid slightly. Higher than the lowest amount we could and. We got it at the last minute which also gives us access to this first-class, lounge this will be our first time ever, going. Into a lounge or. Flying first-class, butyl. Is to say. And. We're, like 99%, sure it is not allowed to record in there so if you see anything after this point. Might. Be illegal footage. How. You feelin good never. Heard this much room on. You. Know I have to say this is easily, the best airplane, we ever, had. 5:36. And we just arrived at Lima it's. Too early. And we're tired. Or. In South America ah. Smells. Good actually it's, like raining right now like misting. So. We, called, we got on Wi-Fi, on the airport Wi-Fi we call our uber up. Inside, while we had Wi-Fi and then came out to try to find him and we couldn't find the car we were looking for the license plate but, he actually came up to us walking. Just. Now he had to go buy some ticket, I don't know what that's about maybe it's pay for parking so. We're. Just waiting for him to come back. Blow. Tangerines. From, Lima Peru, we, are staying in the neighborhood, called Mita FLOTUS, which is right along the coast here in the, two days that we've been here so far one, of them was spent sleeping, because we had like about a 20, hour travel, day and we were completely exhausted.

For. Soaking, these views here and just, about to get coffee at this really cool cafe with, great views supposedly, and we know that because it's called Buenavista. Cafe. Good. For you cough it right off the bat some things that we're trying to acclimate too quickly, are, the differences in Spanish, from Mexico, to, where. The heck are we Peru. We're. Noticing it a lot in food so obviously there's lots of new dishes that we've never experienced. But even what, food is called like avocado, I walk out they in Mexico, is out. Here. There's so many foods of our different words so it's almost as if we're on another continent, or something. And. The other thing is currency, it is so nice in Peru oh yeah, people. Are gonna price this thing in its pesos don't make that mistake, so. My salad was twenty-two so lights and your breakfast was good -, oh yeah - twenty-three paces and that included espresso, juice. And the, plate and the. Best part of my breakfast, was without. A doubt the, view. Everyone. Raves about the food in Peru. No. Yeah. We. Haven't really had anything that's like original. To Peru, I'm sure the best is you have to go so. To get to know Lima a little better we're going to go with an expert someone is going to take us around on a bike tour of the neighborhoods. Flores and barranco two of the most popular ones and the ones that we wanted to see the most ready, to go. This. Island, right here behind me it's called San Lorenzo, but apparently there's sea lions and penguins there, I honestly. Thought penguins were just like a cold, water ice thing, Antarctica, yeah exactly, but. You, can put, on a wetsuit and jump. In the water and they'll swim up next to you but the water is very cold so that's why you need a wetsuit I imagine probably too cold for me. This. Behind. Me used to be, okay. Wow and they brought it here to be an accent, to this Park that's a long the ocean here and it. Was actually designed by, the same guy who designed, the Eiffel Tower Oh who's that. So. We just came from over, in this direction and, that is where meetup notices, then, we have this brand, new fridge that they're building to.

Basically. Make a friendship, between me and up notice and pattern, and cool neighborhood and the, bridge is going to be called Wednesday, the Lummi stands for. That reason we're, in Barranca right now which totally, reminds me of a lot of cities in Mexico it's. Yeah. Became super colorful office in it and look oh we just had. Our. Guide. Was telling us so the reason that this neighborhood is so much more colorful than the other ones is because in. But, it can often be grey outside, the weather very hazy foggy, so. In this neighborhood, they're, much, more artsy, and they're like we would add some color to our life and we want this to be a happy City. Thanks, all the colorful buildings and murals but its operate all the time in the summer it clears up a lot and. This. Haziness, goes away. We're. Standing in front of this very well-known, fridge called Quincy de los suspiros which. Means the Bridge of Sighs and, basically. What you're supposed to do is make a wish, hold your breath and get all the way across without, breathing without breathing okay let's do it all right, wish. Wish wish I wish. Your. Face is really red so you must have also not been breathing. So. We got this food that's very typical of Peru they're, like Peruvian, doughnuts helping to cut erroneous. And. Is this like honey on top or, syrup. Of something. Okay. Yeah, the syrup, was really, sweet the, outside is a bit crunchy, and like, kind. Of Airy soft, on the inside that's good. We. Had a great time on that bike tour I feel like we covered so, much ground in, Lima in saw, the various neighborhoods but, honestly. We really were just dipping our toes in the water of trying to get out there and explore this mysterious City we don't know much about and, now we were at this Japanese. Sushi. Place called Makoto, we were really wanting to try out something highly Peruvian. But there, is a lot of Japanese, and Chinese influence, within the city. So technically. It's. Unique. To here, in, a small way but our drinks that we got are very unique to here I got. A pisco, sour well like their version of music Oh sour and, you got what was it called the, sad case our so, it's like pisco. Sake, and like the sour the mixer. Someone tell them not a pisco sour pisco. Is made. From grapes, in this region, very, traditional, and it is a distilled. Liquor. Except. My sushi was 37. So lays and it, was excellent, outstanding, like some of the best you have ever had oh yes mister, mine was 49, Zola's for the 12 piece role and it had pretty much everything I did want a sushi shrimp, salmon avocado cucumber, egg, crab. Mix also, some of the best sushi hammerhead. Good. Morning, we are still in the miraflores, district, and we are at parque, del amor right. In front of this statue called, el vaso because, as you can see these two people are kissing so this is a very popular place for lovers to come surrounding. The whole thing are these tiles, that have love, quotes on them inspiration. Like. Yesterday it's much fog, here cloudy or misty, ER here. In Lima and that's pretty typical at this time of the year it's, summer in the northern hemisphere but, winter here, and so it kind of always has this like cloudy, foggy Ness and it, tends, to be about 60, to 70 degrees.

Fahrenheit, During, the day but. That means there are far less tourists. Are less travelers, here, oh and, also. The, plane tickets are cheaper so that's why we ended up here there was like a great. Like flash deal on iro Mexico, so, here we are I'm, really glad we did that biking, to her yesterday because, the. Day we got here the city just felt so, overwhelming. To me and, we were super exhausted from traveling, we didn't know what to do where to go but, one, restaurant, to go to because, it had traditional. Peruvian, barbecue, and then, we're trying to ask about food allergies and getting, blank looks and it was and. We ended up having to leave because there, was stuff with onion and stuff we, went somewhere else and we're, getting more blank looks when we said the Spanish that we're used to in Mexico and must sound pretty odd, here I guess because I don't. Know so yeah it seems really intimidating. But. After, being on the bike tour and seeing a bit. More of miraflores, and the, Barranco, district, it, seems a lot less intimidating today, and we actually have a plan of attack now right. Now we're headed to the third most popular, destination. In all, of Peru number, one being Machu Picchu, number, two the mountain, of seven colors and, three, the shopping mall vodka. Mater which is right, on the ocean, it's this what appears to be kind of a luxury shopping mall I don't know exactly what makes it so special that, it's the third most popular, but good, jada yeah let's go. So. This is my first time trying pisco, by itself apparently, this is a really nice brand Quattro gallos and you're not typically supposed to have it on its own because it's really strong, 45%. Alcohol or depression 40%, 40%, alcohol but just, for funsies. I'm going to have a little sip. So really strong, not. As sweet as I was expecting. Smooth. But. It does dissipate, you saying that it likes dissipates, in the back of your throat as you drink it kind, of warms up definitely, warming up I think I might be able to breathe the fire down so. This is something very traditional of, in Peru it's called chicha Morada it's a drink. Made with some. Berries cooking mostly performed it's, pretty sweet really good I like. It a lot he tried it once before and that was in Merida this is my second time I'll, be getting this every time. Que. Mas. So. One of the typical Peruvian, dishes that we got was called causa which, online is described, kind of like a casserole they, made it look in my opinion like a this big sushi roll kind of a deal and it's coated with this potato mixture really, creamy I honestly don't know what all was in the middle of besides like avocado. Oil. No. Chicken, yeah it was so good I'm definitely gonna try to murder that again it had so much flavor and just kind of a different texture and experience, and I and, you see with with that type of a dish yeah, and then we also got anticuchos. Which. Is, made. Of cow heart and. We've never had anything like that. Listen. As tender as I thought it was. Kind. Of beef, like if you, told me it was just beef meat I would have believed that I don't think I would order that again but, it was interesting to try yeah, I mean. I, said, yesterday that it was kind of underwhelmed, with the Peruvian food so far but, I have to say that after last night and today I. Love. This food. Bitch, or two because you're, like, we. Still have enough time to eat all food I want to eat. Thank. You so much for watching up to this point the video is not quite over yet but don't forget to subscribe to our channel to see our weekly travel, videos that we put out we, also wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much to everyone who went to tangerine, travels calm to, purchase some of our new, merchandise. I hate saying March, this. Is just one of the designs that are available and, it has made a smile ear to ear, to, see the pictures you guys have shared with us on social media of your shirts if you're interested in getting a shirt do not worry about the shipping pretty much anywhere, in the world it's gonna be about three dollars to ship it to you so can't get any better than that the thing I think is super cool about the Miraflores district, is, overlooking. These cliffs here they have this black netting that's, to cover up the rocks because. The rocks are falling on cars but, on top of the netting they have these vines growing into it some locations, are just totally. Covered fun, fact, Lima is actually, a desert, so all of these plants including, the, grass and probably, everything except, for native desert plants are all placed, here and they tried to pick low water plants so that they have drip. Systems, and they're not having to use the valuable, resource of water which is, very limited so with this cloudy weather this cloudy fogginess, I find myself being super, tired while we're here because it's just kind of like not, sunny, it hasn't been sunny this whole time so, we stopped in to a coffee shop called chefs cafe which is very close to Kennedy, Park another big attraction, here is that I got a double espresso with, whipped cream which is either going to be 9:00 or 10:00 it's fun every chair here, they, have like a lock, which, I imagine is too it's, not a lock this is like a buckle, to put your bag on so if you go can't steal it as easily something, people, said when we were coming here with us be careful watch your stuff all the time but.

I've, Accidentally. Left Germans, backpack open twice and both, times someone. Within seconds. Was like. Amigo. Tsumuji, de esta abierto like, your backpack is open so maybe, that is the case, closer to Centro that you have to be worried about that type of stuff or in other neighborhoods but. So, far it does seem like people are pretty helpful, and honest maybe trying to help that prevent. That from happening. Eat. My tiny cookie. We're. In this cool place right, in the middle of merida flores right now it's called Kennedy pardon, and one, thing that's super interesting about this part is there's stray. Cats all over the place. Today. So, perfect, de presa visit, it's literally hunting, right now. Oh it's. Gonna get it oh. My. Gosh. Every. Seeing count on to anything. Something. That seems very very, prevalent in, video, the, Lima is pocket. And traffic. And we've. Noticed this especially when we're trying to sleep, there's, tons of honking when, we're trying to walk when. We're just standing there when we're eating it's, all the time. So. It's really cool in, Miraflores. I think specifically, they have these middle. Median. Walking. Streets kind of deal but a particular. Reason why these walking streets are so incredibly, nice or on the malecon as well is because cars here do not stop. For you they will not stop for you you have to make eye contact you throw your hands up and do a little dance or something I would here on the tour though I swear. Our tour guides Ana's magic you would like hold it off. And. They stop but but. For, the impatient, drivers. They, will lay on, their, horn at you you, probably hear in the background right now like drivers just honk at everything including. You if you're even if you're running across the street but they want you to not be there it's like I don't. Know it's scary I wouldn't, want to drive here that's for sure over, from the airport. The. Attacks watching, this guy drive and he knew what he was doing. Today. We're headed from our Airbnb, in, miraflores, to the Barranco, district but we're gonna be walking around exploring, some of the colorful buildings and grabbing. Some lunch that. Was supposed to be a really, great restaurant there, we're, in our uber right now and, we picked Cooper X which was significantly. More expensive than goober pool it was two. Dollars and 70 cents for, what. I think is a 10-minute, ride so pretty. Affordable, lubbers, here. Teach, him what other. Que. NOS recomienda inference. Which a classical, is ceviche. Gravity. Arrow amino, Padron awesomest, in a pastel Cambodia to, each other Colorama, within. Each other. Okay. So. Everyone, raves, about the ceviche, and Lima, and this. Ceviche. That we got it looks like some. Fish and popcorn kernels. This. Is actually a popular snack as, like toasted, corn.

It's, My new favorite snack. Cheetos. Cheetos. Trying, to explain what keys are when you jet OSes not understood. Yeah. Many, words are different here especially in terms of food. The. Lemony sauce part, of this is awesome. All. Right that are try your new favorite snack oh. That. Is really good as expecting, over you're harder than that. There's. A crunch but it seems it's soft let's try some fish a little. Bit of it McPhee oh. Wow. That's. Really good, always, aborted ceviche, that. Was. People. Have told us that's the ceviche, and Purdue is like a must try and it's way different than you will probably ever tried and, I concur that was way different than any ceviche, ever like it doesn't have the. Cilantro and some, other like, tomato and they're things that we, typically find in a ceviche, in Mexico, but I'd eat that for every meal. Corn. That crunchy corn to. Get more of that somewhere, somehow this, place was called la. And. Five stars for me yeah, absolutely, now we are going deeper into the barranco neighborhood, to see with this bohemian artsy. Neighborhood is, all about. The. Neighborhood. All I, see here is Puebla. Mexico so, if we have any folk Lagos watching, what do you guys think does, this remind you of the city as well because the, architecture. The, building facades the colorful, buildings. And even some murals it just says revelatory, files on buildings buildings. Oh yeah, and, that ceviche was really good but I'm still hungry are you yeah. We wanted to share two plates there we ended up only sharing one because, everything. Was prepared with her allergy, or so. - so now, we're heading somewhere else to find some more clips. And grab. We. Are now here in a restaurant called Muyo beatnik displaced fish it has a lot of very traditional Peruvian. Dishes and, of course we're trying again a pisco, sour because that's another very, typical. Drink, from this area, they're, super good this time I'm very curious to see how the Kudus could be I got salsa they boil or in Manado I believe it was called sorry imagine causa and it comes to maria the avocado, usually, potato, mixture with egg and in this case chicken and lots of other ingredients but, it's almost, too beautiful to eat. Okay. That food was so good well, I got a fish fillet there and I my honestly didn't really like such, bad luck with, food here bad Jordan. I'm. So sorry I'm sorry. So. We are now here in this handicraft. Extravaganza. Called Inka market where there's lots of local Peruvian, crafts. Rose. Fabrics. Clothing. Which. Is like heaven for me because I love looking at the stuff in Mexico in here notice a lot of similarities, but not exactly, the same different, styles. Lots. Of numbness and I'll, focus super. Cute and lots. And lots of color. So. I got two of these very colorful, poufy ball things, which seem to be goofy ball things. Missing. Very typical, of Peru dough so we wanted something that reminds us of our trip here and this is what we picked because it's nice and light and five, surveys, each so, tend to so, we found this other Inca, market to walk around and we ended up buying a few things here we're, talking with the shop owner and as, time, has gone on during this week we find it easier and easier to talk with people and understand, them but, we do tend, to give ourselves away by, saying things like Monday, like what you didn't understand what he said she said Monday.

Which Is said, of Mexico hard to break you, know other places they might say something like coal but. I'm sure, people could tell right away because, so, many words are different here we've. Noticed though especially. With food food, ingredients, are called just totally different stuff. It. Is now Sunday, and we're in centro, historico. We're, getting. Some breakfast here before the changing, of the guards which is like a daily, tradition, they have it noon but. Every. Time we go to a restaurant just, because the food has been so so good here, we're. Like okay what other Peruvian, dishes, can we get so. I forgot, to record before I started digging in but I got trout with garlic, and yellow pepper sauce the, yellow pepper sauce you see a lot here and truck you see pretty commonly and you got it something. What's. It taste like, tangy, lime, salt, the, fishes like the super tender I'm not, used to that with ceviche like sometimes it can be kind of tough all. The fish we've tried even the shrimp is like super, soft I don't actually know what all is in the sauce but it's very similar to the tangy. Citrusy. Ceviche, sauce this. Particular, one has, some. Type of trout. I'm. Shrimp. The. Very large corn. Explosion. Of flavor every. New dish I like. Because. It. Looks like the central square of Peru has the, same design, that many, of the squares in Mexico have right, here you have the government's Palace right. Here's the cathedral and if, I had to guess either, this or this. Is. The house of the founders and that would make a lot of sense considering, there is a lot of Spanish influence here just like Mexico, so they would have designed this Emperor plazas the, same way so. In past videos if you've been following along you may, have noticed that around my eyes have been red and like maybe. Looking, tired looking and I've gotten a thousand, comments on this and, no. I'm not high no I'm not sick you, know I don't have allergies it's, just something, that's been going on with me as a skin condition I have that, gets worse when I eat more sugar and. I yeah. And I've been having more of that on this trip and it's gotten really bad in the last day so, if you're wondering what that is that's. What it is. Every. Single, day and it's not quite noon yet so they might do it earlier the matter. So. The band started playing at 11:30, and, it's. Like, 11:55. Right now and they're just finishing up it looks like so. We. Heard changing, of the gaurd happens at noon every day I don't, know for sure if this concert, happens every day but it seems like it. So. That was less, of a shift change in, more of an hour-long precession, involving a hundred people with music and choreography. Huge. Interesting. And. Crazy that that's every, day. And. We're, just walking around this the, downtown. Area, of Lima, and the architecture, is absolutely. Stunning. Just the detail, on the buildings. And you look down every, street and it's kind of like got a flat, facade, with, building after building after building err. Reminds me so much of downtown water and. Puebla but, obviously just, Spanish. Influence, this side, of the world this part of the world so, beautiful security. Came up to us and I thought they were going to tell us we couldn't film or something but, then they were just like welcoming, us saying, this is plaza, san martín and it's, named after don, jose san martín, who liberated Peru, in 1821. Take, a picture, like I don't know we, don't endorse this porridge, if you see these pictures. Thank. You guys so much for watching we, had such, an incredible time here in Lima honestly, I can't wait to come back again if. You did enjoy this video give it a thumbs up maybe share with a friend if you think they might like it as well subscribe. To our channel to see more travel vlogs we have coming up and, what. Were they. Oh. So. You were the first to be notified when we put out a new video and we will see you soon.

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I’m not sure. Did you hear us say that during this video?

Beautiful vid. Thank you. so cool

Leche de Tigre looked SO good! Too bad I’m allergic to seafood :-(

Go to colombia visit bogota,melgar,la casita de alpina is nice and cheap

I recommend you guys going to Eco Truly Park Awesome yoga monastery. With eco buildings and organic farm ....

Do you have a income from a job or inherited money. If you work what do you do. You get an income from You Tube but that changes too much to count on it every month. Enjoy your Video

Great video, I have been wanting to visit there! Keep posting!

Sugar (any type) = inflammation (eye tissue) Corn = sugar

por que el cielo es grissss??

The skies clear up in the summer

It’s like that all winter in Lima from what we’re told.

Omgosh the architecture!!! I can see how you could feel so tired with all the fog and rain our sunny days in Puerto Morelos need to be apreciated! I swear I take it for granted!! Great video guys!! Laska says bring her some food from Peru! Love you guys and cant wait to see the Mexico City video!

We totally take our PM sunny days for granted! I mean, the humidity can suck sometimes but at least we can stay awake lol. Oh and I bet Laska is saying bring back some Peruvian food haha. She probably wants one of those Kennedy Park cats too haha. Miss you guys!!

You might be allergic to dairy. Water fasting heals everything.

okay awesome trip, so im bummed about the weather, when does all that go away? no wonder the trip we looked at in july was cheap, i dont want to leave here to foggy and cold, everything look beautiful and prices seem to be equal to mexico atleast for food..i have to rewatch and take notes of the names of food, im really nervous about going since you all speak way more spanish than my hubby and you found it difficult, we would be totally lost..we are looking at 3 weeks there. i would gain 10 pounds in that time with all the different foods to try...good job on video everything, thank you

We’re told it’s like that all winter in Lima and the skies clear up in the Peruvian summers (summer is opposite of the northern hemisphere)

Pisco sour: dangerous!

Best place to eat in South America.

hey you guys, are you aware, Trump Nazis are buying ads on your channel.

Robert Wright see you're brainwashed by the mainstream

Peru did not catch my eye at all but I love the Mexico blogs hopefully we can see a blog soon of colombia or brazil

Jessika Cardenas Brazil yes!. Colombia and Mexico both dangerous poor and violent countries. No thanks.

I'm jealous of all of y'alls travel, but what about traveling to London or Australia or Singapore? I'm glad Jordan is ok! I was also concerned about him. Safe travels and be careful out there!!! Don't just go anywhere. Not all spots are safe for tourists or Americans.

Thanks for a look at Peru. You two are really adventurous. We spent the weekend in North Chicago at our favorite place (Bob Chin's Crab house) where we ate all the Copper River Salmon we could. Soooooooooo good. Just love your videos.

28:56 the same thing happens to me sometimes, but with me remembering the word in English and striving to remember the Spanish word, haha.

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