12/19/17 Metro Council Meeting

12/19/17 Metro Council Meeting

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Well. The meeting please come to order. Well. All members, of the council as well as the public please rise for, the invocation and, remain standing for the Pledge of Allegiance the. Invocation this evening will be offered by Councilman Anthony Davis. Thank. You vice mayor Hill please, pray with me. We. Meet to serve we. Meet to serve our community, to, use our resources wisely, and, well to. Represent all members of our community fairly. To. Make decisions, that, promote the common good, we. Recognize, our responsibilities, to the past in the future and the. Rights and needs of both individuals, and community. As. Trusted. Servants we seek blessings, on our deliberations. And on, our efforts here today may. We act wisely and, well, amen. That. Objection will suspend the calling and we're all and asked the clerk to record the names of those members present throughout the meeting is there a motion for, adoption in the minutes of December, 5th, 2017. Without. Objection those minutes will stand approved as written, madam, clerk is there any communication with the mayor no. Mr. vice mayor there is no communication from the mayor. Thank. You madam chair we now move to elections, and confirmations, is a. Report. From the. Rules confirmations. In public elections committee council lady Karin Johnson. Thank. You vice mayor we. Do have a report from the Rules Committee the rules, committee reviewed, the. Reappointment, of mr.. Roy Dale boy, term is firing October, 31st, 2021. And the, reappointment, of Miss animatics. For term expiring. October, 31st, 2021. To the stormwater. Committee. And. The. Rules Committee voted. Six, four zero against. And I, moved for approval on both. There. Is a motion for confirmation, of. Mr.. Roy Dale and myths, animatics, to the stormwater management committee, it's been properly seconded all. In favor, opposed. Motion, carries. That. Brings us thank you is, there anything else from the rules and confirmations, committee counsel a Johnson yes, its vice chair of the rules confirmation, in public lessons committee, I'm, called, upon to notify his body of a, clerical, error, that, appeared, in the minutes for the Metropolitan. Council meeting, that, occurred, December. 3rd 2013. At. That. Meeting the council, approved the appointment of, mr.. Melvin, black to. The Metropolitan. Development and, housing agency. For a five-year, term that. Was intended, to expire, on November. 5th 2018. However. As the, result, of a typographical. Error mr.. Blacks term was. Inadvertently. Described, in the minutes as expiring. On November, 5th 2017. This. Was an inadvertent mistake. And I, hereby move to amend, the minutes for the meeting of December 3rd, 2013. To. Reflect, that determine. Appointment. Of, mr. Melvin black be recorded, as expiring. On November. 5th. 2018. Is. There a second. Any. Discussion all, in favor opposed. Motion carries, that. Brings us to the motion to reconsider are as 2017. 966. Verger weiner and others authorizes. The employment, of leave curb razor Hyman and Bernstein, LLP as, special counsel to investigate claims. Against. Manufacturers, and distributors of, prescription, opioids, that have been that, have wrongfully, caused drug addiction in Davidson County. Mr.. Jamison if you could. Let. The council know the procedural. Posture of this motion. Pursuant. To rule 35 a motion, to consider is automatically, pushed to the next meeting this is that next meeting the motion is not debatable it's an up or down vote if. The motion is disapproved, the previous approval of the resolution stands. And we proceed to the next item on the agenda if. The motion is approved you were reverted, back to the condition of the resolution. At the, time at the last meeting prior to its approval and debate may ensue. Are. There any questions about the. About. The process. No. Counsel, Amy Allan thank you just to be very clear the. Condition. That we're going back to was a motion to approve is that correct, okay thank you. Anything. For the council. A. So. Can we make any comments on the bill no ma'am all right thank you for that clarity you're welcome, councillor, Henderson. Thank. You vice mayor while I appreciate mr. Jameson's, explanation. Could.

You Then further clarify. If, you want this to happen you are voting this and so forth because I wonder if in layman's layman's, terms indeed thank you sir I. Am. Indeed a layman. So. The. 30 of you voted in favor, of the. Resolution at, the at, the last. Council. Meeting if you want that vote, to stand you're. Gonna vote no right now. If. You want to go back and have, further debate and reconsider. The, previous, approval, you're, gonna put yes. Was. That, adequate. Indeed sir thank you thank you. Madam. Clerk you'd open the machine. Johnson, Kemsley hurt. Em, Clark if you'd close the machine and tally button. 1. In favor 31, against, one abstention motion, fails I did, omit. The. Recognition, of mr. Dale and miss Maddocks. So and, I do apologize for that but I was trying to move this along as I do sometimes. So, we would all like to recognize, those citizens who were confirmed, tonight if. You'll please stand as I call your name and remain standing. Until all have been called mr.. Roy Dale M is animatics. To the stormwater. Committee. We. Certainly. Do appreciate your, willingness, to serve and, volunteer, your time on behalf of the. City of Nashville so thank you very much. I'm. Gonna slow down. And. Count slave and race you have presentation. Thank. You. Thank. You very much I am, very, pleased to be here this evening to present, a resolution recognizing, the Nashville Songwriters Association. As. It celebrates its 50th anniversary. Many. Of you may, or may not realize, that I worked with songwriters. From 1985. To 1998, as an, independent, publisher. And, music. Promoter but. Also served, at BMI, where our fellow, council member Jeff's Iroquois, and I first met in 1998. Three, 2007. So a log of my career has been in support, of songwriters on, behalf of Councilman Syracuse, who co-sponsored. This, resolution, with me I'm. Sorry, that he's not here tonight he's actually in China with. BMI, representing, songwriters, there as well so that speaks, to our our. Why. We brought this forward and oh and I would like just if I, can if I can get a show of hands of council members who have ever written the song. All. Right. There. You go a. Resolution. Recognizing the Nashville Songwriters Association, International. As it celebrates its 50th anniversary. Whereas. The Nashville Songwriters Association, International. NSA. I was. Established in 1967. And is the world's largest not-for-profit. Songwriters. Trade association. With, more than 5,000. Active and professional, members and. Whereas, the. NSA, is dedicated. To protecting the, rights of, and serving aspiring, and professional, songwriters, in all, genres of music and. Whereas, NSA, i--first advocacy, efforts achieve success in 1970. When, the major Nashville, record label company started including songwriters. Names on album packaging, ultimately. Helping, legitimize, songwriters, work in the industry, and, whereas. In 1988. Former. NSA I executive. Director, Pat Rogers elevated. The association, scope by, creating, the NSA i/o regional, workshops program. Venice, AI professional, division and taking. Advocacy, work to a new level in Washington DC. And. Whereas, the, NSA, I now, spearheads, number. Numerous, copyright, protection, and songwriter advocacy, efforts in Washington DC and, beyond, like.

In China. Whereas. In 1992. NSA, I created, the week-long songwriters. Festival, ten pan south where. As it has become the largest song, writer only festival, in the United States, featuring, an approximately, 100, shows and 400 songwriters, and whereas. The slogan, of the NSA I it, all, begins, with a song conveys. The songwriters, are the foundation, of Nashville's, music, industry, and whereas. The Nashville Songwriters Association, international. Acts, as a unifying, force within, the music community and is committed to protecting the, rights of songwriters, and future, songwriters, and songwriting. And. Whereas, it is fitting, and proper that, the, Metropolitan. Council recognizes, the, Nashville Songwriters Association, International on. Their, 50th anniversary and. Which, is some continued, success in their endeavors now, therefore be, it resolved, by the Metro Council the Metropolitan, Government of Nashville and Davidson, County that. The Metropolitan, Council, the. Metropolitan, Council hereby, goes on record as recognizing, the Nashville Songwriters Association, International, as it, celebrates its 50th anniversary. Thank. You so much. Hi, I'm Jennifer Turnbow, I'm the senior director of operations, for the Nashville Songwriters Association. At. First like to thank councilwoman. Van reese and the entire council for, this recognition, we updated so much songwriters. Are such an integral part of our community and we're so proud to have been here for 50 years serving. Such an amazing, constituency. We. Are over, there on Music Row every, day working. To improve. The, livelihoods. Of professional. Songwriters, and to teach people, who are interested, in the craft and business of songwriting how, this whole thing works. We. Are, continually. Doing this, on a day to day basis, in fact you'll be hearing that we have a new, bill in Congress, as of this week called the music modernization, act that's going to help songwriters, get paid more. Appropriately, from digital, platforms. So, this is an ongoing effort, we're proud of what we do we're so proud to be part of this community and we thank you all so much for this. Usually. When you have a surprise party that you. The. Surprise is the party. Tonight. We. Have mr., Doug Sloan who is here tonight and the, surprise is that he was supposed to come at the next meeting so. This. Is a. Guess. Of all, the Metro employees, that have. An influence over the Metro Council. On, a. Daily basis, there's no, one in the last few years who's had more of an influence over our business, than. The, director of the planning department so although we will, recognising. Him at a future date after, we've adopted the resolution I did, want to acknowledge the. Presence of Doug Sloane the outgoing planning director. And thank. Him personally on my behalf and, I think on behalf of this room for his service to the city of Nashville and wish him and his family the best as he moves on to another role in our, city thank you very much. And. We, look forward to seeing you again soon. That. Brings us to the consent agenda, the. Following items. Are currently on the consent agenda, RS. 2017. Nine. Eighty seven. Through. Nine ninety, two. And. Nine. Ninety six through nine ninety eight. Any. Other items that should be taken, off the consent agenda. Seeing. None if you'll bear with me for a minute. Rs2000. Seventy nine eighty seven Leonardo varchar and others authorizes. The, director of public property to purchase various flood prone properties, for the Metro Metro water services, are. S 2017, nine, eighty eight council, eighty virture, authorizes. Department of law to compromise, in settle the property damage claim of Efrain, Montes, de oka, against, Metro in the amount of, $8,700. Cars. 2017. 989. Council, ad virture authorized. The Department of Law to compromise and settle the personal injury claim of Carol slate against Metro and the amount at one hundred and twenty five thousand, dollars hours, 2017. Nine ninety whether Syracuse, and others approves. A transportation alternatives. Program grant from the Tennessee Department of Transportation to, the Metro Parks and Recreation Department, to, provide funding, for the construction of, a multimodal, path and elevated, boardwalk from, the Cumberland, River pedestrian. Bridge to. The opry mills complex. Our, s 2017, nine ninety one virtue and Gilmour approves. A grant from the Tennessee Department of Health to the Metro Board of Health to provide HIV, STD.

Viral. Hepatitis prevention, services. For, the management surveillance. And reporting, of, communica. Community. Of all diseases. Or. As 2017. 996. O Calvet nein Elrod, authorizes. In the industrial-strength. Marketing. To construct, and install an aerial encroachment, at 1401, 5th Avenue north and. In. Our, s 2017, 997. Council lady Mina Johnson councilman bending, recognizes. Doug Sloan upon his departure from the Metropolitan, Planning Department and, our, s 2017, 998. Councilman. O'Connell, recognizes. The Ryman. Auditorium, the. Mother Church of country music, and it's 125, years. In Nashville as music, city's most, famous and respected music. Venue. Committee. Reports. Cantilever. Chair budget. And finance. I'm. Sorry counselor there you go. Not. A problem vice mayor thank you vice mayor. Resolutions. 2017. 9 87, through. 992. Was. Recommended, for approval by. Budget and Finance 14. 4-0. Against. Thank. You councillor Gilmour health hospitals, and social services. Councilman. Wrote in parks library and recreation. Thank. You mr. vice mayor parks, library Recreation approved, two, zero one seven nine and zero six. In favor zero, against. Council. Lady minute Johnson, planning zoning historical, Thank. You vice mayor planning. Zoning historical, I recommended, for approval resolution. RS. 2017. Nine, h7. And rs.20. Seventeen, 996. 11. 4-0, against. Thank. You council ad it kind of councilman. Elrod public, works. Works. Recommend approval resolution, seven excuse, me nine eighty seven, and, nine. Nine. Six eight and favor zero against. Did you attend the health hospitals, committee, do. You have the report. We. Look on council a Gilmore's desk. All. Right okay Kent. Don't suppose you'd like to provide. The report. Councilman. Hastings can you give the report on RS. 2017. 9 91 and 992. All. Right for 991. 2017. 991. There. Was. President. Well hold, on one second. That, was for that, were for. And none against or. 9, 91 and also. On. 2017. 992, that. Were 5. 4 and 0 against, Thank You counsel counsel a Karen Johnson rules confirmation, Thank. You vice mayor the, Rules Committee, approved. RS. 2017. 997. 6-0, and. Rs.20. 17, nine nine eight six. Zero. Is. There a motion to approve the consent agenda, yes mr. vice mayor I move for approval all, resolutions. On the consent, agenda there's, a motion second all in favor opposed. Motion carries. The consent agenda has approved our s 2017, 779. Councilman. Elrod amends. Ordinance a number, of BL 2016. 235 to increase permanent fees for closures in the right-of-way permit. High impact, area. Councilman. Elrod media, reports please don't leave her, Thank, You vice mayor at the request at a sponsor a Budget and Finance recommended. Approval to defer to the second meeting in March 14, 4-0, against Rimmel run well, the works made the same recommendation. Eight in favor zero against was since this is the third deferral. I'll move to definitely. Defer these. Public. Works is in the middle or excuse me the finance department is in the middle of a fee a studying, a public works fees and this, resolution the next to deal.

With That so I'm going to defer these until, that. Comes in hopefully, at the end of January middle of February is what the consultant that I was on the phone with him last week told, me so I moved to indefinite, defer this resolution. Motion. To defer indefinitely, he's properly seconded, all in favor opposed. Motion carries. RS, 2017. 780, councilman, elrod amends, ordinance. Number BL 2016. 235 to, create a fee for, a right-of-way site management, plan permanent councilman. Elrod meteor, voice please absolute virtue Thank You vice mayor that question our sponsor budget of Finance recommended, to defer to the second meeting in March 14, 4 0 against. Bob. Works recommend deferral to the second meeting March 8th in favor zero against but I moved to move move, this to defer it indefinitely. Thank. You councilman there's, a motion to defer indefinitely, it's properly seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries. RS, 2000, 17 1781, councilman, elrod requests. That all fee revenue from right-of-way. Temporary, closure permits be used for staffing expenses. And other direct costs of administering, such permits councilman. Elrod meaty, reports please I'm. Steve Archer Thank You vice mayor the requested sponsor Budget, and Finance recommended. Deferral to the second meeting in March 14, 4-0, against councilor, no run of works recommending the Fertile second meeting in March 8 in favor zero against but I moved to firt indefinitely, motion. To four indefinitely, its properly seconded, all in favor opposed. Motion carries. RS. 2017. 986. Approves, an Economic, Community Development, incentive grant to be made to the Industrial Development Board for the benefit of Philips, holding, us, a incorporated. Councilman. O'Connell. Miss. Vice mayor committee reports please I'm sorry virtua Thank You vice mayor a Budget and Finance recommended. Approval thirteen for one against. Carl. Thank You mr. mayor you like to move approval there's. A motion to approve it's properly seconded all, in all. In favor, opposed. Madam. Clerk fuel up in the machine. If you, councilman. Hagar. Nope. Machine. Votes are machine, vote sir. That's. All right. Ma'am. Clerk to feel close a machine to Ally vote. 28. In favor one, against three abstentions motion. Carries. RS. 2017. 993. Council. A virtue comes from withers approves a grant from the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development to, the nash grier advancement. Center to establish programs to prepare adult. Service recipients, for employment, council. A version. Thank. You vice mayor budget and finance recommended, approval 14, for zero against.

That's. My withers Thank You mr. vice mayor the personnel, public information, Human Relations and, Housing Committee met today however we lacked our quorum in order to take action on this measure. Thank. You yes when I reach out to you this week about that council. Your turn I move for approval motion. To approve its properly seconded, all in favor opposed. Motion carries. RS. 2017. 9 94 council, a Burchard councilman whether as approves a grant from the Tennessee Department of. Labor. And Workforce Development to, the Nashville career advancement, Center to establish, career services for eligible adults youth, and dislocated. Workers with, barriers, to employment education. Training and support, services to succeed in the labor market, council ad voucher Thank You vice mayor committee report councilman, withers Thank. You mr. vice mayor likewise, the personnel, public. Information. Human Relations and Housing Committee met this afternoon but lacked a quorum in order to take an action on this measure thank, council. A virgin Budget, and Finance recommended. Approval 14, 4 0 against, and I move for approval. There's. Motion to approve it's properly seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries. RS. 2017. 995, council a voucher councilman, withers approves, an amendment to a grant from the Tennessee Department of, Labor and Workforce Development to. The Nashville, career advancement, Center to administer, programs and, services. Council, a varchar tomato reports councillor, withers thank, you mr. vice mayor once again the personnel, public information, Human Relations and Housing Committee met, this afternoon but lacked a quorum in order to take action, on this measure Thank You counsel counsel a budget. And finance recommended, approval 14, for zero against, and I move for approval, this. Motion approve its properly seconded, all in favor, opposed. Motion carries. That's. The end of our regular resolution, docket I'm councilman, Davis Scott Davis are you seeking recognition with, the late file resolution. Or urn um. Thanks. Sir that. Brings us to bill on introduction, and first reading without. Objection we'll take them all together is, there a motion to approve Bill's. On introduction, in first reading this. Is a motion a second all, in favor, opposed. Motion carries. That, brings us to bills on second, reading BL. 2017. 865. Elrod, Freeman and others amends. The metro code regarding, the Department of Public Works reporting, requirements, councilman, elrod. Committee. Reports please am I the only one yes sir public, works recommend, deferral to the second meeting in March. 8 and favor zero against and I so move a motion. To defer to the second meeting in March is properly seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries. Aras. BL 2017. 941 council, lady allen amends. Of metro code to establish, a commercial, permanent parking program. Council. E Allen right. Thank You mr. vice mayor your committee reports please councilman, hagar traffic. And parking, sponsor. Moved to defer it to meetings, for 4 0 against. Kelly. Yellen thank you mr. vice mayor I'm still working with Public. Works traffic. Department and. Also want to get input from the traffic and parking commission so I would move, to defer to. Meetings to the second meeting in January there's no motion deferred of the second meeting in January is properly seconded all in favor opposed.

Motion Carries. BL, 2017. 953. Councilman, withers. Amends. A metro code to restrict door-to-door, commercial, solicitation to, daylight hours and to revise, eligibility. Provisions. For. Issuance of a permit. Councilman. Withers. Thank. You mr. vice mayor could I get committee reports please counsel Roberts, Thank You mr. vice mayor public safety beer and regulated, beverages, voted for in favor zero, against, that's one withers mr.. Vice mayor I actually need to move an amendment to the bill there's, a motion to amend. It's. Properly seconded. All in favor, opposed. Motion. Passes. You're on your bill as amended thank mr. vice mayor just as, a brief comment this, bill, arises, from constituent, feedback with regard to. What. The hours. Would be for commercial door-to-door solicitation, we determined. That there were no set. Our limitations. For that and. So I brought, forward a bill, to. Set hours for, that I have received feedback from some, industry folks that engage in that business, and we have agreed to a compromise which is that the. Hours. During which door-to-door. Commercial, solicitation can, occur would, be sunrise, in, the morning and in, evenings, would be 7:00. P.m. or sunset, whichever occurs later, as we know during the season that we're in right now sunset, happens before 5:00 industry. Folks wanted to have at least a couple hours potentially. In the evenings to continue that business and so we arrived, at that compromise. Which is, memorialized. In the amendment, that was. Moved today there, was also some. Discussion, with. Regard to updating. The language and eligibility, requirements, I have. Engaged. In some communication. With the public defender, and some other interested parties we've, decided to do is to. Just. Take. That matter up separately as it seems, to require a little bit more discussion. So, what, the bill does today is it simply. Revert. To the current language that's in the code with regard to the eligibility requirements. But does set the hours as being sunrise, 2:00, in the morning to 7:00 p.m. or sunset which ever is later or, the hours, when that's eligible and. Just. Want to give a plug while I'm well I'm up here that folks who are interested in entering. Their house into the do not knock list should contact. Metro clerk and. With that I renew, my motion to approve motion, to approve its, properly seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries. The. Au 2017. 983, accounts, when anthony davis and other amends, a metro code to require certain information for the assessment. Of economic, and community development incentives, councilman Anthony Davis thank you vice mayor committee your council, overturn Thank. You vice mayor budget and finance recommended, approval as amended, 12 for 2, against. Withers. The, Christopher's. Mayor as, previously. Noted the personnel. Public information, Human Relations and Housing Committee did meet this afternoon, however we lacked a quorum to make a recommendation thank, you sir thank you if I could go ahead and move my minute and just go bolt that on to the bill there's.

A Motion to amend it's. Properly seconded council a Murphy are you seeking recognition at, this point later okay there's. A motion. Amend is properly seconded. Councilman. Glover on the amendment. Just. Just a very quick question and just for some clarity, mr.. Jamison you'd said yesterday this could even be amended up to third reading I just want to clarify that okay. Thank. You Thank You vice mayor thank, you there's. A motion to amend is properly seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries. You're on your bill as amended if, I can move approval as amended with an explanation. Its, properly seconded the floor is yours Thank. You vice mayor first, I wanted to say thank you again to all my co-sponsors, many. Of you and of course to the mayor's office of, economic development, Matt. Nash fir'd worked with me a lot on this bill and all the input received, also. To all the Nashvillians, that emailed we, were we were getting a lot of emails and that showed up tonight, clearly. In support of the ordinance. Some. Of the proponents of this bill. Aptly, I think titled it that do better bill, I. Believe, because simply by asking questions on, the front end of these projects, we can get companies thinking about community benefits, and how. We can do better for Nashville and our workforce I. Think, this is an important, first step in making sure, economic. Development incentives are transparent, and their benefits, are clear to the public by. Getting details on dynamic impact and full disclosure of. A company's safety and wage record before my. Fellow members here vote. To approve pilot sorry CDs and. Grant programs, the. Corporation seeking these incentives, can, be held publicly, accountable to make good on these, promises. Last. Night in committee we had some really good discussion, I think, we went around a. Little bit on some of the wonky or aspects of the bill and. I think several great question questions were asked, and hopefully, answered. To your satisfaction some. Of those were for example are, we stripping any power from. The IDB for pilots I think, this was answered and cleared up in my amendment and no we are not adding, this power to the council with, the threat so actively cover all. The older incentive deals and that sort of thing I think, the answer is no that is not my intent as the sponsor I think, mr. Jameson, said he was comfortable it doesn't read that way nor will it be enforced as such, is. This cumbersome, for the ECD office will, we lose any deals I think no these, companies want to come to Nashville, our. ECD office does a wonderful job, working. These deals porting, these companies, there. Certainly is a point where we don't want to ask for too much of. These, incentives seeking companies, but. In no universe I don't think we're there yet and this, can I think this will actually streamline all these questions, that we've had on a lot of these deals on the front end that tend. To get asked at a later date and. Once again the. City is providing the company with a nice incentive package to relocate or stay in Nashville, ultimately. Last night we received a 12-2 knot of support as you heard from budget, because. I think the vast majority of our, budget committee feels.

This Ordinance has been vetted I think we felt satisfied, with. The collaboration with the mayor's office and ECD. And that. This comprehensive amendment, here. After. Deferring. The previous meeting I think satisfies, the questions, and we've made some some good compromises, here so. What does this bill do the do better bill requires. Companies seeking he CD grants and pilot incentives to answer just some basic questions to. Metro, Council, as we consider their request, how. Many new jobs will, will the deal have what. Are the benefits, pay these jobs, workforce. Development plan, OSHA. Violations, or wage disputes. Lots, of good information I think to have upfront counsel. We'll get these answers before. They're asked to prove the deals they will know how impact, their constituents, from day one their. Council will get regular progress reports to, see how these companies are holding up their end of the deal this. Is the right time to do this I think. The October jobs report here at, Nashville at two point three percent unemployment. Nashville. Is red-hot as we've said many times like. Many of you I support these incentive deals I've never voted against one I probably, never will but, I truly think asking these questions, up. Front will help us raise the standards, for workforce over time I think this is a start, to leading the way on pushing higher standards, simply. By asking for information please. Vote with me tonight to move this forward do not defer please, move forward tonight Thank You, Kathy, Murphy. Thank. You vice mayor and I want to thank our fellow council member from the seventh District for bringing this legislation. On. My way here is I told some of y'all tonight I was, I had to take an uber because I've let my brother borrow, my car and on the way here I had a great discussion with, my uber driver about why. He is he overran I often, ask my drivers that and he said it's because he, is unemployed. Right now and. He's oberon instead of taking, an unemployment, check because of delays and things like that but the important part is is that he is a local. Member of the plumbers and pipefitters. Who. He told me a story as we drove by the LifeWay building an, example, of an ECD project, that we gave money to, that. His. Plumbers, and pipefitters Union, was brought in after one, of the employees fell, and, passed. Away and so, I think that this bill is important tonight so, we can see where our taxpayer, dollars are going see. What type of information we. Have about, that money where how much are we paying these workers what are the training what, kind of problems, are happening I'd, like to ask mr. Jameson, if any, of the things that we are. To put on this kind of, report, card if you would our scorecard is any of this a trade secret. Not. To my knowledge I mean it seems to be. Information. That would not typically constitute, trade secret information it's, the number, of jobs the, number anticipated, from Davidson County the, wages and benefits. Perhaps. There could be scenarios, with that information is considered sensitive in a competitive, market but nothing that I understand, to be a trade secret so, at the end of the day we're asking, for information about.

Where Our taxpayer, dollars the money that we. Each pay into, Metro government and that our constituents pay and to follow that dollar and see where it's going and I think that is a bare minimum of what we should be requesting. Of these, incentive. Packages, to see where exactly that money's going how it's being spent and the impact of it so we know if the proud if the programs, are working then, we can keep doing them if it's not working then, maybe we don't want to be in business with that person but I think this is an important, bill I think, this is gonna move Nashville forward and make, sure that we are in, protecting. Workers and having good jobs in Davidson County and so I urge you all to continue, to support this bill we, need to move forward the council member has done an excellent job of bringing people to the table we're, not gonna agree on everything sometimes. We've got to update things later on this, is a great first step and I would appreciate everyone's, support tonight, for it Thank You councillor, winner. I. Know. You guys may not come here every every two weeks but, we don't applaud here I will, move this one to the heel if we keep applauding. Constantly. Wiener Thank, You vice mayor while. I agree. With. The interest, in reporting, in accountability. In. Transparency. That's represented, in this bill, sadly. There are pieces of it that worry me and for, that reason I have to be in knowing if you'll bear with me for just, a moment. You, know Nashville is the it city and it needs to be the it city for everybody, and while. According to the American, Community Survey we. Have a very low low, unemployment, rate, we. Do have subsets, within, our community, who. Absolutely, rise. Higher, in, the, unemployment category. And we. Need to think about the potential, for job. Loss that. This bill may very well present. We, already have. The. Opportunity. Through legally, binding, contracts, that. If a company does not, does. Not fulfill, their job they, don't get the money so, they lose that incentive. So, part, of me feels like this is duplication, part. Of me feel like feels like pieces, of this are not necessary. As, a small business owner I would, not sign a contract, that can be upended down the road it doesn't, make good business sense and as a small business, owner as. A business owner myself I, have, grave concerns about that piece of it if, it weren't in there I'd be a co-sponsor of the bill but. Having said that sadly. I'll have to be a no tonight. Councilman. Davis Scott, Davis. The ultimate measure of man is not where he stands, in moments of comfort and convenience but, where, he stands in times, of challenge and controversy. Dr.. Martin Luther King jr.. We're. Sitting here today almost. Christmas time we're ready to go home, we. Have. People. On the business community that may not be such a big fan of this some, members but. We have our. Brothers and sisters and friends of. Ours who. Say. Hey we. Need to do better we. Need to look. At these economic, incentives, and a, closer look and as. Hear people talk about lowest. Unemployment history. Well, it depends on where you live I. Am. In support of, the, sponsor, and this, piece of legislation I said. It the night of the minority caucus and I, meant it we. I'll be voting with the sponsor tonight however. Mainly. Right now is there, needs to be questions, asked, and as. Part, of this body and, as a citizen United, States I reserve. The right to ask my legal representation, questions. And I have the right to ask the people for, people at home and other body members of this, great group who need to have questions, asked during the committee but, are unable to be there either because of another committee or of obligations. Just. Because someone has a question, does. That mean they're against you we're all lot of us are married we, love our spouse I guarantee your spouse does not I agree with 150. Percent of everything you do maybe 80 percent, maybe, 70, percent but. Because of that one reason you should not throw the baby out with the bathwater I'm, here to let people know. The. Caucus supports, a lot of these initiatives and, you're starting to get a little bit better by doing stuff on the front end they're coming up trying to be earlier but, not early enough doing stuff before you get legislation doing.

Business With those in our community and helping, out our nonprofits, like the herbally, before, you come here to ask but. We're also looking out here, sometimes. In the labor field I don't see enough people that quaintly sometimes. In the business field I definitely, don't see enough people that, look like me they do better bill needs to be do better for all of Nashville not, just for labor not, just for business all. Of us including myself - and so. Right now we, have several. Difficulties. In front of us we have a hospital we, need to keep in business, we have several, cranes, that are still up and we, have other things that we got to do with Airbnb, is we got a deal with this codes department we got a fire to do planning director we, have several things that are very poor we have to do better at and right, now I'm challenging, all of you please. Vote for this legislation it. May not be perfect, but it's the best that we have right now and we need to do better all bills and I am taking score here because. Early, next year there'll be a vote for, better procurement, practices, for, those in our community and. This. Is a great idea and once. That better procurement, comes forward and I want to work with all of you the mayor's office, the n-double-a-cp the, Urban League Labor on that so. This. Is important, to me and so we have this support but. That Epicure. It coming forward is also. Important, I said the same thing when we're looking at Mendez, and sledge and mr., Bettany's legislation, on helping our brothers or sisters who, may have been brought here with inter kids but not citizenship, when, I say that at night I want, to protect those people too now I also want to protect those other. Citizens, that are here that may get abused by the cops this is similar I'm taking score I'm, supporting, you tonight all, right but I want your support and your sponsors, when we talk about procurement. And other potential, things because, the caucus we're, gonna help you and.

We're Gonna vote with you you, know majority, of us I believe maybe, all of us but. Right now we're gonna need your help, next. Year when, it's time for you know us to address those procurement, issues that. We desperately need to do here so I trust you brother, I'm stepping, out on faith with, you Thank You council. A Gilmer. Thank. You I wanted to thank. Councilmember. Davis. I've been working on this for a while I also want to thank the mayor's office and ask for it and also want to thank the citizens I, a lot of times we. Live in turbulent, times and people always say how can I get involved you know are the government's, no good but, this is a wonderful case where, citizens. Along. With unions. And everyday, people that had concerns, about how we can improve our government, came to, a council, member and they worked with the council member and for, a lot of people that may be watching they don't realize it's very difficult. You realize in the process, that government's messy. It's not always quick and that, this, has been going on for months and months but yet those different. Persons the adesso Kelly's and even. Links of the world they stuck with it and they worked with it so I'm really excited about it I'm excited about all the people that came back came. Out tonight all the different people that came to the table and I just really want to thank our citizen, dream, Nashville. And just, really tell you we appreciate you, you're a good example, of how when. The citizens, of Nashville, work, with the legislators, of Nashville, work with the mayor's office and work with the different departments. We can get things done like you see an issue we, put our put, our heads together put. Our pencil, to the to the legislation, and we got some things done and it takes a minute sometimes but. We got it done so I just wanted to thank, councilmember. Davis once again for all the the meetings. That you had that people didn't see all, the citizens that came over and over and went back to their different constituencies. And talked to them about how we can make Nashville better and do better and, also the mayor's office too you know because I think it's. A different department, all of us have a different place and we have to understand what our role is and it always doesn't work the way that we see it but when we can come together and, make, Nash feel better we, really do do better and I think this will be a reflection of that bill so I encourage all of my colleagues, to.

Support This bond once again I just really want to thank my, colleague. Council, member Davis from the bottom of my heart and all those constituents. Out there that sent those emails I, mean that's that's, probably takes one on one send the emails you came out here tonight you wore the shirt she went, to the meetings you made it happen so you give yourselves a hand on the back too so thank you so much, council. Members. Thank, you mr. vice mayor I also. Appreciate, my colleague. Bringing, this bill forward and, being so diligent, and working through quite a few I'm in it's already and listening, to a lot of stakeholders one, of the things that I'm really really, interested in with this bill is the, focus, on, training. And apprenticeship, programs in, district, 6 we have the envision. KC master. Plan where we're rolling out a. Strategy. For reducing concentration. Of poverty through introducing, mixed income housing and, that's, one component of it is, to, have. The. KC residents, be in, an environment where there, are folks. From different backgrounds, and different income, levels and we're introducing, new amenities, a new, school a, new library we have a lot of great things that we're bringing to KC residents, but the other thing that we need to bring to KC residents, is genuine opportunity. The. Opportunity in our program for our young. People was great it's unfortunate, that we weren't able to have as much KC, resident, young person, participation. In that, program this year as I might have liked and we'll keep working that in the future but whether you're a young, person graduating, from one of the academies, that the MNPs schools are, whether you're a great. An adult who is just, looking, for better career. Opportunities that apprenticeship. And training, focus. Is really, essential, that's how people are going to get out of poverty is by gaining, meaningful. Skills through a meaningful, apprenticeship, or training, program that, can, lead them to gainful, employment for, the rest of their lives so, I think that's just a really really important, thing for the council to focus on as we look at these programs, it's not just we're gonna give you five hundred dollars, for a job which is great but, how do we make, sure that our residents. Are getting better, jobs better skills that can make them lifelong earners, so. That they can lift, themselves out of poverty take care of their families and plan for the retirements, so I think that's just a huge thing that we should consider and we, want to hear from companies who, are, coming, to Metro for incentives, and I appreciate, the sponsor, bringing this forward. Kind. Of spacings, I. Would. Like to just, call for the vote the, question back, to the question. Was. Questions. Been called all, in favor. Opposed, motion. Carries. Madam, clerk fill open the machine. Madame. Clerk if you'll close the machine tally vote. 30. In favor 5, against, no abstentions motion. Carries. VL, 2017. 984. Means, the metro coat to increase towing, and recovery rates.

That's Councilman, Hagar Elrod in virtue, or councilman Hagar I. Familiar. I need to pass this over to my co-sponsor. Councilman. Elrod I have a conflict, of interest no me it's abstaining. Councilman. Elrod read, reports please. Council. A varchar Thank. You vice mayor Budget, and Finance recommended. Approval, as, amended, 14, for zero, instances. Are. You gonna give the committee report we, do have a committee give. The committee report it was. Three. For one abstaining, which was myself thank. You can. Smear no run but, works recommend approval as amended eight in favor zero against now so move with the brief comments, for. Sirs this. Bill simply raises, some of the towing, fees the, towing. Companies are allowed to charge their, this has only been increased. Twice since 1999. There. Have been rising. Cost in, the. How to do business with the. Different towing companies whether it's picking. Up your 2-door sedan or the large tractor trailers, and. In committee we had a lengthy discussion about this and one of the high. Cost is due to the amount of traffic that we have in Nashville, that there I, believe, 15 zones in Nashville, that the record, companies that work in those zones commit. That they'll be there within 30 minutes of a call well, because of traffic. The. Increasing. Traffic that we have in our city they're, having trouble meeting that but also just. The increased number of accidents because we have more traffic, so with that explanation I, move approval, mr., amendment councilman, I'm sorry I move the amendment mr., vice mayor there's an amendment, it's permanently. Seconded, all in favor opposed. Motion carries, you're now on the bill as amended Thank, You mr. vice mayor the amendment, just corrected. Some type of gray ethical and drafting, errors renew. My motion for approval as amended this motion approved as amended it's properly seconded, County, Council. A virtue are you seeking recognition nobody. Here. There. Was somebody.

All. Right all. In favor, opposed. And. Mark councilman, hagar as abstaining please otherwise. All in favor the, L 2017. 1006. Council lady dal varchar and others a person. Director. Of public property administration. To accept the donation of property located at the intersection of blue hole Road and Bell. Road for, use as part of the park system. Comes. Late Dowell. Thank, You. Committee. Reports, Bertram, Thank You vice mayor a budget of finance recommended, approval 14, 4-0. Against, councilman, Rowton Thank. You mr. vice mayor part, Albury approved six in favor zero against, I'm sorry means Johnson Thank You vice mayor Planning, joining historical. Recommended. For approval 11. For zero I guessed can't. Slow down thank, you there's. A motion to approve it's perfectly seconded, all in favor opposed. Motion carries. Bill 2017. 1007. Council a divan Ruiz furniture and others approves. A lease agreement between metro, and the electric power board to construct a community, solar array, and eat, 101. Old do. You West Avenue Council ad Henry's, committee, reports, please absolutely Mina Johnson, Thank You vice mayor planning, zoning historical, recommended, for approval 11. In favor zero, against, councilman, elrod, of. Works recommend approval 7 in favor 0 against and one abstention and. I, would ask to be abstaining for this vote. Counselor. Fairies thank, you with that I move, approval, of Music City Solar there's. A motion to approve its barbilla seconded, all in favor opposed. Motion carries. Councilman. Elrod would like to be recorded, as abstaining BL 2017. 1008, console, and shrimp inverter and others authorized. The acquisition, of right away easements, or any Cheeseman's temporary construction easement, and property rights for purposes for. Purposes of the Hartford Drive, sidewalk, improvements. Councilman. Freeman, Thank. You vice mayor committee reports please on Slate virture Thank You vice mayor budget, and finance recommended, approval 14. 4 0 against Emily Mina Johnson, Thank You vice mayor planning, zoning historical, recommended, for approval 11. In favor zero against, councilman, elrod well. We're forgoing approval eight favors here against that's, per Freeman I move, for approval its, motion to approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries. P of 2017, of one thousand and nine counseling. Murphy virture and others authorized, the acquisition, of right-of-way easements, drainage easement temporary, construction easement and. Property, rights for purposes of the 37th, Avenue North sidewalk, improvements council, lady Murphy, to, many reports please don't, leave virtue Thank. You vice mayor Budget and Finance recommended. Approval 14, 4-0, against, Council Amina Johnson, Thank You vice mayor plans. On historical, recommended, for approval 11. In favor zero against, Johnson. Murphy I'm sorry councilman elrod others, were going approve away in favor zero against now. Say Murphy I excitedly, move for approval nice to approve its properly seconded, all in favor opposed. Motion carries. BL 2017. Ten ten council. A Karin Johnson virture, and others authorizes. The acquisition, of certain right-of-way, easements, drainage, easement temporary, construction easement some property rights for, the edge Lake Drive. Sidewalk, improvements council. A Karin Johnson Thank. You vice mayor move for approval, let's. Get our community report. Virtru, Thank You vice mayor Budget and Finance recommended. Approval 14, 4-0, against. Council. Lady Mina Johnson, Thank You vice mayor planning, zoning historical, recommended, for approval 11, in favor zero, against John spinel Ron the, works recommend approval in favor zero against Council, is Johnson, Thank. You vice mayor I move for approval without committee report seeing there's, a motion to approve is properly seconded all favor, opposed. Motion carries. Bo. 2017. 1011, councilman, pridemore Mina, Johnson, and Elrod. Accepts. A permanent, and temporary, easements for, the Neely's Ben stormwater improvement, project for 11 properties located, along brent, meadow circle, chesterfield circle, Neely's.

Bend Circle, and Neely's, Bend Road councilman. Pridemore Thank. You vice mayor committee reports, please, councilman. Johnson Thank You vice mayor Planning, joining historical, recommended, for approval, 11 for 0s, transfer. Now rod but. We're gonna be probably in favor zero against. Councilman. Pridemore move, for approval there's a motion to approve his barber Leigh second it all in favor, opposed. Motion carries. The. L 2017. 1012, councilman elrod accepts. Permanent, and temporary, easements for, the Simpkins, Road stormwater, improvement, project for for properties located at 5301 5302, 5309, and 53:40 v Simpkins, Road councilman. Elrod reports. Please Lee meaning Johnson, Thank You vice mayor planning, zoning history Cole recommended, for approval 11. In favor zero, against, transmen. Are on the, worst recommending, approval 8 in favor of zero gansan I so move. There's, motion approve it's barbara Lee seconded, all in favor opposed. Motion carries. Bo 2017. Ten thirteen councilman, kendall and councilman elrod accepts. Permanent, and temporary easements for the knoll streets. Stormwater. Improvement project for two properties located at 1802 nul street and 14. 11 DB tah-tah, jr. Boulevard councilman. Edie, Kendall, Thank. You vice mayor committee reports please council, Amy Johnson Thank, You vice mayor planning, zoning historical, recommended, for approval 11. For zero I guest councilman. Elrod. Works. Recommend approval eight in favor zero against that's when Kendall will approval that, is a motion to approve its properly seconded, all in favor opposed. Motion carries. Leo. 2017. 1014, councilman, elrod, accepts. Permanent, and temporary easements for the Woodbury Drive stormwater, improvement, project for six properties, located at third at 316, 318, and 322, would Barry Drive 20 323, or one Cloverdale. Road and Whipple. Place on numbered councilman elrod media reports please council. Amy Johnson. Vice mayor planning, zoning historic or recommended for approval 11, in favor zero, against can. Smell rotten works. Recommend approval 8 in favor zero against and I move approval, motion. To approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries. That. Brings us to Bill's on third reading BL, 2016. 219. Council. Ad Karin Johnson and others cancels, 7.8. For acres of the forest V Planned Unit development and, changes. Our, 10 to rs10. Zoning for property located at forest if you drive on numbered east of Murfreesboro, Pike County.

Karin Johnson, Thank You vice mayor this, is deferred by room, for. About rule BL. 2017. 850, councilman, sledge, changes. 1.7, 3 acres from r6, SP, zoning for properties located at 5:35, 34, and 536. South Gate Avenue to permit up to 49 multifamily, units, councilman. Sledge I think was first period substitute, I need to move this gated, community reports first. Canceled. A minute Johnson. Thank. You vice mayor we, believe this proved. Not. Yesterday. But a, previous. Meeting. It. Is already approved all right thank you um. You. Guys were ahead of me I'm sorry councilman, there's. A motion to substitute it's, perfectly seconded, all in favor, opposed. Motion carries. You're on your bill a substitute here I will move the bill substitute, there's motion to approve the substitute bill I substituted, it's properly seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries BL, 2017. 929, councilman Leonardo changes. 5.55, acres, from AR to a to SP zoning for property located at Tintin Camilla Caldwell, Lane to permit up to 40 multi-family. Residential, units, councilman, Leonardo Thank, You mr. vice mayor that's for a committee reports please cancel. A meeting Johnson, Thank You vice mayor Planning, joining historical, approved I just. Substituted. 11. For 0 a guest comes from Leonardo I also, have a substitute, I'd like to move for approval as a motion substitute, its properly seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries, your, honor your bill is substitute, now. I would like to move, approval in the bill substituted, please. To approve its properly, seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries. Bo, 2017. 931, council lady wiener changes. 2.8, 7 acres from r15, to SP zoning for property located at 73 41 charlotte pike to. Permit up to 27. 27, multifamily. Units. Council, made. Your reports please I'm sorry Johnson me Thank. You vice mayor Brennan, zoning historical, recommended for approval 11. In favor zero against, absolutely. Wiener I'd like to move approval, its motion to approve its properly seconded, all in favor opposed.

Motion Carries, the. L 2017. 9:30, 9:45 councilman. Hastings changes. 0.17. Acres from rs5. To are 694, property located at 130, fern avenue councilman. Hastings thank. You mr. vice mayor committee. Reports, please council, any meeting Johnson Thank You vice mayor planning, zoning his circle recommended, for approval 11, in favor zero, against, councilman. Hastings yes, sir we like to move for approval, it's. Not you know approved its properly seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries. BL. 2017. 946, councilman, hastings changes. 1.0. Two acres, from r8 rm20, a zoning. From our relocated, at western dirty lane unnumbered, west of all Buena Vista Road, councilman. Hastings thank. You again mr. vice mayor committee, report, please, Mina. Johnson, Thank You vice mayor planning. Zoning history Co recommended, for approval 11. For 0 I get, councilman. Like to move for approval motion, to approve is properly seconded, all in favor opposed. Motion carries. Bo 2017. 952. Mendez, voter and others amends a metro code to establish, additional public contracting, and procurement restrictions. On non, impedence, Mendez. Move approval please there's. A motion to approve its properly seconded all in favor aye, opposed. No. All. In. Favor, opposed. Motion. Carries. Bo 2017. 961, councilman, sledge changes. Point 7 acres from r6, to SP zoning for properties located at 504, and 506, south gate Avenue 2 met up to nine multifamily residential, units, councilman. Sledge I think, of as vice mayor committee report counseling, meaning Johnson Thank You vice mayor planning, zoning historic, or recommended, for approval 11, in favor zero against John Smith side move for approval it's. A motion to approve its properly seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries. Bo 2017. 962, councilman roten amends, 1.91, acres, of a plane you and development for property located 50. 55 Old Hickory Boulevard and at, 50 45 Old Hickory Boulevard to. Remit a restaurant and add an access point I'm, turnin Thank You mr. vice mayor committee report please councilman, Johnson Thank, You vice mayor planning, zoning history, Co recommended, for approval at substitute. At 11:00, in favor zero against, Huntsman. Running thank you and, I moved to substitute, there's. A motion to substitute it's. It's. Properly seconded, all, in favor, opposed. And. If I could explain motion, motion, carries you're now on your bill I substitute, thank you if I could explain this this, is a bill that went to planning with a sidewalk.

In The plan, after. The second reading. And approval, with the sidewalk, the. Developer, went to the, Board, of Zoning Appeals and, got a variance, for a payment in, lieu of now. What that's done though is that's brought the bill here to us, with. A variance, approved but it is still here with the sidewalk in it and so, we have substituted the in lieu of but. That makes it a disapproved, bill so, we have to have 27, votes to, get it approved so I would appreciate your vote on this thank you. There's. A motion to approve its properly, seconded madam clerk. If you'll open the machine. Were. You seeking recognition councilman. O'Connell. Yes. Mr. Reisman thank you I would just ask the sponsor for a little more explanation. To that on, what then live is there this, is just a large-scale, development, with where the sidewalks are not. The. Chair I'm sorry sorry mr. Meisner sure, this, is if anyone's, familiar with the hermitage, area it's on Old Hickory Boulevard it's where the lows and Appleby's, and a Chili's is, Applebee's. Was shut down about a year ago and. It's. Been sitting there for about a year we have a developers come in as going to knock it down and put, in two. New restaurants there and they're doing a sidewalk, on one side and improving it where there is 100. Degree Boulevard if, anyone is familiar with that area it does not have sidewalks at, all Oh Nova Corps Boulevard for miles, up and down through there so you would basically have two. Hundred feet of sidewalk, and nothing. Else on that Street not only that there's an incline there it probably. 70. Degree. Incline right there it just doesn't make sense to put aside all there it makes a lot more sense just to do any lieu of payment so. Yeah. Appreciate that thank you mr. price mayor for allowing. Some discussion there any. For any. Nothing. Further being. Brought. Up no one else seeking recognition if everybody, will vote counts. My O'Connell. I'm. Clark fuel closing machine telephone. 34. In favor. Then. Against, motion. Carries. BL. 2017. 963, councilman, hastings changes. 9.7, acres from iwd 2 mu g zoning for property located at athens way unnumbered, at the corner of Athens Way and great circle, road councilman, hastings thank, you mr. president, committee, reports please, don't say means Johnson Thank You mr.. Vice mayor a planning zoning history call recommended, for approval 11. In favor zero against. Sounds. Like too soon for proof there's a motion to approve its properly seconded, all in favor, opposed. Motion carries. BL, 2017. 964. Councilman, hastings, changes. Four point eight six acres from iwd 2 mu g zoning. For. Property located at 300 great circle great, circle road, when eastings thank you again mr., president would. Like to move. Committee. Reports councillor, Johnson, Thank You vice mayor planning, zoning historical, recommended, for approval 11, for 0 I get. Husband. Hastings I'd like to move for approval there's a motion approve is properly seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries. BL, 2017. 965, councilman Kendall changes, 1.58. Acres from our 20, and r6 to SP zoning for property located at 301, 303, and three or five Clay Street 401. And 405, Dominican, Drive, 1918. 1920, 1922. And 1924, 4th Avenue north to permit a hotel, councilman. Kendall, committee. Reports release counseling. Thank. You vice mayor planning, zoning historical, recommended, for approval 11.

In Favor 0 against, cancer, internal, approval. We'll just a brief comment or sirs this. Is another fine hotel, it's, gonna go, in my district, there on Rosa Parks, and. I did not get one person. To object to it thank. You I move, who, there's. A motion to approve it's properly seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries. You. May have jinxed yourself I was saying BL. 2017. 966. Councilman, Scott Davis, it changes 4.5, acres from rs5, to our six owning for various properties, west, of Rosedale Avenue councilman, Scott Davis. Thank. You vice mayor. Committee. Reports please, council. Thank. You vice mayor a, planning, zoning historical, recommended, for approval 11. 4 0, s. Councilman. Davis move, for approval please motion, approve its properly seconded, all in favor opposed. Motion carries. BL. 2017. 967. Council lady Mina Johnson changes, 1.87, acres they are 2a 2 CL zoning for property located at 68, o4 knows well Pike. Johnson. Thank You vice mayor committee, report will. Be me and we. Bought it for approval. 11, 4 0 s ty move for approval. There's motion to prove its properly seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries. BL, 2017. 968, councilman, Potts the, change is 0.44, acres from r6, to SP zoning for property located at 47, 17. Humber Drive to, permit up to seven multifamily residential, units, councilman Potts. Thank. You vice mayor like to move for one meeting deferral please let's. Get our community, report just so. Committee. Won't have to go back council, a mini Johnson, Thank, You vice mayor planning, zoning history all recommended, for approval 11, for 0 a ghast. Thank. You thank you vice mayor move for one meeting deferral its motion to defer properly. Seconded, all in favor opposed. Motion carries. BL, 2017. 969, councillor roberts changes. 0.25, acres from ra to SP, zoning for properties located at, six. Thousand six a Brian Avenue to permit up to four multi-family, residential units, councillor Roberts Thank You mr. vice mayor committee reports please sounds, like Johnson, Thank, You vice mayor planning, zoning historical, I recommend it for approval, 11, forward 0 against, councillor. Roberts thank you mr. vice mayor I'd like to be for approval as. Much snow proof is Marbley seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries. Bo 2017. 970, councilman withers changes. Point one four acres from r6, to SP zoning for property located at twenty forty four and at twenty forty six and twenty forty six be straight. By Avenue to permit to, a family, residential, units councilman. Withers. Thank. You mr. vice mayor could I get committee reports please council a Muni Johnson, Thank You vice mayor planning, zoning historical, recommended, for approval eleven, in favor zero against. Boilers. Thank you mr. vice mayor I'd like to move approval with a brief comment for sirs I just, want to thank, the planning staff, for working with, me and the applicant, this lot had some unusual circumstances I, rarely bring, reasonings. Of single lots to this body this. One had some unusual circumstances, and I appreciate the planning staff working with myself and the applicant, to come up with a mutually, agreeable solution so, with that I renew my motion to approve. There's. Motion approve is properly seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries. BL 2017, 971 counselor inna Johnson, changes. 22.0. Three acres from AR to a to SP zoning for property located at 64 24, and 64. 34, Pettis Road and 64. 44 Pettis Road and non swap icon numbered, northeast. And Islands will Pike to permit a maximum, of 40 single-family, residential, units, and 130. Multi-family, residential units, cancel, a minute Johnson Thank You vice mayor call, for committee report, planning. Zoning historical. Recommended. For approval 11. For zero I get a moved to approve. There's. A motion to approve it's properly seconded all in favor opposed. Motion carries. Bo 2017. 972, councilman, Kendall changes, point one four acres from rs5, to are six a zoning for property located at 750. 22nd. Avenue north councilman Kendall made, a report councillor. Johnson, Thank, You vice mayor planning, zoning historical, recommended, for approval 11, in favor zero against. Hamilton. Kendall move approval thank you very much no prove its properly seconded, all in favor, opposed. Motion carries. You know 2017. 973. Council in Kendall changes, point one four acres from rs5, to our six eight the zoning for property located at. 7:46. 22nd. Avenue north councilman Kendall committee, report councillor. Johnson, Thank You vice mayor planning, zoning historical, recommended, for approval 11. 4 0 s. Approval. There's a motion risk level it's probably, second at all in favor opposed.

Motion Carries. Bo, 2017. 976. Councilman, O'Connell, changes. One point one eight nine acres, from C F and Ori. A to, SP zoning for properties located at, 808 and a12 19th. Avenue South in 1815. Division. Street to remit a maximum. Maximum of, 420. Multi-family. Residential units, and a maximum of 24 thousand, square feet of non-residential. Units, councilman. O'Connell. Thank. You mr. vice ma

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