019: Boat Maintenance and Stern too Mooring. We Visit the Parthenon and our Ferry Rescues a Woman

019: Boat Maintenance and Stern too Mooring. We Visit the Parthenon and our Ferry Rescues a Woman

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So the last vlog, was about, going, through the Corinth canal and, a. Visit, to Epidavros and, how, we arrived. In Edina to, leave the boat there, well. I went back to England, with the children so. This, blog is about, Willie's, adventures, in Edina and looking after the boats and all. The maintenance needed, and, our. Trip in Athens, coming, back from England and. Also. Leaving. Agena so, as most of this vlog, is about Woody's. Experiences. I'm going to hand over to him so you get to hear what are you talking for a change. Pass the see no, matter, how. Things. May come to be you. And, me we're. Family. Single. I'll. Stay, by your side. There's. Anybody who's got kids knows it's not, the easiest thing to kind of do. Any maintenance with kids around sometimes. You'll start. Working with a tool it down turn around and it's gone and then you'll find it's part of a space station or it's, a part of a submarine, or something, like that describe, the kids they're kind of got such a furtive imagination, well, obviously it slows the maintenance work down quite a lot the other thing is they're quite naturally curious about what you're doing but I love the fact that curious and they're learning all the time but. When you have a lot of maintenance to do it's kind of good just to crack on. Get. Up at 7 o'clock and finish it line the clock at night and, you, just quadruple. Your production, time, the. Only good thing is I actually could make a cup of tea and finish it in one sitting without having to make a cup of tea in the morning and still find I even finished it by the end of the day before, we left the UK I was looking up to win a competition, where, I wasn't some cordless. Tools it was a grind err a. Jigsaw. The. Drill, and. Even. Though it was quite an effort to bring them out I'm so glad I did because you. Could, save so much money you're making things, yourself and repairing, massive. List of jobs that, we needed to get to before we actually carried on from Aegina we've. Got the generator sorted out which is great but. The other thing is we had a few links and, they. Were a bit hard to trace so the first thing I wanted to do was clean up the engine and give it a paint. Then. We. Had some bells. Pump issues the pipes that lead to the bill just suck out all of the water. They. Were a bit brittle, and stiff. And they weren't reaching right down to the bottom the bilge so I had, to replace all those and the, strongbox on the end so I could get right down to the bottom animals, are quite unique boats in the that, they the.

Gray Water goes, into the bilge which is housed in the keel and so. You've got the automatic bilge pump and the manual bilge pump which go into there and suck it all out and. Also if there's any leaks in the bolt it, all channels, into this one build so it's, important, for you to keep maintained, correctly and to. Be able to suck out water and they need to be cleaned and maintained, because. That's the first sign of anything going, wrong with the water system, or with lease. The. Pre filter for, the water major. Was. Quite. Corroded, we're not early few swings in from the UK which had arrived in Greece but we hadn't had time to strip them yet it, was quite difficult designing, because there was a mixture of Imperial, and metric fittings. To go together. It. Did kind of helped it in. My previous life back in on land I did. A lot of industrial, style. Design furniture and I used a lot of pipes and fittings, like that so it was kind of going. Back to the old job really but actually doing for practical purposes, rather than their just aesthetic purposes I didn't, travel, around the island a little bit and between, various, pretty. Kali days and strikes, and, strange. Opening hours I did manage to sort everything I needed, so. I've just cycled, about five miles to this channel because I can't find any shops open in Aegina and I've. Just been told that it's a strike. Day yep. Combined, so. Back. At the boat I. Found. A local, plumbing shop run by this old guy and, obviously. It's a captive market and, I got ripped off but you. Got a nice smile. We. Still haven't got around to kind of fully service in the water making yet but there'll be a next job. We'd. Notice that the kids really like sitting on the front of the boat with, their legs dangled over the edge watching. The dolphins swim underneath and another. Things as well just watching the jellyfish or turtles, or even Barracuda, and also it's. Quite difficult to get your own personal space on the boat and one, of the best places to sit on the bow of the boat because you, see, the horizon, and. Peace. And quiet but. At the moment we've just got a framework there and so it was it. Was fairly, safe we. Always made sure they were clipped on but there was no actual platform to sit on so. We kind of saw that as a bit of a safety issues, so. I designed, and made a, seat, before, the, kids so all the kids could sit there on the boat you've got to kind of your, workshop is wherever you can make it really and if, you're tied up to a key your workshop becomes the key side, it's, not ideal but you've just got to make doing it on a boat.

The. Report. Authorities come along is he making a mess and obviously gonna be s to leave so I was always quite diligent, at the end of the day. To make sure that it cleaned up. In. The Mediterranean. Parking. Is mainly stern to parking which means you're dropping anchor about, five meter. Five bolt minutes out reverse. Into the key side and attach, to. Stern lines to the key it. Sounds easy enough but when you throw. In all the factors such as crosswinds. Such as proper walk. It. Makes, for quite an entertaining, spectacle, so, in between the jobs including. The maintenance I would. Go up and just basically, keep an eye on our anchor and what. Other people were as well if, the, boat doesn't come back straight it, comes in a bit of an angle then obviously you get your rudder court or other people's anchor chains. You. Can get your proper rounded people's chains, and. A. Relatively. Simple procedure been, turning to. Cos. Tankers are just part of Greek Marie you've just got to accept the fact that sooner, or later thank. You, some, people take it but, you met some people. A lot. Of things to kind of remember all at the same time and you see a lot of people reversing, it perfectly, straight coming, get the stir lines attached and, they've got put their anchor out you. Can't not have an anchor out so, the. Procedure is just to go out drop. Your anchor and come back in again, however. Some. People do try and roll the ranker out. Which. Once, you've tried it once or twice you realize that is not an ideal situation because. The weight of the anchor chain. All. That aside if. Everything goes. Good. When. The game is quite a small place and, you, get some Zilla, boats coming in and. There's no space, now, when, the. Rancor and I were flotilla, skippers we used to raft up which, is fine as long as you've got everybody's consent it's very easy to raft up you can double up boat you can triple we've even had quadruple, volts doubled up from the key side but, you need somebody to cordon like that when, boats just suddenly decided to become a raft without anybody's, consent, then, that just, leads on to a whole new level of chaos, and, we, have this several times with a Ukrainian teller who just decided they were going to come in drop. Their anchors on everybody else's anchors and tie up - everybody's bolt and then use everybody else's boat as a pass/fail to get to shore. So, this Ukrainian. Business. Group has just turned up and it's caused an absolute, mayhem they've crossed everybody's, anchor. So. The drinking started already and boats. Aren't even tied up yet so. We. Now get a a wall. Of Ukrainian boats blockading, the harbor that's a lot of very unhappy people here, don't. Think we're going to get much sleep tonight because the. Bottles are already out. Lot. Of glamorous girls everywhere as well. So. So. One of the guys jumped on our boat and, proceeded.

To Do locking turns on the cleats and I kind, of explained, him that I didn't like locking terms but his English wasn't that good so, imagine. Trying to do hand gestures. To. Explain to Ukrainian. The. Reason that you don't use locking turns. Crazy. It's. Two o'clock in the morning you, look at the Ukrainian, male voice quiet corner and outside the ball. So. It's early morning and it's. All very quiet around here with two. Of the boats. I managed. To leave, the managed to get. One of the Ukrainian. Boats to move and. Miraculously, there's no anchor this morning so. We. Might be in the clear. But. Again it was wasn't. All about cross tankers and maintenance. Is. A nice island and I did get to ride around some of it on the bike I. Wish. I could have seen a lot more but the two weeks went by really, quickly and then the family would do back in Athens so. I'd, leave the boat and, head to Rapa nuis to meet. Them off the plane. So. Come. To Athens to meet or, encourage the kids off the plane. Fortunately. We know a, couple in Athens. Ory. Mariela. And already, we used, to work with as flotilla. Skippers a long time ago with. Nielson and he, took a job there, working. For a dream charter and, he's got a really nice flat in the middle of Athens. Away. From the tourist area so it was nice to see a bit of a kind of modern. Athenian, culture so. Our. Friends in Athens let us crash over which is really nice because we didn't have to rush back to it, Aegina. But. They also meant we had about, half a day to go and see some, of the sights so. We. Thought the, obvious place to go was path done but did. You wanna speak about that okay. This. Is all the Acropolis and, museums. Here. This. Is the Acropolis, Museum in. Athens and. I. Like. This because of the architecture. Just I like the sort of Brutalism style, reminds, me of take modern in London, what. Does it remind you of commands to be a tape modern in London no just like going there just for the architecture, I'm not that bothered about what's, inside I just like tonight. Architecture, I do. The. Amazing thing about the museum is look at, the entrance of it you can actually see the ruins of, the. Old city. And the kabbalists, is actually, this whole great big hill. And, no. One actually lives up there they will live down there in the city and the Parthenon is, the building inside, the Acropolis at the top which we're going to go and find this, is the sanctuary of Dionysius, place. To do a, dance. To celebrates the. Gods and this dance was a dance that was the nucleus, of the Greek, theater apparently so. Join Isis is Woody's favorite God why is it your favorite Gogarty she's. A god of wine and food you've got a wine of foods and. I'm they've got wall around here because they used to actually fill, it with water and have sea battles. This. Is the beginning of the Parthenon, and it's very busy. So. That's the shrine of Athena, that you come through to. Get to the Parthenon. This. Is the old temple of Athena behind Anna that is obviously, the purple on. We've. Got friend named Erica she doesn't have a new system so she can't travel very far because if she does she gets really ill and so. We. Have. Taken toy from a house so. We took this one and. Because. It's very unique and Eric is really unique so, we take a picture of it in every place. We, go and then, we, send it to her to, show that and this, Erica can actually travel anywhere, cuz she's really, up. For everything. There. Was a city, and, didn't, have a name so Poseidon. And Athena they, both wanted, to have. The city as their own so. They. Were gonna have a test and the people of the city would vote so, Poseidon, made a well new city, and.

Their. People of the village drank it but then it was saltwater so, nobody liked it and then, mmm Athena's she planted all of the tree in the middle of the city and everyone, tried the olives and they loved it so that's why it's called a penis I wish. The same could do it because he's my favorite Greek. God, and. And, I, love. Him because he doesn't see, and like, he. Has me, whole. Underwater. City. Like underwater. Super, just like with fish that's. Why I really like him and I want him to have the village. So. I'm visiting. The, Parthenon, it was time to get back to Agena to get ferry so, he walked down to a ferry terminal, and got. Ourselves on the next ferry to Akina we. Were quite relaxed really and, they're. Thinking, always to take the final bit of our journeys back to the boats a determined. That things are never that calm in our life and there, was this always drama. There's. A man in the water. Our fairies, turn round to go. See. Be surprised. So. Someone. Discovered there was someone in the water a person the water so. We all start shouting. Someone right now tell me skipper. Turn the fairy bounds. -, to. Eventually, get her into the boat with a lot of difficulty cassava she should be in the water for a while she had no energy left she. Was. And the, last thing would go right into the water so, she couldn't she got the strength to even pull herself up and then. You. Know they brought around eventually, someone dives in with her and took her round back and they lowered the. And they managed to finally get on there they. Dragged her in. You know she was conscious. And she was able to talk they, often make up details. And. You know then they decided, to move on to another bone, Adam. Weber. Easter backs off, to. But. They're, working they're pretty good. We. Must edit a microblog, of that whole manner board situation, which actually. Made it into mainstream. Media so, yeah you can see that on the link. Children. Have worked out that um if, they get their instruments out on the key side and plays people they can earn quite a bit of money so, they've kind of got into this busking, thing and they're. Owning some pocket money from doing it so it's, a win-win situation really. Normally. In, England we had to try and encourage them to practice, but, when, they're out on the on the dot playing they'll play for hours at a time. Right. So we had to change. Our mmsi, number, because if your boats is. Registered. In a different, country you, have to change your mmsi number which sounds easy but then you, have to, send. Your VHF. Unit. Back, to, somewhere that, they can do that for you so we had to detach our unit which is down here take. All the wires out and I. Took, it back to UK sent, it to them the changeover and Messiah sent it back to me now, I've drawn it back and we need to fix it together and the other thing to make it more common case because we have a is. We. Also have to check them the. Ais, transponder, back so. Likewise. That. Also. Has. To be detached, back. I know. So. We kind of labeled everything because, there was so many wires attached and now, we've got to trying it back together again. A, green, wire to that the brown one there so when our VHF. Unit was sent back for the mmsi number to be changed. They also found, another, faults, in, the transceiver. Box which. They fix so it turned out to be quite expensive. Operation. But that's maybe why our VHF broke down when we were going under the bridge, so. Hopefully, they sorted that one out I mean the other thing the wires are all kind of the black covering, was all coming off and we thought maybe there was a bad connection there but I've taped it all up I think it's okay actually. So. After, a couple of days we, went. Shopping we provisioned the boats and. We. Went to pay the final fees at the office it's, a lovely office actually it's kind of bit colonial, style and you get a great view of the harbor, so taking. The children up there they're not only kind of understand that we have to pay for these fees. And they see the whole bigger picture but also you, know they get to see what else is going on in the, marina. And. The. Main things really that we had to stock up on was fresh fruit and vegetables, really not knowing you know when we're going to get to in the next shot because we. Knew that our journey after that wasn't, really going to be stopping in any major towns or anything. What. We try and do is wash, the fruit and vege before. We bring. It onto the boat because we're trying to avoid bringing on like bugs and maggots, and all sorts things like that we, should do it on the vegetables before you take them on the boat okay.

Can. You show me some. Anyone. Wow, that, is bigger isn't it that's the biggest is. That the biggest I. Found. Which one speaker show me the big one of the show me a small one. Wow. How's that compared it twice the size the. Size of change. And. The. Final thing that we wanted to do before we left was put our new n sign up which, we had got from, UK. We've got one made up so yeah, we wanted to hoist that so we've had a really haven't add one at all actually what, flag is it human. Yeah. It's the end sign isn't it. Hey, we've, had a. Boat in Makena I went, back to UK from it with the kids to sort out lots of things and I'm, so, the boat was in Edina for a few weeks and, we. Left the dock again, it's nice to leave the dock and, we're heading south and we think, the furthest we'll get today is poor us and then, tomorrow. We'll probably do a slightly bigger hop across, to. Cyclades, Island, so we're going to go down the Cyclades, so. When we left the children the best thing was that the children got. To try out the new season. I. Do. Again, delete that just. Like the Tate, Modern in London. It's. Got a great building. Quite. Funny to watch. Try. And let's play I'm all the time so. If they didn't, really well boys. You. Know you eaten the strawberries, you. Eat the strawberry. Tea. With. Our tea bags for me. And we're. We. Travel, long. So. Thank, you for watching these videos if you liked them then please keep, subscribing, and, the YouTube channel like, us on Facebook and share, with everybody and also. If you want to please do help, support, the creation, editing. And. Producing. Of the videos you can support us on patreon, to. Keep making these videos thank, you. Stay by us. Hey. You.

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