029: Sailing from Ibiza to Spain, a Coastal Hop to the Costa Del Sol and Wintering in Almerimar

029: Sailing from Ibiza to Spain, a Coastal Hop to the Costa Del Sol and Wintering in Almerimar

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Okay, so we did a survey and everyone agreed that they would rather have our videos, shorter. And more regular so, that's what we're going to do and we're going to have a separate playlist, for the maintenance so, it should be quicker to edit it all and of course the patrons will always get them in advance of, everyone. Else so if you want to become a patron and, just gotta sign up. The. Consumers but the king can. The. Bond that we shares, as, deep as. Things. May come to be. Single. By. Your. In. The last blog while, we were assessing the damage on the dingey, and rescuing. The outboard we, asked the kids to cook, the dinner but. We found this footage of the kids filming, themselves after. Disaster. Strikes we've, just got a massive, rip, on the side of our ding you and leaving the dock I came up and I saw a dad on the dock like, tugging, the dinghy and stuff mum driving. Go what's, going, on there. Was screaming, there was shouting the boys, were getting in the way like always. So. While mando trying to take out the water we've. Got the job of cooking so we've just been left with some ingredients and we're attempting to make boil, in a yes onions. Like. So. The recipe I'm making now is just. A bit of chocolates, it's like two big spoonful, to thin parents. And. Marmite. Tomato, sauce, Jerry, don't know if it meant for the whole Hudson, but we just thought whoever. Likes Tomatoes, so how, is it going chef, Gary it's, now turning into a nice pouring. It's. An orange instead. Of. I'm. Gonna try it it might not be cooked yeah so I wouldn't Derek, I seriously wouldn't know. So. Now chef mom has come to inspect I work what do you think. Yeah. That's good it's not cooked anywhere near enough here I'm bit worried they're gonna eat raw meat. I've. A mess. Rowan's, cooking, yeah. He, can he's been burning, it so bad yeah I have just got butt, all the way up my arm in. My wrist on my hand because, I was staring it too fast apparently. Yeah, so we finished cooking the polonaise and we are now cooking the spaghetti. Looks. Tasty, that's. Ready. Hmm. It's all ready mm-hmm.

Seriously Give me half. Don't. Leave me typical. You might find a bit more, so. Now mum is here to. Do the training and stuff because you don't really want to be burnt again because it hurts and, then. We're gonna set the table for a romantic, dinner after. All that hard work. So. I guess every cloud has a silver lining and, yeah. We got a disaster but the kids then they take on more responsibilities and it was all done in the end and I'm you know just shows that we as a team as a family we can cope and get through anything. Right. So we're off on our last. Hop, over to the mainland Spain a little bit more tricky now because we've got to UM hand steer as our autopilots and, broke, down we'll just do to our watches so it's about you know eight ten knots of wind nice. Calm, seas and there should be quite nice really. Just. To add to everything else the final straw was on the passage across we lost the paddle for our stand-up. Paddleboard, and because, it's a really good one we did spend quite a lot of time looking for it but we didn't find it so if you find a nice red fiberglass. Paddle washed up on a beach it's probably ours. Good. Morning, world. We're. In mainland Spain. And. Just. Me and you and I've just finished bath so we were waiting for dari to finish we're. A really nice place it's. Awesome city but we can't get back the dingy broken, and, very clear oh. Yeah. We lost the pedal from the pedal board Tuesday. Morning I think we should try and get down. To here we've got good, winds so, it's all fine really no knots especially, so. Knots that's all good one, of our own first, stops in the mainland was, Xavier. And we, found some free Mori boys even pickup which is really quite nice actually, especially, as underneath, we have you found an octopus, I. Show. You why. I. Poke. Him out I'm, gonna go down and film it okay yeah. And. I. Don't think this octopus would have survived if people, would put their anchors down but the the morning boys actually protected, the home of the octopus.

This. Dinghy was something that we weren't sure whether we really needed but, woody had repaired it back in left casts and. This. Is what we used. Then. I went off with the rubbish to find our friends, that have moved to Spain recently. Oh. This. Is Freya LT. May. It's. Rachel and Darren yes. If we have met, with them and they're gonna come to our boats. The. Dinghy actually, became an invaluable mode of transport, even with its leak that we still can't find. These. Friends, have just recently. Moved to Spain they're only been there a few months it was really special different spend a few days with them and, yeah. It was nice for both of us really all in a different place meeting. Up and, having. Some fun. Oh. Allen's. Can a pony go along a, thing. Will win three is c'mere pulao, Oh. Here now then we're heading, down the coast of Spain. Down. Towards, Costa del Sol which. Is where we gonna winter we've, got no autopilot so, I'm. Steering, with my foot it's. Not much wind as you can see it's. Just flat calm, but, there is some wind coming. So. Part of it we need to shelter fogs it's a bit strong but then, there's. Also good winter sale so we probably need to get some of that wind as well so my amazing six, year old boy and. He is good at steering now that's. One good thing about losing on autopilot means that the children are very good at steering so, he's following what course he's following you in. By. Speed 5.0. Brilliant, so, living a board we try to find. Various ways of making some income we experiment lots of different things we. Do design. Work design. Work. And. What is it you're doing the film studio they want a, rack of monitors, yes. Make. It scuffle tape. So. If you want to buy. Some designs and make your own furniture you can find those on Etsy. Under the wraps and palettes account. So. On passages, kids getting, pretty good now at finding, ways to occupy, themselves and, keep themselves busy I am. Doing. A doctor, extra. Heading. Down the coast we found another, lovely. Anchorage, it, was very peaceful until, a jet skier decided to use it as his racing, track. It's. Coming around the peninsula. Benidorm. About. Five days from our window mooring in Miramar, so last night we anchored just, top Alicante, gonna, say it's not the most, attractive language, you've ever been. These, are the coastline down to Spain can, get pretty busy you've got the. Actual coastline, all the tourist hotspots as well as cargo. Ships and fish farms. It. Takes us a long time to get anywhere and some. People would I suppose wonder whether we get bored well yes. We do get bored but boredom, can lead to some very creative, ideas. This. Is Toria here but I'm pretty sure how it's pronounced it's quite a bit of strong wind coming we're not sure how strong a baby but you can see it building up in the sky and. I'm so we're stopping you probably for two nights to shelter and, then we'll carry on. Right. So as we head down the coast the, weather is getting more lively, to get to shore is becoming more tricky. Shopping. Delivery. Well. Last, night my. Tooth. Fell. Out. So. Put. On my pillow. And. Then, this morning I, checked I didn't, know one. So. When will in Torrevieja. We, had, to get to shore to meet some old friends and we decided that the quickest route across, would be the, nearest marina pontoon. So. We're. Trying to get sure so we can meet, some people to go and eat with, but. Because our. Big thing is ripped. Dad's. Came and collected though he knew. We. Needed, to go on the paddleboard and. The. Problem was that they, didn't want to let us out of the marina onto Italy into the office we were worried they were going to ask us to move on dinghy to the visitors pontoon and it'll be too far to get back to our boats, so. And we found other ways of getting through gates so, that was a bit awkward. Oh. My. God. So. We finally met up with our, old friends, who live, in France but were sailing in Spain and they drove down to see us it was really, really good to see them.

Season. Today. I wanted to try doing something different so today I'm doing the engine, and like steering, and stuff. I'm. Testing my life back ow. Did, you do it up yourself. Well. Done. So. Now we're doing like well, average of six point five knots to going like to seven point nine knots. Oh she's, good - steady boat we're getting tipped over by the waves but, you. Don't really feel it flying, like a safe, and. Yet definitely a boat for sailing. So. We think like. Just. Use this good, bit of witness. So, for the night to get to our Mira, would, behind us smells quite heavy and it's a wee bit but. It's. The last bit of women we get before the weekend so we've goose winged out. We're. Having to have a Spanish course you, should be there. Submit. Tricky because we've got the you. Want to help still broke, so. Well put the hand steer all the way so we're gonna two, to three to our watches. We've, done a nice sale we decided that we'll just go all the way down 130. Miles and, do, it day night because there was good winds as. You know our autopilot doesn't work so. That's two hours of. Each on, what shits you to get to us Li and then you, the whole way so we've got strong. Arms. It's like really does he show muscle. I've been learning Spanish, as, well listening to the Spanish audiobook. So, now we're gonna. All marry mark which. Is where we're going to. Winter to, do lots of work on the boats and catch up things. Like our website, and stuff like that but, yeah we're just arriving now the sun's just coming up it's. Just getting light the boys are working out moving their cup of tea. And, I'm here we're really excited because we've done it now we owe. And we've. Gone right across the Mediterranean, Sea and we're right at the other side now. He's, juicing over at this poor boat needs some love again. It's. The last stay. Oh. Last. Step, in the last sales, yeah. I'm, never gonna be more done we're gonna try and steal the outfit, like this cool. But. Hey hey we have a lot of work to do a lot of work to do on the boats, yeah, too much work to do and it's. Not good sailing, around the meds in the winter really. So. After, a night passage, we always like to have a good English breakfast, and of course. So. It's important, to know. That we diesel so, that don't get moisture, in it last year we didn't do that for you another dog because what bit last minute I don't this, year we're, gonna fill up right the top straightaway so don't worry about that. So, finally on ashore we treat ourselves to, good, old English fish and chips. Wow. What we got here then the. Doctor a fish and chips fish and chips lots, of fat lots. Of fried beef. No, flies. Bite, so. Come to Leo's restaurant. Bar. Traditional. Spanish, food fish, and chips sausage, your match, hope. You got roll you got this last you mad I miss. You. Nice. We're. All individuals. Voice. Exercises. One. Of our first stops on the mainland was six RBA which, is near KVA and. That's, it's probably the same thing. So, we we. Thought we'd found a quiet cafe where, we could to get some filming done out of the range slightly but I think, the guys opening up his Indian restaurant. So. After, a passage especially, night one we always like to. So. After a passage, especially a night one of the night -. So. Finding. Teeth. Missing. And dad snapped. One out and. The other one, I fit in with it. Okay. Thanks again for watching and, please. If you like the video tick the like make. Sure you share it and if you haven't subscribed, subscribe already, and. Finally. A big thanks to our patrons, for being part of this adventure and, if. You don't have become a patreon there at least watch the adverts, it's only pennies but it all helps thanks. Hey. You've. Always, be.

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Splendid! I do enjoy the half hr vlogs!

I've subscribed to your YouTube channel but missed the survey but think your vlogs were just fine as they were. People have to appreciate it's a full time job being a parent and especially a mum. I imagine you and woody sitting down at night with a glass of vino after the children have gone to bed, burning the midnight oil compiling and editing away. Since we last saw you our water heater and wind indicator have broken- more expense! But the good news is we've bottomed out solar and MPPT controllers and should be self sufficient at anchor this year. Not seen the rat episode yet hope I've not missed it

+STUART HINDS Cool.. we might catch up with you in Portugal or Canaries as we'll be heading that way at the end of the year too.. with current plans!

We are good thanks. In Duquesa for another 8 weeks or so doing work / repairs then off to Algeciras for a lift out and anti foul Agenda this year Cadiz, Seville, southern Portugal then wintering Canaries.

Hi Stuart.. how are you guys.. and where are you now? Yes the 'Vote/Survey/Poll' app was being beta tested by Youtube last year, but in all honesty we can't find it now! Sorry you didn't get it - not sure whether Youtube withdrew it or moved it, but the majority of the feedback - from those who got it at the time - was overwhelmingly in favour of shorter, more frequent videos, 10-15mins, once a week.. which I guess fits in with most people's busy schedules and data (especially on boats!). So this one - no. 029 - will be the last 'long format' one we do. They take quite a long to edit too, so shorter one's will fit easier into our evening schedule, but at the moment it's mugs of hot chocolate and thick socks rather than the vino! Don't worry, you didn't miss the RAT episode.. it will hopefully be out in a week or two.. what an 'experience' that was :/. Like you we're also getting fitted with solar while here in Almerimar.. so hopefully we'll be less reliant on our unreliable generator! - Woody

Great video. Despite issues you always seem so positive. I agree shorter videos are better. We are all busy.

Hi Andrew, glad you liked it and still shorter vids coming soon :) I try to keep positive, I guess if things are not going so well, there is no need to make it worse by being miserable although we do take it out on each other sometimes

A bit roly poly on the down wind leg and hard work such a long leg without the auto pilot but boat is sailing well. Good tip re filling with diesel to keep out water.

Yes boat sails so well and it’s actually nice to helm more without autopilot. RE diesel , filling up seems to be the most popular method though apparently there is a school of thought that says the more you fill up then the more water can be absorbed via the diesel

The clip of the boys at 22:48 is so lovely

Yes beautiful moment which also became an Instagram shot .

Great bunch of kids you have. Love your videos. Always looking forward to the next one

Thanks for watching Trace, glad you like them !

Yes I know Andre, we all think Yewan is funny but the things that go through Darrochs head just crack me up

Nice family a big hug for the tooth fairy and cheers from Brazil. :)

Haha tooth fairy like hugs ;)

Another great vlog! Thank you for sharing your adventures! Your channel is fantastic, i hope your subscribers go up and up!

Hey thanks for watching, we hope our subscribers increase too ! :) irenka

Great video thank you! You are such a wonderful family. I love the way you're giving the kids the chance to interact with the real natural world , assume responsibilities, and experience the satisfaction of successfully meeting new challenges. There will be no nature deficit disorders for your family!

Thankyou, and often it is not even intentional ;) Irenka

Yet another hugely enjoyable and entertaining video from Team Haddock!

Only when necessary

Thanks guys....did you manage to get off your boat in the storms just past ?

raise your children well and they turn out well but older sisters, well what can I say? mom & dad, they are turning out well and learning to be responsible. So many children now do not.

Thanks....we noticed that too.

Those octopus pictures were really cool I love the sea I’m so envious of your children growing up this way awesome

Yes we were sooo lucky to see that octopus...we are going to go back and find her again!

I see a number of other comments about the children. I just had to say that they are indeed a blessing. I know that there are times that they can be trying but, still how wonderful for all of you.

Thanks, I am going to make the most of them :)

O My God...Your Little Son..May he live long and God give him more happies...Ameen...I Love his thoughts and talks

Haha yes I agree, he is soo endearing . Irenka

Everyday i watch my notifications for your Video..today i saw you video and yell OOO WOw...I your Biggest fan....i have also one and Only Dream to sail around the world..I Love you childerns and theirs adventures....

I like the shorter video format.....still so much happening! The kids making dinner bit was very funny! Wonderful! Keep it coming!

Thanks ...and still going to make them shorter...keep watching.Irenka

Fun as always. The kids are growing up so fast. Have fun all if you this winter.

Yes Growing up so fast. I don't want them to though . Irenka xx

Stunning video. Great editing! Looking forward to the next. Sail Safe! Ant & Cid xx

Thanks guys.xxxx

A half-hour micro-blog... Result! Fun as always. Thanks :)

Yes , we are going to make them shorter still and hopefully more regular. Thanks for watching. Irenka

Hahaha just love u videos.

hello from Malta ! how is the engine going ?

Well its not moving much at the moment Jac, while we winter in Spain.. then we’ll give it a service and head off east again in May.. might be passing your way again on the way to Turkey and back!

Keep laughing

Hi Stuart, sorry to hear about your recent probs with water heater and wind indicator...never a dull moment hey. We managed to source some second hand b & g dials to replace all our broken instruments. They are all old versions but updates will hopefully come later. I am going to release some patron only vids but not sure if you will get them now so I will send you a direct link for those on youtube when released if you don’t get it. You said you might still get the patron only posts ? Anyway, let me know.....irenka

Hi Irenka, Woody and kids. I just became a Patreon ONLY because I want to support your journey with the kids. I wish I had done the same many, many years ago. I am a fellow AMEL owner; do fully recognize your setbacks but from a different perspective. I am convinced once you have brought the boat back in good condition and continue a daily maintenance routine she will serve you well and take care of your family on your travels. Keep the faith; AMEL’s are superior cruising boats. I did a lot of (unnecessary) equipment replacements in 2018 — but most of my replaced parts are A54 and also on the other side of the world (NEW CALEDONIA). Anyhow send me your lEmail address and we can see what works. Teun

+Mother Ship Adrift Family Travel and Sailing Blogs Irenka, having lived now on board AMELIT since December 2017; having sailed her in 35 to 40 knt winds (fairly regular in NOUMEA area) I am amazed how solid she is. Barely any squeaks, moaning and zero hull deformation when observing her from the saloon or cabins. Haven spoken to several other cruisers, delivery crew etc. here in NEW CAL with experience on more contemporary designed boats I have been told that they can even see the water movement thru the hull of their boats. Yes AMELS are relatively slow compared to the more modern designed sloops but they are built like tanks with 5 to 6 separate watertight compartments. I know of several AMEL owners having relatively little or no mechanical breakdowns but all of them have a daily routine of minimum of 2 hours (mostly preventive) maintenance. Although the original owner of my boat spent huge amounts of money on "maintenance" she was left 20 months un-attended and I have to catch up with additional time, professional contractors etc. over the allocated 2 hrs per day :) to compensate for the lack of care. But I can see now more & more how reliable she is & coming back to live.

Hello Teunis, We really appreciate your support and thanks for the encouragement about the Amels. I must admit, every time have discussions about other newer cheaper boats, I am also convinced we bought the right boat...it was the the safety of these boats that really attracted me....I decided that in big seas and heavy weather, this was the boat I would be happy sailing in with the family. yes we have had to replace pretty much everything and still loads more to do BUT like you say, we will get there in the end :) I am just about to private message you through patron. Irenka

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