016: Exploring Meteora UNESCO World Heritage Site and Family Skiing in the Greek Mountains

016: Exploring Meteora UNESCO World Heritage Site and Family Skiing in the Greek Mountains

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That, we share is as deep as the sea no. Matter, how. Things. May come to, be you. And, me. I'm single. Stay by your side. Right. Okay. Only if you wait for me to finish this okay. Last. Blog is all about wintering. In left casts there is no, sailing, in this blog but. We, did get to explore, the mountains, that we can see in the background we hired a car so. I thought I'd gone for a slightly bigger car but when we picked it up. It. Was a nice of Micra. Ready. So, here we are in. Our first Greek service station. Amazing. Missile Micra. The. Journey up there was was easy there was hardly any cars on the road it's, almost like nobody goes driving. In Greece so, as we got more into the mountains, there were more tunnels to cut through the mountains. We. Were staying in Mexico it, was like a mountain village with cobbled, streets, and, it. Was like kind of an alpine. Village it was amazing. So, we um spoilt, ourselves, a little bit we've got a room with a bath and we, didn't wanna leave the room and evening so easy to get takeaways, into the room and have lots of nice hot bubble baths. It. Was actually, probably, about four, months since I'd had a bath that's, one of the things you miss really on a boat you have a shower but you don't get to do a ball it was a really nice hotel the people that ran it were great and it was quite homely it's, just what we needed you. Know. So. Here we were in our comfy beds it was about 750. Moaning and then we got woken up. Today. We're, going to famous. Monastery, tomorrow. In. 1.7. Miles. Meteora, is a UNESCO, World Heritage Site and it, consists of six monasteries, that are built on top of these stone pillars. This. Is one of the monasteries is the Rousseau no one and. Many. People, go, to meteor on a pilgrimage and, there's, still quite a strict, dress code so you if you're a female then you have to borrow, one of their skirts to, cover up the lower body. Let's go it's really amazing. Built. It just to wear the rock finish a book that's where there's built it on top of it. And. That was with the old ladder that they would have carried, with the rocks on the Dell. Wouldn't. Matter there. This is where people were a bit bring things on the pill. Thanks. To the labor skill. And passion of, the monks who appeared and, safeguarded, the manuscripts. I, think. It was kind of spooky, because I was skulls, and bones but. I really liked how, the monastery was really pretty. When. These monasteries, were builds. They. Purposefully, made them quite difficult to get access to and, now you can get to them through little, paths but even the paths you go up and you go down and you cut through the rock and it's quite difficult. There's. No one down there now I'm going to go around to see the last three. When. We left meteora we, need, to stock up on a few things especially, some local wine and some fruit so, he found a lovely little roadside, place and. We've got got some things it, was not like your usual roadside, and service. Station. So. Next morning we had a fantastic, breakfast. Delicious. And. We decided to go and see if we could try some skiing out. We. Couldn't find much information so, we finally worked. Out that if we drove a bit further into the mountains there was a place there that we could actually go skiing so. It was a small place, it was quite local, they didn't take cards, here to pay everything in cash. Exactly. And. The, slopes weren't huge but they were really good for learning on. Steam. Straight together, that's it. It's. Quite a struggle trying to teach a young child how, to ski and stop, because it's really hard work it's tiring on their muscles now this way turn push. On this leg. So. The little one was just about to give up and they, let us switch, and use the dragons and then it just changed, the whole situation. In. Fact, after. We started bargaining it became quite competitive. Kids. Are. You on the line. Three. Two, one go. No. Tell, your bitches part. The. Next day we discovered, that there were some ski lifts higher up in the mountains we. Also heard. That Julian. Simon who, are also liver boards on our pontoon were, going to be in the area Simon. And Julie. Offered, to help, teach the kids and Simon. Happen, to be a ski, instructors. And we grabbed the opportunity obviously. Hi. So we're at anelia resorts, in Greece 30. Minutes, drive from Mexico. Which is fine nice place to stay and. Yeah, isn't snow too quite well but it's pretty good now there's not really very many icy patches really. Nicely freshly, groomed today as you can see pretty, much got this place, ourselves because there's, a few people going up with a chairlift but. Other than that there's. Just us we top the mountain you've got a red, float coming. Down and. Also. This is a blue slope, there's. A couple of green slopes and there's also baby slope down the bottom for the kids you, think. So, you, and had another go, he was much better learning, from someone else rather than his mom or his dad so, it finally clicked with, Ewan, and Ewan worked out how to use the button left by himself.

Speak. Slice these slice. Hey. So. By the end of the second day we could actually ski, as a family a family all five of us together. And. With Simon your instructor, we, say goodbye to Simon, Julie they were heading on somewhere else we. Were so grateful for them to spend that day and we had a really nice time as well it's amazing when. You meet people. In. One, marina the, amount of skills they have to, offer and it astounds, me every single time and you've just got to grab the opportunity I think, we'd like to call it something like opportunist. Learning so. The next day we can resist and we came back again. We. Tried some of the smaller circle opes and practice what we learned home. On the wall hi, mommy. I've not been down this one before Wow. And, I think anyone has today. We. Finally, reached the point where, we thought we could take him right to the top of the mountain. So. This is the chairlift going up to top the mountain and you. See the others so, very records is ready for a black. Little. Steps. Well. Some are from the Bears payback. No, Pervez, no just, big brown bears they, could have your brother for lunch and. Then, you for pudding. In. Straight. Okay. So we're right at the top of the mountain now and in. The background is, Mexico. Where. We're staying and the, road that we had to drive up to get here. That. Is very beautiful, okay. So all the way up north is the pintos mountain, range. It's. Pretty high up here but. Because we like taking, risks and stepping. Outside our comfort zone we. Are going to ski, down, it. Are, you ready, where. You going, go. Gone. Slowly. We're, on a, chairlift, i'ma. Goin after the. We. Covered. Okay, let's go. A. Survey. Of excitement, we're. Going to create a little jump that's when you kind of slope this. Can jump over. Slow down slow now, straight straight. What's. It. How many lands, bend, your knees. Triangle. Of activation, from. So. Once you in had worked out how to ski then, we can there was no stopping him he was he was loving it and we hardly saw him. But. It is reasonable, here it costs, for. An adult it's 25. Euros, to. Hire skis, and look past all day. And the, kids it's 15 euros and. They can just golden elixir like and, that's key highway all day from, 10:00. Until 4:00, it's. Quite. Berry. Then. We had a brilliant day, going. Right the top on the chairlift it was really exciting little, bit nerve-racking but yeah, it was really good beautiful. For the ski instructors Cates, but ha plus 3 and is, about half an hour till it all stops but, we don't want to stop. We. Don't know where we're heading next because the, Corinth canal is, closed. It closed because some rocks fell into it because of the bad weather and. So. We don't know whether we can get round to Athens, around. The south, side so. We're not really sure where we're gonna end up the next blog but we'll definitely be sailing, again. She's. Picking stuff they're, foraging.

That. Worry it's all on camera. -, dear me. Traveler. To unknown. We'll. Still be family. So. Thanks for again for watching our blogs, if you like them please do share, comment. We will reply to you also. Subscribe on YouTube you just have to open up a gmail, account and. Yeah. Make sure of real sees them as well thanks, bye.

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We really enjoyed the episode, the skiing looked great fun, it's amazing how quickly the little ones can pick things up.

What a fantastic resort to learn and teach your children to enjoy the outside. it's nice for you to show us areas that most of us would not even think looking for All the VERY best

I love watching your family. I love seeing you get off the boat and explore where you are. The memories will be priceless. Safe travels

Thanks Paula.. it's so easy to stick to the sea and coast but there are some real gems to be found by exploring further inland and up mountains. If we hadn't been weather bound here in Lefkas over winter we'd never have discovered Meteora or Greek skiing!

Great family. Real balance.

Thank you for your kind words Doug. We plan to do a future blog dedicated to family life afloat and boat schooling. It's been quite a challenge for all of us stuck in the same place for so long but weather allowing, we set off again next week!

Great episode and new intro! Nice for us to be able to put names with your happy faces. Just watched this with my wife and four boys - we are leaving for our own family adventure in about two months and videos like this get everyone pretty excited. All the best from Canada :)

Great Ep...One Happy Family....more please ...much hugs ...

Brilliant episode! Your kids are adorable - loved watching you all having such a good time together as a family!

Glad you liked it, we were a bit worried about lack of sailing but hey, you have to adapt!

Glad you like new intro...the results of a rainy day ! Wow 2 months to go..if you are not packed, this is the worst bit but very exciting :)

Glad you enjoyed it...and little ones just seem to bend when they fall !

Hi Malcolm...yes in fact we would not have dreamed of going there...was perfect to break up a long winter.

so glad you are enjoying the travels, so happy to share the amazing world!

thanks :)

Well you just did wonders for the Greek skiing industry! Who knew?! Fab to see you all having such an incredible adventure and such an unexpected tale. Looking forward to more. Lots of love xxx

lit skiing

Hello Mothership Adrift. We so enjoy all your Vlogs. Thank you for this Amazing video. Beautiful scenery and fantastic incredible places you have visited. Your skiing adventures reminded us of our kids many many moons ago. Your youngest reminds us of our middle. So much fun and so lovely to see the family on the slopes together. Zoom zoom swoosh swoosh!! Precious memories for ever. Cheers

Recent subscriber and so glad I found the channel. Love the Metsovo and Meteora area. Such a departure from the Greece most know. Another option that you might enjoy...just east of the Rio Bridge on the way to Corinth is a small port of Diokopto, where you can take a narrow gauge rail up through the Peloponnese mountains up to Kalavrita (with bus service up to another nice ski area). Great work...keep it up!!!!

This was a great episode. I love how you guys are able to teach your own kids not just at home schooling, but sailing, navigation, kayaking, skiing, and not baby them like a lot of parents do. Letting them go for it and experience things, even if there is a few bumps and bruises . So enjoyable to watch your youngest one catch on to skiing so quickly after a few days. Hats off to you both. Kids are experiencing things and different lifestyle and cultures that they wouldn't get back in UK. So enjoyable to follow.

Mom and Dad have obviously skied before- very nice.

Great video, playing catch up at the moment. Wife and I along with our two girls (8 & 10) are in the process of preparing for the same journey so will be paying attention to your channel. Fair Winds.

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