05/15/18 Metro Council Meeting

05/15/18 Metro Council Meeting

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Well the meeting please come to order will, all members of the council as well as the public please rise for the invocation and, remain. Standing for the Pledge of Allegiance the. Invocation this, evening will, be offered by Bishop Sherman Merritt of the Greater Christ temple guests. Of councilmember colby sledge. Could. We bow our heads, gracious. And eternal god of our father again, we honor your presence, we give you thanks for, knowing all things and being all things to us we, pray father in heaven that you would give us some help now Lord because. We have great decisions, and make things, must, happen but. We know Lord without your, assistance it, cannot be done we, pray father in heaven as the scripture said if your trust in the Lord lean not to your own understanding in. All that ways you will acknowledge us. Lord, and knowledge, everything, we. Asked in Jesus name for, help in making decisions for. God in this community, we, pray that you would allow. Those. That are part of this body to. Understand the purpose in which you, have a sign for them to do we, ask blessings. We pray father, in heaven that you would just oh god give us some, help in order, to move this place now, we pray you a blessing on all of these that is here we pray that you were govern their attitude, their mind and make them understand, the purpose in which they have been called to this position that, others might be blessed by it and we can see a better nashville, and a, better in tennessee thank you for everything that you've done and we pray because. This is a great move and great opportunities. When, we need your help in bringing, it to pass in Jesus, name Amen. Thank. You you may be seated, without, objection, we'll suspend the calling of the roll and ask the clerk to record the names of those members, present. Throughout the meeting is there. A motion for the adoption, of the minutes of the May 1st and 4th without. Objection, the minutes of the meeting will stand approved as written. Madam. Clerk are there any messages from the mayor, no. Madam president, there are no messages from the mayor thank you. So. On your desks, you will see a letter from, me and it's a notice of the. Industrial, Development Board. Vacancy. And, that. Is due to the resignation of our. Own chris harmon who is, now going, to be a member, of the department, of finance as our, liaison, so let's please welcome Chris, I. Just. Wanted to let you know that you'll be called on to make nominations. At the June 5th meeting. We. Have two presentations. And I'll first call on council, member Ben Reese. Thank. You very much. Good. Evening. This. Is a resolution, recognizing. The president, and founder of no C college of art no, sieve and induced and the, 45th. Anniversary of, no C College of Art, whereas. No C College of Art is celebrating, its 45th anniversary, this, year and whereas. No C college of art is a private, college, founded. In 1973. By, artists no C. Vote. Induced. Okay. Mott induced who. Dreamed the opportunity, to teach creative, students to be able to utilize their talents to earn a living with those gifts and where eyes nose. He grew up in Persia attended. Heidelberg, University in, Germany and emigrated. To the United States in 1963. And. Whereas. Miss, fond induced earned, a Bachelor, of Arts in arts education from. Western Kentucky University. Graduating. With honors and, then, began teaching art in Metro Nashville Public Schools, and whereas. The, first class. Of Fine Art was organized, in a, friend's, kitchen, in Madison, Tennessee in. 1973. And was, eventually called, the, no Sikh school of art and. Whereas, the, school matured, from two students, learning art in a kitchen to, a nationally, accredited collegiate. Institution. That ultimately, became no-see College of Art in, 1991. Whereas. The college initially, offered, an associate, degree and then grew to offer bachelor's degrees, and whereas. Today, no, C College of Art offers five bachelor, degrees and two, associate's, degrees and, whereas. In 2017. There, was a growing, for adult learners to return to the college and professional development. Certifications. And as, a result, of this demand a photography. Certificate, program and a UX UI design certificate program, were launched, and, whereas, in the spring of 2019. No, C college of art will introduce their, first master's, degree program, that's. So great, whereas. Located, in Madison, Tennessee no, C College of Art is situated, on a campus. Specifically. Designed to meet the needs of illustration. Design interactive. Photography. And video students, and, whereas. Since 1973.

Over. 5500 students. Have, graduated, from no C College of Art and whereas. No C Vaughn deduced is an, accomplished, artist listed. In who's who of American women, and who's who of America, and is, a charter, member of the National Women's, History Museum, as well. As the National, Museum of women in the arts and. Whereas, miss, Vaughn adduced has personally, presented over, a thousand. College degrees to no C College of Art graduates, and whereas. It is fitting and proper that the Metropolitan, Council recognize, no C for her lifelong. Dedication to, the arts and celebrate. The 50 I'm, sorry 45th, will do that in five years the. 45th, anniversary of, note C College of Art now, therefore be, it resolved, by the Council, of the Metropolitan, Government of Nashville and Davidson County the. Metropolitan, Council hereby, goes on record for recognizing, no Steve and induced, celebrating. The 45th, anniversary of, no C College of Art the. Metropolitan, Council office. Is directed prepare a copy this resolution and presented this, resolution it's will take effect from and after its adoption for, the welfare of the Metropolitan, Government of Nashville, and Davidson. County requiring, it congratulations. Thank. You very much. Hello. Everybody, this. Is. No C. As. I, said hello, to. All. Of you I, want. To thank from. The bottom of, my heart. The. City of Nashville. The. Metro, Council, and. Especially. Our. Councilwoman. Miss, Nancy, van. Gees. My. Husband, and I. Moved. To this area, after. Graduating. From college. We. Fell in love with, Nashville, and. Decided. To make Nashville, our home. The. City has blessed, our, family. More. Than I, can ever, have. Dreamed, of. Thank. You all very much I, will. I hope. Live, forever. Yeah. Thanks. Hello. Everyone, I'll be brief my name is Cyrus batten do some myths no CSUN I've, worked for my mother and, for no-see, College of Art for close to 25 years now, I just want a concurrent OC statement, about, Nashville and and, to really let everyone out there that's. Watching to understand, how special the city really is the. People of this city embraced, my immigrant parents. The. Businesses, they started, in the dreams they had of educating, young folks in this city. Inclusion. Opportunity. Goodwill. That's, the city I grew up in and the city that. Allowed our College to grow we, all need to work together to continue these attributes, and no see colleges were prepared to do so for many years to come thank you very much. Thank. You. Councilman. Syracuse. Thank. You madam president members of council it's an, honor tonight to present this proclamation a resolution. Recognizing the, renowned roland white a pioneer, and legendary. Bluegrass, mandolin, player joining, us tonight is his wife Diane also part of the roland white band mr., paul chiming here who's the executive, director of the International Bluegrass, Music Association, and.

Mr. Dave Pomeroy who's the president of the American Federation musician. Local, 2:57. Right here in Nashville. Well. Both of which Roland's a lifetime, member, whereas. At an early age Roland, white along, with his siblings Clarence, Eric and Joann formed, a bluegrass band that performed locally in their native Maine when. The family moved to California the, boys want a talent show on local radio as the country boys Landing them a regular work in clubs radio, and television around Los Angeles including The, Andy Griffith Show and whereas. After Owens two-year u.s. army enlistment the group was renamed the Kentucky Colonels and tour the United States electrifying. Audiences, with their virtue, istic, playing, and singing in, 1964. They made a landmark, instrumental. Album Appalachian, swing in, 1967. Rollin began a stint as a guitar player with the bluegrass, boys the band of his mentor Bill Monroe in, 1969. He joined Lester Flats Nashville, grass staying until 1973. When he Clarence, and Eric reunited. As the new kentucky colonels the, reunion was short-lived due to the tragic, accidental, death of his brother Clarence Rowland, then began a 13-year, tenure with the progressive West Coast group Country Gazette playing, guitar and then mandolin, in, 1989. Rowland. Joined the Nashville bluegrass band who distinguished, themselves as, the premier bluegrass, band of their generation winning, two Grammy Awards and Grammy, nominations, on all of their albums and whereas. In 2000. Rowland formed the roland white band and earned, the Grammy nomination, for their first recording, jelly on my tofu. Rowland. Has been honored for his unique style achievements. And contributions to, bluegrass music including, being part of the Country Music Hall of Fame and museums. Oral history collection in, 1993. As an, inductee, into the Society, for the preservation of, bluegrass music of America in 2010, and was, inducted into the International, blue music hall of fame in 2017. In 2018. Marks Roland's 80th, birthday and, he, has no plans to retire, Roland Anna's band continued, to perform record. And teach, around the world and whereas. It is fitting and proper that the Metropolitan Council recognize, role in white a frontiers, man of bluegrass and commend him for his many successes in the arena as a musician, an educator. And wish him continued, success as he keeps on picking now, therefore be it resolved by the Council of the Metropolitan, Government of Nashville and Davidson County Metropolitan. Council goes on record at recognized and congratulating, Roland white as he's inducted, into the International, Bluegrass Music Association, Hall, of Fame for his tremendous contribution.

To The bluegrass the history of bluegrass music the, Metropolitan, Council is directed to prepare a copy of this resolution to, be presented, to mr. Rowland white and, the resolution shall take effect from, and after its adoption the, welfare of the Metropolitan, Government of Nashville and Davidson, County requiring, it introduced, by me Jeff Syracuse, congratulations. Thank. You. I. Want. To thank this city. The. Council, City Council and. For. Bestowing, this honor upon me this is wonderful. I first, came here in 1958. To. Visit. And. Wanted. To I, got. This friend of mine to take me to the Grand Ole Opry for the first times at the Ryman Auditorium and. At. The time I thought well you know what I want. To I want to live here someday. So. Like Jeff. Said in 1967. Bill Monroe our I mean I came to work here and I've, been here ever since and joined. The local 2:57. In. 1967. And. Anyways. I'm still here so, thank. You very much. Councilman. Syracuse. It'll. Be soon to you. Yeah. Just touch. The screen in. Very. Good. Thanks, for this, is yours okay, I. Thought. You were going back there again sorry, thank. You madam president members of council for, this brief moment of personal privilege, we. Have a special out-of-town visitor tonight that I'd like to recognize he, spent 31 years in the US Army retiring, in 1997. At the rank of lieutenant colonel he's, been in leadership roles and numerous civic organizations, and served as the president of the Georgia chapter of the Reserve Officers, Association. He's now actively involved, in the veteran's treatment Court, in Atlanta would you please help me welcome and thank for his service my dad Tom Syracuse. Okay. Before we move on to one more that. Would like everybody to please. Stand. And give a big huge round of supply of applause to. Our own Karen Johnson the new Register, of Deeds. And. I would like to call on council, lady Dao for, an. Introduction. Please thank you I just want to make a quick announcement, I have joining me today a troop Boy, Scout Troop 621. From Lake Providence Missionary. Baptist Church, so. They're out in the audience if they would stand please. I just. Want to thank them for coming we've spent the last couple of months working on their citizenship, badge so today they had opportunity, to visit with the judicial. Courts with our legislative, branch and also get to meet mayor Bradley so just thank you for that personal privilege. Thank. You. Okay. We are going to move on to, the, proposed, rule amendment, that we have and I'll call on council, lady Brenda Heywood. Thank. You, vice. Mayor as, the. Chairperson, for the rules confirmation. And public elections. I move that we. Suspend, the rules. We're. Gonna do the we don't have a suspension, of the rules for this one Oh which. One you this is the, proposed, rule change. Okay. The, proposed rule changes, for rule number three. And we voted. Seven. To zero to. Approve. Rule, number three and, you move approval and we move approval, so. There's, a motion to approve, the motion a motion. To approve the change, from. Parks, library. And Recreation. Committee to, parks, library, and Arts Committee is there a second. Okay. I thought. You're raising your hand to ask to talk okay. All in favor, opposed. Motion passes. Okay, council. Lady Brenda. Heywood okay now we.

Move Forth suspension, of the rules is. There any opposition. To, a suspension of the rules, seeing. None council lady Haywood okay. At. This time the, rules, confirmation. And public elections. Review. Board. Committee. Appointees. And we will start with the historical, Commission. The, appointment, of mr. Thomas, would by term expiring, August, the 1st of, 2019. Mr. wood will feel. The unexpired, term of, mr., richard courtney, and we, voted on it seven, to zero to, approve him thank, you you've heard the motion for confirmation, of mr. Thomas wood to, the historical commission on favor. Opposed, motion. Passes council, lady Haywood next, we have the Human Relations Commission and. We will start with the reappointment, of miss Shamar. Al ly for a term expiring, April, the 18th. 2021. And, we. Voted, and we voted seven, in favor of and 0, against, and I move for confirmation. Thank you you have heard the motion for confirmation. Of mr.. Morelli, to the Human Relations Committee. All in favor, opposed. Motion passes. Next. Okay. Okay. Next, we have the reappointment, of miss marcela. Gomez for, a term expiring. April, the 18th of. 2021. We, took it to vote and we, voted 7 in favor, of and 0 against, it I moved for confirmation. You've, heard the motion for confirmation, of miss marcela gomez to, the Human Relations Commission, all in favor, opposed. Motion passes. Council. Lady Haywood next, for the Human Relations Commission we, have the reappointment, of dr. Oscar Miller, for, a term expiring, April, the 18th of, 2021. We, took it to vote and we voted 7, in favor of and 0, against, and I moved for confirmation. Thank you you've heard the motion for confirmation, of dr. Oscar Miller, to the Human Relations Commission. All in favor opposed. Motion passes. Council idea what next, for the Human Relations Commission, we have the appointment of Miss kwibi. Kwibi. Petraeus, I hope, I pronounced that correctly I, practiced. For. A term expiring, April, 2 18 20, 21, and, the, vote was 7, in favor of, and 0 against and I move for confirmation, thank, you you've heard the motion for confirmation. Of miss kwibi Pretorius. To, the Human Relations Commission, all in favor, opposed. Motion passes. Counselor. Next. For the Human Relations Commission we, have the reappointment, of dr.. Jaime. Rodriguez. For a term expiring, April, the 18th of, 2021. We. Voted 7 in favor of, and 0, against. And I move conformation. Thank, You vert the Khan from the motion for confirmation, of dr. Janice Rodriguez, to the Human Relations Commission. All in favor opposed. Motion passes. Council, lady Haywood next, for the Human Relations Commission. We.

Have The. Appointment. Of miss. Linda. D. Robinson. For term expiring, April 18th of, 2019. Our vote, was seven in favor of and, zero. Opposed. And, I, move for confirmation. You've, heard the motion for confirmation, of miss Linda T Robinson, for the Human Relations Commission. All in favor opposed. Motion passes. Council. Lady Haywood next. For the Human Relations Commission, board. We have the appointment of. Reverend. Davy Tucker, for a term expiring, April, the 18th of. 2019. The vote was seven in favor of and zero, against, and I move for confirmation. Thank you you've heard the commotion for confirmation. Of Reverend Davy Tucker to, the Human Relations Commission all in favor opposed. Motion passes. Connected. Thank, you next, for the Human Relations Commission, boy, we have the appointment of mr. Irving Vinick. By, a term expiring, April the 18th of. 2019. The. Vote was seven in favor of and zero against, and I move for confirmation. Thank you you've heard the motion for. Confirmation, of mr. Irwin benek to the Human Relations Commission all, in favor opposed. Motion passes. Council, lady Haywood last. But certainly not, least, we have the, sexually. Oriented, business. Licensing. Board and. We. Have the appointment of Miss. Quante. Tunes, and. The. Vote was seven, in favor of and zero against. And I move for confirmation. Thank. You you've heard the motion for confirmation. Of miss Quantum's. To the sexually-oriented licensing, board all in favor, opposed. Motion passes. Thank, you if. You would please stand as I call your name, historical. Commission mr. Thomas, wood, Human. Relations Commission. Mr. Shamar Ali MS marcela, gomez. Dr.. Oscar Miller, MS. Kwibi, Pretorius. Dr.. Janice Rodriguez, miss Linda D Robinson. Reverend, Davy Tucker mr., Irwin benek, sexually-oriented. Business, licensing, board miss Quantum's. On. Behalf, of the entire Metro, Council and Nashville and Davidson County we, thank you for your willingness to serve and, to volunteer your time and, expertise, thank you. Okay. We're now going to move to bills on public hearing. We're. Happy to hear from the public on each, bill you'll be given three minutes to speak during. Which time we asked by you start by sharing your name and your address we. Ask that you not repeat what others have said but, we're certainly happy to hear from you please. Raise your head let's say hang on a minute let's go resolution, RS 2018, eleven eighty six council, lady Blaylock, exempts. La Cucina Dominica. Located, at forty 407, Nolensville. Pike from the minimum distance requirements. For obtaining a, beer, permit council lady Blaylock, thank, you open the public hearing please, okay. Please raise your hand if you're in support. Please. Raise your hand if you're in opposition. Seeing. No one in support, I'm sure the people in opposition would like to speak so please come line up at the lectern if you'd like to say something. My. Name is Linda Pratt 4401. Knows where. I. Am. Opposed. To this, bill because it's, too close to my house they want to exempt, it so. If they could serve beer. But. The. Other times that there's been people there serving beer they've, been the. Loud noise as it turns into a bar instead.

Of A restaurant, the, loud noise is the. Alcoholic. Dropping you know all, over the place so. I'm just an opposition. To it. All. The people I ran that they're. In opposition to, it too, but. Nobody. Received, a notice with me, so. That's. Why I'm here. Um. Well. You. Get the idea, thank. You. Yes. Sir. Okay. I'm Aubrey Pratt. I am, I got a 40 for one Providence, height and. Basically. He. Said not to say the same thing that she said. But. I have to. Okay. This, place is right across the street from a church. You. Used to you had. Be a, certain. Distance. From. A church before you can obtain a bill license or, liquor, license. Now. I don't know if the rules have changed, for. Revenue, and, if. They give these folks, the. License, they'd still be that, close to the church, okay. My, rental house is right behind this, parking lot and. You. Wake up on said the mornings or Sunday mornings you. Find beer bottles, or when the. Homeplace yard. All. Over. The parking lot and it's. Been there ever since, every, time they get a beer license if this place. It's. An annoyance, and, we. Just do not like. It and it will not be anything. That, will achieve. For. Them to have it. Thank. You thank. You, apparently. We did have someone, who, did, want to raise her hand but failed to do. We. Have someone who is in support. Would you like to speak please. Come to the lectern. English. Yes. Hello. I was the one with the new. Restaurant. Lugosi dominicana. So. I, got. The request, so it's a hundred feet. Away. From the house while. She lived we're. Supposed, to be a hundred feet, I already, measurement, it's like a hundred a in. A hundred Tori in the other side. So. I, don't. Know wise. Suppose. We. Don't have the proof to sell, a beer in this place, and, the. Charge is too far away from the, restaurant. No. Clue no clue is like family, family, restaurant. So. I need to eat, proof, to, sell beers. Because. Most people don't like to be enjoyed, the. Fool with like. A, couple, of drinks you know. It's. What are we asking for the permit, to sell beer on, that place. Thank. You is there anything else. Thank. You. Long, tiny goat supposed to be they have a bar over there and they have some problems. Because. His bar is different, like a restaurant, restaurant. Is like a family, family. Can come enjoy it and take a couple, of drinks and go. I. Was. Close in like, 10, sometimes. 11, in the weekends, but. No more than that so. Is what I we need to ask. Him for the permit, if. You want to prove it. Thank. You thank you thank. You sorry. For the confusion, counselee. To play a lot yeah, and I think I need to get committee reports on this as well thank you, let's see council lady Roberts Thank. You vice like advice from here we. Have voted. Five in, favor, zero, against in public safety beer and regulated, beverages, thank you council lady Blaylock. Yes. I. Have. Spoke. With both of these individuals. That, you've just heard from the, house is zone C yes it is a family. Restaurant right it. Is right near the, house, however. They have spoke, with me and said that they would close early, and I. Think we might, need to get together and work with them a little bit more I do want, to make our constituents, happy so, I would like to get a one meeting deferral, tonight, and. Bring. These two together and make sure that we can. Have. Good neighbors so. There's a motion for one meeting deferral, is there a second all. In favor, opposed. Motion passes. Councilman. Syracuse. We. Have BL 2018. 11:39. Sponsored. By Syracuse per turn bed nay approves, the Donelson transit oriented redevelopment. Plan councilman. Syracuse, thank you madam president I need committee, reports first. Council. Lady mean. Urgent, thank. You madam vice president, planning. Zoning historical, body to defer. To. June, 5th. Meeting out in, favor zero, against. Thank. You, can. You give the report well never mind sorry. Councilman. Hager. Thank, you. This. Is a traffic parking and transportation, committee voted, for. 4-0. Against to defer to. 6/5. BL. 2018. 1139. Thank. You council. Lady virture thank. You madam president, Budget and Finance recommended. Ofuro 12. For 0 against until June 5th of. 2018, thank you and councilman, Mendez. The. Ad hoc Affordable Housing Committee voted 5 to, 0 to defer until June, 5 Thank, You councilman, Syracuse thank you madam president with that please open the public hearing thank, you would, anyone in support, please raise your hand. Thank. You anyone. In opposition please, raise your hand. Thank. You, if. Anyone would like to speak, in, favour. Of please, come line up at the lectern. Good evening my, name is Joe pajetta, I live at 2703, Bluefield, Avenue in, the Donaldson neighborhood and, thank you for the opportunity, to speak today in support of this legislation, while. I've been in Nashville for 20 years the, Donaldson's, access to, transit, options, and its many amenities is, one of the reasons I moved to the community four years ago I currently. Work in downtown Nashville, and use my car on average one day a week those.

Other Days I catch the Music City Star I take, the MTA number six bus or I take advantage of our many, access, points to the Stones River Greenway and I ride my bike into work, during. The winter I sometimes put my bike on the train. On. The weekends I can meet friends walking, to our many restaurants, and on Sundays I can walk as my family a few blocks away to Holy Rosary Catholic, Church I even remember a couple years ago during a big snowstorm being, able to walk to Kroger to, get what I needed I bring, all this up to say that I believe Donaldson, is ripe for, the kind of development that allows residents to do what I do to, work elsewhere in the city but, live in some support. Their immediate community it's. Not easy to do though you have to really make an effort at this point we. Can't easily access, our local library we like a community, center where residents. Can gather and, our, sidewalks, and bicycle, lanes are, inadequate, and not conducive to the walkable community, I believe that we have I'm. Aware that this legislation. Does not answer. That last issue but, it does create the path to make it happen most. Importantly, I believe there's a barrier to potential, residents who might like to enjoy the. Same amenities and lifestyle that I do or. At least attempt to had, I not moved into the community when I did in 2014. I would not be able to afford to do so today and. As someone who has worked in a variety of positions in. The last 20 years in Nashville I know, well the value of, an affordable, workplace. Housing, and easy access to, amenities I remember. A time when all that was possible here in Nashville, and I wish to give others that opportunity, both in Nashville and in the Donaldson, community, that, I've grown to so greatly admire thank you. Thank. You good, evening I'm Jeff Nichols 3900. Glasgow quarter-note, Hickory I'm, a pastor, at Donaldson Fellowship Church right across the street from mcgavock high school and, as a minister in this, community I love Nashville, I love the growth and potential that is being shown in Nashville. The many opportunities that are being given to the people of Nashville while. At the same time as, a minister, of the gospel our, church is called to meet the needs of the people in our community, and I have to say that we're seeing more stresses. On families, in our area than. Ever before especially in the area of housing, so I'm speaking in favor of this for, the affordable, housing portion, of this just, this afternoon I had a couple, in my office that was just really, struggling to meet the needs in their life and really. Make this the, housing needs in their life and so anything that we can do as a government and as a city to, help families, that are in tough, places to. Afford the housing that the wonderful housing opportunities, that are in Nashville I'm in favor of thank you very much, thank. You. I'm. Michele Mizzou, 28/29, Glen Oaks Drive right. There in Donaldson. 371. For I'm. A resident of the, community as well as a residential. Realtor, and I'm the beautification commissioner, for district 15 so this, development has me very excited, Donaldson. Has so many things going for it, our. Location. Our gorgeous parks, our green space our history, our character, and about. 20,000. Awesome. Residents, who. Need one thing they need a. Civic, anchor we, need a downtown, we need a community, center. For everyone, to me that and I think that this Tod has the opportunity to create that for us. This. Is an opportunity for Donaldson, to be on the forefront of helping to create more people centric small. Business oriented, environmentally, friendly economically, viable healthier, and more sustainable future for Nashville, we've, heard come. Out of Metro government we've heard the phrases, liveable, Nashville. And healthy Nashville and I believe that this Tod, is an opportunity, for this vision, other positive, values to, come alive, there, are numerous benefits to, creating, a mixed-use walkable, transit oriented development the, community, that, is walkable and has access to transportation saves.

Its Residents thousands, of dollars per year and auto related expenses. Like. Purchase, prices fuel costs insurance and repairs a community. That's walkable, and has mixed-use. Development, also gives its residents, safe, and convenient access to local shops, businesses. Restaurants. Increased. Foot traffic increases. Economic productivity for, these small local businesses, this, keeps the economic, gains saved. Through less auto reliance, within, our community and increases. Tax revenues, a community. That is walkable, with facilities, like sidewalks, is shown to increase surrounding. Property values a walkable. Community allows people of all ages and abilities to stay, more socially, connected, and engaged with their neighbors a walkable. Community else, also helps battle obesity, by offering neighbors opportunities, to increase physical activity, at no, cost a walkable. Community with non, auto reliant. Transportation. Access offers, those who normally have to rely on others, to get around like, the disabled, the elderly or children freedom. To choose other safe, transportation, options. A walkable. Community has the added value of creating opportunities for citizens, to get out and about to. Talk to their neighbors to look out for their neighbors and a spot crime. And. Of course a walkable community with transit, options, as a huge Venice benefit, for our environment by using less fossil fuels and giving, walkers, and bikers opportunities. To safely get around while creating zero pollution I, want. To see us take Donelson to the next level I want, to see us give. Our community more transit options create, affordable housing, let. Create, more green space create. Civic Center's I want, to see us invest in more sustainable, infrastructure, and I think by taking advantage of this Tod, and the opportunities, around it we can improve our health reduce, carbon emissions and grow our economic, prosperity thank you thank you. Hi, my name is mark dickerson. I live in Donaldson. 22:03. Crest line drive. I'm. Here. The, people in our community, are just, a couple of the reasons why, I. Have, loved living. Raising. My children. Running. A business and, now growing old in Donaldson. If. I were to, describe. Donaldson. I would say we're a group of people who work, together as. A, community and, we rally as a team to. Help others in, the. 25. Years that I. Have, lived there we've, seen, many, changes. This, one I, feel. Is the most important. It's. Going to make an impact on me. And my children. The. Transit. Overlay, development. Will. Help. Us to live. And, work. And play, and. Support. Our community. Myself and, my, partner. Operate. To, small businesses. Within. The Donaldson, community. The. Tod. Will bring, a needed. And, I've heard this word before. Walkability. I mean we'll be able to walk. We'll be able to bike we'll be able to. It's. Just going to make, it so. Much more friendly. For all of us to spend time with our, neighbors and with, our children. It, will bring positive, growth it's. Going to bring more customers to. Our. Businesses. I. Support. The Donaldson. Transit. Overlay, development, and would like. For others to do so as well. I feel, like it's and then I feel like we're invested, in our unity and we, need this investment, so. Thank, you. Thank. You. Hi. My name is David Domino I live at 2853. Paddle wheel drive I, live. In Donaldson and I'm excited about the growth all around Nashville I'm.

Especially Looking forward to, the smart growth that. Donelson has begun to set that, is, helping. To revitalize the, heart of the community around Allison Station. We. Want to be able to continue to attract good people to Donaldson and I do believe in sharing it's attainable for all is important. I'm. An emergency room physician here in the local area and, understand. The starting salaries of nurses and other health, care professionals that I work with a. Starting. Nurse for instance makes approximately forty five thousand a year which. Qualifies for affordable, workforce. Housing. Dawson's, future talent center development offers, both the opportunity, to attract high wage earners as well as those that, have stable and solid careers such, as in the healthcare field. With. New businesses investing. In Donaldson our future is bright and I believe the Donaldson transit oriented, development district, will, set the bar for how other communities around Nashville can continue to grow and offer opportunity, for all thank, you thank. You. Good. Evening my, name is Ron your wood I live, at two three-30. Riverside, Drive 372. And six district, 7 but, I've also spent much of my life in Donaldson, district 15 where, my grandmother still resides on the fairway drive about a mile and a half from the Music City star Donaldson station I'm the, design director at the National Civic Design Center a nonprofit organization, whose, mission is to elevate the quality of, Nashville's. Built environment, and promote public participation, in the creation of a more beautiful and functional City, for all over. The last decade we have produced in partnership with the MPO and the UT Knoxville, College of Architecture and design over. A dozen publications. Full of precedent, research and design proposals, for, transit, oriented development in, the, Nashville Middle, Tennessee region including. Donaldson, station when. Done well Tod, is embodied, the ten principles established in, NC, DC's the plan of Ashville and will build upon nashville next in the end motion strategic, plan i'm also the current president of transit now nashville, another. Nonprofit, dedicated, to engage the nashville community, to promote a vibrant, transit system and each, year we host transit, month and as part of that we partner, with MTA, RTA, to. Take around 100 people on the Music City Star and for the past three years our destination, has been the Donaldson station a quick, twelve minute ride from downtown and, the heart of downtown, Donaldson, this. Event is a chance for many people to experience, commuter, rail for, the first time and, to begin to imagine the possibility, of living within a walking distance to reliable, transit the, Music City Star is an asset to the city with over 1200, riders per day and growing, it's, important, to capitalize on, this, existing infrastructure, and creating, this Tod district is a huge step forward this. Bill provides new tools for creating long term affordable, housing sustainable. Development, and mechanisms, to implement, the Donaldson urban design overlay on, behalf. Of the National Civic Design Center and transit now Nashville we, are in support of this bill and we want to thank councilmember Syracuse, for his time and dedication, to. This important legislation thank you so much thank. You. Hello. I'm Adam Nicholson, and I live at, 7:22. Crescent, Road in district 24 I'm. Here to support transit, oriented development and. Donaldson, the Music. City Star has over 1,000, passengers a day that's. 1,000. Commuters that are not contributing to traffic on i-24. Every day, with. Nearly a hundred people moving to Nashville every, day we need to support efforts to make public, transit, a more. Attractive option for more people thank, you. Hello. I'm Derek, Lyle, 15:15, 5th Avenue North I'm. A real estate developer and landowner, within, the Donaldson, Tod, proposed. District a, lot. Of the design guidelines, encompassed. Within this proposed, district, already. Exist within the urban design overlay that's been in existence for I think, about a decade, truth. Is, not financially, feasible for. Landowners. Or developers, to, come in and build the, walkable, mixed. Use mixed income. Kind. Of environment, that this. Bill will, well allow to happen and so. Like. The last gentleman said, city. Of Nashville is continuing, to grow there.

Aren't Any other feasible, transit. Off options, on the horizon, I think. This is our best opportunity to make. Create a model Tod. District. For. The city of Nashville to see and, its. Band on later thank, you. Hi. I'm Brandon Plunkett 26. TL Hillsboro Road, I, want. To offer my support for this bill I have four. Different parcels in Donaldson, totaling. 21 acres so. I'm pretty, high on the Donaldson, area I'm. Working to eventually develop those into residential and commercial projects, one, of these projects, is in the proposed district. The. Downtown Donaldson you do has been completed for nine years, well. The community has progressed with new restaurants, coffee shops yoga, studios parks, a great, farmers market no. Large scale development, or upgrades. Have been made this. Bill could quickly change that many residents, along with planning Metro Council, and others, have been screaming for smart growth that. Includes better transit options density, along main corridors, and not neighborhoods, and affordable. And workforce, housing, this. Is your chance and. To. Get it and get it quickly there's, no other place in Nashville where all of these can be done right, now other, than Donaldson, that's because of the transit without. This bill development, may slowly happen, over a long period, but, this bill would assist in building and designing these projects, in the correct way with parking garages affordable, housing components, and two building standards that look modern and keeping with the existing you do and the rest of new developments, in Metro Nashville without. This assistance, it will be challenging, to deliver, that product without losing money land. Prices are certainly not going down and. Without. This bill I would, I, would. Say, that the affordable, housing and workforce. Housing. In this area is. Not going to happen I develop, all over the city and. With. The land prices right now on the cost of construction I can, tell you that's. The challenge with this with this bill I can, offer 150. New. Affordable. And workforce housing units. As. Soon as this passes and goes to Metro I, look. Forward to the bill passing, watching, the plans that were laid out over the last four or five years unfold. Thanks, Jeff and thanks, tonight. I'm. Mickey Sullivan I live at 2809, Lee Alto court in Donaldson, and. My, perspective, is that I grew up in Donaldson, have. Live practically my whole life there and I've seen. Dawson. Changed, from what. Was considered maybe out in the country, to almost. Downtown, today and, and. We're at a nexus. I believe where, the. Forces that drive, what, happens to a community are a. Building, and this. Plane gives us a chance to. Be. Sure that what happens from this point forward is, something, that's with within, the wishes of the community the. Public engagement that took place throughout this process I thought was pretty good I attended. Some of those and I feel like the people that showed, up and participated, or, heard and the plan reflects, that so I'm, in favor of the plan thank you. Doug. Sharp 306. Addison Avenue Franklin. I'm. Here. With. A different perspective or have. Some. Of the residents you've heard of my. Perspective, is one of a urban, planner that's.

Had. Interest. And involvement. In, Donaldson's. Future. For some four plus years an advocate. Of locating. The now funded, branch. Library, in the core the. Civic core as well, as the transit, core of downtown. Donaldson. And. Also. As a member of the Donaldson Hermitage, the right names, still correct Jeff. Chamber. As well so. Working. With the. Business, community as, well as the residents I have, an overarching, perspective. But also one, that's bigger. As well and. Donaldson. Is now eight a very. Much. Desired. Location. For, residential. Single-family. Housing. Because, of its relative, affordability. Downtown. Donaldson. Also, can. Take advantage, of the community's, relative. Affordability. By. Enhancing. Leveraging. The transit, that, it already has the, Transit is the Music City Star and the, Transit is also enhanced by a very strong direct, link bus. Link to downtown, as well, and those. To act in tandem, this isn't just about rail it's about transit, overall, and, having. The ability to live. Work, in. An, area, such as Donaldson. So, that it can. Offer. Relative. Affordability. For. Not, having to own a car or as, many cars and to, be able to then, leverage, that in a business, and living, context. Also. This. Is about timing the. The, ideal timing perhaps. Might have been when the you do it was established, some roughly, nine, years ago. But. The state statute, didn't allow it at the time maybe. That was a blessing because the, stars are aligning for. Nashville. As a whole as a whole as it understands. The the, needs and the desires for, transit. Not, just rail but transit, in all kinds of forms and, smart. Development, to go in concert, with it so, Donaldson, is an ideal first, step in that put in that process and with. That in mind I encourage, you to -. I'd, support, it and I hope that you will support it so with, your votes as well thank you very much. Madam. Vice mayor members, of the council my, name is Phil, Claiborne, I live, at 29:11, Western Hills Drive, 372. 1/4, from. 2007. To 2015, I served, as the council representative, for district 15 and during. That 2007. Council cycle, some, of the questions that I was asked most often were if. You get elected, what, are you going to do to make Donaldson a better place to live what are you going to do to, bring more diverse. Kinds of businesses, in more places to eat more places to go what, are you going to do to keep our community, from declining, the way some other areas, of the city seem to be, in. November, of 2009. Part. Of the answer to that came, into being with, the passage of the Donaldson, or the Lebanon Road you do that. Was a cultivation, of 14 months of. Engagement. With the Planning Commission and the community, ten. Community. Meetings at mcgavock high school during the spring summer and fall of that year I've. Lost, count of how many individual, meetings I had with. Small. Groups attorneys. And, other. People but. The end result, was that we came up with a document that envisioned. What we wanted Donaldson, to look like moving, forward over the next 10 15 20, years and beyond and that. Document envisioned. A town, center, around the, old, Donaldson, Plaza area, adjacent to, the Music. City star train. Station. We. Went through the Planning Commission on the consent, agenda with that document we came through the council with unanimous approval on all readings. And. I was fortunate to have a successor. In. Councilman, Syracuse, who was actually part of that you do process, that. We were working and so now he's going through much the same process, with this current piece of legislation, that. Will allow. Md-88. Dollars to. Incentivize. Development. With, for. Infrastructure. Development and help. Us to realize the, goal that the, you do set in place. This. Document, actually incorporates. The guidelines, of the you do. For as guidance, for moving forward, with the, development that will occur in a, positive, way and so I'm here as the councilman, who, actually laid some of the groundwork for what councilman, Syracuse, is trying to take forward I'm here, as a resident of the community and I'm here to ask you for your support and, help, us as Donaldson, to move forward, in a positive way thank you Thank. You councilman. My. Name is Tom white 315. Dedrick Street vice mayor members of the council, I'm. An attorney I represent, a number of the property owners in this area specifically, district, 15 they. Include the Hobbs family, the eeks family, and others I want, to start the front end by thanking councilman. Jeff syracuse bob lehman of the planning department, and others that have given a great deal of time to meet discuss. The ideas and understand, what could or could not be done the. Only issue that i addressed, tonight which i think is a significant.

Amendment, That has to be considered is this it's, the composition of the design review committee i, think, most you are familiar that the design review committee serves, a very pivotal role and that is that the final say with respect to certain design structures, etc, currently. That composition, consists, of seven, members there's, no representation, from, any resident, or group, from the district, 15 which is so critically, affected and. So the. Request would be that there be an amendment done that, would include an additional. Three members of the design review committee they, would be appointed, by district, representative. 15 who's now jeff syracuse but they will be someone else in the future and. That selection would be from the business and neighborhood community, leaders that. Would never be a majority but always be a minority but they would have a seat at the table right, now this is a huge enactment, very very laudatory goals, but. Basically there's a concern, that there's a lack of a seat at the table by the people that own the most significant, properties in the area so, again it would be a proposal that an amendment be done to include three additional seats appointed. By the council person, district 15 and that they be neighborhood, and business. Leaders now. I want to comment, at the front I've discussed this concept with Councilman, Syracuse, and others it's. Something, he is receptive, to the ultimate vote is group of this council that makes that decision but, I do want to suggest this had been some thoughts made that the, bill should be passed on, third and final reading and then the composition should be addressed somewhere down the road that's. Absolutely, not the way to go there, is no legal reason why this council, can't enact this amendment, before third and final reading that's the time to take place not. To have a massive program such as this and say we'll consider a seat at the table for the people in district 15 will. Enact it down the road that's not an answer it's, not an equitable answer, it shouldn't take place so I urge you to consider that amendment, before, this bill passes, third and final reading and, not after thank, you for your considerations. Thank. You. Good. Evening everyone Jim Harbison, 701. South sixth Street executive. Director mdh a, solicit. Your support for this really important bill I want to give a little bit of context, and hopefully give you some background first. Great thanks to Senator Dickerson, and the represent of Jernigan who've been mentors, in this process. After. The legislative, session in 2016. M DHA with planning with. The MTA with. Others including a mayor's office and council members here in this room worked. On what would be the next steps for redevelopment, districts, and TIF we. Pursue transportation. Already and redevelopment, thanks. To senator dictor sending reps in and Jernigan it was passed last spring the. Governor was signed into the law in May and then, we looked and saw okay where would be the best place to start very. Clearly when you have a rail station a, road and nearby, but not part of the district and Airport Donaldson, made great sense and, councilmember. Syracuse is willing to lead from. Nine public, meetings advertised, many different ways we crafted, a plan that. Meets the needs of the community, and. That does several specific things for, both transit, and for affordable housing the. First and I want to read from the plan so that those. That are my friends in affordable housing community are clear. As. Identified, and let's move transit, nashville, and affordable test force report mdh we will use tax. Incremental financing to. Fund infrastructure, affordable. Housing workforce housing and economic. Development, activities, specifically. Mdh a commits a minimum, of 10, million. Not, to exceed 15, million dollars of, tax incremental financing to. The development, of affordable housing units for. The Donelson transit-oriented, redevelopment, district affordable housing shall mean residential, units affordable to and, occupied, by households, earning sixty percent or less, of area median income any.

Project, That includes housing and receives. Tax incremental financing shall. Provide a minimum, of 10% of the new rehabilitated. Units on the project site as affordable. Housing to residents qualifying, is 60% ami or below in the, ordinance that discusses the length of the affordability is 15 years with some of the other concerns we. Had to cap this of 15 million because, this was passed in our legislature. As a transit-oriented. Redevelopment. And there, was great concerns from both senator dickerson I represent, of jernigan expressed to me last week that if we went beyond half we, would face legislative, action in our state, capital which we've seen before on this I'd. Like to thank councilman, Mendez and others it helped us navigate that, where, the language goes and the ordinance and the plan it is very carefully, crafted because. The law allows a housing, agency in a plan to require 10% of affordable housing but, another law precludes, that. Being done by a governing body so. This is a very carefully crafted bill we're happy to answer any questions and. I'll turn through the one question that seems to be a moment of somewhat. Of discussion, the design review committee that exists, in Nashville has been in place for 30 years it has evolved very, very, well in my view it, covers, 12 economic, redevelopment districts, now it, meets every two weeks please, come I just finished with I've had one appeal on that 400, actions by that committee in four, years so I think it's working pretty well thank you very time thank. You if there's anyone in opposition who, would like to line up at the lectern please come on up. And. Again if you would share your name and address please I'm Nell Levin I'll have a 1611, forest. 370. 206, I'm, not we're not really in opposition I'm here representing, tonight. The, Nashville, organized. For action and hope Noah, affordable. Housing task force. We, just think we want first of all we want to thank. Mr.. Syracuse, for meeting with us and we thank him for deferring, the bill we. Think that's good we just think it could be a better bill that and we're concerned because as you know that was affordability.

And. Transit, task force a met for a number of months that was chaired by former, mayor, bill Purcell and Brenda when we went to most of those meetings they came up with 12 recommendations. That, they wanted to see implemented and only five of those so far have been implemented, and we just think this could be a better bill a better. Transit. Oriented development if, all the, recommendations that the task force were implemented, and our main concern, is that we see this as the template for other. Transit. Oriented development, districts. That are going to be done here in Nashville so we really, want to see us get this right and that. That is our main concern so I can't really say that we're against it we think it's a good bill we think there's a lot of good things in it and we really love, the work, that councilman. Syracuse. Has done and we. Just like to see it better thank. You. Thank. You vice mayor I'm, John summers 5,000, Wyoming Avenue and I'm here speaking on the behalf, of the Coalition for national neighborhoods I'm. Not speaking here against the Donaldson, Tod. Per se but I want to speak to the Tod, issue, specifically. Because we have a lot of concerns, about how. This is going to change. Land. Use controls, and the role of this council, and. I wanted to correct one thing that my former, colleague consul minh Kleber. Said this. Is not MBA chase money, this is metros money this is the taxpayers, money and what we're doing with all this TIF development. Is that we're shifting money out, of general fund and basic. Services and providing, it to certain developers, for certain projects, and so. There's a couple things with tio DS and particularly we'd like you, all to consider and I, want to thank councilman. Syracuse and council Mendez and others that have worked on this and there's a long, list and a good analysis, from mr. Jameson, but there's several things that we think need to be addressed. Overall, for if this is going to be a template, because we think Donaldson's, may be a little unique but. Because, it already has the transportation, quarter there with Music, City Star and you already have a you do there for one thing is we think planning. Ought to be involved beforehand, they shouldn't be just advisory, so we think any place you're going to develop already ought to have a you do developed. Prior, to that so you have that planning process involved. We think you ought to limit TIF funds we, think you ought to look at a project-by-project, just, don't give a blank check to em DHA, and let, them have the control over where the development is the council and the community needs to be involved, in it because, over time council, members come and go and the, goal lines gets changed, as developers, come, in and change the rules the, design committee I would respectfully disagree with, with, the mr. Harbison for EM DHA I don't think the design committee and a lot of those people I know they've worked with MBA Shea do not think the design committees work pretty well the reason they don't have any appeals is because they control the process and, so, there's really not much much of an option, we. Think there needs to be public hearings at mPHA there's no transparency, there and we think this council needs to look at what authority it has to reconfigure, the m, DHA board because it's not representative of, this community, there needs to be more representation, in, terms of M DHA I do, agree with mr.. White. I wanna make sure everybody knows that for the record is. That we do think that there needs to be more, with. You do we I did in Harding Town sir now in council ad Murphy's, district we, set a community based review. Committee and I think that's a much better model real. Quickly. Where's. The money gone, here. We are in the greatest development, period in this city's history and we don't have money for fire, police or schools. For. 10 years we've. Given away the store and the chickens are coming home to roost, and if, this council doesn't do something now, where. Are our schools and our fire and our place in our community going to be next, year when the will be a tax increase because their election or the year after because, you have a new council, coming in you've. Got to address this issue of our tax base and where. We're allocating it, thank you very much for your time. Hello, my name is Omid Yamini I live at 1204 North second Street Nashville Tennessee 372, 0 7 like. The two previous speakers before me I'm not in opposition, of, this bill completely, councilman. Syracuse, it seems you've done a great thing and, and from. Those. Who have heard me speak here before you, would know that you. Know I've often said that if we are going to have development, that we need to make, improvements.

To Our infrastructure, and and such so, this is a great opportunity and in, many ways but my only, concern and. It's a big one is that having. Witnessed the effects, of smaller. Development. Activities. Within my community they seem to have a ripple effect on all. Housing, in the area and so my, concern, in, what, I'd like to share is just that, has, there been any. Has. Anybody looked at what what may happen beyond, the boundaries of this. Transit. Oriented district, and and, is there anything that can be done to. Help preserve affordable. Housing as opposed to. The. Small amount that it may create I heard a number of 150. Units I don't know how many total units it will create. But. How much will it take away and I think that that would be the one thing that I would share on this one. Other thing that I'd like to add if, if. I may unrelated. Is that when. I first started coming to Metro Council you had a shot clock up on the wall and it was a lot easier when you spoke because you could look up and see how much time was left I'm. Not sure where that went but, I would like we're. Actually on the bill please, yeah. Thank. You thank you. Good, evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Barry. Karin thank, you for the opportunity, to, express. My opinion here with you tonight I'm. 71. Years old I'm. A resident. Of Nashville, my whole life I. Have. A piece of property at, 28:43. Lebanon, pike which would be at the most extreme, east end, of this proposed, overlay, and. I don't I'm, not opposed, to people walking riding the train. Building. Low-income housing. Whatever, but. I, I've. Lived in Donaldson, ever since I was where, I did live in Donaldson, my family, moved there when I was seven years old I played, Little League baseball I, was a boy scout I went, to the Catholic school, Holy Rosary Academy, through the 8th grade and in. 1986. I bought a piece of commercial, property, there. Operated. In my own business, for 20 years I retired. And, I now lease, that property, to. A upright. Legal. Business, that has 435. Locations. Across America. 2,600. Employees its. Traded. On the stock. Exchange. And. This. Bill proposes. To. Make that business a prohibited. Business, means, if they move out, I cannot, lease, it to another, company.

In The same line of work I cannot, operate it, myself my, family, we. Would. Essentially. Lose the, heist. And best use of the, property would. Lose the income, which my family and myself used, for retirement, we. Pay, eighty. Five hundred and thirty five dollars, every, 12 months to the city of Nashville in property, tax and. There, are besides, my property. There are 21. Legal. Businesses. Cited, in this bill. Which. Would be either prohibited. Or dressed. Drastically. Restricted. To the point where they couldn't lease, the property or operate nobody would want to lease it so. I wouldn't, like to hand, to, stand up with me as. An, American. For. Equal, protection, under the law you. Wouldn't want somebody to do that to you today. You know they're coming for the car dealers, the check cashers, the mechanics, the, self-storage, people, but. Tomorrow it could be you, and. You. Know I'm gonna ask y'all to, withdrawal. That section, of this bill that prohibits these, 21. Honest. Businesses. I don't, see how that has anything to do with transportation. Or. Walking. Or whatever, these, people have operated, in the Donaldson area for decades, and. You. Know I found this out just. Reading the newspaper last, week I saw, where I'm you, know they're gonna pass all of these heavy regulations. And, I. Just, like to leave you this one idea. This. Is from. Sir, Edmund, Burke and. It says the. Only thing necessary. For evil, to triumph is, that good men do, nothing, don't. Do, nothing, stand, up with me and prevent. Them. Interrupting, the free enterprise and, taking. The value of our property, out there by passing, these heavy, regulation, thank you thank you for, your comments, we appreciate. Carl. Meyer. 24:07. Hyman, Street a member. Of north, Nashville Organization. For Community, Improvement, and coordinator. Of Nashville, greenland's, I echo, the concerns that, nel Levin, expressed. In, behalf of NOAA. The. Problem, of transportation, and development. And proper. Development I'm not against this bill either but, I am in favor of deferring. This bill until it can be further amended. Because, the. Transportation. And development, is a problem. But, affordable housing. For people is a crisis. In Nashville, and I've, participated. Personally. In in investing. And restoring, as a under seven. Highly. Affordable, single-family. Homes, in north Nashville, last, summer there, were working, people, a working, electrician. Living in a tent across the street from me for, lack of affordable housing. Yesterday. I was talking with in. Good McIntyre. From OpenTable, Nashville, a, couple. Of their people, Lindsay cranks, and Lauren Plummer live in houses, that we. Invested, in and restored, and I'm, talking.

With Them about investing. In the village. At Glen. KeV nice. Little houses, for people who are homeless people, who are sick, elderly. People who cannot, find housing, so, I like. Nell Lavin I would, like to see this bill. Amended. So, that all of the, recommendations. Of the, affordable, housing, task. Force, are. Incorporated. In it thank you. Hey. Council how we doing tonight Jeff, thanks for bringing this up my name is Terry cron sir I live at three two one - knob view and Donaldson. Lived. There all my life I did a stint in California, but we've had family owned businesses. There for 28 years, not. Standing here against, it I'm, asking folks to take the time to read it look, at it see what's in it, don't. Make it draconian it's tough on us now way. We we have the you do now it's. Tough on small business, we. Can't spend but so much money and it kicks in a lot of things that. Takes. It out of our hands the other thing I understand about this plan is it. Really drops the control of our corridor. Into. The hands of MDH a I, really. Don't want, em DHA controlling. That corridor, I voted. For a council person that's. Who I want to control it not mdh a taken. Out of their hands, that's. Not what, I voted, for when. I elected him I voted. For us. The, people my neighbors to, have a say in what's going on there's a lot of holes in it it, needs, to be looked and you needed to fur it for as long as you can until we, can get these worked out and make it make. It right for those of us who have the commercial property in that part, of town. Help. Us make it work we want the development, there's nothing better that would, make. Us happy to get more people in there but, look at it look at the traffic look how it's gonna flow none, of that's been looked at be. Careful, what you asked for. Tom. Thanks for coming tonight. Thank. You thank. You. Madam. Vice mayor, members of council my, name's Barrett Hobbs reside. In the Bluefield neighborhood, of my address is 124 Spring. Valley Road, I am. Representing, commercial, properties, all. Up and down that my family owned or that I am a partner in, I. Find, it coincidental. That everyone that was up here for this matter not. One person, that I think, actually. Owns a piece of property in the Tod, I might. Have missed one but I was trying to keep track back there there was one street I wasn't familiar with I didn't, think that was possible in Donaldson, other, than the opposing. People, they were here today we actually own property.

That's Going to be affected, in the Tod. I'll. Echo what Tom said Terry, Kreutzer and others. We're. Not opposed, to development, in Donaldson, obviously, we want to make money with, the property, that we own we've. Owned property, in the Donaldson, district. For, 66, years, on. Both sides of my family so, it goes back into the early 50s, and we'll continue to own property for another 60, years God, willing, but. When you read this bill and if you haven't read it it's complicated. Jeff's, got a man. He's got a tiger by the tail with this it's. Very complicated, you've, got the state the legislated. To Tod, through Darren Jernigan, and, Senator. Dickerson but. They passed the Tod. Everything. That the folks talked about up here earlier we all believe that's. Fantastic. Stuff the problem, is the bill on your desk. Doesn't address any, of it. Affordable. Housing is niched out there's some very strong. Details, in it there's not one sidewalk, design. There's, not one traffic study there's. Not any increase, in the Music City s

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