101 Things to DO in TOKYO | Japan Guide to Secret Hidden Places

101 Things to DO in TOKYO | Japan Guide to Secret Hidden Places

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In this video I'm gonna share with you guys my, top 101. Things to do in Tokyo. There's. Just so, many things to do in Tokyo, as some of you may already know so what I wanted to do in this video is, to break it all down and make an easy-to-follow. List of all my favorite places and activities, here, in Tokyo and don't worry I'll make sure to leave all of the links in the description so you guys can have it for your next visit to Tokyo and, for, those of you who have been at Tokyo before count, along and see how many of places and activities you've. Actually done on the list and let, me know in the comments section let's see which one of you guys is the most experienced. Local oh and if you want to help support my channel check out my Tokyo merch I'll leave a link in the description all right let's do this let's, start with my home neighborhood Shibuya. It's on the west side of Tokyo extremely. Busy from morning to let's, say the next morning if you know where to go it's pretty much 24, hours you generally find younger crowds here there are many shops restaurants, and bars and nightclubs, also, Shibuya, is close to trendy areas that khadija ku naka-meguro, and Daikanyama, so if you're planning to visit Shibuya, I'd also check out one of these nearby neighborhoods, unless you're heavy into shopping scramble. Crossing the, very first thing you want to do in sugar is probably check out scrambles, since it's right in front of the station, can you believe up to 3,000. People cross at one time pretty amazing looking at it from overhead, I would say the best free views up in Starbucks. Magnet roof top or mark city sent a guy after getting an Instagram photos that scramble you'll find yourself in front of sent a guy sent the guys when the busiest streets and she'll be a filled with lots of shops fast food and chain restaurants okashira. And shinsen are the hidden trendy spots in shibuya where the locals, hang out you can find unique chic shops and restaurants that you won't find in a tourist heavy center guy 109. Building 109, is a capitol of Shibuya, ghetto fashion, culture if you're not familiar this, is ghetto fashion, even if you're not really into get a fashion like me it's a trip to experience a crazy vibe in here Don, Quixote don't use a giant discounted chain store you'll find out most stations throughout Tokyo it's a great place to shop the drug store items snacks and inexpensive, souvenirs to give it to your friends and family on a return home, Japanese, pancakes, those fluffy Japanese, pancakes, you see on Instagram yeah. They're real and oh so light and delicious there's, quite a few spots in Tokyo but my favorite spot so far has been it suited in a sixer, it's hard to get a seat but it's worth a try arcade. Japanese. Arcades also known as game centers partly not just for kids once you're inside you'll, almost feel like you're in a hotel casino, of Las Vegas it's actually quite fun for adults to play and if you're also in a sports I recommend, Spota which is like a sports and arcade buffet after, getting your Mario Kart fixed you can check out their tennis courts bowling, alleys etc, and try more than 40 different sports, activities, niku. Yokocho now, if you want to immerse yourself in the Japanese drinking restaurant culture known as an izakaya and you don't have to look further than Miku, yoga Cho literally, means a meat alleyway, check out all these people eating and drinking fresh. Uni uni also known as sea urchin is definitely, an acquired taste but since so many Tokyo restaurants, sushi shops and hezekiah, offer hoodie it's worth it tastes for first-timers but if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind experience I go to a specialty, shopping, schedule that wraps uni in a squid ink bun.

Festivals. If you visit Tokyo at the right time of year you're bound to experience, some Japanese, festivals, most, occur in the summer and fall streets, will be littered with amazing, food stalls energetic. Mikoshi traditional. Music a truly, special experience, I promise, many festivals, are associated local temples and shrines but, there are small neighborhood festivals, as well combini, food convenience stores also known as companies as locals like the college have lots to offer it's nothing like the food in the convenience, stores in the States convenience, in Japan are open 24/7. And have almost anything, you would need from antigo staples, onigiri, sandwiches. And hot deli items they, Pachuca, food every department store has a food floor on their basement which is called a pataga it's, not like food courts and shopping malls but it's where you can buy daily items and bring home there are countless numbers of shots and dishes to choose from you'll never get bored or hungry the punching food is not the cheapest but definitely, higher quality, than competing food naka-meguro. Not gonna make it always Instagram, famous for its beautiful cherry blossom tunnels over Meguro River but it's a popular and trendy spot to hang out locals in this sophisticated, city you can find dope bars and restaurants, chic accessory, shops and high-end, vintage jumps you can either walk along Meguro River or explore, friendly shorten guides for restaurants, how did you get to catch the dirty garnered, a lot of fashion for the kawaii culture so you probably have heard it or at least seen it although you don't see people addressed in ultra cute fashion as much these days gasps oh joy still keeps that young colourful vibe after you're done walking, through the street check out la foret and tokyo plaza and then cat street for that golden shopping, route so, crepes are the soul food of Harajuku you'll find crepe shops everywhere, a lot of them are pretty similar in style and taste but the creme brulee crepe pad concrete, is unlike. Anything you've had before in your life it's hidden away on the side street but definitely, worth a try, a mother/son is a great spot for a high brand shopping, it's walking distance from hot ajikko area so you can go on the same day I definitely, appreciate the wide open streets and sidewalks, but despite that weekends. Are super, crowded so be careful your yogi Park the yogi park is the biggest park in Shibuya how did you could yeah yeah it's my go-to Park it's free to enter for anyone they often have festivals every weekend, with different themes usually, there are food stalls in there vendor yes so what I usually do is pick up some food and take it to the bigger park areas Meiji, Jingu Meiji, Jingu is a Shinto, shrine just one step away from junior, high to JUCO station the spiritual, forest leads to the main shrine in the center which will help you forget about the everyday stresses of life Togo. Shrine now if you're looking for a Japanese drawing that's less touristy, you'll be able to find them all throughout Tokyo for example there's this quirky hidden shrine tucked away behind the case of Dodi this shrine is dedicated against, Italy a real Navy dome who was born in 1847.

Pretty Young for a god Odin. If you're coming to Tokyo then you must try this traditional, Japanese, dish called, Odin it consists, of several ingredients like boiled eggs daikon, fish cakes etc I've highlighted, it in many of my street food videos as I love it so much one of my favorite spots is at saman in naka-meguro, not, only for the food you can also grab a cold beer here right underneath the trade tracks, Shinjuku. The world's, busiest station, Shinjuku is filled with office workers and international. Travelers alike it's known for its red light district but many people come here to shop and dine Tanuku is such a big area west of the station, the house of skyscrapers. While the East Side is more of the shopping and entertainment side, it's probably the best spot to access anywhere, in Tokyo so I recommend, staying in this area ginger could go in since you could go in feels like Central Park of New York only it cost about $2 to get in since it used to be a part of the Imperial Garden and you could go and has more of a proper feeling than the other parts in Tokyo the view of the skyscrapers. From the beautiful garden is breathtaking. One of the highlights is a record day in the Japanese, garden area where you can experience a casualty, ceremony, and you have access to the botanical gardens as well ramen. If you're in Japan you, have to try ramen it's a must in my book you may have tried it once or twice in your country the ones in Japan are absolutely. Amazing there are so many different types of ramen creamy, white pork ramen like clear soy sauce ramen fish broth dipping sauce ramen user flavored ramen the list goes on and, on and on my regular spots are kindle modern and Tetsu in Shibuya alloyed. A yoga choke if you're looking for a cool spot the bar hop this, is it about 80 bars are stuffed inside of alloyed a yoga Joe Ali from the yakitori to soba you should be able to find something you like most of the shops spend about 5 to 6 people and are squeezed into a small space definitely, a good opportunity to make some local friends kabukicho. You get up from the east exit of Shinjuku Station and, keep going north you'll hit Shinjuku's, red-light, district, kabukicho with neon lights hostess. Bars and love hotels it's definitely, a part of the city that never sleeps it's a fun place to check out but be careful going to the clubs a fool and their money are soon parted, be safe Godzilla. This, is also in kabukicho area you can find the Japanese born, monster on the top of hotel grocery, you can check out the little show from the street or take a closer look on the rooftop of the hotel local tip you'll need to use a cafe if you want to go group side golden, guy golden, guys another bar hopping spot in kabuki toe area just, behind Hanazono, shrine about.

200, Bars are squeezed into this mysterious, retro, valley each bar only fits about 6 to 10 people and the manor is not to stay too long a lot of the bars here have cover charges so make sure to ask at the entrance yakiniku. Yakiniku. Is a japanese-style, barbecue, it's completely, different from Korean barbecue or western-style barbecue yakiniku, is considered, fancy food in general because it's usually pricey cooking. Sighs meat and vegetables, one by one usually over charcoal, or gas but, sometimes, I like to go super cheap and do the all you can eat at a yakiniku, spot called anon looking. For a decent and free city view in Shinjuku and go to the Tokyo metropolitan, building it's a bit of a walk from Shinjuku Station but, it's worth checking out the view from 202. Meters high the daytime view is awesome but don't miss the gorgeous, nighttime view with city lights shin-okubo. Koreatown. I'm not sure if you're interested in k-town but if you're in decay culture maybe it's worth checking out since Tokyo is super close to Seoul you can get up-to-date Korean, cosmetics, and kpop, goods here hide avoid the weekends though because it's a nightmare to walk around, Kagurazaka, Kagurazaka. Is slowly becoming a stylish, and trendy neighborhood at least over the past few years it's, actually one of the oldest cities in Tokyo, Kagurazaka, used to be a Geisha district, back in the day you can still see remnants of this in the uniquely limestone, pavement and quiet, alleyways, oh and, it's a dope spot for street food he, a shrine, he a shrine has one of the most beautiful and photogenic, shrine gates in Tokyo many travels don't know about it as it's hidden away between Akasaka, and Emmaus a note station turns usually go to more well-known games like Hanazono shrine in no way no but to me this spot is so much more photo worthy shaved, ice shaved. Ice has been a trendy food for the past few years, thanks Instagram it usually comes in a huge mountain form and you get to customize the toppings you can either go chocolaty or fruity, depending, on your taste my favorite spot is yellow in Roppongi and I went both Oreo, cookies and mango and this light and fluffy shaved ice goes down so smoothly. Ikebukuro. Ikebukuro is, one of the busiest districts, on the northwest, side of Yamanouchi, line it offers numerous entertainment. Shopping and dining options, connected, to the station two huge department, stores tobu and say boo both offering a luxury shopping experience, also Ikebukuro. Is known for awesome, ramen shops and a second capital for all of you anime, nerds ek book it of sunshine, city ek bucha a sunshine, city is the biggest entertainment landmark, in EK boku no it's a shopping mall but it's so much more than that it has J world Pokemon, Center planetarium. Aquarium, well check out my rainy day video guide to see even more Namjoo, town non your town is an indoor theme park at sunshine city I completely, underestimated this, place before I went inside for the first but it's decently, sized Park with lots of arcade games haunted, attractions, and even, escape rooms and if you get hungry they even, have a you as a stadium inside, more, a Dominion, is a foodie cuda shop AKA japanese for the booth popular, among young schoolgirls, for its pink and girly space it's located in xp80 a shopping mall at the entrance of Tokyo Disney Resort in addition, to paid photo booths there's also free photo spaces you can use to get your Instagram on ice cream Japan has found a way to make ice cream all of their own I've tried much ice cream spiky, ice cream ice cream and crepes ice cream in madam pond ash me with Oreo cookies basically, I've had a lot of ice cream in Tokyo but one of my favorite Tokyo brand ice creams with ingredients from Hokkaido is, called milk, all. Right. Over to the east side a Saxa, a success, definitely must go to soak in Japanese, culture I can't deny that it's filled with tourists especially, at Sensoji temple and, naka music area so I recommend, exploring the minor streets to get the full experience although. Some shops closed on Tuesday I prefer, going during this time to avoid the crowds, senso, ji and nakamise, a dirty sin Shoji is Tokyo's, oldest temple and is situated, at the center of a sixer and nakamise Sidoti is a street that runs community, gate to the temple now camisa is an excellent spot to throw down on Japanese, sweets while souvenir, shops are very terse trappy this street is definitely, one of the best places for street food also there are multiple, small shrines and temples all around since OG were also checking out kimono, rental if you want to get your cash on a socks it is your spot you will find many kimono and yukata rental shops in this neighborhood most, shoppers don't start from 3,000, yen and you can wear it all day so it's not that bad of a deal walk around in a kimono and feel like a local rickshaws.

Also Known as jinrikisha are cool and fun but expensive in my opinion, a 10-minute ride for to cost about 4000, yen most of the drivers speak English and explain each site to you as you go and are more than happy to serve as a photographer, at each spot hanayashiki. Amusement. Park Hana yes he is the oldest, theme park in Asakusa that has his ultra retro and horse cool cute vibe I always find it strange seeing the roller coaster next to this massive historic temple but still cool nonetheless oh and, you can even view Sensoji from the free fall ride Samhita, park Samhita park is a long park running along the Sumida River this is another, it's part for cherry blossom, viewing river. Cruise dinner yeah cut the bone in your conten buna is a japanese-style. Cruise which usually comes with a meal plan seeing the boats from land side floating, on the Sumida River is pretty dope but experiencing, the ride firsthand, is like no other meal plans and prices vary depending on the boat company I prefer, that all you can eat and drink meal course but make sure to make a reservations, in advance, hoppy, Street hoppy, Street is a place to get your drink on in the salsa hoppy is a beer flavored drink which is a mix of soju and beer flavored, soda born, post-world war ii skirt beer taxes it became the drink of choice for the system achi areas if you want to be super local then throw down on some cheap hoppy beer and enjoy food at the food stalls oh and, locals, are all about that daytime drinking especially, on the weekends, have, a beer at Asahi building nothing like having a cold Asahi, beer overlooking. The city even the building was designed to look like a beer mug with foam on top Mangia. Mangia is a specialty food in old downtown areas, of tokyo it's kind of like a runny version of okonomiyaki a Japanese, pancake and as flour or Chinese yam base mix with dashi you can add vegetables meat or seafood to, your choice because a Japanese, treat all on its own Tokyo. Skytree just. One station away from Osaka stands, the largest tower, in Japan you may think that it's only an observatory, but there's just so much more to this place the, bottom of the tower there's a complete, shopping, mall planetarium. Aquarium, restaurants, and VR park and lots more and yeah there's Tokyo Tower - but I like Tokyo Skytree much, better since it's newer and has so much more to offer sumo, Ryoga, ku is nearby Sky Tree known as a home of the sumo dojo and the real Goku Goku geek on sumo, matches are held in January, May and September and tickets, are not too hard to serve for foreign travelers if you're traveling schedule lines here's another experience, you can't get anywhere, else in the world Kappa, Bushido, tea this, household kitchen supply town runs between wano and Osaka you can find some of the best handcrafted. Japanese, cooking knives here Japanese, table wares and you can even make plastic, food samples here rowena, parc ueno park covers a whole entire west side of a way no station, Ueno Park is massive, containing, seven museums, one to a huge, pond in several temples and shrines oil, park also hosts a cherry blossom festival which, offers lots of food stands and nakaya's, ameyoko, a lively, discounted, shopping street Omni oka was originally a black market in the post-war, era it runs along the train track down to Kolkata machi station, it's known for its Chinese and Korean Street food and old-school bars the spicy noodles, here are nice cherry, blossoms, I've mentioned, cherry blossoms in this video a couple times already but let's dig a bit deeper cherry, blossoms, in Tokyo are incredibly magnificent.

But It happens and finishes, so quickly so you got to keep up to date with the cherry blossom forecast the season only lasts for two weeks and it's usually between mid March and early April I've also created a top ten tokyo cherry blossoms vid if you're in town during this time Ginza, so Ginza is known for upmarket shopping and, dining it's like New York's Fifth Avenue with a Japanese, flavor many flagship stores of high fashions, are lined up on to order tea but some are scattered throughout the area Ginza had a boom in the 18th century, so you'll find many retro, restaurants, and cafes, here with history definitely a mix of the old and new Tokyo, kabuki, zz' kabuki set is a Kabuki theater in Ginza you can experience traditional performing. Arts of Kabuki while dining on a bento box and are you worried about not understanding the Kabuki language no, worries Japanese, don't understand, some of it either oh yeah and don't forget to check out the souvenir shops on the basement floor Uniqlo, Ginza Japan's, biggest fashion, brand Uniqlo has its flagship store in Ginza and to me it's worth visiting a mannequin displays in itself are pretty well thought out the shop has a total of 12 floors and it's ridiculous, how organized, and well laid out the stories despite. All the products that they carry if you couldn't find what you're looking for at the many Uniqlo stores I'm sure this store has it skeezy, fish market if you're an early bird then definitely check out the early morning tuna auction if you're not don't worry there's still many things to see and eat here during the day skeezy, fish market has two parts a hinder market and the outer market the inner market is where sushi chefs and Michelin restaurants auction for today's catch and the outer market is for everyone, else who want to partake in the delicious, market food Kyson, door caisson dawn is a bowl of rice topped with delicious pieces, of sashimi you can throw down on a fresh Christ's hand on ball at the Tsukiji market but, if you get a chance visit, Zhu Jian in Kagurazaka. I fell in love with a caisson done with its mountain of seafood on top and at the end they will pour a delectable sea bream broth over the rice to help you finish off the meal Akihabara, once, you step foot in Akihabara, you'll be bombarded with anime, in every, direction it's, a taco paradise the area is jammed with many specialty, comic stores video games card, games electronics. Cosplay, and figurines. You'll also find adult, comics and goods in Syria so be aware and bringing along the young ones gotcha.

Fine Gotcha point is a capsule, toy vending machine in Akihabara. There are several gut cheap on specialty, shops you can visit some of the toys that come out of these machines just, scream of otaku electronic. Stores when I'm not online buying my electronics, I prefer, to visit Yoda budget camera in Akihabara, purely based on the overall selection, you can find all sorts of tech in these shops from cameras, to TVs electronic. Beauty products home appliances, the list goes on, new Dabashi Akihabara, is probably the largest in the Tokyo, area and, it's quite overwhelmed, to see how crowded it gets on the weekend even though it's such a huge area beef. Cuts it if you're a Japanese, food lover you may be familiar with tonkatsu you, cut - also known as beef cuts is basically, the beef version of dome katsu but it comes almost where and just melts, in your mouth I love the shops that let you cook it on the Sony look just as you like but the taste is really hidden missed depending, on the quality of beef that the shop uses my go-to is in Akihabara, called few katsu a teeny, Sun. Odaiba. Situated, next to Tokyo Bay or divert is home to multiple giant, shopping centers like diversity aqua, city and pallet town it's not as busy when compared to other parts of Tokyo so I definitely recommend this area for families it's such a huge area to cover but they have free shuttles which circulate, through all the major shopping centers and destinations. Oh and the monorail is another way to take in the sights for this area Gundam. Couldn't be a top 101, without this one right you'll find a life-sized gonna model in front of diversity, if you're looking for cool gun Amano's and goods, you should venture into Gundam based just inside of diversity, ramen. Koku begun Hermann cocoa geek on is located, in aqua city it's not a large space or anything like that but, it has five popular, ramen shop from all over Japan gathered, in one location for the perfect lunch by joy, Paulus joy, palace is an indoor amusement park in aqua city inside, of this three floor theme park you'll find bizarre rides and VR games you've never seen before and sometimes they have virtual anime concerts, which is a trip, another japan-only experience, Odaiba Beach Park when you get tired from all the eating and shopping you know dive you can hang out on the beach and relax and if you're in a water sports you can rent a paddleboard and even, sailboats just don't expect any waves and the view at night of Rainbow Bridge is quite spectacular mega. Web miniatures, overlook this awesome spot it's located just next to the dive a ferris wheel besides the newest tell you at a car show kids can drive e cars and adults can play the free VR attractions, Fuji. TV if you're looking for an observation deck the landmark, of Odaiba Fuji TV would be my first choice you get spectacular views of Tokyo port Sky Tree and Tokyo, Tower and an amazing, Tokyo skyline plus, you can get super close to the ball also, if you're familiar with Japanese TV, shows and animes like one-piece and dragon ball check, out the bottom floors for the event shops who, don't you don't noodles have a special, way of soaking, up the soup and delivering, an umami filled explosion, in your mouth definitely, worth it if you've never tried on the cheap I recommend, Murakami salmon for a luxury Bowl check out sue two-toned on Rainbow.

Bridge Run viewing, the Rainbow Bridge from afar is a sight to see but, did you know you can run Rainbow Bridge too sometimes, I run with my friends from the Ginza side all, the way to the ODE IVA side don't worry you can walk it as well the view of a diver from the bridge is pretty amazing, oh wait I won't send for those of you who don't have time for a day trip to an onsen away don't sin is a perfect, solution oh wait Owen sin is an onsen, theme park different, bath options, are the main attractions, here but you can enjoy the summer festival zone in a yukata all year long also, you can play games and enjoy multitude, of food options oh and, did I mention they, have giant, beers, 100. Yen shops Japan, is not the cheapest country to travel in but visiting a 100, yen shop may help the budget conscious traveler you can get cheap souvenirs, and even food here one of my favorite 100, yen shops is in Odaiba called Daiso because of its huge selection. Hoenig. It is a rice ball with some sort of meat or vegetable, filling Japanese, eat it as much as Westerners eat sandwiches, the ones you get at the convenience, stores are quite amazing already but premium, ones at onigiri, specialty, shops are extraordinary, like this one in a success my faves are grilled salmon and salmon roll sake. Testing, sake testing is a perfect, experience for those of you who are not familiar with sake to understand which state suits you best, in fact there are so many different styles and tastes of depending on the makers and rice just like one you can find cool sake testing bars throughout Tokyo prices are usually quite reasonable this one is in Kagura Sokka capsule. Hotels capsule. Hotels started out as a casual, and cheap accommodation for, the seller men who missed the last train and needed a place to crash it used to be only designed for locals but now you can find capsule, hotels with english-speaking, staff who can explain the rules and regulations, they even have luxury capsule hotels like this one called first cabin which I prefer. Vending. Machines vending machines are a way of life in Japan everywhere, you go there drink vending machines but if you want something a little more interesting, check out her native airport for some unique vending machine products. Baseball. Games baseball, is definitely the most popular sport in Japan even though I'm not a baseball fan there is nothing like sitting back with a beer a hot dog with friends and family and watching a game in the stadium baseball, games are usually held in Tokyo Dome and Meiji Jingu Stadium and the experience is nothing like the ones in the US Japanese. Curry Japanese, curry has its own special, flavors and tastes different than Indian curry there are so many Japanese, curry spots in Tokyo so it won't be hard to find one but one of my favorites is gogo curry because you can customize the toppings and the portions, are quite satisfying, even for the Western appetite Roppongi.

Roppongi, Is for sure one of the most foreign, friendly neighborhoods in Tokyo since it's home to many foreign embassies for pungi Hills and Tokyo Midtown are the two main towers in the area you can do most of your luxury shopping here I describe this area as a place of luxury and nightlife also, if you're down there are some art museums like the National Art Center and the, more you museum worth checking out Roppongi, Hills observatory. Here's another Tokyo, skyline observatory. Option for you personally this is my favorite observatory in Tokyo so far it's not free but it's worth going up to the 52nd, floor to view the Tokyo Bay and city landscape oh and make sure to check out the open-air sky deck on a sunny day it makes me feel like I'm on top of the world when I'm up here you know keep our key you know key Park is just behind Tokyo, Midtown and it has a beautiful Japanese, garden and a pond the leaves change color throughout the season it's calming to be here and take it all in and if you have kids they'll, appreciate the playground, Ichigo, dive go nothing, beats a fresh strawberry wrapped in mochi you can find Ichigo daifuku and many dupatta cos and some convenience, but my all-time favorite, has to be in judo Ginza vintage. Clothes shopping at Shimokitazawa, Shimokitazawa. Is where the Tokyo hipsters hang out traveling, a few stations from Shibuya horse Shinjuku the laid-back and funky neighbor vintage shops everywhere, and if you want to take a break from all the walking there, are a bunch of cozy cafe is nestled in the back streets ki t dou Qi Chi, Chi Jo Chi is ranked one of the most desirable places to live in Tokyo due in part to its vast restaurant, options shopping, streets and beautiful, you know Kishida Park it kind of reminds me of a second Shibuya since so many people live here I find it more down-to-earth oh and I love the street food here and one of the main highlights of this area is harmonica, yokocho aka bar Alley Edo Tokyo open-air, architectural, museum is known in japanese as tottemo, nen it exhibits a range of historic buildings it showcases old school buildings from ordinary middle-class houses, all the way to the former Prime Minister's home this is one of my favorite, places for my top 10 hit in Tokyo photo spots video curry. Pond although I already mentioned curry curry pond is nothing, like curry curry pond is basically a fried donut like bread with a curry filling, and it's one of my favorite Japanese snacks you can find curry pond and most convenient and bakeries but if you're looking for something special check out 10 Maya and Shimokitazawa, Jojo, Ginza judo games as one of my top destinations. For street food it's just ten minutes away from Shinjuku and has a friendly and chill atmosphere this, spot is known by locals as, Sosa tengoku which translates, a daily dish heaven the shota guys sell reasonably, priced food like thirty and kuroky, fifty and yakitori and twenty and chicken balls so that housewives, in the afternoon can rush to the show tank eye and pick up cheap dinner dishes for the family soon, Omachi Ginza, suna matcha Ginza is another Street food spot that speaks to my soul not, a lot of foreign travelers ventured to this area because it's such a pain in the ass to reach but in my opinion that yakitori, here is worth it if you're into yakitori like me then this is one of the destination, spots, you can't miss you naka Ginza Yanaka, Ginza is a nostalgic, Street food destination, also known as cat town he used to have cats everywhere, but now you only see a few here and there one of the highlights of your Naga is a long stairway called New Yawk a dun dun located, at the entrance of the shopping street you can catch a beautiful sunset view here the street is not so long so I can recommend visiting in the afternoon just before the Sun set contains sushi to be honest I don't think you need to go to fancy sushi restaurants that cost more than $300, to have a good sushi experience because the average sushi, place in Japan is usually better than high-end, sushi restaurants, from around the world at least in my opinion my go-to spot is called katsumi, dodi sushi in Shibuya I still go here regularly and in fact I run into some of once a while to go she Ginza tegoshi Ginza is a longest shorten guy in Tokyo having more than 400 stores in this 1.3, kilometer street I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy here unlike, a lot of the other Shelton guys car screws to the street so be careful especially when in big groups or with the little ones go tokuji go Tokaji is a buddhist temple in Santa gaya which is about 30 minutes away from Shinjuku it's known as a possible, birthplace, of lucky charm cats aka manekineko.

Its Massive, collection of manekineko is unlike, anywhere, in the world Tokyo, Station Tokyo, Station is one of the largest travel hubs and it's a great place to explore the newly renovated facade, of the station is pretty dope to take in but more so inside of the station you can find unique bento boxes and souvenirs, at grande stuff acute, and chaos, Street if you're here to catch a train I suggest, coming a bit early and check out what the station has to offer Imperial. Palace just, a 10-minute walk away from the Tokyo Station you can check out with a royal family of Japan lives the Imperial, Palace property, is massive, and located at the former Edo castle you can book a tour on the website to get access to some of the more private areas while some of the other gardens are open to the public throughout the year Japanese fried chicken let's be honest Japanese, fried chicken is pretty delicious, even, from the conbini in fact Japanese, fried chicken tastes so good that it ends up and most of my street food videos so it's really difficult to really choose the best one but you kotti is one of my favorite spots because the fried chicken is so crispy on the outside while, tender and juicy on the inside Tokyo. Dome City Tokyo Dome City is an open shopping mall with roller coasters and a ferris wheel it's right next to the Tokyo Dome so it's a perfect spot to hang out before or after baseball games or concerts lots, of restaurants shops and attractions to, entertain, the entire family. Todoroki, kakuka did you know just around 20 minutes away from shibuya this beautiful, ravine exists, to the Roky Keiko ku is one of the only ravines, in Tokyo's 23, Ward area you can stroll along the Izawa, River and really experience nature, in Tokyo, yakitori. Yakitori, is one of my favorite Japanese foods even though it's cheap it's still so delicious, one of my favorite budget yakitori, shops is 20 keys oku but I've also always down to go to some standing yakitori pubs I guess I just love it all so how, many of these place, you guys been to let, me know in the comments, if this video helped you out help me out and hit that like button and, if you want to see more of my adventures in Tokyo, or Japan, hit, that subscribe button and the Bell button and I'll catch you guys in the next one.

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Always killing it man!!! I arrive in Tokyo on Thursday!!!

Hey Paolo! We arrived in Tokyo last Wednesday and have already used 2 of your other video’s to walk around. The one for Takeshita street (harajuku pancakes - com crepe) and the one for rainy days for tomorrow! Thx for the tips and tricks!

I already missed Tokyo quite a lot, now I definitely need to go back as soon as possible! So many things to do and so many good advice from you as always! Once again, well done guys!


Wow.. i subscribed you since 2016 bro.. 2018 and still watching your videos.. i have tried all of your food reccomend in harajuku.. your videos were so helpful and the dishes really oishi..

wheres Ichigo Daifuku?

One of your best videos to date mate :) so glad I stumbled onto your channel before going to Japan for the first time in January 2019. I didn’t notice Nakano Broadway in your video but guess you can’t include everything ;) Really hope to run into you as I’m likely to go half these places :)

Quality content as usual! Greetings from USA, Paolo and Maiko!

as a pure otaku guy and 15 years old is it ok for me to go to doujins stuff in akihabara XD (i was in akihabara this summer but i was being lowkey otaku to my dad so i couldnt rlly bought some stuff there) :(


So much I still need to see. Out of this video I think I saw/experienced almost half in my last trip. Gained more insight for my next trip in November. Thanks and great video!


I just got to Tokyo today! Been watching your videos all year preparing. Just had a bowl of ramen and some conbini fried chicken. The food is soooo good here!

Ahh great video, loved this one. I'm a new subscriber but have been watching a few of your vids on and off for a while. I've been to maybe half these places but am definitely saving this for my next trip, I love that you crammed so much detail and so many places into one video and am making a list from it!

Always like your video. Hope I bump into you in October when I'm in tokyo

Wow amazing. Pls do more videos too outside tokyo. Tnx it's very informative

omg it's so helpful even I'm a Japanese! I'm working as a travel concierge in Tokyo so I'll suggest this video to my guests :)

I'm going to Tokyo next year and plan to stay in Shibuya!!! Maybe we can meet while there!

Came at a perfect time! Going to Tokyo in about 2 weeks — thank you!

Great video! I’ve been to 40!

Whoa! 101 Things?? Way to step it up a level Paolo! Awesome video.

Great timing. I just booked my trip to Tokyo for december

Tokyo should just hire you as their official PR agent or traveling guide or something. Your videoes are great! Thank you and a big thumbs up from Norway! :)

Please write all your songs names from epidemic site..and by the way I love your channel

Paolo you are the man! Great video as always. I cheated as I used your videos as a complete travel guide to my week long vacation in Tokyo and managed to do 42 of the 101.

I just came back from my trip to Japan two days ago... So the video is a little late

... yeah... I need to go back anyway

61 places!!! By the way! I love tetsu and ichi ni san too!! All thanks to you and maiko :)

Wow. Think that’s the highest so far!

Omg I'm leaving on monday to tokyo. This guide just arrives Perfect.

Very rainy today in shinjuku where we staying. Thanks for the tips. Say a beer tonight? On me

Again great video. So far I’ve done less that 1/4 of the 101. Must come back! Cheers must go back to Torikizoku again and again!

I'm finally back in Tokyo in three weeks! I'm sure I will find something new to do and discover in this video. Your videos already gave me some great tips for my last trip :)

Wow, this list has got everything I need to see in Tokyo !!! thanks Paolo

good video

Hey Paolo, you can add this to your merchandise. A guide book with all your top 10 complete with pictures and map. I 'll buy one for sure

Subsciber for a while and love your quick blast top ten videos but this is brilliant! A one stop brilliant vid to have

Never missed the Beers XD

I have been to ZERO of these places...:-)

My family and I will be in Tokyo in late October to early November. I've been watching your videos to get prepared...but I have to be honest...I'm a map guy. Can you make a suggestion as to where I can find a good street map (and maybe a train map too) so that I can follow your recommendations? Thank you very much.

solid video and pretty informative, I have been to japan recently, and fell in love with it. Wasn't able to try a lot of things due to rainy weather but we did take some information of food restaurants that you have left behind, pretty solid ! Keep up the content fam.


I've been to 42 out of the 101 you posted. 1- Shibuya 2- Scramble Crossing 3- Center Gai 5- 109 6- Don Quijote 8- Arcade (My favorite is Round 1) 11- Festivals 12- Combini Food 15- Harajuku Takeshita 18- Yoyogi Park 22- Shinjuku 23- Shinjuku Gyoen Park 24- Ramen 26- Kabukicho 27- Godzilla 29- Yakiniku 30- Tokyo Metropolitan Building 35- Ikebukuro 39- Ice Cream (YUMMY!!!) 40- Asakusa 41- Sensoji & Nakamise 45- Sumida Park 47- Hoppy Street 50- Sky Tree 53- Ueno Park (Have you found the President Grant monument?) 55- Cherry Blossoms 56- Ginza 58- Uniqlo Ginza Store 61- Akihabara 62- Gachapon 63- Electronic Store 64- Beef Katsu 65- Odaiba 66- Gundam 75- Y100 Shop 79- Vending Machines 81- Curry 82- Roppongi 96- Tokyo Station 98- Fried Chicken 101- Yakitori

Four people don't know where Tokyo is.

Great video dude I'm going,I'm going in November and you just made a list for me

I got 30! I've been to Tokyo twice, and I can't beli5I only got 30. Time to explore more next year :) I also want to say, your channel deserves more love! You guys are awesome

Hahaha 2:06 tenga are male sex toys

Wow, you’re an amazing youtuber! This is very helpful

I'm going to japan for two weeks for the new year, your videos have been super helpful in finding things to do in Tokyo. Also it made me realize i could spend the whole time Tokyo and still not run out of things to do. Too much do in Japan with only two weeks, so hard to decide!

I really wish I had discovered your channel before I first went to Japan. Really love your videos! Hands down.

best top on steroids video. best longest BEST in Tokyo Japan ever!!!

Wow, thanks for the list. I'll be in japan in 3-4 weeks.

Great Video Paolo.

41 out of 101. Been to Tokyo twice for a total of 3 weeks. Printed out your maps as well. Best Tokyo YouTuber on the Internet. Very professional, very detailed, and that helps everyone a lot!

I’ve done 38/101!!! Great list. I’m from Hawaii and I get bummed when tourist find out about the local spots but I am glad you shared!

Really need local guide for my trip. Good english...really great

Great vid!

Were going to Japan next month super excited and plan to do a lot of these thank you

Thank you so so so much for these videos!!

I love Torikizoku! :P Damn...I miss Japan.

Wow so mny things to do.. tokyodisneyland & tokyo disney sea is not even in the list & well known beautiful parks in tokyo like hama rikyu gardens

Hey Paolo, your videos are awesome. I used a lot of your recommendations when I visited Japan this year. Your videos are always so helpful! Thanks for your hard work. :D

This is soooo helpful! I think you are the best youtuber when it comes to all about Japan, thank you!

Can you make a vid on what to do in Tokyo / Japan in December & January?

Hi! can i know the shop name of the kimono rental shown in 12:28. Thanks!

Shibuya gets so dirty and packed. Not my favorite part of Japan. lol. I prefer Sannomiya in the Hyogo area


Awesome video

I realy liked your new intro, your videos are amazing. I can't wait to go to Japan :)

I think that you forgot about retro Nintendo video games. Like Famicom or 3ds or Nintendo switch. Or anime like dragon ball super or my hero academia.

Great video!

Awesome video! Definitely will check out some of the places you recommend next time I’m in Tokyo. Can you do a video of how to navigate in Tokyo Station? I got there in the Yamanote Line and couldn’t figure out how to navigate to the stores and ramen street and gave up. I did manage to find the bento box place and that was it. Please help!

I'm coming to Tokyo on december and this really helped as usual! Love your videos:)

Love the video and Love the Tokyo shirt

Your videos are seriously the most informative and i can watch them all day Thank you !

Great and abundant tips! Thanks! Will you have a video on top 25 things to do in Japan in 7 days or something like that?

Thanks it’s very useful

Paolo - With all the new shops, restaurants, and popular locales popping up every day, you should consider doing a weekly Hot Top 10, ranking that week's top hot new additions to Tokyo, everything from new fad foods to destinations worth checking out.

Paolo!!! WOW this video is fantastic. I hope I run into while I'm there next week so I can buy you a beer and some karaage for all your hard work. Your videos have been so helpful. You and Maiko have such a lovely positive vibe ✨

I'd love to go to japan i just need a good guide for my first time, any advice on this?

ugghhhh i wish i had a lot of money already to go to Japan.... ;-;

Omg paolo!!! This is THE GUIDE to have when going to tokyo!!!!!!! You the best!!!!

Let me grab my pen...

Thanks for all your suggestions/recommendations!! I've planned my Japan trip based on your videos!!

Best youtuber in japan who speaks english handsdown this video will help people who wants to visit here in japan. I hope i can drink beer with you while eating yakitori someday✌️ keep it up sir

So excited to visit Tokyo in a few weeks this video is so informative and made me so hungry

all-night bath houses - had the best sleep ever at one in Fukuoka

Going down japan next week so this video just came in handy >:D Any festival in Tokyo from 7-11 Oct?

saMOOrai shirt.

I love your channel and you make me happy

Video production on point

Summary of all your videos

I also like hunting limited gacha in some special spot like pokemon center, gundam front, etc

Paolo you’re seriously the best. We’ll be heading there one month from today and I’ve been taking tons of notes from your videos. Keep up the good work.

So it's all about eating in Tokyo...mostly. I'm keen to explore and have some adventure the nature there but I guess there's not much in Tokyo,right?

Too long

Was hoping for 102 things to do video but I guess this’ll do

i only got 16 i need to go back to tokyo :)

I’ll be visiting Japan tomorrow! I’ll try some of the spots that you’ve mentioned when we get to Tokyo. Our first destination is Fukuoka then Tokyo then Yokohama. It’s my first trip out of the country and I’m so excited. I’ll watch this again to take notes. Thanks Paolo!

We’re currently here in Tokyo and I must say that you are lucky to be living here. Japan is very beautiful beyond words. :) Thanks for this video by the way. It’s a great guide! We’ve been here for a week now and we still have a lot to explore and experience!

How long do you think it would take for someone to cover everything on this list, literally everything + 1 major festival. Thank you

New subscriber here from the States, Philly, PA to be exact! I love your videos and I'm half Filipino!

I appreciate your editing skills. Thanks to the other video that tackles the vegan/allergies ingredients on a resto.

You killed it with this video! Great job. I've been in Japan for 20 years & still need to check out many of these spots. Thanks for the 101 Things to DO in Tokyo Paolo~! I'm adding them to my list.

日本人としても勉強になったわ~(笑) Great work!!

I have been to some places in the Japan, but you have open my eyes to so many other food spots that I have to write them all down. LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!


Does anyone have a map of Tokyo marked with most of the main places to visit marked?

Could you maybe make a pumpum Café video? That would be very cool

what was that Japanese Pancake place?

Heading to Japan In Oct/Nov and I'm so fridges excited!!! Thank you for the video, it just gives people an awesome heads up!!!


Wow this was an amazing list!! Can I dm you on IG? I'll be there for the Tokyo Marathon March 2019. Maybe you can help me find a good hotel for the trip, and maybe grab a beer with some Californians =)

just fyi: for kabukiza there are english subtitle monitors that you can rent for foreigners. We rented some so we could understand what they were "saying". and they were perfectly timed!

Mori museum deserved a spot, it was absolutely amazing. Your video's helped me a lot, I'm having a blast here :)

I am literally living in tokyo but i still watch your video because sometimes there are some places i don't know (even after 3 years living here) Thank you!!!

I've been to only a few of these places, so you definitely gave me more ideas for my next trip!

I’m traveling to Tokyo in mid of January for about 8 days. Is there anything special during that time?

I just came from Tokyo this week after an 11 days vacation! While I visited so many places there I wish you had submitted this video before!!! Kudos Paolo!!!

Your best video so far! 本当にありがとう!(ง ºωº)ง✧

This is great! I will definitely visit these places when I’m there in late October.

dude someone give this guy 1 mil subs already like are you kidding me? his channel is sooo informative!! hes like the serpentza of JAPAN (More Pg version tho )

i got 48 of those down, now i need to do the rest


So many things to do bro! I went in april and I could only do a fraction of this list. lol. I'm going back in November cause Japan is too awesome. Going to bring my fam too! My first trip wouldn't have been as successful if it wasn't for your channel! Thanks!

lol #17 had me cracking up at 5:08! hah.

You did an amazing job squeezing that many amazing "to dos" in less than 30 min! You managed to make a solid overview of tokyo.

sick intro!

Paolo, youre AWESOME! Thank you for this amazing video. Im going to Japan and your videos are full of good information!

Epic list!

I like it all Japan places ❤❤❤❤

Another awesome one Paolo!!! No surprise though lol. Cant wait to get back to Japan but you help me get my fix until I get there. Thanks for all the great videos!!!

Thanks for making these videos. Really helped me plan my upcoming honeymoon. Keep up the good work!

I must have done 90% and still finding new places! Looking forward to do another series of unknown places next month!! Paolo... wanna do a collab?

i like that subtleness right after you pan to the tenga section, you say buy inexpensive souvenirs for friends and family. lol

Amazing video!!!! Thank youuuu

No love for Nakano Broadway? /39 out of 101 //more reasons to visit Tokyo again

I've done 51. I need to check out a lot more of the shopping streets. The street food looks amazing.

I'm going to Tokyo for the second time next year, this video is so helpful!!

Paolo, do you do tours for visitors in Tokyo? Even though I am comfortable traveling around Japan when I visit, I do sometimes get lost easily and it would be great to have a paid guide who I was already familiar with to show us the great food spots for a day or two.

I don't have time these days to do tours, but my friend Nori would be able to help you. Here's more info: https://www.tokyozebra.com/tour Thanks for watching my vids. I hope you have an awesome trip.

Hi Paolo, I think your nr 59 (Tsukiji Market) might not be up to date. I recently read that the inner market is finally relocating and that only the outer market is staying at the old location. So I guess the tuna auctions are not gonna happen there anymore?

13:28 ikemen

Odiaba was probably my favourite place when I was over. It really is something to experience at night, the views are just stunning. I took a boat ride from Asakusa, which was also awesome!

Really wish I could live in Tokyo :`(


Counting along like requested, I discovered I have done 45 things on this list. Nice video as usual, I got a lot of inspiration for what to do next time I go to Tokyo. Many of the things I have not done are the more local food experiences, so I'm really hoping I manage to give those a go! As a side note, I had already decided to try giving the fluffy pancakes a go after watching them in your Asakusa street food video; there's no surprise they made it onto this list, too.

102. Disney Sea 103. Disneyland 104. One Piece Tower 105. Meiji Jingu Gaien (in Autumn) 106. Coffee flavored Coca-Cola

This is amazing thank you

Nothing beats some coffee and Paolo right before work

This episode is going to go down in YouTube history as THE definitive visitor's guide to Tokyo. Thank you Paolo, this is really awesome! I'm coming back to Tokyo in December 2018 and this has been invaluable!

Totally agree! Wish this video would have been available before we went to Tokyo for a month earlier this year!

Ok that's enough... how much do you want to be my personal guide when i will come again in japan.?!

Seems like you already done quite a lot yourself!

This video really changed my perspective of what I thought I would be able to do once I reach Tokyo. There are so many things I would not have discovered if it weren't for this video. Thanks for making this list!!

I plan to visit Japan next year with my mom. Your videos are really well done and useful. Thank you!

Enjoy Japan!

PAOLO you Da best!

Nice suggestion for me for vist tokyo... Arigato...

instant like as usual

31 done!

Paolo, now please, take a breath :D Great job with this fat list of great things to do/visit. 80 is the number from this list that I think I have done/visit.

ive been to 47 of them

Brilliant video Paolo! Going to Japan in January 2019, cannot wait and this is really helpful. Keep up the good work!

Another great and informative video Paolo, keep up the fantastic work!

How come yanaki ginka dont have anymore cats? Did they all get eaten? Ive heard asian ppl eat cat & dogs is that even true?

Paolo ☺️ You are making it easier for future tourist to explore Tokyo, Japan

Diana Of Markham Hi Diana if you’re planning to visit Japan, our channel might give you some ideas on things to do as well

Thanks for this video dude! Super helpful and I'll definitely be utilizing it for my next trip

I'll be going to Japan next month so this video is a godsend A few places you listed here are in my list-to-go as well, so I'm excited to visit them, will take note a few of your tips. Thanks Paolo!

chrizpo25 have an amazing time! So jealous!

most informative and useful video ever made. Thank you!

Hey Paolo, this video is very useful for trip planning. We watched all your other videos, but it's hard to go back and find then things we saw that we liked. This video makes it much easier as a summary. Keep up the good work.

Love this episode of your video, gives me a good summary of what places to visit in Tokyo. Any tips for restaurant in tsukiji Market with English menu and not too many tourists..? As we are visiting Japan next month.

are you Filipino?

Im going to be there next year in march, using this video as a guide 4sure.

Another great vid Paolo....! Thanks man....keep them coming...!

Dear Paolo, Marvellous vlog. How does one get to Nakamerugo? Nakamerugo should be absolutely cheereful during The blossom time. Thank You very much indeed. A

Awesome video as always Paolo! Im gokng to Tokyo in December, and wondered what the best things to do around Christmas times are. Perhaps a good video suggestion?

This video sure helps out a ton! I plan on going to Tokyo during the 2020 Olympics #GoToGuide !!! Thanks Paolo.

My fave, man

bro, me and my boyfriend just came back from tokyo. we tried uni, and we almost threw up :C

Going to Tokyo in April for the first time so this is really helpful. Thanks so much!

Wow. Epic!


How i wish i saw this before i went to japan. Maybe i maximized my stay :)

This makes me so excited. Hoping to go in 2020 with my husband and 4 kids! It looks amazing

Just got back from a 11 days trip to Japan. An amazing place to visit. With awesome food and friendly people. I only touched the surface less than 10 places out of your 101 places. Another visit is in the works. Thanks for the awesome content.

This video is so awesome & informative. Wow you really said it all here. I can’t wait to see Tokyo one day. Stay well & don’t stop making your videos. I’m a new subscriber and happy I’m here to watch you & learn all about Tokyo & all the different places, restaurants and places to visit. Greetings from New York City

I'm only 4'10" so I would fit right in ,great stuff....what was that little black ceramic "grill" you was using to cook the beef? what is it called? a brazier, obviously, but what is the official name? just curious.

This was so comprehensive! This had no dull moment, no desire to cut this video short! Great pace

I'm atleast going. For the red light district any how

Perfect timing for this video! I am going for my second time to Japan the end of October and my friend will be joining me. It will be her first time! Many things on the list that I missed and I am certainly sharing this video with her!

watching your videos is making me miss japan sooo much!!! Definitely need to visit some of these spots because 1. The food looks good and 2. love me some cute picture spots

Same here! And the worse thing is we're also uploading videos from when we were in Japan earlier this year and we're itching to go back!

Paolo... Loving ur videos, Japan is a sure tourist destination!!!


I’ve done 50 out of 101 of these things, the one thing that really sucks is that the thunder dolphin was closed the whole time I was there for maintenance and the tickets for Tokyo dome baseball were sold out.

Another great video!

Amazing video ! I've done 32 in two weeks with my little brother. Seems that we have to come back

Hey Paolo! Im moving to Nagoya, Japan in April to do part of my university degree! Have you ever been to Nagoya and is there any places etc you would recommend? Or easy ways to get to Tokyo? Your videos have made me so excited to go to Japan so please keep them coming :)

Nagoya is very big too, I'm sure there are plenty of things to do there and I think the connection to Tokyo is very easy, so you can try to do all the 101 things in this video!

Awesome video. Will be in Tokyo for just 6 days! Any tips on how to survive Tokyo with a toddler??

Maybe take him to the hedgehog cafe lol https://youtu.be/V4tnxIdHX6g

I only managed 23 but thanks to your videos and other vloggers I know more for when I go back to Tokyo. Can’t believe you missed out Japanese wrestling ( NJPW and Stardom ) at Korakuen Hall as a lot of foreign fans come over throughout the year to catch a show or two like myself.

Sometimes tourists who visit Tokyo know Tokyo better than the locals lol! Because they usually do really in-depth research

Yea we were in Tokyo too early for this video too! And we were there for a month!

I bet he'll get there soon enough and I can't wait to watch him on his journey on the way there!

This is the best Tokyo guide EVER on YouTube at the moment. I must have done 90% and still finding new places! Looking forward to do another series of unknown places next month!! Paolo... wanna do a collab?

Nice Video Paolo!

very informative and so many things to do!

Thank you sooooo much for this vlog!!! We had 5 days in Tokyo and it wasn't enough.. Our next trip back will be spent visiting a lot of your suggeations!!!!


18:51 did i just see the Statue of Liberty?

Videos are awsum! Watched like 6 one after another! Gonna be in Shinjuku in two weeks.. Lemme buy u a beer dude!

Hi there i wana have that shirt

You know about Tokyo fur more than me(I'm Japanese from Tokyo). I live in the US now and your video definitely made me want to go back to Japan. I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks Paolo!

Hello thank you so much for your videos I’m in Tokyo right now and today gone to benitsuru and o my god best pancakes ever !

OMG those pancakes look so good does anyone know where it is? I'm going to Japan in a month and I really want to try them now haha~


Whats the name of the restaurant in #7 jap pancakes. Thanks

Check the description

Hey Paolo, really love your vids man! What is the Yakiniku restaurant's name? That garlic really had me drooling..haha

Simply love Tokyo.. Have been going there annually since 2013 and there are still so many places I have yet to visit...great vid

Can you do a video about Ikebukuro? Want to know what I can do there. TQ!

It's the BEST Tokyo video guide out there! No doubt. I think you are actually knowledgeable enough to publish a book about Tokyo. I would buy it

40/101 You both worked hard on filming and editing this, so thanks for sharing!

Why would anyone dislike this video? I don't understand. Jealousy? Envy?

Love it! Thanks for all the great info!

wow ueno park is huge

+Paolo fromTOKYO ありがとうございます✨✨ 動画いつも楽しく観させてもらってます!!

Cool video! I'd like do to them all

since you are such a wonderful cartographer and business owner, i think it would be a great idea if you make a map of your “go to” tokyo haunts! it can be colorful like most of your maps are and i think tourists and soon be to visitors would find it easier to read your map! we would definitely buy a map of yours here in the states!

I love the effort you put into your videos! Definately the best video for first time visitors.

I just made a photography vlog in Japan, feel free to check it out on my channel its pretty cool

ur video is perfect !!!!!

This dude must have been absolutely trashed by the end.

Love your work, all the best!

hey, i wanna ask.. how do you manage to learn the language ? did u learn it before u come to japan ? or after ? because i really want to find a job in japan, but im struggling with the language... Do u have any recommendation what to do other than going to japanese language school ? if the only answer is the japanese language school, maybe u can make a video about it :) Thanks

awesome video Paolo! As always, thank you very much for taking the time to make it for us!

Paolo, thank you so much for this video, it's very very detailed!! Amazing!

Awesome video! You should do you 101 top foods and snacks for Tokyo specifically

Question does joyopolous still have the initial d game?

Awesome links and information guides, thank you for your effort

No, just no. NO! Being thankful for stay-in elastics that last and keep the clothes in place. And for a proper bra, and a nice slip instead of these giant granny knickers.

I took a trip to Japan for the cherry blossom season this past March and I'm so glad I found your channel before I went. I hit up so many places you recommended and everyone that came with also liked it. Can't wait to check out all these new spots for our next trip (:

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I dream of one day living in Japan!!!

There’s also an underground photo booth station on Takeshita st. / Harajuku

I am in Tokyo for the first time right now and am so glad that I watched almost all your videos over the last year, without you I would have missed so much!! Really thankful, very nice content :) WIll go to Katsu midori in Shibuya tomorrow and look out for you :D

Ive been to 67 of it only!!!! Wish I saw this vid before I came :(( Ohwell, Ill just do the others when I come back ❤️

I’ve done 26 things on the lis! For only spending a week in Tokyo I think that’s pretty good. I can’t wait to go back and do more though!

Gonna be there during Christmas! Can't wait - If I bump into you, you gotta let me take u out for some karaage!

Great video Paolo. I particular enjoy the themed neighborhoods areas of the city - even the stuff I not even into! A particular one missing from your list & a place I recommend to my book loving & sports-minded friends is Jimboucho. If I remember correctly, it also borders a small musical instrument shopping area too.


Your videos are so well shot, I'm glad I bumped into your channel! New favorite Japanese channel! Greetings from Sweden

Hey this video is great indeed :D total life saver for us (a young couple travelling to Tokyo for fist time). Don't you have all these spots in a single Google Maps I can check? Would be super helpful! Thanks

I thought I've seen most of the stuff I want to see in Tokyo on my visit, but now I feel like I have missed half of the stuff :O Thanks for your efforts to make this video! :)

Very good video, Paolo !!: I could see many places that nobody else has not shown before! Thank you very much. I am sure I will visit many of them next Hanami. Big Thanks.

Kumusta? Hope to bump onto you when we visit

Paulo I Can’t wait. My family and I are going to Tokyo in March!!! This is going to be our first time there. Is it true that Tsukiji Fishmarket closed? Was really looking forward to going there. Anyways keep up the good work! Thanks for your awesome videos. I’m sure this will help us a lot.

My family (4 kids and husband) and I are moving there next year. Thanks for this video. I cant wait to visit all these places.

Sooooooooo Much in Tokyo i didn't get to see! Wow thanks man. Japan is one of the only places in the world i would want to keep going back to. Amazing!

Good day. I’m flying to Tokyo tomorrow. Can i rent ebikes?

I'm in Tokyo right now. Reviewed this again to guide us for the remaining days we have here. Thanks Paolo.

Awesome! Glad you found the info useful SenPin TravMom!

My wife and I are visiting Japan for the first time in 3 weeks. Your Videos are helping me feel more confident about being a tourist

https://www.quora.com/unanswered/What-are-Japan-s-hidden-gems?ch=10&share=7a9dbdaa&srid=ZhI0 Can you help answer this question! Thanks

I found your channel today and subscribed instantly. I'm visiting Japan next week and your videos are really useful... Also, we have almost the same name lol

Hey Paolo, any video about Ninja' s ?

How much money do I need for one week?Family of three. Hearing that is quite expensive. It is a next thing on my wish list. So just eating,drinking and museum money. Can I retrieve money from ATM with European bank card? I was in Russia this summer, World Cup and first when I came found out that ATM doesnt cooperate with my card and also just few restoraunts work with credit cards. So as a person who carry small amount of cash Ive had some problems

Sup buddy, love to video, we are coming to Tokyo next week, what’s the name and address of the Oden place u mentioned?

Thank you for this video! I will never miss a chance for some good karaage!

Oh my god this is amazing thank you so much! Revitalized my passion to go there!

You could go to 5 different places every day, for your entire life and still not see it all in Japan. Those pancakes in Asakusa are unbelievable.

I am in love with you Channel Paolo! So many great travel tips for us, I'm looking into studying abroad in Japan so all your videos are of great help!

Hi localguy96706, Just uploaded my review on the New Tsukiji and Toyosu fish market. Let me know what you think. https://youtu.be/cl05DnHnxIw

great video and very informative! can't wait to check some of these places.

Fantastic video Paolo. A must see for anyone that is going to tokyo. Thank you!

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i wonder if 1 week is even enough D:

Thank you Paolo for the vids. Will be back in Tokyo next March . Hopefully , we can see cherry blossoms . We've done probably 65/101. Keep up the good work ,Paolo. God bless!

Are you a filipino?

Paolo, can you please visit Aikido Hombu Dojo? Thanks!!

Great job! I can’t wait to count how many things out of your 101 I’ve done. Great idea! Maybe you could do something similar for Yokohama.

Great video!! Now I want to go back to Tokyo!! Hope to return again sooner than later!

Hi Paolo can I get your email please I need to ask something. Thanks

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Thanks for watching my videos adrienne bianca san pablo! Here's a link to more information about me www.tokyozebra.com/about Also, check out my earlier videos on my channel to watch my travels in the Philippines.

I keep looking up these locations and they mostly seem pretty far from where I'm staying. I hope I can master the subway there to get around to all these great places.

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I absolutely loved this video, so many ideas and we are slowly creating a list for our trip. I´m planning on going to Japan with my mom in february/march We are a bit scared of the weather that it would be really cold but its the only free time we have. Do you have some ideas of things to do in the winter? and how the weather feels like? We dont want to overpack.

I love you pao!! I’m a fan.

68 places visited in one week. Why haven't you included the Ghibli museum?

Hi Paolo, I was planning for my Japan spring trip and happened to come across your channel. Super informational and I've managed to plan according to our preferences. Loving Maiko's colorful maps too! Thank you so much! :D

+Attila Khan There is a ninja restaurant in Akasaka!

I love your videos have you ever been to Hiroshima? X

Attila Khan oh sorry! Lol

i ask for real Ninja not a restaurant then :) +Ryan Schneider VLOGS

Great video.

Oh great video man. Nice idea. I am learning from you.

Wowwwwwwwwww! We should start hustling so we can also have our own version of 101 things for Hong Kong! Truly, your channel is an inspiration to us now after a year of not doing YT videos. Keep on inspiring others with your work!

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Awesome job with the video Paolo, can't believe there's so much to do. Maybe I'll bump into you when I visit in January haha

Hey Paolo. You did an amazing work introducing Tokyo! I enjoyed my time in Tokyo referring to your videos. Thanks to you!

Hi Paolo, been following your videos for a while now, but haven't seen any regarding hot springs. I know that you're a local, any recommendations of hot springs with views that allows tattoos in Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto? Thanks!

Spend no more than ¥300 yen not $300 dollars

WOW....Awesome video Paolo!!!! Will definitely use ur guide for my trip to Japan coming up soon, in the middle of December. Not looking forward to the cold but it's the only time I can go. Hopefully it's not too cold brrr. Would be a bonus to run into you =)

Hi Paolo this year I was in Tokyo and a the most of my trip was planned using your videos. I think that I just need to go again to complete the list. Thank you for all your hard work I think that have at least 80 of this amaizing places. My Top 5 1. 3:19 #11. Festivals 2. 8:35 #29. Yakiniku BBQ 3. 14:21 #50. Tokyo Skytree (to the top floor) 4. 19:35 #68. Joypolis 5. 16:37 #58. Uniqlo Ginza Store

In Shibuya for a week, can we meet up?

Paolo!! thank you for the advice, I will be going to Tokyo in January, but I will stay only 3 days, I want to visit all the places you mentioned!!! I will probably go homeless in Japan in order to save time and money. Thank you again from OC.

Wow. This is very perfect guide. Not in Tokyo but places where are very close, I recommend Kamakura and Takao Mountain (Takaozan). Tokyo Station is not so interesting.

Bro your chanel is amazing.. very helpful.. question though- my son is 5 years old, does he ride free on trains?

Hhahahahaaaa silly me I thought this was a top ten list

Thanks for Tokyo tour!

Thanks for watching Silverian!

JR Train Adult (12 years and older)  Adults pay the full fare.Child (6-11 years)  Children (kodomo) pay half the price of the base fare, (limited) express fee and seat reservation. However, no child discount applies to the green car fee.Young Child (1-5 years)  Up to two young children (yoji) per accompanying adult or child travel for free, while the child fare applies to any additional young child. The child fare also applies to young children who occupy a seat in the reserved seat section.Infant (0 years)  Infants (nyuji) travel for free, unless they occupy a seat in the reserved seat section, in which case the child fare applies. Tokyo Metro AdultAn adult fare applies to persons age 12 and up. However, any 12 year old who is still in elementary school is still considered a child.ChildA child fare applies to persons age six to eleven (the child fare is half of the adult fare. Figures are rounded up to the nearest 10-yen unit or rounded down to the nearest 1-yen unit if an IC card is used). However, any six year old who is not in elementary school is considered a toddler.ToddlerChildren aged one to six. Up to two toddlers can ride the subway free of charge as long as they are accompanied by an adult or a child (as classified on this page). However, a third toddler will be charged a child fare.Also, if a toddler is riding alone or with a group of toddlers, they are charged a child fare.InfantFree of charge if the child is less than one year old.

im going to tokyo by myself in a month nd i was so scared for a while but your videos have helped me win my excitement back!!! thx!!

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You have made me to miss tokyo again, hopefully i could walk again in meiji jingu and hibiya park in spring. Your videos are really great paolo san.

Hello from Sweden! I have ordered a language trip to Tokyo throught EF for 6 months, so In September 2019 I am going to Tokyo for 6month to learn its culture and laguage, Will live in a Host family and I can't wait. But I have 2 questions for now. 1. Is there festival and stuff to do in Spring too? I asume there is :) 2. When I arrive, what Airport should i aim to land in? Haneda or Narita? I have read and heard from people saying Narita, just because you can visit Narita city and its beauty. Just because they recommend me to do stuff before resting due to the jetleg afterwards:) Thanks in advance!

"When you get tired of all the eating and shopping in Odaiba..." Somehow that's not sinking in. Like at all

Hi Paolo, Love your channel. What's the name of your favorite Japanese Pancakes? I don't understand the name when you say it on the video :) Thank you!

Thanks for watching Richard W.! I always have additional information and useful links in the video description.

If u want to get lost, get inside lumine

Most travel blogs end up being uninformative and cringey, but this is a treasure trove of information and I love your presentation style. Keep it up!

Thanks Sam Jones!


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Amazing travel video. How in HELL could you afford all that food? I lived in Naka Meguru 40 years ago. GREAT. And the food? OMG!

21:03 ToshimaenのNiwanoyu、TOKYO DOME CITYのSpa LaQua もあるよ。


Your video are help a lot for my japan trip plan!! thanks a lot!

This is an amazing video! Great work and definitely added alot of places to my list to visit than I would have ever thought of.

To go to all the places you mentioned and enjoy it,without rushing,how long would yo say I’d have to spend in Tokyo ?

I just want to thank you so much for your channel! My fiancé and I are going to Tokyo for our honeymoon and have been watching your videos daily to prepare. Your videos are so informative and so well produced!!! You deserve so many more subscribers. Keep up the hard work- it is paying off! Before we leave, we are going to buy two of your Japan shirts so we can represent!

Your videos are essential for any traveler to Japan, Professionally done and very informative. Get this dude some sponsors subscribe and thumbs up.

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Hi Buddy, You video has been a great help to our family on our first visit last to Japan last year. We will visit Japan again in 2019 and again your videos are become one of our guide.... Keep doing this great work... highly appreciate what you have created.

Frankly, probably only 6 days or so to hit "everything" here at a good, but not rushed pace. While 100 things seems like a lot, most of what he mentions is concentrated in just a few areas and you can pretty much knock out 10-15 a day without much effort- squeezing in a few more for a 6 day pace shouldn't make much difference. There's still far more to Tokyo than just these 101 things- they're pretty much chosen to be 10-12 or so half day destinations rather than taking from all districts of the city. Make sure you do your research to find what you want to see personally- there are still a LOT of omissions. It's easy to find 10 days of things to do in Tokyo- and if you have more specific interests in the culture, it's easy to stay entertained for far longer. Also, at least 3 of these things- sakura, sumo and baseball, are seasonal, so actually hitting every last one will take more time, especially if you aren't allowed to leave Tokyo. (March sumo is in Osaka).

Paolo, btw can you do a scaled down vid for those who will be there end of March for 6 days? Lol. Again, great vid as always. Thank you from the Bay Area!! Touristy places appreciated but they like to immerse the local culture/places to go even more. Thanks again!!

Wow great vid. Forwarding to my DH and grown up son. They’ll be there in March. Hopefully they can hit at least half of the places that you mentioned. Hopefully they run into you in Shibuya. Lol. Thank you, very informative.

Thanks so much for your efforts to show such a brilliant and colourful Tokyo, I marked it as a perfect tour guide when come to visit Japan!

My work booked out all of Hanayashiki amusement park for a year end party (bonenkai) one year. A pretty cool retro spot.

My husband and I will be in Tokyo in April!! Your videos have been invaluable to our planning!! Thank you~

That red evo tho!!!!

I got 18–total noob

hi Paolo, can i use the DJI OSMO MOBILE Gimbal with any mobile phone?

lol took me a while to understand your tshirt. i am so slow xD

Hi man. I'm going to Japan in April. I have coeliacs disease. I realise its not an issue you and many others happened but wondered if you could shed any kind of light on what's plausible to eat. Thank you.

how long did this video take to make? well made ty!

Your list was absolutely amazing!! Sugoi!!! Tokyo is my favorite city, and this hafu-girl has visited often

this just added so many things to the bucket list

I'm going to Japan in December and i swear your videos will be my guide. So underrated my friend.

I saw you strolling past the Shibuya Crossing Starbucks yesterday. After watching your videos for the last year while planning our trip to Tokyo it was very surreal seeing you walk past. Haha! If I wasn't half way through my coffee I would have said hi!

Paolo you are great! This video brought back so many memories from my visit to Japan last year. Can't wait to visit again :D Cheers from Athens, Greece!

Thanks Paolo stumbled upon this channel 1/7/2019. It'll definitely help on my future visit

Paolo-san, why is your Japanese subtitle sound like Goku? ( I love it )

I’ve been to absolutely 0

so is the uni bun from just some vendor in tsukiji or does the place have a name?

OMGosh! Ur introduction is wayy too good!! The best I ever seen... Oh ya, how many days do I need to get these 101? Hmm..

Great video dude! This definitely very helpful for my trip to Japan But one thing, I cant quite catch your favorite Japanese Pancake place :D Where is it?

One of the best vids on Tokyo!

Thanks for showing us these 101 places. but could you put your favorites shops /restaurants in each places in descriptions?

Check the link in the description

Your girl friend look alike one Taiwan artist. 陶晶莹

I am watching this video for the second time to get more tips for my upcoming trip!

Cool channel. Very informative with great tips and good quality videos! Thank you! New subscriber here

Love this video! Its so helpful. I’m currently in Shibuya. Where can I find that uni?!

Extremely helpful ,wished my wife and icould meet you in September !

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I was in Tokyo back in October of last year and our Hotel was on Asakusa. I had such a good time I ❤Japan!

Hi Paolo, really like your videos. I will go to Japan in next March. Do you know anywhere I can buy Nyanko sensei Plush from Natsume's book of friend anime in Tokyo? Thanks so much.


hey paolo why didn't you showed also Ebisu is also part of shibuya-ku area and are a lot of restaurants and ebisu yokoccho also

Paulo, Im going to Shibuya in the summer. Any recommendations on where to stay?

I LOVE UNI :3 Well in New Zealand, we call it Kina. I eat it raw straight out of the shell. Polynesian fav.

Very informative !!! Auto subscribe

Any idea where is the place for the best omurice in Tokyo?

Is Sunshine City in Ikebukuro Tokyo permanently closed? Google Maps is saying so. Thanks

I love this video! Can you maybe add in the description all the restaurants you mentioned that you love the most for the food recommendations you showed?


I used to work in a club when i was stationed in Yokosuka, I miss ropponggi

Dear Paolo, would you have interest in helping me to promote a book? If yes, please, let me know your email address for business propositions. Best Regards,

I literally took notes while watching this video. SOOOO helpful. Thank you!

Thank you so much for such a helpful video! Going to check all of the 101 things out next autumn. Do you have any intentions of making a video how to order in Japan without knowing Japanese? At the moment I‘m at the N2 level (just passed the test yay) but my language skills still kinda suck and I‘m worried of getting into some misunderstandings for my lack communication skills. Looking forward to watch all of your upcoming videos! They are great!

Man, I'm your most recent subscriber and i love your contents! Keep Makin these amazing videos so that we can actually tour (virtually) to Japan, sitting in our homes. Anyways, love your contents and expressions

Wow, first of all - thanks for this awesome video including time stamps and google maps links on your homepage. That really really helps a lot. Dude, really, awesome! "subscribed". Oh, and congrats to your marriage and greetings from Germany. :)

I was wondering if anyone could tell me where Oaolo's favourite pancake place is. I think he said Bene Suito?? But I cannot locate that place. Probably because I spelt it nothing like it should. But thanks in advance!

Love your channel!. It has been a huge help with our trip planning. I was wondering if you could recommend a good neighborhood to stay for a family (kids are 11 and 13). Thanks!

Paolo from Tokyo would you ever think about being a tour guide is a american would come to Tokyo

Hi Paolo! Im wondering if you’re Filipino? Im currently watching your vlogs so that I would know what to expect to my upcoming trip to tokyo! Hope to see more videos! Thank youu

im planning on taking my daughter to japan she is 13 an is in love with anime do you have a video or any tips i would greatly appreciate it

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Wow, so much to take in. I need to watch this a couple more times and take notes :P Great vid!

Very helpful as I am going in August! Thank you!

Paolo! The hype is real! hahaha I'll be in Japan for the Sakura festival. Lemme know if pwede ka and let's dine together ni maiko! :)

Loved it! So much information.

This is so helpful man.. Great video

Been watching a bunch of your videos. They are truly helpful. Will be traveling around Japan for 5 week this coming spring.

Another great video. BTW the correct pronunciation of the word 'crême' in ‘crême brulée’ is 'cremm' (the 'accent circonflexe' or little 'Swiss chalet roof' or 'hat' within the word 'crême' indicates that an 's' used to occur in the word in Old French, kind of like how 'castillo' in Spanish and 'château' in French, both of which mean 'castle', are spelled slightly differently, due to French dropping the s). Anyway, keep up the great work!

My family and I will be visiting Japan for the third time (our second in Tokyo) soon and I would like to thank you for the great videos that were a real help in planning our visit. If you happen to be free while we are there, hope you'll allow us to treat you and your wife to a beer! Again, domo arigatou gozaimasu. :)

Paolo, thx for this wonderful Video. I will be in Tokio at the 17 Of February for 10 days and i hope to see everything from your amazing Video

Like :)

I have always wanted to go to Japan watching your videos make me want to go even more! Akihabara!!!!!

I'm going to Japan this March and this video helped so much!!! Thank you!

Would we also be happy to recommend hotels?

We plan a trip in October to Tokyo and Kyoto, what do you think the weather is at this time?

Hi Paolo! Where is the your fave Jap Pancakes (number 7) located and what's the name? I would like to try that. Sorry I didnt catch the name. Thanks for your videos!

WOW what a list.... a lot of people do lists like this but they are the same thing all throughout yours has so many different things and options I just dont know what to pick when im there

Hello Paolo, I've done 47 of 101 things in your video. Planning on doing more in my next one this April.

I saw a bunch of thode depachika look alike things at the train station.

bit of a tip here: breathe. and put a few pauses in here and there. it should be, for example: Hoppy Street. (pause) Hoppy Street is....(explain what Hoppy Street is). this is how it sounds in the video: Hoppy Street Hoppy Street is....(and here you explain what Hoppy Street is) there is a very short pause there. it needs to be longer. it sounds as if you're running a marathon and the viewer is running that marathon with you.

This man loves to eat! And I love watching him do it!

wow! I'm so happy to have found your channel! Me and my boyfriend are going to be in Japan for two weeks in April and I've already watched so many of your videos but this one is the best! Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge with us!

Where do you go to rollerblade or skateboard? Where do you go to see a movie? Are the movies subtitled for English speaking tourist?

Can anyone tell me the pancake places name again??? I didn't quite catch it

you 'er very cool!

Your voice is so damn calming! I really just watched this video at 3am for no reason......but I do want to do every single thing on this list now. Thanks! :)

I would recommend Nakano Broadway too for a different shopping experience! And Ikebukuro has some small K-books stores, that have second hand anime Manga game goods that are very cheap for any budget traveler! Coco Curry house was one of my favorite curry brands too, with English menu and supernice staff. And of course amazing curry. It's always important to visit a park to calm down after the mind-blowing experience, that Tokyo is. Take it easy and get good shoes for walking! Even I, who already was in Japan, could find new stuff in this video, very nice, thanks!

You don't see movies in Japan. I guess it's not as bad as before in a relative sense, but the base price is 1800 yen (~16.50 USD), compared to about 12.50 USD here. 10 years ago the exchange rate wasn't favorable so it was more like 9 USD versus 25 USD. Now it's just a 25-50% upcharge or so versus the double or triple price of before. There are some specials where it's just about 1100 yen as well. But yeah, there are major theaters in the major districts- easy enough to find most of them. I've been to super tiny theaters as well when out a bit more... maybe not so easy to find. But certainly in Shinjuku or Roppongi or whatever you can find the theater easily. While it's starting to be a bit better, you also must realize that aside for a few very major hits, there's often a pretty big delay in localization. Most stuff actually playing would have played in the West months prior. For example, in Japan right now: First Man (released October 12th in USA, released February 8th in Japan) Aquaman (released December 21st in USA, released February 8th in Japan) Only a few movies make the jump to major theaters. Most movies playing will be domestic. So, expect it to all be in Japanese. There should be an indication if a movie is subbed or dubbed, but don't expect it for very many of them.

It's great with a chance of hurricanes (typhoon). >__> Yeah. Seriously. The summer humidity tends to end around the 23rd-27th of September, so the weather is suddenly autumn. It does start to get chilly pretty fast though, so by the end of the month you can joke how autumn only lasts a few weeks. (winter doesn't start in earnest until late November or December though). Typhoon hitting the Western side of Japan are more damaging (Fukuoka, Hiroshima, up to Osaka at times). Usually in Tokyo it's fairly minimal. It's just strong winds and rain for about a day. You can usually just use the day to do stuff that is mostly indoors, hustling from the station to whatever you want to see. It's not very disruptive to a trip, BUT, may mean your airplane may be diverted or delayed, and shinkansen trains can also have service suspension. In a 10 day trip, it is not so big of a deal, but you need to accept that if you are unlucky, your schedule may be messed up by a day or so. If you are not unlucky, then it is the 2nd best weather of the year.

I need to go back. JPN is in my hear

I'm gonna need a month holiday to cover this entire list!

Thanks Paolo for your Tokyo vids. Now I and my wife know where to go on our visit.

I am going to Japan

Lots of great ideas for my second trip to Tokyo next month. Thanks!

damn that nasake fukushima commercial and damnnn on his face at 5:07 pricelessly weird if that wiman turned around the would been tripping

I am going to be staying in a Shinjuku hotel. Where can I go for an inexpensive wash and blow dry nearby. How late are they open and how much should I expect to pay? I have long straight waist length hair. Thanks!

what is the name of the fluffy pancake place? thanks!

Such an awesome video! I really want to visit Japan!!

Amazing vids! Great Job!

I'm HOPING to go to Tokyo for my 35th birthday in 2020, so these videos are a great resource. If you haven't done one already, a vegetarian-friendly Tokyo guide would be very helpful.

Best compilations of great things to do in Tokyo! Thanks!

Great video... Paolo

Wow!! Thank you for this

OMG! I felt I am in Tokyo. Awesome video. Looks like u have covered almost all.

Just found your channel and LCS'd! =] Very awesome! I noticed you said you have been in Japan for 15 years but you look young. How old are you? I'm guessing 27?

Iv done several of these. Golden Gai is easily my favorite.

HI! What's the name and address of the BEST JAPANESE PANCAKES?

This video is a gold mine! You've done it again Paolo, thanks man. I'm visiting Tokyo tomorrow with some friends for the 2nd time and we haven't even done half of this list lol

So good

Ur good bro

Please explore and share other place in japan

Done està el Dorifto ? lol nice video =)

11:33 Paolo: "I've had a lot of ice creams! But my favorite one is milk" Me: lol, wait...what?

7:06 Of course Ramen would have to be a must try in Japan! It looks fresh and I'm sure it's really delicious! Not like the trash Ramen in packet we eat here in America.

PALO IS THE MAAAN! I've taken all of Palo's advice and jumped out of my personal comfort zone and I'm on target to someday, be like Palo, I've even created a youtube channel because of him I would love some support and feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out. peace.

I hear Hiroshima is pretty bomb for both big boy and little boy

All of your video are really complete and helpful. I'm planning my trip and can't stop watching all of them!


The Yakiniku BBQ all you can eat Place you mentioned called "Anan" am i spelling that correctly?

Great info going there in a few days !

I'm going on may this will help a lot

I’m going in May 2019 very helpful videos

Love this video! But could you write the names of the restaurants you recommend? like the Katsu one - I wasn't able to understand the name of the restaurant... Thanks!

Love your video!!! Any chance you can do a video on Hokkaido? I know it’s far but I’m visiting japan this summer and I have never been to Hokkaido before. Thanks

Paolo really amazing channel!im doing a little research because im about to visit japan with 2 friends after university graduation and your video was super helpful!I think 10 days are not enough to do almost half of what u included in the video and we are planning on visiting Kyoto too!Would you recommend to focus on Tokyo on our first trip?And just visit Kyoto as a day trip?

Great video! Your channel is so helpful!!!

Can you give us advice and tips for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics. TIA

Hello. How to go to Karuizawa, just a one day trip. How much it cost the fastest train to reach that place? And what is the last trip going back to Shinjuku? Can we make it for one day to explore karuizawa? Please advise. Thank you..

What a fantastically made video. Thanks man.

Buenisiiimooo...como no engordas con todo lo que comes

do you have a list of those restaurants (and location) and food shops you recommend? Please! Im going to Tokyo for 2 weeks alone in May and i want to hit up those tasty shops you show!

Always all in the description

No Tokyo Disney??

We’re going to Tokyo in June and I am making notes as you speak! Thank you Paolo for all your help and effort!

2 Chome-1-11 Nishiasakusa, Taito City, Tokyo 111-0035, Japan Benitsuru

My FAVORITE what to do in Tokyo video, AMAZING. Entertaining, to the point, with plenty of options, THANKS

I would like to see a few mid to high end restaurants to go to for a night out in Shibuya or other places in Tokyo

Some top tips thanks you've just got a new subscriber! ☺ ♥

Hi Paolo! I don't know if you get the chance to read all of the comments on your many MANY amazing videos, but I just wanted to let you know that I just found your channel and I love it!! I've been bingeing for about 4 hours now. I was wondering, do you have any tips for navigating Tokyo with limited mobility? Not in a wheelchair, but for someone who has trouble walking long distances and needs to sit down more frequently or uses a mobilty aid like a cane? How accessible is Tokyo, or Japan as a whole? If this is already covered in one of your videos I haven't watched yet, maybe someone could direct me to it? Otherwise, a top 10 to do in Tokyo that don't require a lot of walking might be a good addition! Thank you for all of your wonderful videos!!!

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