027: Sailing Mallorca's South Coast, a Train Journey from Palma to Soller and Kids try Tapas!

027: Sailing Mallorca's South Coast, a Train Journey from Palma to Soller and Kids try Tapas!

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Right, so there's only about a week left, for. People to put their votes in for the UK blog award so please. Make sure you put your vote in for us, it's. Literally just a click of the button there's no details, taken but, yeah it, closes at the end of the week so yeah please do that. That, we share is as deep as the sea no. Matter, how, rough things, may come to, be you. And, me. I'm. Single. My father. Stay. By your side. Years. So. Shopping is tricky at the best of times but even more, difficult, when you're in a really busy Anchorage and the. Shop was even bigger because, we've had so many guests on board back-to-back, and. To. Add to that there's stay boats tripper boats moving. All in and out of the boat to anchor some, completely, distracted, with other things like phones and all sorts. We. Don't really encourage, the kids to go swimming at all really because, it's just too much going on it's too dangerous. Yes. What good friends done a Sofia arrived and Dan. Gets straight into, the I beat alive. Julian. Simon also. Joined, us in the Anchorage and. Julie. Helped me with my module, 2 of my, hairdressing training. So. We headed off to get some more water. We've. Got Dan talking. In Spanish now it's so much easier. Is. It Stern -, and. Dan. Got stuck into some galley tasks. 50 miles. Not, much winds but. So. We're just arriving, in New York really. Nice sale today. Kids. Got, into, their favorite, sport of jumping, off the boat some. Needed a little bit more encouragement. I. Really. Viewport upon which wisdom, kind. Of aura is not the prettiest but it was the best. From. But. Now we're gonna head east. There's some nice beaches around there. The. Kids are, really good now at finding, activities to do under passage. It. Was really nice of Dan, to help us with a few maintenance jobs, as well oh yeah this is a new and, can witness remote control. Fiddly. Wiring though. So. We finally got on to fixing our anchor light it, was a job that was quite simple. Really at the beginning and then turned out to be quite complicated. Don't, remember each other the deck light in the stamen I'll just check. Let's. Just, try the tricolor. And the angular. The, loose connection. The. Actual mounts, that was on and kind of perished away so it wasn't really holding very well and. While. He was trying to change the light bulb then part, of the outer casing fell, off into, the water and that was the end of that.

Where'd. It go. I'm gonna try and replace. LED, what if we can. Because. It take. The whole mainsail, down before. We can actually always tender with the mast I'll put it next to a little beer with a block so. We. Can just go. Up on an independent alley banging. You hear. Further, inside, they in masterly. Okay. I'm gonna go back down. The. Water today is so clear because there's no wind at all so it's just still, and you can see right down to the bottom it's. About eight meters. Near. Is growing but. The wildlife is great so we're having a look over you and we're. Investigation. Scheme. Yeah, we just saw a still reading when we followed it. No. Sir okay that it was like they should just everywhere, that's who identify them I try to chase, one you try to take one yeah. Damn. Got, onto some fishing, I'm, not sure whether. The. Music sessions scared the fish away for him. He. Didn't catch anything. Wait. To bye guys. So. We're just trying to, sort. Out the next year's curriculum. For the kids, trying. To put it into some sort of timetable, we're. Not short on resources well sure this time I think and, the kids ability to concentrate when. We've got all this beautiful blue sea because revenue, basically. The kids are just trying to squeeze in as much fun as they can have now before schooling starts again. So. I'm just trying to work out, Lauren's. English at the moment so what she's going to do every day for English and. How we're going to fit in language. Grammar. Spelling. It. Would be mistaken on tempests so we thought we might care about that. So. As the summer ends the, weather deteriorates. And then, finding, somewhere, to anchor the boat that's sheltered, and, it's got a good holding well becomes more important. Well. My. Dad. Found. A place on. The. Woods. Got. A bit of a thunderstorm protein. And the winds picking up. On, a boat your, lifestyle, is dictated, by the weather which can be really hard sometimes but, also it can be really awesome. They. Look like chocolate spreads, I. Burn. A bit of the woods okay. Boats. Cooling is kind of mixed with tasks. On the boats which, includes navigation or. First. Aid and, also lots of maintenance skills. So. Then after, a very. Busy summer lots of people lots of things happening it's nice to go together on shore as a family, and do. Some exploring. Darry. Got a bit sandcastle. Envy. Manager. So, this is Majorca. And we're right opposite, the island. Of Cabrera, which is a nature reserve but one thing we've noticed here is that there, is not a single bit of rubbish. Anywhere, it is so clean, even, like. The beach bits, that go down to rocky outcrops. It's just, perfectly. Clean there so. Careful. About what they do with their rubbish and it's carefully, recycled. As well it's really really. Nice to see actually and it's made us feel a bit redundant here that. We can't even find three bits of plastic to pick up which is good it's, a good thing. So. We. Are heading back to Palmers pick Brendan up from parler, Airport, the weather's sort of them, quite. Unstable the weather changes, in a few minutes. But that is that is typical, I think in this area it does it can take in 15 minutes, any change, we're sailing, into Parma, now the wind changed, and it's in, our favor so it'd be a nice sale and. Probably. What we've been doing then on this trip. I've. Been writing blogs, I've been reading, I'm really not so we doing we're doing. So. When we got to Parma we've found a brilliant spot, to anchor right in front of Parma Cathedral, the, only drag was it's quite a long way to, get into Shore. It's. Upside-down. So. After learning a few boats kills with anchoring we headed, off to explore, Parma. We. Found quite an unexpected, exhibition. It was really good it just showed how. Conservation. And intervention. Can have a major positive, effect, on all. The flora and fauna of our, planet it's really really good really worth a see.

Then. It was time, to introduce. The kids to tap, ass for the first time so, what we do a says is your favorite, food is out there but, you just haven't found it yet, they. Try a lot of different things they travel around and they're much more open to trying different things now. I've. Been that's cheese actually we, sort of syrup and that says I no longer chutney, like french toast type, thing but it's very mannish, and I know it was ghetto and, judges. Is it, like. An orange marmalade sauce. We're. Not chimpanzee. Doping, for tiny. Bit. What. Do you think can we take it so far. We. Wouldn't be trying to make. Cheese. Like things like goat cheese please the. Meat, is nice and tender. And the. Sauce is really rich that, evil, equals. Experience. The. Meatballs, were the best people's I've had. Me. Those, meatballs are, better than I care, No. So. Parma is really. Quite a, vibrant. And bohemian, artistic. Kind of city am. I remember getting, my first job here in the boatyard and hanging out in these, lanes, and the tapas bars in the evenings I'll be a scrap of rubbish on the floor but it's repeating, everywhere. Along, the way you come to these streets you never know what's around the next corner they. Might move run yeah. What's. Around the next corner. So. Because today my, daughter told. Me that she wants a VA will teach him that knows what they're doing I kind. Of got even more pressure to make sure that I'm ready, for tomorrow to, teach a maths so. It's. Kind of eleven o'clock at night and. I'm. Doing gradients. Y. Equals, MX and, C and. I'm. Trying to make, sure. That I can get like one step ahead I don't, remember doing this at all at school so. I'm. Kind of doing it in evenings I'm. I'm. Gonna be so ready tomorrow yeah. Don't force me I'm quite enjoying it we've, got to move these X's, out the way and just leave it with Y and I, think, I'm doing it right but I'm not sure so any tips that you have on. Doing. These equations, and how you work out the gradient, from an equation where the x and y is on the same side then. Please, send. Me your tips I'd. Love to have a teacher as well actually. Christmas. Cards. So. Grandad came out and this time he brought some letters, dating, back from, the war so the kids are. Fascinated, in, their, family history so, they actually think they're really lucky to, have a granddad who can bring. These things out and tell these stories and it just becomes part of the history lesson it's pretty early July the 9th 1944. Dear, mrs. wood not. All the songs of Solomon sung, by a first-class, chorus, of smugface, Tech Sultan angels, could, adequately, express the congratulations. You deserve producing, a most truly wonderful according. To his father's report, Davidson. We. Are very pleased to know all was well with you and are looking forward to making the acquaintance, of your grand news.

We. Leave Parma finely and start, heading west. What. Do you think about that rarity. A stroke. Of genius or. Work, of a madman, we've, come to an Palmanova. Palmanova. And. We. Know that there's an Aldi here and a little so, on are exotic. Circumnavigation. We hunt out littles and all DS because we need a massive, stock. Up because, we've had lots of people and we've run out of all our dry, products, so, we wanted to go somewhere where we can get as close as possible to the beach and. The. Kids can play and it's easy to come back and forth on dinghy so. That's, why we're here. So. We headed off and did some shopping. So. On our trip today ensure. We. Found second-hand. Shops and. You don't not gonna get second-hand shops in Europe, that's all really you didn't get any in Greece and nowhere. Else that we found some here in Spain I think it's run, by the Lions. Charity. And, by. Some lovely, experts, the, kids read all the time and. We. Can't get the bricks for easily pop them on the Kindle but Kindle is quite expensive but. The exciting, thing about it was that we, got, the. Whole set, of the micron Peugeot books, six. Euros for that we, got the whole works of Shakespeare, not, the whole works but a load of Shakespeare books we've. Got two TV cleaner books and it always run you. Three. Euros for, that lot we probably have more books in this boat than anything else that's. What keeps us going now, what does keep what keeps really going. Radik. Up these are the second-hand shop he. Got himself. Actually. You could talk about that we do what. Are you going beer, glasses oh it posh hmm. So, everyone's. Happy. 90. Pounds, gorgeous. I like beer beads at top yeah, I also, got this more. Orange, strap, and this was full. Yeah, I also. Newbee. Top you good morning so we. Have. Just left the massive bay of Parma and we're, gonna start heading around we're gonna try and get to solare on the west coast the, small, weather window you might be able to make but. Um yeah yesterday we had a nice afternoon, with a couple, of other, long-term. Live-aboard cruisers, Lynn and Andy hi nice. To see there meet them and then great, fun on the cat's around it kids that great time jumping off their roof, and. Then that. Evening we came down to Bay. Just on the tip, called. Carla, figueira which, is a very deep bay but it was perfect just for an overnight stop and, now we've hop round the corner now that the winds on are in our favor and we're heading to. Carla. Pond sir to fill, up on water and, fuel, as well probably before. We try, and go around the west coast so, that's our mission really before, there's a massive my straw or they call it Tramonto which is coming down on Sunday so. We kind of need to get into Solero before then to get some shelter. We. Are in Santa Ponza we're trying to get water because. You wanted to go around the west coast but. It's. Very busy so you get three minutes and. Get 45 meters but. And we're trying to squeeze in as much water as we can before, we get to pick soup from this pontoon. And. So. Our journey continues. West. This. Is kilometer. Can, the Mirage. It's. Just calendar, marked and. It's. A really nice Beach because, Santa. Really stopped. The. Color damar is also, another popular, holiday destination, so of course we got into the holiday groove and that, always involves, getting an ice cream. For. The next pump is gone that is the water pump so. It we've got the water pump it's broken. Nice. Most water to wash up the. Manual bilge pump open. And the toilet one of the toilet comes kind of going waiting. For the battery just come, back. From, replacement, for the Mars. We're. Also waiting for. Water come to arrive yeah it's bit of a drag because, I'm while.

We Have water in our tank. We. Can't get it. That's a bit like camping, but without the running water. Or the temp right. We've decided. Not to go to Solero in the end because, there's. No options, there there's only one port and that's it and if there's no space or, there's not good holding. You. Know it there's no check that would have to go six hours back again so, we thought we'd rather wait when there's Fairwinds so we just come around the corner in the ends after all that with the water and we. Found this nice. Place, it, looks obviously quite popular because we're surrounded by super, yachts and. Crack. On with the homeschool in the mornings to be in the afternoon nice. Sun all day what more could you want so we still really, wanted to get to Seoul yet. So. The way the other way of doing it really is you go into Parma which is what we did and you. Catch the wonderful, train that goes from Parma through, the mountains, up to Salah and, in Parma, and we're getting this old train, to Seoul oh we've skipped trying to get it on the boat at the moment it's got a hundred years of history and we're, gonna go through the mountains, really, exciting. And. We also know that granddad, really, likes train journey so he was very happy. It. Was built so they could transport stuff to solve the so those brightness, like the mountain pass and it. Was also used to transport various. Ammunitions. To the submarine base which was over the mountains as well a long. Time ago I remember I'm trekking these mountains, of my friends, Claire we went from portable in sir -, Sol, air and. The first night we stayed in a monastery and the second night we stayed in a kind of youth hostel and, we. Had remember, like some lions and olives, and bread, and cheese that's it really but it was good good times. And. We're off. When. We arrived in solar town when she's kind of up in the mountains, it's before he get to the port we, found. It a really nice place actually, it was quite chilled out and we found a nice little restaurant to have lunch so. We did tap us again and also, a sneaky. Jug of sangria. So. When you get to Seoul air you can get a tram down to the port but we decided, not to get that tram but would walk it instead. Yeah. It's quite a long walk but we did find some interesting places on the way. As. Woody always says. We. Don't. This, will be our next. We'll. Still be family. So. Thanks again for watching our videos thanks, for sharing them thanks, for liking them and also. Thanks, for clicking the notification, button so that you get notified when, they're going to come out. Thanks, very much to our patrons, of course for. Making these videos happen, also. Just. A final reminder is to please. Vote for us for the UK blog Awards there's only a week left just. One click and it's done thanks, a lot until the next vlog.

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Great video guys, one of the best, maybe THE best. One tiny suggestion, if the kids are driving the dinghy, get them to put the kill cord on their leg, above the knee. It's a safer bet for everyone, but especially where it could very easily slip off little wrists. Have a great Christmas

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Mother Ship Adrift Family Travel and Sailing Blogs True, anyone can fall off a boat at anytime and be at risk from the prop, but at least in those situations there’s a driver still in control. But you can attach additional kill cords if you prefer ( RYA courses insist on dual cords for young driver and instructor when teaching under 12’s). Use a big strong split ring to attach the second to the base of the first (with the primary cord’s clip on the engine).

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I mean't to say , make sure you get the 4th Edition for the Boat Owners Mechanical and Electrical 2015... the link takes you to the 2005 version but you will see the 2015 version in the choices below ... that's if you decide to buy it (but well worth it) WHEW! :)

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Hello , I am not sure if we replied to you or not but thanks for your super useful comments! We have the Nigel Calder book and have dipped into it several times when trying to diagnose problems...I am sure we haven’t even touched on it yet and it will be our lifeline/ bible many times to come. Delos, oh yes, that was part of the reason we bought this boat.... I saw one of their vids in the roaring 40 s and thought ....that boat is a good boat and can cope with big seas...that is what I want. Now we just have to deal with the complicated systems and get to grips with it. Regards the sound....I think we are still trying to get to grips with that too. There doesn’t seem to be any clear rules to me about how to get the volume right...Woody says I must just listen and make sure it all sounds the same volume. I think this may be work in progress. Any tips, please tell me, they are very useful comments. thankyou . Irenka

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