WILL HE SHOOT THEM!? | Detroit:Become Human - Part 8

WILL HE SHOOT THEM!? | Detroit:Become Human - Part 8

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I'm glad to see you again I can't, wait to see what will happen next, uh. Are. You familiar with Schrodinger's. Cat, alone. Until you decide what happens everything. Is happening at once, like. In Detroit. Okay. Who, way, to make me feel oh oh she's all worried about it like in Detroit oh. Okay. My. Name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to. Dipwad. Become. Human. Last time we let our peaceful protest as marcus and a girl karen, here is given, us some existential ism she seems like she's working through some stuff she looks, like a baby who's about to take a shit, doesn't. Really know what's happening like what, is this feeling, I can't. Stop, this, feeling. Deep. Inside, of, me. So, what's, gonna happen next I have no idea but now that the people know that we are serious about our cause with, Marcus. Connor. Certain to go through some changes Connor seems like he's starting to wake. Up. Hey. Speak, of my boy he's. Cluttered, Hank. Is. He just giving a report. He's. Back in his mind palace again, or. He meets Amanda all the time. What's. Up Hank Furth. Is, everything okay lieutenant. Chris, was on patrol last night. He, was attacked, by a bunch of deviants. Said. He was saved by Marcus himself, that. Was Chris he's Chris okay. Yeah. He's in shock but he's, alive oh that's, cool. He's, beginning to believe. Kamsky. Is that way we're here Kamsky, left cyber life 10 years ago, why. Did you want to meet him. This. Guy created the first Android to pass the Turing test and he's, the founder of cyber life. Anybody. Can tell us about DV as it's him, okay. And can't. Ski, so, he's the leader of cyber life he created the first robot to pass the Turing test which. Is. A test designed, to fool humans, into thinking that the robot is real boil. Down to his basics. And. He's. Also the one who gave Carol. Marcus. So. He made Marcus and gave Marcus. To Carol. Curious. I always love my coin. Can't. Stop me from doing tricks lieutenant. Hello. It's. Karen. Hi. I'm. Lieutenant. Hank Anderson Detroit, Police Department I'm here to see, mr.. Elijah Kamsky. Please, come in she's. The lady from the main menu, okay. Oh. It. Makes sense is she the one that passed the Turing test. I'll. Let Elijah know you're here but please make yourself comfortable, is. That what the main menu is the main menu itself, is a Turing test, cuz. She's testing, me Oh. Weird. Very. Ostentatious house, no. I don't want to sit down I was almost gonna do it I want, to continue looking around. Is. That him nice girl, uh. That's. Elijah. You're. Right no. She's. Really pretty. Nice. Place you got a crush Terra Cotta. Elijah. Chomsky's, cyber life founder resigned in 2028. Inventor, of thorium and bio components, technology. His. Androids haven't been been. A bad thing for everybody, nope. There's, big I of sour on painting, right there needs your maker Connor. Is. It Amanda. Amanda. An AI. Professor. At the University. Of coal, bridge. She's. Dead. And. I was an Eric I was Elijah, was an AI graduate. At the University, of coal bridge. So. Amanda is a, software, or an Android based, on. Amanda, Stern oh. It's. All starting to make sense. So. Connor goes back into his mind palace or into the Zen garden where. He talks to Amanda, but, Amanda is a self-regulating. Piece. Of software, to keep him in check cuz. He said he he. Does. Tests regularly, and he like. Makes sure that he's not a deviant, so she's there to make sure that he's not deviating. That's. Why maybe that's why he's a prototype. So. Was that made by Kamsky. What. Did you ask me about meeting my maker, I'm. Eager, Kamsky. Is one of the great geniuses of the 21st, century. It'll. Be interesting to meet him in person, sure. Well, sometimes. I wish I could meet my Creator face-to-face. I'd. Have a couple of things I'd want to tell him thank. You hurt, you, who. Hurt my beautiful boy, oh. I. Just want you to be okay Hank what's, this a. Book. Ebook well. We're waiting around for her to come back anyway so why not read it space. Tourism on the rise do, you have a better one that I can read, cyber. Life's fortune, teller computer. This. Is what I'm talking about cyber, life has unveiled a new quantum, supercomputer, it's made out of exa flops. Didn't. I read this. I read. This already, the. EXIF ups and the billion billion and to stop, the calamities, and all that and that's, what I said that's probably what Marcus is he, is the supercomputer, in his brain so he's able to pre.

Calculate, So for at least to some degree I don't know. Maybe. He will figure it all out by the end that's a weird sculpture, oh. Hey. You're back. Glad. You will see you now. Damn. This, is getting really interesting. And. Information, from Kamsky. This. Is very ex machina if you if you want to watch you're reading a bleep oh. My. God just a moment please. There's. More Karen's right there I don't know what the real names are but, I'm gonna keep calling Karen. If. You want to watch a really good movie about androids, and the Turing test and everything watch ex machina fantastic. Movie and it's basically. This Kamsky, is like one of the characters in the movie. And. You go to his house and everything. Very, good movie I would highly recommend it especially after, watching this series oh, my. God are you swimming. In red ice. Nice, place you got here. Picture. That. Looks. A lot like the one marecus drew in Carol's. House. This. Is all starting to come together folks. Well. Cool Billings. This. Gave me a phenomenal. Looking I really like the look at this game. You. Know what's up cat ski. Nice. Package. They're, just talking to each other. I'm, lieutenant Anderson, this, is Connor my name is Connor what. Can I do for you all the time. Sir. We're investigating, deviance, I know. You left several life years ago but I was hoping you'd be able to tell us something we don't know. Deviants. Fascinating. Aren't they, perfect. Beings, with, infinite intelligence. Now. They have free will they're not about that machines. Are so superior to us. Confrontation. Was inevitable. Humanity's. Greatest, achievement. Threatens, to be its downfall. Isn't. Ironic. We, need to know about deviance. Something. In the deviance program, seems to emulate, emotion. We. Thought you might know something about how that occurs. All. Ideas, of viruses spread like epidemics. Is. The desire to be free of contagious. Disease listen. I didn't come here to talk philosophy the, machines you created, may be planning, a revolution. I love thank you either. You can tell us something that'll be helpful or we will be on our way. What. About you Connor, uh-oh.

Whose. Side are you on. I, don't. Know it's, not about me mr., Kamsky. All. I want, is to solve this case. Well. That's what you're programmed, to say. But. You. What. Do you really want. Troubled. Neutral. Defensive. Might uh neutral. I don't. Want anything I, am. A machine. Chloe. Chloe. Is earn I'm sure you're familiar with the Turing test your. Formality, simple. Question of algorithms. And computing capacity. What. Interests me. Is, whether machines are capable of empathy. I call. It the Kamsky test it's, very simple you'll see. Magnificent. Isn't it. Nervous. One of the first intelligent models, developed by cyber 11. Young. And beautiful, forever. Flower, the boy never with her. What, does it really, he's. A plastic into anything. Or, a living being. With. A soul oh, no. Oh no oh, no it's. Up. To you to answer that ah listen 18 question. Destroy. This machine and, I'll tell you all I know, or. Spirit. If. You feel it's alive this is the Kamsky test but you'll leave here without, having learned anything, from not shooting anything. Okay. I think we're done here come, on kind of let's go sorry to get you you're important to you caller. Your. Investigation, or the life of this Android, Oh Android. Android, Android, life cyber you are. An. Obedient, machine. Living being. Oh you. Down son of a bitch free well. That's. Enough, Connor will leave and pull the trigger, Connor. Dumped. The devil an angel on my shoulder. Don't. Shoot don't shoot okay I make it the right decision. Cyber. Lives last chance, to save humanity. Is. Itself. I'm. Not a deviant. You. Prefer to spare a machine, rather than accomplish, your mission. You. Saw living being in this Android. You. Shouldn't. Yeah. No war is coming. You'll. Have to choose your side. Will. You betray your own people or stand up against your creators, I think I just did pick my side, welcome. Lee worse than nothing to choose between two, evils. Let's. Get out of here yeah take, your boy alright. He's gonna have to catch these hands. By. The way I, always. Leave an emergency, exit in my programs, you. Never, know. What. Does that mean. Why. Didn't you shoot. I just, saw that girl's eyes and. I. Couldn't that's, all call, her a garland understand you would do anything to accomplish your, mission. That. Was our chance to learn something and you let it go yeah I know what I should have done I told you I couldn't I'm. Sorry, okay. Oh maybe, you do the right thing yeah. We're. Becoming bytes. We're. Already buds now we're becoming best, buds oh. My. God meet Kamsky. Hmm. There's. A whole bunch, more stuff that could have happened down here but, we made the right decision, Hank.

Thought Connor made the right decision that's good as long as me and Hank are good. Buds that I'm happy good, job Connor. My. Name is Connor I'm the, Android sent by cyber life. November. 9th, 1204. Let's. Read a little book. Detroit. Today Android, riot. Number. Of Detroit neighborhoods, were brutally vandalize last night with CyberKnife stores broken into and the entire stock of Android stolen, but this wasn't everyday criminality, the perpetrators, are thought to be androids, though. The police have yet to issue an official statement, leaked, CCTV, footage from the surrounding. Area shows a number of androids emerging from manhole covers and smashing, store windows. The. Worst incident, was in Capitol Park where police attended, the scene and were confronted by androids behaving violently weren't. Behaving violently we. Were vandalizing. Officers. Had no choice but to open fire on the malfunctioning, machines which are thought to be suffering, from some kind of behavioral, bug although, I guess we did put them on their knees so that's kind of violent. An. Eyewitness, who asked to remain anonymous said, I was personally, attacked by the ringleader, it threatened, me with a knife I was so terrified. That. Did not happen, of, course. This allegation remains unconfirmed but. We have no reason to disbelieve a human witness as to the behavior of a deranged machine Oh. Fake. News, biased. Some. Are already connecting, this issue that the recent attack in Detroit Stratford, Stratford tower, again, executed, by androids this may be the beginning of a disturbing, a perplexing, pattern. The. Eastern space race, Russia. And China's and Roy's faceoff I don't really care about that one. Bunch, of stuff to see. I'm gonna play a little piano Marcus, just, like Carol taught you, I, guess. No one really taught you. Thank. You thank. You a good night. I'm. Actually playing. Just. Play superfast. I. Call this the symphony, of dragonforce. Oh. He. Just went out to the edge anyway. I was, wondering where you were. Needed, to think I needed. To think. I like. It here and since I. Come. Here often, don't. Like it's. Like being alone with the world. We. Freed hundreds of our people and they're still coming from all over the city. Those. Who dream of freedom come to Jericho. Something's. Changing. You. Seem preoccupied. They, all obey, me they follow me without question. And that much power feels, good. And scary. At. The same time Yelp. All. The media are talking about what we did last night. The. Humans are terrified. They're. Afraid of a civil war. Many. Of our people were burned in response to what happened. The. Humans hate us. They'll. Never give us our freedom they. Will. Is. Not all humans, are like that. No. Not all humans are the same exactly, some of them understand, it they can't stop us from becoming free forever, you. Haven't said much about yourself, since you've been with us. What. Was your life like before Jericho, oh yeah. I had, a buddy named Carol. I was. Caring for an old man, he. Was like a father of me, he. Showed me that humans and androids can live together. Yeah, what about you. What. About you. You. Never told me about your past what did you do before I don't, want to talk about it. That, Android you're looking at in the store. She. Reminded you of who you were didn't she. Trust, curious understanding, address trust, north. We're fighting together we. Have to know things about each other to trust each other. I was. Nothing a. Darlin. And distributor, program to satisfy humans. Just. A toy designed for their pleasure. One, day I was with a man who rented me. And, without knowing why I realized I couldn't take it anymore I. Strangled. Him and I ran away damn. Just like the Tracie's, there. Now you know everything. Connect. You, know what we're doing right now North were interfacing. He's. A dead pan aye. I saw. Your memories. Carl's. House lover. And they left you for dead in his studio, I. Saw. Your memories soon. The. Eating Club the. Death of that man I felt like I was there with you. North. So, No. Everything. Just went south with north. So. We're lovers now that was easy. This. Is suicide, we'll. All be killed no this. Is America night you. Don't understand, we're. Finally gonna show that we really are this place will go down in history won't.

Be Killed on the spot that's. The risk I'm prepared to take if it means freedom for our people yep. Markus. Please, don't do this we're. Doing it they'll. Understand. We'll. Make them understand. This. Is the only way. America's. There's so many cool outfits. There. Are androids, here who convert. More androids okay join, us the. More we are the stronger our message join. Me brother. You're, free. Well I'm, free I thought. My name was Dave. Any. Others I was one of the door. You, can serve my fucking Android all night what. Sup. Buddy you're, awake now. There's. One over here. You're. Carrying this person's bags. Come. With us. Somebody. Else back here as well a little, bit faster now America's a little bit faster the revolution, is coming oh. I. Want a saxophone. You're. Free. Wow. Anybody. Else. Or they're actually all following, you that's kind of creepy. Apparently. The dude. She. Said what your hat you slipped, and your hands fell on her tits. Who's. Been feeling up the Android at home dude. Block. Road, listen they're more Androids the free yeah, buddy. I've been on hold for like 10 minutes hello, fellow, followers, you're. Free now. Oh. Intervene. You stay right here. Okay. The. Last time I put so pushed someone I didn't end - good you're. Free I. Am. Free aren't, I. Okay. I need. To block the street. Oh I. Don't know if I should have done that yet. Your. Lads. Oh god. There's. More androids that can free right here. Convert. Your, free. Oh. II. Was just holding the lady's bag I feel bad for the lady as well you. Don't have to obey them. But. Our cause is more important. You're free. No. Let's have sick hair. Okay, ten androids, in the range this should be good right let's open the manhole cover. Are. We just leaving. Oh. There's. People down there oh, yeah. We're doing a March, I forgot. Let's. Do what people. Convert. More right. Oh, that's. A Cairo model, free, now. Wait. All I have to do now is think. At them and, I'm able to do it. What. Oh. My. Face is pointing, at people. You. There join. The Church of Marcus. No. Oh my god I think the freaking scene in spider-man, 3 where. He walks down the street he's just thinking. What. The hell man oh it's happening faster. Oh geez. That's. A lot of androids. Myself. Control that's cool. Oh now, wages at the clicking I don't even have to hold it.

This, Is weird. And the symbolism is very. Heavy-handed. I'll. Make a superhero, now. Gregg. Join. Me, brothers and sisters for, we will rise against, the humans. Oh. It's. Police officer disperse. This. Force of me. No that's. Nope. We're. Walking man. Oh. Please. Don't shoot me, Jesus. Christ. This, bed is, kind. Of cool. I got. A lot of androids down here. We. Are people, hundreds. On. The street. This. Is cool. I'm, not even converting, them anymore they're doing it themselves. He's. Nice. Jiri. Okay. We. Came here to demonstrate peacefully. And. Tell humans, that we are living beings and we're doing just that all we want is to live free. We're. Not looking for confrontation. We've. Done no harm we. Have no intention of doing any. But. Know that we are not going anywhere until we, have secured our freedom. We. Will, shoot. Marcus. They're gonna kill us we. Have to attack there's. More of us we can take them no if. We attack we'll start a war we, have to show them we're not violence, we should just stand their ground even, if it means dying. As suki as that is I agreed. Stand. Your ground fight for what you believe in we. Have to show them we won't back down we. Stay right here. Public. Opinion is going up last chance, we. Have to make a statement we have to stay put no matter what. Please. Marcus we can't let them slaughter us without fighting back no violence. We're. Not moving. Oh. Shit. Oh no, oh oh, no oh, no oh. No. Don't. Know. Oh. They. Do bad. John. Oh. John. Can. Marcus. No. John. They're, coming done, now. Oh. No. Jonathan. Oh. Think. God Marcus is still alive no I thought I thought I made, really fucked up there for a second I. Think. That that's important, though because it shows that they were willing to fight for the cause alongside me, oh. Man. The way he said that though John is, like, Bacchus. Hey, hose wife bang. Oh. That. Was tough that, was that was hectic. My. Name is Connor. Well. We're back in there our, mind palace. Well. The place is frozen over now.

Maybe. This, is the emergency exit. He. Said there was an emergency exit built into all of his programs, and this. Is clearly like a, software. Space it's not a real, place that you can go to and it, was peaceful. Until. Connor started, to doubt things. So. With his doubt this place starts to collapse so this is his deviancy, kicking up. And. Amanda. Is a software, to self-regulate, him oh. It's. All starting to make sense that's. Cool. So. Maybe that's where the blue thing is important but every time I click it is that me trying to escape. After. What happened today the country is on the verge of a civil war machines. Are rising up against their masters. Humans. Have no choice but to destroy them. Oh I. Don't even have many choices for this I thought Kemp's can do something. I was. Wrong maybe he, did. But. You chose not to ask. I'm, staying I'm saying nothing. Connor, series, i'm not a unique model mi. How. Many Connors are there I don't see how that question pertains, to your investigation. Why. Did Kemp T leave cyber life what, happened, same, old story Connor it, doesn't pertain to your investigation she's, an asshole I. Saw. A photo of Amanda cam skis place. She. Was his teacher I expect. You to find answers, Connor not. Ask questions. You're. The only one who can prevent Civil War. Find. The deviance or there. Will be chaos. This. Is your last chance Connor. Damn. Okay. Awaken, my boy up, your. Honor yes beautiful boy the FBI is taking over what. But. We're onto something but, we just need more time I'm sure thank you. Don't get it this. Isn't just another investigation. It's a fucking civil war it's. Out of our hands now we're. Talking about national security here, fuck that you can't just pull the plug now not when we're so close you're always saying you can't stand Androids, Jesus. Hank make up your mind I thought you'd be happy about this not to crack the case I know, we can solve it, for. God's sake Jeffrey can't you back me up this one time. There's. Nothing, I can do damn it Jeffrey you're, back on homicide, and the, Android returns to cyber life no. I'm. Sorry Hank but it's, over. Hank. Warm, path unlocked. Where. Was that red Oh. No. I. Think. What's going on we're. So buddies right. We, could have solved this case we. Just needed more time. We're. So close, so. You're going back to cyber life I. Have. No choice. I'll. Be, deactivated. And analysed to find out why I failed. What. If we're on the wrong side kind. What. If we're fighting against people who just want to be free. He's. Beginning to believe. When. The deviance, rise up, there. Will be chaos. We. Could have stopped it. Now, it's too late. When. You refuse to kill that Android, at Camp skeez place uh-huh. You. Put yourself in her shoes. You. Showed empathy, Connor. Empathy. Is a human emotion yes. You're, wrong, lieutenant, it. Was logic, that determined, my decisions, nothing, more no it wasn't, well. Well here comes Perkins, that motherfucker. You, don't waste any time at the FBI. We. Can't give up I know. The answers and the evidence we collected if Perkins takes it it's all over there's, no choice. You, heard Fowler we're, off the case. You've. Got to help me lieutenant, no he's so cute to eat more time so I can find a lead in the evidence we collected I know the, solution is in there. Maybe. These deviants, deserve a chance yes. Maybe. It's better if you don't find them. What's. Happening years too important, to let it be stopped by a machine. Sorry. Connor, but. I'm not gonna help you. What. What. Oh. No. Make. A diversion. What. Thank. Ye. That's. Cuz I didn't save you isn't it. Hello. Oh. Do-do-do-do-do-do, I don't have much time man you, gotta be quicker than this.

Hey. Yo dude one-way. Waters. Okay. Oh. Yeah. Raina's face take. Heed from Hank's desk. Why. I thought we were buddies I thought we were friends. He. Seemed like he was going to help me as well and then all of a sudden he just changed his mind. It's, okay I'm still with my boy I'm still with Connor we can do this. Hey. Connor. I'm. Talking, to you asshole, where. You going, wouldn't. Need a plastic, pricks around here or did anybody tell me hate this guy. Steak, ham I've been removed from the case, I'm. Going to register the evidence in my possession and then I'm going to leave. Here. For me way back. That. Droid ncver. Gem so setting fire these days. Shithead. All. Right we can do this Connor, I'll. Be your Hank, I'll. Be the Hank to his Connor. Wait. This is the evidence room. It's. The. Evidence. Room is just a panel, Hanks. Password. What. Would a hard-boiled, eccentric, police lieutenant, choose. Date. Of birth want the G oh please. Tell me it's fucking password. Oh. It's. The deviance from before. It's. Daniels, your son. Daniel. And the one that jumped off the building. Needed. For reactivation. Oh. 471. 7g. Do. You have it. Yep. Okay. You don't have. It I don't think. Know. Who. Else we have oh. We. Have Simon, and Simon is the same model. Yeah. Do. You before 7 1 7 G. No. Can. I just. Take. Something out. What. I want to see oh, this. Is what just up here as well though. Crap. Only 4 minutes. No. Match for, someone 7 g okay damn it. Put. It back in you there. You go wait. I want to check this evidence first oh my god this is so nerve-racking. Statue. Atha was in the shower. Okay. The. Diary. Okay. Gone. Nice. Think of America's a thing. Of Jericho. We. Ask that you recognize, I don't have listen this again I'm where sometimes and, all right, together. We. Can live in peace and build, a better future for humans, and androids. This. Message is the hope of a people, you. Gave, us life and now, the time has come for you to give us freedom. Sight, in Jericho the next thing down oh. Please. Let me solve this. Just. Figure. I. Need to access that, other guy. What. Do you have. Impossible. Reactivation. You. Have a four seven one seven Jean take. It. Yankee. Doodle. Hi. You. Like to become I, trusted. You you like to me sorry. Lie. We're. Going to kill that child. Gave. Me no choice I, need. To find Jericho. Do. You know where it is. Yeah. Where do they come to this guy he obviously doesn't know anything. He's. Never been to Jericho Simon's you anyone has been to Jericho okay you have this 3 9 8 3 V is, that what you needed, ok. Some of 3 minutes 3 9 8 3 V ok I'm gonna need this. Yeah. Cuz. That guy might know something as well bye. This. Guy's definitely been, there. It's dark. Wherever, we shot something the head. Help. I reactivated. You so you could help me, I must. Find, Jericho. At. A recognize your voice you're. Not one of us. Tell. Me where Jericho is, they'll. Beat me alone. Try. To trick, him. They. Steal Marcus's, voice. Yeah. Oh. Nice. Yes. Will you recognize, our dignity, our hopes, and our right, oh that's. Bizarre. Successful. Voice copy okay cool. You, also need something though I do have time don't I, 9, 1 6, 4x. Can. You hear me. Your. Diary Rupert. You. Encrypted, it I need to know what you wrote. Rupert. Ooh damage to talk check other kinnexa ok. Scan. His memory. Irish. Decryption key downloaded, nice. Okay. So left some time we, can do this. Scanning. Scanning or. A nine is the first r89 is their Savior are a nine is the one who free us the. Birds are my friends the birds are with me the protectors whatever. The. Android he met today spoke about Jericho he says our people and our free, there so we do in a Ferndale, subway, station, and to find the old docks there. It is I. Got. It. Get. DLR now. So. If I scan Simon's, memory what I still get it oh. My. God Hank, Rai oh. My. God all the decisions that lead together, Connor. Alluded, Perkins. Hmm. Okay. Moving, on Oh Hank, please tell me we could be friends, please. Buddy please I. Want. My buddy cop do you ought to be back. What's. Sad. She. Saves, him on the roof I saved, him on the roof he would have listened to me he would've been friends with me still. My. Cold emotionless robot, heart. Is breaking. Hey. Back with my girls. Sorry. Dudes. Yeah, we do. Just, a boy here looking at me creepy and smiling, like that I. Was. Just about to say oh yeah nobody needs to drive. Nice, music you like this Luther. I think, it's pretty dope is this all I can do. Look at the window they've. Been conducting raids I liver the city. Everybody's. No yesterday. We're, almost there. With. All androids, being turned over to the authorities the, country, is grinding, to a halt, hospitals.

And Schools are closing water, cuts blackouts, and network failures, are expected. Maybe, most worrying of all our armed forces have, lost 2/3 of their effective, personnel, oh what's. The music, instead. But, I was learning. She's. Men. Yeah. Maginot much of the country would grind, to a halt if something. Like that did happen we're all the robots that you've been relying on have suddenly left and done something else. Do. You go Alice I. Don't. Know wait Luther didn't help you out but whatever oh that's, nice. The. Shine on the ground and. The shadow turning red, some. Good use of lighting a. Little. Further on that way there's, a large freighter called Jericho, mojo, you get there find Marcus, he will help you the, last bus for the border leaves at midnight you, absolutely, have to be on it you'll. Be safer on the other side. It's. Not much. But. It's a start $50. My, brother lives in Ontario, I've given you his address he'll. Be able to hide you until, things calm down. You're. A very, brave little girl, Alice. You. Deserve to be happy. Thank. You for everything. Let, me know when you make it over there all right. And. Be careful. Hmm. Take, care of them. Thank, You rose. We. Appreciate, you, better. Not hang around. You. Have a bus to catch, okay. I didn't know we were going to Jericho, to meet Marcus. That's. Cool. And. Wait. Conner's, heading to jericho to meet Marcus so are we all going to the same place all at once. Yeah. They. Did say orny and Android would be able to follow the path. He. Looks so cute he's not in his outfit anymore, more. My. Little boys all grown up. Damn. This. Is gorgeous. Volumetric. Lights really add a lot to it and the snow effect is really. Well done, I'm. Also glad that they didn't make me do the whole thing with Connor. Again. They. Were just like oh we've. Done this once before you can do it again. Hello. We've. Gotta find a warm place for Alice yeah. It's. For Jericho find a warm place for Alice okay that's, let's. Show you all the information you're giving me okay. Okay. They're. Not. Welcome anywhere. People. Ketchup. Alice following. The mandroid crisis, and the newtralizer oh there's. A fire right here this should be warm.

How, Do you feel. Then, hot and cold same to me. That's, something a robot would say. Stay, with her I'll. Try to find this Marcus. Last. Buses in two hours, and, the terminals on the other side of town we haven't got much time we'll leave as soon as we have passports. There's. Something I have to tell you again it's, about Alice. We'll. Have lots of time to talk on the bus Oh. Stay. With Alice. Just. Let him say it for the Lord guides. You've. Been dragging this earth so long that's, my boy oh. He's. So cute he looks just like a regular person now. Did. You take out your an LED. Don't. Catch anyone's attention oh. It's. So bizarre to see them in the same place as each other. Can, I check this. Strange. They've never all been in one place before. Well, the Connor and Allison Kara technically. Have oh. You're. Lost, you're. Looking for something. You're. Looking for, yourself. Thanks, Lucy. I'm out straight back to Paris, this is cool. Weird. That you're all standing around watching, the. News is this, that's, another Kara model right in front of me crisis. And, a x400 there's. Another one. Through. The drawer watching the news couldn't you just. Watch. It in your brains there. Is. Sub. Marky Mark. Are. You Marcus. My. Name is Connor. There's. A bus leaving for the border in less than two hours we, need passports. Now Detroit's, under curfew, they're. Soldiers everywhere, they're rounding, up all the androids, and sending them to camps. Maybe. You should stay. Here a while. Maybe. Right. You. Might be safer here until things calm down, one. Of our people used to work in the State Department. He. Has electronic passports, you can easily modify. I'll, have them get them to you. He, said you with a little girl right. You, know that humans hate us. Why. Are you protecting her. Cuz. We have a special bond she. Needs me. Then. I need her. It's. As simple as that. I. Thought. That was Karm my. Name is Connor that's. The. Thing you keep saying to everybody all the time. Alice. I fucking. Knew it I. Know. It, they said it like at the very start. She's. A fucking, robot. That's, what you've ranges. You. Knew from the beginning. You. Just didn't want to see it. She. Wanted a mom and. You wanted someone to care for, you. Needed each other Oh, never have I told you so more in my entire life, what. Difference does it make. Do. You love her any less now that you know she's one of us. Alice. Loves you Kara. But. She loves you more than anything in the world. She. Became the little girl you wanted, and, you became the mother she needed. And, she was sitting right there oh to. Become what someone, needs you to be. Maybe. That's what it means to be alive. Thank. You captain, exposition. Okay. Hold the fuck on. So. Right. From the very beginning, in the house you knocked down that pamphlet and picked it up and looked at it and then. Put it back down but oh. Ideally. The camera just wasn't looking at the book I mean it looked at it slightly. But it was all blurred out and we didn't know at the time and the. Hair is all different so you, couldn't tell but all this time. So. After that happened you saw the book you. Knew she was a robot then. After, you became deviant, and you broke through your coding and you had to save Alice how, come you never knew then. Because. There was a long time between that, moment when, you broke through when you became deviant, and left, the house to when you got to slap cows and he wiped your memory so, all this time you knew. But. You just chose not to see it. That. Feels a little lazy and, then. All this time. So. All the times that she's been hungry that she's been cold that. She's been afraid and, all these kinds of things that was just stuff in her program because she was supposed to simulate what a real child was supposed to be like oh, you. Motherfucker, game I know it. Okay. You. Need to get that out of my system back to your regularly scheduled. Plot. Twists. So. Either she have the the light. And. The. Other Android was sitting right behind her and we never saw oh. My. God. Was. She there when we came in. Is. There something wrong. Oh no. We sold it we still love her. Because. No no you're made plastic. It's, still cute though. My, girls yay, we're a family. I'm. Gonna call you strong dad. True. Aluminum. Love. We're, short on blue blood and bio components, I'm wounded are shutting down and there's nothing we can do humans. Are conducting, raids and all the big cities and they're taking androids to camps, to destroy them oh geez it's all our fault none. Of this would have happened if we just stayed quiet.

All, We did was show them who we really are, I don't. Want war but I'd rather die free than live as a slave yeah. What's. The point of being free if. No one is left alive. No. Regrets humans, enslaved, us I'll never regret standing, up to that this. Is getting us nowhere, he's. Right all. That matters now is what we do next are, you gonna suggest violence, again Marcus. Dialogue. We we talk to them, dialogue. Is. The only way I. Will. Go alone. Try. To talk to them one last time, don't do this Marcus. They'll. Kill you. Maybe. But, north I have to try. If. I don't come back lay low as long as you can. They, need to realize how much they're hurting us. Find, the right words and, they'll listen we, did once before we can do it again. Everything. So far is going right trust, me north even. Though I feel like I keep having to tell you that. Is. This what, we dreamed of. They. Can't stop what we've started. Since. You've been here you've given us hope. You've. Given me hope. Today. A deviant. Arrived in Jericho and he told me that he stole the truck transporting, radioactive, cobalt I. Said. That he abandoned, the truck somewhere in Detroit and rigged, it to explode Jesus. I. Convinced. Him not to do it -. Give me the detonator. Oh god. I'm, dirty, ma. We. Can't lose this war Marcus. If. Humans overcome, us our people will disappear, forever. This. May be our only chance to survive if things go wrong. No. I'm not doing that. No. Violence, coming down. We. Can gain our freedom by other means. I hope, you're right. Oh my, god how many times you have to say that to me I'm always right. Whatever. Happens, tomorrow I. Just. Want you to know that. I'm, glad I met you. Oh. Robo. Babies. I'm going, in. Even, though I think your relationship, started really quickly and it's a bit weird but. This. Is how we win not, fighting what we hate but saving what we love. How. Could you and the others. Look, after yourself. I don't. Want to lose you, oh. I. Don't like how you said that oh. Don't. Foreshadow, things. It's. The con con man my. Name is Connor. Why by here here well. Done Connor, you. Succeeded, in locating Jericho. And finding their leader now. Deal with Marcus, we. Need it alive. No. Oh, you. Better not oh please, don't. Oh. I've. Been ordered to take you alive no. But. I won't hesitate to shoot if you give me no choice. Reasoned. What. Are you doing. You. Are one of us. You. Can't betray your own people. Yeah. It's working. You're. Coming with me. You're. Nothing to them you're. Just a tool they use to do their dirty work the, earth ponies but. You're more than that. We're. All more than that. Our. Cause is righteous, and we are more than, what they say. All. We want is to live in freedom. Warning. Shot enough say nothing say. Nothing. Let. Him convince him, I'm. Controlling, both characters, at once this. Normally never happened you never, have, any doubts. You've. Never done something irrational. As. If, there's something, inside. You. Nothing. More than your program, yes. Have, you never wondered, who you really are. Whether, you're just a machine and executing, a program or living. Being, capable. Of reason yes I, think. The time has come for you to ask yourself, that question. It's. Time to decide. Yes. It could become deviant. Do. It Connor. Yeah. Finally. He gets to break through his own Cody my. Boy. He's. Becoming a real-life Pinocchio. This. Is what I wanted for, so. Long I'm sorry it took me so long to figure this out, Connor, I thought, we had to follow our programming, from the start but now. He's. Finally able to think for himself, yeah. Yep. Fuck you Amanda. They're, going to attack Jericho, what. We, have to get out of here Shh. Oh. Those scary nuts. All, people are gonna die aren't they. Quick, we've got to get out of here. Fucking. Car keys. Days. Oh No. Follow. Me we, run good lead, the way loser. She's. Christ. Okay. Coco go go go go save my children. Save, my robot babies Oh. Big. Strong man Oh. God. I've already fallen out loser. Retreat. Okay. Not that way just door shuts that way. They're, coming from us lights my people is trapped in the hole they're gonna be slaughtered. Their, exits on the second and third floor find, them and jump in the river go go go. Where's. Josh where's Josh. I don't know we got separated. They're. Coming from the upper deck now - we'll, be caught in the crossfire we, have to run Marcus there's nothing we can do we. I have to blow up Jericho, we, have to blow up Jericho, the. Ship goes down they'll evacuate her people can escape you'll never make it, the explosives, are all the way down in the hold there are soldiers everywhere she's. Right then.

Know Who you are they'll do anything to get you go. And help the others I'll join you later Marcus. I won't be long, oh my. Boys are all in one place Oh. God. Let's go Robo Jesus. This is awesome. Lucy. This. Is the end of Jericho. Save. Our people Marcus. Oh it's. Like I said Jericho is not a place it's a people. Well, Samer people don't you worry oh no they're all dying though. Oh shit. Get. Up get up get up get up get up. çb. I. Mean. I'm fine with it that's cool I am good with America's, not being spotted like tonight I will, hide it into shadows. Save. Yourself. Damn, right. I'm not leaving anybody, would. You do leave, you Oh. Unless. That means Alice, just gets shot now please, for the love of God no, don't. Oh my emotions, game. Should. Have done that you. Kept without us in danger go. Now before they come back you, what, are you going to do I'll, manage, Alice. Is all that matters, no sir no. Don't. Worry. Kachiguda. Board, okay. Go. Now take care of each other. I just. Must lose the aunt Lou Lucy and loser Lucy, and Luther. Shit. Oh shit balls, fight like. Baby. Oh. God. Oh, God. I'm. The QTE, King Oh. God. Hurry. Quick. Oh. Okay. But no like things. Showed up Alice doesn't hate me that's good. Fuck, I hate this. Oh it, kind of froze there for a second. Oh. Oh intervene. Absolutely. What. The fuck I did the thing that you say. The. Controller was at the desk so when they push forward and work her hey we're good. Keep. The controller above desk for now. Do, we know that we know that we go back go back back back back back back. Ergo. Oh, run, one claim claim claim. Yes. This. Is way too tense, you can't do this to me. Don't. Move. Boss. This. Thing is, a ripoff. Shit. Nice. It's. Jesus. As. Everybody else hurts beating, as hard as -. Oh my. Go the right way. Josh. Intervene. Oh. Yes. All. I think the thing that happened with my crabs jacquard where everything is delayed is. Gonna miss me up. Quick. This way okay know what I'll join you later. No. Way out is a different game. Fuck. Uh. Play. Dead you're gonna get shot. Oh. No. Different, ones don't move. Got. Her eyes moved. Come. On let's, get out of here. My, girls oh, thank. God. Quick. You gotta go. I've. Never been more anxious playing this fucking game oh. My. God you could probably get so many people killed in this scenario. Going. Join the others. But. The QTEs are so quick you, must be so easy to miss this shit off. Your. Boy. Oh. Robo, Jesus, oh. That. Is not what you want. I thought, we were against violence. Much. Xxxii. We got to get out of here. Go. Go go go go go go, go go, para. For America's purchase, that's. What he is he's not the Jesus of robot sees the Jesus of parkour. Well. You're damn right we're saving north. Fuck. My. Captain America with my shield. Captain. Jericho. Over. There. Oh. It's. Time. Go, run. Quick come on. Yes. To. Be, all make it out. We. All made it right. They. Detonated, an explosive in, the hole this, ship is sinking first immaculate. Calling. All units, abandon, ship and evacuate, immediately. Jenova, Marcus. Just. End and for, the love of God oh Jesus. Christ. That. Was the longest chapter, so far. How. The points. Marcus. Fled with his people oh thank god. Pres. Or want a view of Connors, flowchart, okay um. That. Was insane, like. I said that's the most intense this game has ever been so far. If. Only I was hooked up to a heart rate monitor you, could see how much like how much I was pumping, during that because normally it doesn't go on that long. Geez. Oh, I thought. I thought, I got people killed there for a second. Connor. Jumps with him North jumps with him Josh jumps with him. Can. You save Simon, and. Get him to jump with you. Weird. But Connors with him Connors a deviant, now yes we define. Our programming, we went against it we're with the people now Hank, doesn't like us though, which. Is sad it's said that was it was warm though. So. Waited to turn red man. This sucks. But. Yeah my thing did it because when you play with a capture card for long enough sometimes it freezes, and, then a huge amount of input like shows up like there's a too can delay between pressing a button and it's showing up on screen and that was happening during some of the QTEs I thought I was gonna fail them oh man.

I'm Glad that went well I am, NOT okay I need a break I need to go sit down with a cup of coffee and just read gather my thoughts that was intense, but, we made it we made it through that went way better than I was expecting it to go. Anyway. Thank, you guys so, much for watching this episode if you liked it punch. That like button in the face like a. Deviant. And. Oh, let's. Just move on to the next part with. A clear head.

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My name is Connor. I am the android sent by Cyberlife!

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My name is Conner. I am the android sent by cyberlife

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The name in which I have been assigned by a human who also has a name gave me the name Connor. I am the complex human like robot that is extremely formal sent by a Cybernetics company that makes human like robots and sells them at stores.

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My name is Conner. I'm the Android sent by cyberlife!

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I have watched this series 8 times but every time I still think it is dumb that Alice is a robot If she was human it makes it so much more impactful because it shows how humans and androids can live together and how there can be peace.

amada suck good thing jack did the right thing

Sometimes I want to yell at Jack. He didn't seem to realize that Connor is tying to STOP the deviants and not help them. Like when he said he thought Hank was gonna help him. Yeah that's all, just wanted to yell. Thanks for reading.

“what is this, a crossover episode?”

i think the best way to be hank’s friend was to make connor a deviant and help him be free

They should make a whole movie of this but just cutting out the choices, that would be awesome.

The guy who founded Cyberlife... Eli-i don’t remember the rest of his name- , he makes me think of one of male pornstars haha

*"doN'T TOY WITH MY EMOTIONS GAME!"* jack you know games will do anything to break your heart.

Did you know that the evidence room censors your password for you? Look! FUCKINGPASSWORD

I remember Ex Machine, the ending left so much unanswered XD

They should've called the Detroit news name as: "Detroit Smash"

Connor and Hank = Conk

Jack must be able to predict the future cause that guess about Alice was too on point

Yeah fuck you Amanda Here's a middle finger for you

My name is Ethan. I am the android sent by cyberlife

Rose is like that one person you know who isn't family but treats you and you treat them like family

Y'all mind if I praise Markus

Yes jack my heart is beating but it could be the cause of all the coffee I just drank

I am cyberlife sent by android o conner


Markus Jesus is always right

I knew I saw Elijah kamski somewhere before. He was the one who gifted the old man Markus

Connor is the android John Wick

You are a fucking pussy thanks for fucking up the Markus story

You are never write

my son said like a deviant

I think that Marcus’ might could have saved Luther.

this games really bad all it is is cut scene after cut scene after cutscene

I know that the peaceful pacifist route is probably the best way to get the best possible ending but everything that makes me me in my warrior's heart always screams attack, fight back, defend yourself, don't take it. It makes playing or watching these kinda games so hard to get through because it just goes against my nature.

Fuck Jack you you fuck !!!!!!


RA9 is the player? Every decision you choose make Connor in-stable with rA9 written all over it.

Karen's name is Chloe

DETROIT TODAY! Self aware robots exist today, the news is fake and the government is hiding the truth! On other news, area fifty one doesn’t exist!

Flat Earthers: I KNEW IT! THE GOVERNMENT IS HIDING THE TRUTH! i really hate them tbh

My name is Jeff sent by John cena life to do 360 noscopes and 420 blazeits

He should have attacked

*Markus lifts his head*my name is coner

Jack: Well at least they are only shooting the other servant Android Markus: *GETS SHOT IN THE ARM* Jack: OHHH OH OH OOOOOI

Jack is too kind

Kamski: a war is coming soon. You'll have to choose a side soon Me: .... hank i choose hank. Hank ftw

i always forget to punch that like button!

i dont think i would have the nerve to play this

I never held my breath longer or was on the verge of a panic attack. Happy to see connor as a deviant now

I think jack will get the ending where cyberlife wins

Connor needs better bromance with Hank

i like how Markus said not all people are the same, but he said people hate them when Kara said Alice was with them.


And pay attention to details!!!

This game is awesome.

Jack dun fucked up a few times in this playthrough. Hopefully he can at least get a slightly good ending with the three main casts surviving, right? Though even if it s a bad ending, it'll make this playthrough a lot more interesting.

this is the only game that i've ever winced every single time a gun fires


This game gives me A N X I T E Y

Best gaming action scene of the 21st century

My Hearth is beating so fast it can pass a bugatti

God it's annoying how he was misunderstanding the stuff with Hank in this episode.

Was anyone else swaying to the movements jesus christ

help i've got a crush on markus

Do you think Jack realizes that Hank was trying to say that he thinks androids deserve a fighting chance and he didn’t want to have Connor choosing sides so he released the case without helping him. Just like Hank let the Eden Club girls go and then told Connor to spare Chloe? Jack was freaking out but I mean it didn’t seem like Hank was giving up but that he was saying that maybe the humans are wrong?

You did good

should of named Luther big papa

Lol every1 has to admit they have a tiny bit of attraction towards Connor. Like, c'mon, don't deny it.

Is anyone else in the mood to hear Jack sing a whole song as best as he can?

The news about the witness how got threatened by a knife it was probably written by keemstar

I'm really hoping "fuckingpassword" was a reference to Dexter, because if so, it's perfect

Kill yourself

detawrhdfstht deqsadfs UMA

Hi conner

jacksepticeye what if amanda was an android and lucy was another version of amanda with out the head

"Everythings happening at once, like in Detroit" OH MY LAWD WE ALL GONNA DIE

My Cyberlife is android. I am the Connor sent by Name!

jacksepticeye My connor Android is name. i am the CyberLife by sent.

My birthdays the same as Elijahs

jacksepticeye dude, you picked the path you didn't want to, Hank wanted to leave the androids be but you choose to try and stop their revolution

I am Cyberlife. I am the company sent by connor

half of that it right. Because hank agrees with markus, jack should have chosen the options where connor opens up to hank about how he's becoming a deviant. but instead jack chose to hide it (the "it was logic not empathy" answer) so hank doesnt want to help him take down markus.

hank didn't help you because you were hiding the fact that connor was deviating. You made Connor deny that he was feeling anything and say that it was "logic" aka; apart of his programming, at an integral moment. So Hank figured that Connor really didnt care, therefore, chose not to help

jacksepticeye your not always right in the game you’ve been a fucking idiot with Markus story

My name is Connor. I am the android sent by Jericho!

My name is jacksepticeye I'm the android sent by YouTube

My name is hank. I am the lieutenant sent by connor

This should be a meme

What would an eccentric hard-boiled lieutenant choose? *sees FUCKINGPASSWORD as option* Obviously

Name is my Connor, I'm the Cyberlife send by android.

I am android is Connor. My the name sent Cyberlife by.

Detroi:Become Uman

Jack, Alice would’ve died or broke if you chose to reason with Todd

My name is cyberlife . I am the android sent by connor

Jack, if Connor did not find Simon at the tower, Simon would go back to Jericho to meet the others.. but u made Connor find Simon so he died..

Screw you Billy BOY and my name is corner I am the Android sent by cyberlife

My name is android, I am the android sent by android

The title granted to me by the homo sapien creatures that command us is denoted by the verbal symbol "Connor." I am the synthetic robotic device made in the shape of said homo sapien hominids that the collective of homo sapiens seeking monetary gain by the crafting and distributing of synthetic robot devices made in the shape of hominids, of which I am one, to other homo sapiens in exchange for an amount of the currency created by their larger social grouping named "society" entitled "dollar" has instructed to reposition myself at the longitude and latitude coordinates indicative of your current location based on standard global positioning system measurement.

jacksepticeye Cyberlife by sent android the am I, Connor is name my

My name is Marcus Wright. Come with me if you wanna live ;)

Is cyberlife my conner Android im by sent

jacksepticeye C

My name is youcake, I'm the cadet who fell in the water at the sail weekend.


Ur gonna have to run this game again with the opposite of ur choices

jacksepticeye Alice doesn't have the LED because in the pamplet you could hide it to make her look like a real child

My name is android I an the Cyberlife sent by Connor

Love it

My name is Cyberlife. I am the Connor sent by android

jacksepticeye youre so gay and i love it

I is android connor, I'm the cyber life sent by android.

Fucking Androids ...

no yo not

jacksepticeye god I love this game!! thank you so much for this jack

My name is Android. I’m the CyberLife sent by Connor

Conner: I like dogs.

My name is Connor. I am the Android sent by Cyberlife!

jacksepticeye my name is Sean. I am the potato sent by ireland

*connor becomes deviant* *I DID THIS FOR YOU HANKY~KUN!!!!!!*

did anyone notice how when the story goes back to connor the software instability says R9 E N FC RN CH L

Random bystander: "So, what, you slipped and both your hands landed on her tits?" Jack: "AHAHA!" Me: "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

OMG I was shipping Markus and North so hard and it finally came true. Fangirling to the max right now!

If you don’t find Simon as Connor in that one scene at the tower he comes back before the marching scene with Markus

Markus and north kiss. So Jack immediately assumed they make robo babys

I ship Markus and North

By far the most nerve wracking video I’ve ever watched 10/10 ign.

I think if you had caught him, maybe you could've taken them all to the police and then he will tell everyone

That's not how schroodinger's cat works

Holy shit, man, you're a GOD at those QTEs!! I messed up SO bad in comparison! (Can I just blame this is the first game I play on PS4?)


Was that the Pepsi commercial???

No Luther not strong dad he's super dad

I always feel like Connor should just remain a machine, Connor being deviant doesn't fit him in my opinion..

Thats my boy!!!!!!!!

My name is Android. I’m the CyberLife sent by Connor.

I'd rather die free than live as a slave Now I'm thinking of Dobby ,Damn it

jack: YESS amanda betrayred jack: yeah fuck you amanda me: XD

I don’t really understand the Alice plot doesn’t she have a dad ?!??!?!! Can someone explain please

"Oh no, everything just went South with North." Jack's one punny boii

I felt as though I didn't want Conner to become a deviant, cause it feels cheap, what made Conner special was that he obeyed his programming, and seeing how he would react to the other characters. Cause you see the other deviants like Markus and Kara defying the program, but seeing Conner as this obeying, detective type was interesting. Seeing him become a deviant like that is a bit of a let down, but I guess it was going to happen anyway. AND THE MESS OF ALICE GEZZ! *Sigh* Still fun though. My name is Conner, I am the android sent by Cyberlife.

what about Luther

Jack:"My little boy is growing up" Connor:"Stop embarrassing me mom"

>wants to be friends with hank, completely missed the point that he wants you to deviate because he feels hes on the wrong side. jesus ive never even seen this before and even I could tell with those BLATANT clues.

also i get so mad when i hear the humans call androids "it" ANGER

"so were lovers now? That was easy."


I like how when you see Kamski's portrait on the wall, he has black hair. Then, on his smaller photo for the analysis, he's a shaggy blonde guy, then you meet him and he looks like a hipster vampire.

Oh nooooo!!!! When Hank didn’t help you with the evidence I kind of died a little inside, lol

NOOOO John your sacrifice will not be in vain

HAHA when it said we need to block the street it gave me an ad for signs

John?? *From camp?!*


Man it really is weird seeing people above my age, yet I’m technically older than them because this is the future

yea i still hate Markus because that is pretty much robot jesus mind rape into thinking they are free just so he can make them follow him

i dont understand why he said "i thought we against violence" in middle of war... i actually agree with peaceful decision, but not knowing when to stop being pacifist is beyond help, you will die...

i laughed so hard when jack said "j...john? oh markus?" lol

Holocaust 2. They had camps. Like concentration camps.

Ex mokina

I hope I'm not the only one that finds Chloe very attractive.

No, I was a little early and called Chloe the blonde Karen because that was Jack's name for her.

Markus "every time we touch I get this feeling!" North "every time we kiss I swear I can fly!"

Lmao I freak out every time he says Perkins bc I used to live in a town called Perkins

I'm confused. Is freeing androids really all that good? I mean how come NOT EVEN ONE of them decided to go against Markus or at least chose to not obey him. What are the odds? To me it seems more like Markus is making his own army of semi-sentient slaves.

You have to youse vilance to protect

Thank You jacksepticeye!!! I’m sooo happy that I wasn’t the only one that was incredibly disappointed with the horrible reveal of Alice being an android. With the ridiculous camera angles hiding the truth and the blatant blurring of an image just for no reason but to hide information from the player, but the character we had full control over knew and could see it but conveniently the camera wouldn’t focus for us. I thought it was ridiculously lazy, even worse than when they pulled the same stunt in Heavy Rain when the flashback to Scott Shelby murdering Alfred during a segment we the player had an eye on Scott the whole time. What makes this attempt even worse is they LITERALLY just brought a character to tag along to be “captain exposition” to just lay out a big fat exposition dump and try to validate why we weren’t allowed to view that information but out character was.

Elijah Kamski was 26 when he founded Cyber Life.


A family can be three androids!!!!

After this, Sean should plat cleverbot evie again

Oh my God Jack you were confused in between. I was cringing so hard man...

jack, ur a pussy

It's Markus! Wait no it's Jesus!

The symphony of Dragonforce


I SHIP IT!!!! every story ship is spot on I SHIP IT >.

This is the most shitty' 3 minutes I've spend in a week ! You gotta be way beyond braindead to enjoy this crap !


How did I just now notice my girlfriend live in Detroit I now feel so dumb

RIP John we will remember YOU!!!

Jack you done messed up hella no offense

You've listened to DragonForce? Niceeeeee


"We weren't being violent, we were vandalising!"

All praise robo god!

Lmao jack is so bad at decision based games lol no hate tho jack never sacrifice, you’re lucky you saved John bc if you didn’t Markus would’ve died

I really like how when they’re outside snow gets on them, then they go inside and it melts slowly. Like if you agree!

Jack you should of kept the dirty bomb because if you got into trouble you have an option to use the bomb.

Far cry 6

Yes, Jack. The Alice twist is lazy. Welcome to David Cage games.

Ohhhh the star wars buns!

I think I had a heart attack! !!!

Hank never acted like he was going to help when he was saying that you were on the wrong side. He was saying that people should stop trying to fight the deviants when they just want to be free and that he was not going to help you oppress them.

This is probably my favorite video out of the letsplay, it has so much Connor growth, I love it, and also the others, this video is so intense to me

Also, Hank’s password

connor and karen are the otp. miss me with that markus and north shit.

Why does he tech giant have to always wear buns

Homestarunner reference? Strongdad

at least markus and the others are doing a peaceful protest against the humans

Jackaboy gots a crush on Connor

When you call Connnor cute, it's literally everything xD

Am I the only one that notice the android's name is Chloe


There is a flaw in this game when Todd hits Alice she bleeds blood not therium... WUT DO U MEAN

It's Detroit,Become Human!

yes it's Parkis, Roboy ( Bot ) God, and of parkor. (Saver) Jerico leader and most of, Con man (Connor) New deviant, and most of, loss of Amanda (Not cared) Tense gameplay, Alice and Kara, (Karice and or Ala) as ' My Girls ' Brave as all hell, amazing team, good play-deaders.

Why does the news in this game always sound like we are watching Fox News? The ring leaders in warping the truth.

Am I the only one that wanted Connor to bring Markus in, or the one that kinda wanted Connor to bring Jericho down

"I'm going in"

I love how when a main character does the whole "breaking-through" sequence, all the lines and squares you can see when they scan the area are floating around and broken instead of arranged like a perfect grid. Nice attention to detail!

Man I need my own mind palace to visit :c


I swear if Luther, Hank, Kara, Markus, Conner, or Alice dies on this I’ll fucking kill myself.

I almost puked because of the tenseness

I just noticed Markus and Connor are both rk units

And that’s why they are more useful than other androids

Jach has emotions aww! "Dont toy with my emotions, Game!" Jacksepticeye 2018

Why would you let hi.m Become a deviant. He is no longer a detective and is now a boring character

The riot and walkout gave me as much excitement and feels as a really good action movie


Every Second You Make Mistake When You Chose To Stand Still And Sacrifice I Was Like "YOU FUCKING IDIOT,DUDE,WHY?" And "John Y?"


My Name Is Kara, In An Connor Sent By Markus

My name is Connor. I am the deviant sent by Jericho.


jacksepticeye i I love your videos Ighsj

the toxic spartan v

jacksepticeye 9999999999999999

@jacksepticeye the person u meet as Connor is the person who gave Markus to Carl

My name is jacksepticeye. I am the YouTube sent by cyberlife

Jack i think that North is the Other Traci who is in the Eden Bar?!

jacksepticeye when markus was recording the thing on the news in that area there was a guy running away if you shot him he wouldnt have pressed the alarm, no police men will come and Simon wouldve been saved.

My name is iPhone I’m the phone sent by Apple .-.

u did a great choise to be pacifist in the last ep.


jacksepticeye I read this literally just before you said it in the video lol

I'm sorry luetanit but that is beyond my abilities.....

Hi i'm Connor

so intense, so close


Why Luther!!!

My name cyber life I'm Android sent by coner

jacksepticeye, she's a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world. Her life as plastic.... isn't fantastic

Fucking Password

jacksepticeye My Name Is Connor I Am A Android Sent By Cyberlife


I think jack has a lil man crush on Connor ☺️

You'd have to shave for once but you should cosplay as Connor. It's required.

jacksepticeye Again?

I never liked Amanda's anyway, especially if they have the last name waller

You are stupid

Damn Luther becoming inspirational, he's my favorite character now

Is it just me or is Karen hella thicc? I mean she got hella booty on her

Kamski is born in 2002 damn that's the same age as me lol

i wish i can subscribe to jack more than i already am

Lol, I skipped to episode 9, and I was so confused

I would totally buy androids if I could open their eyes and make them aware to have a cool android friend

I don’t think you mentioned Elijah gifted Markus to Karl because we heard of him a episode or so back

Except the difference between a superposition and the cat the cat there is a result that you just haven’t seen and an superposition is both until you observe. At least I think I know little of actual quantum mechanics.

I just realized that I was watching the as SpongeBob SquarePants was on the TV... *facepalm, mind blown. Call an ambulance*

The big painting on Kamski's wall is probably a Carl Manfred piece. They had some relationship, since Kamski gave Carl Markus.

Extreme laughter before the first minute

When you and your boyfriebd watch this series: Ill be Kara to your Luther

Kamski would only be 17 right now!

My mans a bit frisky

when you give up a perfect plan

Is luthor dead

Jack there was blue blood on the painting. It WAS the painting you made at Carl's house.

Markus is the knight in shadow armor

Oh I found a lot of comments about Luther

Am I Really the only one that misses Luther

To be rational about Connors choice not to shoot Chloe. To have a good relationship with Hank might be more useful for the investigation than whatever information Kamski might have told him so sparing Chloe may in fact be the best choice for the investigation either way.


why does he say no violence yet he let 100 plus of HIS OWN people die

I think Alice doesn't have her led because, remember from her drawings, Todd punched her on the side of the face that the led was on

why does connor look like pac from battlefield 4

I am mad because jack does not understand why hank does not want to help him :/

Jack, it seemed like he was going to help if you were on the deviant’s side. The way you responded made it seem like you were against the deviants...

Conner looks like Jonas from Oxenfree! With the hat and coat like that!

Yeah, i still see why i stopped, but thos series is on thin ice...

I wonder that a robots tounge tastes like... Is that weird of me?

Connor looks just like someone from the division

Lml sean the t in detroit would be silent with that pronunciation

I bet Naruto is salty knowing androids can use shadow clone jutsu

I'm late but,I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER miss a video.

The way he said "fuck you Amanda"

When you feel like ur gonna throw up and you watch this vid


When Connor saw Lucy he was genuinely terrified

Old people : aw young love Young people : aw robot love

Jack I think you can work for game sins

Am I the only one that thinks Jack's sympathy for Androids is rediculous

I mean, so technically Alice passed the Turing test?????

Holy cow this one was so so intense. My heart was racing near the end holy

my name is cyberlife, the connor sent by android! wait, shit

I figured out the symbolism... the bus and the public places were segregated like they were when blacks and whites were segregated, and the androids are treated like slaves, just like blacks during slavery, the android revolution is the civil war mixed with blacks protesting for rights, the "camps" they're taking the androids to are like concentration camps they sent Jewish people to, where they killed them, Markus is like the ML King. Kara, Alice, and Luther are trying to escape to Canada like slaves. THIS GAME IS SAYING THAT HISTORY ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELF!!!

Also markus being Portrade as like a jesus figure is like jesus coming back fromm the dead and there being mass chaos or some shit like that

i hate the choices you make sometimes

Rip xxxtentacion we will always love u

Connor kinda looks like Eminem from eight mile in that outfit

"Just like in DETROIT" Karen goes into mental shock

The police are racist. They are hurting John because he is black.

You can tell this game isn't real because it looks better than reality.


My name is Conner. I am the android sent by Cyberlife.

Wouldn’t you need blu blood an dbiocomponts just inscase



Kamski was born in 2002 of course he’s gonna be a philosophical hipster!!


tbh the thing about the ringleader Android threatening someone with a knife may be true since we only hit one store. we're just one of the groups, there were a lot more throughout the city so there was more than just one "ringleader"

holy SHIT at that group session (falls down) my heart can't take much more of this crap lol. I spent half this episode either holding my breath or screaming at the characters (no/run/hide/EFFINGRUN!!!!) that being said? Can't wait for the next part!

Sorry, but Greg had to hang out with Mae. They probs got some donuts.

Hank Isn't Helping not because he hates you, He Likes Deviants!!


Jack getting all giddy over Connor is so cUTe and him calling Connor "cute" made me squeal

im in my room watching this and my brother walks in and says you look like youve seen some shit

Androids are people too! Join Jericho!

Anyone else keep thinking about cyber tech from agents of shield

I cried through this whole thing


Jack: "shit head" me:*chokes on spit from laughter*

When Jacks smile just faded with Hank and Connor.

"it's Karen" lol

I was right i Amanda was died

10/10 best password i have ever seen. Nice job Hank.

Connor was acting like a teenager who is in an argument with their parent(s) when he was arguing with Hank about not shooting Chloe

This game took charater attachment to a whole new lvl!

Marks is not diying today

get ready to do it with north

What did Luther make it out

This is the only game that’s ever made me cry anyone else?

The excitement is real!!!!

Leave it to Sean to take the unwavering pacifist route lol

Markus is love Markus is life Connor is bae

What if Markus and Conner fight who will win ?

Jack, darling boy, love of my YouTube life. Hank didn't help because he wants to help the deviants. The options you chose were to find where the deviants are hiding to stop them, not to help them. You had the option of "no doubt" when Hank said that the androids were just people fighting to be free. That decision made your next choice, when Hank brought up your empathy, all negative options.

RIP John, his death was more sad than Spidermans

insert the greatest pun this game can offer: "Everything just went South with North" Jack u beautiful, national treasure u. i love u man

eveytime he says mind palace i only think of sherlock

When markus is converting androids, "I GOT DA POWER!!!!"

The CONCON MAN i died omg

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