10 Reasons Motorcycle Clubs Split

10 Reasons Motorcycle Clubs Split

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Good. Morning friends. Every. Day is a fight for. Energy. Out. Here in this weather. Really. Great thing about. Georgia. Is that. This. Is only gonna last a couple days a, couple. Months max. Good, morning. You'll. Be all right you don't have to knock that out you. Don't have to knock that away. Yeah. That won't stop you that truck. Yeah. You're not gonna fly not even a little bit. You're. Good. How. Do I have my work. Oh I'm. Filming, I'm, videoing, myself. So. You're good, I saw. You got. A little bit of icing fixing, to. Hurt. That truck at. All, you're. Welcome. Anyway, good morning my good friends. I'm. Walking. My animal, and. I. Have. A short amount of time with you this morning, because. I actually. Have. A. Meeting in about. 13. Minutes, 15. Minutes maybe something like that so. Guess. I get to get straight to the point for once, so. I get this I, get. This email this, morning. Dear. Black dragon. Club. Is falling apart. Actually. I got this email a long time ago but I just, saw it this morning dear. Black dragon the motorcycle, club is falling apart. The. President. Seems. To think it's okay to, give. Away our patches. He's. Going for quantity, not quality. He. Feels the more members. He has and seats. The. Better off the MC will be therefore we have stopped prospecting. For. The most part, we. Are giving away patches. So. You have the blind leading the blind. Also. The. President, seems, to think that. Rules. Can be relaxed, to the. Point that nothing. Is accomplished, in meetings, we. Just sit around and have a big hug, fest drunk. Fest hangout. Fest. No. Business gets accounted for the. Club's money is coming up missing. Officer. Positions, are not being taken. Seriously. Responsibilities. Are not being fulfilled and, we, are sitting around in groups arguing. Spending. More time arguing than even riding motorcycles. We. Don't like each other anymore. All. This is a breakdown. And discipline. Which. Folds, into debauchery. As. Officers. Are sleeping with. And. Fraternizing. With the, women. In the club. Pillow. Talk is taking. People's conversations. And. Turning. Them into rumors. Straight. Out lies. And. This pillow talk is causing, folks. That used to be friends. To. Now be sworn bitter enemies and. The. Leadership. Takes. No responsibility. And. No. Action. To. Fix our situation. Instead. They. Keep bringing in more people. Without. Qualifications. Sometimes. Without. Even on my motorcycle. And, they, sit by while the. Situation worsens. The. VP. Has. Taken, quite a distinctive, line. At. Night in the. Evenings when people, get off work. The. VP. Holds. Sidebars. And, in. These sidebars. He, plans, with.

Other Members, that. Takeover of the MC. They. Sit around and talk about how unqualified, the president, is but yet no one will confront him in a, meeting. All. It is is talk talk talk behind. His back. Except. For, when. They feel like they. Have enough members. To. Come forward in the COO and. Challenge. Him for the presidency. But. The funny thing about it is, most. Of those folks have so little time in the MC world. They. Have absolutely not one damned idea of, what. They're doing. Them. Taking over the MC. Will. Be a further. Compilation. Of the blind leading the blind. They. Stab each other in the back and trade, each other secrets. None. Of them can be trusted with one another. To. Add insult. To injury. They. Call each other up on the phone while. Others. In the club are listening. And. Then. Talk silently, between themselves, after. Taking one members. Trust. For. Taking the senior officers, trust a junior, officers tape, recording, him on the phone so the. Other junior officers can sit. And plan his demise. They. Fight amongst each other the officers, in, front. Of, the. Junior members and prospects. And they, thought they fight in front of hang around and. The other day they were fighting. In. Front. Of other clubs. It. Gets even worse black dragon. Someone. In our club called the dominant. To. Discuss with them our inter club business and. Tell. On our president. In. One, meeting, two. Members got so mad, they. Got up and they swung on each other a third. Member pulled out a gun in. The meeting and. I. Asked myself as. I consider. Turning in my patch. How. Far does it go, when. Does it stop, what. In the hell is wrong with these people they used to call themselves brothers I. Fear. A black dragon that. My. Motorcycle, club, it's. Going to split up and, I. Don't know where it went wrong. We. Used to hang out and we used to ride and we used to be friends. We. Started making money. The. Club started becoming very popular. Sometimes. We were making more money than most people would see and. Their, personal businesses. And. That's when the money started. Becoming. Increasingly. Less. Accounted. For. Excuses. Started to. Become. To. Take place of, financial. Accounting. One. Member. Recently. Asked to see the books, and he. Was set upon. Actually. Beaten. Up he. Called. The president, a thief. The. President, broke his jaw. Where. Is it gone wrong black dragon is it. When. We started just taking in prospects. And. Turning, them into patch, members, after. Only hanging, around the club and being with the club for 20. Or 30 days I. Wasn't. The money that we started making I. Wasn't, the greed of the president. Or. His inner. Cabinet I. Don't. Know what's going along here. And. I don't know how to turn it around. And. I won't say our club name and I hate that I've told you so much of our club business. But. I love of my motorcycle club, I have. Given my all to it. And. I'm in tears as I write this. Even. I was threatened and. I. Will kill somebody. Dear. Black dragon, what. Has gone wrong. Well. My friend. Thank. You for watching my channel. And. I certainly appreciate. Your situation. Believe. It or not, I've. Seen, many similar things and, throughout. My nearly 30 years on. The motorcycle, set. And. I, can tell you that. To. Probably, be easy to make a list as. To. The. Ten great reasons, why. Motorcycle. Clubs split. Up. But. The. List would be. Inadequate. Because. There. Are a lot of reasons why. Motorcycle. Clubs split up. But. We. Can break it down into categories. The. First category will, be communication. Motorcycle. Clubs like. Any other organization. Must. Have strong communications. Communication. Is the, bedrock of, agreement, and understanding, if.

We're Going to communicate we must speak the same language. We. Must speak a language where we accept. Certain. Truths to. Be self-evident, for. Instance if we were going to talk about the atmosphere, we. Would have to first of all agree if. We're going to talk about the sky, what. Is the sky it's, not the forest. Although. Some people might want to call it that well. If you want to call the sky the forest, and I want to call the sky the, mountains and he, wants to call the sky the sky we, have no basis for. Communication. So. Now that we've all agreed that. The, sky is up there the next, thing we have to agree is what's a fair sky. And if, you think it's purple and I think it's yellow and he. Thinks it's red and. Someone. Else thinks it's blue we, don't have a. Communication. Scheme. By, which we can all communicate. And, get. To a standard, so. We've got to all agree on what color it is so, communication, is more, than just two people talking about talking. About talking at. One, another, communication. As, an. Understanding of the. Language that we're speaking and that's where MC protocol, becomes. So vital. MC. Protocol, allows. Dominant. Males and, a. Type personalities, to. Hang out together. Because. We have agreed, there, is a certain standard, of conduct and this. Standard of conduct is what will be accepted. And. We. Find that as good. Number. Two. Then. Being. That. Motorcycle. Club split because there is a decision, by, more, than one person by a group of people maybe. By one person that, we're not going to follow the bylaws that one, person is often the president, and. The. President can't make that decision without. The, agreement of his, senior staff. So. When the president and the senior staff, agree. That it's okay, to. Push away the. Bylaws. And. The. Protocol, by. Which we operate, then. We can get started down a slippery slope. Oftentimes, it starts with the meetings. The. Bylaws, will say we must have two meetings a month they. Must be on the first and on the 20th, this. Slope starts when folks say well maybe, we only need to meet once a month. The. Bylaws will say we need to cover these things in the violence old news, old business, new business. Finances. Motions. To. Order. Well. We don't need a financial, report this time. Let's, start paring, away little by little at the rights and responsibilities. The. Club begins to slip, and. When the club begins to slip, the. Club begins to split. The. Next one number, three is greed, we. Can never get away from greed, what. Turns people is the almighty dollar I've. Often seen great clubs. Start. To perish when. They start making big money. And. Also. The. Greed. Of. Preferential. Treatment. It's. Good to be the king. You. See it when a president says well we're gonna, suspend. The. We're. Gonna spend the election suspend the elections this year. That. Must be enabled. By enabler. So. Then number. Four. Greed. Least. Often. To theft. And, when you see things in the motorcycle, club start to disappear, and, nobody. Take, responsibility. The. Next thing you'll see is, chaos and the club begins to split number. Five. Often. Times there is a relaxation, of. The. Rules. To. Get in the club. This. Relaxation, could be for many reasons we're, at war and we. Need to take people in and we need them now we need to buff these numbers up and build them up we, got to get down, or. We. Got low numbers we, need to pick up the numbers we, couldn't barely afford to pay here the club rent that. Guy didn't have a motorcycle, but he's got a pocket full of money let his ass in. Oftentimes. When you relax the rules one time you. Have to relax them again and again and again and again. It's. Easier, to relax the rules and. Not. Keep the standards, up. Five. Sometimes. There's just hatred and jealousy. Jealousy. And motorcycle, clubs leads to club splits. Hatred. A vexation. Of the spirit a, vexation. Of the soul. People. Out on their own personal, agendas and all, they want to do is destroy six the. Rumor mill. The. Rumor mill comes. When. People. Become. Afraid or they get their rights taken and. They're not able to adjust things in the meetings that address, things in church a lot. Of times a motorcycle. Club ain't having no church. So. Now they got to start talking between. Themselves among, one another. They. Stopped looking each other in the face and talking onto eye. They. Begin talking behind, each other's backs. Figuring. Out, how. To destroy one another seven, the, motorcycle, club stops riding. It's. Been more. Time fighting in, meetings.

Then. You spend writing because writing is, lovemaking. Every. Relationship must, have some lovemaking. And. Riding. Motorcycles. With. The pack, it's. Like making love to a beautiful one. You're. Happy, all the time the only thing that can screw it up is if your motorcycle ain't, working I did, a video called, broken. Trip and I. Invite you all to look at the video called broken. Trip because it's all about the Black Sabbath and how. We interact it's just a video of us hanging. Out on. A night that we went down to. Bless in a new chapter and Buford. South Carolina and everybody's. Motorcycle, broke oh my, goodness. And. Guys. Were upset. Their wives were getting ready to tear their asses up nobody. Got home before 3:00 in the morning and we, just sat out all night. 200. Miles away from home with. A big ride ahead of you still got you still got a ride Oh. We're like 400 miles away from home just got to ride four or five hours, to, get home even after the, guys show, up with. The, width. Of trailers to pick up the bikes, but. During that trip, where everything, broke and I have another video we. Call ride and ride. And rolling and fixing it we, were riding across the country and, everywhere. Every stop we pulled in to get gas we, had to lay underneath the bikes and put, them together with bubblegum. Cable. Tie plastic. Tie tie wraps, we. Were doing everything we could, Ryder died threatened to shoot me because I was laughing at his Harley. You. Guys always on these Harley's break down all the time. Point. It to his gun I said. You're gonna shoot me if, you say one more word about my Harley it's over those, times, when we're on our motorcycles, having a great time. It's. When we build our relationships, even on a broken, trip even, on a ride. Stop. And fix ride stop and fix go riding across the country rider dies bags. Fell, off his motorcycle, at 110, miles an hour and, we had to walk down the street for two miles, picking. Up his belongings, boy. What a blast, you, people stopped riding and you stopped having fun, and. You start hating and getting, in groups. To. Destroy one another. Eight. You, lose your honor. Motorcycle. Clubs are about honor if. You. Are honorable. You. Cannot. Hurt a brother, you. Cannot, stab him in the back you. Cannot, fight him for. Weeks and weeks and months and months and years and years on end if. You have honor you. Must find a way you. Must discover away you must fight for way. To. Get along with your brother even, when, times are bad. And. When. We lose honor. Number. Nine. We. Become. Venomous. And, we. Use lose, and we, and we begin to pick up law we, lose loyalty, when. You lose honor you you'll, lose loyalty. My. Mother used to say I. Hate. A liar. Because. If you lie you'll cheat and if, you cheat you'll still. So. When you lose your honor you. Lose your loyalty, and, that's. When we see people calling. Out, of our motorcycle. Clubs. Trying. To tell on the president and. This. Kind of crap but he lost loyalty and honor -. You. Gotta have loyalty. Motorcycle. Clubs split because someone, loses, the loyalty you sleep with someone's wife that's. Dishonorable. And, there's. No loyalty and, when you have no loyalty you have no Brotherhood, there. Is no Brotherhood, without loyalty I've got to be able to trust your ass and. If you ain't worth a, you aren't my brother if you would sleep with my woman or steal, my money or trample. On my rights as a member. Or take, away my vote. Or. Silence. My. Objections. You. Are dishonorable. Disloyal. There is no trust and there, is no Brotherhood. And. Ten. When. You've lost the loyalty, and you've. Lost the honor. You. Lose the desire to want, to do it anymore. And. That's. How you destroy, your MC. I'm. Black dragon I. Appreciate. You for tuning in. Have. A productive, day. And. Get skinny.

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Something is very wrong with the club you are talking about.

You speak the truth wise man. I turned mine in with the split. Tired of fighting for what was right. All what you have explained is so true. Where does the fun go? No Respect, no Loyalty, no Loyalty no Brotherhood! LAR Black Dragon Ride Free

I watch your videos often and they're very informative for me

cant fix something when u dont know where its broke...take it apart from the top to the bottom.regroup divide rebirth

back bitters

they lock me out of ur live feeds Sir.

Much respect sir!

That was a very heavy episode. I hope the guy who wrote that letter comes out OK. Must be frustrating dedicating your life to a club, then watch it fall apart.

Black Dragon, here's the thing: How to write the punishment section of the bylaws? My club has done all the duties and rights of all members, the position of the club related to the exterior trends and all, but we don't have a punishment section and I want to get that cleared asap.

In my book Sergeant at Arms Bible I've written a lot of that for you.

Call me a thief I break your jaw. Lol

Good Afternoon BD, such a mess with adults, we don't join any MC to be played with or just give away hard earned money!, We have our families and friends outside the Biker World that already does that to us!

iv seen all these issues happen in my life time riding with my brothers hard at times with all those situation exactly too much talk talk talk well said.

Side bars kill chapters...VP should be right hand man and protect CP...stabbing in the back is a very true thing...betraying trust is also true...man he is on point!

Missed your live feed have a great weekend and ride safe black dragon

Hi black

Like your site & info

You so daym full of Drama, No way this letter is real, you must be making this Shit up.... LoL

You would truly be surprised.

Sgt at arms needs to do his fucking job! Nobody throws punches on another member in church unless it is the Sgt at arms! If the president is an issue and money is missing it’s the Sgt at arms job to address the situation. Money is the responsibility of the treasurer and if he is failing the SA needs to talk to him and find the breakdown.

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