Whitney Houston's Hologram Tour

Whitney Houston's Hologram Tour

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So. Thank. You thank, you I love you more listen they're putting out a hologram, about Whitney Houston. They're. Gonna take it on tour I just have to get right to what I think this is the worst idea ever, all due respect to the dearly departed Whitney, she's been gone for many, years now she. Does not have an heir her only daughter has passed on as well you. Know I I don't want to accuse Pat, Houston, her sister-in-law, or her brother Gary of a. Money. Grab or, being. Highly, distasteful but. Would. You go see Whitney in a hologram, won't or clap if you would. Okay. A few. People not many though if, you're, looking for money that's not many if, what. You want to do is keep her memory, alive we, got the radio and and. We've got Spotify and we've, got our collections, and we've. Got our memories. They're. Currently planning this everybody. Pat, Houston, she's, the one at the helm of it they want Gary to go out there and sing live while the hologram, of Whitney is there, yes. As a background singer. This. Is terrible not a concert. I. Mean. Tupac. Did it didn't. Work so well. Who. Else did it um Michael. Jackson, did it didn't. Work so well. Today's. Biggie's birthday, please mrs. Wallace please faith do not get. Biggie on the, hologram, happy, birthday big. Now. They also plan, on having the Whitney story on Broadway now see I think that's a fabulous idea. As. Long as it's not in a hologram, you know what I mean like I want to see Deborah Cox, the only Whitney, Houston, I I, want, to see Deborah. Cox she's the only one that could get close to Whitney we've seen her do it before people love her and she's got a great voice and we like her here in our show but I think the Deborah on Broadway, she's done Broadway before as Whitney, and then you do the whole Whitney Houston thing and make sure that you include a lot of good stuff and, also, on this. Tour that Gary's gonna be on with his hologram sister. They. Want to introduce us to new Whitney music. All. Due respect, rest. In peace I don't, care about here in new music I want, to hear the music that we can sing along too you. Know. I just. Think it's a bad idea all, the way around shout out to the Houston family that's all. An. Aretha. Franklin. Aretha. You will not stop messing with people will you. Okay. So our friend Aretha rest in peace. Had. Three, wills hidden, around her house have you heard about this. Well. As I was leaving the house this morning all I heard was she left a will that's what I heard on the news and then I had to go so. By, the time I got here the bureau let me know it wasn't just Oh will Wendy three Will's. Two. Of them in a locked safe from 2010. Handwritten. Handwritten, I. Want. To leave the house to Ted. She, has, a son named Ted and. Then look the Pens not working here's where she scribbles around, you. Know what I mean, they. Say that this is really her handwriting, would. You look at miss Franklin okay two of them were locked in a safe in her home and one of them was in a spiral notebook under, a cushion, in her couch. Wit. Well, who knew. Aretha. Franklin, just like us. It. Might be a mere grocery, list that you have in your couch cushion but the point being she's, scribbling, and writing in a spiral notebook and, stuffing it under her couch. This. Is the same woman who wore her purse on stage though because, she didn't care how rich the people around her we're and how well appointed they were everybody she thought had a ceiling bone, well. She did have a point with that. Kind. Of sort of this. Is the same woman who would ask for cash up front, she, wasn't trusting, you promoters, just because you have a line, around the corner doesn't, mean that you were going to give her a fair share for for, performing, in a cheque that won't bounce or you say you're gonna wire the money no she wants cash and she, stuffs it in that bag and she'd come on stage and do chang-chang. You. Know to, me she's looking and laughing at all of us in my mind my joke during hot topics. Morning meeting was that the spiral, notebook at the couch was she was writing her will she was probably watching Wendy at the same time.

I. Think. She, was our girl for the show remember the way I met her is because she called the bureau to curse me out about something I said about her. And. I was like that wasn't really Whitney Houston I mean I'm Aretha, Franklin they said yes it was Wendy and she talked about this that in the third and she got me on the telephone she was like I watch every day this. Was during our six-week, sneak peak we weren't even a show we were and. But. It was on in the day and she was watching on her couch so Teddy gets the house according, to this handwritten, will whoo yes, yes her, children, are ages, 49. To 62. Now, you would think that a 49, to a 62, year for signs somebody. Would have said mom you need a proper will now can we talk McCobb for a second I don't. Know who you are if you have kids or not if, you have a living will but to me the second you have children you need your, life insurance you, know sometimes if you don't have kids then you know why, I get life insurance that's what a lot of people feel and sometimes, people feel that if they're just by themselves then why I have a will well you. Should have it even if you give it to your favorite mailman. Just because, your stuff no matter what it is just because otherwise that state takes it and I don't care where you live there's always something funky, about the state you don't like when, it comes to death you. Know and, it's. Not macabre like I don't talk to my parents about wills and stuff like that I just want to know do you have one that, was years ago they said yes I was like okay fine good you. Know I kind, of don't want to know anymore, for. My son my. Son and I of. Recent, late of course my. Son no yes, we talked that talked I've introduced, him to the actual people this is who you're, the boss over and this is when you're 18 now boy. If. I walk outside and something happens to me. You. Just know everything's, laid out for you I. Just. Feel like you. Children, the Whitney the Aretha. Franklin children you've done your mother's legacy a disservice and there's two of the brothers who don't like the idea of this handwritten, will well they're saying so far that it is written, by Aretha and they are gonna give it to a handwriting. Analysis, but in my opinion something like this should be absolutely, legal and here's why it's, not like she wrote one or two sentences, that you know a plagiarize, ur a forger. Could you know imitate. One or two sentences, you know some of us. Some. Of us have done that before you know bad progress, reports at school. Thomas. D, Williams. I. Told. Them after I graduated. And. Once I had a successful career then I tell my parents all my tricks but anyway, um, I I, feel this is enough writing to say whether this is her writing or not then they're gonna get it under a handwriting, analysis, then it's gonna prove to be hers well they're two brothers who are all down for this they must be the two brothers who are the responsible, ones who probably know they were gonna get everything anyway and then their two brothers who hate the idea these. Three wills even be a part of anything those are probably the two brothers who were less than, responsible. The ones who would benefit, from the. Know will thing, in Michigan the know will thing goes like this everything. Gets divided equally amongst, the siblings say, so the ones who weren't necessarily as, opponent, will get, as much as the ones that took care of Teddy who. We could read his name. He. Gets the house now. I don't know where they're going where they're going from here but I got to tell you something there is a hearing scheduled, on June 12th and believe me you I will, be on top of it. I want. You to talk to your family about wills it doesn't have to be Alma Cobb and stuff you know could just be like you, know like mom I really, like you know that dress and then.

She Says Wendy, it's yours. You. Know or something doesn't, have to be all deftly, and. You, want to talk to people about their wills and find out and stuff why they still have all their marbles. Kim. Kardashian, is. Mad. At. At. The, fast-food restaurant. Jack-in-the-box. Do. You know that remember Rodney Allen Rippy used to be the spokesperson, and then they kind of disappeared that we here on the west or the east coast for a minute now they're I guess only on the west coast anyway they have tacos and burgers and stuff, so. Yesterday. Kim, posted hey. Jack-in-the-box. I've, a serious complaint, but, I won't fully, put you on blast check. Your corporate email inbox, and send me a DM with direct person, for my team to contact, pronto. First. Thing I says who. Does she think she is. All. Right. I, mean. Yes. Your your with, the prison reform and your leading a movement that a lot of people might not have opened their eyes to yes, you're in Van. Jones is law school to. Get your law degree and, you know you seem to be doing, really really, good, for the people with your position but who are you with. This right here get. At me pronto. First. Of all I thought I was the only one to flip but everybody in my hot topics morning meeting agreed with me I wouldn't care if they didn't they agree they're like who does she think she is and then. I said to them I said and one wouldn't her people respond, to her millions of followers they said most of them were like what does she think she is like. You either share the whole thing which are complaining about don't. Don't just string, people along because what this sounds like Kim is you're using your your celebrity. And your newfound you, know business. Head for a lot of pomposity, and bullying like. Like who are you. And. There's. Not a bone in me that believes that she's complaining, because they left cheese off of a burger it's. Not like that she's probably complaining. Because maybe they saw a worker being mistreated, or they, saw a worker do something wrong or something, wasn't right in the restaurant so she was pissed she wanted to do good for the people that's what I believe in my mind, but. The way she went about it just makes her sound like an ass, who. Are you. You. Know. Maybe. There's no handicap, ramp or something like that but, you know what you should have done Kim you're, Kim you should have picked up the phone and called corporate, and talked, about it behind the scenes like everything. That you do for the good of the people doesn't, have to be known and please. Don't become that that, bully online, because because, right now you're bullying the, jack-in-the-box. Anyway. So. The corporate people the jack-in-the-box found, out about this through her and so. They wanted to DM her apparently. But they. Tried to reach out and and, it, was unsuccessful so, I guess through hot topics Kim they're trying to reach you. Maybe. You want to call them like like a lot of just use the phone and call them. Hey. Can we change these stories around I know we have nine oh two one oh to talk about but I prefer to talk about that boy at Empire cuz you're, not gonna believe what's going on. Excuse. I mean the shy, well. Excuse, me he's the cookie, of um the shy you, know the star of the show one. Of Hollywood's hottest rising. Stars this guy right here, what's. His name again in mid-tones Jason Mitchell.

Jason. Has been fired by. His no, listen. By. His agent his. Manager, and his. TV show the shy. Along. With an upcoming Netflix. Movie, now. You asked me what a 32, year old man could possibly do, when his the, new season of the shy was just renewed. For the third season do. You know that he's on a hit show if you, don't watch but, you watch Empire okay he's cookie lions like. Virtually. There were chairs flying across our morning meeting people saying the show cannot survive without Jason Mitchell and I. Was like well well what is it going to have and I love um um, Shai also so, I'm like what did he do he played eazy-e, and straight out of Compton oh now. You know. He. Played mary j blige his, son in Mudd round, okay. Do, you understand, he was a rising star and, everybody. Fired him at one time. Jason. Was hit apparently. Everybody with multiple, allegations. Of. Misconduct. What. Are you thinking I'm not, saying it. But. Guess. What. This. Is kind of the nail in the coffin not for nothing if you are in the third season, you just got renewed for a third season and you're an actress who's never been seen, or heard of before. Her. Name is Tiffany Boone and you. Quit your job cuz you filed at your jobs for sexual harassment, against the sky and nobody at the job did anything so you ended up quitting Tiffany. Boone has quit the show, she. Plays his girlfriend, fiance on the show no. His wife on the show she, has a fiance in real life it was, Oh strained. At. Home with the fiance and Tiffany that she asked the fiance to come to the set every time they had to shoot scenes together her in him uh-huh. Uh-huh. Isn't. That where a man just breaks full bail like. You don't just show like if you know that, your woman's, about to do we love seeing with somebody who she's complained, about sexual harassment, he. Must be very civilized, to just stand by and just watch as, opposed. To you know jumping on him I don't. Know and that any of this is true Jason but this does not look good producers, of his upcoming Netflix movie, I was just telling you they recently got, specific. Information. About. An incident that led, to him being fired. The. Information. They said is. What. Led everyone else to fire him so the Netflix, infos got it and then, the agent, fired him the manager fired him and the scheie fired him and Tiffany. Quit her job, now. This is a woman who she. Only had one thing that, we saw that, you might know she was on that show called the following, they. Were up, and canceled quit you know what I'm saying now she finally gets this show right here the. Shy and she's. Got a big role because she plays that well that she plays the fiancee of the star and she. Quit she walked away from the money on the table a guaranteed, third season well. We don't know that he's guilty of anything I'm just gonna say that because. I I. Have, to. But. It doesn't look good you know what. They. Should offer her her job back. Well, Tiffani I got to tell you my co-host think that they should offer it back and I assume you think that that you should go back they, should go back we'll see if I was Tiffany I take, the offer and then I would make, a press conference saying I will not be coming back would. You like to know why while. I understand. We're in our third season we just got renewed everybody's, talking about us we love people love the shy and I love my role here. Just. Because you maybe. Would fire Jason, if the allegations, prove to be 12 already fired Jason, and so the coast is clear no it's not because, we got the same HR, people that I complain to and we got the same other staffers, and uppers that I complain, to and you never look out for me so, I don't want to work for you I'm. Going to unemployment. And, I'll just wait to the next role, Tiffany. You don't want that job back not, those same people are there you complain why you know it's not just about the store or the show do you understand what I'm saying, I was. In the house. I was, in the house last night minding my own business as, I always do. And. Then and then my phone rang. Phone. Not a text because it was 9:30 on a school night and, I knew I had to get up in the morning in 9:30 you know I'm like you, know what. We're. All at Lucky Strike we're, bowling and having a good time Cal it's here Kevin Hartz here come on let's go I was like nope I got, to stay in but Kevin Hart is in town and Kevin Hart by the way this is hi Kevin this is another Kevin Hart story. No. Look look. So. He was at a friend of his wedding did you see this this um footage and, lucky. For us we caught the tape he, was gettin down and forgetting down it, looks like he's still got on his wedding pants, but then he put on a hoodie and, and.

The. Great thing it must be great to be short when you fall cuz you only got a little distance to go look, he felt like a five-year-old just just here so there, he is the. Next day he explained what happened take a look. My. Heels, on. Both, shoes. Look. At this came. Off. That's. Why, I, went. Down okay. I, am. The product of. Defective. Shoes. Any. Excuse, is better than none his wife was off to the side sang, the hill came off after, you fell. Anyway. Kevin is already, in the, Wendy a fall, of shame but we're gonna put them in there again. Oh. My. Gosh I didn't have time to tell you about nine oh two one oh it's. Okay we've got more great show for you do smile before it's. Filipino. But. Up next everybody we're bringing down the, biggest celebrity, loss we're gonna break down I'm sorry the biggest celebrity lawsuits we've got an attorney here she's brand new we're gonna talk about Nipsey Hussle 'he's daughter you heard about that and we're. Gonna do it with a lawyer lady so grab a snack and come, on back. You.

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Why are only black artists going on hologram tours? Anybody else thinks that’s fishy? Or are these the only ones you hear about?

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The incomparable Whitney, on broadway. Yes

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Whitney Houston is very happy with her kids in the witness protection program.. I believe hologram concerts could be part of the future.. Justin Timberlake viedo filthy.. Was like a hologram concert and was super cool.. But a head of it's time.. Wendy is old and not current.. For god sake she at a sex dungeon show... Yuck... And lives in the past ...


Kim Kardashian is not leading a movement! She has recently contributed funding to black female lawyers Brittany K. Barnett and MiAngel Cody’s Buried Alive Project. Their efforts got those 17 or so people free recently and Kim has largely taken the credit. These two women and many other activists have been fighting for and freeing inmates for years.

Kim is MRS. KIM WEST now

She's bullying them? Wow, that's a stretch. Lmao!

This new Wendy

I don't see anything wrong with the hologram tours. I think it's really awesome and it's a chance for people to see someone performing that they never got to because they themselves weren't alive at that time they were too young or didn't have the money to go see them etc. This is the next best thing.

I'm with you Wendy.  I am over Whitney Houston

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2:10 , that is a famous stand up artist from Germany Enissa Amani.


A hologram appearance can be tastefully done but a whole tour is tacky. At some point your using a dead persons image for personal gain.


Can't they leave Whitney alone! Money hungry!!

Holograms are pure Satanic!

Not satanic, just creepy.

There something creepy and unsettling with Holograms. Just doesn't sit right.

Little Kevin who is now big Kevin needs to change his last name to Williams

I think they should've did it on her birthday in new Jersey one time pay homage to the great not a whole tour

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Yu think Deborah is The closest because y’all haven’t heard me yet❗️

Pay $ to see a Hologram ?

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I believe tics are free! Hope you make it..

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Correction: Glennis grace is the only one who can get close to Whitney

When she was talking about her son did anyone else get that seemingly subtext, and nervous tone and hand shaking...idk...gave me chills

It's soooo sad that this decease woman can't be left alone...It appears to me that this Pat her sister in law doesn't have means or skills to make money on her own. That's having greed, in the eyes of God he only Bless the child that establish his own.

Nobody wants Tiffany there without Jason!!

The Jason Mitchell guy shouldn’t be fired due to sexual harassment allegedly

Lol if I was Jack in the box I would've replied "If you have a complaint, here's our customer service line. Thanks."


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Whitney Houston’ sang her heart out ... now that was an amazing singer wit the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard!!!!!! God rest her soul ......

Why is there no video and only audio?????

I dont think Wendy realizes how often people disagree with her. I would be interested in hearing unreleased whitney music.

If you like Whitney... look up : GLENNIS GRACE

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Congrats, on your new home with hubby kelvin

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Biggie already has a hologram

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This is one of the rare times I can agree with this woman. This is just CREEPY and GREEDY!

She has a point he is just doing it for the money

Wendy i been rooting 4 u since i discovered your show in 2010 & u helped me thru a really hard time in my life! And in da words of 1 of my favs I Am Elhoh thanks 4 coming thru wit da looks da factz & da tea lol!!!!!!

My mom works in insurance, so we’ve had the death talk multiple times. It’s just a necessary conversation to have.

Yes it is. I've had it w my mom and kids. Wishes should be well known/made.


Watching a hologram is so morbid...it's like they're there but they're not there...because their life force isn't there...it's just so disturbing...it's not even like watching a ghost because a ghost (if they exist) is at least some of what remained after someone died but a hologram is nothing of them, just a projected image. It's just depressing!

Pat is such a damn opportunist

Wendy looks wonderful and seems to be confidant in herself.. So proud. You are amazing.

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Hot topics has been so entertaining since Wendy left that trash man

She was cursing you out! How is she your girl? Yes, she is probably laughing at you!

When wendy said its been many years...

Whitney just wanted to share the love. Ppl got greedy felt deserving ,& like expected coins b/c you watched a door...tf.....ppl are greedy,especially family. Look at Toni Braxton. Always Always trying to get her sistas a gig. She couldnt enjoy her come up. Toni zhould have been able to ENJOY that moment of fame!

Instead of a hologram tour they need to open a whitney museum. I'd totally go to that!

Aretha ole school & why get the gubment involved with taxes....yas ma'am

Tupac hologram was at Coachella, it was great! Maybe they should do that at a special event, not a concert..

Wendy is living her Best Life! I

What a great episode. Yeah Aretha aint done yet. I think she has a few more surprises up her sleeve. I have an elderly neighbor who always brags about giving Aretha a ride in his cab, back in the 60's. He tells everybody bout how she gave him a 100 $ tip. He says she was the nicest lady he ever met. He was sad when she passed .

I hope I it's not true Wendy is not actually with that lowlife kelvin he's not worth it take it from a woman who's been there my husband of 26 yrs made and out side child he pretended to be rid of them 3 yrs later the same woman was pregnant again !!!

They free loaded while she was alive and now they'll free load when she's gone. SMH


Someone's making money off her and she can't have it. Let her rest! Let her rest!

I would Love new Whitney music cuz hunnaayy that voice is legendary!

Keep Whitney Houston's legacy alive by creating scholarship funds...etc. Love you and miss you Ms. Houston.❤

Okay Wendy, in all your new positivity you won't call them out, but i will. Pat & Gary Houston are money grabbing

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Sing along to and butcher it up. Nobody and I mean nobody sing like Nippy

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She'd Kim KarTRASHian West the hoe that knows.

My one wish today if it could happen is to have Whitney back to laugh and cackle at Wendy for going through a disgraceful divorce and also having drug issues.This same Wendy who harrassed Whitney. Karma time Wendy karma time.

I am sick of them digging up her past. She isn't the only one who had problems with drugs. Please leave her alone.

Well Wendy I guess only those who really appreciate “music” would understand. I’d honestly love to hear what we didn’t hear, I can’t see what’s so wrong with that. The voices of today still can’t match that of Whitney

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I think Wendy is scared for her life, because she mentioned the whole will thing, and she said they did all that recently. Knowing that Kevin Jr got arrested for hitting his dad is crazy to hear after this...Kevin Sr is a danger to society, but specially to Wendy!

Whitney Houston hologram tour is a bad idea. Whitney Houston jukebox musical is a good idea!

Wtff!!!! Stop

I absolutely loathe The Kardashians. I'm still confused as to how they developed so much power. Eww. Ugh. Never seen one show.

Not only is this a "bad idea" but it's down right CREEPY!! As well as disrespectful & "new music" really? The arrogance, pride, & ego of these people in charge of this as if this is something these people like Whitney, Michael, & Tupac want to be doing BEYOND THE GRAVE when it's the industry & all that comes with it that initially sent them there in the first place. This is truly a wicked world that we live in full of self serving twats that have NO morals or respect especially when it comes to the dead let alone those who are still living. SHAMEFUL. );-/

Pat Houston and Gary Houston are despicable!!

Pat Houston is one evil jealous axx rat along with Whitney’s brother too #Trash

Open a Whitney Houston Memorial Museum. Just not this.

I don’t agree with the tour but I think the album with unreleased music is a great idea because us fans just want to hear more Whitney

don't cover kevin hart thnx

Sso true abt kim

Split ot berween them all theyre all hers children

Wendy talking about her will and preparing for her death made me a little nervous... take care Wendy!

Talk about nipsey hussle Wendy

That hologram did not capture Whitney's beauty

Hey there, Wendy. All kids should get an equal share. Everyone with multiple children knows how it goes. The ones that were on it at one time, may drop out for a while, and those that may not have been on it at one time, come through in the end. It's narcissistic to "award" children based on what they have done for you. We love our children equally and want to help them all, for as long as we can, even after our deaths—even the prodigal children. There may also be grandchildren to consider, and if she left out their parent, she may be affecting the chance for those kids to go to college, or what type of college they go to. No, no. There should be a law that all offspring raised by a parent is entitled to equal shares.

Oh god that is so distasteful in Whitney’s memory!! I certainly wouldn’t support this, a hologram just NO!! Broadway! Yes if done in a respectful way! Hate the thought of her brother and pat Houston making money off her memory though! Money grabbing f*****s

OMG Wendy’s Kim K impersonation hahahahahaha so funny!

DO NOT SUPPORT THIS! I would not see this if it was FREE!

It's a disgusting money grab and totally distasteful. People are fucking sick.

Who does she think she is? Lol. Unfortunately she's somebody. If she'd fully put them on blast, probably woulda been a hit on their business. Snapchat fiasco with Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, nuff said. And tbh Kim K is rarely mad so something must've happened but she could've gone about it differently

Whitney dead and you still got her name in your mouth I can hear her cursing you out now

Wendy, I was a paralegal years ago. You absolutely need a Will b/c you do not know how you will die. There can be a semi-tractor trailer who hit you, and it could be an $18 million settlement. So do you want to give THAT to the State, or to whom YOU want? And there must be a Trust so that your loved ones do not have to pay $5000 probate fees for that house & land she left you! With a Will and a Trust, you do not even have to go to Probate Court to get it. Ask Suze Orman for her $54-80 gold kit on HSN that was actually prepared by an Attorney!! I did it for my diabetic brother, who suddenly died 3 yrs later. We had his Will & Trust already done!

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