017: Quick Rig Check Before Sailing to the Corinth Canal via a 'Mad Max' Marina near Delphi

017: Quick Rig Check Before Sailing to the Corinth Canal via a 'Mad Max' Marina near Delphi

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It was finally, time to leave our wintering, was over our contract was finished with the marina and. It. Was time to go. That, we shares as, deep as, the sea no. Matter, how. Things. May come to, be new. And, we, will. Family. Single. Stay. By your side. We. Had mixed feelings, when he left it was kind of sad to say goodbye to all. The friends of Achmed's, but, we're also obviously, really excited about, carrying. On our voyage and setting sail again, we. Felt like even though we'd been working nonstop and, winter there were still loads of things we had to do before we let that dog. Right. We're just refueling. So. The weather's quite really today but tomorrow it's supposed to die off so we're, waiting an extra day. So. We had a massive list of shopping me to get. Enough stuff to last us quite a week. We've. Got three jars of this. Pickles. We, did our last minute engine checks and we also, did, a rig check. For. Double bowline so I've just doubled up the line. Right. Easy bit prize clothes. Got massive hangover. Just, don't leave Leo for a minute. -. Okay. The. Big tech was a great Tuesday to, get, the children Bowl so, they all really, a, great time going up the mass and learning how to do that properly have, enough down. The. Great thing about going out your mast is, that you get a really good view so we could see for miles around and, we can see all the places that we visited this, winter in the on of the corner. Okay. So it's very beautiful where the monastery, is. Different, animals. I. Don't. See what mountains, around the back they're, covered in snow and, you. See the wetlands down there where you see Domingo's. Penico. News herons. On. Different, routes right. To the end and he's one of the most beautiful dog so far. In, the water it was June Meyer. When, one writer is really, thin shell. Walks. Was something that we did back in including, his birthday was afraid to carry. That traditional and me are people clipboards and it was quite hard for the children because they're also much younger the, walking group realizes there, was waiting for them. Where. The Corinth canal star. And. When we finally. Land, and set sail we. Are fantastic. We speak. At all. It. Was great to be singing again and the. Eighth seed, dope into the wild. The. Children, planned the passage and decided. Where we. Would stay each night where the safe spots were to anchor. We. Homeschool. Good morning algebra, that may be very insensitive faces in maths and English and, science they. Still carry on as normal. So we're just arriving in, a mess alone. Channel. So. Just as we were going through the. Huge, Rio bridge, where, you are supposed to call the, authorities and, get permission to pass through and they tell you where you're going to pass through subject. To the air. Draft on your boats okay so we got to go through this bridge, but. Just as I was speaking to them. Mein VHS. Stopped. Working and look what I can see the wires are loose so, we tried our hand held and.

The. Batteries, and I handheld and not charging properly either so it couldn't find a phone number we lost radio contact with. The bridge but. We did hear that these two ships going through the central channel is exposed to passed over. To starboard sides so. We're just going to do that slowly and poke the mast, it's, not too high we, contacted, some friends have gone through patron, and told us that you, ought to go through between two, particular, pylons, so we headed for that but, then as we got closer and realized our boat is a little bit bigger and maybe we, wouldn't fit that we might basically. Just wipe out the roof of our home so. I kind of weighed it up and thought I'm just gonna go through the middle where, all the big ships go through. 45. Minutes Karen. I was. Kind of a little, bit concerned that. We. Might get into trouble doing. That yeah one thing we keep saying to ourselves, is ask. Giveness and not permission which, seems to work quite a lot for us this time of year the weather's still quite. We. Arrived in try Xenia safely and, it's. Quite calm and. This is nice for sleeping. And really pretty and, then quite. A strong. Automatic. Weight comes down and, we working, on. This. Marina is, its kind of a, half-built. Are now abandoned. There's no one there and we're managing it or looking after it and it wasn't really a good. How. Do you strong. It. Look like a lot. Of people had stopped here and never carried on because we. Went exploring. Around the marina and we, saw all sorts of, boats and lot of them that like they've been abandoned, completely, but then every now and then we saw some signs of life it, was kind of almost like a scene from Mad. Max movie. Or. Maybe it, was just a place where lots of cruising dreams have died. So. On the catamaran, versus, monohull, debate if, you do go for a cat I wouldn't. Suggest you go for one made out of plywood. So. This is true Sonia there's, a whole mixture. Of boats here we've, got a, little, bit over here which belongs to Paco, he's back in a couple of weeks and. There's. The circus boats which. Is just here well. Loved this boat I think that were bursting boat. And there's. A guy over there that's come all the way from South Africa, and. You've. Got an amazing steel. Boat it's about 60, tons and. Then there's a whole range of boats in there there's a little place and lovely steel. Boats. And. A sunken boat as well there's a sunken boat in. The middle of the channel there I, made a sunken boat over that in fact there's another one over there and there's a woman, going to sink if someone doesn't come and rescue it and, there's also a boat with a goose living aboard, whales. Is there. It's. Called Heather which is over there. We. Need for example something for our microwave, and I was wondering. This. Might be under this is something you do when you're at sea you know you can't get these things especially in Greece so you know you can find these things sometimes, maybe. We. Have an old boats beautiful. Boat cheers but. Quite, old, so as, expecting, things go wrong we, thought we sorted a lot of problems out after winter but as soon as we got going and we're using it regularly then these problems, all, come up. The generators. So water company. It's. The most important, thing. About any generator is that you can charge your batteries up the, second thing is that when you run out of water you can make water with our water maker, and there's also a load of other things you can't do like run, your washing machine you can't creat your water use. Any, sort of tools those, things being kindly without but you can't do without your battery is being charged up and you can't do without water. So. Coolant. System, on a generator that's been spraying, water everywhere, salt. Water and. The. Gasket is, perished, but it just so happens the previous, owner. That's. Got a spare, gasket, here. So. We, might be in luck. What. Was it. Basically. It was fleeting water wasn't it was. Spraying, water all over the engine bay from, the coolant, system and. That. Was a problem it was a gasket, number. One three zero, zero nine, five, nine suspected. Every case previous, owner doesn't carry many spares, aboard but it just so happened he had that exact. Experience. Carry. A one three zero zero nine five nine round, of it, so. What's it working for a few days, the next thing to go was, the, solenoid. Overheating. It's smelling it's smoking, I mean we're, a bit worried that we're actually gonna have a fire on the boat so we had to turn the generator off that. We. Couldn't sort out so, it's a bit of drag we. Thought it'll be in sorted over winter so, we kind of felt like we're back, to square one again really in, an ideal world we would replace, our generator, but, that, is not within our budget right now so.

We. Have to make do. Yeah. That's true. And, it's, now heading to its here which, is about 20, miles. About four hours. After. Shri Sonia we just headed round the coast a bit to Atia because. That's the best place to go and see the famous, temple, at Delfy when. We got to Delfy, we were really a. Bit. Taken aback with all the peoples it was quite a culture shock because. We've, been visiting, ruins where there was no, one around there was just us, exploring, them and and you come to a place like this a honeypot tourist. Site and you. Just see masses. Of people they've come from all over the world. It's. Here so, we've come up to the temple of Delphi by day, all. Right so this is the Archaeological. Museum and Delfy. This. Is the navel which is supposed to be the center of the earth where you sent out two Eagles in different directions and, they came back and they met at this point. Poetry. So, this is where the Oracle was first operate and. Where the Pythian inhale, the vapors than. Go into Samaria. They. Said shops closed. Do. You see the new shop. Okay. This is the main bus stop for UNESCO, Heritage, Sites Delfy, it's. Part, of our age. We seek the bus-stop. It's a vending machine yes all set so I went into the restaurant. This is the bus station and, they. Said that, it was coming. Eight o'clock and. I said then you told me all of us fiver Sudheer maybe help us five little late so, it doesn't, come then, I'm gonna try and hit strips. With. The families. But, finally canes are it's our we're here. Our. Final stop in the Gulf of Patras before we go for the canal is, Kioto. So. This is Kioto, which. Is our last stop before, the Corinthian al it's. Kind, of it's got two sections so it's kind of got this small harbour here which our draft, is too much to get in so. We've put our boats, out on the, Altran where. The industrial ships, are we've found space there and we decide to wait till, Monday. To try and get cheaper aid through the canal we decide to get the paddleboard out and. The weather improved we. Have to swing out and, we had a lot of fun woody, even opened up our barbecue. A. Bit. Of a Congress you got to buy the mount for it separately and that was like 65 euros. The, journey to, get from east, to, the west side of, the Gulf of Patras and the Corinth canal was, all together about ten days so, that's the end of this blog on the next, block we it, heads through the canal we. Tell you what about that and how we head, into the, eighth year see. So little for too much more adventures. By, now. Cars. Coming from all directions. Should. We go I don't know, which. Way, okay. Okay. Oh. No. It's my other side, let's. Go let's go right the other sides have. Not stopped. -. Eagles you sent, out. At. This point where, this kind of egg shape. So. We're just arriving in Atia and, we've got a big, ship, if.

I Turn around you can see it behind me. Which. I'm just making sure that we are not going to have a collision with where's it gone. Over, there and. Also discovering, other things like, dolphins. In the wild something, you never ever seen. On. The outside. Mountains. So. Thanks for again for watching our blogs, if you like them please do share, comment. We will reply to you also. Subscribe on YouTube you just have to open up a gmail, account and. Yeah. Make sure the real sees them as well thanks bye.

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Great video just love your journey's

So enjoy your Vlogs showing your lovely families exciting life. Cheers

Out takes are brilliant. Keep up the good work and humor!

Great Ep.... looking forward to the next...safe sail guys....

Most enjoyable, thank you.

Excellent video. Can't wait for the next one.

Well done to all of you! It must all be a bloomin’ challenge at times. XX

Hi from Bermuda! Just started watching you vlogs. As a liveaboard with my daughter, family sailing vlogs are of interest to me. Look forward to your video of passing through the canal. Cheers!

Looking good! I hadn't watched your blog for a while...love it. Will watch more xx

Also the bloopers are enjoyable, Can you tell me more about different rates on different days for the Korinth canal. We want to pass it in 2 weeks.

It was a pleasure meeting you today ! nice boat :)

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Michael Douglas our main concern was whether the kids would adapt to life afloat and although we’ve had our ups and downs they do genuinely love it.. so far. Schooling is one of the biggest challenges but there are many resources out there to help. We try to instil a love of learning and curiosity.. and been lucky enough to have found some awesome people along the way who’ve taught them all sorts of stuff from knitting and skiing to violin! We try to encourage them to follow their passions.. and yes, try unfamiliar experiences and food. We left Greece recently and their biggest concern was they might not find Giros anywhere else!

Frank Veenstra it’s difficult to work out.. as you’ll see from episode 18 we didn’t really know until we went through and our estimate was way out. For a 15.9m (53ft) boat like ours it was €315.

Awesome video. Really enjoyabblbeb

You can buy a honda 2kva generator for under $2,000 AUS that will run your watermaker and charge your batteries

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